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Giardia causes

Where do lamblia come from adults? Giardiasis is a parasitic infection that affects the small intestine, sometimes the liver. The causative agent is the simplest unicellular Giardia, which, having penetrated into the human intestine, begin active reproduction.
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Man's health

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Interrupted intercourse One of the most unreliable. It is believed that the effectiveness of the method does not exceed 70%, almost every third act can be dangerous, since a small amount of sperm can stand out at the beginning of sexual intercourse.
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Vitamins for psoriasis: how to take

What vitamins to take in psoriasis Multi-tabs contains the necessary B group vitamins. In psoriasis, the vitamins are used both separately (drugs like Aevit, ascorbic acid) and common complexes (Duovit, etc.).
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