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The origin, characteristics and meaning of the name Savely (Savel)

The name Savely has several versions of the meaning. About this and many other things in our article.

According to the first version, the name Saveli comes from the name of Saul. This name is of Hebrew origin and is carried by one of the participants in biblical events. If this is true, then the meanings of the names are the same. It means that meaning of the name Savely "requested from God".

According to the second version, the name Savely comes from the Latin "Sabellus". Translated from Latin, this means either "simple" or "unpretentious." Turns out that name Savely means "simple" or "unpretentious".

The meaning of the name Savely for the child

A boy named Savely can be described as a modest or even secretive kid. The most notable feature of Savely can be called sluggishness. He does not like to rush, and if he tries to do something quickly, then everything falls out of his hands. Also about Savely, we can say that he is a very persistent and hardworking boy. Both peers and adults are interested in the child, and he, in turn, is even responsible for this. The kid is very kind, and this is especially noticeable on the love of animals. The boy shows a certain courage in upholding the truth and is completely disinterested.

Study Savely is given quite hard, but he learns well. This helps him great perseverance and hard work. Best of all, a child can work with his hands. The boy will be happy to go to various application circles where you can make crafts. It is also worth noting that Savelii gives excellent exact sciences. But it is science, and not the decision of the school program on speed. In a serious understanding of the background of each example, Savely has no equal.

Savelia's health is usually quite strong. His weak point can be called the digestive system and metabolism. Savely is desirable to go in for sports, because he is usually predisposed to fullness. And of course it doesn’t hurt to monitor your diet, although this recommendation can be given to absolutely everyone.

Patronymic of children

Savelyevich and Savelyevna. The folk form of the reduction of the male patronymic - Savelych.

Name Savely for international passport - SAVELII, according to the rules of machine transliteration adopted in Russia in 2006.

Name Savely for Church (in the Orthodox faith) - not among the church names. The baptismal name of Savelia will be his name in the church. Most likely the baptismal name Savely will be given by date of birth, but it can be given simply in honor of a certain saint.

Characteristic name Savely

As in childhood, an adult Savely is characterized by such traits as slowness, thoroughness, and seriousness. He still does not know how to respond quickly, but if he gets down to business, he does it for sure. His life positions cause respect from others. At the same time, Savely knows what impression he makes and knows how to use it. Savely cannot be denied a certain trick, but even he cheats nobly. He knows how to subscribe to any team and easily becomes a leader of opinions. It is worth noting, however, that Savely does not seek such cheap popularity.

Work for Savely is one of the very important components of his life. Savely prefers to work with his hands, but the areas of application can be completely different. This is from working as a carpenter, to a surgeon or a dentist. Savely often searches for his business for a long time and can change his work for a long time until he finds his path. Among his colleagues, he enjoys special respect, which of course is earned by certain successes in his work and not immediately.

Family for Savely is a very important step, and he is not in a hurry with such decisions. Savely usually marries late, and before marriage often meets a long-time lover. In family life, Savely is a homebody and a lover of a good time. He loves home cooking and in principle pays a lot of attention to life. He loves his children and is ready to devote a lot of time to them.

Origin and meaning

Savely - Russified form of the name Savel. The male name Savel has two versions of the origin. The main one says that it came from the Latin language, was formed on behalf of Sabellus and in a figurative sense means "simple and unpretentious" person. The second one says that the name has Jewish roots and is translated into Russian as “gift of God”, “desired”. Today it is quite rare, emphasizes the individuality and uniqueness of its carrier.


The secret of the name is revealed when meeting with Savely. The nature of such a man can be compared with the sea wave: he, rocking gently, wanders from shore to shore. Sometimes it resists and tries to swim away, but nature has power over it and returns it, leaving behind only a slight discontent. Sometimes the sea can storm, turning into a dangerous storm.

In childhood, Savely is a very modest boy who may have problems in the children's team. The kid is afraid to say anything to the guys in fear that they will not understand him correctly. At school, he tries to learn, but only after the end of the period of full adaptation to the atmosphere of the school.

In adult life, it is easy to make new acquaintances, despite the fact that many consider him to be inhospitable and self-centered. In his heart this is a very affectionate, sympathetic and kind person.

Profession and business

Savely is a little difficult to understand himself, so he is suitable for work that does not require a lot of energy and constant communication with people. Such professions include a scientist, a programmer, a veterinarian, an accountant and a jeweler. Character traits of this man are able to ensure his success in production. However, if he decides to go into the sphere of art, then it makes no sense to stop him: he can reach heights there as well.

The representative of the rare name Savely is very patient and persevering, his will power is envied by many. But, despite the strong character, he never goes into conflict with the authorities. Success in business is possible if he is able to bring all his ideas to life, overcoming criticism and indignation of the surrounding mass.

If the nature of this guy there are difficulties and problems, then his health is excellent. Of course, sometimes ecology and heredity make themselves felt, but on the whole its body is very strong and easily copes with any virus.

Sex and love

For Savely in love, the main thing is the emotional side. He does not represent sex and any connection without feelings. Unfortunately, girls often perceive him only as a friend, not wanting to have a love or sexual relationship with him. But nevertheless, over time, they change their opinion on the diametrically opposite, because they are not comfortable with any man than with him. The owner of the name does not care obsessively with the lady of his heart, he just gives her so much care and love that as a result she falls in love with him unequivocally and irrevocably.

Family and marriage

Savely is the best family man, though he does not marry early. He considers the main advantages of his wife seriousness, economy and sensuality. Even if his darling is the clear leader, he absolutely calmly endures it. Children love and appreciate such a father, trust him. He is always aware of what is happening in their lives.

Characteristic spell name

C - rationality, logical thinking. Such a person is endowed with extravagance, brightness. Prone to authority, seeking to gain authority and material well-being. It happens irritable, moody. In professional activity, he manifests himself as an industrious and diligent worker. Love relationships often end in disappointment due to the exaggerated demands on the second half.
A person whose name begins with the letter “C” wants to stand out from the crowd.

A - activity, desire for undertakings, the desire to achieve success in life, the desire for comfort. The carrier of the name with this letter has the strength and fortitude, self-reliance, external brightness, leadership qualities. He acts in his own way, does not like to adapt to other people.

B - the ability to easily find a common language with people, creativity, unity with nature, a realistic outlook on life. The carrier of the name with this letter has a rich imagination, developed intuition and the gift of foresight. In love becomes a romantic and passionate partner. Not capable of betrayal.

E - persistence in achieving goals, sociability, the need for personal growth and self-expression, the desire for power, insight. The owner of the name with this letter is capable of decisive actions. Often acts on emotions, without thinking about the consequences. In conflicts, prefers to act as a mediator. Endowed with simplicity and charm, able to magnetically act on others. Because of the love of freedom is alone in life.

L - aesthetic view of things, creative abilities. Such a person is interesting in communication, knows how to have, to concede and adapt to other people. She loves surprises and unusual situations. Able to love, faithful to the chosen one. He wants to share knowledge, emotions and feelings with the second half. Strongly attached to native people.

And - a rich imagination, insight, a lively mind, practicality, attention to detail. The carrier of the name with this letter seeks harmony with itself and the world around it. It has a good sense of humor, endowed with sensitivity, kindness and gentleness. This is an honest and straightforward person. In love, romantic, long looking for his ideal.

TH - unpredictability, impermanence, impulsiveness, passion. Such a person can miss important and get stuck on trifles. Can not contact people. Not ready to compromise, help those in need and relive the pain of others. Tends to concentrate on its shortcomings.

Characteristic name for numerology

9 - purposefulness, leadership, charisma, developed intellect, talent. A person with such a number of name is energetic, full of enthusiasm, persistent, talented. He likes to learn new things. Enjoys authority and respect in society. Often reaches material well-being. Happens selfish and arrogant. It has a tendency to mood swings and aggressiveness. He is a kind, compassionate and sympathetic person, a fighter for the rights of others, a disinterested defender of humanity, an assistant in a difficult moment. Do not tolerate lies and deception. He passionately loves his family, is generous and tolerant towards his relatives.

Name in Orthodoxy

Before baptizing a child, the priest chooses for him a Christian name. In the Orthodox church calendar, the name Savely is recorded as Savel.

In the history of Christianity, the martyrs are revered by the brothers Manuel, Savel and Ismail, who served in the army of Emperor Julian. During the pagan holiday, the men refused to place gifts on the statues of the Roman gods and confessed that they had been baptized. For this, they were cruelly tortured by the king’s orders and then beheaded. Memorial Day for these righteous people falls on June 17.

One of the most famous apostles, Paul of Tarsus, bore the name Saul (Saul) at birth. He can also be chosen as a heavenly patron for a boy or a man named Savely. This saint is revered on July 12th.

Thus, the name of Savely can be twice a year - June 17 and July 12. One of these dates, he must choose as the day of his guardian angel.

Variety of name

The abbreviated name, which is called Savelia, will be spelled and pronounced Sava, with one letter “in”. It should not be confused with the full male name Sawa, which is independent.

For a small child, the diminutive and pet nicknames Savushka, Savelyushka, Savuna, Savusya, Savonyok and others will do. An adult man is sometimes briefly called Savka, Savel, or even Ava.

The name Savely besides Russian is found only in the Ukrainian language, where it sounds the same. The middle names formed from him will be Savelyevich and Savelyevna.

Famous namesakes

The first known Savely, whose name has been preserved in history, was a representative of the noble family of the Balabanovs, the steward of Tsar Peter I, Savely Kuzmich. Besides him, the list of namesakes includes the following people:

  1. Savely Lavrent'evich Vaksel (1701-1762) - Russian navy sailor of Swedish origin, captain of the I rank.
  2. Savely Illarionovich Kapustin (1743-1820) - a prominent figure in the Christian Dukhobor beliefs.
  3. Savely Solomonovich Zlatopolsky (1855-1885) - Russian revolutionary, member of the organization "Narodnaya Volya".
  4. Savely G. Kovner (1837-1896) - Russian historian of medicine.
  5. Savely G. Tartaker (1887-1956) - chess grandmaster, theorist and writer.
  6. Savely Moiseevich Zeidenberg (1862-1942) - Russian and Soviet artist.
  7. Savely Solomonovich Greenberg (1914-2003) - Soviet and Israeli poet and translator.
  8. Savely Viktorovich Kramarov (1934-1995) - Soviet and American theater and film actor.
  9. Savely Y. Dudakov (1939-2017) - Israeli philologist and historian.
  10. Savely Yevseevich Myshalov (born 1932) is a Russian sports doctor.

You can add Savely Kuzmich Govorkov, the main character in the book series of the Russian writer Viktor Dotsenko, to the list of our hero's famous namesakes. Many well-known films based on these novels "Nicknamed" The Beast "and" Thirtieth to Destroy. "

Character and fate

The owner of the name Savely gives the impression of a closed and unsociable person. He likes to be alone, and even the closest people can not penetrate the secrets of his soul. The reason for this character of our hero must be sought from childhood.

A kind, obedient and responsive boy does not like being given increased attention.. In the company of peers, he will never be the instigator, but will remain in the shadows. Nevertheless, the child has many friends who are attracted to his prudence, decency and honesty.

At school, Savushka learns mediocre. Because of his slowness, the boy does not always have time to do work on time and often gets low marks. Only in high school, Sava will adapt a little to the learning process and will become, if not excellent, then at least good.

Sava is taciturn and does not like to flaunt his feelings. Even his mother, to whom the boy is very much attached, he does not know how to say about his love. Therefore, he is often considered callous and incapable of sympathy or empathy.

Savely tries to choose for himself a profession that will allow him to communicate less with people. He can become an accountant, a bank employee, a programmer or an engineer. Our hero will enjoy doing science, being a whole day among flasks and test tubes, to be a jeweler, a technician repair technician, a museum or archive employee.

A man named Savely is not only not keen on becoming a leader, but is also trying with all his might to avoid this fate. Our hero understands that a high position will require decision-making, but he is not at all ready to take on such responsibility. For the same reason, Sava will never do business, even as a junior partner.

Savelia is very difficult to unbalance, but one who has managed to do this will experience the full aggression of a man. In addition, Sava is very vindictive and can take revenge on the offender even years later.

Love and family

In his youth, Savely often falls in love, but the girls perceive the quiet and inconspicuous guy as a friend. However, our hero is able, on occasion, to be assertive and, if he liked the lady, she will do everything possible to win her position.

Sava used to be guided more by reason than by feelings, therefore he chooses his spouse for a long time, trying not to succumb to the charms of a pragmatic, annoying or grumpy lady. A calm, balanced, intelligent and caring woman who will not crawl into the soul, and sincerely imbued with all the affairs of her husband, is more suitable for him.

From the first days of marital relations, our hero will enter the role of a subordinate, leaving his wife to be the leader. But in matters of raising children, Sava will not yield to the championship and will devote much effort to their education and development. It is not surprising that the children of the soul do not care for dad and spend all his free time with him.

Character and personality traits

The significance of the name Savely on the character and fate of the person so named, without exaggeration, is great. Significance gives this man leadership qualities, but he does not manifest them in all spheres of life. He knows how to be friends and loves company. Usually he is just the leader of any company. But he is too dependent on the opinions of others. Respecting friends means a lot to him.

Like other names, it gives a person good and bad personality traits. To good can be attributed: responsiveness, good nature, honesty, openness, accommodating. This is an attentive, special guy who will never be led by anyone. By cons can be attributed to excessive modesty, isolation and willfulness.

Despite the fact that he has natural leadership qualities, he does not manifest them in the sphere of personal life and career. He manifests himself only where he feels comfortable.

Boy character

The meaning of the name Savely prepares a rather interesting character for a newborn child. He can get completely different qualities that contradict each other. For example, his природные лидерские качества будут конфликтовать с желанием не выделятся на фоне других детей. В будущем именно от него зависит, какое из этих качеств у него разовьётся и останется с ним на всю жизнь.

Также родителям такого мальчика придётся обратить особое внимание на его воспитание. If you don’t tell him from your very childhood what is good and what is bad, then the child may lose understanding of the difference between evil and good.

But with the right upbringing, the meaning of the name Savely prepared for the boy and a lot of positive characteristics. Already from a young age he is capable of honesty and justice. In his character may manifest responsiveness, selflessness, gratuitousness and responsibility. Such a child wants to help everyone.

There will be no special problems in studies. It should be noted that he is endowed with good potential and can thoroughly examine everything to which he has a soul. is he well versed in engineering, understands drawings and solves math problems with ease. But to the same, he can also manifest creative qualities. If he develops in any of the directions, he will surely succeed. In this case, it all depends on the desire and effort of Savely himself.

Male nature

The name Savely for an adult man does not change much the meaning and means the same as for the boy. Over time, all its qualities are amenable to education and proper cutting. AND from the young man it turns out a great man. He is a great friend. Friends appreciate him because he is responsive and sincere.

He always says what he thinks and for that he is respected. Some of his modesty may interfere with his relations with girls, but nevertheless, he enjoys their popularity. From Savely do not expect trick and betrayal. He despises flattery, lies, hypocrisy and meanness.

The name Savely for its owner means that he has good health. In childhood, a child may have several times a disease of the ear, nose and throat. But with them strong body Savelia cope very quickly. An allergic reaction to seasonal herbs may also occur.

In general, the body and immunity do not require additional attention. But in some individual cases, representatives of this name may be predisposed to fullness. Therefore, sports will help them keep fit.

Marriage and family

The characteristic of Savely in terms of his personal life is a bit confusing. Despite the fact that in life he is self-confident and brave, in terms of relationships, he does not show such zeal. He can be difficult with girls because he can't be romantic and unpredictable. He enjoys popularity among women, but his dryness and predictability can repel him.

He may have a lot of relationships, but they are short. This will continue until he meets the girl who does not demand that he become what he is not.

The one who will accept him unromantic, closed and insecure and will become his wife.

But in marriage with this woman Savely will show himself to be an excellent family man. He has a unique look at what a real friendly family is. He will make a great faithful husband. is he always help his wife in everything. He does not hesitate to wash the floors, dishes, and may even change clothes for a child.

Family for Savely - this is his refuge. In such a family there are no principal. Equality and mutual respect prevail there. The only thing Savely demands from his second half is loyalty, both physical and spiritual. He himself adheres to the same rule. He will never betray his wife and never turn away from his family.

To the children of Sava is not particularly gentle, but they see and feel his care and love by his actions and actions. For his children, he will do everything so that they do not need anything. He will always have time to talk and explain something to his child.

Career and hobbies

In terms of career, the name Saveliy for its carrier means that work for him will become an integral part of life. Sometimes she can take most of his time. He prefers a job where he doesn’t really need to communicate with people. Although he possesses communicative abilities, he shows them rather in communication with friends. He is not very ambitious, so he does not want to get to the top of the career ladder by any means.

The work where you need to work with hands is ideal for him. It can be a variety of areas of activity. He can become both an engineer, a surgeon and a dentist, a carpenter, a jeweler and a mechanic. Often, he is long looking for the activity that will be to his liking.

He is unlikely to take a leadership position. And not because he can't, but because he doesn't strive for it. Although, as an employee, he is respected by the authorities and the staff. He conscientiously does his job, which allows him to be one of the best workers.

Odessa restaurateur Saveliy Libkin with children

In business Savely held unlikely. It is worth noting that he is able to come up with a profitable idea and even business plan but be afraid to bring it to life. He is afraid of making important decisions that may lead to unpleasant consequences not only for him, but also for other people.

Famous carriers named

  • Savely - Holy martyr.
  • Savely Kuzmich Balabanov - steward of the Russian emperor Peter I.
  • Savely Moiseevich Zaidenberg - Russian painter.
  • Savely Kramarov - Soviet and American actor theater and comedy film, Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Patron Saint - Savel Persianin. Savely celebrates birthday twice a year.

  • 30.06. - the martyr Savel the Persian, of Chalcedon,
  • 03.12. - Holy Martyr, Bishop Savery of Persia.

So we learned all about the meaning of the name Savely. Interesting information is not it? And the most important thing is that it is useful knowledge that can help to get to know a person with that name better. I advise you also to read about the meaning of the beautiful male name Svyatoslav. Perhaps you have a friend, so called. But the value of the male name Samir will surprise you.

Existing Name Forms

The owner of this name can be called differently:

  • Savelik.
  • Savonka.
  • Savochka.
  • Savelushka.
  • Savushka
  • Savelka.
  • Sava.
  • Savelyashka.

It should be noted that Savely and the short name Sawa are different names. The abbreviated name for Savelia will be Sava. Male middle name on behalf of Savely is Savelyevich or in the colloquial version - Savelich.

As in other cases, the internal content of the name affects the character of the person whose name is Savely. The meaning of the name and the fate are largely related. To understand what the name Savely means for a boy, you need to consider how they are most often called him with his family.

If parents carefully call the child Savoy, it will have a certain influence on the formation of his personality and the boy will get controversial nature. He will be calm with heightened excitability, passivity with tenacity and determination, gentleness of character with firmness.

Children, who were called Sava, doubt everything, although they are able to quickly make the right decisions in almost any situation.

Impact on the character of the boy

Savochka is a sympathetic, modest and kind boy, who often gives the impression of a closed and sullen child, trying not to attract much attention to himself. By nature, he is not a leader and tries to take an ordinary, not a commander’s position.

Sava is a conflict-free child. He is reasonable and diplomatic, but he also has magnetism. Therefore, he has many friends who appreciate and love him for his friendliness, patience and flexible temper. But you should not try Sava's patience, because in an instant he turns from a compassionate child into a militant and cruel enemy, who does not forgive insults and mistakes.

Sava knows how to keep his word and keep promises. He is ashamed of his feelings and rarely shows them, so the mother of little Savochka finds it difficult to wait for her baby to respond with caress and tenderness.

Boy with that name hard to adapt to school and often makes a deceptive impression Slow child who is indifferent to the educational process. But when he mastered, shows himself a capable and diligent student.

Savely since childhood shows great curiosity. Toys will quickly go into the past, and interesting books that will inspire him to accomplish will take their place. The boy is very enduring, enjoys sports and tempering with pleasure, although he loves a tasty meal too.

The boy will not have conflicts with teachers at school, since he is wise enough and always find a compromise to resolve the situation. Sava prefers to adapt, rather than make friends, and if he is humiliated or denied, he will not tolerate it. He is not afraid of even a few boys and can lose his temper, becoming unpredictable and aggressive.

The main features of the character

Since childhood, Sava has a courageous character, although by his nature the boy is rather modest. In it dreaminess and gloominess, courage and modesty, cunning and kindness get on.

Little Savelik is not a fan of active boy games or fights, he likes reading books about amazing adventures and faraway countries. He is a dreamer and a dreamer who wants to conquer large peaks as an adult.

Sava is a good student at school, although he shows little zeal. Congenital inquisitiveness and the habit of bringing things to the end help him in his studies.

He leads a healthy lifestyle and plays sports, although he does not want to compete with anyone, so the sections do not attract him. Sava loves nature and hiking, where he feels like a great discoverer or traveler.

The role of the name in the fate of men

Savely is very inclined to question almost everything, but he is calm and quick in making decisions. Long doubts give rise to self-doubt and thereby beat the vanity of men. If the moment for decision is delayed, Savely quickly finds a dynamic and uncompromising answer.

The main character traits are independence, isolation, gloominess and restraint. Savely used to approve only through their own achievements. His whole being strives for moral independence. Savely easily sets goals and strives to achieve them with great enthusiasm.

Wary of new acquaintances and not everyone will take in his life. Although if he wants to attract attention to himself, he will do it very easily.

Constant inner dialogue with himself develops in Savely over the years a strong imagination, making his inner world rich and interesting, but not everyone can get there. A man with an extraordinary name Savely is outwardly sullen, but very responsive, while possessing an incredible sincerity and inner warmth. In life, this is a strong-willed and assertive person who clearly defines his goals and always achieves his own.

Love, sexuality and marriage

Have Savely gentle and sensitive nature, the real pleasure in bed, he gets only with the woman he loves. Sex is proof of love for him, not sports training. In his youth, he lives an active sex life, so he is not looking for entertainment on the side after the wedding and is fully prepared to surrender himself to the power of his beloved woman.

When choosing the second half, Savely will be guided by his mind, not his heart. He will look for a calm, intelligent and balanced woman who can understand and support him in everything.

He will never choose an irresponsible, frivolous and grumpy passion, because he wants to create a strong family for many years, so very demanding of his darling. Responsibility Savely attracts many women, but not everyone can meet his high expectations.

He is an exemplary family man, but he does not strive to become a leader in a family, therefore a spouse can also dominate if he takes the initiative. The spouse will be happy to tinker with the children and engage in self-development. For Sava, the atmosphere of calm, peace and love in the house is very important, so he is trying to achieve complete understanding with his beloved.

Health and psychological type

Savely boasts excellent health, although diseases of the nose, throat, or ear during cold seasons are not excluded. Owners of this name sometimes suffer from allergies. Vitamin complexes will help strengthen the immune system and not worry about health.

Sava often gives the impression of a cold and closed person, superficially related to people. But in reality, he is good-natured and sympathetic, just does not want to reveal himself to others. Restrained and delicate, Savely can be transformed into an aggressive and self-willed dictator, if you bring him out of balance. This man is very demanding of all, including himself, therefore he always strives to do everything perfectly.

Intellectual and moral qualities

Savely has a very good intuition that rarely brings him, so he is inclined to listen to her.

Sava is a great book lover and gladly spends time on their self-development. Intelligence, diplomacy and knowledge of etiquette put him on a high level in any society. Therefore, many respect and appreciate his authoritative opinion.

Decent and moral Savely is exacting and fair. It is usually surrounded by philosophers and intellectuals.

Professional activity

Savely usually chooses professions that do not require communication with people or high activity. He is more attracted to office work, where he can show his perseverance and patience. This man can make a good career in the profession:

  • Jeweler.
  • Mechanics.
  • Engineer.
  • The programmer.
  • Researcher.
  • Banker.

The peace-loving Sava rarely makes enemies at work because of his non-conflict nature. He tries to avoid high positions not because he is afraid of responsibility. He is frightened by making decisions that may end up negatively affecting a person’s fate.

A businessman from Savelia is unlikely to succeed, since he is absolutely not adapted to leadership. In addition to this, Sava has a poorly developed entrepreneurial sense, and without it a prosperous business is simply impossible.

Compatible with women

Perfect compatibility with Catherine, Yana, Victoria, Lyudmila, Klara, Galina, Larisa and Dina. Very strong feelings can develop into a happy, strong family that will never fall apart.

Good compatibility with Elena, Natalia, Svetlana, Irina, Diana and Claudia. If you wish, there will be harmony in relationships and great happiness.

Poor compatibility with Oksana, Kristina, Olga, Anastasia, Emma, ​​Antonina and Elsa. There is very little chance of a successful alliance, as these two will be uninteresting to each other, although there are exceptions.

Great importance for Savely is the power of feelings and sincerity of relationships. He does not care about the girl's name, the main thing love to be mutualand then he will build happy family relationships to the envy of everyone around him.

Zodiac sign and charms

This name is well suited to a boy born under the constellation Taurus. It is this sign of the zodiac that will preserve friendliness, kindness and reliability, as well as add determination to the character, because Sava is so lacking.

Saveli born under the signs Cancer and Gemini are more fortunate.

Lucky stones

Cornelian. The ancient Greeks believed that this stone softens anger and makes its owner more friendly and open. Carnelian brings peace and prosperity to family life, eliminates melancholy and strengthens mental abilities.

Opal. It is a symbol of tender love, trust, pure thoughts, honor and sympathy. It protects the wearer from evil, relieves from depression, gives sanity and faith in the future.

Selenite. This talisman is a symbol of reverie, mystery, tenderness, innocence and modesty. He patronizes creative people and thinkers. Purposeful and determined owners Selenite brings good luck, happiness and material well-being.

Totem animals named

Cancer hermit. This symbol, in addition to predation, sluggishness, willfulness and cowardice, is the personification of caution and the ability to foresee the future. In Antiquity, this animal was considered a symbol of dark forces.

Gull. This bird symbolizes independence, willpower, self-confidence and love of adventure. People who are guarded by a gull break any bans and are not afraid of change. They easily overcome the hardest obstacles, achieving their goal at any cost.

Relevant plants

Birch tree. This tree personifies light and new, symbolizing at the same time femininity, innocence, purity, radiance and light. Western and eastern Slavs believed that birch scares away evil spirits and protects against accidents. It was believed that this tree brings material well-being into the house.

Water lily. Water lily is attributed to the following magical properties: it protects from any evil, gives passion to relationships, awakens love. It is a symbol of purity, beauty, spiritual purity and mystery.

Other good luck satellites:

  • Metal - Savely patronizes Gold, it is a symbol of wisdom, nobility, well-being and luxury.
  • The season is summer.
  • Auspicious day is Friday.
  • Colors - blue, orange and red bring good luck to Savely.
  • A lucky number for Sava is nine.
  • The planets patrons are the Moon, Mars and Pluto.
  • Element Saveliya - water.

All of these designations can bring Savely luck and happiness.

Character traits

Человек с этим именем не стремиться к всеобщему признанию, славе, тогда как чувство своего превосходства перед всеми остальными способно принести ему максимальное удовлетворение. Such Sava is in "demand" for women of a strong, independent nature, who regularly strive for development and improvement. Here lies the main secret of the name Savely for women.

A man named Sava, born in the summer, is notable for his insularity, lack of confidence in his own abilities and capabilities. He is completely alien to the desire for leadership, honor. Quite the contrary. For a long time, he cannot find his own destination. Therefore, regularly changing profession and does not have long-term relationships with women.

It is not surprising that such a Sava is quite late, more often than not even for love it marries. However, the secret of the beautiful name Savely says that he will be an excellent spouse, not capable of betrayal. A man named Saveli born in the fall is a cautious, prudent person. He watches outsiders for a long time and only then can he reveal his soul.

He moves slowly along the chosen path of life, but with 100% confidence with enviable persistence overcomes all the difficulties that appear on the path. Such a man is diplomatic, delicate, but until the beginning of inclinations towards the interests of Sava. If there is no need for a vindictive, vengeful enemy, Saveel doesn’t cause a feeling of anger. And what does Savely mean in other aspects of his life? We'll see.

Sava Stone Mascot

Sava should choose talismans from such stones as selenite, opal or carnelian. The carnival talisman is able to reduce the feeling of anger and turn its wearer into an open, benevolent person. In turn, the stone opal is a rather contradictory mascot with a variety of properties.

According to Europeans, opal is a symbol of trust, sincere love, honesty and honor. But selenite is a talisman for a modest, innocent, tender, dreamy and mysterious Savely who wants to become a thinker or stop at the creative profession. Now let's see what the name Savely means in childhood.

Childhood years Sava

It should be noted that the significance of the name Savely for the boy confirms that such a child is very kind, modest, responsive and exerts maximum forces for not attracting close attention to his own person. True, around the time a boy with that name seems withdrawn and even gloomy. By nature, he is not a leader, for this reason, playing war will play the role of an ordinary.

An interesting fact is that a child with this name has the ability to attract each person to him, because has some attraction, magnetism. Continuing to study the meaning of the name Savely for a little boy, it should be noted that he is not a conflict child, on whom he can safely rely, because he is reasonable, diplomatic. A child with this name has a large number of comrades who love him for his balance, patience and friendliness.

However, it is better not to exceed the framework of the patience of Savely, who is able to instantly become a tough, belligerent enemy who does not forgive insults and mistakes at all. This boy is true to his word, i.e. This promise will fulfill in any case. Sava does not show his own feelings, and sometimes even feels shame for them.

Concluding the answer to the question of what the beautiful name Savely means for a boy, it’s necessary to say that this child finds it hard enough to find a place in school. For this reason, initially it seems to all slow man, whose learning process does not cause interest. However, over time, he will become comfortable and show himself from the best side.

Savelia's love relationship

The man named Saveli, whose name was given for the child a little higher, is a self-sufficient, independent kind, unable to feel a sense of trust in others. For this reason, she chooses her darling rather scrupulously, listening to the hints of the mind, and not feelings or passion. However, this does not mean that feeling is unimportant for such a man.

Quite the contrary. The feeling of love is in the first place in Savely’s life, but he is not going to squander it right and left. His love will give only a decent woman who is not capable of betrayal, deception. Continuing to answer the question - what does the male name Savely mean in love, you need to confirm this fact - he is always ready to listen, understand the woman, calm and pity her.

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For this reason, women perceive Sava as a comrade rather than a guy who can turn into a soul mate. Also, the fair sex is a little scary, and Sava’s too serious attitude to life. At the same time, Sava is assertive, and sometimes a romantic gentleman. If he has a goal to conquer a woman, he will certainly reach it.

As for sex, the man named Savely, whose name and fate is described is a gentle, sensitive person, but he can get real pleasure only from his beloved chosen one. Intimacy for him is not a sport, but a simple opportunity to get close to a loved one. True, being a young man, does not deny itself sexual pleasures. For this reason, having started a family, no longer needs entertainment.

Savelia's career and business

Now let's see what the rare name Savely means for his career and business. Most often, Sava prefers work, where there is no need for significant activity, as well as sociability. He likes everyday work in the office, because only here he is able to show his best qualities, such as patience and perseverance.

Therefore, Savely, the meaning of the name and character of which is described, can become a good banker, a researcher, a jeweler, an engineer, a programmer, or a mechanic. Such a man with a peace-loving nature does not conflict with the management, colleagues, for this reason he has practically no enemies.

A man named Savely, whose origin and significance is described, does not want to acquire power, but rather, on the contrary, fears it. However, this is not related to the fear of responsibility, but simply he does not want to make decisions on his own, which may as a result lead to negative consequences for the fate of a person.

One should honestly admit that Savelia does not belong in business. This is explained by the fact that he completely lacks the ability to lead people. In addition, Savely, whose name, character and fate are being considered, does not have entrepreneurial sense, which is so necessary for building a prosperous, successful business.

The origin and history of the name

The origin of the name Savely is associated with the Hebrew language. The legend tells of the martyr Savela and his brothers, Manuel and Ismail. The brothers were born in a noble family of a pagan and a Christian. Mother Savela taught him and his brothers to live in accordance with the laws of Christianity.

Having matured, all three went to serve the Persian king and were sent by him to the emperor Julian with the aim of making peace. Julian, having learned about the faith of Savel and his family, subjected them to torture and cut off their heads. During the attempt to burn their bodies, an earthquake began and all three brothers were buried underground. Two days later, the land gave the bodies of the brothers in response to the prayers of believers.

Name color

The mystery of the name Savely in his talismans. Shades that bring him good luck - red, orange and blue:

  • Red- gives the owner the name of the activity, the desire to act decisively and impulsively. “Red” - passionate, jealous, impulsive and temperamental.
  • Orange. Warmly in communication, love of creativity, activity - the main features of the "orange". Responsibility and determination are combined in them with a positive view of the world.
  • Blue- expresses confidence and calm. Self-confidence combined with a kind heart and sensitivity. A person is emotional, which has a bad effect on discipline.

Flower name

Savelias talismans - birch and water lily.

Birch tree- a symbol of purity, innocence and femininity, the beginning of a new, bright stage of life. Previously, parents, in honor of the birth of a child, traditionally planted a young birch near the house, so that the baby has a bright life. The Slavs believed in its ability to protect from evil forces.

Water lily, water lily symbolizes mystery, purity and beauty of the soul. In the Slavic culture, the water lily is a symbol of lost love. According to legend, flower petals are able to awaken love and passion.