Treatment of cold on the lip during pregnancy, the stage of the disease


Cold on the lips during pregnancy, and in a scientific herpes virus, this is a common phenomenon. Do I need to be afraid of it, what are the concerns of future moms?

Women who are at least a little interested in science and medicine have probably heard about the dangers of this virus. Cancer of the cervix, prostate in men, Kaposi's sarcoma, etc. is associated with it. In total, there are 8 types of virus. But, of course, not every one of them serves as the risk of all these oncological diseases.

Herpes on the lips during pregnancy is caused by a virus of the first, less often of the second type. They are also called herpes simplex viruses. Rash with them can occur on the face, often lips, and on the mucous membrane of the genital organs. And although it can cause a rash and there, and there may be one type of virus, the effects of relapse are different.

So, if you have a cold on your lip during pregnancy, it is recommended not to worry. To reduce pain, speedy healing of the expressed mucous membrane, it is advised to lubricate them with Acyclovir cream. It is permissible to use its analogue - Zovirax during pregnancy; this drug also will not harm either the expectant mother or the child. But the technique of applying the cream is important. Do not do this with your fingers, only with a cotton swab. And if there are several clusters of bubbles on the lips, it is necessary to use a new cotton swab to lubricate each of them. All this is done with the aim of spreading the virus over the healthy skin of the lips.

And yet, what is the danger of a cold on the lips during pregnancy for a child? There are certain risks for the baby if the infection with this virus occurred shortly before or after conception. A dangerous situation when the virus is activated, while the antibodies have not yet had time to develop.
In addition, the potential transfer of the virus from the lips to the genitals by the very future mother or as a result of oral-genital contacts is potentially possible. Such a probability must always be remembered and be especially careful. After all, when the rash on the genitals there is a chance of infection of the membranes, and then the child himself. And in the early stages increases the risk of miscarriage.

In the case of rashes on the lips, the treatment of herpes during pregnancy is carried out only locally, that is, antiviral ointments. Their selection is small. Sometimes doctors recommend oxolinic ointment. This is wrong, it will not help. Hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, toothpaste and other folk remedies also have a very low efficiency. It is necessary to use only antiviral agents aimed specifically at fighting the herpes virus. As for the genital localization of the disease, it can be prescribed antiviral agents in tablets as a preventive measure for relapses closer to childbirth.

Herpes is an incurable disease. All drugs are aimed only at relieving symptoms. Therefore, every woman should know the causes of colds during pregnancy on the lips and, if possible, avoid them. These are kisses and even just close contact with a person who has a rash on his lips. In addition, you never need to use someone else's lipstick, lip liner.

Stages of development of cold on the lip

Cold on the lip during pregnancy is considered safe only if the disease is in a light form. If during the gestation period, not only the lip area, but also the genitals of the future mother are affected, then an infection can get inside the body. It can negatively affect the future development of the baby. Herpes has several stages of development, which include:

  1. The initial stage. Observed redness of the lips, slight burning and tingling in the affected area.
  2. The second stage. The development of the inflammatory process begins, in which the appearance of bubbles and swelling of the lips is noted.
  3. The third stage. The formation of sores. It is characterized by a bubble burst, resulting in the formation of ulcers. This causes pain. It is at this stage that the patient becomes contagious to others.
  4. The final stage. The wounds begin to heal and crusts form.

The occurrence of herpes at different stages of pregnancy

Despite the fact that cold on the lips of pregnant women does not pose a significant danger, the virus can affect every woman differently depending on what period she is on.

  1. First trimester In seventy percent of cases, herpes is manifested in the first trimester. At this stage, the protective function is greatly reduced. This is necessary so that the body does not reject the fertilized egg. But at the same time, a woman becomes vulnerable to various diseases. With a weakened immune function, infection with herpes increases several times. Often the disease flows without any special symptoms. If the infection is of a secondary form, then there is no danger, since the virus does not spread beyond the affected tissues and does not penetrate the genitals. If the disease carries the primary form, then it can become dangerous and lead to miscarriage.
  2. Second trimester The manifestation of cold on the lips during pregnancy is reduced by forty percent. There is no danger, as the child’s organs are already formed, and he is protected by the placenta. To all this, the future mom's immune defense increases, as the hormonal background has formed. But you still need to comply with hygienic measures.
  3. Third trimester At this time, the herpes virus can harm the unborn baby. The fact is that the 3rd trimester is the final period and the body prepares for labor. Infection of the baby can occur either during childbirth, when it will pass through the birth canal, or after birth through contact with the mother. Severe harm is caused by the infection that occurred in the body for the first time. If the herpes virus bothered the expectant mother before pregnancy, then there is no significant danger.

It doesn't matter what period of gestation a cold on the lip popped up. The main thing is that this condition should be under the control of the future mother and the treating doctor. Especially, you need to pay attention to the first signs of a cold and begin treatment as soon as possible.

Lip colds treatment during pregnancy

As soon as a cold on the lips occurred during pregnancy, it is urgent to begin treatment. When getting rid of the disease in the early stages of development, it is possible to cure the disease in three to four days. Any future mother wants to get rid of the problem as soon as possible, but for this you need to observe several important conditions.

  1. Reception of medicines. Pharmacies sell ointments that do not enter the bloodstream, while helping to get rid of herpes. They also do not affect the development of the baby, so they can be used in any period of pregnancy. Such drugs include acyclovir or Zovirax.
  2. Use of folk methods. They are absolutely safe and no less cope with the treatment of colds in pregnant women. To effective methods include:
    wetting bubbles with a solution of Corvalol or fir oil,
    applying ice packs,
    the use of different lipsticks that have anti-herpes property. In their composition, they contain extracts of calendula or tea tree.
    Lip lubrication with Forest Balsam toothpaste or sulfuric ointment.
  3. Proper and balanced nutrition. How quickly the bubbles disappear completely depends on the diet of the future mother. During the period of illness it is recommended:
    drink at least one liter of liquid,
    eat vegetable and fruit dishes,
    give up chocolate, sugar and carbonated drinks,
    reduce the consumption of salt, seeds and peanuts.
    It is very important to eat those products which contain lysine in their composition during the period of illness to a pregnant woman. This substance is an amino acid that is aimed at eliminating viral infection. These products include meat, eggs, potatoes, soybeans, lentils and wheat germ.
  4. Consumption of vitamin complexes. Taking vitamins during an illness leads to a speedy recovery. The doctor may prescribe the consumption of such trace elements as:
    vitamin E,
    vitamin C,
    B vitamins,
  5. Reception of herbal remedies. Most herbal remedies are considered harmless and can be used during pregnancy and lactation. They are also aimed at strengthening the immune system. These include:
    Golden root,
    All these drugs are able to increase the presence of white blood cells in the body, so that recovery from a cold will be faster.
  6. Compliance with hygiene standards. When a cold on the lip of a pregnant woman has popped up, it is necessary to limit contact with water and stop using cosmetics. This may impair wound healing, which will lead to further relapses. After smearing the wound, hands should be thoroughly washed to avoid penetration of the infection to other mucous membranes.
  7. Refusal to kiss during the treatment of the disease.
  8. The ban on the removal of crusts, as this process can lead to re-infection and an increase in the recovery period.

Preventive measures to prevent colds on the lip

From the occurrence of colds on the lips, no one is insured. But, as you know, better than any treatment is preventive measures. To do this, expectant mother should avoid drafts and dampness. It is also necessary to strengthen the immune defense through proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, hardening and taking vitamin complexes. Keep your feet, hands, head and neck warm during your walk. But it is necessary to walk. Do not forget about hygiene procedures. Hands need to be washed not only after the street, but also before eating and after eating.

Causes of cold on the lip in pregnant women

External cold or scientifically "herpes" is a viral disease characterized by the formation of a group of vesicles (vesicles), which are localized on the skin of the face or external genital organs. According to statistics, 90% of people are affected by the herpes virus; it cannot be completely cured. Infection occurs in childhood, then a person either copes with an insidious infection, or suffers from sores all his life. There are 8 types of the disease, some especially dangerous, the diagnosis should be carried out in laboratory conditions.

In a healthy person, the virus is present in the body, but does not appear. The slightest decrease in immunity activates it, causing discomfort. Colds on the lips of a pregnant woman, caused by the first and second types, often happen due to the fact that the body's defenses are weakened, there is a sharp hormonal alteration. To provoke the occurrence of rash can:

  • Colds
  • ORVI,
  • various infections
  • contact with a sick person.

How dangerous is rash for a child

In the early stages, a virus can carry a serious threat to the mother and baby in the womb. A woman's condition worsens, and the following symptoms occur:

  • headache,
  • heat,
  • weakness,
  • dizziness.

The first trimester is different in that an infection can provoke a miscarriage or cause serious abnormalities in the development of the infant. When the first rash on the lip should immediately seek qualified help to be examined. Sometimes (in severe cases) gynecologists offer an abortion. A cold on the lips during pregnancy in the third trimester can cause serious pathologies, including stillbirth, at this time a placenta forms, directly connecting the mother and the child.

If a woman had herpes before becoming pregnant, then the situation is different. The body has learned to fight, producing antibodies from a recurring virus that can protect the baby in the womb. But the treatment is still necessary so that due to low immunity, the disease does not spread, causing complications. It is not recommended to rub, squeeze the bubbles, you can add an additional infection, causing blood infection. If you ignore hygiene, touching the body with your hands, the herpes can jump out on the genitals, which is very dangerous. The risk of infecting a child through the genital tract increases significantly.

Treatment methods

To eliminate the risk of miscarriage, the first few months of an interesting situation should be treated under medical supervision. A cold on the lips during a second trimester pregnancy can trigger the formation of pathologies in the vital organs of the child. Regardless of the time, oral medication is prohibited, it is fraught with irreversible consequences. Specialists may prescribe only antiviral agents:

  • Acyclovir,
  • Zovirax
  • Tetracycline ointment,
  • Penciclovir,
  • Alizarin ointment,
  • Foscarnet
  • Oxolinic ointment.

To smear the rash should be according to the instructions (several times a day with a thin layer). It heals in a week.

You can reduce inflammation with the help of traditional medicine. It is proposed to lubricate the popped bubbles with sea buckthorn or rosehip oils. Regular vaseline, toothpaste with a decoction of medicinal herbs "Forest Balsam" or Corvalol solution will help relieve irritation and itching. Recommended use of moisturizing lipstick with tea tree oil, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Do not self-medicate when there is a danger to the unborn child. The use of funds is possible only after consulting with a specialist.

Prevention rules

Expectant mothers need to take good care of their health, sensitively listening to changes in the body in order to prevent a threat to the baby in time. To reduce the risk of herpes simplex, you can, if you adhere to the following rules:

  • not contact with the sick,
  • observe hand hygiene after visiting public places
  • take special vitamins for pregnant women according to the recipe of the gynecologist to increase immunity and vitality,
  • eat well
  • walk more, avoiding crowds, especially during the period of colds,
  • worry less, stressful situations also activate hidden infections.

Observing precautions, pregnancy will proceed easily, without worries and fears. But if the problem still jumped out, you need professional help to protect the future baby and yourself.

Herpes on the lips during pregnancy: treatment

In most cases, herpes on the lips during pregnancy indicates an exacerbation of the disease, so it should be treated. At the same time, you should take into account your position and abandon the usual medicines.

If herpes in a pregnant woman appeared again (in a recurring form), then doctors mainly prescribe antiviral ointments, such as Zovirax, alizarin or oxolinic ointment. Antiviral tablets for oral use during pregnancy during the treatment of herpes are not used. That is, the preparations taken in usual cases (Acyclovir, Penciclovir, Foscranet and the like) are forbidden while carrying a child! All of them are able to have a negative impact on fetal fetal development.

Features of infection at different stages of pregnancy

Herpes infection most often in pregnant women already exists in the body, but is there in a latent state. Manifestations of herpes on the lips during pregnancy can occur at any period of gestation. The time of the manifestation of a herpetic infection depends on the period in which the immunity was most reduced and when the factors causing the external signs of the disease affected the body.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the herpes virus already present in the body cannot negatively affect the health of the mother and child, since the body already has a ready immune response to activating the pathogen. With the help of drugs and body defenses, women successfully cope with signs of herpes on the lips without infecting the child.

External signs of the infection course pass, the damaged tissue on the lips epithelializes, and the disease disappears on its own. By the same principle, herpes is not terrible in the second and third trimester, if the expectant mother has already suffered from this disease.

The threat of the disease increases significantly if the pregnant woman's body encounters the pathogen for the first time. During the initial infection, antibodies do not have time to be produced and the body can not fully resist the pathogen.

In this case, the initial infection with the virus is quite difficult - women show signs of infection not only on the lips, but can also be found on the wings of the nose, there is a risk of infection in the eyes if rubbed. For a child, such an encounter with a virus can cause the development of congenital malformations, since it is in the first trimester that all systems and organs are formed. In severe cases, extensive herpes infection can cause miscarriage.

In the second trimester of fetal development, the primary herpes virus does not become less dangerous, as it can also negatively affect the fetus.Features in the 2nd trimester is that the main systems are already formed, and herpes can provoke malformations of individual organs, as well as affect the nervous system of the child, which only finishes its formation at the twelfth week. Also, an infection in the second trimester can lead to a negative effect on the skeletal system - it finishes its formation in the sixteenth week, and the girls' ovaries finally form in the twentieth week.

Herpes on the lip during pregnancy in the third trimester, as such, does not have and proceeds typically, but during the initial infection of the pregnant woman there is a risk of damage to the child's organs of hearing and vision, the target remains the respiratory system. Severe cases of herpes infection can provoke premature birth, and sometimes the doctors themselves make such a decision if the child is already viable.

Treatment of herpes during pregnancy

A cold on the lips of a pregnant woman in her development goes through several stages. Depending on the state of immunity in future mothers, in addition to the external manifestation of infection, the general state of health may deteriorate. Other pregnant women experience only discomfort from the manifestations of herpes, but their overall well-being does not suffer.

General condition of the pregnant

With herpes during pregnancy, expectant mothers may experience accompanying signs of infection. The general condition of the pregnant woman is characterized by such signs:

  • submandibular lymph nodes increase,
  • body temperature rises to subfebrile,
  • there is an ache in the joints
  • pregnant women are migraines.

The whole process of the herpes infection takes an average of 1-1.5 weeks, but in pregnant women, due to reduced immunity, the symptoms of herpes during pregnancy may be longer.

External manifestation of the virus

At the first stage, the future mom has only distant signs of herpes activation. The corners of the lips or the lips themselves feel slightly swollen, there is redness, irritation, I always want to scratch an itchy place. Touching particularly delicate places on the mucous becomes painful.

Since immunity in pregnant women is weakened, the prodromal (initial) period can be reduced, and instead of several days, herpetic vesicles - vesicles - appear by the evening of the same day when the unpleasant symptoms began to be felt. The second stage of the development of the disease begins, when the inflammatory process is activated, the bubbles increase in size and new ones appear.

Inside these herpetic vesicles there is a clear liquid containing a lot of active causative agents of herpes. That is why in the initial period it is impossible to pierce the bubbles in order not to aggravate the situation. When the body's defenses are activated in the fight against the causative agent, the herpes vesicles on the lips of the pregnant woman change their appearance - the size of the vesicles and their number ceases to increase, and the liquid becomes cloudy as the herpes virus neutralizes and suppuration begins.

In the fourth, the last period of the development of a herpetic infection, the bubbles open up independently and in pregnant women there are crusts on the lips under which the soft tissues heal. As soon as a new epithelium appears, the crusts are peeled off and soft pink skin is found under them.

Herpes on the lips: photo number 1 - the active stage of reproduction of the virus, photo number 2 - the stage of healing

Is herpes on the lips dangerous during pregnancy?

The danger of a cold on the lips during pregnancy is the main issue with which expectant mothers rush to the doctor. Infection can cause risks for both the fetus and the mother itself.

Immediately it is necessary to stipulate that a herpetic infection, which was transferred earlier and manifested during pregnancy as a relapse of the disease, does not threaten the fetus with any complications. The placental barrier completely copes with its function, so the baby is reliably protected from the negative influence of the pathogen on your body. In addition, with the activation of herpes in the fight include antibodies that are already formed in the pregnant woman's body and are ready for rashes on the lips.

Much more difficult is the case with the initial penetration of herpes in early pregnancy. Here, the body of a pregnant woman does not yet have antibodies to fight herpes, and against the background of reduced immunity, a negative effect on the fetus is also manifested. The greatest risk of infection of the fetus in the first trimester is that it is not possible to save part of the pregnancies during infection with herpes and a miscarriage occurs. Such consequences, fortunately, are extremely rare.

There are also other risks associated with infecting a child:

  • preterm labor,
  • anomalies of formation of systems and organs,
  • birth of a child with malformations,
  • infection with herpes infection during childbirth,
  • long-term effects - epilepsy and mental retardation.

For the most pregnant

During pregnancy and cold on the lip for women, herpes simplex is in no way different from the manifestations of infection earlier, when the pregnancy has not yet occurred. The herpes virus provokes all the same symptoms on the lips as before. The only difference is the severity of the herpes infection.

If the immunity is weakened, the manifestations of the infection can last for several days longer than usual. Also, herpes in pregnant women provoke vesicles not only on the lips and in the corners of the mouth, but also can spread to the nasolabial triangle, capturing the wings of the nose, the mucous membrane of the nasal passages.

In severe cases, for example, in a state of immunodeficiency, a herpetic infection can cause more severe damage to the female body. Herpetic bubbles provoke not only ophthalmic herpes, but can also be detected on the genitals, causing the appropriate type of course of the disease.

With the penetration of herpes into the blood, systemic herpes develops, when the activity of the pathogen is recorded in any part of the body to which the pathogen was delivered by hematogenous means. Multiple lesions with herpetic vesicles complicate the course of the birth process - there is a risk of the child being infected with the herpes virus. But mothers with an inactive form of herpes infection transmit their children protection from the pathogen, which lasts for about half a year.

How to treat herpes on the lips during pregnancy

Treatment of herpes on the lips during pregnancy has certain features and they are dictated primarily by the special position of the woman. For future mothers, not all medications that can be taken by other women are permitted, and therefore, in the treatment of herpes infection, doctors choose not only safe synthetic drugs, but also focus on the use of traditional medicine.

Drug treatment

For the most effective treatment of herpes, treatment should be complex, otherwise frequent relapses are possible. Pregnant women in the first trimester are strictly prohibited antiviral drugs in pill form. Pills are allowed only after 35 weeks of pregnancy, and only those recommended by the doctor, taking into account the health of the expectant mother. Self-medication is strictly prohibited.

The treatment of herpes is symptomatic, and of the antivirals, the leading drug that is allowed is “Acyclovir” and similar to herpes on the lips during pregnancy:

  1. "Panavir" - a drug on the plant component, has an antiviral effect, blocks the synthesis of proteins of the pathogen.
  2. Valaciclovir, an antiherpetic and antiviral drug, blocks DNA synthesis.
  3. "Herpevir" - is produced in the form of ointment and tablets, is the leading drug against herpes, is very effective in localizing on the lips.
  4. "Zovirax" - is available in tablets, powder and ointment. Blocks the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

Antiviral drug does not penetrate into the systemic circulation and acts exclusively at the local level when it penetrates deep into the skin at the site of injury and fights viruses. Therapy for herpes on the lips with Famvir and Valtrex is not recommended in the first trimester of gestation.

Famvir and Valtrex - not recommended during the first trimester

It is necessary to smear the affected area with a herpes infection five to eight times a day. Ointment is well rubbed into the affected area until absorbed. With extensive lesions of the skin and the spread of infection, treatment of colds on the lips during pregnancy is corrected - patients expecting a baby are prescribed interferon, echinacea, ginseng root and vitamin “E” that promotes skin regeneration. Other vitamin complexes are also useful, which will help protect a woman from activating herpes during pregnancy.


Means of traditional medicine can also quite successfully treat a cold on the lip during pregnancy. Such drugs do not contain a synthetic component, and therefore safe for women and for the baby. In addition, traditional medicine products are available, easy to prepare and use. Each pregnant woman can independently prepare one of the medicines.

Local treatment is possible with the following remedies:

  1. Aloe juice - for the preparation of a healing agent, you must select a thick sheet of aloe over three years old, cut it off, rinse it and squeeze the juice out of it. To get rid of herpes, the resulting liquid is treated with herpetic vesicles by applying cotton wool soaked in aloe juice onto them.
  2. Kalanchoe juice - has the same properties for herpes as aloe, is able to relieve inflammation and heal wounds after self-opening of vesicles. It has a decongestant effect, inhibits the appearance of new bubbles.
  3. Garlic and coffee - a great tandem in the treatment of herpes. It is necessary to grind two cloves of garlic, add a little coffee, and honey and flour are recommended. The resulting mixture is applied to problem areas 3-4 times a day.
  4. Chamomile tincture - for the treatment of herpes rash, you can use a strong chamomile tincture for applications. Chamomile also helps relieve inflammation and eliminate puffiness of soft tissues.
  5. Infusion of calendula - has a powerful wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect, and at the stage of opening the bubbles, it also dries crusts, due to the enhanced regenerative properties of the skin, it allows to cure colds on the lips much faster.

The appearance of a herpes infection in a woman during pregnancy is not a tragedy. Most expectant mothers have already had herpes once, while the virus itself is preserved in their bodies. Also, the body has antibodies to the virus, so when the manifestation of the pathogen is already ready immune response. It is more difficult with primary infection with the herpes virus - in this situation, a pregnant woman must strictly adhere to all the recommendations of the gynecologist.

Cold on the lips in different trimesters of pregnancy

There are two serological types of the causative agent of herpes infection:

  • herpes simplex virus type I (HSV-1) - in 70% of clinical cases is localized on the skin and mucous membranes of the upper half of the body (mainly the face),
  • herpes simplex virus type II (HSV-2) - in 70% of infected people causes lesions of the urinary tract.

It is the infection of HSV-1 that provokes the appearance of the so-called cold on the lips. Due to the clinical manifestations of the disease, this herpes in medicine is also referred to as labial (from the Latin. Labium - lip).

HSV-1 is the causative agent of the most common type of herpes infection, in which the characteristic rashes are localized on the lips and in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle. In various countries, its carriers are 70-90% of the population.

Once in the human body, the viral agent remains in it forever. It is impossible to fully recover from a herpetic infection - with an adequate therapeutic approach, one can only achieve an increase in the duration of periods of remission.

If a woman becomes a carrier of HSV-1 before pregnancy, there is no danger to the fetus. This is due to the fact that in the body of an infected person specific antibodies to the viral agent are produced, protecting the future baby from infection.

A threat to the health of a woman and her child is a primary infection after the onset of pregnancy, especially in the first and third trimesters. Infection in early pregnancy can cause fetal death or spontaneous abortion. If a woman becomes infected in the second half of pregnancy, the viral agent can be transmitted to the child transplacentally, causing him to develop severe congenital abnormalities.

Causes and symptoms

Infection with HSV-1 occurs predominantly in the first years of a person’s life through oral contact (through kisses).

In most cases, the disease has a chronic course with asymptomatic periods of different duration and pronounced relapses.

Exacerbation of herpes occurs against the background of weakened immunity.

In pregnant women, the protective factors of the body weaken, so they become more vulnerable to the viral agent.

Symptoms indicating the activation of HSV-1 and the manifestation of a herpetic infection are difficult to confuse with signs of another pathology. In the period of exacerbation, the development of the disease occurs in several stages. Each of them is characterized by a certain symptomatology:

  1. Appearance of itching, burning or tingling sensation in the lips.
  2. The formation of red spots on the lips.
  3. The formation on the reddened area of ​​the skin bubbles 1-2 mm in diameter, filled with transparent contents, which gradually grow cloudy. The feeling of an itch in the field of rashes remains.
  4. Vesicular ulceration, which is accompanied by exudate and the formation of small erosions.
  5. 3-5 days after the first symptoms appear, the formation of crusts on the erosive surface, which, in violation of their integrity, bleed and cause pain.
  6. Gradual extinction of pathological symptoms, healing of the affected skin.

Danger of cold sickness

The presence of cold sores is a threat to a pregnant woman and her baby in only two cases:

  • at primary infection with herpes infection after the onset of pregnancy,
  • when transferring HSV-1 to the genital area.

If the herpes pathogen penetrates the mucous membranes of the urogenital tract, in the first trimester of pregnancy, this becomes the cause of spontaneous abortions in 30% of women.

In later periods, the development of genital herpes in 50% of clinical cases causes premature labor.

During the initial infection of a pregnant woman, there are no antibodies to HSV in her blood (immunoglobulins G), therefore the unborn child is not protected from the negative effects of an infectious agent. The virus can penetrate the placenta and infect fetal tissue. This leads to the development of congenital deformities in it, damage to internal organs, especially the brain and liver.

It is extremely rare as a result of infection with labial herpes complications occur in the pregnant woman herself. With a significant weakening of the immune system, a herpetic infection can trigger the development of encephalitis or keratitis (eye infection) in a woman.

How to treat herpes in pregnant?

To cure once and for all a cold on the lips is impossible. However, if therapeutic measures are started on time, the intensity of the pathological manifestations of the disease can be minimized.

It is possible to prevent the appearance of herpetic eruptions on the lips only if specific treatment is started at the first stage of the development of the disease (at the first appearance of discomfort). The delayed onset of antiviral therapy speeds up the healing process, facilitating more rapid healing of the affected skin.

Pregnant women can not use conventional antiherpetic drugs.

Effective and at the same time safe for the child, only a gynecologist who has an expectant mother can prescribe the treatment of herpes.

Today, there are many ways to get rid of pathological eruptions during the exacerbation of the infectious process and prevent the patient from developing severe complications.

When treating labial herpes, the most effective and fast-acting is the use of pharmaceutical ointments, gels or creams. To eliminate the rash on the lips of a pregnant woman, the doctor may prescribe:

  • Panavir is an antiviral agent of plant origin (the active ingredient is potato shoots extract). Available in the form of a 0.002 percent gel or aerosol for external and local use,
  • Penciclovir is a synthetic antiviral drug of prolonged action (more than 12 hours). Available in the form of a 5% ointment and 5% cream for external use,
  • Oxolin - antiviral agent, produced in the form of a 0.25 percent and 3 percent ointment. The active substance of the drug has a local effect, does not accumulate in the patient's body.

При отсутствии индивидуальных противопоказаний беременные женщины в период обострения герпетической инфекции могут прибегнуть к помощи нетрадиционной медицины, предварительно согласовав этот вопрос с лечащим врачом. For the treatment of colds on the lips, the following traditional medicines are effective:

  • treatment of the affected skin with aloe or garlic juice,
  • attaching to the lesions of the egg film, located on the inside of the shell,
  • lubrication of bubbles with vegetable or essential oils (sea buckthorn, fir, almond, tea tree oil),
  • point application on the vesicles of the Forest Balsam paste or earwax,
  • application of ice cubes to the affected skin area,
  • lip gloss hygienic lipstick containing tea tree or calendula extract,
  • cauterization of bubbles with propolis tincture or corvalol.

The use of alternative medicine when a cold on the lips helps a pregnant woman to reduce the intensity of pain and accelerate the healing process of erosion.

In case of acute herpes infection, close attention is paid to the diet of the expectant mother. HSV-1 is activated if the body lacks vitamins E and C, as well as zinc and lysine amino acids.

To compensate for the lack of these elements, pregnant women should include in the usual menu:

  • products containing protein (eggs, meat and dairy dishes),
  • fish,
  • legumes,
  • sprouted wheat
  • potato decoction,
  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • herbal decoctions.

From the diet should be excluded fatty foods, limit sugar intake.

How long will the treatment take?

The duration of specific treatment for exacerbation of herpes depends on the type of drug used and takes from 4 to 7 days.

After the end of antiviral therapy, special attention is paid to preventive measures - strengthening immunity, normalizing sleep and wakefulness regimes, rationalizing nutrition, and avoiding exposure to adverse factors.

Timely informing the attending physician about any disturbing changes in well-being helps a pregnant woman to avoid the development of severe complications and safely carry and give birth to a healthy baby.