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The appearance of herpes on the lips during pregnancy and effective treatments

05/23/2015 Diseases during pregnancy If there is a rash in the form of bubbles on the lips during pregnancy that itch, you should know that you have caught the herpes virus. There are 2 types of herpes: the first (labile, when the rash is located near the lips, nose, mouth) and the second (genital - rash appears in the genital area, occasionally around the lips). Carriers of the virus - 95-98% of the population, that is, 9 out of ten people. They are infected in early childhood. The virus in the body slumbers, waiting for its time. When the body is weakened, aggravation appears.

What causes herpes on the lips?

This disease is contagious. Through the mucous membranes, herpes enters the body and multiplies. The human body begins to react to it, producing antibodies. However, completely get rid of the virus does not work. He hides in the nerve ganglia, where he is awaiting the decline of immunity.

Causes of exacerbation: colds, hypothermia (or vice versa), illness of the flu, excessive exposure to sunlight, poisoning, stress, and much more.
From person to person, the herpes virus is transmitted in the following ways:

  • during direct contact,
  • airborne
  • by household,
  • by climbing to the embryo through the cervix.

How does it manifest itself?

  • Before the appearance of herpetic vesicles in the corners of the lips, on the surfaces of the cheeks and lips, an itch appears on the tongue.
  • An itchy swelling appears that turns into a vesicle.
  • After that, from the bursting of bubbles appear liquid discharge, which contain viruses in huge quantities. Instead of a bursting bubble, an ulcer occurs. Herpes is very contagious at this stage.
  • Ulcers cover scabs.
  • After the scabs disappear, the person recovers.

What is dangerous herpes on the lips during pregnancy

During the carrying of the baby, the immunity of the woman drops. If at this time she first contracted herpes, then her body does not have time to produce antibodies to the virus. The herpes virus penetrates the placenta to the fetus with blood, multiplying and passing it the infection. In the first trimester of pregnancy, this may result in a miscarriage, missed abortion, in the third trimester premature labor, damage to the liver, eyes, and the central nervous system of the fetus are not excluded. The danger of infection - almost 70%.

If a woman is a chronic carrier of the herpes virus, the infection during pregnancy will not cause complications, and fetal damage does not occur. If signs of genital herpes appeared after 32 weeks, then doctors, most likely, not to risk, will make a cesarean section, so as not to infect the baby during its passage through the birth canal.

Actually, exacerbation of herpes on the lips of the first type is not dangerous for the fetus. It is not excluded that the woman caught the infection before pregnancy, but the disease was asymptomatic.

If there are antibodies to the virus in the mother’s blood, the fetus will receive them through the placenta and the fetus will then be protected from infection. Itchy vesicles are not found on the skin of all carriers, or they are hidden from the human eye during genital herpes.

Even an experienced specialist can mistakenly take signs of other diseases for herpes. Therefore, it is advisable to pass the analysis for the detection of the herpes virus in advance, before pregnancy.

How to treat herpes on the lips during pregnancy

Herpes therapy is aimed at relieving acute manifestations and reducing the frequency of relapses:

  • antiviral drug acyclovir,
  • Immunoglobulin, Viferon - for immunocorrection,
  • Brilliant green solution, oxolinic ointment.

If the infection occurred in the first trimester of pregnancy, then it may need to be interrupted. In the case when the risk of infection is low - for example, in relapses - the use of antiviral drugs is minimized, as there is a risk for the fetus.

As antiviral drugs used ointment - they are not absorbed through the skin.

Healed post-spermatic wounds are natural vegetable oils (fir, sea buckthorn, rosehip). Echinacea, ginseng, Eleutherococcus are used - immunomodulators of plant origin.

What is herpes?

Herpes is a hidden disease. Most often the common cold is manifested in the nasolabial region or on the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth.

Herpes on the lip is characterized by itching, sores and vesicles. An additional symptom is muscle weakness, fever and a feeling of fatigue.

It should be borne in mind that the burst bubbles are considered distributors of this virus. In place of the wound there is a crust, which further disappears.

The disease is exacerbated during the cold period. It is believed that a cold on the lip is directly related to cooling. But the real cause of inflammation is lowered immunity.

Herpes occurs during pregnancy. This is due to the deterioration of the functioning of the immune system during intoxication during the first stages of pregnancy.

For any type of disease during pregnancy, you should consult a doctor.

The main symptoms are:

  1. The appearance of burning and itching.
  2. Redness in the inflamed area.
  3. Ulcers appear that look like yellowish liquid bubbles.
  4. The temperature rises and malaise appears.
  5. Also, herpes on the lips of pregnant women is characterized by chronic fatigue and drowsiness.

The disease that appears on the lips, occurs due to the penetration into the body of herpes of the first type.


The mother's body considers the fetus to be a foreign body, from which it is necessary to get rid of, therefore nature took this fact into account, and immediately after conception, the immunity weakens a little, allowing the baby to develop normally. But in this process there is a downside: while reducing the protective forces the body is exposed to many ailments, one of which is the herpes virus.

The appearance of herpes during pregnancy is provoked by the following factors:

  • bad nutrition future mommy,
  • stress,
  • smoking, drinking alcohol,
  • splash of hormones
  • physical overload (lifting weights, cleaning the house too hard). Women in this position should limit themselves in certain types of work,
  • comorbidities (cold) or chronic (liver, kidney, gastrointestinal, HIV diabetes mellitus),
  • overheating or overcooling of the body,
  • contact with an already sick person.

If the disease manifests itself for the first time, then the risk for the baby increases, because once the mother has been ill, antibodies form that protect the fetus from the effects of the virus. But even in this case, you must immediately contact your gynecologist. To avoid infection, it is necessary to know the path of transmission of the disease:

  • by airborne droplets. Having noticed the symptoms of herpes at the interlocutor, immediately postpone the meeting, for the unborn child this disease is fraught with various negative consequences,
  • contact-household method. You can catch the infection using one towel, dishes, other household items, with sick herpes,
  • during childbirth, from mother to child.

The causes of herpes

The main cause of the disease are viruses HSV 1 and 2. They fall on the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes or mouth. At the same time epithelial cells are affected. After a certain time, symptoms of the disease appear.

After the first infection, immunity to such viruses appears, but the effects of herpes remain and there are periodic relapses.

Herpes in pregnant women occurs when different factors affect:

  1. Lack of vitamins and trace elements.
  2. Supercooling of the body.
  3. The effects of stress, as well as physical weakness.
  4. With some medical procedures: abortions.
  5. Sitting on diets.
  6. A variety of immunodeficiency states.
  7. Change hormonal levels.
  8. Intoxication.
  9. The occurrence of allergic reactions.
  10. Herpes on the lips during pregnancy appears after various diseases.

Often the disease manifests itself with a lack of vitamins. It occurs in the winter or during the beginning of spring.

More than 40% of people do not have symptoms after the first infection. This is due to the strong immunity. Also, the virus does not have time to gain a foothold or passes without symptoms.

The first infection is due to the following reasons:

  • with a variety of bodily contacts: handshakes, kisses and sexual acts,
  • if you do not follow personal hygiene: use common dishes or household items,
  • also, the lesion occurs by airborne droplets - when coughing or sneezing,
  • herpes occurs during pregnancy in the early stages.

Symptoms and effects on the fetus

Herpes on the lips is very easy to recognize: small bubbles appear, filled with liquid. Soon they burst, leaving behind a small erosion. Accompanied by rash itching and burning in the reddened areas of the lips.

But how does the virus affect the fetus? This question interests all pregnant women. It all depends on the duration of pregnancy, the protective forces of the mother and the clinical picture. The shorter the period, the greater the likelihood of negative consequences.

In different trimesters of pregnancy, herpes affects the unborn child in its own way:

  • herpes during pregnancy 1 trimester The most dangerous for the life of the fetus. The virus can easily break through the defenses (pass through the placenta), causing miscarriage or pathology in the development of the child. You can avoid such an outcome by passing tests on time, taking precautions (read at the end of the article),
  • herpes during pregnancy 2 trimester. During this period, the baby is slightly stronger and the likelihood of negative consequences decreases with each passing week. With regular ultrasound examinations, tests, doctors can promptly detect the first symptoms (compaction of the placenta, cysts, etc.), effectively cured, with minimal risks for the baby,
  • 3 trimester. In this case, the probability of abortion is great, a huge risk not only for the baby, but also for the health of the mother.

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Causes of herpes on the lips during pregnancy

Herpes virus penetrates a healthy body by contact or by airborne droplets. Passing the site of infection in the form of mucous membranes, respiratory or genital tract, the infection moves through the bloodstream and reliably penetrates into the nerve cells. Once in the body, which mainly occurs in childhood, herpes settles for life.

The virus is able to stay dormant for a long time. Antibodies produced in the human body, effectively inhibit the development of pathology. Therefore, before the onset of favorable conditions, herpes may not manifest itself and the woman may be completely unaware of what is the carrier of the harmful microorganism.

Herpes begins to rebel and manifest itself externally with a sharp decrease in the body's defenses. The most common signs of herpes are found:

  • after hypothermia,
  • under the influence of nerve surges,
  • due to colds or viral diseases,
  • during exacerbation of chronic ailments,
  • under the influence of general fatigue,
  • with hormonal imbalance,
  • due to lack of vitamin and other nutrients.

It would seem that a woman during pregnancy is making every effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the body should activate additional opportunities to protect the baby from adverse effects.

But oddly enough, the immune ability from the moment of conception in the female body is significantly limited. This is due to the fact that the fetus actually carries the alien proteins of the biological father. Without a certain reorganization, the immune maternal blood cells, having discovered a foreign body, would undertake all possibilities to get rid of it. In this case, the conflict does not allow to bear the fruit.

Nature to reduce the susceptibility of the female body during pregnancy to unfamiliar particles provides a significant reduction in the ability of the immune system. And it does not act selectively, but the inhibition of the whole body's immunity occurs. And as a result, the ability to resist and dangerous infections decreases.

If herpes was present before conception, he will, having felt weak resistance, will try to manifest itself in pregnancy in all its glory.

What are the threats to the fetus for herpes during pregnancy?

The herpes virus, settling in the body, always causes a response, which is expressed by the formation of certain antibodies that can mute the manifestation and activation of the infection. Antibodies to herpes simplex, appearing rash on the lips, are of two types. Immunoglobulin class IgM appear immediately after infection and exist in the body for up to two months. Ig G antibodies formed a little later, but perform their function throughout the life of the infected.

If a woman had signs of herpes before conception, there are uniquely herpes guards in her body. These particles will reliably protect the baby during pregnancy from infection with a malicious infection. The likelihood of serious pathologies in the activation of herpes on the lips during pregnancy exists if the woman has serious pathologies of the immune nature of the congenital or acquired type.

Herpes on the lips during pregnancy during the initial infection is dangerous. Such cases are quite rare and pose a great threat at any time:

First three months high probability of miscarriage or fading of pregnancy. Doctors in some cases of infection with herpes recommend abortion due to the possibility of pathologies of the fetus.

Infection from the fourth to the sixth month fraught with fetal abnormal pathologies incompatible with life.

Last three months the introduction of infection into the body can provoke pathology in the form of:

  • deviations of the physical development of the fetus,
  • severe damage to the nervous system
  • pneumonia,
  • heart defects
  • brain developmental defects,
  • significant hearing impairment, vision.

Even if signs of herpes on the lips were not observed before pregnancy, this does not confirm the absence of the virus in the blood. Therefore, it is only possible to judge the infection or relapse herpes screening results.

Diagnosis of herpes on the lips during pregnancy

Herpes on the lips during pregnancy has fairly pronounced signs. And outwardly it is almost impossible to confuse with other diseases:

At the beginning of relapse appears itching and slight burning in the corners of mouths or other parts of the lips.

Later begins to manifest swellingwhich develops into painful blisters.

In the third stage, numerous bubbles burst and appear in their place. sores. The excreted fluid necessarily contains microparticles of the virus and becomes the source of the spread of infection.

On the ulcers are formed crustswhich cannot be deleted. With their premature removal, bleeding may begin.

Exacerbation of herpes can be accompanied general weakness and fever.

Doctor enough visual inspection to determine herpes on the lips during pregnancy. But to confirm and clarify the timing of infection and possible threats will need additional laboratory tests, which are carried out in several stages:

Polymerase chain reaction allows you to detect in the blood, as well as in the materials taken for analysis from sites of damage, the presence of the causative agent of the virus.

Linked immunosorbent assay helps determine the presence of antibodies in the blood. Depending on the type and number of immunoglobulins, it is possible to judge the timing of infection. Upon detection of antibodies of class G, it is confirmed that the pregnant woman has the ability to fight an infection that has entered the body long before conception. And the increase in their number in dynamics indicates a relapse of the pathology. The presence of type M immunoglobulins signals the primacy of the infection.

General urine and blood testswhich are mandatory for all diseases during pregnancy, show normal, without deviations indicators.

At primary infection, depending on the duration of pregnancy, additional research and observations are carried out, allowing track the status of the fetus.

Treatment of herpes on the lips during pregnancy

Completely get rid of the virus is impossible. Once in the body, he settled in it forever. Treatment directed to reduce the bright symptoms of herpes on the lips during pregnancy and the prevention of manifestations of infection in new places. In the absence of proper therapy, herpes can last for quite a while, affecting new areas of the skin and causing dangerous complications.

Despite the prevalence of the disease and the availability of a variety of antiherpetic drugs in pharmacies, only a doctor can deal with herpes on the lips during pregnancy.

Common preparations of immune and antiviral action during pregnancy are strictly prohibited to use.

Чаще всего назначаются противовирусные мази местного действия, которые практически не способны проникать в кровь и не могут нанести вред ребенку.

Common treatments for herpes on the lips during pregnancy include ointment like Acyclovir, Gerperax, Zoviraxas well as the general antiviral nature of the type Viru-Mertz Serola, Priory, Erazabana.

If the ointment begins to apply at the onset of relapse, manifested characteristic tingling, the appearance of bubbles, and especially the sores can be avoided.

Additionally allowed to use popular methods in the form aloe juice, sea buckthorn oil, which will enhance the effect of ointments.

At the stage of drying of sores, you can use emollient ointments to prevent cracking wounds.

In the treatment of herpes on the lips during pregnancy should follow the important recommendations:

  • Ointment should be applied with a thick layer, slightly rubbing into the formation.
  • Do not stop the use of antiherpetic drugs after the appearance of crusts.
  • Apply the product to the wounds not with your hands, but with special cotton buds.
  • Do not pierce bubbles that appear to avoid the spread of infection.
  • Observe precautions: wash your hands after contact with the affected area, do not use cosmetics to apply on infected areas, avoid contact with eyes through hands.

Measures for the prevention of herpes on the lips during pregnancy

First of all, pregnant women should exclude any communication with the carriers of the infection in the active phase. If herpes is pronounced manifested in the family, you should take care of the allocation of personal utensils and hygiene products. About kisses and other manifestations of feelings, wearing close contact, it is worth to forget for the period of exacerbation of the disease.

It is necessary to take care of strengthening the immune defense of your own body. This will help events in the form of:

good sleep, rest,

taking medications recommended vitamins, minerals,

proper work, rest,

avoidance of nervous tension, stress,

frequent stay in the air

classes permissible types of medical gymnastics during pregnancy.

Herpes responds differently to the composition of the diet. Its reproduction is facilitated by the amino acid arginine, which is present in sweets, especially in chocolate and raisins.

And does not like the virus products in which there is an amino acid lysine.

Therefore, it is worth adding more food to the diet with the following contents:

Contributes to the suppression of infection zincwhich is present in pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, nuts, blueberries.

Having saturated your diet with healthy dishes, you can create a good barrier against the development of herpes infection.

Finding signs of herpes on the lips during pregnancy, you should not start to panic.

There are many ways to suppress pronounced symptoms. And not to worry about the fate of the baby, contact your gynecologist.

Modern diagnostic methods will quickly dispel doubts or outline the tactics of further therapy.

Danger during pregnancy

In women, the question arises: is herpes on the lips dangerous during pregnancy? Medical research reveals antibodies to the virus of a simple species in 80% of patients. It bothers women, but in this result there is no danger:

  1. The study identifies protective antibodies, not the virus itself.
  2. The existence of such antibodies does not pose a threat to the fetus, but indicates immunity in the mother.

It represents the danger of herpes in early pregnancy at the first infection.

Pregnancy in the first months with such an infection can be put at risk. There is a risk of negative effects on the fetus.

A woman who has already had herpes and re-becomes sick during pregnancy has antibodies that protect the baby.

Often, when exacerbating the genital form of the disease in pregnant women, a cesarean section is recommended to avoid infecting the infant when passing through the birth canal.

If a pregnant woman had herpes before pregnancy, it is necessary to inform the doctor about it.

Modern herpes treatment is not able to provide full recovery. Medical measures are aimed at maintaining the immune system and suppressing the main symptoms.

If an ulcer or other manifestations of herpes appeared for the first time during pregnancy, then it is worth urgently to visit a doctor and get tested.

In the first episode of herpes during pregnancy, the infection is transmitted through the vessels of the placenta or through the fallopian tubes.

For recurrent types of herpes, vitamins are taken, and a comprehensive treatment of the disease is performed.

Treat herpes on the lips, especially in pregnant women, should be prescribed by a doctor. It is important in the diagnosis of this disease to take urgent measures to reduce the risk to the future fetus. It turns out that there are no associated diseases, for example, in the form of a cold. Antiviral drugs are prescribed for this disease. During pregnancy, herpes ointment is used on the lips. In this case, the medicine is applied several times a day. It is believed that these drugs will not harm the health of the mother and baby.

Of the medications used acyclovir, as well as tetracycline, erythromycin and oxolinic ointment for herpes.

For healing of wounds, cauterization of the ulcers with interferon or vitamin E is used.

Also used immunoglobulins.

Treatment of cold on the lips at home is carried out after consultation with the doctor. The following remedies exist for ailment:

  1. Propolis tincture is cauterized wounds.
  2. Used tea tree oil and fir.
  3. In case of numerous rashes, the composition of interferon and vitamin E is used.
  4. Made lotions from a solution of soda.
  5. For lubrication of inflamed areas using gum resin.
  6. Differs in the effectiveness of aloe juice.
  7. Sometimes a mixture of ash, garlic juice and a teaspoon of honey is used.
  8. The lip is treated with a mixture of vaseline and calendula tincture.

During pregnancy, prescribed drugs for local use. Apply a herpes ointment such as acyclovir. Alternatives are zovirax, cyclovir, and viralex. Along with the ointments are written means of activating the immune system. This is echinacea or ginseng.

General treatment rules

If you had herpes on your lips before pregnancy, then it is worth communicating this fact to your gynecologist. He will schedule regular checkups, vitamin therapy, and other manipulations to prevent ailment.

In the event of an infection in the mouth area, doctors recommend the following drugs:

  • Use only external means of treatment (ointments, creams, gels), you can not use tablets, it will harm the health of the baby. They showed themselves perfectly: Zovirax, Farmtsiklovir, Gerpevir,
  • follow the rules of personal hygiene, do not touch the affected lip area with your hands, in order to avoid spreading the infection to other parts of the body,
  • healthy sleep, balanced nutrition,
  • taking multivitamin complexes, especially vitamin C,
  • interferon in the nose,
  • eating large amounts of natural sources of vitamins - fruits, vegetables,
  • treatment with the help of traditional medicine.

Means and recipes of traditional medicine

The use of folk remedies has many advantages:

  • naturalness All herbs, plants, products that are used for the preparation of medicines, do not require chemical treatment, special equipment, to prepare them is not difficult. This eliminates the danger to human life. And for pregnant women, there is nothing better than baby’s safety,
  • low price policy. Nowadays, the financial side is important, some simply cannot afford expensive medicines, as a result: the development of the disease, serious complications. Some plants are generally free, as they grow in your home (for example, aloe),
  • easy to use. It will not make it difficult for you to take a couple of spoons of the drug or drink a decoction, but the pills taste unpleasant, the shots are painful, some people just have a panic fear of hospitals.

In each barrel of honey there is surely a spoon of tar. The same happens with traditional medicine, they also have disadvantages, they are few, but you need to know about them:

  • in some cases, ineffectiveness. Not everyone, without exception, is helped by homemade products. These cases are very rare, even in such people a decrease in symptoms is observed, the probability of infection of other parts of the body decreases,
  • allergic reaction. This is due to the individual intolerance of some ingredients. Therefore, the future mother should first try the tool on a small area of ​​skin, then fully use the tool.

How to treat herpes during pregnancy? The most effective and safe recipes:

  • decoction of chamomile. At first glance, a banal tool, but very effective. Prepare it from 200 g of dried chamomile, filled with 1 liter of boiling water. Infuse the remedy for 30 minutes. Lubricate the rash area 3 times a day, you can use the decoction yourself and before applying medical creams and ointments,
  • aloe juice Break a small piece of the plant, wipe the affected skin with fresh juice, the infection will pass faster, swelling and itching will decrease,
  • various oils. Moisten a cotton swab in tea, sea buckthorn oil, lubricate the bubbles or already crusts. Such manipulations spend every day at night. The course of treatment is 7 days, during this time you will notice an excellent result, these drugs also have an antiseptic effect, which prevents the spread of infection,
  • valocordin or alcohol. Apply any of these products to the cotton pad, hold for at least 3-4 minutes, you will feel a slight burning sensation, no need to worry, it should be so. Manipulations kill harmful microorganisms, perfectly dry, contribute to the speedy recovery. Do not overdo it, 4-5 sessions will be quite enough
  • Toothpaste. Use only hypoallergenic, clean, without any additives paste, which use yourself, so you will avoid an allergic reaction. Apply a little product to only reddened areas of the skin, if not, then already on the formed bubbles. The course of treatment varies from 5 to 7 days,
  • garlic. Rub finely 2 cloves, add 1 dessert spoon of instant coffee + one each 1 tbsp. a spoon of honey and wheat flour. Thoroughly mix, put the finished gruel on the affected places on the lips, wait until the mass is completely dry. You can carry out the procedure 2 times a day, until complete recovery,
  • ice. At the first sign of an itch, attach pieces of folk wrapped in a scarf or thin fabric. Thus, the process will slow down or stop altogether.

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Possible consequences

Is herpes on the lips dangerous during pregnancy? There are very few people in the world who are not infected with the virus. While carrying a baby, the virus on the lips can be dangerous, especially if you are sick for the first time.

In most cases, you should not worry, the probability that the child will have developmental disorders, skin defects will appear, fortunately is no more than 4%, with proper diagnosis and modern treatment. It is better to consult a doctor in a timely manner, to follow all his instructions, not to be nervous, as most diseases are known - the result of stress.

Preventive measures

For the future mom, it is very important to prevent the appearance of herpes, to prevent the recurrence of this disease. Follow these guidelines during pregnancy planning, during its course:

  • strengthen the immune system (hardening, taking vitamins, easy charge),
  • observe sleep and nutrition,
  • eat healthy foods
  • give up bad habits
  • observe personal hygiene, after coming from the street, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly,
  • do not use probes of cosmetics, they are concentrated a huge number of bacteria,
  • take a walk in the fresh air, lead an active lifestyle (during pregnancy about physical exertion, consult your doctor),
  • Avoid any contact with people who are already infected.
  • do not try to lose weight dramatically, take a figure after childbirth, take better care of the baby, now his health is in the foreground.

Is it necessary to treat herpes on the lip during pregnancy? The answer is in the following video: