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Meaning and mystery of the name Agatha

The name Agatha is of Greek origin. It is believed that it comes from the word agate (ἀγαθή), which means "good" or "good". As you understand, then meaning of the name Agatha - "good" or "good"It is often indicated that the name Agap is related to him, but it can be said" cousin. "The name Agap comes from another, also sounding but different in the writing of the word - agate (ἀγάπη). You can also add that In Greece, the word agate (ἀγαθή) was an epithet of Zeus.

The name Agatha is revered in Catholic and Orthodox denominations. It is worth noting that in Orthodoxy the name Agatha is pronounced Agathias. From the Catholic faith it is worth noting that Saint Agathias is considered to be the patroness of the island of Malta. Even among Catholics, it is believed that she is the patroness of San Marino and Palermo.

The meaning of the name Agatha for girls

A girl named Agatha grows up quiet and slightly alienated child. She does not like fun group games, but prefers to be alone. From an early age Agatha is prone to such negative character traits as pride and pride. She has almost no friends, but if there is, then they say about such "two boots, a pair." If a girl plays, then with the boys and in the "male" game. Can climb garages, fight with sticks, etc. Parents can be advised to accept the inevitable consequences.

Studying Agatha is not happy, but she studies well. Agatha copes well with mathematics and other exact sciences. Not bad are given to the girl and humanitarian disciplines, but difficulties always arise with the tightness of Agatha. She does not like to recite poetry and shares her own thoughts on a given topic. Agatha in every way protects your inner world from prying eyes. A certain restraint will be characteristic of Agatha and at a later age.

The girl's health leaves much to be desired. It can not be called weak, but not strong. A weak spot in the health of Agatha is usually the lungs and kidneys. She needs to be especially careful in the cold season. And most importantly, it is worth remembering that prevention is easier and cheaper than treatment.

Translation of the name Agatha into other languages

in Belarusian - Agatha
in Bulgarian - Agata
Hungarian - Agáta
in Greek - Αγάθη (Agati)
in Danish - Agatha
in Spanish - Ágata
in Italian - Agata
in German - Agathe
in Norwegian - Agatha
in Polish - Agata
in Portuguese - Agata
in Romanian - Agata
in Serbian - Agapia (Agapia)
in Ukrainian - Agatha
in French - Agathe
in Czech - Agáta
in Swedish - Agda (Agda)

Name Agatha by Church (in the Orthodox faith) - Agathia. Of course, Agatha may choose another church name for baptism, but in this matter it is better to consult a priest.

Characteristic name Agatha

Becoming an adult Agatha is changing very much. She becomes sociable and fun person. Agatha has a wonderful sense of humor, which in turn attracts even more friends. She begins to manifest itself in organizational activities and she is doing well. It is worth noting that Agatha becomes completely different from itself in childhood, as if they are two different people. You can also note the persistence and strong-willed character of Agatha. And not to get into difficulties Agate helps a well-developed intuition.

Agatha in work requires an outlet for creative ideas. She constantly generates various ideas and easily finds a way out of difficult situations. This imposes certain restrictions on the choice of profession. Agate should think about their own business. She has quite good chances for success, although this requires some caution.

Family Relations Agatha is calm and quiet. She appears in the family as humble and feminine. These are very rare combinations, so the husband should thank the fate for such a gift. Agatha is not very happy about motherhood, although she is not a bad mother. She just does not see in the children of her own realization. But in the family of Agatha, the father of children is crazy about children and doesn’t feel much about them.

Mystery Name Agatha

Secret Agatha can be called her jealousy. She is a terrible owner who brings a certain color to the family idyll. She chooses her husband for a very long time and therefore even more appreciates. He may even have an idea that if I’m jealous all the time for no reason, it may be easier then to give a reason. Agate should be very careful in this unreasonable manifestation of emotions.

Famous personalities

One of the famous women with the name Agatha is Agatha Christie, an English writer. This woman in her field, detective stories, has achieved great success, even today she is considered an unsurpassed writer. During her life she created seventy-eight fairly voluminous novels and nineteen plays, on a detective topic, besides a lot of poems, novels and telling on other topics.
Agatha Christie was the president of the English detective club, but in her entire life she never learned to take her occupation seriously. She believed that the main thing in her life was to directly help her husband, who was an archaeologist, in organizing excavations, but in no way the career of a fairly well-known writer.

Name Agatha in astrology

What does the name Agatha mean by horoscope:

  • The corresponding name of the sign of the zodiac: Pisces,
  • Patron of the planet: Mercury - for Agatha and Venus - for Agafya,
  • Character traits: Logical, great sense of humor,
  • Colors of the name: Black and red, all its shades,
  • Happy colors: Purple for Agatha and green for Agafya,
  • Patron saints of the name: Nicomedian Agathia (January 10), Palermo Agathia (February 18),
  • Stone-talisman: Amethyst - for Agatha and Emerald - for Agafi.

Name origin

The female name Agatha is of ancient Greek origin and means, according to one of the versions, “good”, “good” (from the ancient Greek word agate, agafi). According to another assumption, the name Agat comes from the male name Agathon, and the name of the semiprecious agate stone heard in the name fills it with additional meanings: according to legends, the agate stone grants health and well-being.

In Russia, the name appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, but did not receive a wide circulation. However, its rarity, antiquity of origin and positive meaning only add charm to it, make it attractive and mysterious. A more common version of this name in Russia was the name of Agatha (Agathias).

In Western European countries, this name was especially popular in the XIX century, but gradually went out of fashion.

Saint Agathias (Agatha) of Sicily, a martyr during the reign of the Roman emperor Decius (3rd century), is mentioned in Christian calendar. In Catholicism, Saint Agatha is the patroness of several Italian cities and the island of Malta. Name Day - February 5th.

In Orthodoxy, Agafia’s memory is honored on January 10, February 18, November 11.

Famous women named Agatha

The fate of many women named Agatha is associated with creative and political activities:

  • Agatha Christie - British writer, classic detective,
  • Agatha Barbara - President of Malta in 1982-1988,
  • Agatha Turchynska - Polish writer,
  • Agatha Roca - Spanish actress
  • Agata de la Fontaine - French actress
  • Agata Priluchnaya - Russian actress and model,
  • Agatha K. Sangma is a member of the Indian Parliament.

Positive aspects of character

The main advantages of a woman named Agatha - the strength of character, calm disposition, logical actions. The girl, who from childhood will be called Agafya, has a softer and docile nature. It is simultaneously a passionate, sensual, emotional and vulnerable nature.

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For a child

In childhood, Agatha manifests itself as a cheerful, curious and energetic child. She spends a lot of time in a circle of peers, preferably chooses boys as friends. At home Agatka always helps parents. The distinctive traits of the girl's character are openness, honesty and justice. She protects the weaker years of age, she is not hypocritical, lies and rancor are alien to her. The shortcomings of little Agatha are pride, pride and mood swings.

Leadership qualities manifest in a girl from an early age - she uses them to reconcile the warring people and restore justice. Agatha does not accept any rudeness and violence, both in the circle of friends and at home, resolves all conflicts peacefully. The pressure from the parents may contribute to the early departure of the girl from home.

Little Agatha loves to read, constantly analyzes new information, so at school all subjects are easily given to her, but the humanities are closer to the child. Often a girl named Agatha is restless and overly active - this can adversely affect her academic performance.

For girl

As a teenager, Agatha is sociable and benevolent, but she treats new acquaintances with care and is in no hurry to open her soul to them. She has many acquaintances, but few real friends. He prefers to tell about his failures only to his closest people.

Matured Agatha becomes self-critical and more demanding of herself, but perceives the shortcomings of others with understanding. For self-affirmation, it is important to achieve success in all endeavors. Unlike girlfriends, does not seek to create relationships, and engaged in self-development.

The main character traits of a teenager with this name are practicality, consistency, and the ability to plan further actions. Agatha does not tolerate betrayal and lies, for a long time she experiences resentment alone with herself.

The nature of adult Agatha

Traits inherent in the character of a woman named Agatha - independence, prudence and determination. In life, she achieves her goals in an honest way. To any pressure from others refers negatively.

With age, Agatha does not disappear craving for adventurism and self-development. She prefers to communicate with extraordinary, original personalities who have a broad outlook. Other ladies are unfriendly to the owner of the name Agatha, because they consider her arrogant, narcissistic and arrogant.

The reason is her lack of interest in talking about betrayals, raising children and household chores. Agatha was not accustomed to complaining about life - a woman believes that you need not to talk on this topic, but to change something that does not suit you.

In addition, she prefers to arrange and plan life in advance, because having a plan saves time and energy. Agatha has a natural charm and femininity, which attracts the attention of the opposite sex to her person. Agatha is also very responsible for choosing the second half - fleeting romances are alien to her.

Family relationships

Agatha seeks to create a strong family and is wary of choosing a partner, so she rarely marries at an early age. In a man, she appreciates reliability, restraint and consistency, often preferring a more adult partner.

The chosen one of the ladies will have to accept the fact that she is not used to showing emotions for show. Agatha behaves in a modest and restrained relationship, but many men confuse this with coldness and indifference.

She strives to engage in arranging a family hearth on her own; she is a wonderful hostess, wife and mother. The only thing that Agatha cannot forgive her second half is infidelity.

Career growth and business

Despite the fact that Agate is characterized by excessive reverie, she has an analytical mindset, innovative thinking and an excellent memory - this allows you to gain the respect of your boss and move up the career ladder.

Such traits as sociability, responsiveness and a thirst for justice will help Agatha to achieve success in journalism, medicine, pedagogy and psychology. Discipline and the ability to properly plan the day will help her in any job, but most often the lady prefers creative work, devoid of routine.

With a successful marriage, a career for Agatha goes into the background. If the spouse is able to provide the girl financially, she will without hesitation leave her job and devote all her time to the family.

Horoscope name Agatha

Agatha - Aries is an energetic and independent person, accustomed to relying on her own strength in life. She rarely asks for help, accepts any problems as a challenge and feels pleasure when she wins. In addition, Agatha - Aries is a dreamy and romantic nature. Unfortunately, in search of sincere love, she is often disappointed.

An optimistic outlook on life is a feature of the character of Agatha - Taurus. She is open for communication, kind and cheerful, the doors of her house are always open for close people. Such a girl tries to travel and fill every day with new emotions - at such a pace Agatha can miss her man. In addition, she places friends first, which also negatively affects her personal life.

Agatha - Gemini - a sincere and feminine person who loves to be the center of attention. For a wonderful sense of humor and natural charm girl with this name are welcome in any company. Monotonous life introduces it into an apathetic state. The choice of Agatha, born under the sign of Gemini, will be a cheerful and open man who will love her real one.

Agatha, born under the sign of the zodiac Cancer is a sentimental, vulnerable and sensitive woman. In the environment, she does not show her true feelings, but praise stimulates her confidence. As husbands Agatha - Cancer chooses a caring, patient and attentive man. If the elect will protect her from trouble, then in return will receive love, tenderness and reliable rear in the face of his wife.

A born leader, striving for self-improvement - this is the main characteristic of Agatha - Leo. Criticism and the opinions of others are of little interest to the owner of this name. Due to the reluctance to make concessions, authoritativeness and narcissism, she has problems in communicating with men and colleagues. For marriage Agate, born under the constellation of Leo, we need a strong and strong-willed representative of the stronger sex, who can cope with the difficult character of the chosen one.

Agatha - Virgo is an educated lady, preferring a measured flow of life. She does not accept adventures and intrigues, avoids noisy companies. A girl with this name prefers to rest in solitude and silence. A good companion for life is a calm and wise guy who wants to devote time to family and parenting.

Agatha - Libra is balanced, prudent and practical, in everyday life she values ​​calm. He treats people with friendliness, responsiveness and kindness, however, if necessary, he can always stand up for himself. For the sake of harmonious relations, a woman named Agatha, born under the sign of Libra, tries to avoid conflict situations. For marriage chooses a responsible, reliable and caring man who can bring to the forefront a family.

Agatha - Scorpio has a complex character, she is selfish, arrogant, demanding of people, puts her interests first. Representatives of the stronger sex avoid relationships with this lady because of her narcissism, arrogance and coldness. She is looking for a generous, handsome, intelligent and wealthy man. With a member of the opposite sex who does not meet these requirements, she will not be together. As a result, Agatha - Scorpio can be lonely.

Agatha - Sagittarius has a large circle of friends who value her for her sociability and irrepressible cheerfulness. She is naive and trusting, without hesitation she lets new people into her life, which often leads to disappointment. Dreaming about the perfect guy and not finding this can stay for life itself.

The girl named Agatha, born under the constellation of Capricorn, is an ideal worker who is respected by her colleagues and appreciates leadership. She is hardworking, executive and disciplined, she is treated with meticulousness to fulfill her tasks. Constant workload at work prevents her from building a personal life. This lady can thoughtlessly build a relationship with the first comer, which will adversely affect the future attitude towards the stronger sex.

The main features of the character of Agatha - Aquarius - openness, curiosity, good sense of humor. These qualities help her achieve success on a love front and in her professional activities. The elect must not restrict her freedom. The owner of this name is not self-confident, so it regularly needs recognition and praise.

The soft and docile nature of Agatha, born under the sign of Pisces, prevents her from defending her own opinion. She is afraid of cardinal life changes, therefore, in case of an erroneous choice, she can continue to work at the disliked work or live with an unsuitable man.

Origin and meaning

The name Agatha came from ancient Greece. It was formed from the word "agathos", meaning "good", "good", "good" person. Some researchers consider it a variant of the male name Agapius (Agapit), derived from the Greek “agape” - “love”. There is also an opinion that it is a female form of Agathon, which was formed from the name of a semi-precious stone. The name Agatha is more common in European countries, in the CIS countries the form Agathia (Agathia) is more common.

Astrology name

  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Patron of the planet: Neptune
  • Камень-талисман: аметист, аквамарин, топаз
  • Цвет: фиолетовый, сине-зеленый
  • Растение: роза, кувшинка, мак, шафран
  • Животное: дельфин, кит, альбатрос, чайка
  • Благоприятный день: четверг, пятница


Изучив значение имени, может показаться, что Агата – девушка с ангельским характером. Однако это не совсем так. She is not too spineless, but on the contrary, she has a very clear position in life, she is always persistent and focused. Her desire for identity can only be envied. This name does not fully determine the temperament of its owner, to a greater extent it depends on the patronymic and date of birth.

As a rule, Agatha is a restrained person, she does not like to show her emotions. Therefore, it is very difficult to understand what she is actually experiencing and what experiences have settled in her soul. At the same time, the January representative of the name is just a bouquet of all kinds of feelings and emotions that a woman does not even try to hide. But more often than not, such a violent manifestation of inner experiences is a mask for which a girl hides her self-doubt.

Agatha very often does everything to show, likes to defiantly show any feelings, as if by chance to show everyone her achievements. This behavior makes her a difficult partner and partner. You can convince her only with very weighty and logical arguments - everything else annoys her and invariably leads to a conflict situation.

Profession and business

The secret of the name is that Agatha is an ambitious woman, but she feeds her ambitions with new knowledge and skills that she acquires throughout her life. Order is very important to her, so all documentation from the owner of this name is classified so that everyone can sort it out. The girl uses her time efficiently, never shelves things, and does everything at once, quickly and efficiently. Sometimes she can not adequately assess their capabilities, but never gives up and always achieves the goal.

Agatha has a great talent for oratory. Her words never fly to the wind, they are always supported by deed. The girl is usually in the center of events, quickly shows herself as a leader, always striving to act. A keen sense of justice is one of the qualities of such a woman, which allows her to become a good business woman, skillfully manage money. She constantly proves her right to everyone and, as a rule, succeeds in this.

Agatha has very good health. And this is despite the fact that she confuses day with night, sleeps when necessary, and generally does everything to destroy her body.

Sex and love

Agatha wants to love and be loved. She achieves this in all ways, one of which is sex. The carrier of this name, as a rule, is good in bed and knows how to satisfy her partner not only physically, but also psychologically. She has a lot of fans, and each of them worships a girl for her femininity, sex appeal and natural charm.

Family and marriage

Agatha is the embodiment of love for home and comfort. Her husband is the best, the children are the most wonderful. A woman loves her family very much and is ready for anything for her. She always strives to create such an atmosphere at home, so that her husband and children will be pleased to return to their own nest. However, problems may arise in family life, because a girl with this name very rarely considers and accepts the point of view of her spouse.