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The meaning of the name Maya: which means the origin, characteristics and mystery of the name

Each name has its own unique history. As for the Maya name, origin and meaning, there are several interesting hypotheses.

Some researched believe that it came from Sanskrit and means magic, illusion.

According to the second version, his homeland is Ancient Greece, where the goddess of spring bore such a name.

Also, according to one of the legends in Greek mythology, Maya is the nymph of the mountains.

And another version of the meaning of the name Maya is the honoring of the holiday of solidarity of the working people, which is celebrated on the 1st of May. Followers of this version believe that the name originated in the Soviet Union. Indeed, in Soviet times, it became common, and now it remains no less popular.

This Mayan name has nothing to do with the Mayan tribe. Maya name is not included in the lists of Orthodox and Catholic calendar, so its owners do not have names.

The meaning of the name Maya for girls

This name is desirable to name the girl, whose birth date is the sign of the zodiac - Taurus or Gemini.

Although it is difficult to compare Taurus with the owner of such a name, thanks to this sign in its character such qualities as peace lovingness, patience, reliability, and goodwill can appear.

With Twins, Maya has more similarities, but the influence of this sign can make her selfish, nervous, irritable, impermanent.

What usually pay attention, calling the child by that name? It is not only very beautiful and melodious, but also makes an excellent combination with Russian patronymic names and surnames. But the choice is often not in his favor, since the Maya name has few diminutive forms and abbreviations.

As for the nature of the girls named Maya, they are often capricious in childhood, demanding, and also arrogant towards their peers. In addition, they tend to change their affections, so many of their girlfriends avoid it. Although adults are impressed by the presence of these girls inner strength and desire to be a leader. This is especially evident during school, where Maya tries to be first in everything.

Years of study

The meaning of the name Maya, of course, will also affect her success in school. The school program for her is not just compulsory education, but also an opportunity to demonstrate your talents, excellence in many subjects over your classmates. Even having undoubted abilities, Mayechka is very hardworking and patient in preparing homework. Responding to a learned lesson, she should shine. Especially brightly these girls show themselves in the humanities. They are happy to participate in competitions, speaking in favor of the honor of their native school. In the years of study at the institute, the desire to be stronger than others in Maya remains unchanged. Largely due to the good learning, then she makes an excellent specialist.

Maya in adulthood

The meaning of the name Maya for the girl and her fate are interrelated. For a woman named after her, the traits laid in her youth make it possible to succeed in almost any field. She not only uses her knowledge in school and institute, but also constantly improves them. Well she manages to work with children. Particularly important is the result of labor. For example, in the field of pedagogy from Maiechka you will get a great speech therapist. She will do her utmost to ensure that a child with speech problems eventually becomes as full-fledged a member of society as her peers. As a rule, she achieves her own. This brings her not only the respect and gratitude of others, but also allows you to improve self-esteem. Also, their talents Maya can show in various fields of art. She also spends a lot of time caring for herself. After all, a strong character is even more emphasized if a woman has a well-groomed appearance.

Positive and negative traits

Just like a person with any other name, a woman named Maya has a name and character that are closely related.

The positive features of Maya include sociability. She not only easily finds a common language with other people, but also instills optimism in them with confidence in the realization of her bold ideas. This is a very important feature that is useful for successful career development. However, the leadership position of the bearer of this name will be interesting exactly as long as it is full of difficulties, overcoming of which will once again help Maya to demonstrate her leadership skills. But the appearance of the family will allow her to show such qualities as balance and prudence. It is a joy for her to show attention and care to her children and spouse. She is also pleased to indulge in culinary delights not only her family, but also friends.

To not the best traits of Maya's character can be attributed jealousy, a manifestation of a sense of ownership towards her husband. Especially unsuccessfully at such women develop relations with the mother-in-law. The mother of her husband will seek to dominate her not only during their joint residence in the mother-in-law’s apartment, but also later, when the young family gets the opportunity to live independently. Adult Maya, spoiled by her parental love in childhood, categorically rejects such a relationship. Therefore, she often has conflicts with her mother-in-law.

Compatibility of the name Maya with male names

Maya may get married early while still a student. Of course, as they say, the heart can not command. But today's young people are increasingly inclined to decide on what kind of male name is more appropriate for one or another female. There are no exceptions and girls who bear the name of Maya. The meaning of the name and the fate of any person are inseparable. Of course, for Mayechka, it is important that her chosen one is also diversified, educated, loved children and appreciates the family. This should be an interesting conversationalist, a person, like his other half, striving for career growth. But as for the name of the future husband, we can single out a number of names that Mayechka should pay attention to:

  • men named Pavel, Vadim, Victor, Denis, Anatoly can be a good life partner for Maya,
  • but if the young man will be called Edward, Ilya, Egor, Boris - the family may not be with them.

Maya and her health

As a rule, the bearers of this name have good health. Problems may arise with their nervous system. This may be due to the fact that Maya is experiencing hard conflict situations that may arise in her due to her imperious nature. It may also be a consequence of poor sleep. After all, Maiechka may well sacrifice the time allotted for rest, for example, to better respond to everyone in class or pass the exam perfectly. Maya may also be subject to allergic reactions. In a more mature age, magnetic storms can affect it, causing a headache. Some diseases can be a manifestation of heredity.

Celebrities named Maya

Perseverance, hard work, dedication and other features that can describe the meaning of the name Maya have helped many women to reach outstanding heights in the area they have chosen for themselves.

The whole world applauded the famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, People’s Artist of the USSR, who, in addition to her main vocation, also became an outstanding choreographer and teacher.

A lot of fans had the magic voice of the Honored Artist of the RSFSR, the singer Maya Kristalinskaya.

Thanks to her deep analytical mind, the Soviet and Georgian chess players Maya Chiburdanidze managed to achieve outstanding success in sports, to become a world champion in chess.

And such a sport as figure skating, had a chance to glorify figure skaters Maya Belenkaya and Maya Usova.

People's Artist of the RSFSR Maya Bulgakova captivated the audience with talentedly played roles in cinema and theater. Especially well she managed to embody the images of the mother.

Another prominent representative of the Soviet theater and cinema is Maya Menglet.

Translation of the name Maya into other languages

Latin writing - Maja
in German - Maja and Maya
in Polish - Maja
in Finnish - Maija
in Czech - Maya

Name Maya by Church (in the Orthodox faith) is not certain, as it is not present in the calendar. When baptism will need to choose a church name. In the future, it is the church name that will need to be called during the communion and other church sacraments.

Characteristic name Maya

Adult Maya is characterized by the same features as in childhood. She is still selfish, and her impulsive behavior constantly brings problems into her life. Maya has been given a lot by nature and she in every way flaunts it. This makes communicating with her difficult and sometimes unbearable. All her positive qualities are so bulging to her that they cause disgust in others. Maya is worth thinking about his behavior and remembering such a word as humility.

In the work of Maya usually takes leadership positions. She is an excellent leader, but rather strict with her subordinates. However, her despot can not be called. Maya is able to achieve from people the necessary things in different ways, but usually she knows perfectly well the weaknesses of each of her employees. As they say - an individual approach. The same applies to relations with the outside world. She is a "punchy" manager and can make the company work well.

In family relationships, Maya has her own ideas about happiness. She exploits her husband in every way and considers it a natural state of affairs. Maya herself does not show special care and love for her spouse. She is a worthy mistress of the house and not a bad mother, but she can only learn from the books to love the opposite sex in such a family. Family relationships are usually maintained due to the attachment of both spouses to children.

Maya and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: The union with Anufry, Arseny, Victor, Zinovy, Kasian, Kuzma, Kupriyan, Miron, Nathan, Paisius, Tryphon is favorable. Difficult relations of a name are probable with Avvakum, Adrian, Alan, Valery, Gordey, Dragomil, Yemelyan, Istoy, Nikon, Frol.

Love and marriage: In relationships with men, Maya is characterized by passion, intensity of experiences.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: A girl named Maya is certainly capable of many things and could make an excellent career if she could only fully surrender to any one business. However, if Maya succeeds in finding a profession that requires great mobility and a quick switch from one to the other, then her stormy character would be very welcome here.

Business and career: Despite her intelligence, the name Maya earns money with difficulty, it is not easy for her to find her vocation, and, having only reached middle age, she finally “enters the home stretch”. The meaning of the name Maya easily inspires confidence in others, and perhaps it will be promoted to high responsible positions.

Health and energy

Maya Health and Talents: The first time at home, Maya is not very calm: he cannot get used to the home environment. Maya is located to various infectious and skin diseases. The "February" Maya much depends on the time of birth. If she was born in the early morning, she is sick quite often, but all illnesses are mild, her temperature is low.

If Maya was born during the day, then for any illness she may have a high fever, which she endures very hard. However, do not give her strong antibiotics - it can put the liver. Physically and mentally, it develops normally. But the nervous system is very weak. In kindergarten, Maya can take away toys from children, can roll up tantrums.

Maya is very afraid of hypothermia in early childhood. Immediately ill with bronchitis. Often, bronchitis turns into pneumonia. Sometimes she has a heart murmur. Rheumatism, enuresis may occur.

"December" Maya suffers from pharyngitis, cardiovascular insufficiency. The nervous system is weakened. The girl is nervous, irritable. Maya is very stubborn, breaks down to cry. Many diseases are transmitted to her genetically. There is a predisposition to dermatitis, can pick up a lichen.

Frequent sore throats are a complication of the nervous system, many of Mai have been observed since childhood in a neurological dispensary. "February" suffers from polyarthritis, urolithiasis. In adulthood, is very susceptible to magnetic storms, migraines can develop. Maya has a weak heart, smoking is contraindicated.

Maya's fate in history

What does Maya mean for women's fate?

  1. Maya - in Greek mythology, the nymph of the mountains, the oldest of the seven pleiad - daughters of Atlanta and Playona. In the grotto of the Arcadian mountain of Killen, Maya seduced Zeus, from whom she gave birth to Hermes. Her name ("mother", "nurse") is quite justified: she also raised her son Zeus and the nymph Callisto Arcade. Together with the Pleiad sisters Maya turned into a constellation of the same name. The Romans identified Maya with the Italian goddess Mayesta, the patroness of the fertile land. She was sacrificed on May 1, and the name of the month in the Roman calendar came from her name.
  2. Maya Plisetskaya is a great ballerina of our time, who created on the Bolshoi Theater stage many beautiful images, among which the fiery Carmen stands out in the ballet “Carmensuit” to the music of Bizet - Shchedrin.
  3. Maya Bulgakova ((1932 - 1994) Soviet and Russian film and theater actress, People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1976))
  4. Maya Menglet ((born 1935) Soviet and Russian film and theater actress)
  5. Maya Kristalinskaya ((1932 - 1985) famous Soviet pop singer, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1974))
  6. Maya Kucherskaya (Russian writer, literary critic and literary critic)
  7. Maya Cheremisina ((born 1924) Russian linguist, Doctor of Philology, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Head of the Novosibirsk Syntax School, author of works on general and Russian lexicology, syntax theory, syntax of the Russian language and indigenous languages ​​of Siberia)
  8. Maya Deren ((1917 - 1961) pseudonym of Eleonora Derenkovskaya, American director of independent cinema, choreographer, ethnographer, avant-garde theorist)
  9. Maya Kvyatkovskaya ((born 1931)) is a translator of poetry from Spanish and French. The book of Theophile de Vio, France’s greatest libertine poems, partly published, is also known for her transcriptions of Camoes and Catalan poets. Author of translations of poems by poets such as Louis Gongora, Francois Malherbe, Germain Nouveau.)
  10. Maya Pedersen-Bieri (Swiss skeleton player for the Swiss national team since 1995. Participated in three winter Olympics (2002, 2006, 2010). Repeatedly received the World Championships podium: has two gold medals, two silver and one bronze. Winner of the World Cup season 1997-8 and European champion 2006.)
  11. Maya Buskila (Israeli singer)
  12. Maya Belenkaya ((born 1931) Soviet figure skater, performing in single and pair skating, and a couple with Igor Moskvin - two-time champion of the USSR in pair skating, Master of Sports of the USSR, figure skating coach)
  13. Maya Ulanovskaya ((born 1932) participant in the dissident movement in the USSR, translator, writer)
  14. Maya Maneza (Kazakhstani heavyweight athlete, double world champion (2009, 2010) in the weight category up to 63 kg, winner of the world record in the push (143 kg))
  15. Maya Eglite (Soviet and Latvian actress, public figure)
  16. Maya Sansa (Italian actress)
  17. Maya Bessarab ((born 1925) Russian writer, novelist, translator)

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.

Maya Name: Name Meaning and Destiny

The first version of the origin is Greek. According to him, the meaning of the name Maya in the translation sounds like "nurse" or "mother." This version is confirmed by the fact that in antiquity this name was named one of the seven daughters of Playona and Atlanta. Maya was also called the mother of Hermes and the nurse of the son of Zeus and Callisto - Arcade.

The next version is Latin. According to her, the meaning of the name Maya is more banal and translates as "born in May." However, if we are to understand more deeply, then there was not without mythology, since the month itself was named after the ancient Roman goddess Mayesta, who in Greek mythology became known as the goddess Maya.

Another meaning of the name Maya has Jewish roots. It comes from the word "miam", that is, "water", if translated from Hebrew into Russian. Therefore, if you lean toward this option, the meaning of the Maya name is “water”.

From early childhood, the girl has a rather capricious character. She is capricious and overly proud. Despite this, the name of the Maya, whose origin and significance is connected with the mythology, gave the baby and positive qualities of character. This child has incredible willpower and well-developed leadership skills. Thanks to these qualities, Maya is considered the best among peers, but this, in turn, develops an even greater sense of vanity in the baby, so parents and caregivers will have to make a lot of effort to somehow cope with the child and level the problem.

Maya studies very well, the program is given to her so easily that she sometimes causes boredom.In order for the baby to be comfortable and the load corresponded to her level of development, it is advisable for parents to enroll the girl for extra classes or circles where she could learn something new. Quite often it happens that Maya chooses one direction and is completely immersed in it, becoming a real ace in this area. Despite her ease of learning, Maya has few friends during her school years, because a complex character often leads to conflicts.

Maya, as a rule, has good health. The only problem may be the nervous system. This is due to the fact that the baby is very hard going through the conflict situations created by her, which negatively affects her health. Nerve strain can cause problems with digestion and sleep. Another weak spot in the baby is her eyes, so parents should pay more attention to lighting, especially in the room where Maya reads and teaches lessons.

Maya: meaning of name, character

Adult Maya has almost the same character traits as in childhood. The girl is just as vain, and her impulsiveness continues to create problems for her in relationships with other people. Maya is a gifted and talented person, however modesty is not her trait, therefore she in every possible way flaunts her achievements, which makes communication with her intolerable. She so flaunts her positive qualities that it begins to cause disgust to others.

Thanks to his extraordinary thinking, Maya most often quickly climbs the career ladder and occupies senior positions. She is a pretty good boss; she treats her subordinates strictly, but without despotism. A girl can find an individual approach to each of the workers, so the company she manages, as a rule, works clearly, without failures.

Maya loves the attention of men, she is a desperate flirty and loves when all attention is focused on her. The girl finds a mate fast enough. However, Maya’s family happiness has her own ideas, she always tries to drive a man under her heels and exploits him in every possible way, considering it to be the norm. The woman herself does not try to make the relationship harmonious, and doesn’t show much concern for her husband. In principle, Maya is a good hostess, a good mother, but love for a man is not so important for her. Most often, normal family relationships are maintained by the attachment of both spouses to their children. The first marriage often fails. It should be borne in mind that Maya loves to surround herself with beautiful things, so her companion should accept the fact that there will be many statuettes and various trifles everywhere, dear to the heart of a woman.

The history and origin of the name

Experts in the study of name forms, both the meaning and the origin of the name Maya, are much controversial. They are divided into two camps.

Experts from the first one are sure that the source of the modern pronunciation lies in ancient Greek mythology, where the pagan goddess and mother of Hermes were so named. Translated means "nurse" or "goddess of fertility", which in theory promises the character of the girl amazing qualities.

The second category of specialists believes that the roots are hidden in Roman myths. There, which received such a name, was the goddess of fertility. There is one more version - as if it came about thanks to a change in the form of the word “Majus”, which means “born in May”.

Today this name is spread on the territory of most European countries, in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Germany, the Czech Republic, etc.

Early childhood

In early childhood, the girl, whose parents decided to give the rare Russian name Maya, is quite complex. Typically, such a baby is dominated by such features as curiosity, moderation, honesty, plannedness, calmness, obedience, kindness and good nature, diligence and diligence, commitment, perseverance. All these traits, plus the patronage of such a factor as the meaning of the name Maya, can turn it into a child whom everyone around will set an example.

Little Maya, over whom she patronizes the meaning of this baby, is a kind-hearted, obedient, industrious and diligent little girl. She gladly fulfills all the requests of her parents, adores when she is praised, eager to respect her personality. This girl has a highly developed pride, she needs to understand that her opinion is respected, and she herself is valued.

And the energy of the nominal form of Maya can provoke the domination of such a quality of selfishness in it. It may seem that she loves only herself, and respects only her opinion, although in reality this is not so. Just selfish, this is her way to attract the attention of people around her, in particular, children. By the way, as for the kids and communication with them, everything is quite simple here - Maya is sociable and sociable, but she hardly comes in contact with new people in the environment, which in fact can cause problems with communication.

In a girl above whom the meaning of the name Maya protects, in her teens, nature begins to noticeably change. Such features as diligence, diligence, fairness and justice, generosity, eloquence and sociability, sociability and friendliness can begin to manifest themselves. But the value can provoke the manifestation of such a feature as straightness, because of which she can start to have incredible problems in dealing with children.

In school, the Maya can show ingenuity and planning. It is the energy of the name and will have an impact on it, generating these traits. It is thanks to him that Maya can become a sought-after, visible, bright personality in adolescence. But there is a problem, and it also lies in the fact that Maya may begin to show such a quality as a principle. Maya can become too principled, which will affect communication not only with children from the environment, but also with parents, and with teachers, moreover, it can affect in the most negative light. Without compromising her own principles, she can lose her friends and find haters. This trait will make it uncompromising, uncompromising, unyielding, thirsting for power and leadership, and never and not inferior to anyone in disputes.

But there are positive moments. The main one is that assertiveness and principledness, manifested in a girl in Maya as a teenager, will not allow her to drop things that are not halfway, they will not allow her to surrender at a difficult moment in her life, to abandon a difficult job.

Adult woman

If a teenage girl Maya could still have problems communicating with people, then an adult woman most likely will not have these problems. An adult woman, over whom she patronizes the meaning of this nominal form, is already quite sociable, friendly, sociable and eloquent woman. Usually in maturity in the character of Maya, the following features dominate: commitment and regularity, diligence, hard work, assertiveness and perseverance, straightforwardness and integrity, goodwill and good nature. That is, in other words, the energy of this imichka may ultimately by its effect completely change Maya in her maturity.

As for the profession, then everything is simple - Maya is likely to choose a profession related to communication, conversation, movement. Maya is a humanist by nature, she prefers to do something tied to the humanitarian spectrum of classes. Surely choose the profession of a psychologist, educator, teacher, consultant, or something that implies a maximum of communication.

However, despite the changing nature of the positive, she is unlikely to be able to trust people and be friends with them as friends with family members. Only the mother and father, she will be able to entrust their feelings and talk about their own problems. Yes, the value of this name can make Maya sociable and friendly, but she needs her friends only for one thing - to spend time together, to distract from the realities of everyday harsh life, from seriousness and problems.

Relationship with men

As for the relationship between the girl and the adult woman, over whom the meaning of the nominal Maya variation is patronized with representatives of the opposite sex, everything is pretty simple here ...

First, it is difficult to please Maya, and therefore not every man can become her chosen one. Only a man who is ready to change for her will be able to achieve her disposition and build relationships with her.

Secondly, Maya is very distrustful. Only the one with which she truly falls in love. Will be able to achieve her confidence. And even then, she is unlikely to start initiating a man into her problems and experiences.

And thirdly, Maya is principled and a bully, she has a hidden leader, and she will never in any way tolerate male leadership over herself. Her man should respect her opinion, appreciate it.

Character Name Maya

The nature of the name Maya - this wording may seem wrong to some, but in fact many experts in the field of name research use it. Why? Yes, at least because the name can have a key impact on the character of the person to whom it belongs. Our particular case is no exception ...

There is an opinion among experts that the character of a girl named after Maya must be endowed with the following features: lack of communication, silence, kindness, good nature and integrity, integrity, straightforwardness, justice, sense of duty and responsibility, commitment and diligence, hard work and perseverance.

Often the character of Maya is the main reason that the bearer of this name has few friends. Her character does not allow her to make contact, make friends and be sociable. Maya is afraid of new contacts, she is shy, and always worried about the opinion and impression that people with whom she gets to know about her.

However, all of the above can be classified as a theory. The fact is that it is almost impossible to predict with absolute accuracy what the nature of a particular Maya will be, based only on the characteristics of the nominal form. It is necessary to take into account other factors: the sign of the zodiac, the time of year of birth, and others ...

The interaction of Mayan character with the seasons

Spring - this female name promises the baby a complex character. She is responsible, able to think carefully about situations and analyze what is happening around. But silent and lonely. In her heart, sentimental and vulnerable, any mockery from the side can lead her to depression. Purposeful - always achieves the goal, does not give up, seeing the difficulties.

Summer is a summer girl named Maya, she is the owner of simple qualities, but important. Intelligent, talented, diversified, swift and responsible, wants to be the best, tries to surprise the environment with his own achievements, but does not want to come together. Do not trust anyone - this quality will help her to succeed in business. Interested in nature, science.

Autumn - the value of the autumn season promises lightness and simplicity, it will grow balanced, tactful and delicate. She, unlike those born in other seasons, is able to attract and adapt to the environment, but is unpredictable. Her mood changes every minute — a word she says incorrectly plunges her into horror, her hurt pride turns her into a predator. It's hard to get along with her.

Winter - and born in the grip of descent, and during the harsh winter cold weather usually grows bold, resolute and even interesting. She is eloquent and uses the word as a weapon, but is a little self-serving and can go to betrayal if she sees in it a benefit for herself. Well versed in people and likes to stand out behavior. In men, this is in demand, but it is not created for long-term relationships.

The fate of the name Maya in relationships, love, marriage

The fate of the girl Maya in relations with the opposite sex, in love and marriage, is a rather complicated topic. The fact is that it is almost unreal to predict exactly what the fate of Maya will be in relationships with men. Nevertheless, the characteristic of this name allows us to assume that in her personal life, Maya will still be happy.

Her character traits, bright appearance, ability to communicate with people on an equal footing, and with all that, also moderate secrecy, can make Maya truly popular in men's society - such is her fate. At the same time, Maya will not be a lover of passionate and short-term relationships, on the contrary, usually this is a woman who seeks seriousness, constancy, and longevity. So not passion and love is needed, but understanding and sincerity of feelings. Although the fate of these women usually develops not so rosy as we would like.

In theory, Maya may end up being an excellent mother and exemplary wife, faithful, kind, faithful. Although again, not necessarily, her fate will be exactly that. as suggested in theory.

Astrological Symbols

  • Stone mascot - Topaz.
  • The patron planet is the moon.
  • Patronizing element - Air.
  • Animal symbol carrier Maya - Bee.
  • The plant symbol is Calendula.
  • The best zodiac is Aries and Taurus.
  • Happy day - Thursday.
  • The perfect season is Spring.

Famous people

Maya Eglite - Soviet and Latvian actress

Maya Sansa - Italian actress

Maya Bessarab - Russian writer, prose writer, translator

Maya Komorowska - actress of Polish theater and cinema

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Compatibility Name Maya, manifestation in love

Over time, this "shell" is becoming thicker, and the ability to "go outside" - all the more unreal. But even the strongest shell can one day not withstand external pressure, burst. And then, in spite of all your outstanding abilities, you will be defenseless, like a newly hatched chick.

Neither intelligence, nor theoretical knowledge, no matter how significant, can replace the ability to communicate with people, the skill of “interpenetration”, without which life is impossible.

Try to learn to consider your individual qualities not as a product that can be “sold”, but as a tool for working in a team. Self-respect is, of course, “worth it,” but the location of others is not a trifle.