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Why not give knives and how to accept such a gift

Is it possible to give knives as a gift - a very common question. Every year it is becoming more and more difficult to choose the best gift for relatives, relatives and colleagues, and a good set of kitchen knives or a collection dagger looks very impressive. So you can opt for such a gift or is it worth refraining?

Omens give knives

There are a lot of superstitions about gifts. Some consider it wrong to present wallets and watches to loved ones, someone is terribly afraid of being presented with a mirror.

But why is a knife such a terrible gift? The first superstition says that if you donate it for your birthday, then for the next year the birthday will only attract quarrels, aggression and problems. According to another common superstition, relationships will spoil just between those who donate a knife and who directly accept this gift.

Very categorically as people treat such a president at a wedding. According to one of the common superstitions, young people will live “on knives” and their marriage will end in divorce.

Particularly superstitious citizens convince that in this case the attribute's curse will begin to act directly during the celebration and at the wedding a fight with stabbing is possible.

But why do such signs appear? All due to the fact that in ancient times such sharp objects were associated with evil force. After all, it is not easy for witches and sorcerers to use special knives in their black rituals, and conspired needles are stuck in a Voodoo doll.

Therefore, a gift that was associated with evil spirits was automatically considered by our ancestors as a symbol of negativity.

There is another explanation - in ancient times the weapon was not in mass production and therefore it was made to order. This work was very hard, the master should immediately find out who will use this blade. People believed that a knife or a sword was made for a special owner and spoke to him.

Therefore, if a person wanted to do evil, they could have thrown or donated a knife for another. When the attribute disappears into the wrong hands, he tries his best to harm his false master. It can be concluded that people were afraid to be the victim of a blade belonging to someone else.

In addition, of course, for a long time similar products were a symbol of war, battle. Therefore, it was believed that a priori any such thing is charged with negative and destructive power.

Superstitions present a knife to a man

If you believe that such an attribute could attract the negative (due to the fact that it was associated with black magic and aggression), you can understand why the knife will surely “cut” the bonds of love is very hard.

It is safe to say that such a gift will be relevant only if you are sure that the person will like it. Such things are often preferred by avid hunters, collectors of cold arms.

The only thing that can deteriorate your relationship with a partner is if he does not like such a gift and you disappoint him, offend him by not buying something that he really wanted to receive.

If you are absolutely confident in your partner, you know that he is not a superstitious person and wants to receive a similar gift, then make him a pleasant one.

Is this a good gift to a woman

As in the case of men, women should be given such a gift only if that is what they want. And in this case we can talk about collectible knives, cold arms, or special kitchen sets.

Who knows, maybe a woman has long dreamed of a collection sword or a special set of stainless steel. Therefore, if the young lady is not superstitious, is not afraid of such a gift and really wants it, then the bad omen can be ignored.

Traditions when daggers are the best gift

Despite the fact that negative superstitions about knives are quite common, there are countries in which cold arms are a really good gift. For example, in the Caucasus Do not ask a question - whether it is possible to give a knife to a man for a birthday or for any other holiday. Such a gift is presented in the event that you feel respect for the person and want to please him.

A knife or dagger is considered a positive gift. Central Asia, Japan. Residents of these countries believe that such items are protected from unclean, evil spirits and misfortunes. Belief in such talismans is so strong that a sharp knife can be placed even next to the baby’s bed so that this charm protects his sleep.

AT Japan such a weapon is a very symbolic gift. It is believed that by handing a dagger or a blade to a person, you supply him with a tool with which a person can cut his own way to happiness.

In the territory Of Russia far from always the knife was considered a bad gift. Such an award as a symbol of recognition existed in the fleet, where newly minted officers were awarded a personal dirk.

In which countries knives can not be given for a birthday?

There are countries in which the belief in a horrible negative interpretation of omens is as strong as possible. For example, in Of England. If you want to scare a person to death, it is enough to give him cold weapons as a gift. In order to at least somehow escape from the negative influence of signs in this country, it was customary to give the coin.

AT China and Latin America such a gift can symbolize the end of a friendship. Such a gift is presented as a farewell. A similar tradition also existed Mongols.

How to get rid of the negative impact of beliefs?

As you know, the effect of almost any negative omens can be undone. This also applies to scary dangerous gifts. You can protect yourself from negative consequences very simply - a birthday man or any other person receiving a gift, you must “redeem” it from you.

This means that the donor must independently ask for a penny in exchange for a gift. If you are a believer, you can go to the temple and talk with the priest. Sometimes these gifts can be consecrated. This will say that any negative from the subject is removed and now you can use it with a pure soul.

As you can see, the knife was not always considered a bad gift and there are quite a few people who would be happy to receive such a gift. The main thing is that the person for whom this very unusual gift is being prepared really wants to get this particular knife, and not something else.

Signs of a bad gift

In Russia and a number of countries, there is a strong bias against items with sharp edges, including forks, needles, scissors. For any occasion, you can find your interpretation. But the signs associated with the giving of any instrument that has a blade are especially troubling.

Here are the most common ones:

  • A penknife or kitchen cleaver is a symbol of aggression. The giver becomes irritable, angry.
  • Scum loves brilliant sharp edges, and accepting this is the same as getting a wish for adversity and misfortune.
  • Give the knife to a friend or lover - to parting.

But in Tsarist Russia, edged weapons made by the best craftsmen were the highest award. It was a good tradition to give a knife as a gift to a man, signs did not frighten the defender. And even earlier, in Ancient Russia, it was a mandatory attribute of every free Rusich.

At a certain age, the first knife was given to a child and accompanied the person throughout his life. It was used as a universal tool in everyday life, a hunting weapon, defended the owner from enemies and witchcraft, fastened oaths, was presented as a gift to the bride during betrothal.

It turns out that donate a knife - not necessarily a bad omen.

How to avoid negative consequences

Even in the modern world it rarely happens when a sharp object is donated just like that. As a rule, its need is known in advance. That is, it is a very welcome or useful gift. Simple tricks will help to overcome the fear of possible troubles:

  • The correct design. Do not hide the blade in an opaque colorful packaging, it is better to put in a case. Then it is immediately apparent that this is, but the sharp edges are closed, which means that it is presented without dark thoughts.
  • The moment of delivery. Prefer preferably alone. After all, if the recipient and the donor are not too superstitious, then this may be a witness from the guests. And he will definitely share his “expert” opinion. And negative comments can seriously poison the joy and festive mood.
  • Using one superstition against another on the principle: wedge wedge. That is, offer to redeem a gift for a nominal fee.

If you skip the first two points, the situation will save the third. A small coin translates a gift into the category of purchases, but there is no serious bias about buying cold weapons.

For birthday

An avid hunter, tourist or just a fan of cold weapons will delight expensive and high-quality hunting knife, army blade, multifunctional set of master DIY-maker, even a collection weapon. First of all, the wish of the birthday is being fulfilled. After all, this is the only day of the year when a person can get what they want just like that, just for being born.

Men are less likely to think about what they don’t give to their birthday, signs frighten them less than women. And the power of the blade as if recharges the owner, gives additional confidence, allows you to feel like a protector or getter.

Indeed, in Russia he used to be considered a talisman, and in the Caucasus or the countries of the Middle East many positive signs and traditions are associated with him even now.

With women harder. But it is not worth it because of unreasonable fears to abandon the brand set of kitchen utensils. Anyone who likes to cook, definitely appreciate it. And an annoying superstitious worm, who has messed up inside, you can cajole with a small coin. But if cooking is not a hobby of the mistress of the celebration, then it is better not to irritate her with an unexpected gift, but to give something more innocuous.

Young at the wedding

There are also "bad" signs regarding such a presentation between lovers or newlyweds. It is believed that if a girl presents a knife as a gift to a beloved man, then this greatly aggravate their relationship. A gift for the wedding, he will begin to destroy the recently tied bonds, leading to squabbles and the early dissolution of the family.

But modern youth and so often quarrels, reconciles, converges, diverges. And the blame for the troubles themselves, it is easier to believe that someone envied the happiness of others at the wedding.

Therefore, when presenting an ambiguous presentation, it is important to demonstrate good intentions. Do it in the open, without false constraint, and not putting it on the sly in the general pile. And publicly jokingly demand the purchase of a "piercing-cutting kitchen set" for a penny.

New Year's occasion

Pleasant superstition - all wishes made for the New Year are fulfilled. And even the most severe atheist at heart, perhaps, believes in it. But that is why with the choice of a gift "under the Christmas tree" caution required. It is quite safe to present, for example, a watch that is too impressionable. A thing with a possible secret meaning (albeit the most necessary and useful) to postpone until better times.

There is another way to protect against transmitted failures and misfortunes: quietly bite the tip of the tongue and wish to answer "the same and double size".

A good person will be delighted, but let the evil person himself suffer from his intentions. Well, having seen that the donor has changed in the person with these words, it is better to refuse such an offering altogether.

Random gift

In fact, the reason to please a person is not very necessary. One is visiting and carries a present, the other is not allowed to go home empty-handed. Lovers or loved ones want to make each other enjoyable. Good emotions, affection expression do not require. And no matter what comes, the main thing is that it should come from the soul.

If with our compatriots it is more or less clear, then when traveling to other countries it is useful to exercise caution and learn the traditions of local residents in advance. For example, in the Caucasus, if you praise some thing in the house, the owner is forced to hand it to a guest. And failure here is tantamount to insult. Half the trouble to go back with a carpet on his shoulders. The gift can get an ancient family blade from the master's collection. That, let's say, is already very bad.

The fact is that before the weapon was made to order and served as one owner. Change it could only after the death of the previous owner. Here in the Caucasus it is considered, with a generally positive attitude, that used knives to give - Bad sign. It is even desirable to buy a new blade, without history.

How to decide what to donate

For any occasion, the choice of a gift remains both fascinating and tedious. It is good to know in advance what a person wants and to fulfill his desire. But few people will openly talk about them themselves, and not everyone can hint transparently. So choose a gift based on the preferences of the donor, and not bestowed.

It is believed that the book is the best gift. But will her child be happy if she waited a long time for her birthday with the hope of finally getting a dog? A set of good kitchen knives for housewarming? Remarkably, the main thing is that the newcomers are not superstitious. Meter radio-controlled model of the smart yacht for the favorite two-year-old son? Dad just confused who bought - myself or a small child.

Well, if you think a little bit? There is no opportunity to buy a puppy - an interesting book about dogs with descriptions of breeds, tips on upbringing and care, with real stories from the lives of four-legs and their owners will do. Novoselam knife set is very necessary, so let them buy with jokes for a small coin. A radio-controlled yacht son will be able to play with his dad, they will be more likely to communicate and make friends stronger. A gift from the heart, but a little thoughtful, will bring joy to all participants in the action. And the ability to directly ask about other people's desires will save a lot of time and save nerves.

Knife is a good gift solution.

The choice of options is huge: it is important to know what is interested in and what the person for whom the gift is preparing loves. An excellent solution would be a knife - made of high-grade steel, with a sharply sharpened blade, an indispensable assistant of the mistress in the kitchen and the steel pride of a real man, a tool that you simply cannot do in everyday life.

A world filled with various superstitions and omens prompts the question of whether it is possible to donate knives? If you do not take into account popular belief, then you can. Which man refuses a knife, the brilliance of a blade of which indicates the nobility of steel, and the handle, optimally placed in a strong and strong palm, becomes one with the hand.

Why not give knives?

In the people it is believed that giving a knife is a bad omen. So give or not? Why not? Gives knives to those who wish evil? Or does such a gift have absolutely no negative intent? Believe prejudice or intuition?

It is believed that knives, being sharp objects, carry quarrels, conflicts, troubles and can cut the strongest friendship and destroy the strongest family. It is believed that the donated knife can be activated and show itself in stabbing. It can happen just on a holiday when it was presented. Knives in ancient times were made for wars, and the spirit of belligerence was laid in them for centuries. The same negative energy exists in swords and even ordinary table forks. No one wants to have a conflict where it is least expected. Therefore, we have to carefully approach the choice of a gift. This is why many people don’t give knives and sharp objects when trying to come up with a more appropriate solution.

Superstitions of past times

Why not give knives? The sign connected with their donation has existed since the time when people massively believed in magic and used it. The knife is the main tool of sorcerers, shamans, magicians in their black deeds, a participant in the rites of the transformation of werewolves into wild animals. It only required to jump over this tool, driven into the stump. With the knife, the witches spoiled the cows. And since the common man has always been afraid of those who are endowed with the power of magic, then its accompanying paraphernalia caused genuine fear. That is why it is impossible to give knives to dear and close people.

Or maybe it's just speculation?

If you go back to your childhood and remember your favorite fairy tales, you will notice that swords and knives were always presented as gifts to bogatyrs and faithfully served their masters, helping them to win victories over enemies. Knives as a weapon were presented to kings, atamans, high-ranking foreign guests and ambassadors.

Even women received as a gift these sharp objects, decorated with precious stones and which had an elegant elegant form. Such gifts symbolized respect for the person, trust in him.

In ancient times, knives were made to order for a specific person. The master, creating his work, tuned himself and tuned his brainchild to the future owner. И если по каким-либо причинам нож, нацеленный на служение одному человеку, попадал в чужие руки, то считалось, что последствия могли быть просто необратимыми, потому как изделие признавало только хозяина, для которого было создано и могло мстить новому владельцу.

А как в других странах?

Why not give knives in Latin America and China? Because in these countries, the gift will be perceived by the recipient as the end of friendship and the end of warm relations.

A completely different treatment of the donated knife among the peoples of the Caucasus. This item is considered to be a symbol of courage, courage, a powerful amulet against black forces and various evil spirits. There is still a belief that when boys are born, dads order knives from masters for future defenders, but they themselves make the sharpening. Even the old Scandinavian proverb says: "If you lose the knife, you lose a life." In many Caucasian families, a dagger is given at birth in the family of a son.

In the culture of many nations, the knife plays a significant role, being often an indispensable element of clothing, participating in the initiation rite.

Getting your own knife at a certain age means recognizing a person as an adult and capable. The knife was the companion of a person from birth to death, leaving with him to another world. He put the baby in the cradle as a guardian. In the graves of a century ago archaeologists often found knives. It was believed that the knife, thrown into a tornado, was able to stop it, and driven into the doorjamb - to protect the house from the onslaught of evil forces.

In England, there is a belief that if someone borrows this object in order to cut, for example, a fruit, then you need to return it with a smile.

Is it possible to give knives in Japan? Or the morals of the Land of the Rising Sun do not allow such presentations? Why not? Knives are given by a person who wishes goodness and good luck to his friend, and this is the meaning he puts into his sharp gift.

There is a way: a knife in exchange for money

But if superstition is dominant when accepting a knife as a gift, then there is a sign of such a sign. Russian proverb says: "Give a knife to your enemy, and sell your best friend for a penny." Thus, the donation procedure turns into a purchase procedure, and, consequently, the bad luck is no longer valid. The main thing is to first transfer the money to the donor, and then get the knife.

In any case, the knife has the necessary qualities in order to become a wonderful gift. This may be a collection option, for example, from Damascus steel. It is prestigious. A knife with a carved handle is always a pleasure to hold, looking at the game of sun glare on its blade. This is a faithful companion, assistant, which is a convenient extension of the hand. Ideal to choose his feelings palm, with half-closed eyes, feeling every millimeter of smooth steel.

Therefore, when choosing a gift the question of why you can not give knives, you can simply ignore. The main thing is to present it with pure thoughts and a bright soul.

Why signs can not give knives

Even a superstitious person would not refuse to receive a good knife as a gift. This is a useful attribute that we need every day — for example, in the kitchen or in the workshop. And if a person likes hunting, fishing, or begins to collect a collection of different cutters, you should not even think about what to give. Only now signs say that such a gift can bring a lot of trouble.

So why not give knives?

  1. Evil spirits are attracted to piercing and cutting objects. The knife can suddenly turn from a harmless gift into a hotbed of evil and dark forces. And the one who received the blade as a gift may soon regret about it - terrible events will start to happen in his life, full of troubles, diseases, divisions and quarrels.
  2. The knife is a magnet of misfortune. According to the signs, the donated knife can destroy a family, a couple and cause the end of friendship or friendship between the giver and the donor.
  3. He is faithful to one owner. Since ancient times, blades were forged for one person, the master put soul and energy into the product. And the knife was tied to his master, served him faithfully. Therefore, it is now considered that it is impossible to redo, transfer the knives that someone used, in no case - the cutter can bring trouble, as if by accident cause harm to health. According to the signs, a peredel'nyi knife may avenge its former owner for treason - in his family misfortunes, misfortunes or serious illnesses can occur.
  4. Negative energy can accumulate on the tip. It all depends on the donor - with what emotions he presents a sharp gift. If with good thoughts, then such a gift can bring order, comfort and prosperity to the house, and if the donor has conceived something unkind, the black stripe in the life of the owner of the house will not take long.
  5. A knife, like an unloaded rifle, may one day be fired. Weapons presented for a celebration can be used among guests during a fight or a sudden outbreak of quarrel. Cases of stabbing in our time are not uncommon. Not for nothing, since ancient times, he was considered a symbol of blood, war and massacre.

Is it possible to give knives as a gift to a woman or a man

For a long time, the knife was considered not only an attribute of magicians and sorcerers, it was revered as a symbol of courage, strength and presented as a gift to strong-willed personalities endowed with power. Therefore, giving a knife to a man is a good idea. But the same signs do not always favor and approve the donated items.

If the guy give a knife, made to order, with individual engraving, then a sharp gift will not bring him any evil. And if you buy it in the store, even if it is collector's and rare, quarrels with the donee cannot be avoided. Your relationship with him will forever be broken, or rather, cut with the same knife.

If a spouse gives it to her husband, then their relationship may come to naught and the family will fall apart, and if someone from the couple gets cut off with such a gift, the imminent death of the husband or wife from a serious illness is not excluded. Therefore, the knife as a gift to a man should be given with care.

For a woman, the knife will become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. To get a set of these cutlery dreams every hostess. Signs say that giving a knife to a woman is possible, but only if she is lonely and has not yet found her betrothed. But married or women whose heart is already occupied, it is better not to give such sets - by superstition, an early disorder cannot be avoided.

Give a knife for a holiday - is it worth it?

Usually it is customary to present gifts for some weighty celebrations. And to come to visit with a knife as a present for signs - not the best option. Such a gift will bring quarrels, squabbles, swearing, negative and unpleasantness to the house. Agree, not everyone will be happy with such a surprise.

A gift knife can itself fall into the black bar of its life. So it is better not to risk it.

However, in the countries of Asia and the Caucasus, the sign about the donated knife acts exactly the opposite: there it is the most long-awaited, valuable and pleasant gift. He is able to bring prosperity, comfort and inner strength to the family, strengthening the relationship between the household.

Meanwhile, we still have other signs, including those related to specific holidays:

  • Is it possible to give knives on birthday? Such a question is asked by those who have already broken their heads over the choice of a gift for a birthday man. So, the sign says that it is impossible to give knives for a birthday for one simple reason - all relations with the hero of the occasion will spoil forever.
  • Wedding - One of the important celebrations in a person’s life, which often happens once and for a lifetime. To present a set of expensive knives to the newlyweds - is this not a good gift? But signs with might and main are discouraged from such impulses: the family may soon disintegrate, and even a cat — a sharp knife — will run between husband and wife.
  • Give a knife on New Year It is considered a strange act, but if this collection cutter or the hostess is vital, such gifts also happen. A sign resists such a surprise from Santa Claus. All the coming year, the person will be unhappy, failures and problems will fall on him. Why bring trouble in such a joyful holiday?
  • How to donate a knife safely

    In the people there are several "antidotes" from signs and superstitions. And I will accept that giving a knife in no case can be deceived. To do this, you just need to pay off for the gift received: to give in exchange a symbolic coin or a bill no matter what dignity. Then the gift will not be considered a gift - the usual purchase.

    In such a "special operation" it is important to remember: first the money, then the knife. And by no means the opposite.

    Some annul a negative sign like this: at the moment of giving a sharp gift, they bite the tongue and quietly pronounce “You are the same in double size”. Then the negative or positive, with which the donor presents such a gift, will return to him twice and at worst he will suffer, and not the one to whom the gift was given.

    You can do this: give a knife in a beautiful case. Then the edge, and with it the negative energy, will be hidden and disappear.

    Knives as a gift can be treated differently. The collector, wood master, hunter, lover of standing at the stove will surely be delighted with such a gift and will be cared for and cherished. But there are those who, on a subconscious level, are afraid of such things, it’s not for nothing that some people notice that they always cut themselves with a new knife, no matter how careful they are with it.

    With the same caution is better to approach the choice of such a gift. It is better to think - is it worth it once more to traumatize psychologically or physically or is it better to find something safer?