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6 best manufacturers of roller skates

Roller skates have many useful qualities. They take up little space, are easily transferred, are relatively cheap, you can enjoy them almost everywhere where there is a flat asphalt surface. To choose a model for both experienced roller skaters and beginners will help list of the best roller skates of 2017, the rating is based on reviews of models on the Yandex.Market site.

10. Roller Derby Aerio Q90 Men

Average price: 4,000 rubles.

Opens the ranking of the best roller skates Roller Derby Aerio Q90 - rollers with a soft boot on four wheels. ABEC 9 bearings are installed in polyurethane wheels, which means they will spin smoothly and easily. The system of "fast lacing" will allow the buyer not to waste time on a uniform tightening of the laces on the shoe.

The main drawback of the rollers is the combined frame, which can break at the junction of the aluminum and plastic parts under shock load.

9. Seba FR1 80 2014

Average price: 15,000 rubles.

Rollers from Seba are designed for experienced roller skaters who want to hone their art in slides and jumps. A hard plastic shoe with two buckles (heel and top) holds the foot perfectly, and after thermoforming, it is simply impossible for the leg to slip out of it. You can adjust the shoes to the individual style of the athlete by setting the pads in different positions and changing the position of the cafe.

8. Larsen Pink

Average price: 2 800 rubles.

The title itself hints that the target audience of these commercials are girls and young girls. The appearance of the soft boot with a plastic frame resembles a white and pink strawberry dessert. A nice bonus is the quick lacing system and sliding mechanism that will allow you to fit the shoe exactly to your size.

7. Larsen Nero

Average price: 1 840 rubles.

More restrained in color terms version of children's shoes from Larsen. Soft shoes have a sliding mechanism, so there is a chance that the child will not grow out of them too quickly. Facilitates learning to ride a roller skate the presence of a brake.

The disadvantage is a weight limit of up to 55 kg.

6. Rollerblade Fusion X3 2012

Average price: 5 700 rubles.

Fixing the plastic frame and the cruel boot according to the UFS standard can guarantee that they will not diverge a millimeter when riding. UFS frames are easy to remove and fit all boots with an appropriate fastening system.

5. Roller Derby Aerio Q80 Women

Average price: 5 200 rubles.

Stylish, modern-looking boots in purple-silver gamut. The soft boot is not only made of membrane materials, but also has a vent in the sole for comfortable riding. Pleasant hours in the open air will provide a reliable aluminum frame, polyurethane wheels and bearings ABEC 9.

4. MaxCity Smart X-215

Average price: 3 100 rubles.

One of the best children's videos. They are lightweight - the frame is made of aluminum alloy. A reliable fastening on the leg will provide a combination of lacing, velcro on the ankle and the heel strap with a retainer. The shoes have a removable brake, which greatly facilitates the process of learning to skate. And with the help of a sliding mechanism, the size of shoes can be increased by four sizes.

The only drawback is that despite the additional ventilation in the heel and toe part and the antibacterial insole, the legs still sweat, so it is better to buy special socks.

3. SC (Sports Collection) Omega

Average price: 3,600 rubles.

Good, strong middling, if you just want to go and do not want to pay a lot of money. The Omega model has a soft boot without any frills, like “quick lacing”, there is a regular lacing, the upper retainer and heel strap. The frame is aluminum, and in polyurethane wheels ABEC 5 bearings.

2. SC (Sports Collection) Ultra

Average price: 3 500 rubles.

The target audience of these clips - growing rollers. The ruler of sizes begins from 29 and comes to an end 40. Boots with the sliding mechanism. The rollers are of high quality, they sit firmly on the leg thanks to the lacing (there is a “fast” system), the heel strap and the retainer on the ankle. Aluminum frame, polyurethane wheels with bearings ABEC 5. There is a removable brake on the right boot.

1. Seba FR2 80 2014

Average price: 15,500.

The leader in the top 10 best roller skates is a somewhat simplified version of the Seba FR1 model. The manufacturers donated Titalium, replacing it with ILQ7, as well as with the ability to customize the rollers (setting the frame position now includes only three positions, but for beginner athletes they are more than enough). In addition to reliability, the ride quality is also beautiful - and the Seba FR2 80 boots look very stylish. To keep the shoes in pristine beauty, it is recommended to change the sliders in time.

Disadvantages: lack of ventilation. In addition, please note that Sebastian Lafargue (French slalomist, designer shoes Seba for the Korean firm MX) makes shoes "for themselves", and he, apparently, has a low-rise leg. If you match up with Lafargue, great. If not - well, you have to wear something else.

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The best manufacturers of roller skates for children

We start with manufacturers who produce products for the smallest roller skaters. Models of these companies have a relatively low cost, which allows you to purchase them just for trial. And if your child likes skating, it’s not at all necessary to acquire new skates when he grows up a bit, because most of the models have a sliding design. And so that this design will serve more than one year, pay attention to the companies that we have selected for you.

No matter what they say, design plays an important role when choosing roller skates. This is especially important for children. If this parameter is important for you, we advise you to pay attention to the Ridex videos. First of all, the company's product range is favorably characterized by the presence of models with a soft boot, strongly resembling a regular shoe. At the same time there is a size adjustment system traditional for children's models. In terms of design, there are also a lot of interesting things: there are strict two-tone models, and models with bright prints in street style for teenagers, and videos in traditional female colors for little ladies.

But the stylish design imposes a significant imprint on the cost of production. Yes, in the lineup there are models for 1.5-2 thousand rubles, but there are also instances for 4 or more thousand, which is noticeably higher than the competitors.

  • Great bright design
  • Many models with soft boot

Information about the company Action (not to be confused with Re: Action!) Is extremely small. It is only known that products are manufactured in China, which is not surprising. As befits Chinese products, the cost is minimal. The cheapest models of the brand can be bought for only a thousand rubles. The maximum is only slightly more than 3,000 rubles.

At the same time to call the bad videos can not be. Most of the buyers in their reviews, notes quite good quality materials and good reliability. The child feels confident in roller skates Action, and parents can not worry about safety, because all models have the support of the ankle joint and closed toe, which minimizes the risk of injury. Of the interesting models worth noting Action PW-223B-2, in which the wheels can be replaced by a blade for driving on ice.

  • Low cost
  • Large selection of sizes
  • Good injury protection

The MaxCity brand is a subsidiary of the well-known company Sport Collection, which has been present on the market for more than 20 years. Initially, the company was engaged in the sale of imported products, but since 2009, domestic specialists have been developing and producing. MaxCity roller skates are designed for children of all ages. Of course, almost all models have a shoe size adjustment system, which allows using skates for several years in a row. Also worth noting is the presence of two models for adults: for men (from 38 to 46 size) and for women (sizes are similar).

To say that the workmanship is perfect is impossible - yet the relatively low cost leaves a certain imprint. For beginners, the quality of materials and details will be enough for the beginner’s rollers, but for professionals this may already seem to be enough. In general, MaxCity products can be recommended to those people who want to take the first commercials, but for a long time.

  • Big choice
  • There are “combo kits” that include not only the videos themselves, but also the protection
  • Relatively good quality
  • There are models for adults

  • Cost is slightly higher than competitors

The best manufacturers of roller skates for adults

From kids go to adults. And here the products are of a completely different kind, because initially roller skates were intended specifically for adults, and therefore experienced, world-famous companies are much more. Of the many candidates, we have traditionally chosen for you the top three representatives.

As you know, Americans are lovers of comfort. And 15 years ago, the guys from K2 decided that it should be comfortable in roller skating. They were the first who developed and began to actively sell models with a soft boot, the main advantage of which was convenience, like that of everyday shoes. Accordingly, skates stand out and look - from all the representatives of the K2 category are the brightest and most stylish. In addition to the appearance, the use of a soft boot allows you to create a more efficient system for removing moisture and heat from the legs, than competitors cannot boast.

But there is a soft boot and the reverse side - not the best rigidity, which can lead to injuries. Otherwise, everything corresponds to the highest level. The quality of the materials is simply excellent, and the reliability has not caused any complaints for many years.

  • Soft boot, high comfort
  • Excellent moisture drain
  • Interesting design

  • Insufficient lateral support
  • Not very large range of roller skates

2 fila scates

In the roller world, Fila skates are slightly lower than K2. The reason is simple - the boots of this Italian manufacturer are a little less thought out, and therefore not everyone is suitable. Only 1 in 10 people will be really comfortable in them. We decided to give the company second place at a lower cost compared to competitors.

Also undoubted advantages should be attributed just a huge range. The company produces roller skates for fitness, running, slalom and friskate. There are models with a soft and hard boot. Options for women and men, as well as one child model, than competitors cannot boast. Finally, it is worth noting a wide variety of colorings and shapes.

  • More affordable prices
  • Very wide range
  • Excellent quality materials and high reliability

  • In roller skates Fila will not be comfortable for everyone.

1 rollerblade

Rollerblade (abbreviated RB) is a clear trendsetter in the roller world. Its founder, Scott Olsen, owns a huge number of patents. In particular, it was he who proposed the in-line design that most manufacturers around the world are currently using. Also, the company's products have excellent convenience. The anatomical inner boot is suitable for most roller skaters, due to which the leg is less tired. And the excellent lateral support reliably holds the leg, as the risk of injury significantly reduces, and allows you to perform complex pirouettes.

The range of the company is quite extensive, but mainly represented by roller skates for fitness. There is also a division into models for men and for women, but there are practically no visual differences. Also there are no bright models. Well, the cost: almost all models cost at least 10 thousand rubles. There are only a few videos worth 6-8 thousand.

  • Perfectly fitted boots
  • Good lateral support
  • High reliability and quality materials

The best roller skates for fitness

  • Soft comfortable boot
  • Reliable wheels
  • Aluminum frame
  • Anatomical shape of the shoe and insole

  • High enough price

  • comfortable boot
  • quality bearings
  • anatomical insole
  • aluminum frame

  • fairly fast abrasion wheels


Kids roller skates must first be reliable and comfortable.

When buying any sports equipment for a child, its priority properties always consider safety in use and convenience.

For clips are also important:

  • strength.
  • rigidity.
  • sustainability.
  • ease.
  • anatomichnost.

These parameters will directly depend on the type of rollers and on the materials that were used for their manufacture.

In order for the child to ride roller skates with great pleasure, they should first of all like him externally. Therefore, let the young roller will choose the color scheme and design to your liking

You should choose roller skates depending on the age of the child and the degree of his skill. Rollers for children are of two types.

    Quads - with a pair of mounting wheels. They are stable, maneuverable, but you cannot develop high speed in them. Suitable for the smallest rollers and those who are just starting to learn to ride.

  • Inline - roller skates with mounting wheels in one line. Here it is necessary to be able to keep balance. But the speed in them can be developed decent. Such rollers, depending on the design features, are divided into several types.
    • Sliding. For children, it is convenient that you can change their size depending on how much the child’s foot has grown over time.
    • With hard boots. The leg is securely fixed in them to avoid dislocations and sprains.
    • With soft shoes. Used by experienced scooters. Develop greater speed.

    Rollers for children of different ages

    • If you decide to teach your child to stand on rollers from the age of 3, be prepared for the fact that finding skates of the right size will be quite difficult for you. They produce not so much. Three-year-old baby best suited Quads. And when the toddler grows up a bit and masters this kind of commercials, it will be possible to switch to inlines.

    For a child of 5–7 years old, it would also do no harm to train in quads. Inline for him should be light and comfortable, with hard shoes, plastic frame, polyurethane wheels and sliding.

    Inline with hard boot

    At 8–10 years of age, rollers, depending on the level of skill of the child, can be either with a hard shoe or with a soft one. But the type of frame, when the roller is already confidently skating, does not matter much. For this age group it is still better to buy sliding models, as the foot continues to grow actively. And considering the rather big price of roller skates, the sliding option will be much more interesting financially.

    Soft boot inlines

  • But adolescents 11–13 years old can safely look at one-dimensional inlines. Although sliding on sale is not uncommon. Again, depending on how well your young scooter rolls, pick up either the rollers with a hard boot, or with a soft one. The latter, if possible, give preference. They breathe, lungs and more speed. And here design is already of great importance. After all, just at this age is very important, how cool you look in a circle of peers.
  • How long does roller skates need to be changed?

    It is not necessary to buy new videos, if the wheels spin on them with difficulty, uttering different sounds or they are thoroughly erased. Just periodically it is necessary to check how the wheels and bearings are worn out. They are considered consumable, sold separately and are easily replaced.

    Wheels on rollers, as well as bearings, if they are worn out, can always be replaced with new ones

    Usually, children's videos during active operation wear out for 2-3 seasons. If they are sliding, then this is just the time after which it is necessary to change the dimension line to a longer one.


    The rollers should fit snugly to the foot and fit its size.

    • Purchase child videos in a specialized sports shop. There you will receive expert advice and will be able to choose the model that fully meets all your requirements.
    • As for manufacturers, Rollerblade, Fila, K2, Powerslide, Roces, USD, SEBA and others have very well established themselves on the market.
    • For shopping, go with your child. Roller skates necessarily require fitting.
    • The size of the rollers must clearly correspond to the size of the foot, otherwise rubbing and injuries cannot be avoided.
    • For beginners it is very important that the foot was securely fixed in the shoe. Soft shoe skates can be purchased for skaters with a skill level above the average.
    • Pay attention to the mounting system. They must first be reliable.

    A roller skating system must be both simple and reliable.

  • Buying sliding rollers for a child will significantly save the family budget.
  • The frame in roller skates can be made of magnesium-aluminum alloy or plastic. For beginners better plastic.
  • Wheels are made of plastic, polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride. The main characteristics of PVC (PVC) -cars are medium stiffness and high wear resistance. PU-колёса могут быть разной жёскости и использоваться как в фитнес-моделях, так и в коньках для агрессивного катания. Но до таких вариантов юному спортсмену нужно ещё дорасти. Пластиковые колёса самые дешёвые, но изнашиваются они очень быстро.
  • Оптимальный размер колёс для детских роликов – 76–80 мм. Жёсткость их должна быть умеренной. Такие колёса маркируются обычно от 78А до 80А.
  • Children's rollers of the small sizes can have not 4, but 3 wheels. This is normal.
  • Try on the rollers on a cotton sock. Let the child be at least 5 minutes in them, try to drive. If he feels some discomfort, or you will see that his leg "collapses" outward or inward, it is definitely necessary to choose another model.

    Rules for choosing roller skates

    First you need to decide on the type of product: running skates are already designed for experienced users, they are well suited for riding at high speed, competitions and so on. Learning from them is not very convenient due to a number of design features. Maneuverability skates leaves much to be desired, to use them within the city, especially on pedestrian areas, will be quite problematic.

    The next type is slalom skates. They support the ankle well, thereby greatly reducing the likelihood of injury. From the name it is clear that with their help you can make various maneuvers. For beginners it will be quite suitable, but only if the person is immediately ready to spend a decent amount of money, since they are quite expensive.

    Fans of extreme driving will suit models for aggressive skiing - such designs are perfect for those who like to perform all sorts of tricks such as jumping from steps, sliding along the railing, and so on. Their main feature is the small size of the wheels and the cast boot. Beginners are unlikely to be suitable.

    When buying rollers, be sure to pay attention to the design features of the model. First of all, look at the shoe - it can be soft, hard, medium. In most cases the boot is medium, if necessary it can be pulled out and washed. Hard shoes are suitable for beginners, they will reduce the likelihood of injury, but they weigh much more and seriously affect maneuverability.

    The fastening technology is also very important - regardless of whether it is a lacing, a clip, a belt, they must keep their foot firmly in the shoe. It is not advisable to buy velcro rollers, because they can lead to serious injuries such as sprains or sprains.

    The material and size of the frame and the wheel are also very important - these elements should not weigh too much, differ in increased strength, otherwise these parameters are individual for each model, so we will consider them separately. In compiling our review, we took into account not only these parameters, but also such factors as positive and negative user reviews, the price-quality ratio of the model. Now let's get down to looking at the best models of roller skates in 2018.

    3. Ridex Rocky

    This is a universal model, equipped with a reliable and carefully fixed frame, due to which it is perfect for both teenagers and adults, both women and men. This design is useful both for beginners and more experienced athletes who seek to improve and develop their skating skills. The boot is hard, made of reliable plastic, can be adjusted depending on the size of the foot, foot width, lift. The wheels are equipped with high-quality bearings. In general, the model looks very beautiful and profitable on the leg.

    It should be noted that the extension system is automatic, the shoe almost independently takes on the required shape. The inner shoe is made of abrasion resistant fabric and durable polyurethane foam. On the leg, the construction is fixed at once in several ways - by lacing, plastic buckle with a clip and adhesive tape. Wheel diameter is 64 or 70 mm. The kit also comes a convenient bag that facilitates the transportation of inventory.

    • The shoe itself is almost fixed on the leg,
    • Suitable for all ages
    • The rollers are made from high quality and durable materials,
    • Multiple fasteners.

    • Plastic wheels on aggressive surfaces such as concrete or asphalt begin to wear off after a couple of active use seasons.

    2. Action PW-120B

    This is one of the cheapest models among all presented in our today's review. However, this does not mean that these rollers are of poor quality or poorly maneuvering, even on the contrary, they do an excellent job even with steep turns. With certain skills, you can even perform tricks of medium complexity on this inventory. Their shoes are made of reliable plastic, which perfectly withstands even serious loads and impacts, which helps it to maintain its original appearance for several seasons.

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    By itself, the shoe is quite hard, has an anatomical shape, securely holds the ankle in a predetermined position, does not allow injury. Inner soft boot made of breathable nylon. On the right video there is an elementary brake. The wheels are tough enough, 4 pieces on each of the rollers. Size adjustable if necessary. Wheel diameter can be 64 or 70 mm.

    • Very comfortable,
    • Multifunctional,
    • Withstand even serious loads.

    • Weak fasteners, occasionally unbuttoned, especially on turns,
    • Wheel bearings on several wheels begin to produce an unpleasant creak.

    1. BLACKWHEELS Slalom

    Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims this model as a slalom, it is perfect for almost any style of riding - from the usual ride in the park right up to dynamic jerks with difficult maneuvers. The design of the product is quite durable. For the strongest foot fixation, there is asymmetrical lacing, which is also responsible for good stability. On these videos ride comfortably and completely safe. The design is attractive, all details of the design are worked out with the utmost care. These skates have everything you need to ensure that the skating is not only comfortable, but also not traumatic.

    The frame is made of aluminum, its center of gravity is lowered, it is made using the latest Frame Power EVO 3D technology. The wheels are made of aluminum materials, equipped with 5 spokes, resist abrasion well, spring up a little. It provides high depreciation. The bearings on which they are fixed are made of reliable high carbon steel, which, despite its high hardness, has good ductility. The insole is removable, if necessary, it can be dried, besides, it has high orthopedic characteristics: in such rollers the leg does not get tired at all.

    • The original way of lacing, which increases the reliability of fastening,
    • Good bearings
    • Wheels are not erased,
    • Aluminum frame with stiffeners.

    3. K2 Vo2 90 PRO

    The manufacturer positions this model as quite suitable for speedskate, in other words for speed skating in any conditions. On sale you can find two types of models - for men and for women. The design of the first skate classic: combines black, white and red. At first glance, it may seem that the gamma is beaten and occurs often, but they look quite attractive. The female model in this regard raises some questions - it turned out a somewhat strange combination of black, yellow and green. The shoe itself, despite the many additional edges and reinforcing edges, is soft enough for the foot, has an excellent ventilation system - the foot and ankle in it feel just great. Three-point fixation - lacing, heel strap and upper buckle.

    If we consider the additional benefits of the boot, then it should be noted that there are two loops - at the back and on the front of the shaft. They are designed for more convenient putting on skates, and you do not have to completely loosen. The frame has an original shape, made of aluminum, if desired, the wheels can be replaced - their maximum diameter is 90 mm. In general, users note that such videos are perfect for driving through parks and other smooth or inclined surfaces, and you can accelerate to a very impressive speed.

    • Soft boot, not rubbing the foot,
    • Aluminum frame,
    • Possibility of changing wheels if necessary
    • Good leg support,
    • There is a ventilation system.

    • Some questions arise about the design of the female model.

    2. Fila Phobos

    This is a universal model, which, even in color, is well suited for both men and women. According to users, there are no complaints about the appearance - the dark or light gray color of the shoe gives it a sufficiently rigor, all the lines also emphasize this characteristic. Upon external examination, it becomes clear that these videos are an excellent example of fitness equipment, and they are also equipped with a Fila Air-Flow ventilation system. Thanks to her leg can breathe while riding, does not sweat. Fixing the foot and ankle is carried out according to standard technology - lacing, heel strap with Velcro and upper buckle.

    The leg will not hang out even when performing simple tricks. The frame is aluminum, well suited for beginners. The maximum size of the wheels is 84 mm. The bearings here are professional ABEC 5, with a larger wheel diameter, they behave excellently, and the smaller ones show their negative aspects - it takes a lot of effort to accelerate.

    • Acceptable price,
    • Decent wheel diameter
    • Beautiful appearance
    • Good foot support.

    • Professional bearings that make it difficult to accelerate on the rise or with a small wheel diameter.

    1. ATEMI X9

    This is the first model with a fixed size among all the best roller skates presented in our review of 2018, so you should definitely measure them before buying. Each boot has four wheels mounted on reliable bimetallic bearings, the wheel diameter is 84 mm, which provides a high level of maneuverability and quick set speed. The boot is soft, but rather tight, comfortably fits the leg and fixes it well in one position, thereby preventing injury to the foot or ankle.

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    The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, has high rigidity, on the leg itself is almost not felt. The heel strap is fixed with velcro, the front is a buckle, lacing, which are also closed with velcro This is a fairly well thought-out moment, since the lace untied at the wrong time will not cause the fall.

    • Acceptable price,
    • Well thought out leg locking system
    • High maneuverability
    • Fast acceleration.

    • A soft boot can become loose over time, especially if rolling on uneven surfaces.

    3. Rollerblade Spitfire SL 2016

    Although this model was released more than two years ago, it still continues to be one of the three best children's roller skates, although it is already 2018 outside. This pair has a sliding boot and increased width of the wheels. Manufacturers specifically made this figure more, since in most cases children are just starting to master this kind of sport, respectively, it was necessary to minimize the number of falls and, consequently, the injuries. The rollers are decorated quite stylishly, the child does not have to blush in front of his comrades because of their appearance.

    The boot is soft, made of breathable materials with high anatomical indicators, thanks to which it will take the form of a child’s foot, preventing it from overheating. Fixing reliable, heel strap with velcro, lifting is secured with the help of lacing. Internal boot removable. The sliding mechanism provides for resizing by four units - a child with such clips will last for several seasons. The frame is made of composite plastic, able to withstand a person’s weight up to 50 kg. The diameter of the wheels is 72 mm, if desired, you can purchase a model with enlarged wheels - 76 mm. The bearings are not too fast, but for a child, high speed is not the main thing, but they resist even pretty strong blows.

    • The sliding mechanism is robust, changing to four sizes,
    • The perfect build is simply nothing to complain about,
    • The leg of the child is fixed tightly
    • For children's models, the wheels are well balanced and have excellent rigidity.
    • Good value for money.

    • Not very good bearings.

    2. Action PW-128

    One of the best children's models in terms of quality and price. The color range of rollers is selected for both girls (red and white models), and for boys (a combination of black, orange and blue). Appearance gives the impression of reliability. In developing the boot, the manufacturing company used only the most advanced achievements. First of all, it is soft, which is important for children's feet, not yet fully formed, is made of ventilated materials. There is a sliding mechanism, and at once on six sizes. There is a quick lacing system that allows you to instantly put the product on your leg, there is a heel strap with the latest Heel Fix ankle support system and an upper buckle.

    The frame is made of aluminum; wheels with a maximum diameter of 76 mm are mounted on it. The wheels themselves are made of rigid polyurethane, in their performance they are more designed for maneuverability than acceleration, which for children will be only a plus.

    • Soft boot with good ventilation,
    • The presence of a solid aluminum frame,
    • Excellent bearings for maneuverability,
    • Acceptable price.

    • On uneven surfaces, wheels wear out quickly.

    1. REACTION Disney G Mickey 2018 64-70 mm

    This model is well suited for both boys and girls, as the manufacturers decided to make its design universal. The appearance is stylish, despite the Chinese assembly, the model can last for a long time and at the same time maintain its attractiveness. The boot here is soft, in all its parameters fully corresponds to the fitness class - it will not rub the leg, it has an adjustment to our sizes starting from the 26th. The fixation of the leg and the ankle is classic, everything is arranged simply and fairly reliably. When stretching, the shoe material begins to “swim a little”, but for children's videos it is rather a plus than a minus, as it will fit the child’s leg more tightly, taking its exact shape.

    The frame here is composite - its strength indicators will be quite enough for the child, it does not begin to deform during operation. The bearings at the wheels are of high quality and very reliable, the diameter of the wheels is 64 mm - it is quite suitable for low speed, with their help the beginner roller will quickly become comfortable. If desired, the wheels can be quickly replaced by more durable ones - this moment will be important for children who are forced to roll on a not too smooth and smooth surface.

    • Stretching boot material,
    • Universal appearance,
    • Acceptable cost.

    • Wheels preferably immediately after purchase replace.

    Photo: flickr.com / Joe Loong

    The first thing that everyone pays attention to in the commercials is the boot. Still, after all it makes three quarters from all rollers and, apparently, is the main detail in the fads.

    In a global sense, boots are divided into two broad categories according to type: hard and soft. They are very easy to recognize visually. Hard shoes are made of different plastic alloys, but soft are similar to ordinary sneakers - they use the same design for ventilation of the legs, the same materials.

    “By and large, neither one nor the other type of shoe has decisive advantages - this is a matter of taste. The main thing is not to choose a shoe for growth, for example, if we are talking about a child. For such purposes there are special children's videos with a sliding boot. They cover from three to five sizes so that there is no need to change the pair every year. It is necessary that the shoe fits tightly over the entire leg, firmly fixing the lower leg and the leg at the ankle joint could not arch into the side even theoretically. The tighter the shoe holds the foot, the better. This largely depends on the fastenings on which the shoe is fastened. Laces can only be selected in conjunction with clips. I would advise you to choose clips that do not need to be constantly adjusted to fit and tighten - there are those that you can just fasten and unfasten only once, initially choosing the degree of tension. Everything else is a matter of taste, ”advises Andrei Korobeinikov.

    Important advice: if you are going to roller skate for your own pleasure, and do not plan to use them as a means of getting around the city, do not buy skates with a detachable shoe. This design only seems to be comfortable. You will rarely use it in real life, and the mechanism of fastening the frame with wheels to the shoe is not considered reliable and often breaks down, forcing you to go to the store for a new pair of rollers.

    Photo: flickr.com / Nigel Kwan

    The second of the list of the three most important components of roller skates is, in fact, the wheels on which to go. Speed ​​of rollers, their softness and stability largely depends on them.

    The choice of wheels lies in the choice of two important factors: the size of the wheels and the rigidity of the material from which they are made. Размер обозначается в миллиметрах и для фитнесс-роликов обычно варьируется от 76-ти до 100-а миллиметров, а жёсткость обозначается цифрой от 72-х до 85-ти с заглавной буквой А рядом, например 82А — самая популярная жёсткость для фитнесс-роликов. Чем цифра меньше, тем колёса мягче.

    «Всё просто: чем больше колёса роликов, и чем они мягче, тем более мягко будут катиться ролики, тем комфортнее будет вам на них кататься. У нас в стране на обычной улице асфальт далеко не ровный и состоит из сотен тысяч маленьких выступающих камешков, поэтому на маленьких колёсиках с большой жёсткостью вы будете себя чувствовать так, как будто едете по кухонной тёрке. I would advise for maximum comfort to choose wheels with a diameter of 84 and up to 100 mm with a hardness not higher than 80-82A. The lower the stiffness, the faster the wheels will wear out, but in any case, when riding two or three times a week, even the softest wheels should be enough for the season, ”explained the roller skating instructor.

    AiF.ru strongly advises not to buy rollers with wheels, or separately wheels that are not marked according to the described principles. These wheels are mainly Chinese products that will quickly fail.


    Photo: flickr.com / Jan Andersen

    The third of the most important components of the correct choice of rollers - ball bearings, or just bearings. Like the wheels, they have a special marking that allows you to make the right choice. Bearings that need two pieces for each wheel are divided into 5 accuracy classes and are designated: ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7 and ABEC-9.

    Speed ​​skating: how to ride a roller skate

    “Without going into the details of the design, I will explain what a newcomer needs to know. The higher the number on the bearing after the ABEC abbreviation is, the higher the bearing will travel faster. But so he will be more fragile. The standard choice for beginners is ABEC-3. Bearings of this class provide rather fast driving and are quite durable. They react normally to the steps that are not the most accurate when learning, when you knock hard on the asphalt. After the technique was formed and you confidently began to keep on skating, the following bearings can be taken class ABEC-5, ”explained Andrei.

    For ordinary clips of these two classes is enough. They provide the desired speed, comfort and reliability. Note that, contrary to many instructions, when the bearings begin to make noise, hiss and, I would not like, of course, but to squeak, you should not grease them, it is better to just buy new ones. They are easy to change and universal - sold in any store where they sell good rollerblades.

    The remaining classes, ABEC-1, ABEC-7 and ABEC-9, are intended for specialized rollers. The first ones are durable and therefore are used to perform tricks in which you often need to jump and land with the whole mass on the wheels. The last two are racing. They are fragile and can not stand driving on Russian asphalt. They are expensive and have to be changed very often.

    And, as usual, we should advise not to buy rollers with bearings, or bearings separately, on which there is no marking with letters ABEC and odd numbers from 1 to 9.

    “I would also recommend buying and protection along with the rollers. A helmet for people who take their first steps may and will be a little overwhelming, bringing discomfort, but gloves and knee pads are a useful thing that will save from scratches and abrasions and save money on the purchase of new jeans. Elbow pads help very rarely - riding on rollers is difficult to land on elbows, ”the instructor suggested.

    We have listed three main points that you should pay attention to when choosing commercials. The rest - color, materials, price, design - the choice of buyers and is unlikely to affect the quality of riding.

    You can begin to get acquainted with specialized models of roller skates.

    Aggressive videos

    Photo: flickr.com / mmphotography.it

    Rollers for aggressive riding style - special skates, designed for those roller skaters who are bored with counting kilometers of park paths and wanted to experience real thrills. On these rollers they jump, ride on the railing, perform tricks in ramps and halfpipes, move down the stairs ...

    Rollers: watch, walk or ride?

    It is logical that the skates used for such purposes should be as hardy and impact resistant as possible.

    “To distinguish such videos is very simple. They are very wide. The outer part of the boot is made entirely of hard plastic. A massive plastic frame, in contrast to fitness rollers, where the frame can be both metal and carbon fiber, is decorated with four tiny wheels. Such rollers do not have brakes, and in the middle between the wheels there is a special plastic insert designed to slide along the rails so that the frame in the place where you slide does not wipe too quickly and does not crack, ”said Andrew.

    If in conventional rollers wheels with a size of 76-100 millimeters have a hardness of 72-85A, then in active wheels the size does not exceed 64 millimeters, and can often reach 44 millimeters. The hub in such wheels has no needles, so that they do not break with frequent jumps. Wheel stiffness is not lower than 85A. Sometimes this figure reaches 100A. There are also miniature wheels with a hardness rating of 50R - twice as hard as 100A.

    “These wheels put in place of the second and third ordinary wheels so that there is more space in the middle of the riding frame and less wheel adhesion. Then the wheels will not cling to the surface on which you slide, ”explained Andrew.

    The rollers themselves are almost indestructible. Rarely have to change only the wheels and bearings labeled ABEC-1.

    Running rollers

    Photo: flickr.com / Adam Lederer

    As the name implies, running roller skates are designed exclusively for running. This is a professional sports equipment. Separate competitions are held on them, but they also serve as an excellent substitute for ordinary skates, which skaters perform.

    Roller Skates and Child: 4 safety rules

    Just like running skates are different from ordinary skates, in which we ride skating rinks in winter, running rollers are different from fitness models.

    The first, most important and most noticeable difference is five wheels instead of four. The extended frame and the increased number of wheels provide maximum stability and traction, which is necessary especially in the corners, in which on these rollers the athletes enter at tremendous speeds. Recently, by the way, many models have appeared with a four-wheel extended frame, which continues to perform the functions of a five-wheel thanks to wheels with increased grip and a larger diameter — more than 100 millimeters.

    The second feature is a lowered boot. Sometimes these shoes are compared with the shackles - so much they fix the ankle. This is necessary for maximum transfer of push energy to the rollers, greater safety and leveling of errors, so that the athlete can make the most of his equipment.

    “Running videos are an area of ​​high achievement. In them, everything is calculated to millimeters. Space materials are used in the frames in order to preserve rigidity and durability, to facilitate the construction as much as possible. Bearings most often use ABEC-7 or ABEC-9. The wheels are also special, with an increased diameter of 90-100 millimeters, and sometimes more. In addition, the profile of the wheels is similar to a sharpened pencil. This is done for maximum grip when cornering. In some professional models, the shoe is fitted to the athlete's foot with the help of unique materials that are deformed under the foot under the influence of high temperatures, ”the instructor said.


    Photo: flickr.com / Ian Kennedy

    There are always people who prefer wild but free off-road to civilized asphalt roads of the city or skatepark. For them, produce cars, SUVs, mountain dirt-bicycles, special shoes. Do not forget about nature lovers and manufacturers of roller skates.

    How to ride a roller skate: safety rules and first aid in the fall

    If conventional rollers traditionally "fear" even a small rain: the bearings deteriorate, slide on a wet surface ... Then special off-road rollers are spared from these evils. But to achieve this, manufacturers had to sweat.

    SUVs more than other special models differ from fitness videos. They can be four-wheel: two small wheels in the middle and two huge rubber inflatable wheels with a size of 200 millimeters, located behind the heel and in front of the toe of the roller. They can be three-wheeled - with three large rubber inflatable wheels not less than 150 millimeters, located in a row under the boot. There are also two-wheeled models - they have no wheels under the boot, instead they have a solid frame, and two wheels are located behind the heel and in front of the toe.

    These wheels increase the permeability, do not get stuck even in sufficiently large grooves in the “road”, drive through the grass, and special waterproof bearings are not afraid of moisture. Frames in these rollers are made of special metal alloys. Here, weight no longer matters, the main thing is strength.

    “To buy off-road rollers as the first - it makes no sense. To ride on them you need a special technique and considerable experience. And to learn to ride with such features is very difficult. If you want to drive off-road, it is better to learn a year from inexpensive fitness models, and only then take up off-road vehicles, ”advises Andrey Korobeinikov.

    There are also special videos for playing hockey, for slalom, for freeride ... But these models are not much different from the usual fitness videos or from the aggressive version of roller skates.

    TOP-5 manufacturers of roller skates

    If you decide to buy commercials, then of course you will have a question regarding the manufacturers of commercials, which ones are better and what to choose.

    Despite the huge number of different brands, the main ones can be easily counted on the fingers of one hand. In this article, I will name the top five, and a few more brands that deserve attention. These are truly market leaders worldwide. So, let's go:

    How to choose skates and rollers

    The skates are divided into two main groups: the first is used for skating on ice, the second - on a hard surface. Their design is different due to different operating conditions.

    The main selection criteria include the following:

    1. The level of training of a skater or roller for which the model is designed.
    2. Purpose
    3. The material of manufacture of the top of the boot.
    4. Type of lining.
    5. The material of the sole and heel, their rigidity.
    6. Boot size
    7. Parameters blades and rollers.
    8. Type of fixation of the shoe on the leg

    Ice and roller skates on the level of training skater or roller are divided into three groups:

    • Amateur skates. Models from this group are inexpensive, have low rigidity. Made from cheap materials. During training to avoid collisions and falls is impossible.

    With a strong blow, even expensive skates can be seriously damaged, which will not allow them to be used in the future. Therefore, it is recommended to use products from a low price category for training.

    • Semi-professional skates. When creating models from this group, high-quality materials are used, some established standards are maintained. Products from this group are suitable for a buyer who is looking for skates for several seasons.
    • Professional skates. Products from this group are created using expensive materials. Attention is paid to established production standards.

    Professional figure skates have teeth on the front of the blade, hockey are classified by protecting the ankle from strong shocks.

    Amateur recommended for beginners, semi-professional models are more suitable for skaters with experience.

    As intended, ice skates are divided into:

    • Figured. Figure skates differ from other models in the presence of teeth on the blade.

    They are necessary to perform “jagged steps”, rotations and reverse jumps, as they allow the skater to catch on the surface of the ice to drastically change the direction of movement. However, these teeth will become a hindrance when rolling on uneven ice.

    The boot is light, without insulation and protection. Therefore, skaters get special thermosocks. Suitable for figure sports and for the usual rest on the ice, but not recommended for beginners.

    • Walking Skates from this group are used to just skate on the rink.

    Some models are equipped with hockey blades, other versions are made with a blade from figure skates with a smaller number of teeth.

    The peculiarity of the boot is the weatherization, since initially the walking models were made for use on the street. Suitable for beginners, but can not be used in professional sports.

    • Hockey. Their difference is the increased protection of the boot from hitting the puck, striking a club. Increased structural strength is caused by the use of metal frames and synthetic materials to create a shoe.

    Lateral support and a combination of laces with clips provides a good fixation of the skate on the foot. Recommended for hockey and recreational skating

    • Running. Such models are created for sports on the prepared arenas, where the athlete accelerates to 50 km / h. A special feature of speed skates is the straight shape of the blade.

    Because of this, running models cannot be used for recreational or figure skating. Straight blade causes falling on uneven ice.

    By purpose roller skates are divided into:

    1. Walking The group of walking rollers is most popular. It is suitable for beginners and lovers. Standard construction - four rollers are located in one row, the size of each roller in the range from 80 to 100 millimeters.
    2. For aggressive skating. They have wheels of reduced diameter. Suitable for performing complex stunts and skating on the prepared track.
    3. For speedy ride. The design of such models has not 4, but 5 wheels and a low boot.

    The first group of rollers is suitable for training. The other two are not recommended for beginners, as they are not sustainable. The boot can be made of various materials.

    When choosing by type of material, the following are taken into account:

    • Leather: natural and synthetic. This material "breathes", keeps the heat and stretches, taking the outline of the legs.

    Professional models have up to three layers of leather - this betrays the rigidity of the boot. However, the skin does not protect the foot from bumps. Therefore, it is used only when creating figure skates or when creating shoe inserts for hockey.

    • Synthetic materials: nylon, polyurethane, thermoplastic and others. These materials are like plastic. The hardness, durability and rigidity of the synthetic material provide reliable protection for the feet against impact.

    Therefore, they are used in the creation of recreational and hockey skates.

    • Textile. Artificial fabrics are used to create the shoe, they are pre-soaked in a water-repellent solution. Textiles keep you warm and cheap, and your shoes are lightweight.

    The only drawback is that it does not protect the leg from impacts, with a strong mechanical effect the structure of the material is damaged. The textiles are used when creating figured and running skates.

    Shoe rollers are classified somewhat differently:

    • Hard boot keeps well ankle. In the manufacture of the outer part is used hard plastic, the inner part is represented by a soft finish. The hard shoe type is suitable for beginners due to the reliable fixation of the ankle.
    • Frame version of its design resembles a mount for a snowboard. It is also made from various synthetic materials that resemble plastic.

    Fastening is intended for fixing the foot of the roller, shod in sneakers. Shoes can be used differently, but it should be borne in mind that this version of the performance does not have good protection.

    • The low boot has an edge height of about 2-3 centimeters above the ankle. This version of execution is intended for comfortable trainings. This shoe is suitable for professionals, as the foot is less protected from injury.

    Professional models have a lining that serves as a shock absorber for the ankle. In the manufacture of expensive models used material that can change the shape when exposed to high temperature.

    Professional figure skates are equipped with a similar lining. The shape changes as follows: for the beginning, the shoe is heated in the stove, and then laced on the foot, and after 15 minutes the lining will take on the outline of the leg.

    Conventionally, the lining is divided into three categories:

    1. Stiff - recommended for beginners who are not good at skating. Rigid fixation reduces the risk of injury.
    2. Soft - gives freedom, but does not support the leg. Therefore suitable for professionals.
    3. Streamlined - repeats the outline of the legs, ensuring the fixation of shoes.

    It is not always taken into account when choosing skates the type of material used in the manufacture of soles. When you create it using leather, plastic or composite. The skin can dampen the vibration, acts as a shock absorber when jumping.

    It is important to select the model according to the rigidity of the sole, since it determines the protection of the ankle against damage.

    1. For beginners, a model with minimal stiffness is recommended, as the foot is not yet used to the load.
    2. For professionals fit tough versions.

    Professional skates are produced according to established standards. The criterion for setting the skate class is precisely the rigidity of the sole.

    Производители проводят ее указание, нанося цифру на поверхность подошвы: 35, 49, 85. Визуально определить жесткость можно, сжимая ботинок в области пятки. Если форма не изменится, то подошва жесткая.

    Тип фиксации ботинка на ноге определяет комфорт во время катания. Для фиксации ботинка используются шнурки и клипсы. При этом стоит учитывать:

    1. Все профессиональные модели оснащаются исключительно шнурками. Это связано с тем, что шнурки обхватывают всю ногу, перераспределяя и выравнивая давление.
    2. Клипсы удобны в использовании, так как для выхода на лед следует сделать всего пару щелчков. Но они не могут распределить давление, фиксируют ботинок только по нескольким точкам, а при поломке их сложно заменить.

    Для новичков и профессионалов рекомендуются шнурки. Можно обратить внимание на комбинированный вариант исполнения. Models that have only clips, poorly fixed on the leg, which reduces their stability. The type of blade or rollers is also taken into account.

    Blades are characterized by the following indicators:

    • The quality of steel is a factor that influences the price. A bad blade does not slip, does not hold sharpening and is subject to corrosion. Blades are made from tool, stainless and carbon steel.

    Instrumental has a high cost (professional version). Stainless will last for years due to corrosion protection (expensive models of amateur and semi-professional skates).

    Carbon steel quickly loses sharpening and can eventually become covered with corrosion (cheap models).

    • Blade figure skates is characterized by the shape, location and number of teeth.
    • Blade curvature affects maneuverability when sliding on ice. Some blades are slightly curved. The point of contact with ice will change when the load is distributed to the front or back of the skate.
    • Blade height - the lower it is, the more stability.
    • The size.

    It is recommended to choose models of skates with a blade made of stainless or tool steel, which has a curvature. Figured versions for beginners have fewer teeth, since their presence reduces the stability.

    The main characteristics of the wheels of the rollers include the diameter and the indicator of the surface hardness. By these criteria there is the following classification:

    • For fitness and speed skating on the street, suitable wheels, the diameter of which is 70-100 millimeters with a hardness of 72 to 85 A.

    For the street, the largest diameter of the wheels is chosen, as they allow you to gain high speed with less effort and wear more slowly.

    • For roller hockey, we recommend castors with a diameter of 59 to 80 millimeters with a stiffness index of 75 A to 83 A. Professionals choose the castors according to the type of playing surface.
    • Wheels with a diameter of 53 to 64 millimeters with a hardness of 70 A to 80 A are suitable for tricks. The small size increases maneuverability and allows you to slide along the railing.

    Having reached this point, you can already decide on a model of skates. The final selection criterion is the boot size. You can select by this indicator as follows:

    1. During fitting wear socks that you plan to ride. Warm ones are chosen for open rinks and non-insulated models of skates, ordinary socks are worn when choosing figured professional skates or insulated models.
    2. In the shoe, the foot should be comfortable: do not press, rest, cut.
    3. If the model initially seemed a little small, then the shoe is laced to the end. After correct fixation, the heel should sit correctly on the heel area.

    The foot in the shoe should not be free, the heel is fixed in the heel area. If discomfort is felt, then it is recommended to measure other models and compare sensations.

    You can not take larger skates, since the free location of the ankle in the shoe leads to a loss of stability on the ice and can cause injury.

    1. SEBA - the leader in the production of models for freestyle

    A young French company, which appeared not so long ago, but occupies a leading position in the production of commercials for freestyle and street riding (friskate). Their models are durable and reliable. Most roller skaters who can do a little more than just ride in a straight line choose SEBA. These videos, at one time, changed the permanent market leader Salomon. After all, Salomon first came up with freeskate videos and the concept of FSK in general. Unfortunately, but in 2006, they stopped producing videos. Well, SEBA, having successfully used the free niche and the absence of competitors in the market, firmly occupied the leading position. Almost all the videos of this company (if we talk about the original models) are really cool. The closest competitor is the German company Powerslide. The main production facilities are concentrated in China.

    The work of the rollers and their device

    In the distant USSR, the rollers were a metal plate that had to be attached to the shoes with straps. These were uncomfortable and poorly maneuverable models. Today, skates are a one-piece design in the form of a shoe. There are great demands on modern models, and manufacturers are constantly forced to look for improvements in the new model range of roller skates.

    The modern design of the rollers is as follows:

    1. Frame. It is made of metal or durable plastic, but plastic frames can not cope with the work, if the weight of a person is over 100 kg. The quality of this part depends on the reliability of the rollers and the safety of the person during the ride.
    2. Wheels. In the wheels are important parameters such as stiffness and diameter. Stiffness is responsible for grip, and size is responsible for maneuvering ability and speed. Soft poor-quality wheels are quickly erased and do not bring any driving pleasure.
    3. Bushings and axles. These devices are aimed at the work of the wheels and are tightened depending on the need.
    4. Brake. In urban conditions, the detail is necessary especially for children and beginners.
    5. Boot. This part can be considered the frame and the basis of the entire device rollers. Shoes are soft and hard, low and high. Depending on the purpose of the skates, the shape and physical qualities of the shoes are chosen. So a soft boot works more for "fitness" class rollers, and hard ones are suitable for the "aggressive" and "slalom" classes.
    6. Lacing. Some models have fast sticky lacing. Such rollers are not reliable due to poor contact with the anatomical shape of the legs. Too high laces are able to delay the time for skating shoes. Optimal lacing can be considered a model where the laces end in the middle of the shin.
    7. Heel bucks. Detail that fixes the heel when riding on roller skates. In her absence, the load moves to the front of the foot, and this is dangerous injuries.
    8. Cuff. This detail can be found under different names, most often it is called “Kaf”. The cuff is relevant in models of the class slalom / friskate and aggressive, but the rollers of the class "fitness" do not need it.
    9. Top Buckle. Device to support the lower leg. The detail is more like a latch with tension, but without it, riding on rollers can be traumatic. Side fixation of this part should be as strong as possible.
    10. Inner felt boot. Not all models can boast a removable boot. This accessory is more applicable in models of "aggressive" and "slalom / friskate." Such boots is responsible for hygiene and comfort when driving.

    Video care instructions

    Almost all the details of the rollers can be replaced by new ones, if the past have become unusable. Also, with the help of this opportunity, you can increase the level of riding and slightly adjust the design. You can buy new items in any specialty store. Repair will cost less than a new pair of skates.

    3. ROLLERBLADE - the company that came up with inline videos

    According to some sources, the Italian manufacturer of commercials. But I still think that they are Americans. The fact is that the history of this ancient brand, relates us to the 80s and 90s. And initially it was an American brand. But the videos for them were produced by an Italian factory. At the moment, the main office in Italy. By the way, if you're interested, you can read a detailed article on the history of this manufacturer.

    Now, it is one of the largest producers of commercials in the world. They really are monsters. Back in the 2000s, they realized that their main feature is comfortable fitness models and children's videos. Since then, the party policy has not changed. They practically do not produce professional models and they have very few accessories, but in terms of children's sliding rollers and recreational models for beginners, they are really the best!

    Buying commercials of this brand you can not go wrong with the quality. They all have great models. Well, which is better, this is the second question and for this it is better to contact us for advice. The main production facilities are concentrated in Thailand and Vietnam.

    4. K2 - a company that came up with a “soft shoe” and fitness videos.

    American manufacturer of roller skates and other goods for outdoor activities. Like Rollerblade, they firmly occupy a niche in the category of fitness videos. Their horse, it kofrmort and softness. Therefore, almost the entire range, it is only walking models. All attempts to create videos for friskate were failures. Therefore, if you are a fan of soft sofas and it is important that you do not press, then you need K2 commercials. Spare parts and accessories are poorly represented, but there are quite good children's models. And although the children's lineup is not very wide, the quality is decent. Production - China.

    5. FILA SKATES - Italian manufacturer of roller skates.

    A young company, like Powerslide. Differs in that it releases rather good models for adults. The fitness ruler is quite widely represented. They have both models for friskate and fitness videos. And children's sliding and treasures. But the quality of their product leaves much to be desired, and the price should be lower. At the moment, their videos are as SEBA, but they are inferior in quality. The choice of buyers is obvious. But it is worth noting that in the FILA rollers there is another block, and often they just fit better and seem more comfortable. Therefore, this manufacturer also falls into our TOP-5. I want to add that the children's segment they have very strongly subsided since 2015. Therefore, buying children's videos is better to turn your attention to the undisputed leaders - Rollerblade and K2. The main production facilities are concentrated in China.

    Well, quite briefly, I want to run over to outsiders who have disappeared, or to young companies that have not yet been able to win the hearts of rollers:

    ROCSA - Italian manufacturer. Few people know about them, and even now there is no particular information on this manufacturer. Rather soon closed. The rollers of this brand were seen by the Italians at the competitions back in 2005.

    ROCES - Italian manufacturer. One of the strongest players in his time. Vintage brand on a level with Rollerblade in the 80s and until the end of the 90s. Innovators. Inventors. It was they who pushed the roller-culture at dawn. They were the ones who made the rollers for Rollerblade. Roces were the ones who came up with a lot of cool chips and technologies that other manufacturers used in the future. They set the pace! About Roces should remember the old generation, maybe even our parents. Alas, but after the transfer of production to China, they were greatly blown away. Now their videos are Chinese thrash and waste. Models of terrible quality. You can buy them in Sportmaster at a low price. Take more - throw further. In general, I do not advise. The phrase “Roces - sucks!” Appeared in the 2000s is the best way to describe this brand now.

    TECNICA - Italian brand of the 90s. At one time, produced very cool and high-quality videos. I was even lucky to throw on these! Worthy analog and competitor Rollerblade and Salomon. Rollers Rollerblade, were Puplyarny in the US, and in Europe ROCES and Tecnica. Then digging bought the rights to Rollerblade. Closed the production of its own models and all developments have passed under the banner of Rollerblade. For example, the Tecnica Twister model of 2002-2003, in 2004, was already released as Rollerblade Twister + The famous Seba (Sebastien Laffargue) - later on the founder of the SEBA brand - rolled and slalled around the brand.

    FLYING EAGLE - I can not mention this company. They appeared a long time ago, but only now began to attract attention. Specialize in the production of models for urban skating and friskate. Trying to compete with such monsters as SEBA and POWERSLIDE but so far have not been able to massively conquer the market. Their feature is to make a model similar to the original, but at a lower price. Therefore, visually, the videos are very similar to the well-known models, but if you look closely, you notice that the plastic is thinner, the liner is not very comfortable, some other features ... And if the model is better, then it stands as a SEBA or Powerslide. In general, with the eagles need to be careful. They also have an oriental design, which is not to everyone’s liking. However, this is a bid to win. I think they will show themselves and take a place in the top.

    Salomon - Mammoth, which is still remembered, but now you can only find bones ... :) In some cases, someone can boast and get out of the closet Salomon Crossmax S-Lab in excellent condition. This is a rarity. Story. The best videos of all time. In 2006, the company ceased production of rollers, sold off the remains, and completely switched to its main direction - downhill skiing.

    But everyone still savors the times of Salomon ... Top quality, European production, cool design, high performance. All the directions of rollers, accessories and even clothes were presented! They are something like a suicidal star. Under the universal applause and adoration laid hands on themselves. And then the dark times, the failure in the production of cool models for slalom and the city for several years. Up until the appearance of the pilot SEBA samples. In general, we remember and mourn :)

    ULTRA WHEELS - American company, closed in the early 2000s. My first videos were this brand. Cool quality videos. Alas, but they rarely entered our market. It was possible to buy in Moscow. Now there are already no meet. Is that someone selling on ebay. I also want to take OXYGEN to this place, they disappeared, but in the 90s a lot of people skated at them.

    SIMMONS and SCHENKEL - manufacturers of running rollers. Here I would like to note that this is not a mass segment and there may be more such manufacturers. But you probably will not find them on the shelves of regular stores, as this is a rather narrow segment, sporty. We have such videos are very weak.

    There are still an infinite number of brands like Reaction, Bladerunner, Explorer, Amigo, SK Sports Collection, and even Ferrari, but all this is not that. To choose good, real videos, see our TOP-5 and you definitely can not go wrong with the choice of the manufacturer.

    Come to our store, we will be happy to tell you about different videos and help you choose a model.

    Best figure skates

    Ladies VelvetFusion women's figure skates are suitable for use on a closed rink. Color of execution is white, beige, the form is classic.

    Characteristics of SC LadiesVelvetFusion:

    1. Purpose - figure skates for women.
    2. Level - amateur and semi-professional.
    3. Size ranges from 33 to 36.
    4. Shoe surface material - synthetic leather
    5. Interior decoration - artificial fabric.
    6. Type of fixation - laces with hooks.
    7. Sole material - plastic.
    8. Blades made of stainless steel.

    Pros of SC Ladies Velvet Fusion:

    1. Model of the average price range.
    2. Suitable for beginners and amateurs.
    3. The blade is not subject to corrosion.
    4. Bolted blade fixed.

    Cons SC Ladies Velvet Fusion:

    1. Do not save heat.
    2. Artificial leather is scratched.

    Customer feedback indicates that the model is ideal for training. Artificial leather does not let the snow melt, but the surface of the boot breathes, which ensures a comfortable location of the ankle.

    The best children's skates

    The model PlaylifeCalgaryBoy is very popular due to its good workmanship and attractive design. The boot is made in green and black.

    PlaylifeCalgaryBoy features:

    1. Destination - walking option for children and adolescents.
    2. Level - beginner.
    3. Size ranges from 26 to 30.
    4. Sliding boot design.
    5. Fixation - a combination of laces, clips and velcro.
    6. The boot material is plastic.
    7. Interior finish - artificial fabric.
    8. The blade is made of carbon steel.

    Pros of Playlife Calgary Boy:

    1. A colorful design that appeals to many kids and teens.
    2. The model securely fixes the leg.
    3. Price category - medium.
    4. The ankle has no shock protection.

    Cons PlaylifeCalgaryBoy:

    1. The internal part does not pass air.
    2. The blade is not protected from corrosion, requires careful maintenance after each execution.
    3. Blade holds bad sharpening.

    However, if you do not clear the blade of snow after visiting the rink, then after the first season, rust will appear on the surface.

    Best running skates

    WAVEKON LTF Skates are a professional model for speed skating with a low boot and a rigid base. The design of the boot is classic.

    Characteristics of WAVEKON LTF:

    1. Purpose - for adult men involved in speed skating
    2. The level is professional.
    3. Size ranges from 32 to 46.
    4. Shoe material - synthetic, impregnated in a water-repellent solution.
    5. The sole material is seven layers of carbon.
    6. Interior finish - microfiber.
    7. Soft tongue in combination with a low boot provides the desired angle of the foot.
    8. Stiffness 60 HRC.
    9. Blade made of tool steel.

    Pros of WAVEKON LTF:

    1. Quality control at all stages of production.
    2. The model serves a few years.
    3. It is made according to the established rules in speed skating.
    4. The boot is lightweight, lets in air and retains water.
    5. Blade keeps sharpening for a long time.


    1. High price.
    2. The blade cannot be changed.
    3. The model does not have an orthopedic insole.

    Considering the reviews of customers of this model can be noted that it has a great combination of price and quality. Can be used in competitions.

    Best Goalkeeper Skates

    BauerVapor APX2 – хоккейные коньки для вратаря, выполнены в черном цвете.Согласно результатам проведенных исследования больше половины хоккеистов НХЛ отдают предпочтение конькам, выпускаемым под брендом Bauer. Производят их на территории США.

    Характеристики BauerVapor APX2:

    1. Предназначение – для взрослых мужчин, занимающихся хоккеем.
    2. Уровень – профессиональный.
    3. Размеры в диапазоне от 32,5 до 46.
    4. Полнота соответствует классу D, EE.
    5. Тип фиксации ботинка – шнурки.
    6. Материал ботинка – композит.
    7. Подошва – углепластик.
    8. Внутренняя отделка – синтетическая ткань.
    9. Лезвие – инструментальная сталь.

    Плюсы BauerVapor APX2:

    1. Reliable fixation.
    2. The price matches the quality
    3. Blade holds sharpening.
    4. The service life of several years.

    Cons BauerVapor APX2:

    1. Overpaying for the brand.
    2. The blade can not be changed to a new one.

    Customer feedback on products distributed under the Bauer brand is almost always positive. The considered model serves from 2 to 5 seasons. Scratches and scratches are not visible on the black color.

    The best skates for hockey

    Model BauerVapor X900 SR is one of the most expensive and high quality, presented to the choice of hockey players. The design is a classic combination of black, white and red. The model has a new blade mounting system.

    Features BauerVapor X900 SR:

    1. Purpose - for adult men who play hockey.
    2. The level is professional.
    3. Size in the range of 40 to 47.
    4. Completeness corresponds to class D and EE.
    5. Classic fixation - with the help of laces.
    6. Surface material: synthetic leather and composite. Inserts made of composite are located on the toe and heel, partly on the sides.
    7. Interior decoration material - artificial fabric.
    8. Sole material - plastic.
    9. Blade made of tool steel.

    Pros BauerVapor X900 SR:

    1. Effectively protect from strikes with a stick, hit the puck.
    2. There is lateral support.
    3. The inner part is "breathing."
    4. The model has an attractive design.

    Cons BauerVapor X900 SR:

    1. Overpriced due to brand popularity.
    2. Scratches appear on the surface of the artificial leather.

    Reviews of the model in question indicate that it copes well with the tasks. However, the use of inserts made of artificial leather does not allow you to play in severe frost. Therefore, it is recommended for playing hockey on a closed rink.

    Best Women's Skates

    AtemiCoolgirl 2.0 is a model of women's recreational skates that deserves attention. Its feature is the presence of heat insulation and a combination of several types of fixation. Manufactures AtemiCoolgirl 2.0 holding "ATEMI" in Russia.

    AtemiCoolgirl 2.0 features:

    1. Purpose - walking for women.
    2. Level - amateur.
    3. The design of the shoe is sliding, has 4 positions of fixation, sizes in the range from 27 to 41.
    4. The type of fixation is mixed. Part of the boot is clamped with laces, part with clips and velcro.
    5. The material of the boot surface is nylon and plastic.
    6. Interior decoration - natural fabric and artificial fur. The model not only keeps warmth, but also warms the leg.
    7. Sole material - plastic.
    8. The blade is made of stainless steel.

    Pros of AtemiCoolgirl 2.0:

    1. The model is insulated, which increases the comfort of the feet during skating on the open and closed rink.
    2. One model is adjustable in a large range of sizes, which is possible with a special clip system.
    3. Good fixation is provided by the laces.
    4. The design is attractive.
    5. Low cost.

    Cons of AtemiCoolgirl 2.0:

    1. Bad impact protection.
    2. The model can not be used for professional figure skating.

    Reviews of AtemiCoolgirl 2.0 determine that the model is very popular. She is called the best recreational skates for women. The disadvantage is that the clips over time become unreliable.

    The best skates with two blades

    AlphaCaprice FP-050 - a model for children, which has a twin blade. It is made in white color, on the surface of the boot pattern is applied. Two blades provide stability to the legs due to the large contact area and more efficient load distribution.

    AlphaCaprice FP-050 features:

    1. Purpose - recreational skates, a model for children.
    2. Level - beginner. These skates are suitable for small children who have never stood on the ice.
    3. Feature - two twin blades on one boot.
    4. In the manufacture of the blade used stainless steel.
    5. Type of fixation - laces.
    6. Size ranges from 26 to 32.
    7. Shoe material - artificial leather.
    8. Interior decoration - artificial fur and fabric.

    Pros AlphaCaprice FP-050:

    1. Due to the double blade increases resistance.
    2. Laces securely fix the legs in the shoes.
    3. The fur warms the legs. Therefore, skates are used on the open and closed rink.
    4. The workmanship is high.
    5. Convenient to walk around the rink.

    Cons AlphaCaprice FP-050:

    1. The child initially does not learn to ride correctly.
    2. Blade harder to sharpen.
    3. It is impossible to change the blade to another, since the twin type has a small distribution, the fastening is represented by rivets.

    Reviews of this product indicate that it is suitable for children who have not yet stood on the rink. After one season, skates are not used, as the child in many cases switches to a model with one blade.

    Top heated skates

    A relatively recently invented heated blade that will improve the hockey player’s glide on ice. At manufacturing the ThermaBlade technology is used.

    It changes the design of the blades themselves. There are no heated models yet, as they are being tested for suitability in the NHL.

    The technology has multi-charge injection-type batteries. They are placed under the heel, from the energy source along the entire length of the blade there is a special pad of metal that heats the ice under the blade.

    In addition to ice and heated sole. The technology has not yet been tested, but there is a possibility that heated skates will soon appear on the shelves.

    The best skates 2 in 1 rollers + ice

    People meet with a choice: buy roller skates for the summer or ice skates for the winter, as not all can afford two options. Model PW-223B - way out of this situation. It combines 2 functions: road roller skates and ice skates.

    Included are rollers and blade in the form of nozzles that replace. To change, just unscrew the mount using a special key. The rollers are suitable for amateur riding on a hard surface, the blade is suitable for natural and artificial ice.

    Adjusting the size of the shoe is carried out with velcro, the fixation of the leg is provided with laces. PW-223B is suitable for adults and children.

    Characteristics of the PW-223B:

    1. Purpose - amateur skates for adults and children, 2 functional.
    2. Aluminum frame.
    3. Shoe material - a combination of duralumin, nylon, plastic.
    4. ABEC - 7 roller bearing.
    5. Permissible user weight is 90 kilograms.
    6. Design - a combination of blue and black.
    7. Stainless steel blade.
    8. Fixing with laces and velcro.
    9. Size in the range of 31-42.

    Pros of the PW-223B:

    1. The model is suitable for beginners and professionals, while it has a low cost.
    2. Adjust shoe size over a wide range. In this case, the foot is securely fixed due to the combination of laces and velcro.
    3. Buying only this model solves two problems at once: what to ride in winter and summer.
    4. Bright design.
    5. The design is durable.

    Cons PW-223B:

    1. The weak point of the design becomes the attachment of nozzles. If hit hard, the mount may be damaged, causing the rollers to become unusable.
    2. Aluminum frame does not protect against strong shocks.
    3. For training figure skating model is not suitable, as well as for playing hockey.
    4. In severe cold can not be used due to the lack of insulation.

    The best skates 3 in 1

    Universal models that have replaceable blades and rollers, as well as a sliding dimensional function, are popular. This is due to the fact that they can be used in summer and winter.

    Characteristics of TEMPISH F21 DUO:

    1. Purpose - recreational skates for children.
    2. Level - beginner and lovers.
    3. The design is based on a combination of white and black.
    4. Sizes range from 29 to 40. The range is adjusted by clips.
    5. Wheels rollers have a diameter of 70 millimeters.
    6. The blade is made from stainless steel.
    7. Exterior material: PP hi-impact with decor.
    8. Bearings made of carbon steel, type ABEC 5.
    9. The skeleton of shoes consists of three parts, which is suitable for an ambient temperature of -20 to 30 degrees Celsius.
    10. Interior trim is nylon.

    Pros of TEMPISH F21 DUO:

    1. The structure of the inner part allows you to use the model in winter and summer.
    2. Replaceable tips - rollers and blade.
    3. Fixation is represented by laces and velcro, clips. This allows you to adjust the size in a large range and firmly fix the shoe on the foot.
    4. Shoes protects the foot from bumps.
    5. The multilayer structure determines the average stiffness.

    Cons TEMPISH F21 DUO:

    1. The model is not recommended for playing hockey or figure skating.
    2. It is difficult to choose a replaceable blade or rollers, suitable only with this model.

    Reviews of the model in question indicate that it is ideal for solving the problem of buying rollers and ice skates for a child.

    The strength of the boot surface is high. After a while, scuffs and scratches appear. The castors of the rollers wear out quickly due to the small diameter. Blade holds bad sharpening.

    Types of rollers

    Roller skates are divided into types depending on the preferred manner of riding. Beginners, lovers and children, any videos seem to be the same, but professional roller skaters pay attention to models of a certain type depending on the chosen riding style.

    Fitness videos.

    Designed for normal riding in parks and on flat road surfaces. The choice of such a pair is determined by the main criterion - convenience. Such models have 4 wheels, a plastic or aluminum frame and a brake that can be removed over time. Part of the boot in such rollers can be both soft and hard. Fitness videos can have a useful function of expansion, which gives the right to use skates for children. A sufficient choice of this type of rollers and an inexpensive price compensates for the impossibility of performing tricks and driving in extreme mode.

    Speedskate videos

    More professional models designed for high speed development. Having a small weight, low and lightweight boots such skates can reach speeds of more than 40 km / h. But at the same time, they are characterized by low maneuverability and require a completely flat surface. Beginners such videos are not suitable.

    Freescate videos

    Rollers of this type allow driving in different styles, it is possible to perform some extreme maneuvers. A sufficiently strong structure can withstand even a large person, and the claimed rigidity of the boot gives a complete fixation of the ankle and a comfortable position. In general, the type of freeskate rollers is suitable for people who want to learn any tricks. Of the disadvantages of this type of skates is the main cost.

    Children's videos

    When choosing videos, children should pay attention not only to the appearance and convenience. The main criterion for the selection of such a pair of rollers is safety. Hard shoe and light weight, it is necessary to have a brake and durable lacing - these are the parameters that should be paid attention to in the first place. There are sliding rollers - this makes it possible to increase the size of shoes up to 5 cm. They have an average price and a large model range.

    Review of the best roller skates 2018

    Analysis of clips conducted in accordance with customer reviews, according to the reliability and safety. The review includes models for beginners and outdoor enthusiasts.

    Price: from 2800 rubles

    The model is designed for fitness skating. It has a metal frame, top buckle and heel strap. 4 wheels are made of polyurethane, bearings ABEC 5 ensure smooth sliding on a flat surface. In the presence of a brake and the ability to adjust the size.

    • universal design,
    • several color options
    • twin wheels.

    Price: from 6010 rubles

    Skates support fitness skating. 4 wheels with a diameter of 72 mm will help to develop sufficient speed. The useful function of the sliding mechanism will not allow the rollers to become obsolete. The model is equipped with a brake, upper buckle and heel strap for proper fixation of the legs. There are color options.

    • fast lacing,
    • wheel rigidity 80 A,
    • new in the model range.
    • plastic composite frame
    • soft boot.

    Price: from 8030 rubles

    Rollers for riding in the style of "slalom". Positioned as a universal model, which is equipped with 4 wheels with a rigidity of 80A. It has a hard boot and sliding mechanism up to 47 sizes and a strong heel strap. Ideal as skates for ramps.

    • strict male design,
    • hard boot
    • 2 color choices.
    • ordinary lacing,
    • plastic composite frame.

    Price: from 9050 rubles

    This man's model with the original strict male design. 4 twin large wheels have a diameter of 80 mm and a hardness of 82A. A safe ride is guaranteed by upper and heel buckles, a quick lacing device. The color collection of the model is presented in blue, red and black variations.

    • ankle support,
    • versatility.
    • soft boot
    • no brake
    • price.

    Price: from 14850 rubles.

    Type of rollers - friskate. This professional model has a stiff boot with heel anti-shock. Suitable for extreme driving in the city. 4 wheels with a stiffness of 84A and a diameter of 80 mm. The package includes a soft boot.

    • power and reliability
    • the presence of the device to install the frame.
    • no sliding mechanism
    • not suitable for beginners,
    • price.

    For walks and entry-level driving you should not buy too expensive models. For such purposes, Action PW-106 skates will be the most reasonable choice. If there is a desire to go to a more advanced level, then you should pay attention to the rollers of Rollerblade Spitfire 2018, Fila Skates Houdini Men 2018 and Rollerblade Fusion X3 2014. These models will provide higher speed and maneuverability. Well, the SEBA FR1 model is distinguished by a professional approach to business, but it does not suit beginners at all.

    Which company is better

    The popularity of models of skates is not always the key to quality. Sometimes the right functionality for virtuoso riding can also be budget for the price. It's all about the manufacturer and his ability to advertise his product.

    But too cheap a product should also alert, on average, the price of high-quality videos varies from $ 100. Eminent brands, of course, have a development team and high-quality materials, but for the “first attempt at writing” a choice of more modest models is possible.

    A great time to buy roller skates is the beginning of autumn, by this period discounts start in almost all stores. Firms also reduce the price of commercials released a few years ago, applying new improvements in new models. From high-quality and low-cost brands, preference can be given to such firms that have a stable position in the market and positive customer reviews.

    Do I need protective gear?

    Roller skating can be an excellent opportunity to strengthen muscles, lose weight and tighten the body. But it is also an opportunity to get injuries of various kinds. To avoid such an outcome, along with the rollers should take care of purchasing protection for the body.

    The standard set of protective equipment includes: a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads, gloves, shin guards and protection on the thigh part of the body. Without this set of parts, roller-skating becomes a draw. Particularly mandatory purchase of these parts for lovers of fast and aggressive driving, as well as children.

    The choice of protective equipment should be carried out with special care and attention, because of what quality of protection depends on the health status of the roller.

    Neglecting equipment can be in cases of smooth road coverage and if you expect a leisurely leisure ride.