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Reviews drug Monural

Monural (MONURAL, the unpatented international name Fosfomycin) is a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

The drug belongs to the group of uroanteptics, the main purpose of which is the treatment and prevention of inflammatory bacterial diseases of the urinary tract. The drug has a good bactericidal effect, which is applicable to most gram-positive (enterococcus, staphylococcus) and gram-negative (cytobacteria, enterovirus, klebsiella, morganella, proteus, pseudomonas) pathogens.

Beneficially distinguishable advantage of Monural from other drugs is its one-time appointment, in case of acute cystitis. For the course of treatment, only 1 sachet is sufficient. This dosage regimen saves patients from having to take other antibiotics for several days.

Release form and composition

Monural is produced in the form of granules from which a solution is prepared for oral administration: white, with a tangerine smell (in multilayer laminated bags, in a cardboard bundle 1 bag).

  • Active ingredient - fosfomycin trometamol: in 1 package - 3.754 g (including fosfomycin - 2 g) or 5.631 g (including fosfomycin - 3 g).

Auxiliary components: sucrose, saccharin, orange and tangerine flavors.

Pharmacological effect

Monural is a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

The drug has a bactericidal effect, inhibits the first stage of the synthesis of the bacterial cell wall. Monural is a structural analog of phosphoenol pyruvate. May enter into a competitive interaction with the enzyme N-acetyl-glucosamino-3-o-enolpyruvil-transferase. The result is a specific, selective and irreversible inhibition of this enzyme, which ensures the absence of cross-resistance with other classes of antibiotics and the possibility of synergism with other antibiotics.

The drug is active against most gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms.

Indications for use

What helps? Monural is used for the following types of cystitis:

  1. Acute infectious cystitis with a slight excretion of bacteria in the urine (bacteriuria),
  2. Chronic infectious cystitis
  3. Chronic posttraumatic cystitis with bacteriuria,
  4. Cystitis during pregnancy
  5. Postoperative cystitis.

Monural is prescribed for cystitis by 3 g (1 sachet) per day for 1-2 days (depending on the severity of the process).

Dosage and method of use

The instructions for use indicate that monural is prescribed for adults for 3 g 1 time / day. The course of treatment is 1 day. If necessary (for severe or recurrent infections, the elderly), it is possible to re-take the drug in a dose of 3 g after 24 hours.

In order to prevent infection of the urinary tract during surgery, transurethral diagnostic procedures, the drug is taken at a dose of 3 g 3 hours before the intervention and 3 g 24 hours after the first dose.

Children over 5 years old the drug is prescribed in a dose of 2 g only once.

When prescribing the drug patients with renal failure reduce the dose and increase the interval between doses.

Before taking the granules dissolved in 1/3 cup of water. The drug is taken 1 time per day on an empty stomach 2 hours before or after meals (preferably before bedtime), after emptying the bladder.

special instructions

In appointing Monural to patients with diabetes mellitus, it should be borne in mind that 1 bag containing 2 g of fosfomycin contains 2.1 g of sucrose, and 1 bag containing 3 g of fosfomycin contains 2. 213 g of sucrose.

Before you start taking Monural, you should inform your doctor if:

  • you are allergic to any part of the medication,
  • have you ever had asthma or liver disease,
  • if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suggest that you may be pregnant,
  • you are taking any medications, especially Tsisapride (Propulcide) and metoclopramide (Reglan), as well as over-the-counter drugs, herbs, nutritional supplements and vitamins.

It should also be borne in mind that monural can increase diarrhea, although usually the patient’s diarrhea is not an obstacle to the administration of this drug.

Drug interaction

With simultaneous use with metoclopramide, a decrease in the concentration of fosfomycin in serum and urine is possible (this combination is not recommended).

We picked up some reviews of women taking Monural for the treatment of cystitis:

  1. Love So that without relapses Monural will not cope, as they say "here and now" relieves inflammation, but it is better to take in combination with Uroprofit, so that relapses do not happen, and it is advisable to periodically prevent the same uroprofit. there cranberries, horsetail, bearberry and vitamin C, it will strengthen the bladder. I did just that - Monural + Uroprofit, then I switched to prophylactic treatment with Uroprofit, and as a result, the relapses of cystitis stopped. Now, once a year, the Uroprofit course is to maintain the bladder, there is no recurrence of cystitis, everything is OK).
  2. Oksana. Many argue that treating cystitis is not recommended by antibiotics, with which we usually treat other infections. After their use, strains are formed, due to which the body becomes insensitive to antibiotics in general. To prevent this from happening, cystitis should be treated with Monural, it acts on E. coli in the bladder and kills all bacteria there. This remedy always helps me well and quickly.
  3. Anna For the first time I got myself cystitis ... I suffered a couple of days, my period began ... as if there was no cystitis) then after a week everything returned and the seizures were several times stronger and more painful, even go to the wall! Monural took, all clearly according to the instructions ... yes, diarrhea, discomfort, but to my happiness the pain stopped the very next day!

An antibacterial agent for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system is selected by a nephrologist or urologist. The best option - in case of intolerance of the drug Monular to find structural analogues with maximum antimicrobial activity.

Drugs similar in action:

Before using analogues consult your doctor.

Which is better: Nolitsin or Monural?

Nolitsin - is a quinolone bacterial agent with a broad spectrum of action, which is used to treat infectious diseases of the upper and lower urinary tract (complicated or uncomplicated, occurring in acute or chronic form).

Indications for its use are pyelitis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, chronic prostatitis, infectious diseases associated with urological operations, neurogenic bladder, and nephrolithiasis caused by susceptible to Norfloxacin (the active substance Nolicin) pathogens.

The course of treatment with Norfloxacin lasts - depending on the severity of the patient's condition and the nature of the course of the disease - from 3-5 days (for uncomplicated cystitis) to several weeks (for the chronic form of bacterial prostatitis).

Unlike Monural, Nolitsin cannot be used in pediatrics and in pregnant women.

Monural drug discussion in moms records

I took Monural once. It helped perfectly (there were bacteria in the urine and protein). He is the only effective drug during pregnancy. And not during pregnancy, if we are talking about bacteria in the bladder.

Well, you go to the doctor, without having to feed anything, I had cystitis while feeding. I interrupted him. I was prescribed Monural before pregnancy, when I took two courses of different preparations of propyl and did not help anything - I drove them into chronic - and the doctor also told me that Monural was valid for a month.

and the monural immediately helped me during the pregnancy, but I was so tormented.

I had cystitis during pregnancy, I saw Monural once, helped immediately, and then almost half of the pregnancy saw Bogatyrsky collection No. 3 during pregnancy, it is herbal and harmless to the child, it helped me

If only cystitis begins, I drink phytolysin, he is in the collection of herbs - there is pasta and there are capsules, as it is more convenient for someone. It is better monural, harmless! And better than kanefrona helps. But if chronic or acute cystitis, it is good to combine it with an antibiotic, it helps faster. I have such capsules - you can read the reviews, I found reviews

Monural well helps and can be with pregnancy.

Phytolesin helped, these are herbs in the form of paste. Monural did not help, and the doctor scolded him for him, although he was allowed during pregnancy

read about monural I saw it with acute cystitis. The annotation is written with caution during pregnancy, but is prescribed. And indeed I checked it myself — an excellent drug. 1.5 years already no cystitis. It should be drunk once, one bag. At first I did not believe, but now if that, only I will. No weed m.

. there was no singing, the child was fed, drank, three hours later the milk was pumped, the child was given a gruel for this feeding and the next one was given milk, the maximum concentration after taking monural in milk is reached three hours after taking, on the website it’s written that way

Monural is the strongest antibiotic. here's an article about him What is Monural? Monural is an antibiotic. The drug is modern, new, but has already proven its effectiveness in the treatment of lower urinary tract infections. It is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that destroys most of the bacteria that cause infections. It is a granule designed to prepare a solution that needs to be taken inside. The convenience of Monural treatment is that the medicine

My daughter works in urology, the doctor is completely prescribing a monural to a pregnant woman. Better, of course, not in the first trimester, but this is not horror-horror-horror. Helped - and well, try, if anything, to do another time with kanefron, or cistone, or crane - they are all on grass, ask the doctor. Well, fruit drinks from cranberries and lingonberries nobody n.

Dial "Monural during pregnancy," I got a whole. And about the "who helps how," you know, we are all different. and do not heal because of this stupid. In general, Monural has a good prepert a couple of times saw it, it helped me) I threw myself in my diary, threw off an article about medicines, good, but long)

I was prescribed monural during pregnancy. Excellent and quickly helps.

. Both the bladder and the kidney tissue are already inflamed. Inflammation in the kidneys leads to improper operation, from which there is renal failure. Bad urine tests, bacteria, leukocyte protein. Monuralom here will not do. To do this, usually prescribed other antibiotics (ampicillin, cefotoxin, amoxiclav.) Preferably injections. They are allowed during pregnancy and are often used to treat patients in hospitals (B.'s pathologies). I know this all not by hearsay. I went through everything and now I'm going through. At the moment I am on conservation with pyelonephritis. Kolyat ampicillin. Prior to that, about a month ago, the exact same situation only pricked cefatoxin. Before pregnancy with cystitis, I tried monural and many times.

. Aliza. And based on this decision. It is very good that ciston helps you, it did not help me at all, just for the purpose of prevention. I just wanted to say that even in the anoral to the monural it is written that it is indicated during pregnancy, if the benefit to the mother increases the risks for the child. My gynecologist appointed him to me, but I also applied to the urologist. Saw monural when breast feeding an older child, the child had no complications, it is weak.

She recently had cystitis. It is not clear where the truth comes from. Monural did not help at all. Money to the wind. The urologist prescribed gentamicin injections for two injections per day, for 5 days. And vitamin c. I drank capsules. On the third day of the injections, the pain went away. And then there was pain and blood in the urine. Recover

Monural saw, but did not help me, and kanefron does not help me. But from kanefron harm will not, drink.

Monural can be, immediately helps. The earlier the better. Tested on yourself. For me there is no better means. And during pregnancy and feeding saw-doctors allowed.


After ingestion is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Bioavailability with a single dose of 3 g is 34-65%. Cmax is achieved in 2-2.5 hours and is 22-32 µg / ml.

Distribution and metabolism

Fosfomycin trometamol does not bind to plasma proteins, dissociates in the body to fosfomycin and trometamol (does not possess antibacterial properties) and is no longer metabolized, it mainly accumulates in the urine. When taken in a single dose of 3 g in the urine is achieved a high concentration (from 1053 to 4415 mg / l), 99% bactericidal for most common pathogens of urinary tract infections. BMD (128 mg / l) is maintained in the urine for 24-48 hours (which implies a single-dose course of treatment).

T1/2 from plasma - 4 hours. Excreted unchanged by the kidneys (up to 95%) with the creation of high concentrations in the urine, about 5% - with bile.

Pharmacokinetics in special clinical situations

In patients with moderate decline in renal function (CK> 80 ml / min), including its physiological decline in the elderly, T1/2 fosfomycin is slightly lengthened, but the concentration in the urine remains at a therapeutic level.

Release form, composition and packaging

Granules for the preparation of oral solution white, with tangerine smell.

Auxiliary substances: tangerine flavoring, orange flavoring, saccharin, sucrose.

2 g - Multilayer laminated bags (1) - packs of cardboard.
2 g - Multilayer laminated bags (2) - packs cardboard.

Dosing regimen

For adults the drug is prescribed 3 g 1 time / day. The course of treatment is 1 day. If necessary (for severe or recurrent infections, the elderly), it is possible to re-take the drug in a dose of 3 g after 24 hours.

In order to prevent infection of the urinary tract during surgery, transurethral diagnostic procedures, the drug is taken at a dose of 3 g 3 hours before the intervention and 3 g 24 hours after the first dose.

Children over 5 years old the drug is prescribed in a dose of 2 g only once.

When prescribing the drug patients with renal failure reduce the dose and increase the interval between doses.

Before taking the granules dissolved in 1/3 cup of water. The drug is taken 1 time per day on an empty stomach 2 hours before or after meals (preferably before bedtime), after emptying the bladder.

Side effect

Co side of the digestive system: nausea, heartburn, diarrhea.

Other: skin rash, allergic reactions.

- acute bacterial cystitis,

- acute attacks of recurrent bacterial cystitis,

- bacterial non-specific urethritis,

- Asymptomatic massive bacteriuria in pregnant women,

- postoperative urinary tract infections,

- prevention of urinary tract infections during surgery and transurethral diagnostic studies.


- severe degree of renal failure (CC) Another 14 doctor reviews

An effective drug with the rapid development of the effect in acute cystitis. Side effects were not observed. Unfortunately, the drug is widely used for self-medication, which causes the development of resistance of the pathogen, respectively, reducing the effectiveness of the drug during repeated use. Easy to use.

A good antibacterial drug with a convenient dosing regimen, but more suitable for the treatment of an episode of newly developed cystitis.

The rather high cost, convenient dosage regimen and sufficient fame of the drug increase the risk of unreasonable use in cases of self-treatment by patients.

Only for the treatment of newly developed cystitis.

An excellent drug for the treatment of lower urinary tract infections, the drug of choice for emergency cases when you need to fast it before a scheduled operation. Tolerability is excellent; no side effects have been observed for the entire time of use. I recommend this drug for the treatment of acute uncomplicated cystitis and urethritis.

The drug of choice for newly diagnosed acute uncomplicated cystitis! Works well, quickly relieves symptoms, good tolerance!

In subsequent inflammations of the bladder almost 60-70% is not effective!

Low incidence of side effects. Very often, patients without a doctor's recommendation drink it when they want, and how much they want!

The drug is recommended as a first-line therapy for acute cystitis.

Indications for use of the drug are exhausted by acute cystitis. The drug should not be used for recurrent cystitis and exacerbations of chronic cystitis.

The drug is unreasonably widely used in the form of self-treatment and treatment of the recommendations of pharmacy employees. Associated with this is the increase in resistance (resistance) of infectious agents to the drug, and accordingly a gradual increase in the number of cases of no effect on treatment. This drug should be taken only on prescription. In no case should not be used independently with frequent recurrent cystitis.

Fosfomycin is a first-line drug for the treatment of acute cystitis. Convenient reception mode. A quick and lasting therapeutic effect occurs after a single dose of the drug. Side effects in my practice was not noted. Well tolerated by patients.

The high cost of the drug.

Allergic reactions are possible.

The drug of choice in the treatment of newly developed acute cystitis. Works well with symptoms. On the first day of the reception almost completely removes the manifestations of cystitis. Способ приёма так же удобен пациентам.

Ubiquitous independent reception at the manifestation of the disease, due to the recommendations and good performance. However, practically does not work in cases of exacerbation of chronic cystitis. Subsequently, patients are treated with an erased form to a doctor.

It is worth noting that many doctors according to the last recommendation, double the duration of the reception for acute events, to increase the effect (3 g 1 time per day for 2 days).

In my practice, I use "Monural" as an emergency medicine for the treatment of inflammation of the bladder (cystitis, pyelocystitis). The drug has a good sensitivity for intestinal infections. One sachet is enough to relieve the acute manifestations of bladder inflammation. On the eve of summer and trips to the sea, I recommend to have it with you.

A good antimicrobial drug for the treatment of the first and possibly repeated episode of acute cystitis. Easy to use, low antibiotic resistance causes the widespread use of this drug as a first-line drug for the treatment of acute, uncomplicated cystitis, low incidence of side effects.

The first choice for uncomplicated, first developed cystitis. Almost immediately removes unpleasant symptoms, has no side effects and is quite easy to use. It is also possible for the treatment of infections IMP in pregnant women.

In some cases it does not work at all. It is ineffective in chronic inflammatory diseases, symptoms can be removed, but it does not solve the problem, and relapses of the disease occur quickly enough. The high cost of the drug.

It is sad that the drug is often used without a doctor's prescription on the advice of a pharmacy. Given the relatively high cost of the drug and limited indications for use, taking the drug only on prescription.

I have never seen any side effects. Perhaps lucky, but the fact remains. Efficiency - 70-80%, which, IMHO, is associated with the periodic participation of Ureaplasma sp. in the development of acute cystitis. Compliance - 100%. Value for money pleases.

The ideal first-line drug for the treatment of acute uncomplicated cystitis.

This drug is sometimes used in my medical practice. Liked: 1. Quick action, excellent result. 2. Single use. 3. When gestational pyelonephritis is possible, it can be prescribed during pregnancy. 4. Well helps with acute cystitis.

Did not like: 1. The drug is not the cheapest

In some cases, a single dose relieves inflammation in the bladder. Side effects are minimal.

Quite often, the effect of the application is absent.

Monural is actively used in the treatment of acute uncomplicated cystitis. Unfortunately, quite often does not live up to expectations. It is important to follow the rules of admission. Drink at night and try not to drink liquid before bedtime.

It is well tolerated, side effects in the form of urticaria and scheduling phenomena are extremely rare.

Monural has worked well for the treatment of uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections in young patients with newly developed acute cystitis, for example. As a rule, the effect occurs the next day, but sometimes a single use is not enough. Convenient as an emergency if the illness found in travel.

In my opinion, uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections in women can be treated with Monural, but when it comes to complicated recurrent infections, then there are less expensive and equally effective alternatives.

Patient testimonials about monural

Cystitis was ill a month ago. My disease is not chronic. It was night time and going to the doctor was not an option. I went to the pharmacy, and the pharmacist advised Monural, 3 g. In a sachet. I prepared according to the instructions and took it once. Unfortunately, tomorrow thrush thrush, as "Monural" was a strong antibiotic. Symptoms of cystitis disappeared, but after treatment the thrush began to appear again. The interval between the first cystitis and the second is a week. I went to the doctor. It turned out that for the first time Monural did not completely eliminate the disease, but only suppressed the symptoms. And by that time the infection had reached the ureters and struck them strongly. Subsequently, we had to pass tests for infections and the state of microflora in the genitals. The doctor wrote a treatment with Digran and several other drugs. I recovered a second time without thrush and will no longer apply to Monural. Helps instantly, but temporarily.

For several years there were no attacks of cystitis at all, but this summer, unfortunately, he again reminded of himself. After a couple of days of torment, I still went to the urologist, who prescribed the Monural for me. The drug is quite expensive, but I can not say anything, it really helps, the main thing is to fully follow the instructions. The very next day I forgot to think about the pains. But there is one significant but, unfortunately, I did not pay attention to the side effects in the instructions, so I was not ready for them. It is quite a negative effect on the digestive tract. Despite its very fast and effective effect, I personally next time will draw attention to a drug that is more harmless in its consequences.

A few years ago I encountered the most terrible (since I follow my health and rarely get sick at all) a disease - cystitis. Then, at the very first symptoms, I went to the doctor and prescribed "Monural". First, it worked right away, instant relief came. Secondly, it inspired confidence in the drug that this antibiotic does not affect the gastrointestinal tract, but enters directly into the bladder and for a long time, even when you think that everything is over, the drug fights with microbes and is eliminated naturally. There were no side effects, gastrointestinal disorders, too, and for themselves the name of the drug recorded. And now, after more than 6 years of careful and caring attitude to myself, I again earn cystitis, only the situation is 100 times more difficult, I am in nature so far from civilization that when I managed to get to the modern pharmacy, my urine becomes muddy and blood appears simply intolerable, and here the Monural begins to act, not as quickly as the last time, relief came gradually, on the third day it became quite good, but the picture repeats on the sixth day, and since it can be re-accepted, accepted. The day passed and the symptoms did not return. The drug helps and tastes good.

Once I happened to get cystitis. As usual, in the hope of healing, I looked for a lot of drugs that could help me, but I could not find a sufficiently effective remedy. And then the doctor advised me on a medicine like Monural. I, already despairing, doubted its effectiveness. Began to apply, and suddenly I began to feel light, and after a day everything was gone. The truth is the only minus "Monural" is the great value of the product. From the pros: I did not feel the side effects and particular discomfort during the application. In general, "Monural" I was very much rescued and pleased, now he is always at my fingertips.

Faced with the use of this drug at the beginning of pregnancy, did not know about it at that time, breastfed the first child. She took "Monural" because of cystitis was urinary retention for 3 days, the appointment was made by the urologist, said the bag was taken once. It helped a couple of hours after admission. For lactating this drug is dangerous to stop lactation. Restore lactation failed. A breastfeeding specialist said, the reason is in the preparation, pregnancy does not affect lactation.

For the first time in my life I ran into cystitis. Advised "Monural". Excellent drug, at night drank a bag, in the morning as new. It is not cheap, but it is worth it! More such drugs. I personally had no adverse reactions.

He advised the doctor to try this drug. The symptoms went away literally in a day and a half. Very good drug, really effective, let's say. The price, yes, seems a little expensive, but the effect of it is much better than that of many other antibiotics. Side effects from the drug is not experienced. In general, in my opinion, an effective tool.

During pregnancy, faced with such an unpleasant illness as cystitis. Accordingly, there can be no talk of any antibiotics! The doctor advised to drink "Monural" just one bag and plus another medicinal drug to drink in for a week or two! I can say that after a day it became easier - unpleasant symptoms, such as stinging and pain during urination, disappeared. A week later, she passed a urine test according to Nechiporenko! I didn't have any sticks there, and the cystitis hasn't bothered me for a long time. Good medicine, but expensive.

"Monural" helped me a little. A day has passed, the pain has become weaker, but remains. A bruise in the form of diarrhea. Cystitis is acute, uncomplicated, without fever.

I bought this drug, they all praise it very much, the price is high, of course, but I decided to try it, this drug did not help me, I got more side effects from it than the result of treatment.

In addition to a positive review, I can’t say anything, unfortunately, I often suffer from cystitis, and this means for me is just a rescue, and very fast, I drink at night and in the morning as "new." The only drawback for me personally is the high price, but it's worth it, of course. I have tried many remedies, and this is the most effective medicine.

After the second episode of cystitis, I was afraid to drink antibiotics as such: I tried too much, and resistance to them arose. My medical colleague advised Monural. Especially bribed his one-time use, despite the biting price. As a result, in two days all the symptoms really went away and, pah-pah, did not appear again! He, by the way, has a pleasant taste, with an orange tint, so that there will be no unnecessary torment when used.

There was acute cystitis with turbid urine and blood, terrible pains. The pharmacy advised Monural. It has passed, but not immediately, for two days gradually. But suddenly other non-related symptoms disappeared - long-term burrs on the fingers did not heal, the smell also passed from the mouth, from which I concluded that it has a general effect, and not only on the urinary system. There were no side effects. And then bought again, decided to coincide with the common cold. I remember how it helped. But analogue, I do not remember the name. There are side effects in the form of soreness. Here I read here, it turns out 36-48 hours. It will be flattening. From monural it wasn't like that. But again, a miracle! Already two weeks terribly sick leg and waist. After the cyst had gone through the female part, and the doctor said, this part of the fluid from my cyst got out of it. Well, I suffered for two weeks, I couldn’t get on my foot in the morning. Two uzists different in gynecology said - neurology, a cyst nothing to do with. And the pain in the clinic does not go -23 February, then the weekend, I bought the monural while the leg and lower back went through 4 hours. Draw conclusions.

For the first time he got cystitis, was treated with this drug. She took once as prescribed by a doctor. Symptoms of cystitis (constant urge to urinate, cutting around the bladder) disappeared after a few hours. Two weeks later, cystitis manifested itself again and became chronic. She was treated with another antibiotic for 10 days. Another time was treated with "Monural", but already with a double reception, cystitis was completely and for a long time. If the form of the disease is acute (for example, also with blood during urination) or chronic, "Monural" is unlikely to help. Plus the fact that it is convenient to take it on trips, and, in my opinion, it is allowed to take during pregnancy (in the second and third trimester).

Great medicine. It just saved me from pain in almost two hours. Now you can safely visit the urologist, as with pain and the frequent urge to do it is difficult. And even more so wait for the analysis on the bacteria.

"Monural" is an excellent drug in the fight against inflammatory processes of the urethra, as well as with cystitis, which sometimes from overcooling occurs in me and causes a lot of inconvenience. The powder is very effective and has a pleasant taste and smell, one course is enough to cure the disease.

Hello! I would like to tell you about my experience with the use of the drug "Monural". Many reasons were the basis for its use at this time, but if you combine them all into one name, it is an infection that originated in the genitourinary system. Diabetes mellitus and a fairly long experience of the disease have become catalysts of chronic pyelonephritis. Canephron or Urolesan is a weak prevention method and no more. If inflammation starts, you need Monural. To me and to all whom I advised him, he helped absolutely and, most importantly, instantly. Monural is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, fosfomycin, but it is very simple to operate. I accept it as follows: I go to the toilet before going to bed, after which I stir the contents of one packet in half a glass of warm water, drink and fall asleep. In the morning I go to the toilet, sometimes feeling cramps when urinating, and repeat the procedure on an empty stomach, that is, I dissolve the contents of one packet in half a glass of warm water and drink. The taste of “Monural” pleasant, orange-lemon. The color of the powder is white. It dissolves well. Symptoms will go away on the same day. "Monural" - this is the drug that is worth the money.

The last time I was treated with "Monural", yes, he helped, but literally immediately began severe diarrhea, which, three days later, barely managed to stop.

I am 8 months old, found E. coli in the urine, prescribed "Monural". I drank as expected, at night, according to the instructions. After 4 hours I woke up. The most terrible diarrhea, straight water, vomiting. All day diarrhea, today is the second day after admission. Diarrhea, but at least nausea has passed. I hope that at least help, and that the baby does not harm. So consider this my spoon of tar in your barrel of honey.

A month ago, pains appeared during urination, she was treated with "Urolesan" and "Kanefron" - it did not help, her kidneys started to hurt, the tests just awful came. They decided to take me to the hospital for stabbing with antibiotics with a bunch of side effects. They say that self-medication is dangerous to health, but my situation has proved the opposite. If it were not for reviews on the Internet, then my whole fifth point would be bruised. I bought Monural, drank a bag and felt healthy the next day, and there is no hint of cystitis. Not only did it help at once, it also has a divine taste. I drank with pleasure, there were no side effects.

I will insert my 5 kopecks into the money-box of the Monural drug. I have drank a bunch of medications for 5 years of treating my cystitis “perpetual”, but to no avail - anyway, after a month or two, cystitis returned. I changed the doctors, probably, ten, but I don’t have much sense either - everyone prescribed something of his own, antibiotics that I drank - I won’t list them on the fingers of both hands. "Monural" I was assigned a new, young doctor. I honestly didn’t really hope, but when on the second day after the reception I was able to go to the toilet without pain, I was very happy. Then other signs of cystitis are gone. So Monural helped me, now I do not even think about careful cystitis, only as a terrible dream that lasted 5 years!

When I was pregnant in the fifth month, they found E. coli in the tests. As a result, cystitis and kidney aches terribly, already could not walk. In addition to herbal medicine, monural was prescribed. I was very afraid to accept, because I didn’t know how it could affect a child. But the doctor said that in this case, without an antibiotic in any way. And if the infection spreads even more, it will only get worse. In the end, I drank two such packages for a course of treatment. He really helped. Cystitis was cured, and the baby was born healthy.

I always thought that cystitis is only from hypothermia, but in fact the cause is E. coli, so you need to be treated very necessarily and very seriously so as not to get a cystitis in a chronic form. So, you should start with a visit to the doctor, after the examination, he will prescribe treatment. I was recommended to improve immunity (well, I know how vitamins, a correct lifestyle, more fruits and vegetables, etc.) and treat cystitis with the help of the drug "Monural". “Monural” helped me very quickly, literally the next day, it no longer tormented the pain, it ceased constantly to want to go to the toilet. In general, I am glad that everything ended so quickly and well.

Chronic cystitis has been haunting me for 8 years already, I have drunk a lot of drugs - both antibiotics and drugs of national origin, but perhaps it was just a quick result from the monural. He was discharged to me by his doctor, drank a bag for the night and slept, in the morning the pain disappeared as if by hand. But still I took a course of antibiotics after drinking monural, although he took off the hellish pain and cracks almost immediately. Monural is not a panacea for cystitis, but as an ambulance he approached me, a worthy drug.

This medicine is just super! I rarely get sick, but once I ran out into the street with wet hair, in thin tights and a short skirt. Here and descended for the first time in the life of cystitis. None of the drugs from the pharmacy helped; they bought chamomile herb and tea for cystitis. In vain the money spent, and with cystitis especially not tolerate. I learned from friends about "Monural". Even pregnant women are prescribed by doctors. The price for one bag is not small, so it remains for me to guess whether it will help or not. One bag of 5 dollars. The remedy helped the first time. Это антибиотик, который снимает все симптомы болезни. "Монурал" помог в течение часа и цистит ушел полностью.

Этот препарат всегда находится в моей сумке. Цистит нагрянул накануне выставки, звоню врачу, она сказала, что справится только он. И правда, спас. Легче стало часа через два. Только девушкам, начитавшимся положительных отзывов, и злоупотребляющих самолечением, важно знать, что это экстренное снятие симптомов, но не лечение воспаления. Обязательно ко врачу и пить курсом назначенные лекарства.

Good, but very expensive medicine. It does not immediately help, of course, but much faster than any other remedy for cystitis. Side effects are not felt, although the instructions are described. It is very important that the medicine has a rather pleasant taste and smell, since I cannot drink something sugary sweet. After other medications, cystitis returned with time. Monural is not one of those, fortunately. About the price - expensive, no doubt. I heard that you can find a cheaper equivalent, but did not dare, because this sore really got me. I advise you to spend time and buy monural, than to suffer and buy something cheaper.

Monural is an excellent drug. At one time, he saved him from a sudden onset of cystitis at the height of the session. I put an end to the successful completion of tests and exams, since absolutely nothing was able to do. On the Internet in the forums advised Monural. I could hardly believe that one pill, in which then it was still released, would be able to alleviate these sufferings. And I was extremely surprised - after three hours I felt fine and was happy about the happiness when nothing hurts. Monural drank again after that incident - a year later the cystitis began again, but Monural also quickly put on his feet.

Very good tool. I used to save them before, and there is still one thing that few people know about - very often cystitis occurs after sex without condoms, especially if a small amount of lubricant is released (for example, during menopause). In general, if you use a good lubricant, you can avoid all this. The only lubricant should be of high quality, not cause allergies, the same montavit gel is suitable, great lubricant.

Faced this medicine during the third semester of pregnancy. Already practically before the birth, a general urinalysis was given and a protein was found. The urologist advised to drink only one sachet so that the tests were good. And indeed, a miracle happened. After I cut Monural, the next urine test showed that I was fine.

The doctor prescribed the monural to the eldest daughter (she is already an adult with me), because she suffers from cystitis several times a year. Indeed, the monural helps her, and the inflammation quickly passes from him. But repetitions of inflammation occur as often as before. There is no time to go to the doctor, so we take monural every time. Although it is probably wrong.

This medicine literally saved me. We went to rest on the sea, and one day the cystitis began. The pain and pain during urination were very strong, as well as crying. Cystitis, I do not suffer at all, but here it is, and it is not clear what started. I had to contact a local urologist, who prescribed monural. I couldn’t even believe that just one sachet can help, usually medicines are taken in courses for several days. But it really helped. She spread the bag with water, drank it overnight. In the morning the cracks were quite tolerant, by the evening everything went as the doctor had promised. Indeed, some kind of "miracle" drug.