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When are signs of pregnancy in a woman after menstruation?

The human body is a very subtle and complex system that gives signals about all internal changes, it is very important to listen to all its reactions. Pregnancy from the first days has an effect on the nervous system - irritability, quick and unreasonable change of mood, general emotional instability appear. All this is manifested in the first week of pregnancy.

At weeks 4-6, physiological signs appear - morning sickness, changes in taste and olfactory sensations, food preferences, drowsiness, general lethargy. Separately, these signs do not speak about anything and may be caused by other reasons, however, in aggregate, they clearly indicate pregnancy.

It should be said separately about morning sickness as a sign of pregnancy. Many see it as a sure indicator of pregnancy within a few days after the alleged conception. In fact, nausea, or intoxication associated with pregnancy, is manifested no earlier than a month (rarely 3 weeks) after the alleged conception. In all other cases, it has nothing to do with pregnancy.

From about 5-6 weeks, other physiological signs appear:

  • frequent urination,
  • vaginal discharge,
  • increase in basal temperature.

At 7-8 weeks (sometimes a little earlier), the mammary glands swell, accompanied (not always) by darkening of the halos around the nipples. There is also an increased sensitivity of the chest and the whole body as a whole.

Later signs are associated with changes in physiology and the general mode and rhythm of the body. These include: an increase in the abdomen, a clear increase in the mammary glands, an increase in appetite, the activity of the fetus inside the uterus.

The first signs of pregnancy before a monthly delay

As already mentioned at the very beginning of the article, not all the described signs of pregnancy can be reliable. The first signs before the delay of menstruation are the signs that appear no later than 4 weeks after conception, all the signs that appear later can be attributed to those that appear after the delay. Obviously, with such a short period of time, there is no reason to speak about the reliability of the signs.

The first signs of pregnancy in the earliest stages, i.e. before the delay of menstruation, can be divided into two groups:

  • emotional and psychological signs
  • indications of pregnancy tests and medical examinations.

The state of emotional instability can be caused by a number of other reasons, which have absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy. If fatigue and irritability, along with sudden and sharp rises in working capacity, are observed for quite a long time - for a week or more, it is worth saying that this condition can be caused by pregnancy.

The most accurate means of determining pregnancy at such an early period is the use of a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests should be purchased only at a pharmacy, if you want to be confident in their accuracy and quality. A pregnancy test must be issued by a reputable manufacturer and comply with all medical standards. In order to be 100% sure of the test, many women acquire several pregnancy tests of the same or different manufacturers.

Most gynecologists trust in pregnancy tests. The principle of their action is the detection in the urine of the hormone chorionic gonadotropin. To obtain the most accurate testimony, the test must be done in the morning, on the eve of this it is necessary to avoid the use of spicy dishes and alcohol.

Another way to determine early pregnancy is blood test for hCG. The most accurate such study will be on the 7-10 day of the intended pregnancy. With regard to ultrasound, many women are quite skeptical about the conduct of this study in the early period. Yes, indeed: the more time has passed since the conceived conception, the more accurate the results of the ultrasound examination will be. It is recommended to conduct this study at 3-4 weeks of the alleged pregnancy.

The first symptoms and signs of pregnancy after delayed menstruation.

Delay of menstruation in itself is not a likely sign of pregnancy and can be caused by many other reasons. However, if it is accompanied by a number of signs described in the previous section of the article, it is already possible to speak of a rather high probability of pregnancy. Consider the signs of pregnancy, manifested after a delay of menstruation and related to the category of reliable.

Breast augmentation. If at an earlier period breast augmentation was observed, and after a delay in menstruation, the breasts continued to increase, this is a clear sign of current pregnancy. It can also be observed early release of colostrum - usually it occurs at 5-6 months, but in some cases it can occur at 2-3 months.

Enlarged uterus. The most accurate increase in the uterus at 2 months, when the stomach has not yet begun to grow, can only be determined by a gynecologist. The definition of this symptom is a standard gynecological examination.

Ultrasound. The UZA study at 2-3 months of pregnancy shows more reliable results than at 1 month. The data of this study very accurately show the presence in the uterus of the ovum, however, nothing can be said about the future health of the fetus.

The presence of the hormone HCG in the urine and blood. A pregnancy test reveals the presence of a hormone in the urine, a special clinical blood test - its presence in the blood of a woman. The most accurate is, of course, a blood test - for its implementation, you can not wait for the delay of menstruation and hold it already 10 days after the alleged conception. As for pregnancy tests, their selection should be guided by the simple rules described in the previous section of the article.

Signs of pregnancy in the first days and weeks after conception

In general, these signs are signs that manifest themselves until a monthly delay. If we talk about purely physiological symptoms, then in the early stages they do not appear too active, and psychological or emotional instability is not a reliable indicator of pregnancy.

The earliest, most likely signs of pregnancy, many include headaches and abdominal pain. If there are other suspected or likely signs, these symptoms can be considered as signals of the onset of pregnancy. By themselves, they are also not sufficiently accurate indicators and can be caused by a number of other reasons.

The most simple and affordable means of determining pregnancy in the very first days and weeks is the use of a pregnancy test acquired at a pharmacy. A more accurate tool, but, at the same time, and more expensive, is a blood test for hCG. Both of these tools can be applied in the first 3-5 days after the intended conception.

As you can see, the accuracy of determining pregnancy depends on the period. In the first weeks, and, especially, the days, it is sometimes impossible to identify a pregnancy by physiological or psychoemotional factors alone. The longer the term, the more factors clearly indicate pregnancy. And, of course, contacting a specialist, carrying out laboratory tests, as well as using pregnancy tests are the most reliable means of determining pregnancy in the early stages.

The first signs of pregnancy before and after menstruation

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What sensations and signs reliably say about pregnancy?

How beautiful it would be if the very next day after conception the uterus signaled to the woman about the coming pregnancy by some obvious symptom. But this does not happen and we have to rely only on signs of hormonal changes in the body. Given that each woman is an individual, then the signs of pregnancy in the early stages may not appear at all, but everyone in the complex may begin to disturb the future mother already at 1 month.

Studies have shown that the egg is usually fertilized within 12 hours after ovulation (and no longer than 24 hours, because after it dies). You will begin to notice the symptoms of the onset of pregnancy only after implantation, which occurs 7-10 days after ovulation. The fact is that the embryo begins to produce hCG after its attachment to the wall of the uterus, therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible to detect any symptoms earlier. The longer you wait before you make a pregnancy test, the more accurate the result and the darker the second bar. Ideally, a pregnancy test should be done from the day of menstruation, which has not arrived this month. There are also a number of other reasons that may cause lateness of the month, read about them in our other article.

What are the earliest symptoms?

If you do not observe any of these symptoms, this does not mean that there is no pregnancy. Perhaps your body reacts in its own way to conception and a change in the hormonal level is not so strongly reflected in your well-being.

No. 1: High basal body temperature

If you regularly monitor your cycle and measure BT (basal temperature), you will notice that it will remain high throughout the luteal phase. Progesterone causes the temperature to remain high during ovulation, and if BT remains high, this indicates pregnancy. If conception did not come, then BT drops and the monthly ones go in their due time.

The most obvious and well-known symptom is that you notice that the prescribed periods have not come on time. But, despite the fact that this symptom is most often referred to as pregnancy, there are a number of other reasons that can lead to a delay. For example, severe stress, serious illness, or surgery. On the other hand, many women have menstruation already during pregnancy. For some, they will go for months or even the whole pregnancy.

Another fairly well-known symptom is morning sickness. It, of course, can manifest itself not only in the morning, but at any time of the day, as soon as the blood sugar level drops significantly. Therefore, you need to follow regular meals. The whole first trimester can vomit, and some women suffer from this symptom in general for 9 months.

  • nipples become tender, sensitive and darken,
  • the chest starts to hurt and (or) becomes lumpy,
  • veins on the chest become noticeable,
  • areoles (circles around the nipples) can darken and increase,
  • small bumps on the areola may become larger or their number will increase.

No. 5: Increased natural secretions

The growth of the hormone progesterone leads to an increase in the amount of cervical mucus. For some women, this symptom may not be noticeable at all, while others have to change their daily pads more often.

During the first pregnancy, the metabolism becomes faster to support your unborn baby and your own body. This leads to a feeling of endless fatigue. You may think that you constantly want to sleep, or at least just to rest. Progesterone also has a sedative effect, so many women even close their eyes during the day from fatigue. You should not fight with your body - you just need rest now.

Within a week after conception, it can be seen that the urge to the toilet began to be observed somewhat more often than usual. This is because the embryo has already begun to produce hCG, a pregnancy hormone that increases blood supply in the pelvic region. As a result, the bladder signals its fullness even when there is a small amount of urine. This is especially worried about a woman at night.

This symptom in many women is worrying, because they are afraid of miscarriage. However, even if you are not pregnant, your uterus is constantly contracting. This is normal and while waiting for the child, because the fetus grows and presses on the walls of the uterus, which leads to its spasms.

But if these contractions are accompanied by bleeding, then this may indeed be a miscarriage. In this case, you need as soon as possible to contact your gynecologist and an ambulance. But do not panic - sometimes bleeding can be another sign of pregnancy.

8-10 days after ovulation (when you must have another menstruation) you may notice light bleeding, which is called implant bleeding. They are usually not as bright colors as menses.

An increase in hormones leads to the fact that the intestines relax and work worse - this is necessary in order to make more space for the baby. But as a result, it often leads to constipation. Fortunately, there are many tools that can help and they are safe for pregnant women.

Smells that have never bothered you before can now become an insistent problem. Even cooking can now cause disgust.

№12: Cold and (or) stuffy nose

With the normal development of pregnancy, the woman’s immune system is suppressed. This is provided by nature so that the pregnant woman's body does not reject the fetus, as a foreign body. As a result of these hormonal changes, the expectant mother is very susceptible to various kinds of infections. And the nose is stuffed up again because of the hormonal effects on the nasal passages.

You may find yourself prone to acne. And even if this trouble did not bother you before, the waiting period for your baby quite often leads to acne.

An increase in the level of hormones in your body can also affect your saliva. You can feel a metallic taste in your mouth that changes the taste of ordinary foods.

From the very first weeks of pregnancy, a woman may feel some strange tides of joy, then a sharp influx of sadness. Often, irritability becomes a very acute problem and relationships with others begin to deteriorate.

Sometimes a test at a very early time may not show the coveted second strip. Even if conception has occurred, the level of hCG may still be very small in order for the test to catch its rise. If you think that conception did happen during the last ovulation, then you should wait only 2 weeks and the result will be accurate.

At the hospital, you can be offered several types of definitions for pregnancy:

To avoid infection, the latter procedure is best not to do. The first two are enough to determine whether a long-awaited pregnancy has occurred.

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Can I get pregnant after menstruation

Can I get pregnant on the last day immediately after menstruation? The answer to this question many women want to know. Of course, if a girl has long dreamed of becoming a mother, the first signs of pregnancy for her in a safe period will not be an unpleasant surprise. But if a woman would like to avoid this event for a number of reasons, her pregnancy will clearly not please her.

Probability of pregnancy: myths and reality

About half a century ago, the so-called “calendar method” was considered almost one of the most ideal as a means of protection. In addition, at that time there was no sex in the country, which means there were no contraceptives, so the majority was protected by the “calendar method”. Doctors assured that on the last day immediately after menstruation, the first signs of pregnancy could not appear, and the ladies, in turn, calculated on the calendar a period in which they could finally fulfill their marital debt.

In addition, at that time, abortions were also not welcomed, and therefore the demographic situation was constantly improving - the incompetence of the calendar method gave its result. And the first signs of pregnancy could be recognized by women who dreamed of a child, as well as those who did not really need this gift of fate.

Despite many examples that the probability of pregnancy immediately after menstruation or the last day of menstruation is proven, many women continue to trust the calendar method. They believe that the safest period for sexual relations is on the third day before the onset of menstruation, continues during it, and only in the last three days does it end.

It is worth noting right away: zero and minimum opportunity are different things, since no one can give a guarantee that a specific woman will not fall within this period as a percentage of "lucky women" who have the first signs of pregnancy immediately after their periods.

So, the cycle of menstruation consists of 4 phases

The longest is follicular, which lasts about two weeks. Именно за этот срок в организме женщины зреет доминантный фолликул с готовой к оплодотворению яйцеклеткой.

Далее наступает вторая фаза – овуляторная. Во время нее полностью созревшая яйцеклетка, уже готовая к оплодотворению, ждет появления сперматозоидов. Срок этой фазы длится с 12 по 17 сутки. Как правило, все очень индивидуально и указанный промежуток только примерный, но следует учитывать, что именно во время него вероятность наступления беременности становится максимальной.

The third phase is luteal. During her time, the woman's womb is intensely preparing to receive the future embryo. The egg cell in this period is still in the same state, that is, ready for fertilization, but the hormonal background of the woman is already changing, although conception is still possible.

If conception does not occur on this day, then at the very end of the cycle, the body is peculiarly cleansed, marked by the last stage of the cycle - menstruation. At the same time, the endometrial layer is separated and, together with an unfertilized egg cell, is excreted from the body.

This term is extremely unfavorable for conception. The onset of pregnancy on the first day of the phase and the subsequent ones is hampered by the aggressive release of hormones. It continues after the last day of the discharge. In this regard, the majority of physicians suggests that immediately after menstruation, the first signs of pregnancy can not appear.

Exceptions to the rules

Women who want to know the joy of motherhood, try to find out and calculate the perfect day for conception with the utmost care - but often they do not succeed. The fact is that the chances of successful fertilization, even during the period of ovulation, as well as the likelihood that the fertilized egg will live in the uterus - are minimal and only 30 percent. For those who want to get pregnant, this figure is frighteningly small. And for those ladies who do not want to have children, even the “safest” last day cannot guarantee the absence of conception.

Due to some peculiarities of the organism in many women, the menstrual cycle during the whole period of life is not finally established. Accordingly, the moment of ovulation shifts, and to fix safe days in this case is useless. That is, if the monthly come not on the calendar and with a shift of several days, it is worth skeptical to refer to the calendar method of protection. These are the first reasons for the signs of pregnancy immediately after the last day of menstruation.

The second reason is a short menstrual cycle. Phase calculations are carried out on the basis of a cycle with a standard number of days (approximately 28-29), but in reality it happens that it lasts 25 days or less. Menstruation lasts 7-8 days or more. Then it turns out that the term favorable for conception does not begin on the 12th day, but on the 8th. So it turns out that the monthly seems to be just over, and the egg is fully ready for fertilization.

It should also be borne in mind that many women have a heightened sexual desire during menstruation, and often at this time they have spontaneous and passionate sexual contacts. In this case, the probability of getting pregnant immediately after menstruation also increases several times.

"Holiday" pregnancy

Any failures in the menstrual cycle speak about hormonal jumps in the female body. What are the reasons? Yes, thousands of them! These include medication, the development of any disease, unhealthy diet, high physical exertion and a variety of stresses that torment women almost constantly. And, accordingly, the likelihood of unwanted pregnancy increases.

It should be noted that the cause of failures can be joyful excitement. For example, associated with vacation and holiday travel. Often the consequence of a great holiday at the resort is the unwanted first signs of pregnancy, and they can even occur if sex occurs on safe days. That is why the "calendar method" of protection during the holiday period is not worth trusting - the probability of error is high, and it is better to use real contraceptives.

Surprise from the little "friends"

Suppose that a woman’s menstrual cycle is absolutely correct, and there have never been any failures in it. In this case, is it possible to trust the “calendar method” and is there any chance of getting pregnant immediately after the menstrual period? Unfortunately, but there is still a chance that the first signs of pregnancy will appear.

Basically, it all depends on the partner. Some men have sluggish and non-viable sperm, while others, on the contrary, are extremely tenacious. If the connection was with the latter, then the sperm can maintain their qualities in anticipation of a mature egg for a week or more, comfortably settling in the genital tract.

No one is immune from unpredictable accidents!

Quite rarely, but still it happens that during the menstrual cycle a woman matures two eggs at once. This is called spontaneous ovulation. Such ladies, in fact, can become pregnant at any time, including during menstruation. Nobody can explain why this happens, but according to the doctors' assumptions, everything here is connected with genetics.

In some cases, a woman may have the impression that conception has come on safe days. In fact, everything happened much earlier and the gestation period is already quite large. Just a fertilized egg attached in the uterus, despite the fact that part of the epithelium for some unknown reason separated and created the illusion of menstruation, while the embryo was already in the female body. The girl, after menstruation, had sex, so in this case she suffers from failures in the “calendar method” and realizes that this is not the case only when she can find out the real period of her pregnancy. Women who want to completely eliminate the likelihood of pregnancy, use the method of protection on the calendar should not be - you will live in perpetual stress and anxiety. Today, there are hundreds of methods of quality contraception, so it is best to use them. Remember: medicine has long been stepped forward!

Can pregnancy occur immediately after menstruation?

During the entire cycle, there are periods when fertilization may occur more easily or more difficult. However, most women have the confidence that during the period of menstrual bleeding or immediately after menstruation, it is impossible to get pregnant.

For this reason, a significant number of couples, while having sexual intercourse, neglect the means of contraception.

However, pregnancy may occur if the menstrual cycle is irregular or is 22-26 days. Menstruation at the onset of pregnancy is possible.

It can occur if the fertilized egg does not have time to implant in the uterus wall, in which case the classical delay will manifest itself in later periods.

Common symptoms

The first signs of pregnancy after menstruation can be divided into 3 groups: presumptive, probable and reliable. The alleged and probable signs that a woman became pregnant immediately after her period are the following.

After fertilization has occurred, the main presumptive sign that pregnancy is occurring is an increase in basal temperature, this symptom manifests itself in the first weeks.

Also, one of the classic symptoms that a woman became pregnant immediately after menstruation is a persistent feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, which does not stop even after the end of menstruation, passing with time to the lumbar region with localization of pain in the sacrum.

When the embryo attaches to the walls of the uterus, many women have a slight reddish discharge.

The first symptoms of pregnancy after menstruation may include fatigue, apathy and drowsiness. In the first weeks, the pregnant glands begin to grow in the pregnant woman, resulting in symptoms such as increased sensitivity and chest pain. In the first month, morning sickness and prolonged headaches often trouble.

Pregnant women improve blood flow in the uterus and increase the work of the glands of the vagina and cervix, which leads to the release of abundant whites, which during normal secretory functioning must be transparent and whitish in appearance, without harsh and strange smells.

Some pregnant women have dark nipples and the appearance of a dark strip in the lower abdomen. Most often, this feature of the body is inherent to the owners of brown eyes and dark hair. In later periods, pigmentation can spread to other parts of the body.

On the part of the central nervous system, immediately after the menstrual period, a significant change may also be observed in pregnant women, suggesting hormonal changes occurring with the woman. These are manifested sudden changes of mood, unreasonable aggression, quickly alternating periods of joy and tears.

If conception occurred in the last weeks before menstruation, then immediately after menstruation, the ensuing cycle, along with other symptoms, will be characterized by frequent urge to urinate. This will occur due to the increasing in size of the uterus, which begins to put pressure on the bladder, respectively, the fluid is unable to normally accumulate, and the woman always wants to go to the toilet. In addition to the ever-present urge to urinate, due to the growth of the uterus, pressure on the rectum also occurs, so that pregnant women have colic, bloating and constipation.

Pregnant women, along with physiological changes in their bodies, also note changes in taste preferences, expressed in aversion to the previously habitual daily diet, which may indicate a lack of certain vitamins or minerals. Along with these changes, an increase in salivation is often observed in some pregnant women.

Pregnant women also note an increased susceptibility to foreign smells, for example, perfumery, tobacco smoke or to the smell of cooked food.

Due to the hormonal changes occurring in the future mother's body, she may have acne on the face.

The body does not fully cope with an increase in the concentration of the hormone estrogen in the blood, so the so-called "asterisks" can appear on the body. Pregnancy after menstruation is characterized by partial or complete reddening of the palms of the future mother.

By itself, the delay in the menstrual cycle can not be a symptom of the onset of pregnancy.

Credible symptoms

The category of reliable signs of pregnancy include:

  1. Identification of the ovum in the uterus by ultrasound will help to show whether a pregnancy has occurred or not in 1 month.
  2. If, after the past menstruation, the breasts continue to grow in size, this sign is considered to be an obvious and reliable sign that the woman is pregnant.
  3. Blood donation for the analysis of the hormone hCG is one of the accurate signs. The hormone hCG begins to be secreted in the blood after 8-10 days after the alleged conception and for its implementation, you can not wait for the delay of menstrual flow.

All of the above symptoms, which manifest themselves in a woman’s body, are to some degree individual and depend on the hormonal background and its readiness to recognize them. Therefore, any woman should remember that reliably determine pregnancy in the early stages can only be a specialist, by assigning tests and using ultrasound. No need to speculate whether the pregnancy has come, but rather visit a gynecologist who will dispel or confirm their own assumptions.

Signs of pregnancy after menstruation.

After a delay, I did not feel pregnant for a long time. She lived the same life as before about two weeks. But it was from this time that I began to feel that something was wrong with me.

The first thing that drew attention was the black flies before my eyes. Any sudden movement provoked their appearance. The overall condition was half awake, I went forever tired. Plus, I really wanted to eat. But not everything, but certain products. Drawn on radishes and other vegetables. But from meat and sweets I turned away for all 9 months.

A few days later came toxicosis. This is something! This is something that can bring to the point of exhaustion the most powerful woman. It all started with a slight nausea in the morning, and continued with a wild disgust for the whole world. Each breath was given with difficulty, as it carried with it various odors. I had to bypass the Khrushchev and other old houses. They smelled especially disgusting to me. In general, I felt like a “perfumer” ... For several days I could only eat watermelon, my body rejected everything else. Fortunately, this condition lasted only 2 weeks.

Another important sign is the change of mood. I was very aggressive, my husband was afraid to tell me something. I then loved to look for reasons for quarrels with everyone, with friends and strangers. Here you have a sweet pregnant woman ...

There were still signs such as sharp flushes, that is, I was literally flushing, sweaty palms and constipation. Then the chest suddenly increased, which could not but rejoice. And also freckles appeared sharply, directly became huge and bright. Pimples appeared on the forehead.

Probably, this and all the signs of pregnancy that I had almost immediately after the delay. And what did you feel?

Alexey Razuvaev

Psychologist, online consultant. Specialist from the website b17.ru

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do you eat a lot of salt? Breast may be poured from salt, or from mastopathy. If she is a strip, then rather you have no pregnancy

Do another test, just in case negative, go to the doctor

Namney your forehead as much for the strength and time of how bruised as during PPA, rub your forehead about a bat or emery and look at how many shishak will fall down.
Rip off with what at the end of bleeding - with a dick, broiler or eggplant - if it is not ovulatory discharge.

in menstruation do not get pregnant - do you have a little physiology? how can zalet happen - if the egg cell only appears after a week at a minimum, and the spermatozoa have already come out with monthly and no matter how abundant or scarce they are. Are you a virgin mary? Or is it just that you cant fold two and two together really?

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I have not finished reading - there is also an interrupted act. Well, not really Virgin Mary - without ovulation, so also without sperm.

Anything could be, I got pregnant after menstruation on the third day. I still wonder how it happened. But a fact. I get pregnant the first time. There were three pregnancies.

Anything could be, I got pregnant after menstruation on the third day. I still wonder how it happened. But a fact. I get pregnant the first time. There were three pregnancies.

post 8. you flew three days after your period and you have sperm drained. Feel the difference? the author has neither sperm nor ovulation anytime soon. so don't be crap!

Anything could be, I got pregnant after menstruation on the third day. I still wonder how it happened. But a fact. I get pregnant the first time. There were three pregnancies.

Guest 11 - so they have sex once a month! they know for sure)))

Such ***** girls, who believe that even in menstruation, you can get pregnant after menstruation immediately (after 2-3 days), after PPA, are amazing. Go get the fuck up. Why should others fool the head ?!

I love these topics. You can laugh from the heart!

You laugh, and my girlfriend so right in the monthly flown, she was surprised how it happened

Such “smart” people are all sitting here, and others are being taught))) Pregnancy can occur on any day of the cycle, depending on when ovulation has occurred - someone has an early (on the 7th day of the cycle, for example, it can get on menstruation ) someone late (in the last days of the cycle) Everything is individual.

A bunch of stupid idiot, they themselves probably can not get pregnant, here they write *****. When ppa also become pregnant! Read books!

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in menstruation do not get pregnant - do you have a little physiology? how can zalet happen - if the egg cell only appears after a week at a minimum, and the spermatozoa have already come out with monthly and no matter how abundant or scarce they are. Are you a virgin mary? Or is it just that you cant fold two and two together really?

And how do twins get pregnant double ovulation or triplets) dupe

Hello, the question is, my period usually goes 6-7 days on the 5th day they are smeared brown, the act began on September 17th was September 21st on the fifth day after them, everything would be fine if it were not for the husband’s miracle that it couldn’t resist and do something Yesterday, colic of the lower abdomen appeared, hunger was a bug in the morning, sickening in the morning, but nothing pulls out, if I do a test, it will show something or not, maybe I got pregnant for 3 days after the act, there was no intimacy with June with him, came from a business trip. Thank you.

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