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Why after sex stomach hurts: the main reasons

Why does the stomach hurt after sex?

As a rule, abdominal pain after sex is associated with the following pathologies:

  • infectious and inflammatory lesions of the cervix and vagina,
  • endometriosis,
  • inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs,
  • functional ovarian cyst rupture,
  • ovarian apoplexy,
  • individual anatomical and functional features of the reproductive system.

Lower abdominal pain after sex with inflammation of the cervix and vagina

Quite often, relatively innocent candidiasis (thrush) becomes the culprit in abdominal pain after sex. This is a fungal disease that develops, as a rule, against the background of dysbacteriosis (treatment with antibiotics, abuse of syringes, etc.). In such cases, attracting the attention of cheesy vaginal discharge.

Another common cause of pain in the lower abdomen after sex is inflammation of the cervix (cervicitis). This pathology most often occurs in connection with injuries of the cervix (complicated labor, abortion or other surgical procedures on the uterus). In such cases, the pathogen of inflammation often becomes nonspecific microflora (staphylococci, streptococci, E. coli).

In addition, inflammation of the cervix may develop as a result of the spread of the infectious inflammatory process from the vagina (vaginitis) and the vaginal part of the cervix (colpitis) into the cervical canal with the development of endocervicitis. Such an outcome is most likely when chlamydial and gonococcal infections are chronic.

Lower abdominal pain after sex with inflammation of the cervix, as a rule, is combined with abnormal vaginal discharge. If you have these symptoms, you should contact your gynecologist and undergo antibiotic therapy. If, during examination, chlamydia, gonococci or other pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases are detected in smears from the cervical canal, treatment should be given in conjunction with a sexual partner.

Lower abdominal pain after sex with endometriosis

Endometriosis is a serious disease characterized by the growth of a functioning uterus epithelium (endothelium) outside its physiological location.

The causes of this pathology is not fully understood. Promote the development of endometriosis surgical manipulation of the uterus (abortion, diagnostic curettage, etc.). It is known that this is a hormone-dependent disease, therefore hormonal disorders play a certain role in the development of endometriosis. Congenital endometriosis is sometimes encountered (atypical location of the endometrium that originated during fetal development).

The endothelium can grow into the underlying layers of the uterine wall, forming peculiar pockets, in such cases they speak of adenomatosis (endometriosis of the uterus) - pathology, the main manifestation of which is abundant and painful menstruation.

In the future, pathology often develops according to the following scenario: during menstruation, blood with endothelial particles through the fallopian tubes enters the abdominal cavity, which leads to the dispersal of endometriosis areas on the outer membrane of the pelvic organs.

The atopically located areas of the endometrium continue to function, so that during menstruation bleeding occurs in the cavity of the internal pelvis. This leads to the further spread of endometriosis and the development of adhesions in the pelvis.

Formed adhesions become the main cause of pain in the lower abdomen after sex with endometriosis. Often the pain appears during intercourse and is so strong that it leads to a forced rejection of sexual relations. In addition, with marked adhesions, pain occurs during and after a bowel movement, which often causes habitual constipation.

Thus, if the pain in the lower abdomen after sex is combined with copious and painful menstruation, endometriosis should first be suspected. The treatment of this pathology is carried out by a gynecologist (as a rule, hormone therapy is prescribed). In cases of endometriotic cysts (foci of endometriosis on the outer surface of the ovaries) and severe adhesions, surgical intervention is indicated.

In the absence of adequate treatment, endometriosis inevitably leads to infertility. Adhesions in the pelvic cavity not only complicate sex life, but also disrupt the function of the terminal intestine. In severe cases, foci of endometriosis can spread far beyond the uterus and cause life-threatening pulmonary or gastrointestinal bleeding.

Abdominal pain after sex with inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs (PID)

Abdominal pain after sex may indicate inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs (PID), which are infectious and inflammatory processes in the uterus, its appendages and the peritoneum covering these organs.

Often, PID occurs as a complication of sexually transmitted infections, especially gonorrhea and chlamydia. Pathogenic fungi (actinomycetes), tuberculosis bacillus, nonspecific microflora can also become the causative agent of PID.

Surgical manipulations on the uterus (abortion, therapeutic and diagnostic curettage, etc.), the difficult course of labor, the use of intrauterine contraceptives, the general weakening of the body contribute to the development of pathology.

PID may occur in both acute and chronic form. In the latter case, abdominal pain after intercourse may be one of the important symptoms of the disease. Often, pain appears even during intercourse, which may be due to both inflammation of the internal female organs and the formation of adhesions in the pelvis.

If you suspect PID, you should immediately seek medical help, because even a sluggish infectious process at any time can be complicated by septic complications (abscess formation in the pelvic organs, peritonitis, blood infection).
In addition, PID is one of the main causes of such pathologies as ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

Abdominal pain after sex with a rupture of a functional ovarian cyst

Abdominal pain after sex may appear as a result of a rupture of a functional ovarian cyst. Such cysts occur in many perfectly healthy women and in the majority of cases are resolved (disappear) on their own within 2-3 menstrual cycles.

However, in some cases, there is a rupture of a functional cyst, which, as a rule, is accompanied by a rather intense pain in the lower abdomen on the corresponding side.
Most often, cyst rupture occurs during intercourse, but other adverse external influences (weight lifting, etc.) may also contribute to this development.

Such a complication, as a rule, does not require additional medical intervention. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that the formation of functional cysts may indicate serious hormonal disorders, so it is best to undergo a full examination.

Acute abdominal pain after sex with ovarian apoplexy

In some cases, sexual intercourse can trigger the development of such a severe pathology as ovarian apoplexy (hemorrhage into the ovary). This causes a sharp pain in the lower abdomen on the right or left, radiating to the sacrum, anus, external genitals. Extremely intense pain syndrome may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting that occurs on the background of normal body temperature.

In many cases, ovarian apoplexy leads to internal bleeding, so that symptoms of blood loss appear (pallor of the skin and visible mucous membranes, increased pulse rate, low blood pressure, dizziness, shortness of breath).

The causes of ovarian apoplexy are not fully understood, but it is known that hemorrhage usually occurs in the second half of the menstrual cycle, and is more common in women who have suffered inflammatory diseases of the ovaries, as well as in patients with a tendency to varicose veins.

In addition to sexual intercourse, haemorrhage in the ovary can cause severe physical exertion, trauma, mental stress. In some cases, ovarian apoplexy occurs for no apparent reason.

Abdominal pain after sex, resulting from the individual characteristics of the body

Sometimes pain in the lower abdomen after sex occurs in absolutely healthy women. In such cases, the pain syndrome is caused by the anatomical and physiological features of the female genital structure.

Some women have noted the appearance of pulling pain in the lower abdomen after sex a few days before the onset of menstrual bleeding. It is also a physiological phenomenon associated with the individual characteristics of the functioning of the reproductive system.

If, during the detailed examination, no significant pathology can be detected, and the pain in the lower abdomen after sex continues to be disturbed, then it is best to seek help from a sex therapist who will help you find a posture for sexual intercourse that prevents the development of pain.

Causes of pain after sex in women

Sometimes pain causes gynecological diseases. It may also depend on the characteristics of sexual contact.

Except in cases of too vigorous or traumatic sexual contact, pain in the lower abdomen or in the genital area of ​​women after sex can be caused by the following diseases:
• cervical tumors,
• myoma,
• uterine tumors,
• cervical erosion,
• cervicitis, etc.

Defloration. Pain in early sexual activity

The pain in young women who have just begun an intimate life is quite normal.
Such pain may persist throughout the first few intercourse. But gradually it decreases and disappears completely. Sometimes during the first sexual acts, in addition to pain, there may be small vaginal discharge (bloody). This is also normal.

Defloration - mechanical damage to the hymen. The cause of pain during defloration is fearwhich forces all the muscles of the body to contract, and first of all the muscles of the vagina. Sometimes girls have a hymen thick, it is supplied with numerous nerve endings. However, it is mostly elastic, and with intimate closeness is not torn, only stretches, so there is no sharp pain and bleeding.

To overcome the fear of defloration will help the trust of partners and reliable protection against infection and unwanted pregnancy. During the first contact, it is better to protect yourself with a condom. Alien microbes that first entered the body can cause an inflammatory reaction (colpitis and cystitis) - these are the most frequent complications after defloration.

Helping calm helps, a glass of wine, a warm foam bath, sufficient caress during sex, sincerity of feelings. After all, sexual intercourse with love does not cause discomfort.

To reduce pain at the first contact, you should use special water-based lubricants. They are sold in pharmacies. The use of oil-based lubricants is undesirable, especially in combination with a condom. Latex condom becomes less durable, it can break during contact with oil lubrication.

Stress, tension, dislike of the sexual partner, vaginismus (spasm of vaginal muscles)

If the first sex or sex is the first with this partner, was unsuccessful, or there was rape, then the fear of sex can be fixed on a subconscious level.

Such fear spasms vaginal muscles in advance, which makes it impossible to have sexual intercourse without pain.

Thus, the pain does not appear because of the movement of the penis, but because of the contraction of the woman’s muscles. The same pain may occur during a gynecological examination. Moreover, there are cases when plastic gynecological mirrors break down during such examination.

The stress of the psyche can be caused by many reasons:
• fear of being detected,
• dislike of a partner,
• fear not to like a partner,
• fear of getting pregnant, etc.

In women, negative emotions can lead to spasm or contraction of the muscles of the perineum, leading to pain and discomfort. To prevent this, it is necessary to create a calm, pleasant atmosphere before and during sex. You should think what scares partners in sex and try to avoid these moments.

If a woman trusts a doctor and she is relaxed, then the examination is painless.
But if such a problem (vaginismus) arises, then it is necessary to treat the woman’s fear, change her attitude to the question, look for such partners to whom she has confidence. If nothing helps, then vaginismus should be treated by a sex therapist and psychotherapist.

Sexual compatibility of partners. Features of poses

Often the cause of dull aching pain in the abdomen after sexual contact can be postural characteristics during sex or the ratio of the size of the genitalia of both partners. Poses can be painful, in which the deep penetration of the male member into the vagina is ensured, especially if the man has a large penis and the woman has a short and narrow vagina.

In fact, the vagina is very extensible, so if a man does not have a clinical case of gigantism, then the vagina should not hurt the size of the penis. Obviously, something prevents this painless stretching, so you need to go to the doctor.

Pain, which depends on the posture, is eliminated by changing the posture. And in such a situation it is extremely important how much the partners understand each other. There is no point in enduring pain, waiting for it to pass, because sex should lead to pleasure, not to suffering. Partners should tell a friend what is most appropriate for them, and in which case they will not be hurt.

Insufficient vaginal discharge of lubricant

The reasons:
• reluctance to have sex,
• rejection of a partner
• fear of pregnancy,
• removal of the Bartholin gland in the past,
• Bartholinite,
• hormonal disorders (hormonal contraceptive use, postpartum period, menopause).

Inadequate release of lubricant sometimes seriously spoils the quality of intercourse and even leads to unpleasant and painful sensations. Lubrication of the vagina in women produce two large glands that are deep in the labia majora. They open their ducts at the entrance to the vagina. High-quality work of these glands depends on the sexual arousal of a woman. Women, as a rule, later men achieve sexual arousal. And if sexual intercourse began before the woman is sufficiently aroused, then due to insufficient release of lubricant, the sliding of the penis will be painful for her.

Doctors advise for young women to extend the period of sexual affection before the start of the act, or to apply water-based lubricants. When hormonal disorders will help the reception of female sex hormones.
In other cases, it is recommended to use artificial moisturizers - intimate gels that can be bought at the pharmacy and sex shop.

Inflammatory process

Discomfort (burning, itching, pain, pain, friction, feeling of dryness) appears in the vagina during intimate contact or immediately after it.

It is necessary to be examined for sexually transmitted diseases:
• ureaplasmosis,
• gonorrhea,
• chlamydia,
• trichomoniasis,
• candidiasis.

At this time, it is worth limiting sex life or practicing only condom protected sex.
If the infection is detected, then both partners need to be treated and at the same time be protected by condoms, regardless of the results of the analysis for the man. The main focus of infection in men is usually in the prostate. Therefore, it is done after provocation or prostate massage. Therefore, it is easier to treat both, because the microbes of both sexual partners are similar.

Please note that inflammation may not always be caused by the causative agents of venereal diseases, so you should not rush to accuse your partner of treason. Often the inflammation is caused by normal flora:
• fungus,
• E. coli,
• staphylococcus,
• other microorganisms.

Microorganisms, when they enter a foreign environment (for example, from the male genital tract into the female, or into the genital tract - from the skin, from the intestines, mouth, etc.) and with reduced immunity (as well as during pregnancy or menstruation) lead to inflammation.
Therefore, instead of looking for the guilty, you need to do a normal treatment.

Chemical allergies

Shower gel and soap, deodorants, washing powder, latex condoms, spermicides can irritate the genitals and cause pain.

If chemicals cause irritation, you need:
• abandon hygiene products for intimate hygiene, wash the genitals with running warm water,
• wear loose cotton. New underwear is always washed before first putting on,
• use hypoallergenic detergents when washing,
• не применять стиральные порошки с ароматизаторами,
• применять неокрашенную туалетную бумагу без ароматизаторов,
• стараться отказаться от спермицидов.
• Если даже при соблюдении всех этих рекомендаций боль остается, то нужно проконсультироваться с гинекологом.

Pain, feeling of bloating after intercourse

Abdominal pain and a feeling of bloating (gas accumulation) may disturb some women a short time after sex. Often the reason for this relatively unpleasant phenomenon is the penetration of air into the vagina during sex. For health, this poses absolutely no threat, but it causes discomfort. And some postures during intimacy (in particular, posture in the back, in which the woman stands on all fours) contribute to the penetration of air into the female genital tract. The air sometimes causes severe pain (often in the lower abdomen). Often the penetrated air comes out after the act, and with a very distinctive sound.

Due to rapid, uneven breathing during contact, a woman can swallow a large amount of air. This can cause acute severe pain throughout the abdomen, and sometimes nausea.

What to do if after sex there is pain in the abdomen and abdominal distension:
• trace the position in which the air penetrates the vagina (a woman can feel when this happens), try to change the position (the angle of inclination of the woman’s pelvis, the angle of the penis). Preference to give positions at which there is pressure on the stomach,
• place a pillow under the stomach so that pressure is applied to the stomach,
• before inserting the penis into the vagina, press the woman's stomach over the pubis with your hand - excess air will come out,
• the same procedure is desirable to repeat after intercourse, and it is desirable to do it alone (due to the characteristic sound of the gas output),
• try to breathe calmly and evenly during sex,
• try not to swallow the air,
• After sex, it is advisable to lie on your stomach, it will help out the gases.

Adhesion process

Adhesions are formed as a result of the past inflammation of the appendages of the uterus or intestines.

Signs of adhesions in the pelvis:
• abdominal pain periodic,
• aching,
• occurs more often after hypothermia,
• periods of stool delay or relaxation,
• a history of intestinal diseases.

Most women have spikes, it turns out, but they don’t care a lot because they don’t cause any harm. In some women, adhesions begin to hurt during tension, during an examination at the gynecologist on a chair and during sexual intercourse.
The degree of pain in the abdomen depends on the position during sex and the degree of aggressiveness of sex. Basically, the selection of more comfortable postures saves the day.

If this does not help, then chronic inflammatory processes should be treated.


Some girls note that after sex the lower abdomen aches, and the pain is accompanied by swelling of the intestines. It turns out that during some postures, for example, when the girl is on all fours and the partner is behind, air can get into the body. Also, when the partner breathes often and unevenly, a small amount of air can be absorbed, as a result of which the pain in the abdomen increases after a while and a sensation of gas accumulates. In this case, try to be in a horizontal position for some time after intercourse so that the body can get rid of the accumulated air.

Due to cervical polyps, some girls note that abdominal pains are like cramping, which are worse during or after sex, except for this vagina is under tension with spasms. If you find bleeding after sex, then you should know that it is possible that the injured polyp is located on or inside the cervix. Polyps are mainly diagnosed at the age of 40-50 years, less often in young girls. As soon as the doctor removes the polyp, the pain disappears.

Ovarian cyst

If you feel pain in the lower abdomen on the left or right side, then it may have arisen due to an ovarian cyst. With this disease it is worth contacting a doctor who will prescribe a treatment, but first, in order to localize the pain, drink anesthetic. During sex, choose the most optimal position - “sitting on top” so that the depth of penetration is not painful for you.

Infection or thrush

Itching, burning in the vagina can signal infectious diseases when the labia become red and swell. In order to know the diagnosis more precisely - it is necessary to undergo an ultrasound scan, which will determine what kind of pain process occurs in the body, probably, it is thrush, and maybe a venereal disease. The bacteria that trigger these infections make you feel pain and discomfort. An experienced gynecologist will help determine the exact disease and conduct a course of treatment.

Adhesions or endometriosis

Both endometriosis and adhesions can cause abdominal pain, both during and after intercourse. Sometimes due to endometriosis, sex becomes impossible when you enter the penis into the vagina. If you feel acute severe pain in this case, interrupt the intimate moment and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Fibroids or uterine myoma

During sex, the tumor may press on the uterus and organs nearby. Try to control the depth of penetration so as not to feel pain and choose the most comfortable posture when discomfort will be felt less. Poses can be different, the most comfortable you can determine only by experience. Of course, neither uterine fibroids nor fibroids are normal, so do not delay a visit to the gynecologist, since these diseases are fraught with the growth of "bad" cells and can go into a more advanced state.

When the penis enters too deeply, with already existing cervical inflammation (cervicitis), irritation begins inside the vagina, accompanied by sharp pains. They may occur in the process of sex or after a while - in any case, remember that you should not limit yourself with anesthetic medicines. Take the test and follow the doctor’s instructions. Believe me, the pain alone will not pass!

After sex hurts lower abdomen: other possible causes

If during intercourse you are in a state of stress, fatigue, sadness or resentment, then abdominal pain may occur in the stomach. In this case, it is worth trying to “reconfigure” yourself for more pleasant emotions and in the future make love only in good spirits. Your mood is "read" by the body instantly, and the stomach as well.

When the uterus and vagina are strongly reduced during orgasm, it can also lead to some pain. But they, in fact, are not unpleasant, rather light and euphoric. Be calm - if you have no diseases, then everything is in order.

Too hard sex

When a partner penetrates the woman too abruptly and roughly, this leads to a strong pressure in the lower abdomen. Ask him to be careful, because this kind of sex can be traumatic for you. In addition, sometimes a woman may complain of difficulty during a bowel movement after a few days for a long time. Fury in sex leads to such negative consequences, be careful.

Dry or lack of lubrication in the vagina

After sex, the stomach hurts even when there was not enough lubricant in a woman during sex. In this case, partners should resort to a lubricator or a long caress before sex. Gentle foreplay will allow the girl enough to get excited, and the act will be pleasant to both lovers.

We wish our readers love and passionate relationships! Remember the importance of timely examinations by a gynecologist, which will help diagnose any disease at an early stage. Be healthy!

Why does sex have a stomach ache?

According to many years of research, literally half of women after having sex have abdominal pain after sex. That is why in this article we would like to tell you what to do with this phenomenon, so as not to deprive yourself of the joys of intimate life.

Researchers in the field of gynecology report that in fact there are many reasons why a stomach may hurt after having sex. And all these reasons as a result can be removed so that sex does not cause pain.

The main causes of pain after and during sex:

With deep penetration of the penis into the vagina, pain may occur due to pressure on the cervix. If the cervix itself is not too sensitive, then uterine fibroids may have developed, which also manifests itself in such pains. Contrary to the common misconception, it is treated - and do not give up sex, you just have to choose positions in which deep penetration is impossible or you control the penetration.

Spikes. For many women, spikes exist from the “young nails” and often do not show their presence. Unpleasant sensations can appear, both during a pelvic exam and after sex. In this case, the pain is localized somewhere in the abdomen. It is possible to eliminate such pain with the help of the correct selection of a pose. And in the case of strong and incessant pain, of course, you should also consult a doctor.

Cystitis. Unfortunately, cystitis - the trouble of many women of the most different age. This is a urological disease resulting from inflammations of the bladder mucosa. And this inflammatory process also causes various infectious diseases. To distinguish cystitis from other infections is quite simple. If you have cystitis, then you will experience pain when urinating after having sex. There are many ways to treat it, but you will also need to see a doctor before taking the pills.

Inflammation of the cervix. Cervicitis - an inflammatory process that takes place in the cervix, can also provoke lower abdominal pain after sex. This is due to irritation caused by too deep insertion of the penis during intercourse in the vagina. In this situation, the woman is in pain both during and after intercourse. The pain is sharp and localized in the vagina and lower abdomen.

Such pain can never be ignored and the more so to eliminate painkillers. It is easier and more effective in the event of pain to contact your gynecologist and undergo prescribed examinations. Today, such unpleasant pains are successfully treated, especially if the causes are identified in time.

Why is there an abdominal pain after sex with an ovarian cyst?

Localization of pain in the lower abdomen - and not in the center, but from one of the sides - may indicate an ovarian cyst. A cyst is a benign neoplasm. Its treatment depends on the type of disease. Often, cysts that appear as a result of any functional disorders of the body disappear on their own after two or three menstrual cycles have passed.

Before this happens, it is recommended that you take painkillers before intercourse, which will reduce or minimize pain after intimacy. You should also choose the correct position in sex, in which a woman can independently regulate the depth of penetration of the penis, for example, the position when the woman is on top.

Infection as a cause of pain and burning after sex

Abdominal pain after sex and a burning sensation in the genitals, may well indicate an infection. It must be treated as soon as possible because, if left untreated, complications are inevitable, a transition to the chronic form and the spread of the disease.

In the case of an infection, the partner or partners should also be checked, since they could well have become infected. Or you got infected from your partner (although you shouldn’t immediately blame him - household transmission is quite possible, and with some infections it is also the main one, in some cases infection is possible if you have a medical error during the examination).

Inflammatory processes in the body - this is the most common cause of pain after sex. After all, any infection occurring in the body can cause

  • burning,
  • itch
  • sharp abdominal pain.

In this case, doctors strongly recommend the use of condoms and seek the help of a gynecologist for the full course of treatment. In the opposite case, an infectious disease that is not cured during the course of the wash can lead to very sad consequences for both women and men.

To determine the true cause you need to pass all the required tests and undergo treatment to both partners. In case of non-treatment, the risk of recurrence of the disease is very high. It is worth knowing what happens when a woman is in pain, and the man does not feel anything, but this does not mean that he is healthy. Most often, men are simply carriers of diseases, and their presence in the body can be asymptomatic for years.

If you experience pain in the lower abdomen and genitals, which is expressed by burning and itching in the vagina, swelling and redness, a number of clinical studies should be conducted. In this situation, it is necessary to consult a doctor for the purpose of prescribing adequate treatment.

Causes of pain after sex

In medicine, there is no single nosological definition of pain after sex, it can be called “dyspareunia”, “dysgamy”, “genitalgia”. With these terms, doctors designate a rather large list of problems, disorders, reactions associated with the intimate sphere and with various causes.

Both women and men sometimes experience pain after intimate contact, such pain is commonly referred to as genitalgia (genitalis - sexual, algia - pain) or post-coital pains. Such pains are multivariate and are a symptom complex. That is, they do not have specific specific signs.

Causes of pain after sex, factors that provoke genitalgia, are systematized into the following categories:

  • Somatogenic (organic) postcoital pains, the cause of which can be traumatic, postoperative factors, adhesions, inflammation and other pathologies of the genital organs in women and men.
  • Psychogenic genitalgia is pain after sex, not associated with organic pathologies. Psychogenic pain can be caused by mental trauma, emotional stress, exhaustion, disharmonious relationships in a couple. The causes of pain after sex are extremely rarely explained by the hidden, unconscious reaction to homosexual tendencies. Also rarely, the factor causing the pain symptom after coitus is mental illness.

Psychogenic causes of pain after sex in women

  • Pain after defloration, psychogenic pain.
  • Pain after defloration during traumatic rupture of the chaff, vaginal mucosa.
  • Pain after defloration associated with microbial infection - salpingitis, colpitis, cystitis.
  • Pain after failed defloration, when the chaff stretches, breaks, but its anatomical integrity is not broken.
  • Vaginismus - pathological muscle spasm.
  • Inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs.
  • STDs - sexually transmitted diseases - ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, candidiasis, trichomoniasis and others.
  • Adhesion process.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Atrophic vaginitis - vaginal dryness.
  • Neurological disorders, including pelvic nerve endings.
  • Venous congestion, venous plethora of the pelvic organs.
  • Ovarian cyst.
  • Menstruation-related paresthesia - psychogenic genitalgia.
  • Psychogeny associated with violence, traumatic defloration, phobias.
  • Rarely - anatomical incompatibility, when size does matter.

Causes of pain after sex need to be clarified and diagnosed, in order to identify and eliminate them, you need to consult a gynecologist, urologist, and sex therapist in a timely manner.

If there is pain and blood after sex?

The reasons for which sexual contact is accompanied by pain and bleeding may be associated with physiological factors (defloration, mechanical damage) or with the pathology of the internal organs of the genital sphere.

  1. In women, pain and blood after sex is most often associated with the first sexual relations, defloration and subsequent sexual acts. This is a purely physiological reasons for which there is a rupture of the hymen and, possibly, in part of the vaginal mucosa.
  2. Rough sexual contact is also a mechanical factor in the damage to the vaginal walls, often the cervix. If a woman suffers from cervical erosion, intense sexual intercourse may be accompanied by slight bleeding, but there will be no pain, the cervix is ​​simply not able to signal pain.
  3. The cause of pain and blood discharge can be inflammatory processes in the uterus or ovaries, appendages. Cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix of the uterus), vaginal inflammation - vaginitis, adnexitis, salpingo-ooritis and other pathologies are accompanied by postcoital pains and secretions containing blood
  4. Pain and blood after sex may be associated with dysplasia and even cancer of the uterus, which initially develop asymptomatically. Pain symptom is one of the indicators of neglect of the process.
  5. Postcoital bleeding and pain can be triggered by STDs - sexually transmitted diseases, acute infections of the pelvic organs
  6. Полипы шейки матки также часто провоцируют болевой симптом и кровотечение после секса
  7. Выделения с кровью и некоторая болезненность может быть объяснима приемом некоторых лекарственных средств – ацетилсалициловой кислоты, оральных контрацептивов
  8. The cause of pain and blood after sexual intercourse may be hypoplasia of the uterine lining associated with a drug factor or an inflammatory disease.
  9. One of the health-threatening causes can be ovarian apoplexy, rupture of the capsule of an ovarian cyst, which is clinically manifested in the form of pain, bleeding, tachycardia, a drop in blood pressure and pulse.

Pain after first sex

Most often, the pain after the first sex is experienced by a woman, men by this time already have experience of real sex and do not feel serious discomfort. Statistics states that the ratio of virginity by sex in equal age categories looks like this:

  • Women - about 65-70%.
  • Men - about 30-35%.

Many doctors and other experts believe that the main cause of pain during and after defloration is elementary fear and stiffness. The muscles of the whole body are in tension, this prevents the stretching of the rather elastic tissue of the virginal membrane, which is abundantly supplied with blood vessels and nerve endings.

In addition, the reasons why a woman may experience pain after sex are the following factors:

  • An inconvenient posture in which the gap of the hymen occurs nonphysiologically, painfully. For the first sexual contact, horizontal position is recommended.
  • A rough form of deprivation of virginity is rape, when, together with the vulva, the mucous membrane of the vulva is torn, there is a danger of rupture and trauma of nearby internal organs.
  • The presence of a woman with chronic inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs. Such pathologies provoke pain after the first sex.
  • Individual features of the structure of the hymen - density, low level of elasticity.
  • Accidental or deliberate introduction of a foreign object into the vagina, that is, an unnatural form of rupture of a hymen.
  • Non-professional medical manipulations.
  • Mechanical damage, rupture of the hymen in case of pelvic injury.

It should be noted that not all women experience painful symptoms during and after defloration. This is associated with a competent psychological attitude and mutual understanding between partners, the individual psycho-physiological properties of a woman, a comfortable atmosphere, readiness for the act, a sense of confidence and security (protected by condom or other means of sex).

The pain can be caused by the following complications that develop in women and men after the first sex, which is not properly protected:

  • STDs - sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Unwanted pregnancy and all related problems.
  • Inflammation of the vagina in women (colpitis).
  • Urethritis.
  • Cystitis.

Pain after sex with a girl

Many gynecologists believe that pain after sex in a girl is quite a normal phenomenon associated with defloration, rupture of the hymen. Indeed, according to statistics, only about 30% of virgins do not experience discomfort after the first sexual intercourse, while the remaining 70% show some kind of painful symptoms of varying degrees of intensity. Such signs are permissible for 2 weeks, rarely a month, then they serve as a signal of serious malfunctions in the pelvic organs.

The cause of pain after sex in a girl:

  • The hymen does not have a large hole adequate to the penis, and it breaks during sexual contact, which can quite naturally be accompanied by post-coital pain.
  • A possible cause of the pain may be too active sex for the first time, when not only the chaff is broken, but also the vaginal mucosa is damaged. As a rule, after defloration it is recommended to take a break for several days.
  • Excessive tension, spasm of the muscles of the pelvis and vagina, this spastic tension is caused by fears, anxiety and insufficient psycho-emotional readiness of the girl to have sex.
  • Postcoital cystitis, which is often a complication of defloration. This phenomenon is due to non-compliance with the personal hygiene of the partners, as well as the fact that no protective equipment was used during the act - condoms, vaginal means. The penetration of microbes into the urethra, which is open during defloration, causes painful urination, pain and cramps.
  • The possible presence of cystic neoplasms in a girl, during the first intercourse, there is pressure on a previously unmanifested cyst, it either increases or shifts and also puts pressure on nearby organs.

Any painful symptom after the first sexual contact should not be ignored. A visit to the gynecologist, a comprehensive examination for the prevention of possible complications in the form of inflammatory processes, STDs and more dangerous pathologies is recommended.

Pain after sex in women

Pain after sex in women, especially those who have given birth, is a serious signal that indicates possible inflammation and other pathologies of the pelvic organs. If in young girls the pain after defloration is considered conditionally permissible, associated with the psycho-emotional factor and the process of adaptation, then the painful symptoms in older women who have had sexual life experience speak of hidden diseases.

The most common causes of pain after sex in women are:

  • Pelvic pain due to adhesions. Adhesions is a pathological connection of tissues of nearby organs, most often caused by surgery (in 90-95%). In fact, adhesions are dense, scar tissue that does not have the proper elasticity and stretchability. In women, adhesions are associated with cesarean section, which is used in cases where natural delivery is contraindicated or impossible. Over time, almost all adhesions heal and dissolve, if this does not occur, adhesive disease develops, accompanied by many symptoms and pain after sex as well.
  • Endometriosis is a common cause that causes pain after sex in women. The pain is quite strong, as the cells of the uterine mucosa (endometrium) grow and penetrate into atypical areas for themselves - the fallopian tubes, ligaments, ovaries, abdominal organs, bladder.
  • Fibroids, fibroids can also cause pain after intercourse. Often the myomamatous node develops asymptomatic and only post-coital pains can give rise to examination and its detection.
  • Violation of venous outflow, stagnation associated with the absence of orgasm. As a rule, with timely referral to a sexopathologist, gynecologist, anorgasmia is successfully treated and ceases to be the cause of pain.
  • PID - inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs. This acute salpingo-ooritis (endosalpingitis, pyosalpingitis) is a pathological process that leads to inflammation of the ovaries - ooritis. Endometritis is an inflammation of the basal layer of the endometrium. Pelvirioperitonitis is a secondary infection of the abdominal cavity due to the penetration of pathogenic pathogens in the uterus, as well as due to gonorrhea. Racing tubovarial formations - piovarium (ovaries), tubo-ovarian tumor, pyosalpinx (fallopian tubes).
  • Ovarian cyst is a benign neoplasm that can grow, be complicated by twisting the leg, breaking the capsule and provoking severe pain after sexual contact.

Pain in the uterus after sex

Since the uterus is the organ “receiving” the penis, many sensations, both during and after sex, depend on its health and elasticity. Virtually all post-coital pains in this organ are associated with pathological processes of the uterus, inflammatory diseases or oncology.

Possible factors causing pain in the uterus after sex:

Endometrial tumor, also called fibromyoma, leymomyoma, myoma. This is a benign education, initially proceeding without clinical manifestations. Symptoms may increase after active sex and manifest themselves with the following symptoms:

  • Discharge from the blood, bleeding and pain.
  • Pulling pelvic pain for 1-2 weeks.
  • Abdominal pain, cramping, transient.
  • Necrosis of the node, heart attack, tissue atrophy causes a typical picture of "acute abdomen".
  • The pain increases after sex, when there is a displacement of the uterus and node, the state is accompanied by painful urination.
  • Pain in the uterus and constipation during the week after sex.
  • Infectious inflammation of the uterus after medical manipulations (cauterization of erosion, abortion, etc.).
  • Endometriosis.
  • Cervical cancer in the terminal stage.
  • Hypertonicity of the uterus, if the woman has sexual intercourse while pregnant.
  • Displacement of the uterus, all kinds of uterine bend
  • Polyps that may bleed after sex.
  • Hyperplasia of the endometrium.
  • Inflammation of the endometrium - endometritis. The pain is acute, may be accompanied by fever.

Pain in the ovaries after sex

What can cause pain in the ovaries after sex?

  1. Inflammation of the appendages and ovaries - adnexitis. Particularly characteristic is the postcoital pain symptom in the acute form of adnexitis. The pain spreads through the lower abdomen, gives in the lower back, can be quite long and cause serious discomfort.
  2. Inflammation of the appendages - ooritis. Pain in the ovaries after sex, triggered by ooritis, short-term, but very sharp, can cause transient fever, low-grade body temperature.
  3. Cysts of various kinds. As a rule, a small cyst does not interfere with sex, but if its size exceeds 4-5 centimeters, it provokes post-coital pain.
  4. Torsion legs ovarian cysts. Particularly dangerous in this regard is the follicular and luteal cyst (functional cysts), since it is in these formations that there are long, rather thin and vulnerable legs, prone to torsion. The ovary after sex can hurt for a long time, at this time tissue necrosis, its atrophy develops.
  5. Apoplexy, ovarian rupture with hemorrhage into the peritoneum. This condition provokes rough, intense sex, as well as inflammation of the ovarian cyst, which can burst during any sexual intercourse, even short-term.
  6. A large tumor located on the right or left ovary.

It should be noted that a cyst of the right ovary can manifest post-coital pains similar to the appendicitis clinic. That is why when you have repeated pain symptoms a woman should immediately seek medical help.

Headache after sex

Postcoital headache (after sex) is worth describing in a separate article, its manifestations are so diverse, the etiology and mechanisms of development, pathogenesis are interesting.

There is a legend that the first famous person who suffered from a headache after sexual relations was the great Renaissance artist, Raphael. He satisfied his needs too actively, and his next stormy adventures ended in a vascular catastrophe that led to death. The reason apparently was intense arousal and excessive stress on the cardiovascular system. In addition to the excesses, a headache after sex can also occur with dissatisfaction. Postcoital cephalgia has the following symptoms:

  • It is squeezing, rarely - pulsating.
  • Most often it is localized in the forehead or occiput.
  • Sudden development unrelated to other etiological causes.
  • A characteristic path of propagation is from the nape to all other zones of the head (crown, forehead, temples).
  • The absence of an annoying reaction to sounds, light, smells like a migraine.

The pain is caused by vascular dystonia or vertebrobasilar insufficiency, a sharp jump in blood pressure, hormonal "explosion". Also, a factor that provokes cephalgia is a biochemical process that occurs during the act. Orgasm or its absence is accompanied by an intense, active activity of the sympathetic nervous system, when the heart rate reaches 180 beats per minute, breathing becomes faster, systolic blood pressure rises, all skeletal muscles are tense. Such a “shake-up” may be incompatible with the resource state of the man’s body and lead to a headache.


Often, women think that they have endometriosis, given the spotting before or after menstruation. But the main symptom of endometriosis is pain, which appears or increases on the eve of menstruation and passes with it. If the discharge is painless, then it is not endometriosis.

And if painful, and there is still pain during sex, during defecation on the eve of menstruation, then it may be endometriosis. The pain during sex happens inside and is felt quite clearly, and sometimes reaches such intensity that it makes impossible sex life in this phase of the cycle.

Congestion in the veins

The reasons:
• insufficient sexual satisfaction,
• abstinence,
• irregular intimate life,
• dissatisfaction with sexual relations.
For pain due to stagnation in the veins are very prone to women who have varicose veins in the legs.
Blood rushes to the organs, but there is no necessary outflow. Venous congestion is initially expressed in feelings of dissatisfaction, heaviness, in pulling pain after sex without necessary and sufficient discharge. Gradually, the only seemingly cure - regular sexual life with sexual satisfaction - does not turn into deliverance, but rather into an aggravating factor. The puffy walls of the vagina hurt from intercourse, with sex there is a sharp pain.

The danger of this condition is that it predisposes to a variety of inflammations of the female genital sphere: mastopathy, ovarian dysfunction, uterine myoma, endometriosis, etc.

You must try not to bring dissatisfaction to changes in the anatomy of the body. You can bring pleasure to yourself (including with the help of sex toys) and teach your partner that, it will bring joy to both and preserve normal health and normal relations between partners.

Neuralgia of the pelvic nerves

Pain in the walls of the pelvis, which grows when touched (gynecological examination, sexual intercourse, ultrasound scan with a vaginal sensor). The pain is often acute, shooting, can give up.
Neuralgia can be anywhere: intercostal, facial, pelvic.
Causes of nerve inflammation:
• hypothermia,
• infection,
• stress.
Treatment, as with any neuralgia: plaster pepper, warming ointment, physiotherapy.

Pain in prostate and prostate tumors

If the pain associated with sex in a man is in the perineum or deep in the abdomen, then it may indicate a prostate or prostate tumor.
Related symptoms:
• frequent urination;
• feeling that the bladder is not fully emptied,
• reduced potency.

Pain after intercourse with varicocele

Pain in the perineum and testes after intercourse is a sign of varicocele, which can be a big problem when conceiving a child.
The nature of pain with varicocele:
• duration - from several minutes to several hours,
• pain intensifies when a man stands in one place,
• pain often goes away when walking.
If a man notices the above symptoms, then you need to go to the doctor to get a specific therapy.

Rare pain syndrome after sex - psychogenic pain syndrome

Pain occurs after ejaculation. The nature of the pain:
• resistant
• repeating,
• acute,
• penetrating
• stinging
• can sometimes be strong
• sometimes - long.

Cause - A painful involuntary spasm or local convulsion of some sensitive muscles of the reproductive and genital organs of a man. Sometimes painful cramps that cause torment, refer to the vibrations of a man about the speed of his ejaculation during sex.
Second probable cause - a disorder of the pelvic floor muscles.

Interstitial cystitis

It can cause painful sex in both women and men.
In men With this cystitis, severe pain appears at the time of the eruption of the semen, the pain is concentrated on the tip of the penis.
Among women with cystitis, pain usually begins the next day after intercourse. The pain results from a spasm of the muscles of the pelvic floor.
Patients who suffer from interstitial cystitis are also forced to suffer from frequent urination or, more often, frequent urge to urinate.

Pain in the side after sex

Localization of post-coital pain in the side in women is a typical symptom of an ovarian cyst. Also, the reason for developing pain in the side after sex may be an inflammation of the appendix, then the pain is located to the right.

As for cystic formations, the most common types of cysts are asymptomatic, since 60% of them belong to the physiological ones - the cyst of the corpus luteum, follicular cyst. Many people know that physiological cysts are safe and can resolve themselves. However, sexual intercourse can disrupt this process and provoke either an enlargement of the cyst, or torsion of its legs (this is especially characteristic of a follicular cyst), or rupture of the capsule, ovarian apoplexy. All complications associated with the cyst are a serious threat not only to the health of the woman, but sometimes for her life.

Также причиной боли в боку может быть и воспалительный процесс в органах малого таза, чаще всего это – аднексит.

Severe pain in the side after sexual contact may be related to the anatomical specificity of the uterus — bend, especially such pains occur in laterflexia of the uterus, when it is displaced sideways due to adhesions in the peritoneum.

In men, post-coital pain in the side is most often caused by stones in the ureter, which may not be disturbing or manifest in the absence of sex. Muscle tension of the pelvic organs, causes shifts of sand, small stones, they can clog the narrowed urinary canal and cause pain in the side.

The factors that cause pain in the side after sex, are diverse and subject to thorough diagnosis by the doctor. Patient pain symptom can not be, because it can lead to threatening consequences - peritonitis (rupture of a cyst, appendicitis), a chronic inflammatory process, and even oncology.

Pain in the groin after sex

Inguinal post-coital pain is most often associated with chronic or acute inflammatory processes in the genital organs. Sexual contact causes a rush of blood to the pelvic organs in women and genitals in men, if pathology develops in them, then the blood flow is disturbed and the additional blood supply only intensifies the symptoms.

Pain in the groin after sex in women:

  • Almost all inflammations of the pelvic organs - the uterus, appendages, ovaries. It may be adnexitis (appendages and ovaries), salpingo-ooritis, parametritis. Pain after sex, as a rule, is sharp, sharp, but quickly transient, fever of the body is possible, abdominal tenderness on palpation.
  • Ovarian cyst rupture is also accompanied by pain in the side, lower abdomen in the groin area.
  • An inflammation of the appendix is ​​a typical clinical picture of an acute abdomen.
  • Ectopic pregnancy, which is accompanied by severe pain in the groin, radiating to the rectum. Rupture of the fallopian tube - a threatening complication, the pain becomes unbearable, until the loss of consciousness.
  • Colpit
  • Endometritis.
  • Cystitis.
  • Varicose veins of the symphysis region.

Pain in the groin after sex in men:

  • Vesiculitis - inflammation of the seminal vesicles of infectious etiology.
  • Excessive sexual activity, in which the rhythm of blood circulation is disturbed (more often blood rush than outflow).
  • Prolonged sexual abstinence, which is also the cause of circulatory disorders in the organs (no tide, stagnation of outflow).
  • Infectious inflammation of the urethra - colliculitis, especially in combination with venous congestion.
  • Urethritis.
  • Herpes virus.
  • Prostatitis.
  • Epididymitis is an inflammatory process in the epididymis.

Pain in the groin after sex should be differentiated by precise localization, character. In men, signs of specific diseases may include the following descriptions:

  • Irradiating pain in the groin - infectious inflammation of the ureter.
  • Pain symptom in the suprapubic zone with irradiation to the groin - inflammation of the bladder.
  • Bilateral pain in the perineum, radiating to the scrotum - inflammation of the prostate gland, inflammation of the seminal vesicles.

Back pain after sex

Spinal pain after sex is most often caused by major diseases of the spinal column, that is, back pain after sex is just another symptom of an old disease. It is possible that sexual intercourse provokes an increase in symptoms, this can be explained by the natural tension of the muscles of the back, especially in the lumbosacral spine.

In addition, back pain after sex can be caused by such reasons:

  • MBS - myogenic pain syndrome. Disruption of neural connections with the musculoskeletal tissues due to frequent forced static position (sitting at the table, driving, and so on) provokes degeneration, atrophy of many muscles, intervertebral disks, and so on. Infringement of nerve endings, possible intervertebral disorders (hernia, protrusions) are causes of back pain. Sexual contact only increases pain, which can be the first signal of serious complications.
  • Osteochondrosis is a problem of civilization and one of the causes of pain after sexual intercourse, and symptoms can occur in both women and men.
  • In men, the factor that provokes back pain after sexual contact may be the latent course of prostatitis. The prostate gland itself does not hurt, but the intense load on the spinal column, muscle tension causes severe pain in the back.
  • Hidden pathologies of the kidneys. Often the latent course of the disease does not manifest itself clinically, however, an active sex life can cause a more intensive course of the disease and provoke its aggravation.
  • In women, the cause of back pain after sex can be almost any inflammation of the pelvic organs. It is believed that inflammation of the uterus, cervix, and tubes is vocalized in the lower abdomen, but quite often the pain radiates to the sacrum, in the back.
  • Back pain in a woman can be caused by the adhesive process. Pain symptom, as a rule, is localized in the lower abdomen, radiating from the lower back.

So that back pain after intercourse does not become an obstacle to the continuation of intimate relationships, you just need to prevent it, prevent it:

  • Choose the most convenient position. If a person spends most of his time sitting on a chair at the office table and this position of the body is “habitual” for the spine, therefore sexual intercourse will not bring uncomfortable sensations if it takes place in a similar position.
  • Positions in which the back can bend should be avoided.
  • Do not have sex, lying on your stomach. This is an additional load on the back muscles.
  • Sex with bends on straight legs can cause excessive tension and stretching of the sciatica.
  • Put your hands on it during sex, this will relieve the excessive load on your back and help to avoid post-coital pains.
  • The partner who does not suffer from back pain should show more active “activity” during sex, you need to agree in advance on this.
  • Active sex with sharp gestures is not recommended. Orgasm can be achieved at a slow pace, in addition, it will help to neutralize the pain after the act.

Low back pain after sex

Low back pain after sex is a complaint of many people who have reached a certain age limit and have problems with the musculoskeletal system. To prevent osteochondrosis, radiculopathy, intercostal neuralgia from becoming a cause of abandoning intimate relationships, it is necessary not only to treat the underlying disease in time, but also to agree on a comfortable posture with a partner.

Doctors advise in the period of exacerbation of diseases of the musculoskeletal system in general to limit or eliminate sex to a state of remission. There are also some tips to help eliminate back pain after sex:

  • If the loin is sore for a woman, her posture during intercourse can be any other than horizontal, when both her partner’s weight and rhythmic movements of her body give additional load to the sacrum.
  • The most acceptable posture for back pain is knee-elbow position. This posture helps to minimize painful postcoital symptom in the lower back in both women and men.
  • If back pain after intercourse is dull, aching in nature, a long period continues, perhaps it signals chronic pyelonephritis, urolithiasis and other kidney diseases. Seeing a doctor will help reduce the likelihood of serious exacerbations and aggravating symptoms.
  • Postcoital pain, radiating to the back, in women may indicate a chronic or acute inflammatory process in the appendages, endometriosis.
  • Postcoital back pain in men may be due to developing prostatitis, when pain is implicit, but it tends to irradiate to the lumbar spine.
  • Despite all the joys, sex can actually contribute to the exacerbation of many chronic, hidden organic processes localized in the lumbosacral region.

Pain in tailbone after sex

The pain in the coccyx is called coccygodynia; it has its own etiological rationale not directly related to sexual intercourse. However, pain in the coccyx after sex is often found among the subjective complaints of patients in the sexopathologist's office, especially for women. Coccygodynia is considered more of a female symptom complex than a male symptom complex. This is due to the specific mobility of the coccyx and the anatomical features of the female body. The state of the coccyx is important in the normal physiological state of the woman, in the process of delivery the tailbone can happen with a kind of "accelerator" of the exit of the raft;

The pain is paroxysmal, radiates to the rectum, increases in movement, may manifest as a separate symptom, when injury or damage to the coccyx occurred long before the onset of pain. Cellulose pelvic, rectum, which can be inflamed, the pelvic muscles begin to hurt because of any sexual intercourse, as short, classical, and intense, sometimes rough. Thus, sex is a kind of trigger that triggers the pain mechanism in the tailbone.

In addition to the latent, long-lasting injury of the coccyx, post-coital pain in this zone may be caused by the following reasons:

  • Anal abscess, rectal abscess. His symptoms may not manifest for a long time, and manifest after sex. Signs that can cause a rectal abscess:
    • Pain in the coccyx after intercourse, the pain is aching, pulling.
    • Slight swelling in the anus, in the coccyx.
    • Painful defecation after sex.
    • Increased body temperature.
  • Retrocervical endometriosis, when the endometrium grows into the rectal area.
  • Rough anal sex in which fiber, muscles of the pelvic day are injured and inflamed.
  • Dermoid cyst of the coccyx. This cause is rare, as the dermoid in the lumbosacral region is usually diagnosed in infancy or early childhood.
  • Pathological labors, after which the muscles, pelvic bones have not yet recovered, and the tailbone has suffered most of all, as the most mobile lower part of the spine. Any premature sex, started in violation of the recommendations of a two-three-week abstinence, can cause pain in the tailbone after sex

Chest pain after sex

Chest pain after sex, post-coital mastalgia, is often taken by women as a sign of beginning pregnancy. This, of course, is a myth, except that pain appears a few weeks after intercourse, which is extremely rare and hardly has a cause-and-effect relationship with sex.

Here is a list of really possible causes of chest pain after sex:

  • Tingling, chest pain, its increase may be directly related to the rhythm of the menstrual cycle. At the very beginning of such symptoms are quite normal, due to some fluid retention in the body, changes in hormonal levels, and most often have little to do with sexual contact.
  • Chest pain after sex can be a sign of developing mastopathy. Small diffuse seals may not cause symptoms, but during active, passionate sexual intercourse, when the mammary glands are exposed to a natural mechanical effect (the hands of a partner), the nodules may ache. Diffuse, nodular mastopathy is serious in terms of malignancy disease. Simple post-coital pain should not be overlooked, even if it subsides over time.
  • The cause of a painful symptom during and after sex can be infections causing mastitis.
  • Hormonal "storms" associated with orgasm - the most common cause of pain in the chest after sex.
  • Breast injury during rough sex, blow, bruise.
  • Breast cyst, cystic mastopathy.
  • An oncological process in the breast, which usually does not manifest symptomatically and causes pain during or after intercourse only in the latter stages.
  • Inflammation and swollen lymph nodes of infectious etiology.
  • Insufficient puberty. Such pain in the chest after intercourse is associated with the ongoing process of maturation of a young woman and the instability of the hormonal background. Sexual contact activates hormonal surges and provokes a surge of blood, lymph to the genitals and breasts.

Pain in the vagina after sex

Vulvovaginal pain (vulvar pain) or vulvodynia is a symptom complex that has multiple causes, among which may be tumors, injuries, venereal diseases, inflammations.

Vaginal pain after sex most often develops rapidly, due to the process of sexual intercourse itself, the pressure of the penis on the uterus, ovaries, and nearby organs. There are also deferred types of pain, which are associated with chronic pathologies running latent processes.

The causes of a painful vaginal symptom that develops after sex can be various diseases of the pelvic organs, among which are the following:

  • Endometriosis.
  • Vaginal pain after sex in menopause due to dry atrophic vaginitis. Dryness provokes pain both during the act and after it, often a painful symptom is accompanied by severe burning, itching.
  • Nonspecific colpitis is an inflammatory process of infectious etiology, expressed in itching, in discharge (leucorrhea), in painful sensations during and after sex, in dysuria, in swelling of the vagina walls.
  • Bartholinitis - pyobartholinitis, that is, purulent inflammatory process in the Bartholin gland. Most often it is inflammation associated with gonococcus, staphylococcus, trichomonas. The blockage of the duct of the gland provokes an abscess and pain during any contact with the genitals, including during sex. After intercourse, there may be acute, transient pain, which indicates a mechanical opening of the abscess.
  • Adhesion process, post-coital pain during adhesions is characteristic if partners used poses with the deepest penetration possible.
  • Postcoital pain of acute nature, with a feeling of strong pressure in the rectal area, fever, a drop in the pulse can be a symptom of rupture of the capsule of an ovarian cyst.
  • Vaginismus - pathological muscle spasm, which interferes with a woman during sexual intercourse and after it, causes pain associated with:
    • Candidiasis (thrush), when pain after intercourse is accompanied by itching, burning in the vagina.
    • Ureoplasma infection.
    • Leukoplakia - atrophy of epithelial cells, kraurosis - gross keratinization of the vulvar mucosa. This is a serious disease, prone to malignancy. Sexual intercourse causes severe itching, pain.
  • Psychogenic. The psycho-emotional factor to which women are so susceptible can cause pain of any localization. This is due to the fear of sexual intercourse or rejection of a partner, with traumatic sexual experience (violence) and other reasons. Often, vaginal pain after sex is caused by the phobic expectation of pain, and not by real factors.

Symptoms of pain after sex

To clarify the symptoms of genitalgia, dyspareunia requires specification of such signs:

  • Where the symptoms of pain after sex are located are the abdominal region, the loins, the genitals, and more.
  • The manifestation of symptoms, onset.
  • Differentiation of the actual pain and itching, burning, other sensations.
  • The characteristic of pain is sharp, dull, aching, stabbing, cramping.
  • The prevalence of symptoms, whether there is one painful area or pain diffuse.
  • Communication of pain with certain circumstances, person, setting, situational pain, or generalized symptoms.
  • The relationship of pain with position, posture of intercourse.

It should be noted that the symptoms of pain after sex are similar to the clinical picture of the main, provoking disease, pathology and may be as follows: