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Dietary supplement Nefrosten with cystitis

Dietary supplements are increasingly prescribed to patients. Such means not only have a positive effect on the work of the organs and systems of the consumer, but are also safe. One of the types of dietary supplements called the drug "Nefrosten." Instructions for use, price, consumer reviews will be presented below. You will also learn about the features of the use of the drug.

general characteristics

About the drug "Nefrosten" instructions for use says that the composition of this tool includes the following components: centaury, rosemary, hydroquinone, lovage. No additional components. The drug comes in 60 tablets per pack. The cost of medication depends on your place of residence. The average price per pack is 170 rubles.

Important information

About the drug "Nephrosten" instructions for use reports that in some situations, the use of this drug is unacceptable. Consumers should be sure to familiarize themselves with contraindications. This will help avoid a negative reaction to treatment.

It is forbidden to use the tool during pregnancy and lactation. Only in some cases, a specialist may appoint tablets under these conditions. Contraindications to treatment is hypersensitivity to any of the components.

Indications for use

Before starting treatment with Nefrosten pills, the instructions for use should be carefully analyzed. It indicates the main indications for which the prescription is made. Supplement is recommended for patients who are at risk of developing urinary tract infections. Also, the medication is prescribed for pyelonephritis, bacteriuria, difficulty urinating urine. Often the drug is used simultaneously with other drugs.

Nefrosten: instructions for use

The daily dose of the drug for an adult is from 2 to 4 tablets. They can be taken at a time or divided into several parts. It is preferable to use the medicine during the meal. It is necessary to wash down the medication with clean water. The duration of therapy is determined individually by a specialist. In order to prevent the drug is used for about one month. If there have already been problems with the urinary system, then the minimum course of admission should be three months.

Biological Additive Reviews

We reviewed what the instructions for use are telling the patient about the “Nefrosten” preparation. Customer reviews are also often studied by experts. They say that the drug is in most cases effective from the first days of treatment. The tool reduces inflammation, improves kidney function. Tablets have a diuretic effect. This, in turn, contributes to the removal of edema, improve blood circulation. The consumer starts to feel much better.

Due to the complex action, the drug reduces the risk of developing inflammatory diseases of the urinary system. The drug often allows consumers to do without antibacterial agents. Patients say that pills are very convenient to take. After all, a person can choose the frequency of application of the drug. Also not to mention the affordable price of the drug. The drug, unlike many analogs, can be purchased by almost everyone.

Some women report that they had to take a supplement during pregnancy. However, no negative effects on the fetus were observed.

Small sum up

Are there any additional conditions for the use of the drug "Nefrosten"? Instructions for use, the price of the drug and reviews of people are presented to your attention in the article. Doctors say that when using the supplement you need to drink as much liquid as possible. Thus, the patient will be able to normalize the work of the urinary system. It is a mistake to believe that when edema occurs, one should restrict oneself in drinking. If you are prescribed this drug, be sure to check with the doctor all the nuances of its use. All the best to you!

Dosage and administration

Nefrosten tablets are taken with food, not chewed and squeezed with a sufficient amount of liquid.

Use dietary supplements in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the urinary system should be on the recommendation of a doctor. An adult patient with cystitis means prescribe 2-4 tablets per day. The number of pills prescribed by the urologist is recommended to be divided into 1-2 doses.

Side effects

Nefrosten in rare cases can cause allergic reactions. With their development, the patient must abandon the further use of the funds and report his condition to the attending physician.

The effect on driving a vehicle when taking Nefrosten was not observed. Food supplement is approved for use by people who drive a car or do work that requires concentration.

Composition and release form

Nefrosten - herbal preparation, produced on the basis of:

  • centaury grass,
  • rosemary leaves,
  • lovish root,
  • arbutin.

Auxiliary components of dietary supplements include: microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, calcium stearate, polyethylene glycol, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, titanium dioxide and iron oxides.

Nefrosten is produced in the form of brown tablets of a round biconvex shape, placed on 20 pieces. in blisters. The carton package includes 3 blisters with pills and instructions from the manufacturer.

Nephrosthen from cystitis and other diseases of the urinary system must be distinguished from Nefrosten with cherry extract, designed to remove excess fluid from the body and get rid of edema. This tool does not possess anti-inflammatory action and is not used in the fight against cystitis.

Pregnancy and lactation

The experience of using dietary supplements in pregnant women is absent, so it should not be prescribed for future mothers during cystitis.

The substances included in Nefrosten can penetrate into breast milk and affect the body of a newborn baby. To avoid the negative effects of the drug on infants, it is forbidden to use it when breastfeeding.

Composition and active ingredients

Many patients mistakenly call a “drug” bioadditive with a complex of plant extracts. A small inaccuracy does not reduce the benefits of the use of dietary supplements in diseases of the bladder and kidneys.

Active ingredients:

  • extracts of medicinal plants: rosemary, lovage, centaury,
  • hydroquinone.

Drug action

In the course of application, the dietary supplement with plant extracts exhibits the following properties:

  • mild diuretic,
  • improves the functioning of the urinary system,
  • reduces the risk of recurrence after treating inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and bladder.

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Each component of the supplement has a positive effect on the urinary tract, kidneys, bladder:

  • lovage The root of the plant contains angelic acid, healing essential oil, resins, tannins, furocoumarin bergapten. Phytoextract lovage enhances the production and outflow of urine, reduces the frequency, reduces the pain of renal colic,
  • centaury. Bitter glycosides, ascorbic acid, tannins, genciamine, flavonoids - active ingredients in the composition of the medicinal plant. Extract of the centaury exhibits an active antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, diuretic effect. Nutrients have antioxidant properties,
  • rosemary. Herbal extract contains flavonoids, tannins, antioxidants, essential oils, glycolic and rosmarinic acids,
  • hydroquinone. Active antiseptic, diuretic action. The combination of hydroquinone + glucose, scientists have found in many medicinal plants.

Release form

BAA Nefrosten is a brown pill. Urological drug has a characteristic taste. The concentration of phyto-means - 0.25 g in one unit. In the capacity is 60 tablets. The insert contains a description of the work of the kidneys, the rules for the use of a food additive.

The company Evalar offers patients several types of supplements:

  • Nefrosten Cherry with a "soft" diuretic action. Additional ingredients: ascorbic acid, extract from the stem of the cherry.
  • Nefrosten Cranberry for urinary tract. Additional components - cranberry extract, vitamin C.
  • Nephrosis for kidney.
  • Nephrostenus for urinary tract.


Biologically active food supplement Nefrosten has few restrictions for taking:

  • breastfeeding period
  • pregnancy,
  • childhood,
  • hypersensitivity to plant extracts or hydroquinone.

Instructions for use and dosage


  • Nefrosten without supplements taken with food. Frequency - up to three times a day, single dosage - from 2 to 4 tablets.
  • Nefrosten with cranberry extract take 1 capsule per day.
  • Nefrosten with cherry extract to use during a meal, a one-time rate - from 1 to 4 capsules.

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Cost and storage conditions

The supplement should be stored at room temperature, the temperature should not exceed + 25 degrees. Make sure that the herbal remedy is not accidentally swallowed by children. Herbal life is 24 months.

The manufacturer of the popular herbal supplement is the Russian company Evalar, which specializes in the production of herbal medicines. The cost of domestic funds is lower than that of the popular herbal medicine Canephron.

Depending on the pharmacy chain and the region, the price of Nefrosten 60 tablets without additives ranges from 220 to 310 rubles. The cost of the drug with cherry and cranberry extract, concentration - 0.47 g - from 290 to 320 rubles (30 capsules).

In case of intolerance of individual components in the composition of bioadditive Nefrosten, the urologist selects an analogue from the same subgroup of pharmacological agents. Formulations with phytoextracts exhibit a similar effect. Among the analogues Nefrostena - drugs and food additives in different price categories.

Effective urological remedies:

  • pills Rensept,
  • syrup lessons,
  • phyto-kidney tablets,
  • tablets and capsules Vesilut,
  • kidney tea granules
  • Capsules Spilled Septo,
  • Renalof capsules,
  • kidney tea syrup
  • drops for oral administration Uronefrin,
  • Kuan Long dragee.

Many patients suffering from renal pathologies, cystitis, pyelonephritis, consider Nefrosten an effective substitute for the drug Canephron. After the course of therapy, the results are similar, the supplement with the extract of the centaury, rosemary, lovage has a positive effect on the urinary system. BAA Nefrosten is cheaper, patients write about negative reactions very rarely. Prophylactic reception in the cold season to prevent the recurrence of cystitis in most cases brings results.

Composition, release form

Nefrosten tablets contain the following ingredients:

  • multicrystalline cellulose,
  • bearberry leaves,
  • lovish roots
  • centaury,
  • rosemary,
  • food additives that make up the film coating,
  • hydroxypropylmethylcellulose for thickening,
  • iron oxides, titanium dioxide,
  • amorphous silicon and calcium stearate.

Pharmacological action, pharmacokinetics

Drug of plant origin, belongs to the group of dietary supplements, is a diuretic, the effect of which is sent to anesthesia, fight inflammation, improve urine output. The drug regulates the performance of the urinary organs, is intended to receive as an adjunct to complex treatment and independently, in the form of a supportive therapeutic course.

Each of the known variants of the medicinal product (cherry, cranberry) is capable of systematically affecting the urethral system - to stabilize the efficiency of the paired organ and the urea, regulate the exchange of electrolyte in the organs.

Complex compounds have a cleansing and diuretic effect. Enveloping the mucous membrane, the centaury slightly provokes the coagulation of proteins, leading to the formation of resistant tissue that protects against irritation.

Cranberry is known for its diuretic and antimicrobial effects, it can normalize the microflora of the urethral canals, reduces the likelihood of the appearance of calculus in the kidneys.

Cherry stems contain a lot of iodine, citric and malic acids, sucrose, tannins and other active additives with which a pronounced draining and diuretic effect is formed.

Ascorbic acid inhibits unoccupied radicals, gives stability to the autoimmune system, activates the capabilities of the body.

With Nefrosten, you can adjust the level of pressure in the arteries, minimize its fluctuations, improve the performance of the cardiovascular system.

Any supplement is absorbed fairly quickly - just a few minutes after the drug enters the gastrointestinal tract. Plant compounds that are trapped in the digestive system undergo partial hydrolysis and oxidize, which greatly facilitates their absorption.

The proanthocyanidins in the cranberry capsule can accumulate in large quantities in urine. After twelve hours, they are completely extracted.

Potassium salts and flavonoids contained in the cherry capsule are quickly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and are promptly eliminated by the paired organ, reducing inflammation and not allowing it to be provoked by negative effects.

Indications for use

Doctors recommend taking Nephrosthen for drug therapy:

  • diseases of the urea and the paired organ of infectious nature and relapsed forms,
  • autoimmune kidney disease in the form of chronic inflammatory processes:
  • inflammation of the kidney glomeruli, calculus,
  • pyelonephritis, oliguria, bacteriuria.

special instructions

If the patient suffers from pronounced edema caused by heart failure or kidney failure, it is necessary to limit the amount of fluid consumed when taking the drug.

If a paired organ is insufficient, the drug should not be used as an independent agent.

As soon as the first signs of hematuria appear, pains begin to be felt in the process of excreting urine, a doctor should be visited.

The therapeutic course of this drug is not considered a reason for abandoning various activities associated with a particular risk to a person, a high level of concentration of attention or driving a vehicle.

Opinion of specialists and doctors

The point of view of doctors and patients taking Nefrosten:

I have long suffered from cystitis. Was at the reception of many doctors, spent a lot of money for treatment. Exacerbations were removed, but the disease returned again. At first I took antibiotics, but then I decided to start sparing the body and acquired Nefrosten, recommended as a comprehensive measure. But I decided not to take antibiotics. Saw two tablets daily in the morning, during the meal. After a week and a half, I noticed that there was no strong pain. My treatment course lasted a month until I felt a noticeable relief. Perhaps, dietary supplements are better than antibiotics, which cause some harm to the body.

Larisa, 31

If you have problems with the organs of the urinary system, I recommend starting to receive Nefrosten. This medicine will help to cope with the disease. It is very similar to Canephron, which doctors prescribe more often. Follow the instructions, and everything will be fine!

Nikolay, 48

The drug is quite acceptable. Six dozen tablets will be enough for you for a couple of months of administration. Even if the treatment course will require continuation, it will not hit your pocket. Believe me, Kanefron will cost you many times more.

Nefrosten works well, you can feel the first results in a week. Even the temperature is normalized if there are strong problems with the paired organ.

Pain will pass in about a month, and you can feel like a completely different person. As a preventive measure, I recommend taking this drug once every six months. Tablets will not bring harm to the body, but they will be able to prevent the occurrence of problems.

Tatyana Sergeevna, urologist

Pharmacy holidays

BAA is not a drug, so you will not need a prescription from a doctor for its purchase.

If a patient experiences intolerance to individual components that are included in Nefrosten, they can select one of the analogues of this drug that has similar effects.Urokam (syrup), Rensept (tablets), renal collection in granules (tea), Uronefrin (drops) proved to be excellent.

Nefrosten from Evalar - features

This drug, like the rest of the company's products, is manufactured using advanced technologies and is subject to multi-stage control of its quality. This makes it possible to strictly standardize all biological components that make up the dietary supplement.

Many people do not even know what kind of load falls on the paired organ, which is the main filter of the whole organism. During the day at least two hundred liters of blood passes through the kidneys.

There, it is cleared of toxins, toxic substances, viruses and pathogens. In addition, water-salt exchange is regulated, optimal pressure is maintained. We add that the kidneys are responsible for the state of bone tissue, transforming the basic vitamin D into its active forms.

Nefrosten - a herbal remedy intended for the kidneys and the urea.

Pharmacological properties

Nefrosten is a biologically active food supplement, consisting of a plant complex, for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the urinary tract.

The effect of the product is due to the following properties of its active ingredients:

  • centaury grass (Gentianaceae, Centaurium umbellatum) is a source of phenolic and cinnamic acids, tannins. Contains flavonoids, bitter glycosides, gentianine alkaloid, vitamin C. Aiding the removal of excess fluid, the thousandth has a potassium-saving effect, which allows not to disturb the ionic balance in the body,
  • The lovage root (Levisticum officinale, Apiaceae) contains an essential oil of complex composition that promotes the dilation of the renal vessels and the maintenance of normal blood supply to the renal epithelium. In addition, the root includes tannins, phthalides, furocoumarin bergapten, resins, angelic acid,
  • Rosemary leaves (Lamiaceae, Rosmarinus officinale) are a source of rosmarinic and glycolic acids. Rosemary leaf extract contains tannins, flavonoids, essential oil, phenolic acids. The phenolic components extracted from rosemary exhibit a strong antioxidant effect, contribute to the normal functioning of the kidneys and bladder,
  • "Phytoarbutin" - a plant complex that promotes the removal of excess fluid and counteracts the growth of bacteria. It includes spring grass, lingonberry leaves and bearberry. Wintergreen leaves contain phenols and their derivatives - arbutin, hydroquinone, cowberry leaves - a source of arbutin glycoside (9%), bearberry leaves - a source of free hydroquinone (up to 1%).

Nefrostene Reviews

Nefrostene reviews are positive. Despite the fact that the product is not a drug, the authors of reviews took it for such problems of the kidneys and urinary tract as cystitis, frequent urination, swelling and swelling on the face, feeling pain when urinating. They indicate a high therapeutic efficacy of the herbal product, no side effects, an affordable price, and ease of use.