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The origin and meaning of the name Olesya for a girl

First of all, it is worth understanding where it came from. What is the origin and meaning of the name Olesya? There are two possible answers to this question.

  • The first version says that the name has ancient Slavic roots. It is derived from the word "forest". The meaning of the name Olesya in this case is “a girl from the forest”, “forest”, “living in the forest”. This theory is supported by the majority of researchers.
  • The second version is descent from the name of Alexander, who has ancient Greek roots. If you rely on it, then the name Olesya means "defender of the people", "courageous". A variety of it can be considered the names of Les and Ales.

Olesya in childhood

"Courageous" - the possible meaning of the name Olesya. For the girl, which is so named, is characterized by independent behavior. Parents should not try to subordinate the child to their will, because nothing good will come of it. She likes to attract the attention of others with her eccentric actions. The owner of the name in childhood are beginning to be interested in activities associated with danger. There is a high probability that she will be engaged in extreme sports.

At school, Olesya learns well, she is equally easy to get exact sciences and humanities. Thanks to the knowledge, the desire to constantly learn something new, the girl has a broad outlook. The owner of the name is self-confident, failures do not grieve her and do not make her doubt herself. It is easy and pleasant to communicate with Olesya, so she has many friends and friends.

Name feature

What does she become in adulthood? Directly affects the nature and fate of the name. Olesya has both positive and negative qualities. The virtues of her character are listed below.

  • Optimism. The owner of the name easily suffers defeat. She draws lessons and moves on. Nothing will make her doubt that she has a happy future. Olesya can rarely be found in a bad mood, not to mention depressive state.
  • Determination. The girl, who is so called, does not need much time to make this or that decision. She makes a plan, and then follows him clearly. The problem of choice rarely confronts her, since Olesya almost always knows exactly what she wants.
  • Focus on results. The owner of the name can set goals and achieve them, bypassing or overcoming obstacles. She knows exactly what should wait for her at the end of the road.
  • Independence. The possible meaning of the name Olesya is “courageous”. This girl never expects someone to come and solve all her problems. She used to seek everything by herself.
  • Kindness. Olesya does not belong to the number of naive young ladies who tend to idealize others. The owner of the name perfectly sees all the advantages and disadvantages of those who are part of her social circle. However, this does not prevent her from being kind to people.

Of course, Olesya has drawbacks. She is too self-confident, does not accept criticism. The opinion of those around the owner of the name often neglects that it does not always go to good.

Profession, business

The meaning of the name Olesya, the character of his owner - all this affects the choice of profession. The girl, who was called so, is able to succeed in almost any field of activity. Often the owner of the name chooses a profession that is traditionally considered to be a male. She can dream of becoming a sea captain, a geologist, an archaeologist, and so on. Success awaits Olesya in the field of journalism, finance and trade.

The possible meaning of the name Olesya is “courageous”. Of course, such a girl can succeed in business. Being engaged in entrepreneurial activities, the owner of the name will find application for their leadership qualities.

Hobbies, hobbies

Olesya is a girl who will certainly have at least one extreme hobby. The owner of the name can engage in parachuting, to conquer high mountains. Also, it can attract riding a motorcycle.

Olesya has an active life position, but from time to time even she wants to relax and unwind. She prefers to do this with a book in her hands. Of course, her favorite genre is adventure. There may be other interests of the owner of the name, for example, singing, drawing, dancing.

Love sex

It was already mentioned above that the meaning of the name Olesya and the fate of its owner are connected. How is her personal life? As a rule, the girl who is so named does not suffer from a lack of fans. Men are attracted by her prettiness, emotionality and originality. Olesya does not belong to the category of flirtatious young ladies who like to play with the opposite sex. In a love relationship, she is honest and true. If the claimant to her attention has no chance, then he quickly finds out about it.

Active, bright, sporty - such a man can easily fall in love with her. Olesya's chosen one will certainly have a lively mind, since stupid guys do not attract her. In bed, the owner of the name is active and curious, loves erotic games. For her important long prelude, affection and tenderness. To change your partner a girl who is so called will not, he also will not forgive betrayal.

Marriage, family

When choosing a life partner, Olesya can change her traditional determination. She will long evaluate the applicant for her hand and heart, weighing its positive and negative qualities. In the family, the owner of the name is committed to leadership. The girl, who was called so, is jealous, so the partner must be careful not to be suspected of treason. In this case, the jealousy of the spouse will certainly cause her irritation, surprise at the fact that she is not trusted.

Family for Olesya is in the first place. She is even able to refuse professional self-realization, to devote herself to the care of her husband and children. Greater chances of the owner of the name to find happiness in the second marriage, as she takes into account her mistakes and does not repeat.

The possible meaning of the name Olesya is “courageous”. It is not surprising that she has good health. An active lifestyle, sports training, proper nutrition will help strengthen it. However, as a child, Olesya still makes mom and dad worry, will catch cold from time to time.

Olesya: the origin of the name

Choosing a name for a girl is a very important and crucial moment. Parents need to consider not only its sound, but also the characteristics given by astrologers. For example, what does the name Olesya mean? According to the data collected, this name has several meanings. Some researchers agree that Olesya is a name derived from Alexander. It, in turn, was formed from the Greek "Alekso" and translates as "defend", "defender". Other experts claim that Olesya is a name that was used in pre-Christian times, and it is one of the variants of the name Lesana, Lesya, which means “girl from the forest”, “forest”.

Olesya's childhood

The meaning of the name Olesya is very important for the girl, as it predetermines the fate of the baby. From a young age she shows her talents. Olesya may have a gift for painting, music or literature. The girl prefers to spend most of her free time playing active games. She loves sports. Olesya is studying well, but does not show brilliant abilities. It is better for her to drive the ball with the boys or swim in the pool, than pore over school disciplines. The value of the name Olesya significantly influenced the character of the girl. Since childhood, it is characterized by high self-esteem, exaggerating at times the value of their actions and dignity. The appearance of the baby is most often similar to the father, while the character inherits from the mother.

School years

Having grown up a bit, the girl becomes more and more selfish and eccentric. For example, she can independently begin to go to any sports section, and her parents can notify about it only after performing at competitions. As already mentioned, the meaning of the name Olesya largely determines the disposition of its owner. She seems to us a sort of "warrior-defender" who will not hurt either herself or friends. However, this is more of a showcase. In reality, Lesya is indecisive and vulnerable, but she is trying with all her might to hide it. If a girl fails, she does not despair, but slowly but surely tries to achieve the set task.

Olesya is a very good, caring friend. In a circle of loved ones, this is an open, cheerful and interesting man. However, getting into an unfamiliar company, Olesya closes, becomes laconic. The meaning of the name Olesya also says that this girl, because of her natural egoism, is prone to rash actions. For example, it does not always take into account the opinions and desires of other people, may hurt or even offend loved ones, but does so rashly, not wanting to offend anyone. Having created a conflict situation, a girl can admit her mistake and go first to the world. Olesya, like most women, loves to gossip, but she does it without gloating or malice.

Meaning of the name Olesya

Adult Olesya tactful and delicate. The power of her name is incredibly strong. In her character at the same time, the makings of a leader, purposefulness, kindness, assertiveness, philanthropy, eccentricity and selfishness coexist. Even as an adult, Olesya continues to shock loved ones. She can't live like everyone else. In life, Olesya is a real fighter, and she tends to break stereotypes. Lesya loves extreme. For the sake of thrill, she is ready to bear any hardship and adversity. The girl does not seek to create a family, get a good education or make a career. She prefers just to enjoy every moment of life, to communicate with people interesting to her, to spend her free time at her pleasure. The blows of fate will never break Olesya, on the contrary, the hardships make her stronger and more resilient. Parents of the girl is useless to direct her on the right path, giving advice and guidance. Olesya learns only from her own mistakes. She will neglect the recommendations of her close ones until she tries to make sure that she was wrong by trial and error. Olesya's health is not deprived. The only diseases to which carriers of this name are subject are diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Even children's sores bypass the girl side, not to mention the more serious ailments.

Professional activity

As a rule, women's professions are of little interest to Olesya. It is possible that she would dream of becoming a geologist or a long distance captain. And it is better not to argue with her, but just wait until the girl herself realizes that she does not need it. As a result, common sense takes up, and the girl becomes an accountant or engineer. She can also find her vocation in healthcare, art, or teaching.

Personal life

Dear Lesenka attracts attention with her emotionality and originality. She is pretty enough, but you can't call her a beauty. Nevertheless, she has no shortage of fans. The girl loves men, often gets romance. But, as a rule, most of them are only brief episodes in her life. Olesya can truly fall in love only with an equally bright, original and active man, like herself. Having met this, the girl will almost immediately try to marry him, even if she only knows him for a couple of days. The first marriage of Lesya very often fails. The girl lacks self-criticism and demanding of herself. At the beginning of family life, Olesya tries to entrust all her chores to her husband with her husband, but she prefers to work only on herself. However, the nature of the man she chooses does not allow him to be with his wife "under the heel", so marriage, as a rule, ends in divorce.

Understanding that she was not lucky, Lesya does not get upset, but begins to search for her second half with a vengeance. Having met the ideal man for herself, she becomes the ideal wife and mistress who carefully keeps the family hearth and in every way supports the loving atmosphere in the family. Lesya loves her children, but does not indulge. She fits their responsibility with all responsibility, trying to instil in them a sense of justice and responsibility from childhood.

Name Compatibility

According to statistics, the name Olesya is compatible with Konstantin, Vadim, Orest, Grigory, Vasily, Arkady, Valery, Yakov, Philip.

The union with Nikolay, Stanislav, Artem, Fedor, Vladlen, Platon, Maxim, Anton, Ilya will be unfortunate.

In the calendar the name does not appear, so he has no patron. Nameless Olesya celebrate on the same day as Alexandra. This is November 19, April 2, March 22, May 6 and 31, December 23.

Celebrities named Olesya

Very many women with this name have achieved their recognition. They are well known to all. Olesya Sudzilovskaya - Russian film and theater actress, Olesya Emelyanova - inventor, honored teacher, Olesya Zheleznyak - famous Russian film and theater actress, Olesya Zykina - world champion, Russian athlete, Olympic medalist, Olesya Povkh - European champion, Ukrainian athlete, honored master of sports, Olesya Abdullina - Russian athlete-shashiska, Olesya Rulin - American actress, Olesya Fattakhova - Russian actress, Olesya Orobets - Ukrainian politician.

Olesya and her personal life

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Olesya? This is a real Monogamous and she is very attached to her family. In relationships, he is always overly straightforward and often shows jealousy. The first marriage is usually unsuccessful. But, having drawn the appropriate conclusions, Lesya next time will more carefully approach the choice of life partner and will be able to create with him a strong, friendly family. By the way, Lesya herself, despite the jealousy, will not cheat on her husband. However, the main problem in relations with him will be that Lesya will not always be able to express what she thinks. Arising omissions sometimes lead to conflicts.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: The owner of the name of the profession will choose if not rare, then for the lady of little fit - a geologist, a surgeon, or, say, a sea captain. Do not be surprised if you see that the kitchen is suddenly redone into a photo lab, which means that she decided to become a photojournalist. You shouldn't argue: in the end, Olesya is smart enough to listen to the sensible advice of her parents, to become a normal engineer or accountant. The owner of the name is not self-critical and will always assume that she was just unlucky, and only because she is not a world-class movie star.

Business and career: Lesia’s career is a success if she wants it and makes an effort. However, some place family at the first place and devote themselves to home, husband and children. The first marriage can be unsuccessful, but in the second for certain everything will turn out well.

Health and energy

Health and talents named Olesya (Alesya): The meaning of the name Olesya from the point of view of medicine. Lesia is growing very independent, often involved in sports. Although in childhood he suffers from bronchitis, sore throats and in general, it cannot be called healthy. In the future, it is physical activity that can significantly improve the condition. In her habits and manners, she is very similar to her father, and her character, on the contrary, inherits from her mother. Sometimes it behaves too eccentric, which can surprise and even scare the people around them. The girl is prone to spontaneous actions. So, she can pack up and at one moment jump with a parachute, or go climbing. By the way, she also chooses extreme professions. Sometimes even those that do not suit her. And then, having suffered a defeat, the owner of the name Olesya continues to firmly believe that she was simply unlucky - she does not draw any conclusions. Which is characteristic, it does not allow her to lose confidence in her own talents.

Olesya's fate in history

What does the name Olesya mean for women's fate?

  1. O.Sudzilovskaya - Soviet and Russian film and theater actress.
  2. O. Zheleznyak is a Russian film and theater actress.
  3. O.Nikolaeva - (born 1955) Russian poetess, novelist, essayist.
  4. Alesya - (born 1976) her real name is Olga Yarmolenko, Belarusian pop singer, soloist of the Syabry ensemble.
  5. O. Forsheva - (born 1979) before marriage - Krasnomovets, Russian athlete, vice-champion of the 2004 Olympic Games, world and European champion, Honored Master of Sports of Russia.
  6. O. Barel - (born 1960) Soviet basketball player, Master of Sports of international class (1980), Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1984).
  7. O. Lyashenko - Russian singer, musician, songwriter.
  8. O. Zykina - Russian athlete, world champion, Olympic medalist. She performs in running disciplines for 200, 300 and 400 meters. Her main discipline is running for 400 meters. In 2001, as part of the Russian athletics team, she became a World Champion in the 400 meters race, next year she won gold at the European Championship. На Олимпийских играх в Афинах в составе эстафетной команды России в забеге 4х400, выигрывает серебряную награду.
  9. O.Abdullina - Russian Bashkir athlete (Russian and international drafts), bronze medalist at the World Blitz Championship (Berlin, December 2009), bronze medalist at the European Championships International Women's Drafts Blitz tournament (Stockholm, Sweden, August 2009), the champion of Russia in the national team of Bashkortostan in 2009, the winner of the 1st World Intellectual Sport Games among girls 4-time European champion among girls. International Master in International Drafts.)
  10. O. Stetsenko - artist.
  11. O. Vladykina is a Russian athlete, champion and world record holder of the XIII Summer Paralympic Games 2008 in Beijing, in swimming at 100 meters breaststroke.
  12. O. Aliyeva - Russian skier, multiple champion of Russia, master of sports of international class, sports nickname - “Ali”.
  13. O.Ivanova - (1925 - 1995) real name - Lyudmila Ivanova, Soviet film actress, performer of episodic roles. Best known for her role is Nadezhda Tyulenina in the film “Young Guard”. In the early 1960s, she took the pseudonym Olesya Ivanova, who began to appear in films.
  14. O. Kurochkina - midfielder and / or striker of the Russian women's national football team.

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.

Stone - talisman

Coral is a stone mascot named Olesya. It symbolizes longevity, intellectual growth, prudence and material well-being.

This skeletal formation (namely, such is coral) gives energy, strengthens memory, develops intuition, increases vitality, relieves fatigue and tension, eliminates fears and depression.

It is believed that coral can not only attract good luck, but also effectively protect against the evil eye and damage. In addition, it contributes to a good life together and protects its owner from bad people.

In ancient Greece, coral symbolized immortality and happiness, while in Europe - modesty and integrity.

In the Christian tradition, the coral branch, depicted on the neck of little Jesus, personifies protection from evil forces.

Coral is, above all, a talisman for travelers, eliminating the negative impact of natural phenomena and unpleasant encounters.

Important! In order for coral products to fulfill their protective functions, it is necessary to adhere to two conditions:

  • the coral must be unprocessed
  • Coral should be worn in plain sight.

Blue, blue, orange and green are the colors that bring luck to Olesya (you can read more about their action in the article “The Influence of the Zodiac Sign and the Name Color on a Person’s Life”).

The number of the name Olesya is a six (for more on the impact of this number, see the article "Elements, planets and numbers in human life").

The planets patrons of Olesya are Uranus and Jupiter (read about them in the article "Elements, Planets and Numbers in Human Life").

Fire - the element of the name Olesya (read about this element in the article "Elements, planets and numbers in human life").

Animal symbol

Totemous animals for Olesya are a jellyfish and a bull.

It is a symbol of danger hidden behind the fragile shell. At the same time, the jellyfish is the personification of calm, grace and constant movement.

This talisman protects people whose life or profession is associated with the sea.

This animal symbolizes strength, cruelty, fertility, power, divine principle, and royalty.

The bull is a dual symbol: thus, it can mean both the moon and the sun, good and evil, drought and rain, strength and weakness.

In the East, the bull symbolizes bravery, patience, vengeance, power and overcoming.

In Egypt, this animal personifies rebirth, masculinity, might, and the life-giving force of nature.

The Slavs have a bull - a sacrificial symbol, because this animal was sacrificed to the gods in order to appease them and bring good luck to life.

In China, the bull is revered as an animal, symbolizing spring and rebirth.

In India, the bull is identified with justice and abundance.

In the Christian tradition, the bull represents the sacrifice, as well as the denial of Jesus.

Aquarius and Capricorn are the signs of the zodiac conducive to Olesya (read about their effects in the article “The Influence of the Sign of the Zodiac and the Color of the Name on the Life of a Person”).

Plants-symbols of Olesya - willow and cornflowers.

This tree in Europe symbolizes humility, immortality, zeal, but at the same time forbidden pleasures. Weeping willow is identified with such concepts as grief, sadness, unhappy love and death.

The Chinese consider willow to be a symbol of spring and a tree that awakens erotic desire.

In the East, willow is identified with meekness, patience, perseverance, femininity, charm and grace.

The Jews willow - a symbol of grief and unhappiness.

Among Christians, the willow symbolizes the gospel of Christ, which remains unchanged, despite the fact that it has spread widely among the nations of the world.

Willow trees are opposed to such trees as pine and oak, which are not able to resist the storms, because their branches break under strong gusts of wind. But the willow branches, even giving way to an impulse, not only return to their former position, but remain whole.

In the West, cornflower is considered a symbol of trust, fun and beauty of life, while in the East - simplicity, honesty and loyalty.

In ancient Egypt, this plant symbolized life and abundance.

In Christianity, cornflower is a talisman that protects against the tricks of the devil. This flower symbolizes tenderness, dedication and reliability.

During the Middle Ages, cornflower acted as a symbol of power and greatness.

Iron, considered to be the metal talisman of Olesya, is a symbol of strength of character, endurance, strength of mind, as well as invincibility and rigidity.

In turn, in the Christian tradition, iron personifies war, tough opposition, justice, honesty and power.


At an early age, Olesya can be described as a smart and talented child. Independence is inherent in it, it often surprises the relatives with eccentric acts. The girl is endowed with the character of the mother and the external data from the father. Her hobbies are sports, climbing, she loves extreme. She does well at school, is confident in her abilities and easily tolerates all failures. Its disadvantage is selfishness. The adult owner of the name is a bright and direct person, always friendly and open. In communicating with her is simple.

The secret of the name Olesya lies in assertiveness, courage, philanthropy and kindness. Its positive qualities: straightness, leadership, energy, prudence, optimism and hospitality. He tries to adhere to strict moral principles. Independent and purposeful. Always counting only on himself, has great willpower. He does not like to rush, while it is easy to lift.

Negative traits of Lesia: prudence, mercantile spirit.

Profession and business

Olesya can achieve good results in any field of activity. She is often interested in rare male professions. Success is guaranteed in geology, financial activities, trade and catering. Often she chooses the profession of an athlete, actress, journalist or engineer.

Lesya is endowed with quite good health. In childhood, can often suffer from colds and bronchitis.

Sex and love

A representative of this name attracts the attention of men for its originality and emotionality. For her, feelings are very important. She never pretends and does not play with a man. Always sincere and true, even in a situation where she does not like a partner. The guys go crazy with her prettiness and charm. Olesya loves novelty and cannot imagine her life without romance. She may be interested in a bright, athletic and active man, with an original and unconventional mind.

In sexual relations, Olesya is curious, she is amused by erotic games. She loves tenderness, affection and love foreplay. Able to deliver her chosen one unforgettable pleasure from sex. Never forgives treason and betrayal of a partner.

Family and marriage

Marriage is considered as a serious and responsible step in life. When choosing the second half, he looks at the men for a long time and studies them. She strives to take leading positions in the family, although she does not always succeed. Olesya is a jealous person, therefore it is important for her that the spouse did not give any reason to doubt him. In relationships with her husband, she believes trust and love. She puts family on the first place and is ready to devote herself completely to her chosen one and children. Narcissism and stubbornness do not allow her to strengthen family ties, so the first marriage can be unsuccessful. But in the second, Olesya does not repeat his mistakes and finds true happiness.