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Generics buy in Moscow

Classic set. In the event that you do not decide on the choice of a generic, the best solution would be to buy a set of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. You can buy cheap and try on yourself the three most famous pills to improve potency and decide on the most suitable one for you.

The kit includes two tablets of each drug: Viagra on 100 mg, Cialis on 20 mg and Levitra on 20 mg.

You can also see our large range of pills for men on our website on the main page.

Active substance: Sildenafil 100 mg + tadalafil 20 mg + vardenafil 20 mg

Valid until: the beginning of 2019

Type of packaging: Blister tablets

Delivery: By courier in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russian Post

- Make sure the quality and efficiency of the goods

- Try three at once

- You will be sure about the choice, the next purchase of generic for potency

We recommend ordering a set of “Classic” sampler to make a choice.

Reviews of Set Classic

A year ago, problems with erection began, began to notice that especially after working for days and nights. A friend drinks some pills and I decided, but I could not choose, they write well about everything. I made an order for a classic set, there are 3 drugs for a pair of tablets, I will test all the products. Thanks for such a convenient set, it will be easy to decide.

He ordered a classic set, it will definitely be possible to choose from three drugs, it is not reasonable to buy the whole package of one product, suddenly it will not work. I stayed on Cialis, "riser excellent" for 40 hours. I didn’t cause any side effects, now I want to order a large package right away, so it’s cheaper.

I tried all the preparations from the classic set, I liked everything, just super. This sex has never been, it is longer than usual and the sensitivity of the penis is more or something. Just an unforgettable experience. Now I suffer what to choose. Likely Cialis because of its long action.

Leave your review about the drug:

Description of Viagra drugs Levitra and Cialis

This kit is definitely ideal for men who decide to try generic drugs for the first time. For the reason that the body of each person is individual. The set includes drugs such as: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, below we will tell you more about them.

About each tablet

Viagra is the most famous means for regulating erection, it can be taken at any age, its effect is 2-4 hours, but during this time you can make several sexual acts.

I would like to add that if sex had to be delayed, then it should be realized that nothing will happen, sexual arousal can not begin on its own. Viagra is different from most others.

It is worth remembering that Viagra is not a stimulating drug, as many believe, in contrast to its analogues such as Levitra or Cialis.

Livitra, it is often prescribed by this means by sexologists to men as the elimination of potency problems, so you should understand that you can always use it.

Cialis is famous for its ability to increase potency and retains its effect for one and a half or two days, so many men who suffer from such a problem often opt for this particular remedy.

The effect of Cialis is similar to the effect of analogues, like Levitra, Viagra, so the only difference is that it has a long-lasting effect, it can significantly extend the time before the onset of orgasm.

Recommendations for taking medications

In any case, you can say for sure that each of the three tablets listed is effective, harmless if you follow the dosage and are suitable for the initial intake, and which generic should be chosen, you need to try all 3 to figure out which one suits you best.

Good health for men over forty years old can be started with a small dose of Viagra. And if you need a "long-lasting" means to be ready at any time to begin sexual intercourse, then it is better to choose Cialis.

It is worth remembering that the medication should be done correctly. If you have not taken this medicine before, then you should start with minimal doses, this will help to avoid health problems.


- intolerance of the working substance,

- transfer of myocardial infarction,

- renal and / or liver failure.

Store generics can be only at room temperature, until the expiration date, which is listed on the package. Before you start taking any medication, you should consult a doctor to confirm that there are no contraindications for taking these drugs.

He should clarify the contraindications, the initial dosage and the maximum number of tablets that can be applied per day.

With us you can cheaply buy generics of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra with delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg courier. To other cities - by Russian post.

Only effective generics for potency: online store assortment

Viagra, the most effective medicine to increase potency - this is how most Russians are used to counting. However, it is worth contacting a pharmacy to purchase this drug, as it immediately becomes clear - the "promoted" drug costs an exorbitant amount of money.

There is a solution - buy generics to increase potency online! In our store, instead of unreasonably expensive drugs, you can buy their counterparts, such as for example: Cialis Soft or Levitra generic, which are more affordable in terms of cost and less advertised in the media. Our preparations have almost the same composition as expensive pharmacy brands and are not inferior to them in their effectiveness.

We manage to keep prices below the pharmacy level due to the reduction of expenses for the rent of the pharmacy room, payment of the rate to the seller of drugs, payment of the bureaucracy, which is actively thriving in the pharmacy business.

So, at a reasonable rate, you can buy such preparations for potency from us:

  • Viagra - valid for 3-4 hours
  • Cialis - up to 36 hours
  • Levitra - up to 8 hours
  • Dapoxetine - from 3 to 4 h.
  • Malegra FXT - 3 to 4 h.
  • Super P-Force — from 3 to 4 h.
  • Super Tadarise - up to 36 hours

All the generics we buy in India. Drug manufacturing companies are Sunrise and Centurion Laboratories.

How to order generics in Moscow and in other regions of the Russian Federation?

Using the services of our store is quite simple - to order the desired drug, proceed according to the following algorithm:

  • Select the desired item from the list of products, and click the "Add to Cart" button. Please note that you can order a package containing a different number of tablets, for example: 10/20/30/40 or 8/12/16/20. Therefore, do not forget to mark the desired packaging option before sending the generic to the cart.
  • Go to the basket and fill out the short order form.
  • Wait for the call of our operator, and specify with him the conditions of cooperation in a telephone mode.

As you can see, to order the tablets do not even need to register on the site. If you have any questions, and you want to learn more about the medicinal effect of drugs offered for sale in our store - call the phone number listed on our website (in the Contacts section).

Do not postpone the solution of the problem “with the bed” for later - order our preparations any day of the week! Many buyers have already appealed to us for help, and none of them accused the products of inaction, buy generics cheap in Moscow, now it can be easier and more reliable!


For orders worth more than
2180 rubles, You get
5 Viagra tablets as a gift!

Free shipping for
orders worth
more 4499 rubles.

Already on the next order you
Get your first discount!
Cumulative discounts up to 20%!

Interesting drugs

The rapid onset of effect, after 20 minutes.

The only drug in the world to prevent premature ejaculation.

Viagra and Dapoxetine in one pill. Strengthening erection and prolonging intercourse!

To place an order by phone
call number 3190

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Indications and Purpose

Indian Cialis 40 - potency regulator, containing in its composition 40 mg of the base active ingredient tadalafil. Its action is directed to the removal of spasms of smooth muscles due to the inhibition of the enzyme activity of PDE-5. As a result of systemic effects, the substance removes the physiological obstacle to the natural blood supply of the cavernous bodies of the penis during sexual stimulation. A man gets a quality erection at the very time and place when he is ready for it. The number of indications for which it is recommended to buy Cialis 40 mg in the form of a generic include:

  • severe sexual weakness
  • no erection due to stress or for physiological reasons,
  • lack of attraction, associated with the fear of failing.

Taking the drug in a dosage of 40 mg provides an effective prophylactic effect in situations where impotence is a consequence of the influence of a phobia. Taking the pill instills confidence and ensures the absence of any failures.

Admission Rules

All generic Cialis 40 are taken according to the established scheme, involving the use of 1 tablet per day. The drug requires time for exposure, amounting to about 1 hour, which should be considered before planning intimate contact. If the dose of the drug is chosen correctly, the therapeutic effect will last for 36 hours. During this time, a man may enter into intimacy as desire arises. In this case, the risks of involuntary erection are completely excluded.

Large selection of tablets for male potency

Online pharmacy MISTER-VIG offers a wide range of tools to strengthen the male power: here you can buy Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others are sold. The drugs are presented in different dosages at an affordable price, so everyone can find something for themselves.

You can not worry about the quality of products, it is confirmed by grateful feedback from customers. Buy Cialis can restore erectile function. Levitra is no less popular, the price in a pharmacy is clearly lower than on other sites.

All products are tested, safe, high quality and effective. Buy pills for male potency - it means to be confident in success. Readiness for sexual intercourse is maintained for five hours. Generics for potency are well tolerated, not addictive.

Solving the sexual problems of men helps our service, and you can buy Viagra at the pharmacy with delivery. No one will know about your purchase, we care about customer privacy. Delivery in Moscow is carried out by courier or mail.

Buy Viagra - a modern original erection stimulator can every man, noticing some unpleasant phenomena in his opinion: a long wait for erection, lack of arousal, sluggish blood supply to the penis, etc. small dosages.

The drugs act only with sexual stimulation, which is especially important for this group of drugs. The price of drugs for male potency depends on the number of tablets in the package and the dosage of the active substance. So you can buy Viagra within one minute by placing an order on the site, anonymously.

Why buy from our online pharmacy MISTER-VIG

Male potency, is a matter of man’s pride, a kind of unique ability and opportunity bestowed by nature. If for some reason there are difficulties in your personal life, you can resort to the use of special drugs that do not affect the reproductive function, but provide good potency.

Buy Viagra tablets can be in our online pharmacy. For the convenience of customers, the service has expanded the range of products, now you can choose not only Viagra, but also Cialis, Levitra and other generics. Orders are taken around the clock, which means delivery will not have to wait long.

Choose any position from the MISTER-VIG catalog and please your soulmate with a pleasant surprise. Buy Viagra, Cialis and Levitra can be at any time.

Online pharmacy drugs for gentlemen has several advantages:

  • Large selection of drugs for male potency.
  • Guaranteed product quality.
  • Affordable cost of drugs that really work.
  • Convenient search on the site, so buy Viagra, Cialis, Levitra here.
  • There is a license to sell drugs.
  • Fast courier delivery in the capital.
  • Prompt delivery by mail in Russia.

    Due to the detailed description of the tablets for potency, each user will be able to choose the right product for himself and buy it with delivery. We guarantee confidentiality, all orders are executed quickly and accurately. What is a generic and where to buy Viagra?

    Generic is a tax of the original drug, not inferior to him in quality, but issued by another company. Generics are cheaper, not less effects and are popular. In conventional pharmacies, the means for potency are expensive, and in the online pharmacy MISTER-VIG, Viagra or another drug can be bought much more profitably.

    In addition, visiting a pharmacy in his city, a man may be embarrassed when ordering drugs for male potency. An online pharmacy is a completely different thing, no one will look askance, no one will know about your problem and you can buy at any time.

    Working directly with suppliers, the pharmacy MISTER-VIG offers only quality products at an affordable price so that you can buy Viagra at a profit. Delivery in Moscow is convenient for you, the country of purchase is sent by mail in opaque packaging.

    Strengthen the potency and increase the duration of sexual intercourse will help Cialis or Levitra, you can buy Viagra on the site. In the arsenal of online pharmacies, products of standard quality and high efficiency are presented.

    Delivery by courier is the ability to quickly receive tablets for potency at a specified time, in an opaque package. If you want to buy Viagra or another drug - the MISTER-VIG service works for you!

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