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Harm of beer for men: the effect of the drink on the body

Beer is a traditional male drink. What is the effect of beer on the male body, the benefits and harm of a beer? These are frequent topics of male conversation over a glass of beer. Fans refer to the fact that the composition of beer only natural products - hops and malt. The drink also contains potassium, which is useful for hypertensive patients, silicon that strengthens bones, B vitamins, and some minerals. Beer characterized by good diuretic properties due to the presence of salts of citric acid. Sometimes you can hear the advice to use beer with urolithiasis to cleanse the kidneys and urinary tract from stones and sand. What are the benefits and harms of your favorite drink?

Indeed, useful elements in the composition of beer are available, but their content is insignificant. To obtain the necessary daily intake of vitamin B, it is necessary to drink a huge amount of a drink daily, which will result in intoxication and in a short time - alcoholism by beer. Drinking beer as a diuretic will cause more harm than good to the kidneys. There is no need to talk about any positive influence that beer has on men. Like regular consumption of any other alcoholic beverage, drinking beer is dangerous and can only cause harmful effects.

Is beer a health hazard?

Most significantly, beer harms the following areas of the body:

Various dyes, flavors, preservatives are added to the composition of the beer, which contribute to the harmful effects of harmful substances contained in the beer.

Impact on the kidneys

Urinary exposure due to exposure to a beer drink is not natural. From the body along the way, vitamins and trace elements that are necessary for normal functioning, fats, proteins are derived. There is a violation of the acid-base balance. Kidneys work with high intensity. A harmful consequence of increased loads is the modification of vessel walls, which can lead to disruptions in their normal activities. Regular consumption leads to the fact that the body does not have enough vitamins and trace elements, resulting in fatigue, insomnia, and mood swings. The kidneys are the organ on which the first blow is struck.

Impact on the heart

Any alcoholic beverages adversely affect the activity of the heart. A special feature of beer is its ability to quickly be absorbed by the body.

Beer drinking leads to an increase in heart

The drink contains carbon dioxide, which allows it to quickly penetrate into the internal organs. For the stability of the foam in the beer is added cobalt. The effect of these substances is varicose veins, expansion of the left ventricle and an increase in the whole heart. With frequent use increases blood pressure, there is the so-called beer heart syndrome. The body becomes flabby, the blood is pumped worse, the myocardium loses the healthy properties of the muscle. The heart literally sags and is not able to fully function. Under such conditions, ischemic disease, angina, arrhythmia, heart attacks are possible. The impact of the foam on the heart contains the answer to the question of whether it is harmful to drink beer every day.

Effect on the digestive tract

The characteristic bitter taste of beer is explained by the presence of resins in its composition: common, soft and hard. Resins are natural carcinogens. Just as tobacco tar affects the smoker’s lungs, causing cancer, beer tar affects the intestines, causing cancer. Drinking beer increases the risk of colon cancer. This conclusion was made by WHO experts.

Foamy drink has another specific effect on the intestines, which is less pronounced when using other alcoholic beverages. Ethyl alcohol contained in beer activates the bowels. The presence of gas accelerates the process. Drink is used in large quantities. Given the diuretic properties, beer provokes the constant removal of fluid from the body. Beneficial bacteria from the stomach are “washed out”, the internal microflora is disturbed. Foamy drink is the result of fermentation, the same process continues in the human stomach. Acetaldehyde resulting from the metabolism of ethinol has a general toxic effect. The consequence of these processes is diarrhea, often seen among lovers to relax around a mug.

Exposure to carbon dioxide and fermentation products causes a harmful effect on the gastric mucosa. As a defensive reaction, the stomach begins to produce large amounts of hydrochloric acid, which destroys internal tissues. A person who often drinks this alcoholic drink often suffers from gastritis, a peptic ulcer. The consequence of the constant use of beer can be cancer.

Effect on liver

The liver is exposed to the harmful effects of substances contained in a frothy drink no less than other organs. In addition to cobalt, artificial chemical additives, other harmful substances, phytoestrogens, plant hormonal substances, are among the components of the drink. This "bunch" of elements passes through the liver, destroying and damaging its cells. With systematic use, the content of toxins becomes critical, with the result that the liver is no longer able to recover on its own. Alcoholic hepatitis, liver failure, cirrhosis - all this can go to a man who does not think about the harm that he regularly introduces into his body.

Reproductive and hormonal functions

The constant use of a frothy drink negatively affects the internal organs of any person regardless of gender. In addition to the general destructive impact, beer has a specific impact on men's health.

Phytoestrogen is an analogue of the female sex hormone. Regularly using a frothy drink, a man purposefully introduces a substance alien to his body, as a result of which the hormonal balance is disturbed. Beer and potency are incompatible concepts. Phytoestrogen suppresses the production of the male hormone testosterone, which results in a kind of replacement of male hormones by female ones.

Effect of beer on potency

A man will not turn into a woman if he regularly consumes a foamy drink, but as a result of the systematic introduction of female hormones, external changes will inevitably occur. A male figure will be decorated with a beer belly (a consequence of weakening of the muscles), the hips will round up, the pelvis will expand, the breast glands will increase, excess fat will appear. In some cases, a change in voice is possible - it will become more feminine, acquire a high timbre. According to officially unconfirmed data, there were cases of colostrum excretion from the mammary glands. Realizing the impact on the body of substances contained in the drink, hardly anyone will wonder what the benefits of beer for men.

Testosterone contributes to the development of male qualities - will, commitment, desire for leadership, activity. All that makes a man a man. Suppression of the male hormone and its replacement with phytoestrogen leads to the development of female principles, certain qualities are replaced, properties and character traits that are not typical for men develop. As a result, a man becomes apathetic, lazy, loses interest in active life. The systematic use of beer can develop in a man such characteristics as bitchiness, hysteria, capriciousness, peculiar to a greater degree to women.

Against the background of such changes, there is no question whether beer affects the potency. Excess female hormones in a woman leads to increased sexual activity, so beer can have a stimulating effect on a woman. A man, receiving a dose of female hormones, loses interest in the opposite sex. Hormonal imbalance leads to a decrease in sexual desire, the potency in men decreases or disappears. In addition to the drop in potency, the composition of sperm and its properties change. Its viscosity increases, which makes sperm cells inactive and reduces the likelihood of fertilization. Regular consumption of the drink can cause male infertility.

Beer in unlimited quantities can cause infertility

The composition of beer and its effect on the body

Previously, manufacturers brewed this drink only from a few basic ingredients, and only natural. Their list includes:

Due to their fermentation and fermentation, a low-alcohol natural drink was obtained. Phenolic compounds were useful in it, 90% of which contain malt. Modern manufacturers seek to reduce production costs and increase the shelf life of the drink. To this end, for the manufacture began to use different chemical additives:

  • saccharin or artificial sweeteners,
  • preservatives prolonging shelf life
  • enzymes that break down starch to simple sugars,
  • stabilizers that make the structure of the drink uniform,
  • artificial colors
  • starchy cereal products.

Such additives allow you to change the taste, saturation, strength or color of the drink. They also have a harmful effect on the body, causing hormonal problems, the development of cancerous tumors, and disorders of the liver, brain and other organs. Sometimes even natural ingredients, i.e. hops and malt are replaced with dry concentrates that help extend the shelf life of the finished product. In this drink, there is no one useful component.

How does hops affect the hormonal balance

Many have heard many myths about the harm of beer for men. One of them is the feminization of the stronger sex due to the presence in the composition of the drink of biologically active substances of phytoestrogens. They are close to the female sex hormones - estrogen. 1 liter of the product accounts for up to 36 mg of phytoestrogens. According to some doctors, this amount is enough to change hormonal levels. Phytoestrogens cause in "beer" alcoholics:

  • round belly
  • weakening of the muscles
  • breast augmentation
  • pelvic dilatation.

Phytoestrogens are also believed to affect testosterone levels. By reducing the amount of this hormone, the man becomes apathetic. There is another opinion that for these changes you need to regularly consume a very large amount of beer, and at a time. This is explained by the fact that phytoestrogens rapidly decay in the body. Other facts are taken into account:

  • during production, the wort with hops is subjected to boiling, resulting in the destruction of the thermostable hormones,
  • phytoestrogens are found in many other products - lentils, chamomile, pomegranates, dates, seeds,
  • hormones of plants and humans differ, therefore, for the body to respond to phytoestrogens, they must accumulate in large quantities.

On this basis, it is difficult to say what is the mechanism of influence of hop inflorescences on the hormonal background of a man. The fact remains that with regular drinking of this drink, the representatives of the stronger sex begin to deposit fat on the female type: on the hips, buttocks, shoulders, chest. The behavior of a man changes as well: he more often lies on the sofa, suffers from low self-esteem. All this indicates a violation of hormonal levels. Although hops also contain beneficial substances, for example, xanthohumol, which exhibits antioxidant properties.

Chemical additives and stabilizers

Any variety of modern beer contains not only natural ingredients. Stabilizers, dyes, preservatives, organic acids - all this is used in the production of frothy drink. These substances benefit the manufacturer, because their product is stored longer. For men, they are very harmful. Each chemical additive exhibits hazardous properties:

  1. Non-fermented extract. It contains simple carbohydrates that cause obesity. Another extract contains ammonia compounds and amides - toxic substances.
  2. Diacetyl It affects the respiratory system. In the US, this substance is completely prohibited, and in Europe it is considered one of the most harmful.
  3. Phytoestrogens. Cause obesity in men, "beer" belly.
  4. Carbon Dioxide. Negative effect on digestion, violates the acid-base balance of the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Higher alcohols. As a result of their dehydration, alkene carbons are formed in the body, which exhibit carcinogenic properties.
  6. Ethanol. With prolonged use is addictive and leads to alcoholism. It disintegrates in the body, resulting in acetic acetaldehyde, which causes hangover symptoms.
  7. Fusel oil. Disrupt the work of the brain, gradually destroying the liver, leading to encephalopathy of these organs.

Consumption rate

Even with the dangers of beer for a man's body, you can drink a drink, but within reasonable limits. The permissible amount of ethanol per day is 10 g. This is equal to 1 l of beer per day, but it is not recommended to drink that much. The best option is 0.2-0.5 liters per day, but no more than 3-5 times a week. This dose is considered safe for men. In women, it can slow down aging. Even knowing the norm, not everyone can stop in time after one glass, so those who do not know the measures are recommended to abstain from alcohol.

Beer alcoholism

This is a painful addiction to beer, which is also called Gumbrinism. In the international classification of diseases there is no concept of "beer alcoholism". For this reason, this term is not used as an official diagnosis. The abuse of this type of alcohol is considered as drinking alcohol, only in the form of another drink. For this reason, the same methods of treatment and prevention are applied to it. Features of beer alcoholism:

  • it is harder to cure, because beer is not associated with alcohol by many,
  • mental dependence is formed faster - about 4 times relatively strong alcohol,
  • the consequences are far more devastating than the abuse of vodka or wine.

Beer alcoholism develops not only quickly, but often unnoticed. A man consumes 2 or more bottles a day, not feeling any harm, but at the same time feeling intoxicated. The following signs indicate the beer alcoholism:

  • the use of this low-alcohol beverage more than 1 l daily,
  • irritability and anger that appear, if not to drink,
  • insomnia, inability to fall asleep or relax,
  • daytime sleepiness
  • headache,
  • problems with potency,
  • "Beer belly",
  • drinking beer right in the morning to relieve a hangover or raise the mood.

At the last stage of beer alcoholism, a man may begin to consume more strong alcohol. Binges are becoming more severe, and the pathology becomes chronic. At this stage, compulsory treatment is already required. Beer alcoholism is dangerous by the development of the following diseases and conditions:

  • fat accumulation in the liver, leading to scarring on it or cirrhosis,
  • obesity, which is fraught with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases,
  • the formation of free radicals that increase the risk of developing cancer,
  • "Beer heart syndrome",
  • hepatitis A.

What is harmful beer for men

The negative effects of beer alcoholism are manifested both externally and internally. The entire body suffers from this condition, but some systems or organs are particularly affected:

  1. Cardiovascular. She suffers from the stabilizer of beer foam - cobalt. This element expands the internal cavity of the heart muscle, causing necrosis of its tissues. The heart in this case is also called bull or beer.
  2. Digestive. Perhaps the development of ulcers, gastritis and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract, especially when drinking beer on an empty stomach.
  3. Central nervous system and brain. Under the action of alcohol is the dissolution and bonding of red blood cells, which clog the blood vessels. This causes oxygen starvation, which is accompanied by a feeling of euphoria.
  4. Kidney. They operate at the limit due to the violation of the acid-base balance and the accumulation of fluid in the excess.
  5. Liver. She is forced to constantly process the decay products of alcohol, dyes and preservatives in its composition. This leads to an overload of the liver, which can cause the development of hepatitis, fatty degeneration and cirrhosis.
  6. Sexual and endocrine. Due to the content of phytoestrogens in hops, a man begins to internally and outwardly become more and more like a woman. All this is due to changes in hormonal levels. The main feature of this process is a decrease in potency, breast augmentation, softening of the voice, a decrease in the amount of hair on the body.

Endocrine Disruption

In the production of this low-alcohol beverage, hops are used - a plant containing phytoestrogens. They are similar in their action to the female sex hormones with the consonant name "estrogens." Попадая внутрь организма, они меняют гормональный фон. Вред пива для мужчин в таком случае заключается в блокировании выработки тестостерона. Представитель сильного пола начинает медленно «превращаться» в женщину. Это проявляется следующим образом:

  • появляется «пивной живот»,
  • жир откладывается по женскому типу, т.е. на бедрах, талии, груди,
  • увеличивается размер грудных желез,
  • pelvis becomes wider
  • decreases the percentage of muscles in the body,
  • the character becomes more capricious and quarrelsome,
  • problems with erection appear, libido decreases,
  • testicular tissue is reborn, sperm quality deteriorates.

Decrease in potency

This is due to the action of the phytoestrogens contained in the hops. They lead to an imbalance of the entire hormonal system, on which the level of potency depends. It worsens with a decrease in the production of testosterone, a male sex hormone. There is a peculiar substitution of phytoestrogens. Regularly receiving a dose of these substances, a man begins to lose interest in the opposite sex. In addition to reducing potency, occurs:

  • change in the composition and properties of sperm, it becomes more viscous,
  • reduced sperm motility
  • reducing the likelihood of fertilization,
  • in severe cases - the development of infertility.

Appearance of visceral fat

"Beer tummy" - an indicator of an increase in visceral fat. It is invisible, because it accumulates around the internal organs: the stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver, genitals. Visceral fat is necessary for their warming and support in the right position. Another of its functions is to soften the shaking of the organs during movement. Normally, the amount of visceral fat is 10% of all body fat in the body.

A larger volume of visceral fat leads to compression of the internal organs. It is deposited in the omentum, which is located in the abdominal cavity. The man in this case, there is a big belly. Feet and arms can stay as thin. Excess visceral fat increases the risk of developing:

  • atherosclerotic plaques due to an increase in the amount of cholesterol that is deposited on the walls of blood vessels,
  • type 2 diabetes,
  • osteoporosis,
  • apnea,
  • oncological diseases
  • heart attack and stroke
  • hypertension
  • sudden death
  • coronary artery disease.

Blood sugar jumps

Under the influence of this type of alcohol falls and the level of glucose in the blood. As a result of its use, sugar jumps are observed, which occur as follows:

  • during drinking, the glucose level decreases rapidly - this state lasts depending on the amount of drink consumed,
  • as the removal of alcohol from the blood begins the reverse process - sugar rises sharply.

High glucose levels cause hunger. Brewer's yeast produces the same effect. In addition, alcohol releases certain neurotransmitters and hormones that increase appetite, and increases the production of gastric acid. As a result, after drinking alcohol appears wild hunger. In addition, beer washes salt out of the body, which is why one wants to eat more salty, fatty, and spicy foods. As a result, and increases caloric intake. For this reason, beer eliminates any diet.

Weight gain and deterioration of appearance

The appearance of the "beer belly" is associated with an increase in the amount of visceral fat. This occurs under the influence of phytoestrogens, which reduce the production of testosterone - a hormone that is involved in the process of ridding men of excess body fat. The abdomen becomes large, but it has no folds. It looks unaesthetic and rounded just because of the accumulation of not subcutaneous, but visceral fat, which envelops the internal organs.

Against this background, a man often eats unhealthy food, which further increases the amount of body fat. Phytoestrogens make the figure more feminine. "Beer belly" is dangerous for the body, because it increases the risk of:

  • myocardial infarction,
  • obesity
  • hormonal imbalance,
  • diseases of the digestive system,
  • vascular pathologies,
  • diabetes mellitus grade 2
  • erectile dysfunction
  • impotence,
  • metabolic syndrome,
  • Alzheimer's disease,
  • colon cancer.

What does beer affect men depending on age

On the body of men of different ages, beer affects a certain way. Up to 40 years, the topic of procreation is relevant. At this age, the reproductive system of men suffers especially from men. Abuse of frothy drink can not only worsen the potency, but also lead to a complete blockage of erectile function and even infertility. Other changes occur in older age:

  1. In the period from 40 to 60 years. As he grows older, a man experiences more and more side effects from alcohol. During this period, representatives of the stronger sex are particularly prone to gaining excess weight, and beer, as a high-calorie product, gives rise to the development of obesity.
  2. In older men over 60 years old. At this age, alcohol should be completely eliminated in order to avoid stressing vital organs and systems. This is especially true of the heart, whose work has already undergone age-related changes. In addition, other pathologies in elderly drinkers develop: cirrhosis and hepatitis of the liver, hypertension, and a stomach ulcer.

Brain activity

All beverages containing ethanol affect the functioning of the central nervous system and brain. The cells of the latter die under the influence of alcohol. In the case of persistent dependence on the foamy drink, they are no longer restored. The action of ethyl alcohol can be divided into 3 stages:

  • first there is a feeling of euphoria or aggression,
  • then millions of neurons die, intoxication occurs,
  • then comes the degradation of the central nervous system and brain, in which it is very difficult to restore the full functioning of these organs.

Over time, the convolutions begin to smooth out, and the brain itself decreases in size. Due to the adhesion of red blood cells, multiple hemorrhages are formed in it, which can lead to a stroke. In adulthood, the abuse of frothy drink is fraught with the development of dementia, dementia and Alzheimer's disease. The harm of beer for young men is manifested:

  • memory lapses
  • depressed
  • problems with concentration,
  • defeat of the visual and auditory analyzers,
  • decrease in an adequate assessment of reality,
  • difficulties in orienteering,
  • inability to cope with outbursts of anger,
  • loss of sensitivity to pain.

Beer and Pancreas

Problems with the pancreas are particularly relevant for young men who complain of abdominal pain. They have this symptom is often associated not with food, but with regular consumption of beer. This drink contains carbon dioxide, irritating the walls of the stomach and stimulating the production of hydrochloric acid. Gradually formed gastritis with high acidity. The direct effect of alcohol on the pancreas is as follows:

  • alcohol causes a spasm of the ducts of the gland, in which enzymes begin to accumulate,
  • the result is an increase in size and inflammation of the organ,
  • further abuse of alcohol leads to the development of fatal diseases such as pancreatitis, pancreatonecrosis.

Cardiovascular problems

Alcohol provokes sharp pressure surges and increases the heart rate. If the heart rate rises above 90 beats per minute, tachycardia develops. The combination of these factors interferes with the normal blood circulation, which causes the blood supply of all tissues and organs to be lost. Harm of beer for the male body is manifested in the following:

  • peripheral vasoconstriction causing hypoxia of the limb tissues - fingers change their color to bluish,
  • increase in the size of the heart - the body becomes flabby, ceases to fully stretch,
  • increased cholesterol and plaque formation that clog up blood vessels and can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

"Bull" or beer heart

With long-term use of beer up to 3-5 liters every day in the heart begin irreversible changes. There is a thickening of the walls of the body. The internal cavities of the heart expand, because they need to pump 2 times more fluid. Muscle cells are replaced by connective and adipose tissue. An enlarged heart is called "bull" or "beer." In medicine, pathology is called cardiomegaly. The condition is aggravated by varicose veins, which develops due to overflow of blood vessels as a result of rapid absorption of beer.

Outside, the heart is overgrown with fat. Due to the increased load on this organ, an arrhythmia is formed, and shortness of breath appears. The danger for the heart is aluminum, from which beer cans are made. Further abuse of the froth drink itself increases the risk of dangerous consequences:

  • coronary heart disease,
  • heart failure
  • angina pectoris,
  • stroke

An important step in the treatment is the complete abandonment of beer. Eliminate the need and bad habits. It is recommended to clean the body weekly, using fresh juices for the whole day or starving completely. Drug treatment is aimed at improving cardiac blood flow. For this purpose, ACE inhibitors are prescribed, which reduce pressure and normalize heartbeat. Examples of drugs used:

Irritation of the gastric mucosa

The mucosa of the upper part of the digestive tract suffers first from alcohol. Fermentation products with carbon dioxide irritate the walls of the stomach. The reaction to this process is enhanced release of hydrochloric acid. The result is increased acidity of the stomach. With this condition, the probability of developing ulcers, gastritis, enterocolitis or cancer is greater. The glands, which at first produced a lot of gastric juice, gradually completely atrophy. For this reason, food enters the intestines undigested, which causes problems with the stool.

Harm of beer for the liver and kidneys

Alcohol is the main enemy of the liver, which in the body plays the role of a filter. Its antitoxic function with the constant struggle with beer alcoholism is violated. In this state, the liver can no longer protect the body from toxic and potent substances. Trying to get rid of toxins, the body is overloaded and wears out. Inside the liver, inflammation begins to develop, which can lead to hepatitis or cirrhosis.

Not less suffer and kidneys. These organs support water-electrolyte and acid-base balances. Beer disrupts their balance, so the kidneys begin to work hard. Because of the diuretic effect, important substances are flushed out of the body: magnesium, potassium, vitamin C. Beer alcoholism leads to even more dangerous consequences:

  • renal vascular sclerosis,
  • kidney hemorrhage
  • the appearance in these organs of foci of extinction,
  • renal infarction
  • replacement of dead cells by connective tissue, which causes the kidneys to shrink and shrink.

From man to woman

Have you ever wondered what beer is brewed from? Of course, from malt and hop. Do you know what exactly gives hops in this case? Manufacturers use the so-called "bumps", i.e. non-fertilized female inflorescences of plants that contain a large number of biologically active substances. By the way, hemp is a close relative of hops.

Hop inflorescences secrete xanthohumol, which in the human body is transformed into female hormones — estrogens. As a result of the regular intake of such an unusual male substance, his body adapts to it, blocks the production of the main male hormone testosterone and "changes" the sex. In this case, a violation of potency and decreased libido are the most modest consequences. A man becomes and looks like a woman: breast increases, muscle mass and the amount of hair on the body decreases, the pelvis expands and even the timbre of the voice becomes higher and thinner. Even the appearance of a beer belly - the result is not at all the caloric content of beer or snacks to it, it is a consequence of hormonal changes.

"Beer" diseases of men

Excessive consumption of beer also causes other harm for men: in addition to external aesthetic imbalance, beer alcoholism also causes very real diseases - impotence, infertility, numerous disorders of the heart, liver, kidneys and digestive system.

Diseases of the sexual sphere occur due to hormonal disruption - an overabundance of female hormones in the male body. As a result, the man becomes passive, calm and indifferent to the opposite sex. Long-term use of beer leads to a complete blockage of reproductive function: male germ cells lose their ability to fertilize an egg.

A man who often dabbles in beer risks not only ceasing to be a man, but a risk of parting with life. The fact is that beer is very detrimental to the work of the heart. Modern representatives of the stronger sex and so every day they have to face the strongest stress, and under the influence of a foamy drink, their heart receives a double blow. A large amount of beer makes it work with increased force, as a result, the pressure rises, the left ventricle becomes larger, and after it the whole heart. The syndrome of "bull heart" is that its walls thicken, and the muscle itself becomes flabby and later partially dies off.

A large amount of carbon dioxide contained in beer overflows the blood vessels and causes varicose veins. It doesn't matter if you drink beer in one gulp or gradually, eventually daily, drop by drop, you bring about coronary heart disease, angina and heart attack.

The beer lover's stomach also risks each time: carbon dioxide and fermentation products irritate its mucous membrane. In response, the organ produces an increased release of hydrochloric acid. Consider drinking a glass each day. This is exactly how the stomach feels, which ultimately produces gastritis, an ulcer and even cancer.

Not in the best position is the male intestine. Beer, according to research by the World Health Organization - one of the causes of colorectal cancer. And all because of the plant resins, which, being the strongest carcinogens, are found in large numbers in the hop cones.

Frequent urging to urinate during a beer party is not a kidney training at all, but an increased risk of narrowing of their vessels. In the case of modification of the vascular system and in conditions of the active use of beer in the kidneys, the likelihood of hemorrhage increases, which, in turn, can be fatal.

Of course, the liver does not stand aside. No matter how much alcohol is in the drink. The harm of beer for men is obvious. Its regular use gives a full bouquet of liver diseases that turn a healthy person into an invalid dependent on medications. These include fatty dystrophy of the organ, and hepatitis, and, as a result, cirrhosis.

If you are a real man and you want them to stay, if you want to have the best woman nearby, able to continue your race, remember: beer is destroying people, not water. I wish you health and well-being!

What is beer made from

Ever since ancient times, people brewed and drank beer. Previously, this drink was mandatory on the table during weddings and other feasts. Now, little has changed, different types of beer can be found in stores, people are happy to buy and consume this product.

The drink is obtained by fermentation of alcohol and brewer's yeast with hops and malt. It is these ingredients that give the product a specific taste and smell. The composition has water, ethyl alcohol, carbon dioxide, nitrogen compounds, yeast. In small quantities in beer are vitamins, minerals and certain hormones. In addition, modern brewers add preservatives, stabilizers and dyes to their products, which significantly extend the shelf life.

Beer, sold on tap, from large barrels, more natural. He has a shelf life of only a few days. There do not add preservatives and other substances.

The influence of beer on the male body: harmful or beneficial?

Beer is a popular drink, one may say, a product of daily demand. According to a survey conducted by the Public Opinion Research Foundation, today beer is the most favorite beverage in Russia, in its reviews, 49% of our compatriots prefer beer.

Almost every day, 18% of the population drinks the intoxicating drink. Average annual consumption is 42 liters per person!

Of course, these data are strongly averaged. Someone is satisfied with a cup of beer once a week, and someone spends in the company with a beer every evening.

And both the first and second, as a rule, vaguely imagine what the benefits or harms of this product are.

Let's fill this gap and talk about the consequences of beer consumption: why it is dangerous to drink every day, whether beer damages the potency of men and conceiving a child, what are the signs of beer alcoholism of men and women.

To use for the body

Let's start talking about the effect of beer with positive facts - with the beneficial effect of a intoxicating drink on the human body. By itself, the malt from which beer is made is a storehouse of valuable elements. Judge for yourself, this is what rich barley grains:

  • copper and iron are involved in the renewal of blood,
  • Sodium normalizes metabolism
  • magnesium has a choleretic effect,
  • zinc has a beneficial effect on the breakdown of fats, is useful for male potency,
  • phosphorus is one of the main elements for the restoration of bones.

The next component of beer is yeast. This is also a very useful product. В дрожжах содержится много белков, фосфора, калия, железа, цинка, меди. Отдельного внимания заслуживают витаминный состав и содержание микроэлементов в пивных дрожжах: В1, В2, В6 фолиевая кислота, Н, Е, провитамин Ф. Не каждый фрукт может похвастаться таким составом.

В небольших количествах пиво даже полезно для организма.

What is the result of the benefit of the body bring all the above substances?

  • Moderate consumption reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. For example, it prevents heart attack (the trace elements that make up the beer can break down homocysteine, which forms arterial thrombi).
  • Scientists have proven: beer is suitable for the prevention of diabetes mellitus (the drink helps to lower blood sugar levels).
  • Helps kill infections. No wonder warmed beer with honey is a proven recipe for our grandmothers, who advised to use a warm mixture at the first sign of a cold or sore throat that accompanies the flu and sore throat.
  • For fractures, arthritis, arthritis, it is recommended to make decoctions based on the intoxicating drink (add various medicinal herbs there) - the whole point is that beer contributes to the restoration of bones and joints.
  • If you know the measure, beer is an excellent antidepressant that helps relieve nervous tension. Even polar explorers wintering in Antarctica are brought beer to the polar stations. According to psychologists, the drink helps to relax without loss of concentration (of course, in moderate doses).

It is worth adding that beer perfectly quenches thirst: unlike other alcoholic beverages, it is 90% water. It is also great for those who need to restore energy after prolonged exertion.

And you should not fear for a figure from one drunk glass - 100 calories of a natural product contain 50 calories. Compare: calorie content of freshly squeezed citrus juice - 57, red wine - 68, champagne - 83, kefir - 65.

Another thing is that a “beer belly” may appear from excessive consumption, but we'll talk about this in the chapter about the dangers of beer.

Watch what and how much you drink

Excessive consumption of this drink imperceptibly leads to beer alcoholism.

We have listed quite a lot of evidence of the benefits of beer. It seems that this is just a magic drink that you can drink and become more and more healthy each time. This is not true. The benefits will be subject to two simple rules:

  1. Benefit brings natural "live" beer. But, unfortunately, the yeast, which makes beer a healthy drink, does not live for a long time, so the "live" beer is a perishable product. People wanting to extend the shelf life of the drink, it is subjected to pasteurization, filtration, carbonation, add stabilizers. This makes it less useful.
  2. Knowing the measure - this is the rule in handling all alcoholic beverages, including low-alcohol ones. Drinking alcohol in large quantities every day can harm men, some lovers say in the reviews to spend the evening with a couple of mugs. Regular consumption harms potency, the conception of a child, causes numerous diseases.

How about harm?

It is time to add a spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey ... that is, a beer mug. Let's talk about the harm that men's health can cause excessive consumption.

In the reviews, people call completely different numbers - someone says that you can drink 500 ml every day without consequences, someone thinks that drinking a liter of intoxicating drink is not dangerous.

What is the situation in reality? We study the reviews of experts.

According to reviews of scientists, the dose of beer at which it is beneficial, but not harmful, depends on gender, age and human health.

  • An adult man can drink without consequences 1.5 liters per week.
  • An adult woman can drink without the effects of 0.9 liters per week.
  • It is harmful to drink beer to children under 18 years old.
  • It is harmful to drink beer to pregnant women, women in the period of feeding, people with a stomach ulcer, chronic kidney disease, suffered a stroke.

Fatty degeneration of the liver may occur.

If you drink more than 5 liters per week, adaptive hepatomegaly (enlarged liver) will gradually develop. The next sign of a bad effect on liver 2014 is steatosis. If this diagnosis does not limit consumption, the man is waiting for hepatitis, irreversible fibrosis, cirrhosis. The final of these diseases is deplorable - disability, death.

Sexual opportunities

Drinking beer turns a male figure into a female.

The beer contains an element that is unpleasant for men - an analogue of a female hormone. If you drink a little, it will not be harmful to the man’s body: the hormone is rapidly excreted from the body.

If it accumulates in the man’s body too much, he begins to “conflict” with testosterone. Harm will be strong.

Signs of bad influence of beer: the potency worsens, difficulties arise in conceiving a child (and problems in conception can occur in both men and women), the breast glands of the men increase, the hair stops growing, a “beer belly” appears.

If you continue to drink every day, problems with potency can develop into impotence. Moreover, the problem with potency may not be limited to - often alcoholic beer becomes the cause of irreversible infertility, when even after treatment it is impossible to conceive a child.

Normally, a person should drink less than three liters of water per day. Imagine the load that small buds experience when a person absorbs several liters of beer in a couple of hours. From regular increased load, the kidneys do not stand up, the result is a sclerosis of the renal vessels and a heart attack.

The heart of a drinker is under tremendous strain.

An excessive amount of liquid dilutes the blood, increases its volume. The harm is that the heart is forced to work harder.

A sign of the development of “kapron syndrome” may appear, when the walls of the vessels simply do not withstand the load, they become thinner.

The result - ischemic heart disease develops, pressure jumps, chest pains, tachycardia, shortness of breath appear. Cardiomyopathy develops in alcoholism.

Addiction problems

Unfortunately, if you read reviews on the Internet, there are often statements that supposedly beer alcoholism is a myth. So reviews should not be believed.

Why? Reviews about the harmlessness of low-alcohol products arise from the fact that beer alcoholism develops much slower than from stronger drinks. In fact, his symptoms are the same: addiction, excesses, memory impairment, loss of attention, aggression.

A sign of dependence is a gradual increase in dosage, a dependent person begins to consume stronger drinks, alcoholism enters a more difficult stage.

We have listed the pros and cons of the effects of beer on the body. So is it worth drinking this drink or is it better to give it up? It all depends on you. Drunk in moderation, it has a beneficial effect on the body.

But if you drink every day, you should not be surprised at the problems with potency in men, conceiving a child, signs of heart disease, kidney, liver. In addition, it is difficult to get rid of beer alcoholism.

Know the measure, remember why abuse even weak alcohol is harmful, and be healthy!

AT beer contain phenols. They belong to the group of antioxidants and protect vessels from wear. In addition, the foamy drink normalizes the blood flow of the coronary system. It includes the vessels supplying the myocardium.

So called the middle, muscular layer of the heart. Myocardium is the bulk of the body. However, only a moderate benefit beer consumption. This includes 1-2 mugs per day. Under the mug refers to dishes of 200 milliliters. Receiving more foam makes the heart bull.

The walls of this organ are thickened, areas of dead tissue are observed, and internal cavities are expanded. This is not the only danger that harbors beer. There are downsides for women, men, and risk factors common to both sexes.

Harm of beer for women

With beer, the weaker sex gets phytoestrogens. They are contained in hop, being a plant analogue of female sex hormones. A healthy body produces them in the required amount, in accordance with the age of the lady. An additional dose of phytoestrogens from beer leads to hormonal disruption. In the worst case, it is fraught with sterility, at best - fullness.

To increase the rate of phytoestrogens, the intake of 0.5 liters of foamy every day during the month is twice as capable. In addition to problems with childbearing, beer carries another serious threat - cancer. The chances of “earning” oncology are increased if you drink 0.5 alcohol drink not for 30 days, but for a year.

At the same time, the risk of the formation of benign tumors increases by at least 2 times. Their presence in the body - a wake-up call. About 30% of benign tumors develop into malignant ones. In women, metastases are usually formed in the chest, uterus and its appendages, bones.

There is also an indirect effect of beer on the female body. Harmless, at first glance, weight gain leads to serious consequences. Kilograms are gained due to two factors. First, foam nutrient.

At 0.5 liters of drink account for 300 calories. Secondly, beer causes appetite. In the course are snacks to foam and other dishes. With overweight come extra diabetes, varicose veins, diseases of the joints and respiration. All of them are directly dependent on the mass of the person.

Harm of beer for men

In the first place are the same phytoestrogens. They affect the male body differently than the female. The presence of an alien hormone changes the voice timbre. He becomes thin, tall, which corresponds to female speech. Together with changes in speech, men lose their hair.

Their number decreases, both on the head and on the body. Spermatozoa remain normal, but the libido falls. Along with it, the facts of erection are reduced. Men rarely gain extra pounds on the chest and hips. This is the prerogative of the ladies. In strong sex appears beer belly.

It is for men that beer most often negatively affects the heart. The female body protects this organ at the hormonal level. In men, the set and concentration of hormones are different. They are not able to create a reliable shield for the human “motor”.

Therefore, with the same consumption of foam, the hearts of men suffer more than women. At the stronger sex angina and ischemia are produced. These illnesses lead to heart attacks.

Less protected in the enzymatic and hormonal plans for men and the colon. Together with hops, resins enter the intestines. It is they give beer bitter taste. For the body of the resin - carcinogens.

They accumulate in the colon, causing tumors, both benign and cancerous. At the same time, malignant tumors in other body systems rarely provoke foamy in men.

General harm of beer

Both men and women beer has kidneys. When injected into the body foam, they have to work at least 2 times more intensely than usual. This leads to tension and narrowing of blood vessels in the kidneys. Without sustaining, capillaries are torn. When this happens hemorrhage. Clots remain inside the body, disrupting its functioning, leading to new “breakthroughs”.

One liter of beer affects the body in the same way as 50-100 milliliters of vodka. Having drunk a day, for example, 4 bottles of a low-alcohol beverage, the person seems to take 200 milliliters of alcohol. This can not affect the liver. She becomes vulnerable to the hepatitis virus. Fatty degeneration and cirrhosis develop in the organ.

Harm excessive drinking beer causes and the stomach. Organ mucosa is irritated by carbon dioxide and fermentation products. Both are integral parts of foam. In response to the “attack”, the stomach begins to increase the production of hydrochloric acid. The result - gastritis and ulcers. To this may be added and cancer of the digestive system.

It is worth noting that in moderation, beeron the contrary, prevents gastritis. In addition to the disturbed acidic environment, this disease is caused by bacteria. They kill a low-alcohol drink. So the phrase "in all good sense of proportion", of course, applies to beer. If you comply with the framework, you can improve your health, not get sick.

Beer is unhealthy for a man! Just the facts! - BabyPlan.ru

The first victim is the stomach

Beer, of course, is a low-alcohol beverage, but still not soda, which means there is a certain amount of ethyl alcohol in it.

Moreover, in some types of frothy alcohol content reaches 10-14%, that is, a bottle of beer can be equal to 50-100 grams of vodka.

The daily filling of the esophagus, stomach and intestines with an alcoholic liquid with fermentation elements cannot but affect their condition. Beer is very aggressively irritating and poisoning the mucous.

In addition, with regular intake of a frothy drink, the glands located in the walls of the stomach and produce gastric juice first emit a lot of mucus and then atrophy.

Digestion becomes defective, food stagnates or undigested enters the intestines. The result - problems with stool and gastritis.

By the way, chronic alcoholic gastritis is accompanied by complaints of general weakness, depressed mood, decreased performance, metallic taste and bitterness in the mouth, abdominal pain, a feeling of heaviness under the spoon.

A blow to the liver

Alcohol is the main enemy of the liver, whose main function is to cleanse the body. If you force this body to fight only with beer, you can disrupt its antitoxic function.

And then the liver will no longer serve as a reliable barrier to other potent and toxic substances. The abuse of intoxicating drink can contribute to the development of inflammatory processes and even lead to hepatitis.

Moreover, chronic beer hepatitis can occur in a latent form, without pronounced

symptoms. If you do not stop in time, you can even earn liver cirrhosis on beer.

Also, the pancreas suffers from regular beer consumption: the drink inhibits the release of enzymes, and the natural process of splitting nutrients is disturbed.

Kidneys - body attendants

the task of the kidneys is to maintain the constancy of the internal environment of the body. They are involved in the regulation of water and electrolyte balance and acid-base composition of the body.

Beer disrupts these natural processes because it forces the kidneys to work with tripled strength. Who ever drank intoxicating drink, knows how quickly it causes the desire to go to the toilet.

Scientifically, this is called polyuria - enhanced urination, which is associated with the irritating effect of alcohol on the renal tissues and an increase in their filtration capacity.

Possessing such a potent diuretic effect, beer flushes important “building materials” out of the body — micro- and macronutrients, especially potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C.

With a deficiency of potassium, there are breakdowns of the heart rhythm, pain in the calves, weakness in the legs. Lack of magnesium affects mood - a person becomes irritable, tearful, does not sleep well.

Due to the lack of vitamin C, immunity decreases, colds are more likely to occur.

In the case of neglected beer alcoholism, there may occur renal vascular sclerosis, hemorrhages in the kidneys, kidney infarctions, and foci of extinction. Subsequently, due to the gradual destruction by alcohol, the dead cells are replaced by connective tissue, the kidney shrinks and shrinks.

"Bull's heart"

Beer is absorbed very quickly, so the blood vessels instantly overflow. If you drink beer often and in many ways, varicose veins arise and the heart grows.

Radiologists call this phenomenon the syndrome of a beer heart, a bovine heart, or a capron stocking. The main body, forced every day to pump excess fluid, becomes flabby, it is overgrown with fat outside.

Cardiac contractions increase, arrhythmia occurs, pressure increases. Physical exertion is transferred more and more heavily, shortness of breath appears. Beer alcoholics increase the likelihood of developing coronary heart disease.

A decrease in the contractility of the heart muscle, an increase in the volume of the heart leads to heart failure. As a result, the death rate from stroke increases twice.

Hormones jump

The beer contains phytoestrogen, which is a plant analogue of the female sex hormone - progesterone. It enters the drink from hop cones used to give the beer a specific bitter taste. Therefore, the systematic use of the drink brings discord in the endocrine system.

In men, beer inhibits testosterone production.

Against this background, female hormones begin to dominate, causing changes in the man’s appearance: the amount of hair on the body and face decreases, muscle mass decreases, the mammary glands increase, the voice timbre changes, the beer belly appears and fat is deposited on the hips and waist. It turns out that a passionate beer lover on biological grounds gradually turns into a woman. Naturally, such a hormonal failure directly affects the success of a man in bed.

Beer vodka discord

It is a mistake to think that low-alcohol beer is not addictive. Even as causes! There is even a separate medical term - beer alcoholism. It differs from vodka in that it develops 3-4 times faster and the craving to drink is stronger.

This is partly due to certain lifestyles and habits, with the availability and ease of use of the drink.

Нет необходимости накрывать стол, созывать большую компанию, придумывать повод, потому что «попить пивка» можно и одному — идя по улице или сидя перед телевизором.

С точки зрения наркологии, пивная зависимость — тяжелый, трудно поддающийся лечению вариант алкоголизма. И бороться с ним намного сложнее .

«Пивоголики» очень редко обращаются к психиатрам и наркологам. More often they come to hospitals with complaints of heart, liver, stomach. Doctors, examining the patient, determine the main cause of all misfortunes - excessive consumption of beer.

When to start to sound the alarm

If a person drinks more than one liter of beer per day. Often meets with friends to relax in the company of an amber drink.

Irritated and angry if not drunk.

Complains of health.

Becomes the owner of the "beer belly".

Has problems with potency.

Can not relax, fall asleep without doping beer.

Requests in the morning sober.

Help break the habit

If this misfortune befalls some of your loved ones, you can try to help him yourself. Here are some simple tips.

Do not be silent! First try to talk heart to heart. Prepare yourself thoroughly: study materials about possible diseases caused by abusing beer, find stories and interviews of medics, examples of the consequences of beer alcoholism (disability, degradation, death), you can even watch videos from the Internet.

Ask the person to listen to you, without interrupting. Emphasize that you are not against alcohol at all, but that you are concerned about the amount of alcohol you drink each day. It will not be the most pleasant conversation, because people do not like to admit their weaknesses. Be patient and try to find out the reason why beer was his best friend.

If he has any problems, offer your help.

Distract! Try to occupy the person with something interesting. Let him not have time to think about drinking. Go to the cinema, theaters, museums. On weekends, go fishing, hunting. Take a little trip to a beautiful city. You can also do sports. For example, together after work go to the gym.

Sly! If your boyfriend is accustomed to absorb beer in unmeasured quantities in the company of friends, try to make sure that he rarely sees with these lovers of amber drink.

Take a chance! Try to put an ultimatum - either you or she (the bottle). Just do not bend the stick. But it may not end in your favor.

Persuade! The most reliable way and at the same time the most difficult is to consult a specialist - a narcologist or a psychologist. Of course, it is very difficult to convince a person that he needs the help of a doctor. Only your support and care can encourage him to make an important decision.

Harm of beer for men

Harm of beer for men - how real is it? What are the features of the impact of beer on the male body? What harm does beer make to the heart? How does a beer or bullish heart appear? What harm does beer cause to the stomach? What are the harmful effects of beer manifest in the sexual sphere of men? How likely is a heart attack during the development of a bovine heart pathology? How can beer cause ulcers and stomach cancer? Why do men grow "beer belly"?

Harm of beer. Dangerous male drink

There are drinks initially male and female. But now everything is mixed up and those who really want to drink everything they want.

But usually, where alcoholic drinks are still a meal, and not drunk, wines and champagnes are usually considered to be "women's" drinks, and vodka, brandy, and, of course, beer are usually considered "men's" drinks.

Even in our democratic time, men usually gather in beer bars, but a lady is not very comfortable in such an institution.

So what is the harm of beer for men? Or still consider beer a useful, almost non-alcoholic, truly masculine drink? In fact, some time ago, they thought so.

Back in the 20s of the last century, beer (almost like chicken broth) was prescribed to "raise the tone" for men, weakened after an illness or surgery, to gain weight and be filled with vitamins, and just to relax, because beer causes drowsiness.

Take, for example, Germany - the country of true beer connoisseurs. Yes, in Germany beer is a national drink, and they consume it a lot. In a year per inhabitant of Germany accounts for, according to various sources 140-150 liters.

Therefore, about the negative aspects of beer, and in particular about the harm that beer causes to men, in Germany, they probably learned earlier than in other countries. In Russia, a little more than 60 liters per person per year.

It seems to be not so much, but the pace with which these very liters increase is not at all pleasing.

Harm of beer. Heart Danger

It is known that heart problems are mostly male. From heart disease, women to the end of the reproductive period are protected hormonally.

Men - no, yes, and stress, nervous breakdowns in them, in general, happens more, and they are experienced differently than in women. Yes, and the harm of beer has a specific manifestation in men.

All doctors know the weak points in men's health - the stomach, heart and prostate gland. How does not even alcohol affect the heart, but specifically beer, and what is its harm?

It is known that beer is usually drunk more than anything else, and drunk is not measured in grams or glasses, but measured in liters.

The harm of beer drunk in large quantities is that a large volume of liquid consumed over a short period of time is always a load on the heart, forcing it to increase pressure — otherwise all this liquid will not be pumped.

In addition, beer is a carbonated low-alcohol beverage, and carbon dioxide accelerates the absorption of alcohol, so beer is quickly absorbed into the blood, even if it is not drunk "in one gulp". Frequent increase in blood pressure leads to a hypertrophied left ventricle, the heart enlarges in volume in all directions.

As a result, the harm of beer is manifested in the formation of the so-called "beer" or "bull" heart. The enlarged heart loses its strength, the myocardium becomes flabby, unlike the muscle. This situation is called "nylon stocking syndrome". So a truly masculine drink forms a true masculine pathology - angina pectoris, ischemia with the release of heart attacks.

Harm of beer. The stomach takes the first blow

The stomach is also a target organ for men, and gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, unfortunately, are for young people.

What harm does beer cause to this organ, by which nothing eaten and drunk will pass? Carbon dioxide of beer and fermentation products irritate the walls of the stomach, in response to irritation, excessive hydrochloric acid is produced, which leads to a general increase in acidity, then to gastritis, an ulcer and, finally, to cancer. Moreover, gastritis first develops hypertrophic - with increased acidity and a thickened wall, then the defense mechanisms are depleted and the production of acid decreases, the wall becomes thinner, and gastritis becomes atrophic - and this is already a precancerous condition! In terms of cancer incidence, the stomach among the male population is among the five most common, along with the lungs and other organs, and how we see the harm of beer in this situation plays a very important role.

Harm of beer. Becoming a woman

Well, maybe, even if the male reproductive system has a positive effect on beer, for some reason the stronger sex loves this “drink of friends” so much? Unfortunately, everything here is also very sad and the harm of beer can manifest itself here at full power. Regular consumption of beer leads to the rebirth of the testicular parenchyma and adrenal tissue. At the same time, the production of the main male sex hormone - testosterone - decreases.

Plus, the beer itself contains phytoestrogens - substances similar to the female sex hormones. All this together leads to changes in both the appearance of the man and the activity of his gonads in the female manner.

As a result, the harm of beer is manifested in the fact that the man’s shoulders are rounded, the belly increases in volume (it is called “beer” for a reason) and the body and face hair growth decreases.

The breast increases, and in severe cases even liquid like colostrum can be released in the same way as women do after childbirth.

Beer damage caused to the testes, and a decrease in testosterone lead not only to a decrease in potency, but also to a deterioration in the quality of sperm - from which the direct path to infertility. And if earlier, in the absence of children, women were more often “guilty”, nowadays half of the infertile couples are such because of the inability to conceive of men.

The negative effect of beer on the potency

The main indicator of men's health and the main reason for pride is potency, i.e. the ability to perform full sexual intercourse. And this ability depends, first of all, on lifestyle, stress and testosterone hormone.

Having drunk a mug of another frothy drink, the whole world is getting better, girls are more beautiful, and it seems that you can charm and take any into bed. But our desires are not always in harmony with our capabilities, and this is confirmed by beer potency, more precisely, impotence. Those.

there is a desire for sex, but there are less and less opportunities to realize it with every mug drunk. And as a result, problems arise not only at the physical level, but also at the psychological level, especially if such problems start at a fairly young age. And this is inevitable, because

beer is a real storehouse of hormones, but not any, but female ones.

Yes, the hop contains phytoestrogens, which are precisely the cause of the male body's mutation towards the female: the man becomes fuller, more friable, the hair growth on the barely male-like type stops, but the voice timbre changes imperceptibly, becoming higher. Here it is, the harm of beer for men №1.

As a result, interest in the fair sex, like an erection, goes to "no" - why so much effort, if you can have a beer at a beer, watch the game of your favorite football team, and then sleep sweetly.

The influence of beer on the kidneys

Such a small paired organ, but very important for the normal functioning of the whole organism, starts to work like a damned beer because of the beer, sometimes exceeding the usual load by 3 times.

As a result, alcohol not only flushes nutrients and minerals out of the body, but also causes sclerosis of the renal vessels, and the next step may be hemorrhages and kidney infarction. As a result, the risk that this body will fail completely increases significantly.

And believe me, the myth about the fact that beer takes sand and stones out of the kidneys is really just a myth.

Under the influence of excessive consumption of the intoxicating drink, the heart also changes - the varicose dilatation of its vessels and the size of the organ itself develop.

There is even such a term as “beer heart”, which is also called nylon stocking syndrome, and all because the main muscle becomes sluggish, flabby and begins to slip, i.e. work with interruptions.

As a result, ischemic heart disease often develops, pressure surges occur, but the most frequent diagnosis of alcohol abuse is “alcoholic cardiomyopathy”, symptoms of which are chest and heart pain, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, cough, vomiting and diarrhea.

Beer belly and not only

The phrase "beer belly" has long become a common expression, because not only the drink itself, but also a high-calorie snack, flying in incredible quantities behind the company, become causes of the terrible, huge, shapeless ball that some fans of this intoxicating alcohol even manage to be proud of. In fact, this should be ashamed - kilograms of fat, abdominal muscle atrophy, unattractiveness, not to mention the "mirror disease".

And if the fat was formed after 35 years, it is really very difficult to beat, because the metabolism is changing. In addition, the blood supply is deteriorating, including the jade rod, or penis, and this leads to permanent erectile dysfunction.

But besides the tummy, the males begin to grow (oh, God!) And the mammary glands, and all thanks to the already mentioned phytoestrogens. And after a few years, a persistent love for a pivasik can hardly be called a man. It's sad. Very sad.

And in conclusion, please pay attention to the fact that beer alcoholism is an even more formidable disease than the one caused by strong alcohol.

And all because today beer is no longer such a low-alcohol beverage as it was during Soviet times — then the fortress was only 1.5-6%, but today it reaches 12-14%.

In addition, many consider this drink a frivolous alcohol, and until recently they refuse to recognize the fact of dependence, and the alleged lack of a problem leads to a lack of treatment and the formation of persistent chronic alcoholism, which develops 4 times faster than usual.

Is it still necessary to prove the harm of beer for men or is it enough?

Harm and benefits of beer for men: how much is held, composition, consequences

Beer is one of the most popular drinks for men due to the pleasant taste, low content of ethyl alcohol and traditions associated with its use.

The advertisement convinced the representatives of the stronger sex that it is perfect for various occasions - meetings with friends, watching a football match at home and even for relaxing after a hard day’s work. Few people think about the dangers of beer and what danger it brings frequent drinking.

Knowing what impact alcohol has on the body of a man, is it really good to drink it, and how much alcohol is kept in the body, you can reasonably approach the issue of drinking a low-alcohol beverage.

Beer for men: harm or benefit?

Beer has a lot of defenders, saying that in the drink there are useful substances that positively affect the body.

Indeed, certain varieties contain some trace elements and vitamins that can have a beneficial effect on organ systems. However, in most beer options, which can be bought in supermarkets or bars, there are practically no useful substances.

But instead of them, harmful dyes and preservatives are found in the composition, and some manufacturers supply the product without malt at all, replacing the classic base for the drink with ingredients similar in taste.

The use of such alcohol has many negative consequences for the male body. In order to understand whether beer is beneficial or harmful for men, it is necessary to study the effect of its components on organs.

Harm of beer on the male body

The action of beer makes a man relax, improves mood, however, when excessively used, unpleasant changes occur to the body. Even from one beer portion of the organ system, there are serious loads, and for men who drink regularly, serious chronic deformities occur.

How does beer affect the male body and what harm does it bring:

  • One of the reasons why men drink beer is harmful - the presence of phytoestrogens in the drink, which are similar in structure to the female sex hormone estradiol. This ingredient is dangerous changes in hormonal levels. Regular exposure of beer to the male body leads to the cessation of the normal production of testosterone, as a result - a decrease in the level of hair on the body, breast growth, increase in voice. The appearance of a beer belly is not a result of the calorie content of the drink, but the dangerous consequences of endocrine disorders, a decrease in the secretion of male hormones.
  • In connection with the violation of the normal hormone production, the drink can have a negative effect on male potency. The harm of beer is reflected in a decrease in the quality of sexual life, the occurrence of impotence. In rare cases, male infertility develops.
  • The cardiovascular system also suffers after exposure to beer. His lovers have deformities of the heart muscle. Under the influence of ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide, the walls of the heart become thicker, and the cavities in it increase in size. How dangerous is this change? An enlarged heart leads to a deterioration in its main function - pumping blood. In severe cases, heart failure, hypertension develops. In addition, beer harms blood vessels, causing varicose veins and atherosclerosis.
  • Harmful beer for men and a negative effect on the liver. Toxins contained in alcohol cause the body's natural filter to work more actively, and with frequent use of the drink they are removed longer, accumulate, destroying the structure of the organ, which is why diseases such as cirrhosis or hepatitis arise.
  • About the dangers of beer for men says a set of extra pounds. From obesity increases the load on all organ systems, which becomes the basis for the development of many diseases. The first reason for a man to gain weight is simple carbohydrates, which cause a jump in blood sugar and its transformation into fat cells, as well as provoke hunger. The second factor is the traditional high-calorie snacks to the drink (salted nuts, chips, crackers, smoked fish). If you drink beer with diet food, the harm will be much less. Harmful snack not only has a high calorie content, but also retains water in the body.
  • At the work of the kidneys, the harm of beer is also reflected. While drinking a low-alcohol beverage, their work is activated, the body removes a lot of fluid from the body. Beer is harmful because along with excess liquid beneficial minerals, trace elements and vitamins are removed. It is difficult for the kidneys to cope with the increased load, they decrease, which provokes urolithiasis.
  • A dangerous effect from the regular effects of beer drinks on the body - the destruction of brain cells. В связи с этим снижается интеллект, ухудшается память, затормаживаются мыслительные процессы, уменьшается скорость реакции.
  • Пьющие мужчины чаще подвержены инфекционным заболеваниям, так как пиво влияет на иммунитет. От нарушений функциональности органов защитные силы организма слабеют.

Representatives of the stronger sex do not think about what beer is dangerous for men until they get health problems. But apart from this, the drink is detrimental to the development of beer alcoholism. Due to the low-grade, few take beer seriously, believing that it does not cause dependence.

However, men should know that with regular use the risk of addiction is the same, and sometimes even more than in the case of strong alcohol. This is due to the fact that non-addicted men indulge in beer much more often than other alcoholic beverages.

Over time, psychological and physical addiction is formed from the constant effect of beer on the male body.

Signs of alcoholism:

  • it is difficult for a man to refuse a bottle of beer, even if he did not plan to drink,
  • when remembering beer, you want to skip a glass or two,
  • it's hard to relax without a drink
  • there is irritation if you cannot drink beer,
  • meetings with friends and any other pleasant pastime are not presented without a intoxicating drink.

At a serious stage of alcoholism, the harm of beer can be expressed in dangerous consequences for the male body:

  • renal failure
  • malfunction of the spinal cord,
  • cirrhosis,
  • hepatitis,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • hepatitis,
  • hearing impairment
  • blurred vision.

What is the benefit and harm of beer

Some people quite objectively believe that this drink enriches the human body with minerals and vitamins. Indeed, the product normalizes the function of digestion and improves the quality of the gastric secretion produced. When a person consumes a product, his mood improves, he communicates with strangers much more actively. Beer helps to gently relieve stress and relax, it normalizes the mental state of a person, improves sleep. In addition, the drink has good diuretic properties and promotes gentle cleansing of the body.

The benefits of drinking beer will be only if it is present in the diet every day and within reasonable limits.

Everyone knows that strong alcoholic beverages greatly harm health. But low alcohol beer is considered by many to be completely safe in this regard, but this is absolutely not the case.

In the process of fermentation, hazardous compounds are formed and then stored in the drink - methyl alcohol, fusel oils and aldehydes. Even in ordinary vodka such compounds are hundreds of times smaller. Each of these substances has a toxic effect on the body. Nausea, vomiting and sneezing for a long time. After consuming the excess volume of the drink, the cerebral vessels widen, the headache develops, there is a general weakness and loss of coordination.

Beer is not a low-alcohol beverage. The strength of individual varieties can be up to 14% by volume.

The person’s identity suffers

As you know, the product contains hops, which promotes relaxation and intoxication. There comes such a moment that a person can no longer do a single day without a few bottles. A person who is constantly drinking becomes aggressive, angry, stupid and cocky. It is during such intoxication that indecent acts and offenses are recorded.

Appearance changes

Products in a small amount contains vegetable estrogen, which is very similar to the female hormones responsible for the structure of the female body. When men drink beer every day, they begin to produce a substance that suppresses the production of male hormones, and the level of estrogen increases significantly. The result is overweight, a large saggy belly, enlarged breasts and a pelvis. The volume of sperm cells is reduced and their qualitative composition is reduced. If the family is planning a child, then problems with conception are possible. After a few years, the abuse of beer for many men can result in the deterioration of potency and prostatitis.

Women who abuse alcohol, also changed outwardly. Under their nose begins to grow thick hair, his voice becomes rough. Beer is often drunk with salted foods. Salt retains fluid in the tissues, as a result of possible overweight and swelling of the face. The drunk woman is a very impartial sight, she behaves provocatively, laughs loudly and vulgarly. In this state, women are often victims of criminals. They, like men, may have a problem with conceiving a child and developing oncological diseases.

Can beer for women during pregnancy and lactation

Pregnant women are strictly forbidden to drink beer. To make a full and healthy baby, you need to cross out this drink from your life during this important period. The consequences, which may be from consuming this product to a pregnant woman, are horrendous:

  • alcohol adversely affects the formation of the fetus. A child can be born premature, underweight, or sick,
  • miscarriage is possible even in late terms
  • There may be missed abortion.

If a mother drank beer while carrying a baby, then maybe a child in her teens will be out of control, aggressive and irritable. Most likely, there will be an early tendency to alcoholism.

It is widely believed that beer contributes to the development of a larger volume of milk in women during lactation. Supposedly, if the mother consumes this alcohol, then the milk will be nourishing, the baby will quickly fill up and sleep soundly. Definitely, the baby will drink alcohol-soaked milk and sleep in a deep drunk sleep. Following this advice to increase milk production, the mother not only ruins her health, but also destroys the health of the infant, both physical and mental.

Beer is not a product that cannot be abandoned during pregnancy and lactation. If there is a psychological difficulty in rejecting a drink, then the help of a psychologist is necessary.

Do teens need beer

Is drinking beer harmful to teenagers? One can definitely answer this question - yes. The original advertisements intrusively sound from television screens, assuring the younger generation that beer is cool and cool. And no matter how many parents talk about the possible harm, adolescents unrequitedly believe that only with a cherished bottle in their hands they will become popular, successful and rich. With the first sips, the teenager gets drunk, feels grown up and unpunished. In this state, various offenses are committed, the child finds out the relationship with his peers and constantly climbs into a fight.

If a teenager is constantly consuming beer, then his memory is deteriorating, there is a problem with learning, mental health is disturbed, and the most dangerous, health is deteriorating.

Teenagers often drink beer when they walk in big companies or with friends and celebrate holidays. Parents should closely monitor their children and periodically conduct preventive conversations.

How does beer affect health

Refreshing drink can seriously shake health, especially if you drink irregular doses. Changes are noticeable in almost all organs and systems:

  • Heart - with the constant use of beer, the load on the organ increases significantly. The heart muscle and walls increase significantly, the body swims fat. Often the pressure jumps, shortness of breath develops, arrhythmia begins. In severe cases, stroke or heart attack is possible.
  • Stomach - aggressive substances that are contained in the drink are very irritating and damage the mucous membrane. Carcinogens and alcohols contribute to the inflammation of the digestive organs. This leads to digestive disorders, flatulence, acute gastritis and ulcers.
  • Kidney - with excessive use of the drink electrolyte balance is disturbed in the body. The kidneys are functioning in a heightened mode to cope with the effects of beer abuse. Together with the urine microelements are removed from the body, which are necessary for good work of the organs. If the kidneys all the time in this mode, then wear out quickly, which leads to chronic diseases of the urinary organs.
  • Liver - alcohol - is the main enemy of the liver. Therefore, beer, entering the body, causes inflammatory liver disease and eventually leads to hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Brain - beer adversely affects brain cells. They die under the influence of alcohol. Beer lover begins to forget basic things, dementia may develop over time. Normal coordination is gradually disrupted, and a person can reach disability.

Other organs also suffer from the intoxicating product. The vessels of the circulatory system become thinner, bruises of unexplained etiology can appear on the body. Atrophy of the optic nerve may develop, leading to impaired vision.

What is the use of beer?

When people hear information about the dangers of alcohol, they believe that it only applies to strong drinks such as vodka or brandy. Beer is one of the low alcohol beverages, and nobody considers it as a product harmful to the human body. The ethanol content in beer is 3-12%, while the strength of vodka reaches 40% or even more. For this reason, it is practically impossible to get a lethal dose of alcohol by regularly drinking your favorite intoxicating drink in large quantities.

People who prefer to pass the free time for drinking your favorite drink, note its useful properties. The most popular advantages of beer is considered to be that it:

  • has nutritional properties
  • contains in its structure a lot of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the body,
  • quenches thirst
  • helps to improve digestion,
  • has a diuretic effect,
  • helps relieve stress and nervous tension
  • improves sleep
  • uplifting
  • liberates a person, helps him become more sociable.

Some traditional healers recommend drinking warm beer with honey for diseases of the throat and bronchi. It is believed that after prolonged antibiotic therapy, the use of this drink helps to restore the intestinal microflora. For centuries, beer mixed with sour cream has been used by the representatives of the stronger sex to increase potency. Hop contained in the product helps to calm the pain, and the B vitamins in its composition have a beneficial effect on the skin. It would seem, what damage can beer do to the human body? However, doctors argue that the beneficial properties of the use of the drink appear briefly, while the harm received from beer will be much more tangible than all its virtues.

The impact of beer on the heart

Heart disease is peculiar mainly to men. The female sex is hormonally protected from them until the end of the reproductive period. The representatives of the stronger sex do not have such protection, while the various stresses and nervous breakdowns are no less and they experience them quite differently. Beer abuse only increases the chances of men to get a heart attack and other pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

This is due to the fact that an impressive volume of fluid, drunk over a short period of time, forces the heart to increase the pressure in order to pump it. In addition, beer is a carbonated beverage, and carbon dioxide accelerates the absorption of alcohol. As a result of an increase in pressure in the arteries, an increase in the volume of the heart occurs, the left ventricle is hypertrophied. This leads to the formation of a "bovine" or "beer" heart.

The heart, enlarged, leads to the fact that it gradually loses its strength, the myocardium looks flabby. The name of this effect is “kapron stocking syndrome”. The result of use - ischemia and angina, leading to a heart attack.

Harm of beer for the stomach

The stomach is also the weak side of the stronger sex, and gastritis and ulcer are not uncommon among young people. What damage does an organ get that nothing comes from drinks and food? Various fermentation and carbon dioxide irritate the stomach, as a result, excessive hydrochloric acid is produced and, as a result, an increase in acidity occurs, followed by an ulcer, gastritis, and even cancer.

First, hypertrophic gastritis is formed - thickened walls and increased acidity, then the protection system worsens, the stomach wall becomes thinner, acidity decreases and a precancerous condition occurs - atrophic gastritis. At the present time, stomach cancer is in the top five of the most "popular" oncological diseases, and beer plays a leading role in its occurrence.

How is beer useful for men?

Since beer affects the body of a man not only in a negative way, many began to say that a drink can be useful. Drink alcohol contains a small amount of vitamins and trace elements, essential oils and organic acids.

The benefits of beer for men is to accelerate metabolic processes, improve the composition of the blood, normalize the water-salt balance. But to achieve this effect, the dose of the drink should be quite small - up to 2 glasses once a week or less.

Some studies show that beer is useful in the prevention of certain diseases, for example, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, tuberculosis.

The effect of beer on the male body is also emotional lift, relaxation. This beneficial effect helps to quickly relieve stress after heavy loads, but it is often not worth resorting to it. It is he who is addicted to beer, and why alcoholism develops later.

Is beer good for men? If you use it extremely rarely, the benefits of the drink will be more than harm. Provided that you drink no more than a couple of times a month to enjoy the taste, for the body it can be a beneficial action.

To maximize the benefits of beer for men, you should choose unfiltered beer varieties and be sure to look at the production date. A man's body would benefit from the option of a drink without preservatives, dyes, with a short shelf life.

It is believed that crafting beer production has little harmful effect, but an inexpensive store beer is unlikely to benefit.

Impact on hormonal background

With the sexual system of men with constant use of beer, too, there are unpleasant changes. The parenchyma of the testes and adrenal tissues is reborn, the production of testosterone is reduced - all of these are consequences of drinking a "male" drink.

The presence of phytoestrogens in beer leads to external changes in men and the work of the sex glands in the female fashion. Increases the abdomen in the volume, rounded shoulders, hair on the body and face becomes much smaller. Breast augmentation occurs, and colostrum appears in severe cases. Decreased testosterone levels and damage to the testicles cause sperm to deteriorate, and potency decreases. This is the right path to infertility. Accordingly, if in the absence of children in the family, women were previously “guilty”, now the reason for this lies in men.

How much beer does the man have?

It is very important to know how much beer keeps in the man’s body. This can play a serious role in passing a medical examination, conceiving a child, driving a vehicle.

Alcohol from a standard glass of beer will last in the body of a man from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on weight and age. It is known that the larger the weight category, the faster ethanol will be displayed.

In older men, the elimination process takes a long time, as the rate of metabolic processes is reduced. If to eat food in the course of the use, beer is deduced for 20% longer.

The way beer affects the body speaks of the serious harm of this drink, because the useful proportion of substances in its composition is extremely small. Studies about men who often drink alcohol intoxicated speak of negative qualitative changes in their bodies.

Beer is harmful to many organ systems, has an impact on male sex hormones, leads to alcoholism. But if you approach this issue wisely and do not abuse it, but only occasionally indulge yourself with a glass of tasty drink, there will be no harm to health.

How does beer affect the heart?

The greatest harm from this drink is the heart muscle. With daily use of the body increases in size and deteriorates its blood supply. Experts call this condition "bovine heart syndrome." It provokes the appearance of heart failure and ischemia. Cobalt is used in beer production as a foam stabilizer. In the body of fans of foamy drink, use it uncontrollably, the content of this chemical element can exceed the norm by a factor of ten. But cobalt is the main culprit in violations of the heart.

On the stomach

And in a company with carbon dioxide, it has a damaging effect on the esophagus and stomach. In addition, fermentation products, which constantly irritate the mucous membrane and provoke the secretion of juice in large quantities, are also harmful for these organs. All this makes the work of the digestive tract inadequate, and as a result, chronic gastritis can develop.

Naturally, the liver suffers from such abuses. The assertion that beer is a low-alcohol beverage and is not as harmful as vodka, for example, is baseless. По данным медицинских исследований, 80% людей, еженедельно употребляющих около десяти литров пива, страдают от нарушений работы печени, в том числе и от цирроза. Орган изо всех сил старается нейтрализовать влияние напитка на организм и потому хуже справляется с другими своими функциями.

The effect of beer on the kidneys, everyone experienced for themselves: the desire to use the release of the bladder from excess fluid comes very quickly. The fact is that under the influence of a drink, the acid-base balance that is normal for the body is disturbed, and its restoration requires more intensive work of the kidneys. Accordingly, the urine separation will increase, which is evidence of organ congestion. And it can even lead to hemorrhage in the kidneys.

Frequent and abundant beer libations overload the pancreas, reduce its functionality, which violates the metabolism of the organism as a whole.

What is the harm for men?

What is the danger of the action of beer on the male body? The fact is that when brewing beer, hops are used in which the hormone phytoestrogen is present, which is an analogue of the female hormone progesterone. This substance inhibits the production of testosterone, causes disruption of the endocrine system and hormonal imbalance. In general, the effect of beer on the male body and potency has been studied for a long time.

Drinking a drink affects the appearance of the stronger sex and manifests itself in the form of the following symptoms:

  • Hair falls on the body.
  • Muscle mass is reduced.
  • A beer belly appears.
  • The tone of voice rises.
  • Sexual activity decreases.

What is the effect of beer on the male body?

If you do not take action, it will lead to fatal consequences. Over time, these changes will be expressed by the extinction of emotions, changes in motor functions, as well as weakening of memory and absent-mindedness.

In addition to all the above, the abuse of beer leads to the degradation of the individual, lack of interest in life and a narrowing of horizons. It should be said that the frequent consumption of the hop drink reduces libido and ultimately leads to sexual weakness. In addition, weakened testosterone synthesis has a negative effect on the possibility of conception. This is how beer affects the male body.

Beer myth making

Beer lovers often talk about the usefulness, tradition and antiquity of this drink. In fact, the drunk drink people have learned to cook in ancient times, and the author of the recipe remains unknown to this day. However, the brewing process was radically different from the modern one. The technology by which the beverage is brewed today has undergone significant changes over the centuries. What is now called beer differs in composition, color and action on the human body. Initially, the intoxicating drink could be used to treat certain diseases, but the current product of modern technologies does not have healing properties, but quite the opposite. Systematic excessive use adversely affects all body systems and does not have a positive effect on any organ. We considered the negative impact of beer on the male body and reproduction.

What is beer brewed from?

The raw material for brewers is malt. After it has been processed, various mineral substances can be detected in the drink, such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus ions. Perhaps, in small concentrations, these elements can be beneficial to human health. But most of all beer contains potassium ions, and they provoke increased urination and excretion of chlorine, sodium and mineral salts from the body. That is why when drinking beer you always want salty food. It is impossible to dispute the fact that malt contains vitamin B.

But in the production process its content is significantly reduced, and there is no need to talk about any significant quantities for the organism. All claims about the harmlessness of beer, based on a low alcohol content, have no scientific basis. According to research scientists, any amount of alcohol with systematic use of harm to health over time. From the point of view of common sense, it is not a good idea to perceive myths and stereotypes about the beneficial effects of beer on the male body.

Causes of beer alcoholism

Most beer lovers never think about what makes them come back to it again and again. As a rule, the active propaganda and availability of this drink make it attractive. However, beer alcoholism is gaining momentum and getting younger day by day. According to doctors, dependence on this drink is characterized by rapid addiction, which is four times more vodka. In addition, the pleasant taste and carbon dioxide for the body are attractive, and it does not react with such aggression as, for example, vodka. Hop, used in the brewing industry, is the equivalent of cannabis in the plant world. When these plants are crossed, hybrids are obtained. Hops contain narcotic substances in small quantities. So beer for the male body is completely unsafe.

Alcohol also belongs to this category of substances. That is why beer dependence is formed in a very fast time and remains almost invisible for a long time. Researches of experts show that alcoholism is formed even when drinking non-alcoholic beer (in which there is some alcohol). And from those types of intoxicating drink, which are distinguished by their high strength, signs of drug withdrawal appear. The hop extract has a slightly bitter taste, which is provided by psychoactive substances. These components cause hallucinations, have a hypnotic and sedative effect. The latter fact together with intoxication and is decisive in the development of alcoholism. A dependency person cannot imagine life without an object of adoration.

Biochemistry of the body is reconfigured for the presence of beer. The situation is aggravated by the fact that neither the alcoholic nor his family until a certain point consider it worthy of serious attention. The condition of the addict does not cause concern (you will think, he drank the beer, it is weak, it is not vodka). In this lies all the cunning use of hops. Not long ago, cadaverine and histamine were found in this drink. Cadaverine is a substance belonging to the group of corpse poisons. The concentration of these substances in beer, of course, not very high, but breaking down in the intestines, they exacerbate the manifestations of withdrawal.