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Baby born: we prepare the first documents for a newborn baby

The birth of a child brings with it not only joy, but also trouble. Paperwork on the newborn is often presented to young parents of one of the worst bureaucratic torture.

Fortunately, in 2018, with the advent of multifunctional centers, almost all documents can be processed in one place and in one day.

We hope that our simple step-by-step instructions will help you to get the documents for the baby quickly and painlessly.

This article is a set of brief instructions on how to quickly get the entire list of documents for a newborn. For each document, we have collected the necessary minimum information: what documents are needed to receive and where to go to issue a specific paper.

If you are interested in the subtleties of processing some documents, you can click on the “more details” link after each item and read about how certain documents are processed in unusual situations. All documents for a newborn from this list can be done in the MFC.

If for some reason you are inconvenient to use the MFC, you will need to visit a number of more traditional establishments, such as the registry office. All papers are issued free of charge, without fees.

Let's look at the basic baby documents in order of importance:

1. Making a newborn birth certificate

The list of documents for a newborn begins with a birth certificate.
Birth certificate - the main document of the baby.

Its presence is obligatory in almost every legal procedure, therefore it is necessary to obtain it. The law tells parents to issue a certificate in the first 30 days of a baby’s life.

True, there are no sanctions for the missed deadlines: the only problem you may encounter is the difficulty in obtaining the remaining documents.

What documents are needed to obtain a birth certificate?

  1. Certificate of birth of a child from the hospital.
  2. Parental passports
  3. In the presence of - Marriage certificate/ or 350 rubles state fee for filing paternity claims (unless the parents are officially married). The application is submitted simultaneously with the registration certificate.

2. Citizenship

If both parents are citizens of the Russian Federation and the child is born in Russia, this item can be skipped. In most cases, no gestures are needed to formalize the child’s citizenship.

If both parents are citizens of the Russian Federation and the child is born on the territory of Russia, then he is automatically considered a citizen of Russia (this is confirmed by the information on the citizenship of the parents recorded in his birth certificate).

However, in some cases (parents have different citizenship, the child is born outside the territory of the Russian Federation), they will still have to put a seal of citizenship on the birth certificate.

Citizenship is necessary for going abroad and for registration of the parent capital.

3. Making a newborn policy OMS

Like any resident of Russia, the baby will need a policy in order to gain access to free medicine. Without a policy, the baby will be admitted to polyclinics only 60 days from the moment of birth (30 days from the moment of birth are set aside to receive a birth certificate (which is necessary to receive the policy), and another 30 days to get the child himself.

How long will the policy be made?

Polis do two or three weeks. When you apply, they will tell you when you need to come for the finished document. At the time of registration of a permanent policy, the child will be given a temporary one.

Life hacking about how to quickly and easily draw up a policy, you can read in the material:

Making a medical policy for a newborn. Instruction 2018.

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SNILS is not strictly a binding document for an infant, but its production will help you gain access to many preferential and social programs. It is also useful for using the portal of public services (if you pay through it circles, sections). Necessarily need children with disabilities.

5. Registration of the child. How to register a newborn?

You can register a child only where one of the parents is already registered (the law prohibits a child under 16 from living separately from the parents).

Although by law every person in Russia must be registered, all other documents can be obtained without it. But sometimes it can be useful: for example, it is easier to stand in a queue at kindergarten and school.

Also, a residence permit can open access to certain social benefits and benefits - for example, benefits to those who have unfavorable housing conditions (too many people live in one apartment).

What documents do newborns need for registration?

  1. Certificate of birth
  2. Parents passports
  3. Marriage Certificate / Paternity Certificate
  4. If parents are registered in different places, then it is additionally written a statement from one of the parents that he is not against the registration of the child to the second.

In what document is the child's registration registered?

Registration of the child at the place of residence will be recorded on a special form (certificate of registration), which is considered to be an annex to the birth certificate.
Read the details of registration in a separate article:

Registration of the newborn. How and where can a newborn baby be prescribed?

6. Stamps in parents' passports about the child

At the moment (2018) are no longer strictly mandatory. It will help in any case when you need to prove the parenthood of a certain child (for example, if he is lost in a shopping center, because rarely anyone carries a birth certificate with him), as well as, for example, to obtain a passport with information about children.

How long will make out?

The stamp and signature of the authorized person will be put on the day of the appeal.

That's the whole main list of documents for the newborn. Also, you may have to issue your child's TIN (if he owns some property, for example, an apartment will be bought for him) or an international passport.

The above list of documents for a child is enough for at least 14 years.

And many of the documents from the list are completely processed once in a lifetime, so by making the newborn all the necessary documents for a Russian citizen, you will save yourself and your offspring from further trouble in getting papers.

List of documents for the newborn - registration in the MFC

The birth of a child is an important event not only for the life of the family, but also for the state in which a new person appears. And this event should be properly documented.

The maternity hospital issues the first official paper certifying the appearance of a new person - a birth certificate, but it is of a medical nature. In order for the baby to become a full-fledged citizen of the country, parents must arrange in time all the necessary documentation.

Its number includes a birth certificate, registration at the place of residence, a stamp on citizenship, a health insurance policy, SNILS, TIN.

Having the above documents in hand, parents will be ready for many life situations: whether it is getting benefits and benefits related to motherhood, a child's placement in educational institutions or services in medical organizations.

Birth certificate

Paperwork for a newborn begins with a birth certificate certifying the child’s identity and confirming his civil rights. This is the main document of a person up to obtain a passport at 14 years

The certificate certifies the registration of the fact of birth in state registries.

This document contains personal data: the surname, name and patronymic of the infant and his parents, their nationality, the date and place of birth of the baby, as well as the number of the civil status certificate and information about which registry office and when this record was made.

You can get a birth certificate at the registry office at the place of birth of the child or at the place of registration of one of the parents, through the portal of state services or at the MFC. In some cities it is possible to issue a document in the maternity hospital where the baby was born.

Read also: Making a temporary registration through the MFC

Registration at the place of residence

Obtaining medical care and determination in pre-school and educational institutions requires that a child has a compulsory registration. It must be registered at the place of residence of the mother or father.

Registration must be made immediately after the birth certificate is ready. You can register children at the place of residence at the passport office, in the department of the Federal Migration Service, through the MFC or the portal of state services.

In order for a child to get access to free medical care, it is necessary to issue a policy of compulsory health insurance within 60 days from the moment of birth.

It gives the opportunity to be observed in the state clinic at the place of service, to produce medical procedures and manipulations, to put vaccinations. Parents have the right to apply to any insurance company.

In addition, you can issue a policy through the multifunctional center or the portal of public services.

Insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance is issued after registration in the Pension Fund system. SNILS need

  • when applying for many benefits and payments for a newborn: for example, a certificate for maternity capital, benefits for large and low-income families, pensions for children with disabilities,
  • when you receive free drugs and specialized nutrition for your baby,
  • in the future, when you make a voucher to a sanatorium, for free travel to the place of treatment.

You can apply for a SNILS at the territorial office of the Pension Fund at the place of residence, at any MFC or through the portal of public services. In some regions it is possible to fill out an application for issuing a pension certificate at the registry office upon receipt of a birth certificate.

Mark in passport parents

Mark in the column "children" in the passports of parents is not mandatory. However, it is better to put a stamp on the appropriate page.

In some situations, he will help confirm the child’s citizenship, age, and relationship with him.

Such a mark may also be needed when you apply for some benefits and benefits, parents receive a passport, when a child enters preschool and educational institutions. The stamp is made in the Department of the Federal Migration Service at the place of permanent registration of the applicant.

Paperwork for a newborn in the MFC for one appeal

In 2018, all the documents necessary for a newborn child can be made at the MFC. This will help in this comprehensive service "Birth of a child."

It allows parents to apply for the production of the most popular documents in a given life situation, in a single application, significantly saving time and effort.

The MFC will independently prepare documentation packages and send them to other authorities. The “Birth of a Child” complex service provided in the MFC includes the acceptance of applications for

  • birth certificates,
  • OMS policy,
  • SNILS,
  • registration at the place of residence,
  • INN,
  • state certificate for maternal (family) capital,
  • certificates of a large family.

It also includes registration for enrollment in preschool educational institutions, registration of a number of benefits and benefits, for example, a lump sum payment upon birth of a child, a monthly allowance for childcare. To find out the full list of services that are provided comprehensively, you should contact the nearest center "My Documents".

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Thus, the help of the MFC in obtaining documentation for a newborn makes this process as simple as possible and does not take much time from young parents.

Most of the papers from this list are issued for life.

Therefore, it is worth going through this bureaucratic procedure once in order to have all the possible documents on hand and to provide your child with everything necessary for a full-fledged life in the state for a long time.

List of first documents for a newborn

  • Help and 2 coupons birth certificate from the hospital.
  • Birth certificate.
  • MHI policy.
  • Registration at the place of residence.
  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation.
  • SNILS.
  • TIN (required if the child is issued property, for example, when buying an apartment).

Documents from the Maternity Hospital

Writing out from the maternity hospital, Mom should make sure that she was given all the necessary papers, which will be useful later for receiving the baby's documents:

  • 2nd and 3rd coupons of the birth certificate. Coupon number 2 should be referred to the antenatal clinic, and ticket number 3 should be given to the children's clinic in which further observation of the child is planned.
  • Certificate of birth. Required for registration of the most important document - the birth certificate of the baby in the registry office.

Registration of the baby in the community

The child from the moment of birth is a citizen of the Russian Federation, therefore he is obliged to have registration. You can register a baby where Mom and Dad or one of them is registered. To do this, go to the passport office at the place of the future permanent or temporary residence of the baby.

We advise you to read: Where to register a newborn baby?

What documents are needed for registration of a newborn:

  • Birth certificate obtained in the registry office.
  • The statement of the mother or father that the child must be registered at this address (filled in the passport office).
  • The statement of the second parent that he has nothing against the registration of the baby at the specified address.
  • If the parents have registration in different places, then you will need a certificate that the child is not registered with one of them.
  • Passports mother and father.
  • Marriage certificate (if available).
  • It is better to take care and make copies of all documents in advance, surely many of them will be useful.

Registration will take several days (by law, up to 7 business days). Mom and Dad's passports for this period will be held by the passport office staff, who will transfer them to the FMS for registration. On the day of receipt, a special certificate of form No. 8 will be issued that the baby has registration at the place of residence.

There are no clear, legally defined deadlines for obtaining a newborn child, but it is better to do so as soon as possible. Ideal - no later than 7 working days from the date of issue of a birth certificate at the registry office. It often happens that parents who are delayed with the registration of a baby for more than a month can be penalized.

Citizenship of the Russian Federation

Citizenship can be done simultaneously with registration. But if it did not work out right away or was forgotten, then you will have to go separately to the district department of the Federal Migration Service and do it there.
The list of documents for citizenship:

  • Passport and the presence of mom or dad.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Installed application (to be completed on the model in the FMS).
  • Copies of the passport and certificate.

The mark of citizenship is recorded on the back of the birth certificate. The deadline for receiving the mark is from several minutes to several days. Most often, you can put a stamp right on the day of treatment.

Very important document for the baby. You can get it in the district office of the state pension fund of the Russian Federation or in the MFC.
The following papers will be necessary for this:

  • Passport and the presence of one of the parents.
  • Birth certificate of the baby.
  • Photocopies of the documents listed.
  • Application (to be completed in the MFC or pension fund).

Do SNILS from three weeks to a month.

Delaying the receipt of SNILS is not worth it, because, for example, only with this document a child can receive free medications in the clinic. Also, this small card is useful in kindergarten, school and beyond.

To obtain the TIN you need:

  • Birth certificate of the child (before going to the tax must make sure that on the back there is a mark of citizenship, if not, you need to worry about getting it).
  • Passport and the presence of a parent.
  • Help with registration of the baby.
  • They may also ask for an extract from the house book for the baby. You can make it in advance in the passport office.
  • Copies of all documents.
  • Application (to be completed on the model in the tax).

This document can be postponed, but if you plan to design the ownership of the baby, it will be necessary. You can make it in the district office of the tax service. Typically, the TIN is assigned in a period of five working days.

These are the first documents needed by a newborn baby. In fact, everything is not so scary, and the design will take no more than one or two months. In most cases, you do not even need the presence of the mother. The main responsibilities for obtaining papers can be passed on to the father of the child and calmly enjoy the joy of motherhood.

The first documents of the newborn

1. Certificate of birth - the first document on a newborn, which is issued in the maternity hospital. Справка о рождении подтверждает, что ребенок был рожден именно этой конкретной женщиной.

В ней содержатся основные сведения о малыше (его пол, дата и время появления на свет, город, регион и сведения о роддоме.

Данный документ необходим для оформления свидетельства о рождении и действителен в течение 1 месяца.

2. Обменная карта (второй и третий лист). The second sheet is “Information of the Maternity Hospital, Maternity Hospital of the Maternity”, which contains information on the course of childbirth and the postpartum period and the state of health of the woman. It must be attributed to your gynecologist.

The third sheet - “Information of the maternity hospital, maternity ward of the newborn” - contains information about the child’s condition: sex, height, weight at birth and on discharge, assessment of the child’s condition, the newborn’s health, feeding information, and vaccination.

This part of the exchange card must be provided to a medical facility where the baby will be observed in the first years of life.

3. The third coupon of the birth certificate. A certificate of birth certificate is not issued in cases where the management of pregnancy and childbirth was carried out outside the system of CHI (compulsory health insurance). In this case, the children's clinic itself will issue itself a birth certificate for the birth of the newborn.

Coupon number 3-1 is designed to pay health care services for the first six months of follow-up of a newborn.

Coupon number 3-2 is designed to pay health care services for the second six months of follow-up care of a child.

Generic certificate coupons must be provided to the clinic where the newborn will be observed.

Policy of compulsory medical insurance (CHI)

This document is necessary from the very first days of life, if medical monitoring of the condition of the baby is carried out in the state clinic.

A nurse and pediatrician who come to patronize a newborn in the first days after discharge will explain how to apply for a medical insurance policy.

Usually, it’s enough to contact the children's clinic or the insurance company, which one, the local pediatrician will specify. To obtain a medical insurance policy are required:

  • one parent's passport
  • birth certificate of the child.

The baby can be registered at the place of registration of the parents or one of them. If parents are registered at the same address, it is necessary to provide the passport office:

  • passports
  • birth certificate,
  • marriage registration certificate
  • statement.

If the property is not owned by the parents of the baby, but the parents or one of them is registered, then the owner’s permission to register the child will not be required.

If the parents are not registered jointly, then the child can be registered at the place of residence of the father or mother.

In this case, the second parent will need a statement that he does not object, and a certificate confirming that the child is not registered at the place of residence of the second parent.

In addition, we need an extract from the personal account and the housebook of the second parent, whose baby is not registered.

If the family wishes to register the baby within a month after the birth of the mother, then her application will be quite enough. If you miss this period, then the father will have to bother about getting the above information and an extract from the house book.

If you do not register your baby within 1-3 months, you may be charged a penalty for living without registration.

Certificate of pension insurance (SNILS)

SNILS should be made out in the office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. It is necessary when making any payments to the newborn. Therefore, the sooner this document is issued, the better.

For its registration are necessary:

  • identity document (parent's passport),
  • child's birth certificate
  • statement.

It should be noted that the introduction of information technology greatly facilitates the paperwork: first, it is enough to declare the need to obtain documents on the relevant Internet portals, and then receive the document in person.

In addition to the execution of the necessary documents, after giving birth, it is necessary to worry about the accrual of all payments and benefits due.

Maternity allowance for working women

This allowance is usually paid during pregnancy immediately after the woman provides a disability certificate, which is issued at 30 weeks for a single pregnancy and at 28 weeks for a multiple pregnancy. However, in the event of a complicated birth, the hospital will give the woman an additional disability certificate for 16 calendar days, which will also be paid.

Births are considered complicated if, for example, they end up with a cesarean section, if after delivery a manual examination of the uterus is performed, in case of multiple pregnancies, etc.

In the case when the diagnosis of multiple pregnancy is established in childbirth, a disability certificate for pregnancy and childbirth is issued for an additional 54 calendar days (and not 16 days) by the medical organization where the birth occurred.

It happens that there are several reasons to recognize childbirth complicated. For example, in the case of the predicted birth of twins, a woman is initially issued a disability certificate not for 140 days, but for 194 calendar days.

That is, before going on maternity leave, she is paid for a longer hospital stay.

If she has undergone a cesarean section, the disability certificate will not be issued or paid for an additional 16 days.

When extending a disability certificate for 16 days, it is necessary to submit it to the accounting department together with a statement on the extension of maternity leave and the appointment of maternity allowance.

Lump sum

This payment is provided absolutely to all citizens of our country. Documenting after childbirth for workers, retirees, students and the unemployed to receive a lump sum seems to be the only difference is that employed parents receive payment at their place of work, and all the rest - in the RUSZN (district social protection department).

To receive a lump sum, you must provide:

  • application addressed to the head of the organization,
  • identity documents and their photocopies (passport),
  • certificate from the registry office, which was issued simultaneously with the birth certificate,
  • birth certificate and its photocopy,
  • certificate from the second parent from the workplace that he did not receive payment.

For unemployed parents, the application is written in the RUSPL and, in addition to all the above documents, copies of employment records with a record of dismissal from work should be provided.

Monthly child allowance

This allowance is paid every month until the child is one and a half years old. The employed mom makes them at their place of work.

To do this, you must submit an application addressed to the head of the organization, a passport, birth certificate, a certificate from the father’s organization that he did not register the childcare leave and does not receive benefits.

The amount of the benefit is equal to 40% of the average monthly income of an employee for the last 2 years.

Unemployed women also have the right to receive payment, it should be issued in the RUSZN, where you need to provide:

  • parents' passports and their copies,
  • birth certificate of the child and other children, if any,
  • certificates from the employment center that they are not registered,
  • certificate of family composition
  • statement.

Monthly payments for child care up to one and a half years in 2016 amounted to 2884 rubles. Every year they are indexed.

Other payments

In addition to federal payments for the birth of a child, regional benefits are provided. They are paid from the budget of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, and their size varies in different regions of our country. It is worth noting that in some areas payments for the birth of a child are not provided.

After the birth of the second child, regardless of the region, the parent capital is assumed by the parent. It is intended for intended use and is issued in the form of a certificate. It can be used only for the purchase or construction of housing, paying for the education of children, increasing the pension of the mother. The certificate can be issued at the office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, providing the following documents:

  • statement,
  • passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and a photocopy,
  • birth certificates of children with a seal of citizenship and copies,
  • SNILS mother and her children.

Currently, the legislation of our country provides for other payments and additional material support to large families, single mothers, students, parents of disabled children, and the poor. Learn about federal and regional payments can be in the department of social protection of the population.

Despite the fact that the list of documents and cases that need to be done for their execution seems to be quite impressive, it usually takes no more than 1 month to complete cases on the intra-family document flow associated with the birth of a baby.

It's time to kindergarten

When all documents are completed, it is better to take care of putting the baby on a waiting list at a pre-school (kindergarten).

This event has no strictly stipulated time limits, but it should be borne in mind that the queue can be impressive and last for several years - just as long as it takes from the birth of the baby to the world before the time of opportunity and the need for them to attend kindergarten.

In most regions, a special service of the Department of Education is responsible for the distribution of places in pre-school institutions. You can submit documents both internally and in absentia, using the appropriate site. The following documents will be needed:

  • child's birth certificate
  • information about the child’s address of residence at the place of residence or stay,
  • applicant's passport
  • information about benefits (if any).

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List of documents for registration of a newborn

When you are discharged, you must return the exchange card of the woman in labor, which you submitted with other documents upon admission to the hospital.

The second sheet - with the information of the maternity ward about the parent. He will need to be referred to a gynecologist, who led you during pregnancy and will observe after giving birth.

The third sheet is a discharge statement with a personal number. This document will need to be carried to the clinic, where the newborn will be observed. It displays information about height, weight, date of delivery, clinical blood analysis, urinalysis, final diagnosis, score on the APGAR scale and other information.

Coupon number 3-1 and number 3-2 of the birth certificate. These coupons indicate that they are intended to pay for services for the first and second six months of follow-up.

Certificate of birth of a child. It will be required at registration of the birth certificate. If the baby was born at home birth, then, naturally, you will not have any birth certificate, but this is not terrible: when you register a birth certificate, you can do without it.

2. Registration of birth certificate

For registration of a birth certificate you need to contact the registry office at the place of residence or place of birth of the child within 30 days. If the parents are married, the following documents will be required:

  • Passports of parents.
  • Marriage registration certificate.
  • Help from the hospital or a statement from the witness, if the child was born outside the medical institution.
  • Application (you can write it on the spot).

There are different situations when the parents are in a civil marriage or the father is unknown to the child, then the procedure is somewhat changed. Details on all the intricacies of obtaining a birth certificate you can read at this link: how and where to issue a birth certificate for a child.

Do not forget, along with the birth certificate, to get a certificate in form No. 24, which you will need for registration of benefits.

3. Registration registration

Registration is made in the passport office at the place of registration of the parents or one of the parents is required to register the child. In this question there are many opinions about the timing.

Someone refers to the oral recommendation of some employees of the passport office that this is required to be done within 30 days, someone to the law on relocation and for a 7-day period, also includes article 19 of this Code of Administrative Offenses Code.

15 "Residence of a citizen of the Russian Federation without a citizen's identity card (passport) or without registration" and a 90-day period.

Personal experience and in-depth study of this issue suggests that there are no deadlines for registering a newborn, but you should definitely clarify this issue on your phone in the passport office, as there were cases when parents were issued a penalty for late registration.

Registration will be made from 5 to 7 days, at this time your passport will be taken away, keep this in mind.

4. Medical policy

To get a policy for a newborn, you must contact the FMC, clinic or insurance company with a birth certificate and a passport of one of the parents. On average, a policy will be issued within 30 days, but in the meantime it will be issued, you will be given a temporary policy.

During the reception of documents you will be asked to choose an insurance company, you can choose any one you like best. It is not necessary to do this in the company in which you are registered.

5. Citizenship

To apply for citizenship and obtain the appropriate stamp on the back of your birth certificate, you need to contact the FMS at the place of residence. Take with you parents' passports and a child's birth certificate. If there are no queues, then after 20 minutes everything will be ready.

Now SNILS is made out automatically. The process starts after you have issued a birth certificate. The registry office sends documents to the FIU, and after 3 weeks you can pick up the finished SNILS. Specify in which FIU documents are sent.

If for any reason the registry office did not send documents to the FIU, specify this point. You can issue SNILS yourself. It will be necessary to personally come to the FIU and submit the documents for registration.

Registration of benefits

  • One-time childbirth allowance. Issued within 6 months from the date of birth of the child. Valid for all residents of the Russian Federation.
  • Benefit up to 1.5 years for child care. Accrued every month to the details that you specify during registration. This allowance can be spent on your own.

You can pay for purchases in stores, can be removed in the form of cash. The amount depends on what the child was born in the family.
Allowance for low-income families (if income per person is less than the subsistence minimum for each). Refine the list of documents in the MFC. Payment at registration for pregnancy early.

For residents of St. Petersburg, in the presence of registration of parents, issued a children's card. It is required to contact the MFC and request a list of documents for registration. A bank card will be issued with the amount of payment that can be used in children's stores. Must be issued within 1.5 years from the date of birth of the child.

The amount depends on what the child was born in the family.

Registration of maternity capital at the birth of a second or more child

For registration, you must contact the MFC or the FIU and request a list of documents for registration. Within a month from the moment of submission of documents, an answer will be given on the decision to issue a certificate, which can be used after the child is 3 years old.

Where to use:

  • Reconstruction, acquisition and construction of housing for family members.
  • Baby learning.
  • Accumulative pension for the mother.

Maternity capital is issued once in a lifetime. You can get it at birth of a second or more child. You can get it only once in a family, it’s impossible to receive each child at birth.

Main ID

Up to 14 years old the main identity card of a child is a birth certificate. For its design within a month after the appearance of the baby (Art. 16 FZ-143 "On the Acts of Civil Status") you need to come to the nearest registry office.

What documents are needed for a newborn child when you issue a certificate?

The basic list is as follows:

  1. The above-mentioned certificate from the hospital.
  2. Parents' passports (or one if a mother or a single father applies).
  3. Sw-in about marriage or its termination.

Additionally, you may need:

  • application form 6 from the person present at birth, if they were held outside the hospital,
  • court decision establishing the fact of birth,
  • court ruling declaring marriage invalid,
  • Sv-in about the death of a parent,
  • passport of a personal representative if the parents do not have the opportunity to visit the registry office on their own.

No fees for registration of a children's sv-va are not raised. In this case, at the time of filing the documents, parents must choose the name of the baby and decide whose name he will wear. It is important to understand that in case of failure to provide a full package of papers or errors in the application, the service may be refused.

On a note! An application for issuing a certificate with all the necessary papers can be submitted not only at the registry office, but also in the Multifunctional Center of your city.

In addition to the Holy Island, which is issued within one hour from the time of approval and registration of the application, parents receive a certificate of appointment of a lump sum. It should be referred to the accounting department at the place of work or transferred to the social security authorities if the parents are not employed.

Чем раньше выправить свидетельство пенсионного страхования, тем быстрее удастся приступить к оформлению полагающихся детских пособий.

В Пенсионный фонд следует предоставить следующие документы для СНИЛС на новорожденного ребенка:

  • паспорт заявителя,
  • детское св-во о рождении,
  • лично написанное заявление по образцу Пенсионного фонда.

Important! SNILS is issued on the hands immediately after approval and registration of the application.

After receiving SNILS, you can deal with benefits:

  • for a one-time payment, you will need a passport, a certificate from the registry office, issued during the registration of the certificate, and the certificate itself, a certificate from the workplace from the second parent, that he was not paid any payment
  • for monthly payments: parents' passports with copies, sv-va for all children, a certificate from the employment center that they are not registered, a certificate of family composition, a statement,
  • for matkapitala: application, passport, Sv-va all children, SNILS mothers and children.

In the first case, we give the paper to the employer (not working - in the social welfare department), in the second and third - to the FIU.

In addition to these mandatory benefits, there are various payments to families with many children, individuals, people with disabilities, and the poor. You can read more about each form in separate articles of our portal or find the full list and size on the official website of the social security department of your city.

Mandatory document for a newborn child in 2018 is the policy of compulsory medical insurance. It is necessary from the first days of observation of the baby in the state clinic. In order to understand which insurance to apply to, we recommend consulting with a nurse or a pediatrician who supervises the newborn.

In the insurance will be required:

  • passport of one of the parents
  • SNILS,
  • Sv-in about birth.

The law sets aside a month for the manufacture of a medpolis, but so that the baby can use medical services at this time, parents are issued a temporary certificate.

international passport

If the parents do not plan to leave the country, then with the registration of the passport for the crumbs you can not hurry. If you plan to move abroad or rest at an overseas resort, then information about the baby for traveling abroad can be entered into an old-fashioned international passport or straightened a separate document for the child.

On a note! If parents have biometric passports, then you cannot enter children's data into them.

To make a passport for a newborn child up to a year, the following documents are required:

  • Sv-in about the fact of the birth of the baby,
  • parental passports with marks of citizenship,
  • certificate of registration with a stamp of citizenship,
  • photographs (if required)
  • personal paper application
  • payment receipt of state duty.

Important! For registration of the old passport need 2 children's photos. For biometric counterpart, they are not required.

Pictures of 35x45 mm can be taken in the cabin or at home, but the pictures must meet the following criteria:

  • have a light background
  • printing on matte paper,
  • baby should open eyes
  • no hats are allowed.

Unlike an adult passport, which is done according to a standard procedure for a month, a passport for a newborn must be straightened in 10 days. You can issue the document:

  • in the passport office, which transfers the paper to the FMS,
  • directly to the FMS,
  • in the MFC,
  • online on the portal of public services.

Printing in the parent passport

Having dealt with what documents a newborn child needs to make, for many parents, it is not clear the moment of staging. Today, this procedure is optional, but it makes life easier, allowing you to quickly prove that you are the parents of a particular child (if, for example, he is lost in an entertainment center or a hypermarket).

For printing, you will need a passport and a child's birth certificate. The stamp is placed on the same day, regardless of whether you go to the passport office or the MFC.

Important! You can stamp at any passport office, not just at the place of registration.

If you plan to immediately after birth make the baby the owner of real estate, a car or other property that is taxed, or donate a share in the business, you will have to issue an INN.

  • Sv-in about birth,
  • certificate of registration,
  • passport of one of the parents applying.

Papers should be brought to the tax at the place of residence. You can also apply for a public services portal. But in order to receive a TIN after 5 working days, you still have to visit the tax office if you do not have a digital signature. If available, a document issued through public services is sent electronically.

Important! The requirement to provide a TIN when enrolling in kindergarten is illegal.

Having studied the order of registration of documents for a newborn child and making a plan of action for themselves, parents will be able to avoid unnecessary fuss, which, with the advent of the baby, is enough.

4. Registration of citizenship of the Russian Federation

The most, perhaps, uncomplicated of the legal moments after the birth of a child. Unlike other procedures, no deadlines have been set for obtaining Russian citizenship. However, it is necessary to have a mark of citizenship to obtain maternity capital (if the child is not the first), to issue a passport for travel. Well, and when the child grows up, and the time comes to get a Russian passport, then this mark will certainly be needed.
For registration of citizenship, you need to contact the district department of the Federal Migration Service, where the birth certificate will immediately be stamped with a note of citizenship. At the same time, information about the child fits into the parents' passports, a seal is put.

For registration of citizenship will need:

  • parents' passports
  • birth certificate of the child.

5. Insurance Pension Certificate (SNILS)

The newest of the required documents for the newborn. If the child has to deal with such functions of SNILS as obtaining maternity capital, registration for work and accounting for pension savings, the insurance pension certificate has now become necessary for registration of the CHI policy.
Parents three weeks after the birth of the baby can contact any management of the Pension Fund. Sign up in advance is not necessary. The document will be ready in about a week.

  • passport of one of the parents
  • birth certificate of the child.

6. Policy ОМС

Issued in the insurance company (sometimes it is located directly in the children's clinic) at the place of registration. This document is sure to be useful to the baby - after all, it allows you to receive free medical care throughout Russia! True, during the first year of life, children are observed in district clinics for free, but, nevertheless, you should not delay their receipt. If more in-depth medical care is needed, during the first month of the child’s life they will be treated according to the mother’s policy, but then they cannot do without their own MHI policy.

To obtain the policy will need:

  • passport of one of the parents (presented in person),
  • child's birth certificate
  • SNILS.

The policy is prepared for about a month, but a temporary certificate is immediately issued, replacing it.

Is it possible to register a child where the parents are not registered, can someone tell?

The newborn was registered with the father. No help was demanded from me.