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Recipes for delicious pancakes that can be eaten by a nursing mother even in the first month

For every woman, pregnancy and breastfeeding are very crucial periods. And own nutrition nursing mom is very important. Absolutely everything that a woman eats goes into the baby’s body with breast milk and, naturally, influences him. Therefore, the pleasure to think of Mom has to be the last thing in the first place - the benefits of such nutrition for the baby.

Communication mother's diet and infant health

Worldwide, pediatricians insist that breastfeeding lasts up to a year at least, or even longer. And all this period, a woman should carefully monitor their diet. Violation of the diet can cause problems such as dysbiosis, bloating, regurgitation in infants.

Some people prefer to sit on cakes and tea, being sure that this contributes to lactation, and warns the child of allergies. But very soon, the lack of calcium and iron in the body of Mommy will make itself felt with broken teeth, hair falling out and anemia.

You can give up on everything and eat everything that looks, not excluding smoked products, pickled foods, sweets and fried. Gases, colic and crying of your baby at night will not keep you waiting for a long time, because such products do not have the best effect on the body of a little man. So the first month of life crumbs Mom will have to sit on a diet. And before a new product appears in the diet, you will first have to find out if it can eat it.

Pancakes and problems?

Pancakes in Russian cuisine - almost the most popular dish. A nursing mother has to think about them. Although at first glance, pancakes are quite harmless.

What are they made of? Everyone knows the main ingredients. These are eggs, milk, sugar and flour, possibly yeast. How are pancakes made? They are fried in butter. Such a set of products and the method of preparation can be of use to very few people, especially a nursing baby.

Of course, the best choice, until your child is a month old, give up the pancakes. And there are many reasons.

  • Pancakes fried in butter are of little use to mommy herself. In addition, the oil may be contained in the test.
  • Such a product is not at all beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract of the crumbs, which are already unstable. A child of this age does not produce all the enzymes necessary for proper digestion.
  • The use of cow's milk for making dough can cause serious digestive disorders, and even cause severe allergies.
  • Yeast pancakes can cause colic.
  • If the mother is not sure that the baby is not allergic to eggs, she also risks his health.
  • Pancakes can not be called a vitamin product.

And yet you can!

But how do you want to pamper yourself! The whole holiday in Russia is dedicated to pancakes. How can you resist?

Still, sometimes you can afford the pleasure without harm to the crumbs. The most important thing is to carefully observe how the baby reacted to different dishes and products from my mother's diet in the very first days. You need to make sure that neither the eggs nor the milk caused any negative reaction in the child. Then they will not harm him in the pancake dough either.

There are many recipes for this dish made especially for women who are breastfeeding.

How to cook delicious and harmless pancakes?

If the nursing mommy decided to treat herself to pancakes, she should not ignore the following tips.

  • If there is a Teflon pan, pancakes can be fried without oil and fat. If you have a regular frying pan, apply oil with a special brush, but in no case do not pour it directly on the pan.
  • Dissolve dough in skimmed milk or yogurt, whey, yogurt or even boiled water. You can dilute non-fat milk with water.
  • Wheat flour can be replaced with ground oatmeal or barley flour.
  • You can completely abandon sugar or replace it with natural honey (of course, if the baby is not allergic).
  • Do without yeast.

Be careful with the pancake filling. By the way, there is enough choice for a nursing mother.

  • Skim cheese. If there is no allergy, you can add a little honey or not too sweet jam, berries or dried fruits. Cottage cheese with greens and boiled eggs will be delicious.
  • Cheese curd, creamy, dietary or salty.
  • Pieces of red fish.
  • Fresh vegetables, flavored with light sauce.
  • Boiled finely chopped meat low-fat varieties.
  • Mashed potatoes, you can with the addition of boiled liver or meat.
  • Banana puree.

Pancakes with such a filling are no longer a snack. They are not just safe, they are useful.

Such pancakes are not prohibited when you feed your baby. The main thing is to cook them correctly. But it is equally important to eat them correctly.

Start with one pancake in the morning. And at the same time watch the crumbs. If his health is in order, no colic appeared, no stool has changed, no suspicious rash appeared on the skin, then there are no problems. Try to use no more than two or three such sweets at one time. Otherwise, you can harm the baby, and fat deposits earn.

Recipes for nursing mothers

The main principle for mommy in the first month of breastfeeding: "easier - healthier."

Kneading dough: skimmed kefir - a glass, water - half a glass, honey - 1 tablespoon (if the baby is not allergic), egg, salt, flour.

Kneading dough: mineral water with gas - two and a half glasses, granulated sugar - 4 teaspoons (if the pancakes are with a sweet filling, then 8), salt, flour.

Kneading dough: milk - a glass, mineral water - a glass, wheat flour - 1 tablespoon, vanilla sugar, salt, buckwheat flour (a glass).

How to cook the dough?

We offer you two ways to prepare the dough.

Cookbooks learn to sift flour first, and then gradually add all the ingredients into it, stirring with a whisk or a mixer.

And you can do it differently. Pour salt, sugar in the bowl, if there is an egg, add half of the liquid and all the flour. Stir all with a whisk thoroughly until smooth, to avoid lumps, and then gradually pour in the rest of the liquid, stirring constantly.

In both cases, you should get a dough that is similar in consistency to liquid sour cream.

Do not forget that it is better to fry pancakes in a teflon pan without oil.

Still, use common sense during breastfeeding and watch how foods affect your baby.