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Grippferon shelf life

The drug Grippferon ®, nasal spray dosed, has antiviral, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects.

The biological activity of the drug is due to the active substance - interferon alpha-2b human recombinant.

The antiviral effect of interferon alpha-2b is to create protective mechanisms in the virus-free cells that prevent the penetration of the virus into them and the assembly of virions. Interferon alpha-2b induces the synthesis of the key antiviral enzyme 2 ', 5'-oligoadenylate synthetase, which leads to inhibition of translation (biosynthesis) of the viral protein and induction of apoptosis (death) of organism-infected cells. Infected dead cells are removed using EK-cells activated by interferon.

The immunomodulatory effect of interferon alpha-2b consists in the activation of macrophages, cytotoxic T cells, NK cells (natural killer cells), increased phagocytosis and expression of antigens of the main histocompatibility complex, stimulating bone marrow cell proliferation and differentiation, which significantly increases the effectiveness of antiviral protection. When intranasal administration, interferon alpha-2b increases the expression of aquaporin-5 (AQP-5), interferon-stimulated gene-15 (ISG-15), histocompatibility antigens (HLA-DR) on mucosal epithelial cells and lymphoid cells.

The anti-inflammatory effect is mediated by reactions of the immune system, enhanced under the influence of interferon alfa-2b.

Intranasal administration of interferon does not cause forms of viruses that are resistant to its antiviral effect.

Dosage and administration

At the first signs of the disease, Grippferon ® is used for 5 days:

- from birth to 1 year - 1 dose (500 ME) in each nasal passage 5 times a day (single dose - 1000 ME, daily dose - 5000 ME),

- from 1 to 3 years - 2 doses in each nasal passage 3-4 times a day (single dose - 2000 ME, daily dose - 6000-8000 ME),

- from 3 to 14 years - 2 doses in each nasal passage 4–5 times a day (single dose - 2000 ME, daily dose - 8000–10000 ME),

- from the age of 15 and on an adult - 3 doses in each nasal passage 5–6 times a day (single dose - 3000 ME, daily dose - 15000–18000 ME).

In order to prevent SARS and flu:

- upon contact with a patient and / or during hypothermia, the drug is injected in a single age dosage 2 times a day,

- with a seasonal increase in the incidence of the drug is injected in the age dosage once in the morning with an interval of 24-48 hours,

- If necessary, preventive courses are repeated.

To administer the drug, remove the protective cap, insert the spray device into the nasal passage and press the spray mechanism strongly (1 dose - 1 click). Before first use, you should press the spray mechanism several times until a spray cloud appears.


With intranasal administration, the active substance concentration reached in the blood is well below the detection limit (the limit of interferon alfa-2b is 1-2 IU / ml) and has no clinical significance.

Prevention and treatment of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) in children and adults.


Individual intolerance to interferon drugs and components that make up the drug.

Severe allergic diseases.

Pregnancy and lactation:

Grippferon® is approved for use during the entire period of pregnancy. There are no restrictions for use during lactation.

The composition of the drug

1 ml of the substance contains interferon alpha-2b (at least 10,000 IU). Additional components: Trilon B - 0.5 mg, sodium chloride - 4.1 mg, sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate - 11.94 mg, potassium dihydrogen phosphate - 4.54 mg, povidone 8000 - 10 mg, macrogol 4000 - 100 mg, water for injections - 1 ml.

There is no such form as “children's interferon” for the drug. If the remedy is given to children, then in accordance with the recommended dosages, or other forms of release can be used.

Medicinal properties

The tool has a pronounced antiviral, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used in the initial stages of the development of a cold, runny nose, acute respiratory infections and flu. It can be used to prevent colds during the cold period. After opening the tool is stored for a long time. Once inside, the drug blocks the development of the virus. The positive effects of the application can be seen the next day.

Drops "Grippferon"

The cost is about 260 rubles. per package

Nasal drops contain 10,000 IU of substance per ml. Packed in plastic containers with a dispenser of 5 or 10 ml. Usually flu for babies is discharged in the form of nasal drops, as the agent is easily dosed, which is much better suited for infants. Color - transparent, with a yellowish tinge.

Spray "Grippferon"

Cost - about 340 rubles

The nasal spray contains a concentration of 500 IU per ml. Available in plastic bottles of 10 ml. Content is enough for 200 doses. Children from three years old are better to give a nasal spray, since it can be distributed throughout the nasal cavity. Color means pale yellow, transparent.

Precautionary measures

During pregnancy, grippferon should be taken with caution, as there are not enough studies on this category of patients. However, the negative influences used by women during pregnancy did not receive flu. The drug should be dripped to children carefully so that it does not get into the eyes. If the medicine is still on the eyes, they should be rinsed with plenty of water.

Grippferon with loratadine

Firn M, Russia
Price - 230 rubles

Nasal ointment has a white color with a slight yellow tint. It has antihistamine and immunomodulatory properties. In addition to the immunostimulating effect, the ointment prevents the development of edema of the nasal mucosa. Should be stored in the refrigerator.


  • Flupferon ointment with loratadine is perfect for those who often have allergies
  • Effective
  • Inexpensive.


  • The ointment is contraindicated in all periods of pregnancy and with GBV (breastfeeding),
  • Can not be used until 18 years
  • There are no tablets (in oral form).

Feron LLC, Russia
Price - 270 rubles

Rectal candles Viferon. Candles have antiviral, immunomodulatory and antiproliferative effects. Candles are suitable as a supplement in the integrated fight against infections. The color is white with a slight yellow tint, the shape is bullet-shaped, the consistency and color are uniform.


  • Candles Viferon allowed during pregnancy from 14 weeks (second trimester), with Guards (breastfeeding)
  • You can give babies.


  • Inconvenient use
  • Do not use Viferon from the first trimester.

Viferon gel

Feron LLC, Russia
Price - 140 rubles

Gel Viferon for external and local use. The gel is white, opaque and homogeneous. Provides immunomodulatory and antiviral properties. Viferon can be used to combat external manifestations of the virus on the skin and mucous membranes (eg, herpes), against the common cold and the development of acute respiratory infections.

Shelf life

Grippferon, produced in the form of drops, spray and ointment with loratadine, can be stored in a sealed form for two years, regardless of the form of release, if you store the medicine at a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius. The exact expiration date can be seen on one of the side surfaces of the cardboard packaging of the drug, as well as on the bottles themselves. Use of the drug after the expiration date is prohibited. If you use drops, spray or ointment, which were overdue by 5-10 days, then most likely nothing will happen to you, since the expiration date on the drugs is indicated with a certain margin. However, it is necessary to stop using this drug, as it may adversely affect your health.

There is a difference in the shelf life before and after the opening of Grippferon in the form of spray and drops - from the moment of printing it can be used for only one month. Over time, the effectiveness of droplets and spray decreases. Ointment can change color from white to yellowish, which will serve as a signal to the fact that it deteriorated, or you got a marriage, and therefore - it can not be used.

If the medicine is not stored in the refrigerator, then it is most likely unsuitable for use.

Application area

Grippferon is used for the treatment and prevention of colds and acute respiratory diseases in children and adults, such as SARS, acute respiratory infections and influenza, as it blocks the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and microbes, can be used in conjunction with vaccines. It should also be noted that this medicine has no habituation effect and is also non-toxic and safe. And viruses are not able to acquire resistance to Grippferon.

However, it is prohibited to take the drug in the presence of severe forms of allergic diseases and intolerance to the components of the drug.

During pregnancy, the use of Grippferon is allowed, but the dosage should be clarified with your doctor. Use of the drug Grippferon children are allowed from birth.

Effective and versatile

It is a liquid immunomodulator with antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. It is produced in the form of nasal drops or spray. The active ingredient is interferon - a special protein that can fight viruses. Getting on the mucous membrane, it stops the reproduction in the body of the causative agents of influenza, parainfluenza, adenoviruses, etc. Influenza is also used for the prevention of influenza and ARVI during epidemics.

Suitable for all age groups, including infants and pregnant women.

Contraindications for use are individual intolerance to its components and severe allergic diseases.

Storage location - refrigerator

But the medicine is capricious. Aby where in the closet can not put it. I want to give you some tips on how to store influenza after it is opened.

So, you decided to use the help of grippferon and opened the package. After using the medicine in the bottle, of course, still remains. What's next? Is it possible to save the drug until the next time or is it too short after storage? How much can it be stored at all and what conditions need to be created so that it remains effective for as long as possible?

Grippferon is stored, according to the instructions, month since opening the bottle. In a month, the medicine discovered by alien bacteria is contaminated to such an extent that you can’t understand it anymore - it treats it more or hurts. In order not to forget to throw out the bottle, I recommend to sign the date of first use directly on it.

It is necessary to store the medicine, according to the same instructions for use, at 2-8 ° C. in the refrigerator, where the required temperature is maintained

By the way, sealed flupferon should also be stored in the refrigerator. The standard shelf life is 2 years.

If suddenly in a pharmacy you are offered a drug not from the fridge - refuse to buy! Storage conditions must be respected at all stages.

Not for long - you can

Doctors say that grippferon will not deteriorate, even if it will stay in the room for some time. So it is quite possible to take it with you to work or to school, and put in a cold place only for the night. But, of course, you should not abuse it, if there is a possibility - let it be better kept in the cold.

Many parents believe that cold drops can harm a child suffering from a cold. In fact, nothing wrong with that. After a couple of chilled drops, the child’s condition cannot deteriorate. But if you feel better about it, you can warm the bottle with the warmth of your hands.

Little bit about squirrel

Do not store the drug for a long time at a temperature above 8 ° C. I can explain why. Do you remember that the active ingredient of influenza is protein? And what will happen to protein if it is very hot? Of course, it will curl up and lose all its beneficial properties - this is what happens with the well-known whole egg chicken protein if it is cooked or fried.

Scientists call this process denaturation, and different proteins have different temperatures at which this process begins. For denaturation of the protein, which contains influenza, will be enough and +10 ° C.

So if you do not comply with the conditions of its storage, after a couple of days it will become completely useless, and with intensive use it may even cause an allergic reaction.