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What are the effects of a medical abortion?

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06.24.2015, Tanya
Wrote the first message at night.
Today I went to the counter. Stud, no ovum, zgoukov too. But in the uterus there is more liquid-blood. Ozdistka said that esche week a lip. Esche time on control Uzd in a week.

06/24/2015, Elvira
Hello, lovely women! I am 40 years old, no husband, I have an adult daughter. When I found out that I was pregnant, I decided to make a medical abortion, because now it seems that this is considered the most modern and safe way to terminate a pregnancy. The term was 5 weeks. It was on the eve of everything, in many pains, contractions, etc. I personally did not have it. I came to the clinic, the doctor gave Mifepristone 1 tablet, but I asked for 3! Since I read that you need exactly 3 tablets. The doctor said that the effect of one pill, that of three is the same, but I insisted on three. Mifepristone does not cause periods, it blocks the pregnancy hormone. In general, I drank, there was no sensation. After one and a half days I absorbed 2 tablets of Misoprostol. The strongest chill began, and in an hour the menstrual periods began, without contractions, pains, slightly pulled the lower abdomen and slight pain. There was a lot of blood, with clots. It lasted all 6 days, but the last 2 days are very moderate. Yesterday I came to the control ultrasound, it turned out that the fetal egg came out, but the clots remained a bit. The doctor gave 2 more of Misoprostol, absorbed, but there is no strong blood, it goes out a little bit. The doctor says that with scanty discharge, the uterus can clear. Here I hope, I really do not want to go to a vacuum. Girls, maybe it was someone ?? Share please! I would appreciate that!

06.27.2015 marina
I am 40. drunk today with the second stage of a peacefull night-laying that lasts for half an hour. Was there anyone else? And you have been prescribed any other drugs, such as acetyl.salits.k-ty.and do you need something anti-def.?

06.24.2015, Valentina Vasilyevna
Elvira, really the scheme with 3 tablets is more reliable. The 1-pill scheme was originally proposed by WHO for use in third world countries with a high percentage of poverty in order to reduce the number of illegal abortions, since mifepristone is not cheap. The results of European clinical comparative studies show a higher risk of failure when using mifepristone at a dose of 1 tablet (200 mg). The scheme with 1 tablet of mifepristone was registered in the Russian Federation, despite the fact that no clinical trials were conducted in our country, but data from Chinese studies were used. According to the official data of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the effectiveness of the scheme with the use of 1 tablet (200 mg) is about 77%, however, it reduces the total cost of the procedure of medical abortion, the scheme with 3 tablets is effective by 97-98%. Whether it is worth a little money saving increases the risk of inefficiency and subsequent curettage, each woman must decide individually.

06.24.2015, Tanya
Tanya, 29 years old, 2 children
Hello .
According to her testimony, she went for a medical abortion. Uzd showed 3-4 n.b.
At the doctor Vipila 3, the tab 8.06, after a day to begin to smear. The state was normal. 10.06 Vipila 2 t.mirlyuta, began to smear a little after 7 chyas. I called the doctor, she had already said to come tomorrow for double 2 tablets of peace, because I thought that I would manage two. After 2, after the adoption of peace 11.06, he began to pull the pains, the pain was easier than with M. Vidileniya went but not so plentifully. PJ viillo 14.06. Embryo saw, looks like a seahorse and points of the eyes are viewed. Zgustov, as such, did not beat, still the moderation of the mark goes, tomorrow on the ultrasound. I will unsubscribe after. Sorry for errors, I write from the phone.

06/23/2015, Pretty Woman
I am 40 years old, with a delay of 5 days the test showed 2 strips, two adult children, a business. I can not give birth. Decided to medabort. The doctor at one o'clock in the afternoon gave 200 gr. 1 tablet penkraftona., Did not feel anything. After 36 hours, I ordered to take 1 tablet of misoprostol, after three hours another 1 tablet of misoprostol.
I write, because in the internet it is terrible that it is written about a medabort, a sea of ​​blood, almost fights. Misoprostol saw at night, she was afraid wildly, so she went to bed, thought if discharge and pain begin, I will wake up. The first table drank at 12 o'clock at night, the second at 3 o'clock, set the alarm clock, at three o'clock, the language of the table and the table. The discharge was very scanty, moderate pain. In the morning I called the doctor, according to the instructions, I had to drink another table of misoprostol at 12 am. The doctor said if the fertilized egg comes out, do not drink.
I ran into a hysterical doctor, I got a half of the gasket, she said at 9 am to drink misoprostol, then at 10 am another table of misoprostol. I drank, lay, rested, discharge and pain are very moderate. During the day came a little yellow slime. I was completely confident that honey abortion failed, and wanted to go to the vacuum. My breasts ached, I felt guilty. The doctor reassured, she said everything was fine. I did not believe. On the trail. the day went to the ultrasound, after 36 hours of the first table. Misoprostol, on the uzi uterus is clean.
And there is little discharge, and there is no pain, so everything is individual!

06/21/2015, Svetlana
Hello girls, I will not tell my story, I’m 22, I don’t have children yet, plans two years later, got pregnant, made two tests, were positive. Of course, I went to the doctor’s place and tried to dissuade me, but I decided to shake, but my husband decided that there wasn’t opportunities, hard, but otherwise nothing. I passed all the tests, on June 19, 1515, I drank one pill of Mifepristone with the doctor, on the first day there was nothing but heartache and wild tears, and well 20 began in the evening, the blood was flowing a little and the lower abdomen was very painful, giving back and legs during menstruation, I woke up three times a night, it was very painful, I was drinking NOSHP, because nothing is possible anymore, I drank two tablets of Misoprostol at one o'clock in the afternoon, 10 hours had passed, and I don’t have much blood, I can say almost completely No, there was some sort of small clot, but I think it is too small for a fruit, I have 2-3 Gödel and zhmvot and pain in the back and very giving. from whom it was similar, unsubscribe girls. I am experiencing, I have never had an abortion with surgical interventions and a vacuum, there was one medicament too (about 4 years ago), but it was not so painful and the blood was flowing and there were clots, but now I don’t understand anything.

05/22/2015, Maria
Good day to all! Today, on 05.22.15, I made a test in the morning, the result is positive. I do not want a second child, or rather both with my husband do not want. Before that there were abortions, but vacuum ones. Now I want to decide on the tablet. Soon I go to the doctor. I didn’t know this procedure at all until I came to this forum (I opened the first one I got, and so successfully), I understood that this would happen at home. I know what a vacuum is, for some reason, after it, I psychologically suffer then 8-9 months. I have no desire or attraction for my husband at all. Only the fear of some kind and absolutely nothing, and no matter how I feel it. This is very depressing. Thought about the upcoming night right up to disgust. Therefore I want to try pills. Let it pass as if month. let's go Maybe after this method will not be those terrible. unpleasant and with a strong disgust of sensations.

05.25.2015, Valentine Vasilievna
About the difference of drug abortion with curettage and vacuum aspiration is described in detail here www.mifegin.ru

05/23/2015, Mira is 27 years old
And after the drug you will also be morally suppressed for exactly 9 months. What is the difference what kind of abortion: vacuum, pills, surgical. The procedure is different, but the meaning is the same. In short, leave babykit. Especially since you're married.

Is medical abortion dangerous?

There is no safe way to terminate a pregnancy. Medical abortion is carried out in the early stages - no later than 49 days after the start of the last menstruation, in other words, up to 6-7 weeks of pregnancy. But the sooner the pills are taken for medical abortion, the less likely the development of negative consequences, because every day the fertilized egg is increasingly implanted in the uterine wall.

Hormonal drugs used to terminate pregnancy, cause a contraction of the uterus, desquamation of its outer layer along with a fetal egg. Therefore, in an ectopic pregnancy, medical abortion will be ineffective. Before the procedure, a number of examinations are carried out, including an ultrasound scan, during which the location of the embryo is determined.

It is very important to see a doctor with this method of abortion. In rare cases, it can be fatal due to the development of acute heart failure while taking the drug, as well as due to intra-abdominal bleeding. The sooner medical care is provided, the greater the chances of saving a woman’s life.

Before conducting a medical abortion, the doctor determines whether the patient has contraindications. Their list is quite large, in particular, the procedure is not carried out for women over 35 years old who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day and have cardiovascular diseases, renal, adrenal or hepatic failure. In all these groups, the risk of developing severe complications is several times higher.

After talking with the doctor and clarifying all possible consequences of the abortion, the woman signs an informed voluntary consent to the procedure. Then several examinations are performed: transvaginal ultrasound, a blood test (total, for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C) and a smear on the microflora.

Preliminary preparation for medical termination of pregnancy and holding it in the hospital significantly reduces the risk of adverse effects. But, in any case, no one will give a 100% guarantee of safety and efficiency.

Receiving a large dose of hormonal drugs is a powerful blow to all body systems, in particular, to the pituitary-ovarian. All complications and consequences of medical abortion are divided into short-term, medium-term and long-term. The closer they are to the interrupt procedure, the easier it is to eliminate them.

Short term effects and complications

This group includes complications and consequences that develop almost immediately after taking a drug for abortion.

This complication develops in approximately 44% of women after oral intake of misoprostol, in 31% of patients with intravaginal. Research also confirms that the frequency of the appearance of vomiting is affected by the interval between taking the hormonal drug (Mifepristone) and prostaglandin (Misoprostol). The likelihood of this symptom is lower if the gap is 7-8 hours than with a daily break.

This symptom occurs more frequently than other gastrointestinal disorders during medical abortion. It is not fully established what exactly it is caused by: exposure to drugs or abortion.

However, a tendency was revealed according to which nausea is more pronounced with a high dose of Misoprostol (prostaglandin), its fast admission and a gestational age of 6-7 weeks. If vomiting occurs, you must inform the doctor. You may need to take another pill.

Allergic reactions as a consequence of medical abortion can develop into components of any of the medications taken. Most often it is rash or urticaria. Severe manifestations, such as angioedema, breathing problems, are extremely rare. To avoid this complication, after taking the medicine, it is worth staying at the medical facility (clinic) for at least a few hours.

Stool abnormalities develop in approximately 36% of women after oral intake of Misoprostol and in 18% of patients with intravaginal. Symptom may be of varying severity. The effectiveness of taking antidiarrheal drugs in such cases has not been proven. Usually diarrhea stops on its own after a few hours.

Severe abdominal pain

This symptom is caused by spasm of the uterus muscles, which is part of the mechanism of action of the hormonal drug. It is observed in 96% of women and is considered the norm. The severity of pain can be different: from mild to unbearable. The symptom begins to grow rapidly after 30-50 minutes after taking Misoprostol and most often goes away after the completion of the abortion. There is a tendency that the shorter the gestation period, the easier the pain.

To eliminate it, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used (Ibuprofen, Naproxen), in severe cases - narcotic painkillers (Codeine, Oxycodone).

Appear in about 1.5-3 hours after taking Misoprostol. Most often localized in the groin area. Silence after completing an abortion. To reduce pain, you can use a warm heating pad.

All of the above complications do not require special treatment and most often pass on their own after the abortion is completed. With their strong severity applied symptomatic means.


This symptom appears in the early period, some time after taking the pills. If bleeding in volume corresponds to the menstrual flow (no more than 1-2 pads per hour), lasts 7-14 days and gradually decreases, then there is no cause for concern - this is not a complication, but a normal process.

In some cases, women notice discharge up to 30 days, but they are obstructive, not accompanied by pain or other symptoms. If the bleeding is abundant (2-3 or more pads per hour), prolonged and / or accompanied by pain, you must immediately inform your doctor. This complication is rare and develops in the background of incomplete abortion or infection.

The longer the gestation period, the higher the risk of pathological bleeding. In 0.4% of cases blood transfusion is performed, in 2.6% - suction curettage. Without timely medical care is not fatal.

Continuing pregnancy or incomplete interruption

In 1-4% of cases, the ovum is not expelled from the uterus or is not fully expelled. This can occur for several reasons: the dose of the drug is incorrectly calculated, the procedure is too late, and there are hormonal disorders or inflammatory processes in the woman’s body.

Such consequences after medical termination of pregnancy are accompanied by prolonged and persistent bleeding, pulling or cramping lower abdominal pain, fever, and fever. Independently with them not to cope, hemostatic drugs will not help.

Requires an ultrasound and subsequent curettage of the uterus. If this is not done, in the case of an incomplete abortion, the remnants of the ovum will lead to the spread of infection, general blood infection and death. If the pregnancy continues to develop, the risk of having a child with serious developmental defects is high.

Headaches and dizziness

These effects of medical abortion develop in 20% of women. As a rule, the cause is a large loss of blood. Also observed weakness, lowering blood pressure, faint state.

If dizziness is accompanied by bleeding, the help of a doctor is necessary. In another case, you can take an analgesic, often relax, change the position of the body gradually.

Menstrual disorders

If menstruation started on time (counting from the date of abortion) or was delayed by 7-10 days, this is a sign that the reproductive and endocrine systems have recovered. About 10-15% of women say that in the first few cycles of menstruation are more painful and abundant, but soon become the same as before.

A delay of more than 40 days or heavy periods, accompanied by cramping intense pain, fever, and deterioration of general well-being, will indicate a complication.

In the first case, it is possible either a re-occurrence of pregnancy (this happens already 2 weeks after the abortion), or a disruption in the ovaries. It is necessary to consult a doctor, he will establish the reason and prescribe the necessary procedures. Oral contraceptives are often used to restore hormonal levels.

If the menstruation is very abundant, with severe pain and fever, then it is possible that particles of the ovum remain in the uterus and / or infection has developed. More on menstruation after an abortion →

After examination of the doctor and ultrasound scrubbing is carried out and antibiotics are prescribed.

Infectious and inflammatory diseases

They develop after medical abortion as an exacerbation of chronic forms or because of the remaining particles of the ovum. If a woman before an abortion had hidden, sluggish infectious-inflammatory processes (endometritis, salpingitis, cervicitis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, etc.), then after the interruption procedure they can begin to progress.

This is manifested by pains in the lower abdomen, secretions with an unpleasant odor and greenish color, purulent impurities, fever. After laboratory diagnosis, the doctor prescribes antibiotics, most often in the hospital.

The reasons for this serious consequences are hormonal disorders or inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages.

In the first case, the balance of male and female sex hormones is disturbed, as a result of which the process of fertilization of the egg and its attachment to the wall of the uterus is hampered.

Inflammatory processes can lead to the formation of adhesions, narrowing of the lumen of the fallopian tubes. Это препятствует переходу яйцеклетки в матку.

Риск развития бесплодия выше у женщин с отрицательным резус-фактором крови, если у партнера он положительный. Последующие беременности могут быть конфликтными, прерывающимися на ранних сроках.

Изменения эмоционального состояния, характера

Иногда гормональный сбой и сама процедура аборта отражаются на особенностях психики женщины. Она может стать чересчур раздражительной, агрессивной либо плаксивой, депрессивной, вялой.

Сначала такие реакции наблюдаются только в сложных ситуациях, например, во время или после ссоры. But soon they become total, arise without external causes.

To fix the problem, you need to consult a doctor: a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, consult with a psychologist.

Medical abortion and its consequences are still being studied. Studies confirm that the earlier the abortion procedure was performed, the lower the risk of complications.

The most common among them are bleeding, abdominal pain, the addition of infection. The consequences are associated with hormonal disorders and the risk of incomplete release of the ovum. Failures of the menstrual cycle, the development of inflammation, infertility may occur.

Author: Olga Khanova, doctor,
specifically for Mama66.ru

Medical abortion. Who did, tell me how someone passed the procedure.

Girls, everyone who is now pregnant, who is thinking about abortion, please, think again, please do not do this. Everyone's situations are different, but abortion is never an option. This is a procedure for etching out of you, killing your own child. I have tears in my eyes, lovely, what do you want to go for ?! Email me in the nickname that you have problems, I really want and I have the opportunity to help you all. Medical, psychological, material assistance, all this I can find for you to save the life of you and your child. Do you really not understand that if you have an abortion, you will not return anything! Never again will there be such a person as this child of yours. Many suffer terrible dreams, conscience gnaws all his life. You can not fix anything after such a step - it is not right. Maybe you will continue to live after this, in torment of conscience and health. And what is your lost child? He was conceived for life. And you doom him to death. And no reasons are justified here. Do not do this, I beg you. At any gestational age you are dealing with an already HUMAN, this is confirmed by science, and, most importantly, by the human conscience. And to interrupt the life of a child because he "will grow poor" can not! If you would do this to you now, would you like it? Would you be deprived of the opportunity to live at all because you cannot live richly? Email me in the nickname that you have problems, I really want and I have the opportunity to help you all.

Tell me, what happened with your hormonal background? Did the menstrual cycle break down or get better? [/ Quote I also made medicines. Interruption a year after that there is no menstrual

I am 39, two cesarean, this pregnancy in the area of ​​the scar, the period of 6 weeks. MA doing in a paid clinic French drugs. The first tablet - in the evening at 17 00 July 25, two 27 today at 9 am. Between the stages a little more than 36 hours. After the first stage, no painful sensations and discharge until this morning. Little belly pulled out a small clot. Half an hour after peace, weak pain. Those who did oxytocin after birth, this feeling is familiar. No more and no less. On the wall do not climb, but pleasant enough. Of the side - only diarrhea, but without fanaticism. We are waiting.

I am 39, two cesarean, this pregnancy in the area of ​​the scar, the period of 6 weeks. MA doing in a paid clinic French drugs. The first tablet - in the evening at 17 00 July 25, two 27 today at 9 am. Between the stages a little more than 36 hours. After the first stage, no painful sensations and discharge until this morning. Little belly pulled out a small clot. Half an hour after peace, weak pain. Those who did oxytocin after birth, this feeling is familiar. No more and no less. On the wall do not climb, but pleasant enough. Of the side - only diarrhea, but without fanaticism. We are waiting.

And I am 44. Three children are kesarenykh and here is a surprise, the ultrasound said the uterus in good shape, the threat of a period of three weeks, given the age decided to MA, he is not the first;

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H I C O D E. A. It was three weeks .. I thought while the cells were only so fast .. and it was just .. take the pills from the doctor and that's it. But, very soon, the feeling that he was dying in me would have given a lot to leave the child alive. The father of the child immediately said that he did not want him, I thought it would be bad for him without his father, and I would remain without work, without money, the child would be able to work out. Brad it all, I realized, but late. I was in a hurry to drink these pills so that up to 4 weeks it’s not an abortion. If the doctor did not help, I would simply refuse .. there was no talk about the operation, I would not do it under any circumstances. But all this is a lie, pills. Now I do not know how and why I did it, why everything around contributed to this! But the main fault is on me. The soul is torn to pieces. Now I would not give anyone in any offense. Protect babies from us! Psychologist must be required, without the right to refuse! Medical abortion in the early period, the expense goes to the clock, panic and horror, and the desire to do something. If at least a drop of doubt - do not do it! And it is better not to even think, just do not meddle and do not interfere, let the baby know the happiness of being alive, enjoy the sunshine, mother, because mother is always with him, she is calm, she loves and always protects.

The term was 2 weeks. The abortion for me was so imperceptible that I was afraid that it did not take place at all. No pain, no heavy discharge, no PJ. Nothing. Just like regular menstruation. Today was on ultrasound, they said that there was no fetus, but the uterus was enlarged, a lot of clots remained. Oxytocin injections were prescribed. After menstruation again on ultrasound. I hope all will be ok.
Moral is always hard. Any abortion. There is no excuse for this act. But more punishment than the death of your particles from your hands, can hardly be imagined. But we are still PEOPLE, and we have intellectually outgrown fruitlessly mindlessly. You just need to do so, so as not to take sin on the soul. Take care of yourself! Watch out!

My posts are completing 3039, 3043
Today was on the ultrasound, everything is clean, passed painlessly, only nausea and weakness during the second pill. clots come out and how abundant monthly 4 days.
It was 5th pregnancy (3-4 weeks) and there would be a 4th birth, the first was a miscarriage (7-8 weeks), 3 children (10,5,3), the husband said to have an abortion, sob, but I understand with brains that age is 38-39
If there was a first pregnancy, only childbirth, regardless of the circumstances.
Hold on, girls!

My posts are completing 3039, 3043
Today was on the ultrasound, everything is clean, passed painlessly, only nausea and weakness during the second pill. clots come out and how abundant monthly 4 days.
It was 5th pregnancy (3-4 weeks) and there would be a 4th birth, the first was a miscarriage (7-8 weeks), 3 children (10,5,3), the husband said to have an abortion, sob, but I understand with brains that age is 38-39
If there was a first pregnancy, only childbirth, regardless of the circumstances.
Hold on, girls!

I am 22 years old. First pregnancy. I decided to make a drug interruption. For a long time I was looking for the clinic, I read reviews, which I didn’t see enough. And so damn scary, but there is something you just do not read. She stopped at the "Harmony".
It was terribly scary. She came to the clinic, after examining the gynecologist, she made an ultrasound, donated blood for analysis. The term was 4 weeks.
On Thursday, she came to the clinic, drank a mifepristone pill, and went home.
There were no unpleasant feelings. On Saturday morning, there was a slight bleeding. A little bit sore belly.
The second stage took place in the hospital. They gave two tablets of misoprostol, said to put under the tongue and dissolve. They taste disgusting.
Half an hour later, he began to ache a little stomach, nauseous. It was necessary to have breakfast, but nothing climbed into his mouth.
An hour later, the pain became much stronger. But quite tolerant! I usually have painful periods. I drink painkillers and all.
And here they said that it is not advisable to anesthetize the first couple of hours.
I had to endure. Vymyatyvayu what pain is strong and for several hours. Severely nauseous. The benefit is not breakfast. Dizzy.
After 2-3 hours, the embryo is out. They made an ultrasound, they said that everything was fine.
I stayed there for another couple of hours and let me go home. I don’t even want to talk about the emotional state.
Today is the second day "after." Feeling like normal.
True monthly go a little more intense than normal. But it normal.
Take care of yourself girls!

tell me how much money this interruption costs?

It took almost 2 weeks, as I drank the second tabla. It hurt only on the 1st day, everything was very bad, nauseous, diarrhea. Until now, I have a selection, very little, but they go, tomorrow for an ultrasound.

tell me how much money this interruption costs?

Of course, I do not argue that anything can happen in life, but to pour my unborn children into the toilet or throw them with a gasket in the trash. it can be called inhuman and immoral, and murder, as you like. Only your conscience will torment all your life, you will remember your act every time you see a baby carriage or a pregnant woman, or when your dead delivery date is appropriate. , to say that the killing of the child, went well, I never had any abortions, I have two healthy children of 7 years and a half years, and now there is a delay. My husband and I no longer planned for children for all the same circumstances as everyone else, now I’m suffering, what to do, and I don’t want to give birth, and I can't kill. I do not ask for advice.

good day! I also want to share my experience! I am 26 years old, second pregnancy, my son is only 7 months old. After the birth I learned that I had erosion, the gynecologist said that the spiral can not be set. There was no time for cauterization and treatment (my child is very painful), so I gave up on myself. While the test did not show 2 strips did not believe their eyes. On Uzi said 3 weeks. April 14 drank the first pill in the clinic under the supervision of a doctor. There was no sensation. Today, on April 16, I drank 3 pills of misoprostol and waited with horror for what will happen next, because so many terrible things have been reading here. But, to my surprise, nothing terrible happened, I pulled my stomach a little as during menstruation. After 2 weeks I go to re-ultrasound. As written above, indeed, the most terrible is the understanding that he killed his baby. (((((my husband and I didn’t wait and talked for a long time, and then we were very sorry. But it’s done. I regret it very much and ask God for forgiveness. Be careful! Good luck to all of you.

Girls tell who took the pills for abortion, how much they cost.

Has a medical abortion in Finland for medical reasons! The child did not develop as it should! The first day, under the supervision of a doctor, they gave me a pill and let me go home! A day later in the morning I introduced another 4 tablets vaginally and drank painkillers (they gave me everything with me), ate and went to the hospital where they were waiting for me! In the ward I was alone, in a private toilet there was a special urn, which I had to go to the toilet, in no way on the toilet. I also took a glucose dropper for the entire time I was in the hospital, as it was impossible to eat! After 3 hours, the midwife vaginally gave me 2 more tablets (at 10:30), after which I started to have pain in the lower abdomen! Then it burst like a balloon and blood was poured with water, and at about 2:00 pm I sat down on the vnu and everything turned out: baby and placenta! The term was 12 plus! Then I asked to show the baby and midwife to me, I poezla it! Girls, try to save the child, it is better to prevent the pregnancy itself than to survive all this later! I had this second pregnancy, there is already one child, but all the same, even realizing that it was not in my backbone to keep it, I would have to live with it all my life! About the conditions: I was lucky that it all went right here! Everyone treated me with a wail and sympathy! Even on such a long time, they didn’t clean them, as the tablets had an effect! I hope that in the future I will be able to give birth to another healthy child!

Girls, I want to share my story!
The news of pregnancy was very unexpected, giving birth is not an option. Been reading reviews-dying gathered from blood loss or infection)
The term was 3.5 weeks. On the first day I took one pill from the doctor and went home. The next evening, a little bit anointed and pulled the lower abdomen and all.
48 hours after the first pill arrived at the hospital for the latter. She drank 2 pills, the doctor said to stay in the hospital and wait for the bleeding to begin. I prepared for wild pains) So I spent 3 hours waiting. Nothing, no pain, no nausea, no blood. The doctor gave me the second “dose”, he said, the fruit was firmly attached, apparently. I drank 2 more pills and went home.
The abdomen was a little tight, but during normal periods it is sometimes stronger than pain. Bleeding is not drunk, it was not necessary. Start smearing a little. And I was waiting for blood and clots. So it was smeared for 6 days, there was enough sanitary pad. I did not wait for clots)
Everything, I think, the pills did not help, it is necessary to do the scraping. How many nerves spent in 2 weeks while the ultrasound waited, horror!
As a result, the ultrasound was told that everything was clean, everything turned out. When the gestational egg itself came out I did not understand)
In general, this story to the fact that the wild pain and a lot of blood is not necessary) I rummaged through the entire Internet, but found only one call with a similar situation. MB to someone and mine will come in handy)

Yesterday I drank 10 30 1 tablet site library, after an hour another one, then after an hour another 2 under the tongue. At 16. 30 blood began to bleed as if with pain, normal pain. In the morning I wake up the blood stopped, slept well at night. Now what? How to be? Did anyone have this? (21years)

Just yesterday, she had a medical abortion. Term 11.5 weeks. I am 21, first pregnancy. I don’t like children and don’t want to be even 15 years old. she herself is still a child, I don’t understand how without having absolutely nothing can you grow the same person ?! what can i give him ?!
In general, on Thursday I went to the hospital, drank 3 tablets of mephiston. On Saturday morning, 4 tablets of peace are swallowed, as advised by the doctor. half an hour later hellish pains, nausea, vomiting began, in one word: all the side effects within an hour. At 9.30 another 2 tablets under the tongue. escaped from the hospital, came home, filled the bath and I immediately felt better. miscarriage was successful. It turned out absolutely everything. And, you know, no regrets. Rather, the relief that all this is finally over. All this hellish pain, toxicosis. Today is Sunday, I feel great, tomorrow for an ultrasound. But yesterday in the hospital the nurse examined me and said that everything was fine, everything turned out. Injected antibiotic intravenously.
part 1

Part 2 after the abortion, all I want to do is look the doctors in the women's consultation center and psychologists who bring the hysterical girls to the poor, frighten them with all sorts of consequences and say that this is irreversible! What your mother is irreversible? We live in the 21st century. I saw girls who came out of a psychologist in tears and for another half an hour they could not utter a word. One question: Is it professional? Is it possible that a psychologist can do this?! for what purpose do they study at universities ?! shouldn't they be morally supported?! and then they talk about spiritual and moral torment and so on! they, in their own words, bring girls to this state even before abortions! convince me that I do not understand what I am doing, but I am pregnant! Seriously?! if I came to them not pregnant and said the same thing, what would be the answer?! "you are still young and do not understand what you are doing!" the same thing they say to women of age who already have children and want to have an abortion, because have already gone through this and know that there is nothing good there. But they do not understand anything, they are pregnant. Yes, pregnancy is a disease! but every girl and woman has the right to decide for herself which way to recover from her! Abortion or childbirth is a personal matter. I believe doctors have no right to choose for us or decide something. they persuade us to choose between abortion and childbirth second, but when you choose an abortion and ask which one is better: honey or tablets, they answer: we cannot advise you, this is your choice. so what the hell?! duplicity of doctors resent me to the depths of the soul. First of all, as I’ll leave the hospital, I’ll go to my gynecologist and give her absolutely everything!

Part 3 may be you are tired of reading my angry rants, sorry for them. but if you read it, then listen to my advice: whether or not to have an abortion is your choice. the only person you can consult with is the father of the child. if finances do not allow, there is no housing, work, you learn - do an abortion! if you are not ready to raise a child at your age - have an abortion! if your partner is against, and there is a chance to be a single mother - have an abortion. give birth only in the case when the child is planned, loved and desired. then he and you will be happy. and it will be easier for everyone! That's all I wanted to say.

I read all that you wrote, all three parts of the message. I am 23 years old . In winter, I also went through this, though now I have lost my hormonal balance, my periods go as if in vain. I left the young man, after all this, it turned out that he was cheating on me, namely, it turned out that I have sexually transmitted diseases. And I have had one in my whole life.
That is why I, like you, were relieved, I hate children to shake, they enrage me. Someone told me what right you can decide to live for a person inside you, or die?
Excuse me, but who will decide this if not me? How enraged are those that say that it is a sin, and that which you regret. Not all people are the same and not all be fruitful. Without me, humanity will not die. Leave you to those who have an abortion, or are about to. For your life, see here the topic is only about how it fits, and not about morals. I do not regret at all. the only thing is that my periods have gone astray and now my chest hurts before menstruation.

Что бы знали медикаментозный аборт или аборт таблетками это всегда двух этапное прерывание беременности. The first stage involves the adoption of a drug that exfoliates or separates the egg of the egg itself from the uterine wall and softens the cervix. This period lasts 48 hours. Next, the woman takes drugs that cause a reduction in the walls of the uterus and the expulsion of the ovum from the uterus. Recently farm. abortion is also used in later periods. Detailed information and advice can be found at www.gineko.com

Yesterday I drank 10 30 1 tablet site library, after an hour another one, then after an hour another 2 under the tongue. At 16. 30 blood began to bleed as if with pain, normal pain. In the morning I wake up the blood stopped, slept well at night. Now what? How to be? Did anyone have this? (21years)

the only thing is that my periods have gone astray and now my chest hurts before menstruation.
Visit the gynecologist. He will prescribe a course of hormonal pills. This case can be adjusted. Check for cysts in the breasts. In general, do a pelvic ultrasound on the 5-6 day after the start of menstruation.

Girls! I drank mifepristone 6.08. A condom broke. After that, the temperature rose the next day, not a high 37.2, but I wrote it off for a cold, and my chest hurt. Today is 8.07. monthly periods began, slightly pulling the stomach, but the loin is very sore, which is not typical for me. The loins ached yesterday. What is it? Should I worry and consult a doctor? Or is it just a monthly?

Girls! I drank mifepristone 6.08. A condom broke. After that, the temperature rose the next day, not a high 37.2, but I wrote it off for a cold, and my chest hurt. Today is 8.07. monthly periods began, slightly pulling the stomach, but the loin is very sore, which is not typical for me. The loins ached yesterday. What is it? Should I worry and consult a doctor? Or is it just a monthly?

Girls! I drank mifepristone 6.08. A condom broke. After that, the temperature rose the next day, not a high 37.2, but I wrote it off for a cold, and my chest hurt. Today is 8.07. monthly periods began, slightly pulling the stomach, but the loin is very sore, which is not typical for me. The loins ached yesterday. What is it? Should I worry and consult a doctor? Or is it just a monthly?

Negative reviews

Girls who doubt - do not do it! two hours later I already regretted, life became before and after ((((... but in general everything went like menstruation ... tolerant ... first abortion, 40 years

I had two girlfriends and one mom's friend. My acquaintance was good for 5 weeks, it hurt like during menstruation, but after a week or so the girlfriends had literally 3 weeks, it was very painful for both. The second one had to drink one more pill, but nothing came of it. As a result, it’s not possible to get pregnant.

It is better to make a vacuum.

I am 21, got pregnant, did not want to give birth. She heard about medical abortion, went to the doctor, the period of 5 and a half weeks. The doctor prescribed pills miropriston and peace. On the same day, at 19.00, I took 3 pills first, no changes, everything is fine. After 48 hours, 2 tablets of peace, after an hour and a half, he began to ache and began to bleed, another 2 tablets under the tongue and began. Half an hour later, the lower abdomen began to hurt badly, contractions, just hellish pain, I thought I would not survive. The blood was very strong, clots, three hours did not let go, nausea and vomiting. Almost all day was bad, the temperature rose. The next day was already normal. Tomorrow on the ultrasound. Abundant discharge so far. Lucky for those who have passed all is not so painful. It was awful for me.

Hello! Uzi showed a period of 6 weeks and 2 days. The doctor said, "interrupt." After signing the contract and payment, in the office I took the first pill, I gave two more with me. She took everything up to the minute - no result followed. Having come to the control ultrasound, it turned out that the embryo is alive and developing. The doctor said that in 15 years of practice this is the first time. After that I received 4 more pills, which I had to take 2 at intervals of 3 hours. I followed the recommendations, but nothing happened. Arriving at the reception after 2 days, the doctor said that life was stopped, prescribed antibiotics and after 2 days I was put in gynecology with a diagnosis. The pregnancy stopped for 7 weeks, an abortion by honey. indications. Now I have a complete hormonal failure, my period is not normalized, I am already tired of being examined and treated. I find it difficult to judge - this is the first abortion in my life, but I think the whole thing is in pills.

A friend did recently. The tablets did not work, the doctor called - they gave some more, again they did not work. Week was nerves. She eventually had to do a vacuum abortion.

Maybe you, as well as my friend, will be among those successful 95% declared by manufacturers.

The fact that the result was achieved is given 10-14 days. Every day you sit and think - maybe it happened. An, no - Uzi says something else.

This method was advised by a friend who was successful. My body reacted very poorly: no terrible pains, bleeding, more or less abundant, started only on the 3rd day after taking 4x (! The standard dose - 2) of mesoprostol tablets was originally prescribed. And lasted exactly one day. No changes in the position of the ovum were visible on the ultrasound. This was followed by 2 injections of no-shpa + oxytatsin, in order to further stimulate uterine contractions. Zero reaction from the body. As a result, the 9th day from the start of taking the first pills (mifegin), the weak bleeding became dark red dirty. The doctor diagnosed the beginning infection. So urgently sent on vacuum suction. Quickly, under general anesthesia, painlessly. In my case, an attempt at medical abortion is only additional harm to oneself and the release of money. PS. If you still decide farm abortion is more accurate with painkillers. Those that belong to the group of "nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory" can reduce the effectiveness of pills. This doctor told me afterwards, post factum.

Overall impression: Hit the unlucky "5%"

I did not expect this. All the same, it is so individual! until today, I once had an abortion-vacuum, after which I thought I wouldn’t do this anymore, since I felt like I was alive. and drug-induced late (week 8). Now 5 weeks and can be pills, I was delighted, because I heard a lot of good reviews that quickly, without surgery. interventions. I thought I'd rather have a bit more pain (since the pain was terrible every month, and I had 21 hours of childbirth, I'll endure it) than lie down under a knife.

I went to the doctor, did tests, ultrasound. They gave 48 hours to think (there was no such thing before). In short, I come on the appointed day, they give 3 tablets at once, and with me 2 after 36 hours. From the first I had nothing, my head ached a bit. and here are the second. I put it under my tongue at 12 at night, and until 2 there was nothing (I thought something was wrong), I even fell asleep. And then it began. zhzhutky pain (really contractions, only without interruptions), vomiting, loss of consciousness. It lasted until 6 in the morning, I didn’t know what to do. I drank 3 loads, a bit to ease the pain. But about the "sea" of blood was not. Medium with clots.

In general, I remembered what is childbirth. Now, even I think it is better to suffer 15 minutes of vacuum abortion, than so many hours just to die.

I read so many reviews too, asked my friends to do something like everything was fine, and I like that. Therefore, each in its own way, and you can not say that a lot of blood and not painful.

Overall impression: Did not expect

Hello! I am twenty seven years old. Have a son. When he was very young, I became pregnant again. But since the child was very restless, and there was not enough money and patience, we decided to have an abortion. I did not know about the medication, I was just advised. Told that the best. I decided. What a nightmare was waiting for me ahead .. What words just did not have to brush off the terrible pain. I climbed to the ceiling. Nothing helped. It was very bad, my stomach ached, and discharge was clotted. Gaskets absolutely did not help. Then they sent me to a vacuum. Now I drink antibiotics. I will not do more abortions. Better with the child to suffer the first time than the pain perceive and physical and spiritual. Next time I will give birth. With joy!

Lack of general anesthesia, minimal damage to the body, without surgery,

Expensive, many side effects, morally difficult,

It so happened that after the first birth after 3 months I became pregnant, the doctors said that after a cesarean section I should not give birth within 5 years. I went to a private clinic where, after an ultrasound scan and an examination, according to the testimony of the doctor, I was offered pills and counseling with a psychologist, so I decided on a medical abortion. The procedure was not cheap, but the doctor assured me that it was painless and effective. They gave me 3 pills, I drank two while still in the hospital, I needed a third to drink after 48 hours, on the second day I felt terrible, my head ached, I felt sick all day and all at the same time. The stomach hurts, pricks, cuts. Dizzy. Weakness, nausea, fever. I did not know what to do, I had to try to survive the third pill. Everything worked out, after the third pill the condition improved, a clot such as a quail egg came out. Morally I was very depressed, roaring for another week. Then she went to the survey, they said everything is normal. After this procedure, the psyche is disturbed, I could not fall asleep for another month, I do not advise anyone to survive this!

Neutral reviews

I did 2 years ago. First I passed the tests. After 2 days I drank one pill in the clinic and immediately went home after a second day, but under the supervision of doctors. An hour later, as if monthly, began. stomach was not sick very much .. made ultrasound-fetal egg out. I went home. a week later on the ultrasound.

The doctor advised me to make a medical abortion, was examined, drank mifepristone tablets, and then sat for 2 hours under the supervision of a doctor. Came in 2 days, gave me two more pills under the tongue. An hour later, blood began to flow, discharge, a terrible stomach ache, so that I climbed onto the wall. There were clots. And so my period went 19 days. I came to the doctor, they made me an ultrasound, found the remains of the ovum. In the end, I still made a vacuum.

MA made today. I'm 25, have a baby. 11.04 vyptla 3 pills, nothing felt. 13.04 the second stage. They gave 2 peace tablets, in an hour two more. Ouscheniya: as with sick menstruation, blood with clots. 3 hours after taking the pills, Uzi was done, they said that everything turned out. An antibiotic was prescribed, regulon. After 2 weeks control ultrasound.

My heart is disgusting of course.

does not cause severe damage to the body

there are contraindications, difficult to tolerate

Yes, I confess, there was such an experience. But since you are reading this, it means that you expect to find out what you or your acquaintance is expecting, and not to rant about morality.

I underwent this procedure in private, not cheap female consultation. The scheme was as follows: after passing the necessary tests on the same day, they gave me a pill of a French brand, I drank it on the spot and sent me home. By the way, the option was cheaper, but the doctor explained to me that the Russian production does not think at all about how much easier it is for a woman to transfer all these torments. Therefore, the choice was obvious. Deadline - 4th week.

From wives Consultation the way home was 10-15 minutes in steps. I got there without problems, and as if by magic, terrible abdominal pains began at home. Every minute they became stronger and stronger. I was sick.

And then the fireworks of sensations began within 2-3 hours. You don't want to survive such an enemy. I just lay on the couch and moaning, with tears in my eyes.

Hell, corresponding to the act committed.

I understand that the surgical intervention is even worse, but I will not subscribe to this if possible. Though things happen more terribly in life.

I unfortunately did the medication twice (in my youth), but it cost almost 10,000 each time. seven years ago it was. Everything went through the norms in physiological terms and now everything is ok. Now I am planning the desired pregnancy. In your case, it may be worthwhile to agree to a pill eon pav hospital for this procedure there are certificates. And in general, I advise girls not to anyone, it is better to drink OK.

When I was on conservation, there the girls were doing medication. One BUT - it happens that all the same, then you have to clean out if not everything goes smoothly. Speak with the doctor all possible options and consequences.

lack of general anesthesia, minimal harm to the body,

very painfully, morally hard

I want to tell you about my experience with abortion with pills. I am 27 years old, married, everything seems to be normal, but then an unpredictable event happened to me - pregnancy. I am not one of those girls who dream about children, so I had a terrible panic and I decided to have a medical abortion.

It is necessary to immediately drink Miropriston, i.e. 3 tablets, after 36 hours, take Mirulut 2 tablets, and after two hours another two tablets. And so, all in order! I drank the first 3 tablets, everything went fine. The doctor told me that the most important thing is not to vomit, so it is advisable to eat 2 hours before the reception and not to eat after the reception 2 hours! It is necessary.

I drank pills in the evening, and in the morning when I woke up I became hysterical. I realized that I was doing wrong and decided to save the child, but it was too late. I called my doctor, she said that it is impossible to retreat, a child can be born with disabilities. Sobbed, but I had to pull myself together and finish the job started.

The next morning, drank two tablets Miroluta! The first two hours, my stomach twisted very painfully, but it was possible to endure. By the way, the pain is much stronger than during menstruation. Then you had to drink the second 2 pills and then the NIGHTMARE started! This is unreal pain! I thought that I would die or at least lose consciousness! Girls, dear ones, if you do this procedure, there must be a close person nearby who will not only support and but in which case he will give an anesthetic injection! Thank God the fertilized egg came out and I did not have to do an additional surgical cleaning, although the term was almost 8 weeks. In general, this abortion is allowed up to 49 days from the first day of the last menstrual period, I was 48th. In the end, everything worked out, but it was hell! I will not say that I was 100% sorry for what was done, but the soul is torn to this day and I think that this is a great trauma for life! After any abortion, it is desirable to undergo rehabilitation. I took tests for latent infections, it is imperative to do an ultrasound to make sure that the egg is out completely, otherwise there may be inflammation. Plus breast ultrasound. All this needs to be done if you are not indifferent to your health!

Positive reviews

What did you want to know? I do not know whether it is good or bad. the term was very small. has come. true to the recommended doctor. did an ultrasound. drank pills. came home . the next day - or in a day - I don’t remember everything started - very much and a little painful, but they told me. what to accept. then came - did an ultrasound. they said it was necessary. to get better done physiotherapy. done 5 times. Uzi again - and all - no problem. and what scares you G?

Everything went fine, chose not an expensive drug, but our Russian is cheaper. I drank 3 tablets with the doctor and a day later another 4, in an hour the menstrual periods just began. After a week, it remains to go to the control ultrasound, but I think that everything is normal there, because there was a huge clot out and then even small ones. Uzi showed that I have a triplet, almost no yellow body and a large detachment, so that would still not be able to endure. Therefore, it is not so insulting. Thanks to everyone who supported, it's really not scary :)

I did several. years ago medicated. Everything went fine.

I did, everything went perfectly. But you need to go to a good clinic, I did it in DNA!

First, the examination, then designate the procedure itself. Only two or three tablets (unfortunately I don’t remember already) You drink the first one, come in a day, do an ultrasound, and drink the second one, stay in the clinic, because the fetus starts to come out in the form of bleeding, but it is not strong (in any case, everything went in the form of menstruation). A day later, you again do an ultrasound, to make sure everything turned out. As the doctor said, if the medical products are of high quality, i.e. not fake, then everything goes perfect. Complicated, in any case, they have never been. I did not even notice how everything turned out for me: without pain, without special signs. A few days later, again under control.

I did a drug interruption — everything went without cleaning, with such an interruption, the gestation period of up to 7 weeks is important. I myself worry that there was no hormonal disruption, but I communicated with girls, who came to this method, they became pregnant from 3 to 12 months. By the way abroad, this method is popular and not problematic, but only for early dates!

Turned into female consultation on a fee basis. First, an ultrasound scan was performed, a pregnancy was established, then a smear was taken for infections, they were convinced that there were no infections, they gave a go-ahead. I had a term of 3-4 weeks. Drank three tablets mefepristone. They can be chewed, not bitter. At first, a little nauseous, but the nausea passed after she drank kefir. Before they let me go home, they explained everything to me, and also gave me instructions and 4 Mirolut tablets. They said after 48 hours to drink two, if two more would not work after two hours. I drank two pills on Wednesday at 12-00. nothing happened - drank another one. After that, blood began to flow, abundantly with clots, the Stomach ached as during menstruation. For two days the blood was plentiful, and then just smeared. На седьмой день врач сказала начать принимать Регулон, для восстановления менструального цикла. В день приема первой таблетки мазня прекратилась.On the tenth day I did an ultrasound. Everything is okay.

I decided to have an abortion. I wanted without complications. Therefore, I went to a paid clinic. Has passed ultrasonography, established at once the term of my pregnancy. The term was three to four weeks. And after they took a smear. There was no infection. After allowed to have an abortion. I drank three tablets of mefepristone. Not bitter at all, as it seemed to me. I broke them up. At first I was very sick. I wanted kefir. I drank it. It became easier for me. After they let me go and gave me a final instruction. And in addition also four tablets of Miroluta. Explained that after forty-eight hours you need to drink two pills. And two more in two hours, if the previous ones do not work. But nothing happened after them ... I was bleeding. And very quickly, plentifully and with clots. At the same time the stomach languished in pain. Then two days later the bleeding began to smear. I went for a consultation on the seventh day, as I explained. The doctor prescribed me another pill Regulon. As I understood, they are necessary to restore my period. Döterpela until the tenth day. I went to the ultrasound. Everything turned out to be normal

Tablets for abortion

Apply this method in the early stages of pregnancy, up to 49 days delay from the first day of the last menstruation.

To date, use the following drugs:

  • Mifegin (made in France),
  • Mifepristone (made in Russia)
  • Pencrofton (made in Russia)
  • Mytholian (made in China).

The mechanism of action of all drugs is the same. The progesterone hormone receptor is blocked, which is designed to support the process of pregnancy in the body, and as a result, the germ membranes detach from the uterine wall and the expulsion of the ovum.

All these drugs can not be bought in pharmacies without a prescription!

Stages of

Before you go through the procedure, make sure that the doctor has all the necessary documents and permits.

  1. For a start, the gynecologist will make sure that you really pregnant. To do this, you will pass a standard pregnancy test, and then an ultrasound (intrauterine sensor), In addition, the doctor must eliminate ectopic pregnancy,
  2. The patient gets acquainted with the information sheet and is signing relevant documents,
  3. If a no contraindications, under the supervision of a doctor, the patient takes the drug. And there is a few hours under the supervision of a doctor lying on the couch,
  4. In 2-3 hours she can leave the clinic. During this time, approximately 50% of women start uterine contractions and bleeding,
  5. In 3 days the patient comes to the doctor for an ultrasound. It is necessary to ensure that there is no fetal egg in the uterus.

Many women wonder how painful is the procedure.

Usually the pain is slightly stronger than during normal menstruation. You will feel a cramping ripple of the uterus. In consultation with your doctor, you can take an anesthetic.

Recommendations after pharmacological abortion

  • After medical abortion is necessary abstain from sex for 2-3 weeks: it may well cause bleeding and the occurrence of inflammatory processes. In addition, one of the complications can be a change in ovulation, and a woman may well become pregnant on the 11-12 day after the procedure,
  • Menstruation usually starts within 1-2 months, but possible failures of the menstrual cycle.
  • Pregnancy can be planned after 3 monthsif everything went well. Before planning, you must see a doctor.

Video: Recommendations after abortion pills

What is medical abortion?

The newest method of abortion is medicamentous, or, as it is also called, pharmabort. It is carried out in a non-surgical manner, and this has earned its recognition and popularity. However, this type of abortion has its own peculiarity - it can be carried out only in the early stages, up to six weeks of pregnancy.

Medical abortion: how it goes. Highlights

Due to the presence of contraindications to the procedure and the possibility of life-threatening, medical abortion is possible only under the strict supervision of a doctor. It will help to assess the condition of a woman and the absence of contraindications, besides, when you buy a medicine, you will be asked for a prescription from your doctor.

Medical abortion takes place under the influence of a medical drug that stimulates the process of rejection of the embryo and cleansing the uterus.

General contraindications

The procedure has its own characteristics and contraindications, in the presence of which any type of abortion is excluded, including medical abortion. As the pregnancy goes, the woman’s well-being and other features, everything should be taken into account. The procedure is excluded in such cases:

  1. In the acute form of an infectious disease.
  2. In the presence of an inflammatory process in the body, including in the intimate area.
  3. In the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy.

In the case of one of the above contraindications, abortion is impossible, and the pathological process is to be treated. Otherwise, the risk of complications greatly increases.

Contraindications for medical abortion

For this type of abortion, there are some contraindications:

  1. Intolerance of substances that make up the drug. In this situation, the doctor will be able to advise another tool that is right for you.
  2. The presence of problems with the kidneys and liver.
  3. Serious heart and vascular diseases.
  4. Anemia.
  5. Breastfeeding, because the substances are absorbed into the blood and pass into breast milk.
  6. In a situation where long-term protection was carried out with the help of oral contraceptives, and their reception stopped immediately before the onset of pregnancy.
  7. Stomach inflammation (gastritis, gastroduodenitis, ulcer).
  8. The presence of a scar on the uterus.

Preparation for the abortion procedure

To successfully complete the procedure, a woman should contact her doctor and strictly follow her requirements and advice. At the first appointment, the doctor will tell the woman how a medical abortion goes. The patient will need to try to establish the exact date of conception, undergo an ultrasound examination in order to exclude an ectopic pregnancy, and also pass a series of tests.

The patient should report all chronic diseases to prevent the risk of complications.

A day or two before the abortion should eliminate alcohol and refrain from smoking. Women who smoke more than ten cigarettes a day should remember that their drug effect will be reduced.

What is this procedure?

It is carried out in a hospital in several stages.

  1. The patient is given to take two tablets of the drug, after which the woman for some time (from two to four hours) remains under the supervision of the medical staff in the hospital. How is medical abortion, should be evaluated by a doctor. In the absence of side effects, rejection of medications (vomiting) and complications, the patient goes home the same day. The drug ("Mifepristone") contributes to abortion. It prepares the uterus for the expulsion of the embryo. It softens, the tone increases, the process occurs, as before the onset of menstruation.
  2. After two days, the client returns to the clinic for the next step. She receives a different type of drug (Misoprostol) that helps the body get rid of the fetus. The patient is under the supervision of medical staff for at least two hours after the start of the procedure (medical abortion). As the process goes, a specialist should evaluate. After examination, the patient can go home. At this stage, expulsion of the fetus occurs, which may be accompanied by bleeding and painful sensations.

Post procedure procedures

Observation of the doctor is necessary both at all stages of the procedure, and after its completion.

  1. Two days later, the client again turns to the attending physician for an ultrasound examination in order to obtain a complete picture of the result obtained.
  2. After two weeks, the woman must again undergo an ultrasound examination so that the attending physician can verify that the abortion was successful and that the patient did not have any complications.

Thus, the whole process of expelling a fetus, as a rule, takes from three to ten days. In some women, this occurs after taking the first drug.

There are cases when after an abortion the pregnancy persists or is not fully terminated. There is also a risk of complications. In order to prevent such situations, a medical abortion (as he passes, etc.) must be assessed by a doctor.

On the restoration of the body in each patient takes from one month to two. As a rule, when a month has passed after a medical abortion, the woman resumes her period. Sometimes this period can take up to two months.

Possible complications and how to avoid them

Abortion is a complex procedure, after which complications can occur. Here are some of them:

  1. Bleeding (rare case). At the beginning of abundant uterine bleeding, it is imperative that you go to the hospital, where a woman can do uterine scraping and blood transfusion. The risk of uterine bleeding increases in proportion to the duration of pregnancy, therefore, medical abortion is better to use in the early stages.
  2. Hematometra (accumulation of blood in the uterus). The development of this type of complications is more frequent. It is dangerous infection of the female body. The process is characterized by a sharp interruption of blood loss, fever, pain in the lower abdomen. To prevent hematometers, a compulsory examination of the doctor after an abortion is necessary.
  3. Incomplete abortion. It occurs most often in nonpartum women. In such a situation, the patient does vacuum aspiration or scraping. Follow-up care with a physician will help prevent this.
  4. Preservation of the ovum (pregnancy). It is very rare. Most often, physicians recommend vacuum cleaning, because the risk of having a child with developmental disabilities is greatly increased.
  5. Infectious disease is a rare form of complication. It is characterized by fever (high temperature lasts more than four hours). To prevent infectious diseases, a doctor should be examined before the procedure in order to detect possible inflammatory processes and their treatment.

Preparations used for abortion in the early stages

The first drugs for medical abortion were invented in France at the beginning of the last century, today the country remains one of the main leaders in the production of drugs for abortion. Medical abortion is always carried out under the close supervision of the attending physician, self-administration of drugs can be dangerous to the health of the woman and lead to infertility. Please note that medicinal abortion is allowed to be done in the earliest terms - up to 41 days from the beginning of the last menstrual period. After that, other methods of abortion are applied.

The main advantages of medical abortion are:

  • Minimal risk of infertility. Drugs, unlike curettage, do not injure the uterine mucosa, so the risk of infertility is significantly reduced.
  • No complications. Surgical methods of terminating pregnancy are often fraught with the development of inflammatory processes, cervical injuries, and with medical abortion the likelihood of complications is minimal.
  • Outpatient mode. With the medical method of hospitalization of the patient in the hospital is not required. Acceptance of hormonal drugs leads to the fact that the embryo dies, the uterus contracts and the fetus is brought out. The body after such a procedure is restored quickly, the next day a woman can return to normal life.

Medications that are used for medical termination of pregnancy are not available for sale; they can only be bought by order of a doctor. The drugs are based on anti-progestogens, they are also called antiprogestins - a group of biologically active substances that inhibit the action of natural progestogens at the receptor level. Progesterone is necessary for the development of the fetus and ensure its vital activity, suppressing it with special pills, a woman stimulates the rejection and death of the embryo.

The most popular antiprogestin is currently considered to be mifegin or mifepristone, which is used at a dosage of 600 mg several times (3 tablets), the drug acts for three days. After 36-48 hours after administration of antiprogestins, prostaglandins are prescribed, for example, Mirolyut in a dosage of 400 mg. (2 tablets). During medication, a woman should be under the supervision of a physician.

A list of drugs for medical abortion, looks like this:

  • Mifepristone
  • Mifeprex
  • Mytholian
  • Pencrofton
  • Mifegin
  • Misoprostol

The active ingredient in all tablets is mifepristone, they differ from each other by the manufacturer, and accordingly, in quality and effectiveness.

Spontaneous miscarriage occurs within a week after taking pills. Completeness of miscarriage doctor controls using ultrasound. The cost of drugs for abortion depends on the manufacturer, for example, the Russian drug Mifepristone is cheaper than the French Mifegin or Chinese Mifepristone 72. On average, the price of these drugs ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 rubles. Each woman, having decided on medical abortion, must understand that the unauthorized use of drugs can cause serious side effects, so self-treatment in this case is ineffective.

Scheme of

Medical termination of pregnancy is not as simple as it may seem. In fact, it is carried out in several stages and requires careful preparation.

  1. Survey. First of all, the doctor should conduct an examination, including a gynecological examination and an ultrasound scan, to establish the exact duration of pregnancy. Before the procedure, the doctor must make sure that the woman has no contraindications to the use of tablets. The patient is introduced to the principle of the work of drugs and abortion technique, she must clearly understand the features and side effects of the procedure. After that, a written agreement is signed for the manipulation.
  2. Main stage. First, a woman under the supervision of a doctor takes pills that cause embryo rejection and prepare the uterus for its expulsion. Within a few hours after the procedure, the woman is in the day hospital and, in the absence of side effects, is released home.
  3. Completion. After 1.5-2 days, the following medication is taken, which starts the process of expulsion of the ovum. Within two hours after taking the pills, the woman is under the supervision of a doctor.

Performance measurement

After 36-48 hours after the procedure, the doctor makes a control ultrasound scan, looking to avoid stagnation of blood in the uterus. After two weeks, it is necessary to undergo a re-examination by a gynecologist and again make an ultrasound to verify the success of the procedure and eliminate the incomplete expulsion of the ovum from the uterus. In this case, the woman is assigned to manual scraping.

The possibility of inefficiency of the procedure

Each country sets its own deadlines for permitted medical abortion, and you must understand that the longer the abortion is, the higher the likelihood that you will have to re-clean. In the US, medicinal abortion is allowed up to 7 weeks, in Britain there are no such clear restrictions, different rules apply, in some cases you can do up to 8 weeks, sometimes up to 9-13 and even up to 24 weeks.

In Russia, it is believed that medical abortion is best done up to 6 weeks, sometimes up to 9 weeks is allowed, but most doctors do not want to take on such responsibility. According to them, late medical abortion can cause serious side effects, such as bleeding or inflammation in the uterus, caused by remnants of the placenta. Therefore, in the later periods, additional cleaning is mandatory. It turns out that the earlier a woman turns to a gynecologist, the higher the effectiveness of medical abortion, and the longer the term, the lower the efficiency of the procedure and the likelihood of complications.

With the first abortion, the risk of incomplete abortion is higher. You can see it on the control ultrasound. With an increase in the duration of pregnancy, the possibility of preserving pregnancy increases, this can be traced to the follow-up examination 1.5 to 2 weeks after the abortion. In general, studies show that partial removal of the ovum occurs in 3% -5% of cases, and pregnancy is preserved in no more than 1% of cases of the total number of medical abortions.

Contraindications and side effects

As with any medical procedure, there may be complications with medical abortion. They are quite rare, but every woman should know effects of the procedure:

  • Pregnancy continuation. In 1% –2% of cases, abortion may not occur.
  • Severe abdominal pain.
  • Heavy uterine bleeding. Может развиться из-за неполного удаления плодного яйца.
  • Повышение температуры тела, озноб, слабость.
  • Тошнота, рвота. In such cases, the doctor may decide to reapply the medicine.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Hormonal disbalance.
  • Inflammation of the uterus and appendages. Sometimes it occurs due to the spread of infection from the urinary tract. At the same time the temperature rises, the stomach hurts a lot, discharge appears.
  • Problems with the recovery of the uterusfor example, hematometra (blood in the uterus) or subinvolution in the uterus (slowing the recovery of the organ). There are problems with the cycle, pain in the abdomen.
  • Prolonged bleeding, which can last up to 2 weeks, is associated with hormonal disorders. In approximately 3% -5% of women, after a tableted abortion, a violation of the cycle is observed, with a normal abortion, the percentage rises to 12% -15%. The cause of this phenomenon is considered neuroendocrine disorders due to impaired ability of the endometrium to recover. In women who have given birth, the cycle is restored within 4 months, in birthless women - half a year.

There are certain contraindications for medical abortion, so a woman must first be examined by a gynecologist. Doctors note situations when a woman takes pills on her own, after which life-threatening complications occur. For example, an ectopic pregnancy is the same as normal, but in this case, medical abortion is contraindicated. Taking tablets is fraught with rupture of the fallopian tube and fatal outcome or, at best, infertility. Below select the main contraindications medical abortion of which you should be aware of:

  • Ectopic pregnancy or suspicion of her.
  • Renal and adrenal insufficiency.
  • Diseases associated with bleeding disorders.
  • Inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system.
  • Uterine fibroids.
  • Long-term use of corticosteroids.

Failure to comply with contraindications often leads to unpredictable consequences and can be fatal, so before beginning the procedure, go through a full examination with a qualified gynecologist and read the information about medical abortion.

Negative consequences

At such an early date, the decision to terminate a pregnancy is made by the woman herself. As experience shows, most often grounds for abortion:

  • Serious illness, taking antibiotics and other drugs that may affect the development of the unborn child.
  • Untreated infection, poor heredity in the husband or the woman herself.
  • Household or financial disorder.
  • Fear of conviction at birth of an extra-marital child.
  • Career considerations, especially if the work is related to travel or requires serious returns.
  • Fear of commitment, the desire to live in your pleasure.

Before making a decision, think carefully about the consequences and life of the future baby. Pregnancy triggers certain mechanisms in a woman’s body and completely changes hormonal levels. Artificial termination of pregnancy does not pass unnoticed, for the body is a serious stress, so the reverse restructuring of all processes can slow down or go through with complications that need to be treated.

The majority of women after an abortion cycle loses, menstruation are irregular and painful. Usually this is the first messenger of the fact that more serious problems begin. Another common complication is uterine bleeding. If it is not stopped in time, it can be fatal. Often, women have a malfunction of the thyroid gland, increasing the load on the adrenal glands, and this violates the metabolism. Progesterone production decreases, the amount of male hormone increases, which stimulates the development of infertility and affects the appearance of women.

Breast almost immediately reacts to the occurrence of pregnancy, so after an abortion, it suffers first and foremost - the appearance of tumors and tumors is possible. Birthless women after an abortion are doubly at risk of developing infertility. Studies have shown that three out of ten women who undergo an abortion cannot subsequently have children.

The medical consequences of the procedure may be irreversible, so later, when there is a desire to have children, not everyone will be able to become pregnant - there is always the risk of secondary infertility. Any medical intervention, even the seemingly innocent at first glance, can have side effects, even death. Therefore, do not joke with your health - it is preferable to carry out competent prevention of unwanted pregnancies so that later you don’t have to solve the problem with cardinal methods.