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Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion

Among gynecological diseases, cervical erosion is the most common pathology. Millions of women around the world are diagnosed every year. There may be several triggers in the development of erosion, primarily sexual infections and inflammatory processes, as well as early onset of sexual activity, hormonal disorders, cervical injuries, abortions and childbirth.

What is the danger of erosion?

Erosion is dangerous because it is asymptomatic for a long time. Only in the later stages can a woman feel discomfort in the lower abdomen and bloody discharge. Cervical erosion is a benign disease, but with the wrong, delayed treatment and the presence of certain conditions (mechanical damage, infection or injury), the formation of a malignant pathology is possible. Therefore, it is important to start treatment in a timely manner.

There are a lot of methods for treating cervical erosion today; each of them has limitations and advantages. Before choosing a treatment method, the patient is fully examined to exclude or confirm the presence of malignant tumors. The most accurate such diagnosis today is a biopsy.

Symptoms of uterus erosion:

  • vaginal discharge,
  • lumbar pains
  • discomfort during and after coitus,
  • the presence of genital warts on the external genitalia.

Radio wave treatment

Cauterization of radio wave erosion as a therapy appeared quite recently, it consists in treating damaged tissues with radio waves. The most common radio wave apparatus that is used today is Surgiton. The doctor directs a beam of radio wave rays to the damaged tissues along a strictly defined boundary between a healthy area and a lesion. In the area of ​​impact, the temperature is very high, at first the thinnest layer of cells warms up, then they evaporate from the erosion surface.

Using this device allows you to provide not only high-quality cauterization, but good pain relief and quick subsequent healing. Such therapy provides the most prompt and high-quality disposal of ectopia (erosion).

The essence of the method

Cauterization of radio wave erosion consists of exposure to high temperature, which causes all bleeding capillaries to "close". Thanks to this, after the treatment of women, the bleeding is practically not disturbed, the wound heals very quickly and there are no scars.

Cautery of erosion of the uterus with radio waves is carried out using a radio-wave knife, thanks to which internal cellular energy is stimulated and the pathological cells evaporate, that is, the treatment of damaged tissues in a non-contact manner.

The whole procedure takes place under sterile conditions using:

  • disposable wipes,
  • diaper,
  • tools,
  • gloves.

The doctor is wearing a cap and gown.

After the procedure, women are invited to lie down for a while, they may immediately feel dizzy.

Radio waves also produce tissue coagulation. It is this method that determined the appearance of a new term in gynecology - “radionozh”. The main feature of this method is the control of the cut depth.

Cauterization of radio wave erosion is prescribed in the first phase of the menstrual cycle. It is completely safe and painless, but sensations depend on the patient's pain threshold, someone may feel discomfort, someone does not hurt at all.

Benefits of radio wave surgery

The main feature of this method is the rapid rehabilitation of damaged uterine tissue. Today, this procedure is extremely popular in gynecology.

  • speed of the operation (5-10 minutes),
  • no bleeding and pain,
  • no injuries, scars and burns
  • reducing the risk of re-formation of erosion,
  • absolute control of wave depth,
  • traumatization of nearby tissues is excluded,
  • The method is suitable for all women, including those who give birth,
  • no adverse reactions.

The absence of injury after surgery promotes rapid healing, and a minimal incision will not lead to the formation of surgical scars. Stitching is not required.

Cons of radio wave operation

The main disadvantages of this procedure include the high cost, which, depending on the clinic where the treatment will take place, may vary. The minimum threshold is 5,000 rubles, the maximum is 10,000 rubles. Also, some patients relate to discomfort discharge during several weeks.

It is worth saying that in the absence of comorbidities there should be no discharge. On the other hand, with any surgical intervention, even radio wave, small discharges are normal consequences.

Rehabilitation period

Immediately after the procedure itself, the woman may feel a little discomfort. There may be discharge, often transparent, but sometimes there are bloody. It is necessary to observe the recommendations of doctors:

  • Within 1 month it is forbidden to have sex.
  • From water procedures it is allowed to take a shower for a short time, that is, visiting baths, saunas, swimming pools is prohibited. Travel to the sea during the rehabilitation period should also be abandoned.
  • You can not lift weights.

The doctor in each case determines which recommendations to write out and for what specific period. After a month, a woman needs to visit a gynecologist.

Possible consequences

If pain occurs after cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves, it is allowed to use Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen as painkillers. If the temperature rises or does not stop the bleeding, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor.

Often, women are worried about the consequences after the procedure, concerning the discharge that may appear at the site of cauterization. They may be clear or bloody. To minimize the consequences, the doctor recommends how a woman should behave after surgery.

Among such recommendations it is worthwhile to pay close attention to the observance of hygiene rules, avoid hypothermia, and do not use much hot water for hygiene procedures. As a rule, if the burning of erosion by radio waves began in a timely manner and the procedure was carried out qualitatively by a qualified specialist, the patients are completely cured. In another case, increased erosion can lead not only to heavy bleeding, but also to infertility and to the malignancy of tissues. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow all the recommendations of the doctor.


Cauterization of radio wave erosion is a non-drug method and the most gentle option to eliminate the problem. For each medical therapy there are contraindications. After all, the body can respond differently to surgery. The main contraindications of this technique include:

  • inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs,
  • the presence of a pacemaker
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • malignant tumors,
  • pregnancy,
  • infectious processes.

Each method of cauterization of erosion has its own characteristics, advantages and contraindications, however, if after the examination the doctor prescribes radio wave therapy, you should definitely agree to it, because today it is the best of all possible treatment options. It is important not to try to self-medicate using folk remedies, so as not to aggravate the situation.

Doctor's recommendations, timely examination is, of course, very important and necessary, but any woman, before going to the gynecologist with some problems, will first of all “ask” the Internet for advice. Of course, in this matter it is important to have at least some practical understanding of the treatment, which can be compiled by the numerous opinions of those who made the burning of erosion by radio waves. Reviews are recommended to study before the procedure.

Especially in order not to have to look for different opinions on the web, we, having studied them all, made certain conclusions. Most patients note after burning erosion with radio waves as a positive point, the speed of the procedure. Even if there are pain, they will quickly pass.

There are also women who are afraid that they will not be able to have children after this operation. To deny or confirm this information, we can not, such questions are clarified with the doctors. However, there is no evidence that radio wave surgery has affected infertility.

As for the cost, the majority of patients note that it is not a pity to give money for such a procedure, and with all the analyzes it costs an average of 6,000-7,000 rubles. Birthless women who have cauterized cervical erosion with radio waves, the reviews leave good, they were satisfied with the result, some of them who gave birth after that do not feel much change, including the re-formation of erosion.

There are nagging pains in the abdomen and there are long-term discharge in many women.

Conclusions about the procedure of radio wave therapy

Moxibustion of cervical erosion by radio waves is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. This method is unique in that it allows the treatment of nulliparous women.

According to the research and statements of practicing doctors, no one and nothing can give a guarantee for an absolute cure. However, according to statistics, 90% of women who decide to burn erosion in any way achieve the desired result. Some modern methods guarantee a favorable outcome in 98% of cases.

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10 days after cauterization began bleeding. Then 10 days of treatment in the hospital in the hospital. Only returned home and bleeding again. Now I think to go to another clinic.

I did this procedure a week ago, and all week there was some kind of liquid discharge, a slightly unpleasant smell, and here it is flowing quite richly, pale yellow in color. Sometimes it seems, as described. This is normal. otherwise I'm afraid of something.

Tell me please, is it possible to go to the pool or is it strictly prohibited after radio wave treatment? And after what time you can have sex, immediately after healing for 1-1.5 months, or do you need to wait some more time? Thanks in advance for the answer)

It is necessary to learn from the doctor about the pool, but personally I think that it is impossible. About sex - in a month the doctor looks and says how everything heals and you can already or wait.

Tell me please, is it possible to go to the pool or is it strictly prohibited after radio wave treatment? And after what time you can have sex, immediately after healing for 1-1.5 months, or do you need to wait some more time? Thanks in advance for the answer)

I had a slight inflammation and the doctor immediately warned that you first need to cure everything, and then burn it. My friend found some badies too, I don’t remember exactly. but now she is undergoing treatment. I think you need to tell your doctor your fears, but in the end just to hear what she will say about this.

First you need to cure all this, because these viruses cause inflammation when they get into the wounds, which remain from radio wave therapy. I drank antibiotics for 10 days, and at the same time I did baths in the hospital, physical therapy with some kind of apparatus. And only after all this, the doctor said that he would take cauterization.

I was removed today, this tin was removed by a radio wave from pain from beginning to end and an injection and when they cut! Here they all lie that does not hurt

Radio wave erosion was removed. It was very painful and not pleasant. For the first two days, there was a discharge of yellowish blood on the 3rd day, who had this?

I have an operation to remove erosion with a radio-wave knife on November 30, 2015, worry fucking! God forbid that everything is good !!

Burned by the radio wave method, just in St. Petersburg at Savinov. The doctor is great! It was not painful, unpleasant but not painful at all. The entire reception took 20-25 minutes. Four days passed, nothing hurt anywhere, not even any discharge, a little blood two days after. Now everything is ok. Candles were prescribed for terzhinan, flamoklav solyutab to drink and even rectal candles, without sex for 1 month exactly and without sports and weights. After cauterization, there were sensations like on the first day of menstruation, but you will accept everything!)
The doctor said that there are many terrible stories in the Internet and photos are most often shown, and many doctors are pulling money out of people, so you can’t believe everything! Do not be afraid and go burn this byaku rather)

month can not have sex! But the husband of the month oral holiday!

I also decided to share my impressions with you girls! With those who are the same cows like me! I have dysplasia. And I did 2 times cauterization laser. Immediately I say, the procedure is not painless and is not very pleasant, sometimes even painful. Since, unfortunately, this method did not help me to the end, and I had a small piece of dysplasia, my gynecologist said that it was necessary to remove the radio wave loop. I'm certainly in a panic and horror. But apparently God loves a trinity, since I had to go through this procedure. I absolutely agree with the girls, who wrote that it does not hurt. IT'S TRUE. The process of undressing, preparation lasted more than the procedure itself. They put a plate under the assault, they inject a shot, I have been pricked by an ultracoin. Absolutely nothing felt. I looked at the ceiling for a couple of minutes, because I didn’t want to see the smoke coming from that place. And voila! The end. You are free. The only thing that bothered me was the withdrawal after the injection. Although he was an impurity, I had a terrible inhibition)) But it quickly passed! So I advise everyone to recover! Of course it is better not to encounter the above procedures, but if you really had to. My advice to you: Do not be afraid !! Everything is much easier, easier than you think! Checked in person!

I am 25 years old. For the first time, erosion was set at the age of 18, when it was settled in a university dormitory. Then the doctors said that she would take it herself or would delay after delivery. I never thought about her. Now married, one regular partner. Got pregnant at the age of 25 in August. At week 6, pregnancy was frozen. Made a scraping. The only reason found is ureaplasma. I have no idea where she comes from us, my husband is healthy, I have one. I am healthy, I have one. Then they treated the wyeaplasm for a month alternating with the treatment of erosion. Then he made tests. It showed inflammation and again ureaplasma. The doctor prescribed me Surgitron. I doubted she did a colposcopy and showed me everything on the screen. All doubts disappeared from me, it is necessary to do. Erosion was great. I came, the procedure lasted about 3 minutes. Ahhh. I still have a cyst on colposcopy. The doctor first removed it, too, with radio waves and then erosion. 10% Ledocaine used as an anesthetic. It was a little painful, tolerant, not scary. Further candles and pills, including an antibiotic for 5 days. After 10 days, came to processing. By that time, the film had almost disappeared. Prescribed healing pills and candles for 10 days. After menstruation at the reception again. There was a lot of discharge, change the gaskets and the smell was a little sour. When the film began to move away from the cervix, such blood appeared a little. The doctor said this is normal. Just drink 2 p daily ascorutic acid. And all. Now there is less discharge. True, you forget about exercise. I want to download the press and ride a bike. Sex? I can't say that I want it now. Just as many procedures, these candles themselves are liquid waste. not even before that. And so, the reception after menstruation, then tell you what and how. But scary, girls, nothing at all.

The principle of radio wave surgery in gynecology

Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic wave with a frequency from 0.03 Hz to 3000 GHz. Microwave radio waves (microwave radiation) are often referred to as microwaves. In medicine, the Surgitron and Fotek devices are widely used, which generate high-frequency radio waves in the range of 3.8–4.0 MHz. With their help bloodless cutting of tissues and coagulation of damaged vessels are carried out. At the time of exposure to high power radio waves on biological tissue due to the resistance of the latter, a large amount of thermal energy is released. With rapid heating, the intracellular fluid boils and slowly evaporates from the cells. Tissue protein under the influence of high temperature is folded, and the cells shrink and their drying takes place. As a result of these processes, biological tissues dissociate, move apart, but not collapse.

When using waves of lower power, there is a smooth heating and coagulation of tissues. This is how radio waves are burned by the pathological focus on the cervix. Since radio waves act sightingly, healthy areas are practically not damaged.

Radiosurgical treatment is a low-impact method of affecting tissues without their destruction, an important advantage of which over many other methods is wound healing without scars and relapses. After removal of the abnormal focus, epithelialization occurs - the wound surface is covered with new young cells of the stratified squamous epithelium.

The photo shows a radio wave excision of the cervix with a diagnosis of severe dysplasia (CIN 3). From left to right: preoperative view, removal of the pathological area of ​​radio pads, view after excision, coagulation of bleeding vessels, view 3 months later, view 1 year after surgery.

Advantages of the method: why gynecologists choose radiotherapy?

Radiosurgical treatment of cervical erosion has several advantages:

  • The operation is quick and painless.
  • The healing period is halved compared to other methods,
  • Healing occurs without the formation of cicatricial changes, which is very important for women who have not given birth,
  • The risk of developing purulent-septic complications of a postoperative wound is minimal,
  • High coagulating ability (stop bleeding and work in a dry surgical field),
  • Thermal effects on surrounding tissues are minimized,
  • Manipulation is well tolerated,
  • The patient’s ability to work remains
  • The procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis, there is no need for hospitalization.

During radiotherapy in the postoperative period, there is no change in the composition of the vaginal environment, and tissue fluid is excreted in small quantities. With other methods of treatment, a woman may be disturbed by abundant watery discharge from the genital tract (in particular, after cryodestruction). This creates conditions for bacterial contamination of the postoperative wound, which is why it does not heal for a long time.

Equipment for the procedure

For the treatment of cervical uteri using the radio wave method, medical devices "Surgitron" (American trademark) and "Fotek" (Russian) are used.

"Fotek" and "Surgitron" - devices used in radiowave surgery, allow a gentle way to remove pathological formations on the cervix.

At the end of the twentieth century, the most common way of treating cervical pathology was the destruction and removal of the altered epithelium, which was achieved with the help of cryotherapy, electrocoagulation and other similar manipulations. It is no secret that these methods were traumatic, they were accompanied by a large number of complications and caused the deformation of the cervix, which is undesirable for non-pregnant women.

In addition, copious watery vaginal discharge, prolonged wound healing (from 30 to 60 days), frequent recurrences of the disease, and the need for re-burning, were an unpleasant consequence of applying these methods. All this adversely affected the quality of life of patients in the postoperative period.

Considering these problems, in 1987 in the USA, a device was developed for radio wave surgery, combining ease of use, effectiveness of treatment, rapid healing of the wound surface and a low percentage of complications.

In Russia, the Surgitron unit has been used since the end of the twentieth century and is widely used to treat complicated cervical erosion in young, non-pregnant women who need to preserve reproductive function.

The electrosurgical apparatus developed by the Russian company Fotek also meets modern requirements.

Radio wave medical devices have several modes of operation (incision, coagulation, cauterization) and a large selection of electrodes for performing operations: in the form of a needle, loop, ball, sail, hook, knife. The electrode is inserted into a special holder that is connected to the device. Radiosurgical devices are widely used in gynecology. With their help, you can take a biopsy from a suspicious part of the cervix, treat not only background processes, but also papillomas and condylomas of the genital organs of any localization, polyps of the cervical canal, Nabot's cysts and vaginal cysts, cauterize bleeding vessels. At the same time there is no rough scarring of the cervix.

The impact on the fabrics of “Surgitron” and “Fotek” is absolutely the same. The difference lies only in the manufacturer and the cost of the devices (the price of the American device is higher than that of the domestic one).

Indications for treatment by radio waves

The radio wave method can be used to treat benign diseases of the cervix (those that are often collectively called "erosion"):

  • Complicated ectopia
  • Chronic cervicitis,
  • Leukoplakia
  • Ectropion,
  • Mild dysplasia
  • Correction of the architectonics of the cervix uteri, elimination of its rough cicatricial deformity.

View of the cervix with leukoplakia. This condition is well treatable with radio waves.

Diagnostic circuit

Examination before radiowave treatment of the cervix is ​​carried out according to the standard technique and includes:

  • Gynecological vaginal examination (examination on the chair),
  • Swabs on the vaginal microflora,
  • Bacteriological examination of the contents of the cervical canal,
  • Smears on oncocytology,
  • Colposcopy
  • Biopsy of the cervix with subsequent histological examination of the biopsy,
  • Detection of infections (chlamydia, oncogenic HPV strains) by PCR,
  • Serological reactions to syphilis,
  • HIV and hepatitis screening,
  • General analysis of blood and urine,
  • If necessary - pelvic ultrasound

Colposcopy is an examination of the cervix with a colposcope (under high magnification).

After the examination is completed, the test results are ready and contraindications are excluded, the doctor conducts a conversation with the patient in which she tells in detail about the essence of the treatment method, its benefits, possible complications and consequences. After that, the woman signs an informed consent for the manipulation.


Usually, women easily tolerate treatment with radio waves, and the manipulation does not require anesthesia. Sometimes during the operation there is a slight aching or nagging pain, but their intensity is so low that it does not require medical anesthesia. However, some women may experience psychological discomfort and fear of the operation. In this case, the doctor applies local anesthesia of the cervix.

How is the treatment of radio waves

It is advisable that a woman should receive as much information as possible about this method before starting therapy. Therefore, we will describe in detail how the manipulation is performed.

Destructive intervention should be carried out on the 5-7th day of the menstrual cycle. This reduces the risk of endometriosis of the cervix and promotes better tissue healing. Prior to the beginning of the next menstruation, epithelization of the tissues will occur, and menstruation will pass along the healed surface.

For treatment can be applied:

  • Surface exposure to radio waves (cauterization),
  • Excision (deep removal of diseased tissue) of the cervix,
  • Conization (excision of tissue in the form of a cone).

The photo shows a radio wave excision: using radio waves transmitted through a wire loop, the affected area of ​​the cervix is ​​removed, then, if necessary, the area is coagulated using another electrode.

The scope of the intervention is determined by the doctor according to the results of colposcopy, cytology and histology tests. In case of uncomplicated erosion, leukoplakia or chronic cervicitis, surface radiowave destruction of the pathological focus (cauterization) is performed. For dysplasia and cervical ectropion, excision or conization is more commonly used.

The procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis of a polyclinic or antenatal clinic, in a small operating room, and takes no more than 10-15 minutes. Given the short duration of the procedure, simplicity and painlessness of the procedure, the hospitalization of the patient in the hospital is not indicated.

An important question is how much does the treatment of cervical radio waves cost? It all depends on which clinic the patient chooses for treatment. So, in the elite clinics of the capital, the price of the procedure ranges from 3,000 to 10,000 rubles, not counting the survey preceding the operation. In the regions of the Russian Federation, the cost of the service is much more modest - about 3,000 rubles. Radiotherapy can be carried out free of charge if the patient has an insurance policy, and the antenatal clinic of the municipal clinic has a Surgitron radiosurgical apparatus.

Special preparation before treatment is not required, except that sexual abstinence on the eve and hygienic shower in the morning.

  • The woman is on the gynecological chair,
  • A neutral electrode (a special plate of conductive rubber) is placed under the woman’s buttocks or lower back as close as possible to the surgical site. The skin should be dry and clean. In order to avoid burns between the patient’s body and the neutral plate, there should be no pads, diapers, sheets, etc.
  • The gynecological mirrors open the vagina and expose the cervix,
  • Depending on the area of ​​damage and the size of the lesion, the doctor chooses the desired electrode and is determined with the volume of the operation,
  • After the manipulation, the woman can go home, her well-being does not suffer, her ability to work is not impaired,
  • A visit to the gynecologist and control colposcopy is scheduled in 3-4 weeks.

Recommendations after treatment

The ban for a month, or what can not be done after the operation:

  • Lead an active lifestyle (for example, play sports, sex, lift weights),
  • Visit the bath, sauna, swimming pool and solarium (for hygienic purposes, you should use only a shower),
  • Use tampons and douche, as this can disrupt the process of tissue regeneration and prolong the healing period.

Exposure to high temperatures is one of the factors that can slow down the healing process of the cervix after cauterization, and in some cases can cause bleeding.

The postoperative period

Recovery in the postoperative period is faster than with other methods of treatment, and with virtually no consequences:

  • Separation of the scab after radio wave treatment occurs on the 4-6th day completely bloodless. The appearance of scant, blood-sucking or spotting bleeding is permissible. Complications in the form of bleeding practically do not occur,
  • Hydrogen (abundant watery or yellow discharge from the genital tract) is not typical for treatment with radio waves,
  • The final healing of the postoperative wound is completed on the 30-40th day,
  • There may be some discomfort in the lower abdomen or minor pulling pains that do not require treatment,
  • No rough scars are formed on the cervix, which is important for women planning to give birth soon after treatment,
  • Increased body temperature after surgery is extremely rare,
  • There is a good tolerability of the treatment,
  • There are no recurrences of the disease, which means there is no need for repeated exposure.

If there is bleeding from the genital tract, pain in the lower abdomen, persisting for a long time, as well as fever, you should immediately consult a doctor to find out the cause of such complications and eliminate them.

“When I decided to be examined before planning for pregnancy and went to the antenatal clinic, I was suspected of erosion. After passing all sorts of tests, they found cervical dysplasia, and associated with HPV 16, 18 types (the most carcinogenic), and trichomoniasis. My doctor said that I had such a “bouquet” from promiscuous sexual relations (I admit that I had several sexual partners before marriage). At first I cured Trichomonas colpitis, and then they said that in my case I need to treat the neck. Since I was 20 years old and I have not given birth yet, the gynecologist offered me a modern and gentle method of treating the cervix with radio waves. The doctor warned that this method is effective and painless. But I was still afraid. It turned out to be in vain. It was not at all painful. The only thing that irritated during the procedure is an unpleasant smell. The procedure itself did not last long, with all the disguises and the preparation of 10-15 minutes. After the operation, everything was fine too. One day there was a meager blood discharge on the daily strip, on the second day - like water, and then everything was dry. For a month, I followed the recommendations of the doctor: sexual rest, light labor, warm shower, etc. Three weeks later, menstrual, ordinary, non-abundant. A month later she came to the reception, they did control colposcopy: the effect of the treatment is good, the neck is clean. After 3 months they allowed me to get pregnant, which I did. She gave birth to a well, there were no problems with the opening of the neck. After birth, I checked it - the neck is clean. So it’s self-checked - radio waves are a good thing. ”

Valeria, 22 years old, Kemerovo

As can be seen from the above, the advantages of radio wave treatment for cervical erosion and other background diseases are beyond doubt. The technique allows to avoid recurrence, speed up the epithelization of a postoperative wound, has no serious complications, is effective and painless. Today, radio wave therapy is the method of choice for treating the cervix in young, non-giving women. From the negative aspects, it is possible to distinguish perhaps one - the relative high cost of the method.


In order to proceed to radiotherapy of the affected area in the cervix, the following preparation rules should be followed:

  • undergo a full gynecological examination,
  • to pass a smear from the vaginal cavity on the analysis of microflora,
  • undergo a diagnostic procedure - colcoscopy,
  • to pass a general and biochemical blood test,
  • be tested for the presence of diseases such as HIV, syphilis, HPV or hepatitis,
  • pass bacteriological and cytological examination,
  • do research on tumor markers,
  • polymerase chain reaction analysis.

Sometimes the preparation for a therapeutic procedure also consists in taking antibacterial agents a day before the radio wave exposure, which will help prevent the occurrence of inflammatory processes after the operation is completed.

How is the treatment?

Before the start of the therapeutic treatment, the vaginal cavity is anesthetized with anesthetic, this will help protect the girl from discomfort and pain during the removal of the lesion.

Cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves is carried out under the strict supervision of a physician with the help of a special device - a colposcope. Thanks to him, a qualified medical professional has a complete overview of the affected cavity and can control the procedure without affecting healthy soft tissues with radioactive radiation.

Radiotherapy is a non-contact treatment method, it consists only in the impact of the rays emitted by the device (frequency - 3.8-4.0 MHz) on the affected tissues, which, as a result, are heated and provoke the evaporation of pathogenic cells and the healing of injured capillaries.

Postoperative period

After radiowave treatment of cervical erosion, discharge may occur (for more details, see the article about excretion after cauterization of cervical erosion), which include blood-like elements of yellowish or brownish color. Such a phenomenon is considered quite natural. After 14 days have passed since the surgery, a woman should visit her attending physician and undergo the necessary diagnostic tests to make sure that the surgery has brought positive results and has not provoked all sorts of consequences.

During the rehabilitation period, which lasts for a month, it is prohibited:

  • to have intimate relationships,
  • produce vaginal douching,
  • perform intense physical activity
  • visit the bath, sauna, swimming pools and beaches,
  • use tampons.

Restoration of the mucous membrane of the uterine cervix should be under the precise supervision of a qualified physician. If the patient has pain or other symptoms that worsen the quality of her vital activity, then an experienced specialist should immediately write out her application of pharmacological agents that eliminate the adverse symptoms present.

The period of healing of erosion after cauterization by radio waves

Female representatives who are considering a radio wave treatment option for cervical lesions are often interested in the question: “How much does a pathogenic wound heal?”. Radiosurgical treatment of erosion has many advantages that make it the most popular among similar analogues. Not an exception is the full period of healing of the wounded surface. The healing of the victim occurs within a few weeks, when the process of regeneration of the affected tissues is fully completed. As a rule, the approximate rehabilitation period is 4 weeks.

Symptoms after the procedure

As a rule, intensive postoperative symptoms are considered intense discharge after radio wave cauterization of erosion on the cervix, which are sometimes accompanied by a slight smell, a change in its texture and color (yellowish-brown color). But sometimes after this therapeutic procedure, the following signs appear that indicate the need for immediate visits to the nearest medical facility:

  • a strong and sharp increase in body temperature (more than 38 degrees),
  • the appearance of intense hemorrhages from the vaginal cavity,
  • the occurrence of severe pain in the lower abdomen.

If you, after conducting radio wave coagulation, find the above symptoms, you should immediately contact your doctor, who, with serious violations, will give useful recommendations and prescribe effective medicines to stabilize your health.


Cauterization of erosion can lead to the following consequences:

  • the appearance of intense uterine and ectopic hemorrhages,
  • introduction of pathogenic bacteria and infections into the urogenital organs,
  • the occurrence of inflammation in the uterine cervix or uterine cavity,
  • sharp and recurrent pain syndromes localized in the lower abdomen, which are not eliminated with the help of painkillers.

Such complications are possible with a poor qualification or inexperience of the doctor, as well as when he does not adhere to the rules of sterility of the chamber and the instrument used. If you experience these symptoms, you should immediately contact a medical facility, where experienced specialists will do their best to help eliminate adverse effects.

Visitor reviews

Feedback from birthless and giving birth to representatives of the fair sex about a therapeutic technique for removing erosion on the cervix using the procedure of radiosurgical coagulation:

Maria, 25 years old:

At the age of 18, during a routine gynecological examination, I was diagnosed with a small ulcer wound, which I was advised to immediately treat in order to prevent the development of adverse effects. After passing all the necessary tests and instrumental diagnostics, my doctor advised the drug method. After the entire course of using vaginal suppositories, I re-went for an examination and was told that the drugs did not bring any results, which worried and upset me very much. But after a second consultation, they offered to try radio wave erosion treatment, which, I was told, is a highly effective way to eliminate it. I read a lot of feedback on the Internet and was a little scared because the girls write about the subsequent impossibility of getting pregnant. I came to the hospital and reported my fears to my doctor, who said that this method of therapy does not affect the reproductive function. I agreed, was trained, and I underwent such an operation. The procedure was painless and quick, and after two months, when I underwent a diagnostic examination, the gynecologist rejoiced that the erosion had completely disappeared. Fortunately, there were no side effects and unpleasant complications, and after 2 years I was able to become pregnant. Now my baby is already 4 years old, I gave birth to it naturally and there were no problems with bearing. Based on personal experience, I can strongly recommend this type of treatment to all women with this condition and assure that it is absolutely safe for non-giving girls.

Anastasia, 32 years:

I was diagnosed with erosion six months ago and was immediately prescribed therapy with radio waves, since its diameter had already reached a considerable size. After all the preoperative manipulations, I was given this procedure and was ordered to re-examine after two months. On a scheduled gynecological examination, it turned out that the affected area was completely healed, without leaving a single trace or any consequences. This method is really very fast, painless and effective. By the way, I am now pregnant and my doctor says that the pregnancy is proceeding normally and no danger has been found for the baby.

Katerina, 23:

Recently, I was found an erosion located on the walls of the cervix and was suggested to be removed with the help of radiosurgical coagulation, which cost 5,000 rubles. After I learned that I was a nonresident student, because of my financial inconsistency, I was offered electrocoagulation therapy, warning that it adversely affects the girl's reproductive function and there is a high probability that I will not be able to have a child in the future. Such a statement did not make me very happy, and I decided to make money for radiosurgical treatment of erosion in any way. After some time, I collected the necessary amount and went to the doctor, who gave me recommendations and ordered the operation the next day. After the procedure for removing the ulcerative lesion was performed, I began to have unnatural vaginal discharge and lost my menstrual cycle, but soon such unpleasant symptoms disappeared of themselves. After a second visit to the gynecologist, he reported that the erosion had completely healed and that no complications were found. I am very glad that I have chosen this medical event, although it has hit my wallet a lot. But now I am fully confident that in the near future I will have a baby, and I will be able to endure it without any problems.

The cost of the procedure varies depending on the experience and qualifications of the doctor, medical institution, city, region and area in which you live. The average price of radio wave treatment for cervical erosion is 3000-7000 rubles.

Pregnancy and childbirth

It is prohibited to perform the procedure of radiosurgical coagulation at the time of pregnancy, since it can damage the embryo that is not yet formed and adversely affect its future health and development.

And if a female representative has not yet become a mother, then you should not be afraid that it is impossible to get pregnant after cauterization. This is a very common myth that does not apply to radio wave erosion therapy. Medical workers from different continents have done a lot of research, which confirmed that the childbearing and normal birth are quite possible after cauterization.

Monthly after

The first periods after cauterization of erosion of the cervix can significantly change, most likely, they will become more abundant, and their consistency will contain blood of blood or blood. Such manifestations are considered completely natural and do not require medical advice. Also, after radiosurgical coagulation, a slight failure of the menstrual cycle or an increased duration of the period of bleeding is possible. Such changes in the female body are not dangerous, but merely indicate that some pathology or pathogenic abnormalities have recently occurred in the body.

As a rule, the above-described changes disappear independently after 4-6 months (the period is individual for each girl). If deviations in women's health do not disappear within six months, you should consult a qualified gynecologist for consultation, who will conduct a thorough examination and determine whether this violation is dangerous and, if so, explain what needs to be done in this case.

Bleeding after radiotherapy

Bleeding after radio wave treatment is extremely rare, since during such manipulations the most benign radiation effects are used, which maximally heat the mucous membrane cells and literally glue them together without affecting the integrity of the small capillaries and the nearest tissues. However, in fairly rare cases, the appearance of bleeding is still possible. They may occur for the following reasons:

  • there was a mechanical lesion of small arteries in the uterine cavity,
  • the woman has a concomitant disease of the urinary organs (genital endometriosis, dysplasia or endocervicitis),
  • damage to the part of the scab that covers the ulcer wound after the operation (as a rule, it occurs after intimacy, using hygienic tampons or careless gynecological examination),
  • with a sharp increase in blood pressure, which occurred due to a stressful situation, increased body temperature or the use of a certain group of drugs,
  • progression of malignant tumor formations that were not identified during the period of preparation for radiotherapy.

If, nevertheless, after radiosurgery, blood appeared, then for its qualitative elimination and prevention of adverse complications one should visit an experienced specialist.

Other treatments

Radio wave cauterization of uterine erosion is not the only way to eliminate it. There are a number of other methods that are also able to cope with the resulting disease:

  • electric coagulation is the most dangerous way, which implies that a woman will not be able to have children in the future,
  • chemical coagulation - exposure of the wound surface to chemical elements (carried out with a small diameter of erosion),
  • cryodestruction is also a common and safe method, at which point the wound is exposed to liquid nitrogen.

In addition, if the pathology has a small size, it is possible to use specialized pharmacological preparations that contribute to accelerated wound healing. It should be remembered that self-treatment with the progression of such a disease is not highly recommended, since such an exercise can only aggravate the already unfavorable state of your health.


Cervical erosion is one of the most common ailments that can be detected by a female. The insidiousness of the disease lies in the fact that it mainly occurs without the appearance of pronounced symptoms and the diagnosis of "erosion" becomes a real surprise for the woman. The elimination of this pathology can be carried out using various methods, among which many gynecologists distinguish cauterization with radio waves. Many women after such a procedure are concerned about discharge from the genitals for a long time, but doctors say that there is nothing unnatural about this.

Pathology treatment methods

Erosion is a pathological condition of the mucous membrane of the cervix, and such an ailment can be removed quickly and painlessly. When choosing a particular method of treatment by a specialist, the results of the gynecological examination and tests performed are taken into account. The disease does not cause malignant tumors in the genital area, but it increases the risk of their growth.

In medical practice, the following methods are used to treat cervical disease:

  1. Chemical coagulation involves the treatment of the cervix of the genital organ with special means that have a damaging effect on the pathological cylindrical epithelium. With this treatment, the integrity of the healthy epithelium is not affected and it gradually closes the eroded area. Experts say that this method is considered the most benign. At the same time, such treatment is not recommended if a woman is diagnosed with large eroded sites, since a positive effect may be absent.
  2. Radio wave surgery is a non-contact method of treating the cervix uteri, in which radio waves act on the erosion site. With this treatment, stimulation of the inner cellular energy is observed, and the result is the destruction and elimination of the abnormal cell.
  3. Diathermocoagulation is the effect on pathological areas of tissue with the help of an electric current. Today, this method of treatment is applied so often and this is due to the fact that after its use, the formation of a burn occurs. The result of this is the appearance of scars, which in consequence can adversely affect the process of childbirth.
  4. Mimic coagulation is often used to treat small pathological areas of the mucous membrane and erosion is treated with special preparations. With the help of medication, it is possible to destroy the cylindrical epithelium, but such treatment does not provide a full guarantee of recovery.
  5. Cryodestruction is the treatment of eroded mucous areas using liquid nitrogen.
  6. Laser coagulation is the burning of eroded areas of the cervix with a laser beam.

Sometimes the treatment of the disease is carried out with the help of drug therapy.

Anti-inflammatory drugs and drugs are used to combat the disease by a specialist, whose action is aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease and restoring pathological tissue sites.

In a situation when the progression of infectious diseases in the female body was the cause of the appearance of pathology of the uterus, you will first need to completely cure them and only after that you can get rid of erosion.

Elimination of illness by radio waves

The most effective method that is used today to get rid of cervical erosion, is considered radio wave cauterization. To carry out such a procedure, specialists use the high-frequency radio emission apparatus Surgitron.

Burning erosion radio waves is a gentle operation, during which there is no damage to healthy tissues that are close to erosion. Radio wave surgery completely eliminates the formation of burns, which are a consequence of the use of radio-coagulators.

In addition, wave conization of the cervix of the genital organ is considered a reliable disinfectant.

There are several advantages of such a procedure as cauterization of erosion by radio waves:

  • There is no process of tissue destruction,
  • The procedure is not accompanied by tissue trauma, so the healing process is fast enough,
  • A small incision is made that does not cause scarring of the tissue,
  • Burning with radio waves does not require stitches,
  • Purulent and hemorrhagic complications do not develop.

Such a procedure can be carried out on any day of the cycle, and usually by week 2-3, complete healing of the mucosal area occurs.

Treatment of cervical erosion by radio waves is not recommended only for women who have a pacemaker installed. It is important to remember that it is not recommended to treat the disease with this method during pregnancy, since it is best to protect the developing fetus from radio wave radiation.

Discharge after radiowave treatment of cervical erosion

Today, the most benign method is cauterization of erosion by radio waves. They do it mainly in paid clinics, but increasingly, public hospitals offer such a procedure. What is this surgical intervention? How dangerous and painful is it? What are the selection after cauterization of erosion of the cervix radio wave method?

What is this procedure?

Most women are cautious about cauterization of erosion. After all, it is scary because of the painfulness of the operation, and because of the negative consequences. After all, there are often cases when women, 10 or 20 years ago, who burned erosion by electric current or other methods, could not get pregnant, bear a child or have problems in childbirth. But the treatment of erosion by radio waves eliminates such problems. This method is very careful and non-traumatic.

Usually, the apparatus that does the procedure is a pencil. This is what a woman can see. Therefore, everything is simple: the doctor uses this pencil to cauterize the problem areas. Thus, only damaged parts of the mucous membrane are affected, no scars, burns or injuries. The most unpleasant in the procedure can be considered:

  • unpleasant smell, characteristic of burning hair,
  • small painful sensations (a feeling of a painful menstruation may be tugging on the belly or present)
  • fear of the procedure.

A huge number of women, in general, do not feel anything with such a procedure. Anxiety or psychological stress may be inherent. In order to calm the woman down and secure the operation to the maximum, sometimes a small anesthesia with lidocaine is done.

Often use sprays that are applied to the cautery zone. No painful injections into the uterus or general anesthesia is absolutely not necessary. In addition, it is, in most cases, carried out on an outpatient basis. The duration of treatment with radio waves is short - about a minute.

Pre-procedure steps

If you decide that you need a radio wave moxibustion operation, you should contact a good doctor who has this technique. He will assign you a series of studies: cytology and biopsy. The smear analysis will show whether there are inflammatory processes and infections of the genital tract. If any, you will receive treatment. And by pinching a piece of tissue from the cervix and making a biopsy, the doctor will make sure that there are no cancer cells and your erosion is benign.

If all is well with you, the tests are excellent and you are completely healthy (no cold or any other acute illness), you can proceed to the procedure. Sometimes a doctor wonders if you are allergic to pain medication, you may need allergy tests. But basically, no additional examinations in this procedure are not appointed.

Most likely, they will recommend erosion to you immediately after menstruation. Usually this is the first - the third days of the beginning of the cycle. Тогда и шейка мягкая, и до месячных еще долго, что способствует процессу заживления.

Действия после процедуры

Если у вас была процедура прижигания эрозии радиоволнами, вы должны помнить, что месяц нельзя поднимать тяжести, жить половой жизнью, принимать ванны, ходить в бассейн, плавать в море. It is also recommended to be washed with disinfectants. Sometimes doctors of the old school recommend the most ordinary soap, so that there is no infection and inflammation.

If you do not comply with such recommendations, you can seriously hurt yourself. Especially if you lift something heavy or have sex. It is fraught with heavy bleeding.

Burning erosion with radio waves is an excellent method that everyone will like: both those who have not given birth, those who have a low pain threshold, and those who simply have no time for hospitals and hospitals. This is a great way to forget about erosion, while spending a minimum of effort, time. This is your method to become healthy!

Medical recommendations and limitations during rehabilitation

  • Abstinence from sexual intercourse for a month
  • limitation of physical activity, acceptable walking,
  • ban on weight lifting,
  • you can not take a bath, swim in the pools and, especially in reservoirs,
  • avoid visiting baths and saunas,
  • do not use tampons.

Many gynecologists do not recommend doing transvaginal ultrasound at this time.

The healing period after radio wave treatment

The healing period after treatment with radio wave erosion is normally 4 weeks.. If erosion was complicated or caused by genital infections, the healing period may be delayed.

After surgery, all gynecologists warn that after cauterization of cervical erosion, radio waves will heavy discharge.

Normally, they are quite liquid, light-colored., translucent, at first very abundant.

A small admixture of pink and brown blood flecks is allowed.

Discharges are usually observed during the first two weeks after cauterization.

If the discharge has taken a frankly bloody form and is more like bleeding, should as soon as possible contact a gynecologist.

This may indicate that a large vessel was damaged during the procedure, which means medical care is simply necessary.

After cauterization of the erosion of the cervix radio waves possible monthly delay.

If the ectopia was large, the delay can reach a month.

In such cases, do not panic, it fits well with the concept of norms. Perhaps the beginning of menstruation earlier than expected.

Many women note that bleeding after surgery is more abundant and longer than before.

All changes in the cycle can be explained by strong stress.transferred by the body during the cautery procedure.

In addition, hormone therapy is often preceded by cautery erosion.

Other effects

During the rehabilitation period, the overall body temperature may rise to 37 - 38 degrees. In the first few days it is quite normal. But if such a temperature lasts more than three days, it can be a signal of the inflammatory process.

This can be confirmed with a general blood test: during inflammation, the number of leukocytes increases. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor.

You should also do in the event of pain in the lower abdomen: pulling and prolonged or cramping and acute.

Pulling pain in the abdomen is normal can be within a couple or three days after the procedure. In other cases, this may be a warning signal of complications.

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