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Do-it-yourself pirate costume - cheap, affordable and practical

Children love parties and holidays, when you can wear some funny or scary costume, invite your friends, fool around and have fun. Children's holidays do not accept the pathos and strict observance of all norms of etiquette, their main task is to become a vivid and memorable event in the life of your child.

At such parties and adults can come in costumes - who does not want to remember childhood? And no matter what holiday - New Year, Halloween, birthday or just themed fun - choose for yourself and your child an interesting image, think over costumes and entourage, decorate the house (if the event takes place with you) and invite guests.

Pirate costume: the main components

One of the most common characters is a pirate. Despite the similarity of the elements and details of the costume, this image can be made very original, interesting and original.

If you want to make a pirate costume with your own hands, you will see how easy and fast it is. Moreover, it is possible to use even improvised materials or old unnecessary things. Of course, it will take a little more time to create an entourage or some special characteristic details. However, in general, this image is very beneficial both for the boy, and for the girl, and for the adults practically for any holiday.

As a rule, a pirate costume is notable for its brightness, multi-layeredness and diversity: after all, pirates were almost the kings of all the seas and oceans. A typical image may consist of:

  • wide-brimmed hat-hats (with or without feathers, with pirate emblems - skull and daggers, etc.) or bandanas (kerchiefs),
  • high leather boots (for girls for an adult party, an option is possible with the styling of shoes under boots, for young children, you can take black ballet flats or Czech shoes),
  • from a white / cream shirt with voluminous puffy sleeves, a frill and cuffs (bring it into a pirate look - in some places leave traces of an enemy dagger, you can add blood for Halloween) or a sea vest (stripes can be black and white or blue or red) - it is also better to spoil them: make holes, sew pieces and scraps of multi-colored fabric,
  • vest / corset and coat / coat (the latter is more suitable for adults, since it is too heavy and uncomfortable for children),
  • comfortable volumetric pants (there may be full-fledged trousers, or breeches or capri pants, even leggings and long striped leggings will suit your kids) or skirts - for girls (the skirt should be made asymmetric, with a ragged hem, fringe and a bunch of sewn-on jewelry
  • belts (maybe several), a characteristic element is a belt-sash,
  • a variety of additional details (bandages on one eye, hook on a hand, a parrot on a shoulder, pistols or daggers / sabers in a belt, pipes, treasure maps, a telescope, a chest or purse with gold coins, many rings on fingers, baubles, an earring in ear and other accessories).

Before you make a pirate costume, decide on the way: for small children, the most convenient and simple options are selected; for teenagers (for a pirate party or Halloween) you can make something more cute and elegant, for adults brutal or sexual images will do. Imagine how nice it is to dress up for Halloween so that no one can distinguish you from Jack Sparrow or Angelica.

How to make a children's pirate costume for boys

First of all, decide how and from what you will create a costume. It is not necessary to reproduce all the details or adhere to historical conformity in the children's image.

It is better to choose bright colors: red, black, burgundy, brown, a combination of sea colors and shades (less often - dark green or purple tones).

How to make a pirate costume for a boy with your own hands?

At first glance, this task may seem difficult, but in fact it is very easy to make a pirate costume yourself. You will need a vest or shirt, a bandana, pants, shoes and related accessories. It is enough to adhere to the following simple tips.

  • First you need to take care of your pants. The ideal option would be rather wide trousers made of a material resembling heavy silk. Pants should be refilled in boots. If desired, and the availability of free time, these pants can be sewn in just one evening. But you can choose a simpler option - the old faded jeans can become a perfect bottom for a pirate's costume. In this case, you just need to cut the bottom and do not process the edges. With the help of basting seam patches can be sewn, which will be a wonderful decoration.
  • Now you can do and the upper part of the suit. If the choice was made on wide black silk pants, then you should combine them with a snow-white shirt. However, the pirate shirt should have wide sleeves, so that the created image will be complete and fully correspond to the chosen time. Old jeans can be combined with a simple vest. Both the vest and the white shirt should be complemented with a sash, for which a fabric of a contrasting shade is needed. On top of the shirt is to wear a dark vest.
  • Well, how can a pirate's costume do without a bandana? Of course not! Here you just need to pick up a small piece of fabric, the color of which should be combined with any element of clothing. If desired, the bandana can be stitched application in the form of bones or skulls.
  • One more main attribute of the real suit of the pirate is leggings. On the feet should wear black shoes or Czech. But the best option would be high boots.
  • Do not forget about the accessories, thanks to which the created image of a pirate will look completely complete. To do this, you can purchase a saber or a musket in the toy store. Eye patch can be worn. Make it easy on your own.
  • Make-up is the main stage in creating the image of a pirate. You can glue the beard and mustache or draw with black pencil. Eyes are summed up with a black pencil.

The image of a pirate is completely ready and now you can go on holiday.

Work on accessories

Fabric for a belt or sash, choose bright (fleece, satin). Then he will approach both the classic version of the costume and the image of the “sea wolf”. Cut out the fabric and whip (from the calculation to at least twice wrap the waist of the child). You can secure something, so as not unleashed and did not interfere with the search for treasure. You can wear a leather belt (or even a few).

The simplest version of the headdress is a bandana or kerchief tied up in pirate fashion. You can look at the diagrams of how to tie a bandana and buy either a finished kerchief, or cut it (a triangle) from a suitable fabric and sew some decorating elements.

With a hat a little harder. You can try to make it out of cardboard (take very tight). For this you need:

  • cut the desired silhouette
  • separately make a bezel that will hold a hat (after measuring on the child’s head),
  • paint or decorate the product (white skull and bones, paper fringe, cockade, hanging ornaments).

A hat is made of cloth (durable and tough), you can even glue the wrong side of interlining, so that the desired shape is well kept.

You can make a hat in the form of a mask (for Halloween it is very important). The principle of production is the same, only instead of the rim, attach the silhouette of the hat to the stick with scotch tape. So the child will be able to hold his headgear and apply to the head if necessary.

The eye patch can be made from a regular piece of black cloth or cardboard (pass a tape or rubber band into it). Also decorate the bandage itself with a skull with bones.

A pirate hook is also easy to do: take a disposable cup from cardboard (it’s better to be red or black right away, but you can also paint it) and make a hole in its bottom. The hook is made from food foil and inserted into the hole, and then fixed with glue.

A pirate pipe can come from ordinary cardboard rolls of toilet paper. Use paint and artificial leather / fabric for pasting and decoration of the future pipe.

Weapons and other items can be bought or made in the same way from cardboard and other improvised means. One condition - everything should shine and sparkle, because you are pirates.

Making a pirate costume for a girl

Actually, all the accessories and even many elements of the pirate costume for girls and boys are the same. Only the image of the pirate suggests more subtle forms and romantic details of the dress.

For example, a vest can be made fitted with the presence of many hooks and buttons. And you can replace it with a beautiful corset (the best option for girls on Halloween). Classical pants are better to exchange for leggings (then a shirt or a vest is worn for release and tied up with a belt). The skirt also looks good: it can be fluffy and multi-layered, narrow and long, asymmetrical with torn edges and fringe.

High boots-boots with curved tops are suitable for older children, and the younger girl can be shod in shoes with a low heel with a buckle.

More jewelry, bright makeup - and the little pirate is ready.

As you can see, to create costumes for pirates you can get by with the most minimal resources. Do not be afraid to dream and experiment: let the bright holiday be forever remembered by the child for its fun.

What should a pirate costume consist of

The formed image of this character in fairy tales implies the obligatory presence of a vest. A bandana or a special hat-hat can serve as a headdress.

The remaining elements of the costume serve as an addition, referring to the various cartoon characters. An additional color can give a blindfold, hand hook, or a telescope.

The image of a pirate is built mainly on the specified accessories. Therefore, this outfit is one of the easiest to create.

Items of clothing

This part of the costume can be purchased at the store. A striped vest or other horizontal striped T-shirt is sufficient, appropriate for long socks or golf. The dress allows the use of pants of any color. It will be important to fill them in socks.

The presence of these items in the boy's wardrobe will reduce the cost of creating a pirate costume to a minimum.

Bandanu suitable color can also be bought.

How to make a hook

For the manufacture of this element will require a paper cup, paint and foil. In the bottom of the glass a hole is made where the hook made of foil is placed. Color the glass should be in a color suitable for the clothes used.

It is necessary to refrain from using hooks from hangers, as they can cause injury to children.

How to create a hat-hat?

To make the most colorful item of a pirate costume you will need:

thick cardboard paper

white and black paint.

First of all, a bezel is made of cardboard, which should fit the boy in size. Next, you need to decide on the shape of the hat itself, cutting it out of paper. All the resulting elements are painted black.

Attach the bezel and the front of the hat with glue. It is important to ensure the strength of the fit of the material so that the hat can withstand the necessary loads.

A white edging and a pirate symbol (skull and crossbones below) are applied to the finished headdress with white paint.

Option One - a young pirate in bright jeans

Creating a pirate costume for a boy with your own hands, you can sometimes use the simplest things that can only be found in the old wardrobe. For example, it can be children's jeans, which are to be cut into “herringbone”, creating a feeling of wear and tear, cut by a pirate in the fire of battles. The length of such jeans can vary, the most optimal will be the shape of breeches. Preferably, if the jeans as the original version will be chosen in blue, just they can be associated with the sea.

The second element of the costume will be a vest, which can be created from a regular children's t-shirt. It is desirable if the original clothing will be somewhat larger in size in order to create a peculiar effect of “sagging” on the body. The garment can be sleeveless, with a collar unfastened. In the tone of jeans, it is best to choose striped clothes with white and bright red lines.

Working through the option of how to make a pirate costume with your own hands, you will need to pay close attention to such an element as a jacket. The product is quite complicated, as it will be necessary to deal with its design. The basis is a classic blue jacket, which is also cut down at the bottom of the “herringbone”, as well as jeans. It is necessary to work a little with the design, for which it is elementary to use a fashionable ribbon of golden color, which will be fed directly to the jacket's lapels.

The true attribute of a pirate is a hat, which can be used as a regular cardboard pattern, additionally sheathed with a cloth. The hat in the final version must necessarily have a black color, it was the same with real pirates and you should not neglect this tradition. The skull with bones, the indispensable personification of the piracy itself can be applied either through paint through a stencil, or specially embroidered on the surface of the hat.

As an additional design element can be used red ribbon, tied around the belt. This product will play the role of a belt, any length is chosen, it is important that the ribbon hangs a little at the side, this should be taken into account when making a pirate costume with your own hands.

Option Two - Seabass Jacket

Alternatively, making a pirate costume with your own hands, you can make it without a bottom, which will allow you to easily put on the product under any skirt, jeans. The stripped vest is selected, as in the previous variant of the striped one, combining red and white lines and thus allowing to imitate the clothes of a sea wolf experienced in battles. In this case, the sleeves can be selected long, the material from which the construction is made does not matter, it is important that the child is most comfortable and comfortable in clothes.

As a pirate jacket, a regular product is selected from the wardrobe, from which almost all buttons are removed except for one. It is on this remaining button that the product itself will be attached, it is located just above the chest. Remarkably, you can try to put on the surface of the jacket the appropriate symbol of piracy, namely the bones with the skull. Application options can be two: the market for fabric and stencil or embroidery.

Pirate hat

A children's costume of a pirate with his own hands cannot be considered complete unless a quality hat is made for him. As in the previous version, the cardboard base can be easily used, or the body, sheathed with a special material, in black. Similarly, as with a jacket, an image of a skull with bones — a pirate symbol — is applied to the central part of the hat.

Option Three - jacket and bandage

Looking through the photo of a pirate costume with his own hands for a boy, it is necessary to pay attention that it may not always be necessary to create complex elements and patterns. It is enough to use only two or three elements and on the basis of them create a real work of art.

A quite usual shirt for a child can be used, white in color, of various lengths, but preferably longer, so that the thing hangs a little. Sleeves can be simply tuck or cut, depending on the individual wishes of the designer.

Jacket (Vest)

The detail is relevant for both the boy’s and the girl’s costumes. The pattern is the most common and if you did not find a cheap ready-made option, do not be discouraged. Do it yourself. For relief, the product may not have buttons, and worn "on plowing."

As an additional element, a special eye patch, made of black fabric, can be used.

Pirate attributes

Most often in the image of a pirate use the following elements:

  • cocked hat or bandana,
  • black eye patch
  • an old-style white shirt with cuffs and a jabot, not necessarily ironed, torn at will,
  • vest,
  • striped pants or skirt, but not straight and preferably torn,
  • sash belt, or a few ordinary leather belts,
  • boots, necessarily high.

In the image of a pirate will look spectacular: a hook on his hand, muskets in his belt, a telescope, daggers, a parrot sitting on his shoulder, an abundance of rings on his fingers.

Do not avoid excessiveness, the pirates love pretentiousness, so there was a desire to use all the details in a suit, then use them all. And so for the appearance of a pirate enough for a few of the elements.

Sew shirt

If suddenly somewhere in the attic you did not have an old shirt with lace, then sew it yourself.

Для работы необходимо подготовить обычную старую рубашку, которая будет вам в пору, и отрез ткани разного цвета.

Ткань складываем пополам, разворачиваем сверху рубашку, обводим. Рубашку необходимо сделать довольно широкой под мышками, с объемными рукавами. Если хочется, можно сделать ее длиннее. Во время создания выкройки внесите нужные поправки и только потом вырезайте. Be sure to add to the details of the pattern a few centimeters for the treatment of seams and hemming, it is better to insure in case of a mistake in the cut.

Cut the neck so that the head goes quietly into the hole, and process as illustrated below. Now it remains only to create a cuff sleeves. Throw a slice of fabric and zigzag sew gum at a small distance from the edge, while it is necessary to slightly stretch it.

Now you only need to hem the bottom of a shirt and sew the side seams, and the pirate's shirt is ready. And to make it perfect, you can make a lacing on the collar or sew a jabot of lace.

There is an option for children easier. Take a white T-shirt and sew a lacy jabot to it. However, with this option, you must wear a vest or jacket.

If the pirate costume is created in limited time or there is no possibility to sew a shirt, then you can replace it with a vest.

Stylish vest

The vest is very simple to create using the above scheme. Take a comfortable T-shirt and fold it in half to make a pattern. Then you need to circle it, but without sleeves. As a result, you should have two front details and one back detail. Do not forget to retreat a little from the pattern for processing seams and edges. Then feel free to cut out all the details.

We sew all the parts and process along the edge. A vest can be made wide open, without buttons, as it is more useless to sew on buttons to a pirate. And if it was created for a cute pirate, then patches sewn over the top will be a beautiful decor.

Striped Pants

In the ideal image of a pirate, striped pants should be used, but if you do not want, then plain-fitting jeans are also a good option.

The technology of sewing this detail of the pirate's wardrobe is exactly the same. We take comfortable pants, preferably not from knitwear. Then fold them in half, the leg to the leg, and get a pattern. We fold the fabric twice. When using striped fabric, it will need to be folded in the direction of the strips.

It remains the case for small. We hem the leg and insert the gum in the belt. If you want, then the gum can be used from the bottom, it is very convenient, especially if the costume is for a child.

We complement the image of a skirt

Methods of creating a skirt for a girl pirate. You need to take the fabric, it will be best to look black or striped colors. First you need to sew a regular straight cut skirt. You can then create an uneven hem by cutting out different triangles along the edge. This skirt will look good with a corset and belt belt.

If you do not want to wear a skirt, then you can stay on tight pants or wide pants.

Eye patch

One of the main details that distinguishes a pirate is a black bandage on one eye. She will best explain the image, while it is very easy to make at home.

To make a bandage, you need to take a dense fabric, for example, felt. We make an eyecup from the chosen fabric, fix an elastic band or a fabric strip with an elastic band to it. The eye patch will look good on the eyecup, for small ones you can make a cute one with some favorite animal, for example, and for adults and older children you can make a patch with bones crossed under the skull.

Such a bandage can also be easily made out of paper. To do this, you just need to cut a circle of the desired diameter from thick black cardboard, thread a thin elastic band and, if desired, decorate it with a pirate symbol with bones.

The sea hat of the sea robber

For the manufacture of cornered need felt. We make 1 detail with a slit (slot size = ½ head circumference), we sheathe the edges with a stitch seam, threads of a different color. If there is no patch on the pirate eye patch, then it can be made on a hat.

The “ears” of the cornered need to be glued together or stitched.

If there is no felt, do not despair, it can be made from paper.

To do this, we take a dense cardboard. Cut out the detail with the shape of a hat and a strip of cardboard so that it is in time on the head.

Now both parts need to be painted with colors in the pirate's favorite color - black, if there was no cardboard of the desired color in stock. And also, if desired, decorate the hat with crossbones under the skull.

The hat will look more impressive if you stick a fringe of paper to it.

There is also a simpler and faster option to make a hat like a mask. To do this, it is also necessary to cut the part with a hat shape, if you need to paint it. And then glue it with adhesive or scotch, so that you can keep the hat and make funny photos in a pirate hat at the party, just by putting it on your head.

If the pirate's hat was not to his liking, then it can be completely replaced by a bandana. Below are options for how to tie it in pirate.

Unusual accessories

If the main part of the costume is ready, then it's time to think about accessories. You can make a dagger out of thick cardboard, take a teddy parrot, paint a black cloth and make a pirate flag out of it, because it is these details that show your character is a real pirate.

In order to create a pipe that is so necessary for a pirate to go to sea, you need to take several cardboard rolls, for example, from under toilet paper. Of these, it is necessary to make a pipe blank.

After that, each roll is wrapped in a piece of artificial leather or painted black.

And then we combine the rolls together, creating a pipe, as indicated in the photo below.

There is an option faster and easier. To do this, we twist a sheet of cardboard into a pipe and fasten it with tape on both sides. The telescope is ready.

Want to seem a formidable pirate? A hook instead of a hand will force the blood of others to run cold with fear. And to make it very simple. Take a disposable cardboard cup, make a hole at its bottom. From the food foil we make a hook and insert it into this hole. Fix the glue. And now it remains only to decorate the glass.

At the end of your image, when all the accessories and clothes are ready, remember that disheveled hair and failed eyes are obligatory in a pirate image. A pair of scars will only decorate the sea robber.

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