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The name Rosa is the name of a complex and confusing etymology, and at the same time its modern meaning is beyond doubt. In modern culture, the name Rosa is associated with the flower of the same name, but according to some versions of its origin, this was not always the case.

According to one version, the name Rosa originates in the name of Ruodhaid, one of the ancient German female names. This is a twofold name consisting of the roots "hrod" and "heid", which translates as "glory" and "gender". It turns out that initially the name Rosa meant "glorious kind". As time progressed, the name changed greatly. First, it changed to the name Rohese (in Normandy), and then it changed to the usual Rosa and Rose.

The meaning of the name Rose for a girl

Little Rose is a fun and agile girl. She is quite a mischievous and restless child, which will require increased attention from parents. Another worth noting purposefulness girls. This feature of the Rose manifests itself quite early and will be peculiar to her all her life. She is able to achieve that desired and shows surprising flexibility in the choice of tools for this. Her sense of purpose can manifest itself in hard work and diligence, and in the vagaries of manipulation. It is necessary to closely monitor this, and at the right time to correct the behavior of the child.

Rose is often a good student, and here the dedication of the girl plays an important role. She is very active in school and besides good academic performance in subjects she is also involved in public affairs. She has been looking for a passion for her for a long time, and therefore she is trying to try the maximum possible number of directions. Only by finding a truly "his", Rose will reveal its full potential.

Although Rose’s health cannot be called ideal, it’s rather strong. In addition, the Rose is endowed with high vitality and high endurance. She prefers active rest, which will be characteristic of her not only in childhood, but also in a more adult age. The truth is worth noting that the owners of the name have a tendency to be overweight. This becomes a surprise for Rosa, because this feature appears most often after 25 years.

Translation of the name Rosa into other languages

in Belarusian - Ruzha and Rosa
in Bulgarian - Rose
Hungarian - Róza
in Greek - Ρόζα
Danish - Rose
Irish - Róis
in Icelandic - Rós
in Spanish - Rosa
in Italian - Rosa
in German - Rosa
in Norwegian - Rose
in Polish - Róża (Ruzha) and Roza
Portuguese - Rosa
Romanian - Roza
in Serbian - Ruža
in Ukrainian - Rose
in French - Rose
in Finnish - Roosa
in Czech - Róza
in swedish - rosa

The name Rosa by the church (in the Orthodox faith) is not certain. This name is not in the church calendar. The name is revered in the Catholic tradition.

Characteristic name of the rose

An adult rose is a very versatile person with a rather complex character. She shows the ability to be soft and charming, while at the next moment she can show her strong-willed and persistent character. Moreover, the transitions from one state to another are very unexpected and abrupt. She is a very interesting companion and knows how people like. It can also be noted that Rosa usually succeeds in many areas of her life and therefore behaves patronizingly toward less successful comrades. Rosa has many comrades, but these are rather superficial and shallow relationships. Rose is in no hurry to unfold before the first comer. But Rosa takes her friendship very seriously. In this regard, she is a very reliable person and cares about these relationships.

Rosa loves and knows how to work, although you cannot call her a workaholic. She skillfully combines work and other aspects of her life. Her diligence and serious approach to work will surely be noticed and rewarded. Otherwise, the Rose will certainly change jobs. If we talk about better work motivation for Rosa, then this is rather a material component of the question, which does not exclude everything else.

Rosa is most often trying to build family relationships from the point of view of a leader in the family, but this is not immediately clear. She skillfully hides her intractable nature, but in the end he will definitely show himself. True to knowing the features of her character, Rosa strives to find a man who will accept this state of affairs. The hostess is not bad, but the homework is certainly not her vocation.

Mystery Name Rose

The main secret of Roses can be called her rancor. She does not forgive resentment and will surely remember the resentment inflicted on her if there is an opportunity. And Rose acts in this case absolutely mercilessly. You can even say that her attitude towards the offenders borders on cruelty. Do not offend Rosa.

Meaning of the name rose

The name Rosa came to us from Byzantium and comes from the name of the flower of the same name, translated from Greek as “rose flower”, “red flower”. In another opinion, the name has Latin roots and means “flower”, “rose” or even “queen of flowers”.

It is also possible that the name Rosa comes from the Old German female name Ruodhaid, composed of the elements “hrod” - “glory” and “heid” - “gender”. Subsequently, the name became associated with the Latin “rosa” - “rose”.

There are various variants of this name - Rosalia, Rosalind, Rosaline. In England, the born girl will be called Rose, in France - Rosina, Rose, in Italy - Rosina, in the Czech Republic - Ružana, in Serbia - Ružena, Rouge, in Ireland - Rosh, Roche, Rush. The name Ruzanna can also be a form of the name Rosa. Also, Rosa is an abbreviated form of some female names, for example, Rosina, Rosella, Rosellyn, Rosetta, Rosinella, Rosita, Rosalina, Rosabella, Rosald, Rosalind, Rosalia, Rosangela, Rosaur.

The diminutive appeal Zita is also an independent name.

For the name of the rose will be listed Catholic name. Catholic names of Rosina on March 11. There are also separate dates for Rosalia and Rosalina.

Rose can, without doubt, be attributed to choleric. What is happening in her soul is very difficult for a stranger to see, as Rose tries to be always calm. This woman is a rather strong-willed person, sometimes she is even a bit despotic. She has an excellent memory and a very developed imagination. For everything that happens in the life of Rose, she reacts quickly, but it is easy to ruffle her. After violent emotions, she can often develop depression. It is almost impossible to hurt Rose or cause any harm to her, as she is able to protect herself. As for public life, a woman with this name manifests itself very actively in it. You can often think that Rose is very frivolous, but this is not at all the case - she always acts decisively and purposefully.

The type of activity Rosa usually chooses very well. Selected work tends to do, applying in it all their strengths and abilities. Success in life Rose achieves thanks to her talent and hard work. Thus, she feels like an accomplished person. She can become a good journalist, artist, show her skills in the acting field. Rosa also professionally grows in the career of a linguist, seller, cook or a service worker.

As a rule, a woman with the same name marries very well. Rosalia loves everything in order, so there is always comfort and coziness in her house. She is striving to do everything so that her children will be well and they will be happy. Neither the life of family life, nor work does not prevent Rosa from living fully and rejoice in every day. She is very seductive and good, but her passionate temper is wonderful hiding for the time being. The ideal of the man of Rose is a physically strong, but at the same time calm and balanced person. Often prefers young men. Rose does not consider something special and out of the ordinary betrayal of her husband. And if he changes, he hides it very talentedly. Interestingly, even in old age, Rose may be of interest to any member of the opposite sex.

She is very controversial: sometimes frivolous and at the same time adhering to solid principles, sometimes abrupt in communication, but you can rely on her in everything. At the same time, she wants to be always in the very center of all events and to be in solitude. A rose will never envy someone else’s success, but rather rejoice in it. If someone deceives or betrays her, she will never forgive and, if possible, take revenge on such a person.

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After a year

The baby cries a lot and is capricious. Since two years, shows its independent and selfish nature, which upsets parents. Rose constantly needs attention and needs rewards. Differs in dedication, always achieves what he wants.

A child with this name has a complex character. She seems sweet, affectionate and modest, but at a certain point she can become persistent and stubborn. Has a heightened sense of justice. This causes her to protect and support those who need it.

By the way, little Rose leaves her friends and friends who cannot keep her secrets without regret. The girl is easy to hurt, and she will remember this for a long time, not letting her offender close.

Skillfully manipulates people, strives for leadership. The school is respected teachers, participates in all activities where it can show its activity. Outlining some goal, reaches it by any means. For a long time can not find a hobby, therefore, constantly changing their hobbies and passions.

She is well aware of her attractiveness; among her friends there are many guys who are ready to fulfill any desire of the girl. He is arrogant with friends, trying to show his own superiority, but he is always ready to help the closest of them.

The rose is a young lady who knows how to charm anyone, and skillfully uses it throughout her life. In his youth, amused by the fact that he quarrels between his fans, and after some time he skillfully weaves intrigues in the team.

Rose knows her worth, but with age she becomes more tolerant of others and carefully hides her arrogance. A woman loves herself very much, wants to be admired by others. If this does not happen, then “releases spines” and becomes aggressive.

Only very close people believe their secrets, for the rest trying to be a mysterious woman. Watching their appearance, constantly diets, as it has a predisposition to fullness.

She can have an affair with a boss; she receives from this not only moral pleasure, but also material gain. But Rosa cannot be called an immoral person, just that is her character. A woman is quite vulnerable and romantic, all her actions are entertainments that she needs as air.

Name history

Currently, it is not known for certain which country and nation we owe to such a beautiful name. However, it has always been associated with a wondrous flower. This can be judged by its translation from Latin and Greek. According to the first, the meaning of the name is the queen of flowers. And the second is a red flower. Therefore, choosing such a name for their baby, parents often wish to endow her with the beauty and charm of one of the most amazing flowers of the planet.

Another version of the origin of the name Rose refers to ancient Germany. It is believed that the name Ruodhaid or Rothaidi first appeared, which means the wealthy family, and only then it was transformed under the influence of fashion into a shorter version.

In any case, the name Rosa is international. That is so called girls around the world. Due to this popularity, you can list a lot of celebrities and heroines who wear it. The history of the name goes back centuries. And now it is impossible to establish at least an approximate date of its appearance. Although the interest of the experts is not abundant.

Full name options

The meaning of the name Rosa seems to lie on the surface. But every parents want to highlight their beauty. As a result, they write down a slightly modified name in the testimony of the baby. For example, you can stop the choice on one of these:

  • Rosalind.
  • Rosinella.
  • Rosette
  • Rosalia.
  • Rosinda.
  • Rozzy
  • Rosemary.
  • Rosaur.

Each of them is not derived from the name of Rosa. И может использоваться самостоятельно или как вариация полной формы, которая будет указана в документах.

Важные особенности имени

Астрология имени Роза, происхождение которого мы изучаем, будет следующей:

  • знак зодиака имени — Рыбы,
  • планета-покровитель — Плутон,
  • цвет, приносящий успех, — ярко-розовый,
  • самый удачливый день — суббота,
  • животное-защитник — лев,
  • растение-покровитель — роза,
  • totem tree - sweet cherry,
  • stone charm - rhinestone.

However, it is important to note that in the church calendar the name Rose is not. Parents can choose it for their baby, but at baptism, the priest will give the girl a second secret name. What is actually even better. Because in this case it will be reliably protected from outside influence.

Little Rose

Calling his girl a name to be studied, her parents associate her with the plant of the same name. And this is manifested in their attitude towards her. After all, they behave like gardeners, kholyaschie and cherishing the coveted flower. And the girl feels it. Therefore, the meaning of the name Rosa, Rosalia for her can be very positive and beneficial.

Since childhood, the baby shows who is in charge in the house, often naughty, requires increased attention. After reaching the age of two begins to demonstrate its complex nature in all its glory. On occasion, she will definitely fight back, becoming stubborn and persistent. Parents will have to be very persistent, because if the girl decided to get something, it would be difficult to prevent it. Especially the situation is aggravated by the fact that Rosochka can be sweet, friendly, friendly, gentle and modest. It is very easy to hurt, offend. She does not forgive betrayal and deception. Forever deletes those who did not act with justice. By the way, Rosa’s sense of justice is very acute, so she always takes the side of the weak.


In his youth, sweet pussy turns into a real pav. She becomes sly and seductive, her temperament fascinates and turns the head to many fans. Which she likes to push together, looking from the outside, what will come of it.

What does the name Rosa mean for the character of its carrier? She is beautiful and confident. Knowing well about her best qualities, Rosa skillfully uses them. In her environment, there are much more boys than girls. That's only if they have great sympathy and desire to perform any naughty girl, then she only uses her fans. Without even thinking to consider them as potential suitors.

At school and at the university, Rosa strives for knowledge and assimilates it well. Her hobbies are so many that she can’t stop at something specific. As a result, a very long time can not decide on the desired profession. But most of all, Rosa is drawn to the humanities. Therefore, if desired, she can become a wonderful teacher, psychologist, linguists, or even a philosopher.

Rose woman

The origin of the name Rosa comes from ancient times. And ever since the persons wearing it are among the most beautiful on the planet. In addition, they are intellectuals, intelligent, witty, energetic, sensitive, kind, condescending and tactful. With age, the rose becomes especially tolerant of others. She tries to keep modestly, to conceal her arrogance. Never criticizes and does not gossip. Very few people open their inner world. Trust the secret can only the closest and most reliable people who know more than one year.

Rosa also loves noisy companies and fun walks. But a woman’s lifestyle cannot be called immoral, she just appreciates sensual pleasures and life itself in all its manifestations.

The meaning and history of the name Rosa says that such women sometimes stretch to extremes, commit acts that many seem silly, reckless and dishonorable. Rose can even have a romance with the boss, combining carnal pleasures and material benefits. She will also easily close her eyes on her husband’s treason, in order to avoid gossip and gossip. After all, they are afraid of them more than anything else.

In general, the influence of the name Rosa, Rosochka on the character and fate of the bearer is quite positive. The only thing that such beautiful persons tend to idealize people, attribute only good qualities to them. Therefore, Roses are often burned, and then with difficulty lick their wounds. But in marriage, they can be very happy if they avoid men with the following names:

The influence of the name on the state of health

Having found out the meaning and origin of the name Rosa and the character of its owner, parents are happy to give it to the newborn baby. However, it is important for them to know that the meaning of the name gives the baby not too good health. But in childhood and adolescence fear for the daughter is not worth it. Especially if you write it in any of the sports sections. It is also important to ensure that the girl Rosa did not abuse diets. And this may well be, because it is prone to corpulence. During her school years, Rosa must be given time to rest, make sure she sleeps at least eight hours a day.

In her youth, Rosa is recommended to restrain herself and not have fun all night long. Do not wear too high heels. Otherwise, intolerance may cause unbearable pain in the legs. In addition, experts who study the name of Rosa strongly advise the girl to take care of her heart, to allow herself even a brief respite and not try to catch everything at once. A woman with this name needs to arrange a discharge day once a week and drink enough clean, non-carbonated water, not to get involved in alcoholic beverages. Do not smoke and try to avoid places of accumulation of smoke.

Rose in family life

The meaning and interpretation of the name Rosa warns his bearer not to be afraid of serious romance, not to alienate a person of the opposite sex who wants to build a permanent and long-term relationship with her. But to build love with the first comer is also not worth it. Then, in marriage, Rose will be truly happy.

The husband may not worry about the loyalty of his woman. It is not in her spirit. But if the spouse will not pay attention to her or cease to satisfy sexually, he risks losing her beloved forever.

Rose is a wonderful wife and mistress. She cooks great, keeps the house perfectly clean. And there are legends about Mother Rosa! Perhaps, in this case, a woman has no equal. She is caring, attentive, affectionate, always listens, supports and helps with advice.

Rose at work

The story of the origin of the name Rosa tells that its carrier can become a model, like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, an actress and TV host, like Rosie O'Donnell, a single sniper, like Rosa Shanina, and even turn the world around, like a German philosopher and the most famous revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg. It all depends on her desire and goal. Because the impossible for Rosa is absolutely nothing.

Being a true leader by nature, she can withdraw into herself and even become insecure. Therefore, it is very important for parents to help Rosochka from childhood, to stimulate these very qualities. Then she will be able to climb the highest step of the career ladder. But the choice of profession should be approached very well. Only this will make Rosa completely self-sufficient. She will not work only because of the money, it is much more important for the bearer of a “flower” name to engage in a business that brings her pleasure and a lot of positive emotions.

The image of the rose in mythology

Ancient literature will help to learn even more about the character, fate and name of the Rose. After all, the image of this wonderful flower is found in almost every culture. For example, Indians have a legend about how two Gods - Brahma and Vishnu - argued about which of the flowers that exist on earth is the most beautiful. The first God claimed that there is nothing more beautiful than a lotus. But he fully acknowledged the fallacy of his judgments when the second God showed him the rose. It is also impossible to judge the nature of the flower. Indeed, despite the fact that in most countries the rose is revered as a flower of joy, happiness and love, in Greece and Rome, on the contrary, death is associated with it.

In addition, there are several versions explaining the color and the presence of thorns. The most beautiful is the story of Cupid, which was stung by a bee at the moment when he inhaled a wonderful aroma. He got angry and shot an arrow into the insect, but missed when he hit the rose. And then the flowers of the plant became red, and thorns appeared on the stems.

Regarding the birthday is to be said separately. After all, the patrons of the Rose are Catholic saints. They should be celebrated on March 6 or May 7. Depending on the proximity of the date of birth.

Rose and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: Favorable union name with Bulat, Ladimir, Manil, Rustam. The name Rose is also combined with Twilight. Difficult relations of a name are probable with Augustine, Dormidont, Peacock, Potap, Sidor, Felix.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Rosa? The owner of this name does not like to advertise their affections in public, but this does not prevent her from being a passionate and devoted lover. Since physical intimacy is important for her in marriage, then if she fades away, she immediately begins to search for a new object of passion.

The marriage life of the name Rosette is developing more successfully. The girl named Rosalia is a great cook, keeps the apartment in perfect order, likes to receive guests. By treachery of his blessed treats more than calmly: the main thing is not to start gossip. If the husband wants to divorce, the name Rosa will do everything to prevent this from happening, even at the cost of her humiliated requests. For it are particularly important human talk.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: The owner of the name is really happy only when she finds something to do for herself, the right use of her enormous energy potential. This girl can prove herself in all types of sciences, as a surgeon, in professions related to risk and adventure, as well as in music, singing, and theater.

Business and career: Sometimes a girl is prone to adventurism, plunging both herself and others in ventures. Rosochka can earn money, but also likes to spend it mindlessly. Impulsiveness leads to the fact that she makes unnecessary purchases. It does not attach great importance to money, spend it on unnecessary things and makes completely unreasonable investments.

Health and energy

Health and talents named: From infancy, a child with this name is very restless, sometimes mother's milk does not eat well. The "January" girl from the age of two begins to show her character, can be capricious for no reason. She has a predisposition to diathesis, rheumatism, heart disease. Even at an early age, Rosa has a heart murmur. Sometimes she has ichthyosis. Such a girl can catch lichen. From the age of six he has been ill less, but still he sometimes suffers from acute respiratory infections or sore throat. When sore throat her temperature rises. A girl named Rosalia is developing very well, but she should be tempered. The "July" Rosette is mostly physically weak, but it hurts less than its namesake.

In childhood, the child often suffers from colds, but easily tolerates even very high temperatures. It is necessary to observe a bed rest to avoid complications. She is able to carry any disease on her feet. Emotional girl, but good-natured and docile. Attention should be paid to the possibility of scoliosis. A girl named Rose is brave, not subject to nervous breakdowns. Often sick with bronchitis. At the age of one year it doesn’t gain weight well; it cannot stand on its feet for a long time.

At school age continues to periodically suffer from various diseases. "December" girl is located to pharyngitis. Not too attentive in the classroom due to her heightened emotionality. By old age, the liver becomes inflamed, and the likelihood of cholecystitis occurs. Maybe hemorrhoids, rheumatism, a woman named after Rose, moves poorly. Vision is impaired.

The fate of Roses in history

What does the name Rose for female destiny?

  1. Rose is one of the most common mythopoetic images. Within the limits of the diverse and capacious "flower" world the rose takes the leading place. The flower can act as a symbol of the sun, the star, the goddess of love and beauty (in ancient Rome, the rose is associated primarily with Venus: according to some versions it came from the tears of Venus), women (mostly beauties: it’s not by chance that there are a large variety of pink names - Rosina, Rosita, Rossetta, Rosalia, Rosalind, Rosamund, Rosablanca, etc.). The Arabs have a rose, on the contrary, a male symbol, in the Jewish Kabbalah - an image of unity. In medieval Christian art, the flower symbolized heavenly bliss (gradually displacing the lily in the transmission of this meaning).
  2. R.Fan Hui - (1855 - 1900) Holy Roman Catholic Church, martyr.
  3. R. Luxemburg - (1871 - 1919) pseudonym - Rosalia Luxenburg, one of the leaders and theorists of Polish Social Democracy.
  4. R. Berten - (1744 - 1813) pseudonym of Marie Jeanne, the court dressmaker of Queen Marie-Antoinette, nicknamed "Minister of Fashion".
  5. R. Derine - (1793 - 1872) Hungarian actress and singer, one of the founders of the Hungarian theater.
  6. Rose Hobart - (1906 - 2000) American actress.
  7. R. Shanina - Soviet solo sniper.
  8. R.Levina - (1908 - 1989) Soviet teacher, psychologist.
  9. R. Otunbayeva - Kyrgyz politician and diplomat, leader of the parliamentary faction of the opposition Social-Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan, proclaimed by the President of Kyrgyzstan in transition.
  10. R.Germanova - (1902 - 1995) Polish chess player, international master (1950).
  11. R.Li Parks - (1913 - 2005) American social activist, initiator of the movement for the rights of black citizens of the United States. The US Congress honored the girl with the epithet "The Mother of the Modern Civil Rights Movement."
  12. R.Kochisova - (1888 - 1910) Ossetian playwright.
  13. R. Baglanova - (born 1922) Soviet and Kazakh opera and pop singer (soprano), National Hero of Kazakhstan.
  14. R.Sverdlova - (1908 - 2003) Russian actress.
  15. Liz Assia - at birth - Rosa-Mina Scherer, Swiss singer, winner of the first Eurovision Song Contest, held in 1956.
  16. R. Tamarkina - (1920 - 1950) Soviet pianist.
  17. R. Dzhamanova - singer (soprano), People's Artist of the USSR (1959), Laureate of the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR (1972).
  18. R.Rymbaeva - Kazakh singer, People’s Artist of the Kazakh SSR (1986), Laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan (2004).
  19. R. Makagonova - Soviet film actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Rose in various languages ​​of the world

Translation of a name in different languages ​​has a slightly different meaning and sounds a bit different. In English, translated as Rose (Rose), in German: the name Roza (Rose).

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.

Origin and meaning

Translated from Latin, the female name Rose means “rose” or “queen of flowers”. According to the Western European variant of origin, it was formed from Rosa (Rose), which in turn came from the old Germanic name Hrodhaid, consisting of two semantic parts - “glory” + “state”, “gender”, “estate”. According to the Greek interpretation, the name also takes the meaning “rose” or “red flower”. Rosalia is a variant of this name.


Having called her daughter Rosa, her parents often pin great hopes on her. They expect their baby to stand out from the rest of the children, like a rose in the midst of wildflowers, overshadowing everyone with their beauty and talents. Probably for this reason so much attention is paid to her education. The girl with this name learns “excellent” in school and never associates with bad company.

Since birth, Rosa is a restless child. She falls asleep with difficulty. He sleeps, shuddering at the slightest noise. In addition, the girl is very picky in food. For no reason can abandon their favorite dishes, leading to a nervous breakdown of parents. Becoming a little older, turns into a real fidget. Keeping her in one place is as difficult as silencing.

With all her liveliness and external frivolity, Rosa is distinguished by great purposefulness and firm character. She receives a prestigious education, achieves career growth and successfully marries. True, all this is largely due to the efforts of parents who are striving to give their daughter the best.

The secret of the name Rosa hides quite a successful person in all life issues. And it does not depend on the time of birth. But the girl, born in the winter, has much less luck. It can be very difficult for her to get married, because no man falls short of the ideal she has invented.

Hobbies and hobbies

Since childhood, Rosa has been attracted to everything related to the household. She does not need to be reminded that it is time to get out of her room. The girl is literally obsessed with cleanliness and does not like very much when someone breaks once and for all the established order. On this basis, she often encounters clashes with brothers and sisters who are not as careful and pedantic as she herself.

Another passion is cooking. Most of all she likes to amaze loved ones with another culinary masterpiece. However, one should not think that the girl is completely fixated on household chores. She loves to read, never misses a new, interesting film, always up to date with all the fashion trends.

Profession and business

Talents Roses are multifaceted, and hard work - infinitely. Thanks to these qualities, she manages to get a good job in life. Among women who bear this name, there are teachers, actresses, journalists and translators. Often she has the ability to learn foreign languages.

Rose does not have good health and by old age can acquire many diseases. This is due to constant overload and unwillingness to give yourself rest. The nervous system and legs are especially affected.To avoid this, she needs to arrange fasting days, both in terms of food and in terms of work. It is necessary to get enough sleep and in no case do not wear gravity.

Family and marriage

Rose's family life is quite successful. However, there are all prerequisites for this. She is very picky in choosing a future spouse. Having married, never let the relationship take its course. But if he sees that he was mistaken in his life partner, he easily starts looking for a new one, or gets himself a young lover.

The representative of the name is sweet, charming and tender. From it you will never hear a rude word or a harsh utterance. The marriage usually gives birth to two children, in the upbringing of which she puts her whole soul.