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How to do - cat eyes - using makeup?

Makeup "cat's eye" makes the eyes more expressive and attractive. But to make it spectacular, you need to know the subtleties of this technique. In addition, to create the perfect arrows, you will need skills in their drawing. Knowing the basics of creating cat makeup, you can create an image of a mysterious lady.

The basic rules of this technique

Makeup "cat's eye" was known in ancient Egypt. Egyptians considered cats as sacred animals, so it is not surprising that women tried to resemble these graceful creatures. The basis of this technique is the creation of an oblong eye shape so that their corners are slightly raised.

To achieve the desired effect, you need to draw the correct arrows and carefully shade the shadows. The arrows must be drawn very carefully, so that there is no gap between the eyelash growth line and the contour. This technique is suitable for all girls and women, you just need to choose the appropriate thickness and color of the arrows.

What color do arrows

In the cat-eye make-up, a clear contour and correctly chosen liner color play a big role. Classic shades are black, brown or gray. Especially they are suitable for women over 30 years old, but young ladies can experiment with different shades.

Choose the color of the arrows you need, depending on the color of the eyes:

  • brown-eyed fit yellow, green and a palette of cold shades,
  • owners of green eyes need to have in their cosmetics an eyeliner of plum, lilac or peach shades,
  • for girls with blue or gray eyes, a pencil of golden or beige shades of blue is suitable.

Skin color is also important: the lighter it is, the brighter the arrows will be. Therefore, girls with a very light shade of the dermis need to especially monitor the accuracy of the arrows. Its tip should be thinner and shorter than more light in the room. If you decide to use black eyeliner, use it carefully, otherwise the makeup will seem aggressive, but not spectacular.

How to choose the right palette for makeup

Of course, the main role in this technique is played by arrows. But also from that, the shade of shadows is how correctly picked up, effect of a make-up will depend. The palette should be selected depending on the color of the iris.

“Cat's” makeup for brown eyes is best done in coral, blue and blue shades. At the same time, the lighter the color of the iris, the more delicate the palette should be.

Girls with green eyes will suit brown, purple and bronze. It will look spectacular cat makeup, made of black shadows. But they need to be careful with the green and gray range of shades.

A cold palette - plum, lavender and gray is ideal for blue-eyed people. Original will look makeup, made in orange and light brown shades.

What you need

In order to perform a cat's eye makeup, you will need the following:

  • mandatory cosmetic - eyeliner, pencil or liner,
  • if you're just learning how to draw beautiful arrows, use shadows instead of eyeliner,
  • makeup base,
  • tonal tool
  • powder,
  • rouge,
  • ink.

If you decide to draw arrows with a pencil, it is better to use it with a soft structure. Of course, the lines made with the help of a liquid eyeliner are neater and more effective, but you need to have skill in drawing arrows, and liners and markers are best left to professionals.

How to make makeup "cat's eye": instructions

It all depends on how carefully you can draw the correct outline. Below will be given instructions for creating makeup "cat's eye" with step by step photos.

  1. Any make-up should start with the preparation of the skin of the face - it is its cleansing and moisturizing. Then you can apply a tonal tool and powder.
  2. Apply a light shade to the entire upper eyelid.
  3. In dark color, draw an arrow, starting from the outer edge of the eye to the eyebrow line.
  4. Move the folds to highlight the darkest shade that emphasizes the tip of the arrow.
  5. Using a soft brush, carefully blend the shadows to create smooth transitions. Under the eyebrow, apply a light shade - so you make the look more open.
  6. With a pencil (eyeliner) draw the contour of the upper eyelid, and underline it with dark shadows.
  7. Paint your eyelashes with mascara.

Shadows need to use a single scale to make a mysterious and expressive look. This instruction will help you to make "cat" makeup neat and beautiful.

Do I need to paint my lips?

Many people ask: doing cat-eye makeup, is it worth putting emphasis on lips? The focus of this technique is on creating an attractive look, so they use eye shadow and eyeliner in a bright, rich color.

If you paint your lips brightly, it’s not a spectacular image, but a vulgar and lurid one. But if you think that without lipstick or gloss can not do, then choose the means of light shades.

How to draw arrows

Below is a step-by-step photo of cat-eye makeup: how to create beautiful arrows.

  1. First you need to mentally outline the line, which is then barely noticeable draw shadows of dark color or powder.
  2. Slightly lifting the outer edge of the eye, apply eyeliner in the upper direction.
  3. If you want to draw a wider line, first create a thin outline, gradually adding new layers.

If you want your makeup to look natural, do not pull out the tip of the arrow more than 0.5 cm. It is better to use a waterproof pencil so that the make-up does not spread and looks neat. You can draw a line from the outside of the lower eyelid - the look will be more dramatic and deep. The contour, drawn with the help of eyeliner, is clearer and brighter.

Drawing arrows with a pencil is very easy: put small dots at a short distance, then connect them with strokes. Take the tip of the outer corner of the eye towards the temple. If you are not sure that you can draw the same arrows, use a stencil.

Useful tips

Despite the ease of implementation, not everyone can immediately make this technique right. Makeup artists know some nuances that will help make you a perfect makeup.

  1. If you have narrow eyes, you can’t draw too thin a contour. If they are round, then the end of the arrow should extend noticeably beyond the outer corner of the eye.
  2. When you draw arrows, you do not need to close your eyes. Then you get them the same and at the right angle.
  3. Shadows are applied to the liner, otherwise they may peel off and the shade of the drawn outline will change.
  4. To sum up the mucous of the lower eyelid need kayalom.

By following these recommendations, you can create a real feline look that fascinates others.

For the day option, you can choose not so saturated colors. For example, to make it not in a gray-black gamut, but in golden brown. For evening makeup, you can use glitter shadows. It will be an interesting combination of brilliant eye shadow and ordinary eyeliner.

You can make and double arrows - this is when its tip is drawn in two different shades. It will look unusual and festive. Bold women of fashion can experiment with shades, replacing a black, brown or gray eyeliner with a brighter one.

You can also experiment with the colors of the pencil and shadows in the upper and lower eyelids. The main thing is that the selected shades fit you and emphasize the dignity of the eyes. And, of course, the arrows must be carefully executed, because this makeup focuses on the eyes.

No need to think that this technique is suitable only for a certain type of appearance. High-quality cosmetics, the right palette will help you make your makeup perfect. And depending on the type of arrows, you can create an image of a playful kitty or a predatory tigress.

This is an excellent technique to draw attention to your eyes and show all their beauty. And the acquired skill in drawing arrows will give you the opportunity to experiment with their shape, which will allow you to make this makeup more interesting.

What is it like?

For applying makeup, you can use different shades of pencils, eyeliner or shadows - the main thing is to get your eyes oblong, slightly elongated shape with slightly raised corners.

This make-up technique has been known for a long time - since ancient egypt, and the special peak of her popularity came in the middle of the 20th century, when the most popular ladies were transformed in this way - Sophia Loren and Bridget Bardot.

This make-up technique is no less popular, and now it’s not uncommon to see “cat eyes” in Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie and other beauties from Hollywood.

Basic principles

Options for applying such makeup is not small, but the main principle that in constriction and lengthening of the eyesremains single. To achieve this effect, you can use:

  • drawing arrows pencil or eyeliner, and you can only draw them on the upper eyelid or both,
  • shading shadows - This option is reminiscent of "smoky" makeup, but is more clear and expressive.

"Cat's eyes" can be applied both as a day and as a solemn or evening makeup - in any case, it will be appropriate, beautiful and attractive.

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What is required?

To draw "cat eyes" a certain set of cosmetics is necessary. You can't do without:

  • eyeliner, cosmetic pen or pencil - depending on the desired brightness of the finished makeup should choose a more suitable tool,
  • if you decide not to use the above tools, you can do without shadows - they are neatly shaded,
  • "Cat eyes" will look out of place on the unprepared skin of the face, so you will need makeup base, foundation, powder, blush,
  • quality make-up in this style cannot be created without good carcasswhich extends, tightens up and makes the cilia more voluminous.

Having a set of such tools in a cosmetic bag, you can easily create a new image and make your own face attractive and attractive.

Step by step technique

As with any makeup, apply "Cat's eyes" should start with skin preparation - it must be cleaned, smeared with a suitable cream and wait until it is absorbed.

The following stages these are:

  1. Overlay base. Matte foundation creams and powder are suitable as a base.
  2. Shadows are applied and carefully shaded.
  3. Draw arrows.
  4. Artificial or natural lashes are stained.

Makeup version “cat's look” - photo:

Shadowing Algorithm has its own characteristics:

  • the shadows of the darkest shade along the eyelashes on the upper eyelid are initially applied, their color can vary from rich black to brown or blue,
  • shades of a lighter tone, but of identical color gamut, are applied throughout the eyelid so that the eyes retain their natural cut and shape,
  • from the middle of the upper eyelid, darker shadows are applied to its edge, they need to be carefully shaded so that sharp transitions of shades are not visible,
  • in order to make the look more expressive and open, a small bright spot can be applied to the middle of the moving ages before shading shadows.
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The feature of drawing arrows

Saturated and expressive arrows can be created using eyeliner.

So, draw arrows should be like this:

  1. According to the intended line of application, dark shadows are applied with a thin layer (powder can be used).
  2. Slightly pulled up the outer corner of the eye, apply eyeliner in the direction of the temple.
  3. If you plan to draw a thickened arrow, it is recommended to first draw a thin arrow, and then enlarge it by painting on several layers.

To make the arrows beautiful, it is recommended to use high-quality eyeliner. And to eyes looked natural - you should not take the arrow beyond the outer edge of the “soul mirror” more than half a centimeter.

For drawing arrows in the pencil technique is recommended to use waterproof cosmetics. The arrows are simply drawn - in the upper eyelid, at a small distance from each other, they draw small dots, and borrowing them with neat and even strokes connect them to each other.

The arrow is displayed outside the outer corner of the eye and rises to the temple. When creating a "cat's eyes" on the eyes of a round shape, a pencil is applied on the inner line of the lower eyelid and connect with the arrow.

Do I need to focus on the lips?

Makeup "Feline look" in itself is quite bright, bold. His main task is focus on eyes, give them expressiveness and appeal.

But, nevertheless, sponge must be well maintained, before applying make-up, you can lightly rub them with a scrub to make them more bright and tender.

If you think makeup without colored lips unfinished, then use gloss or lipstick not bright colorsby applying them in a thin layer.

What mistakes should not be made?

It would seem - everything is simple when creating cat eye makeup. Nevertheless, there are several errors, the assumption of which would negate all efforts. These include:

  1. Wrong choice of length and width of arrows - for the already narrow eyes, thin lines are categorically inappropriate, and with round eyes the tail of the arrow should prominently protrude beyond the outer corner.
  2. When drawing arrows close their eyes - because of this, instead of the cat's open wicked look, we get a tired look, the arrows turn out to be asymmetric and not at the right angle.
  3. Shadows are applied after liner - this mistake can lead to the fact that you have to redo all the makeup, because even a small amount of loose shadows will change the color of the liner, which will be very noticeable.
  4. The mucosa of the lower eyelid is supplied with a regular pencil. - this should not be done, because the texture of the cosmetic is excessively hard and can injure the softest tissue, if it is necessary to draw the lower eyelid, use kayal (special pencil).

Competently applied makeup "Cat's eye" suitable for all women. It helps to give the face sophistication, and make the look charmingly weary, attractive and exciting.

On how to make cat's eye makeup in stages, you can learn from the video:


Makeup "cat look" - out of fashion. Flirty shooters admire men, and women give confidence, give a spectacular appearance and expressive look. Even in ancient Egypt, women, men and even pharaohs summed up the eyes of black coal, because the Egyptians considered the cat to be a sacred animal.

Cat makeup is universal. Choosing the intensity of the shooter and the shade of eye shadow, you create a casual make-up version in natural shades or a luxurious evening make-up in rich colors.

Makeup Guide "Cat's Eye"

Remember that makeup is not limited to one zone. Before starting to draw the arrows, prepare the skin of the face, and after making your eyes, pay attention to the lips.

To create a perfect make-up, you will need:

  • concealer,
  • liquid concealer,
  • loose powder,
  • eyeshadow,
  • eyeliner or liquid eyeliner,
  • mascara,
  • brushes and sponges for makeup.

Now we learn how to do "cat" makeup in stages.

  1. The classic “cat” make-up is performed in dark colors, which emphasizes the roughness and defects of the skin. Prepare your skin by applying a foundation or smoothing foundation for makeup.
  2. Makeup "cat's eye" involves focusing on the eyes, so prepare the eye area carefully. With the help of a liquid concealer, you will get rid of bruises under your eyes and mimic wrinkles.
  3. Apply loose powder to your face with a large brush or powder puff. Powder take on tone lighter than a tonal basis or transparent. Powder will fix tinting and masking tools, as well as create an optimal base for the shadows and pencil.
  4. Apply the selected shade of the shadows on the eyelids and sponge it. Use one or more shades of shadows, smoothing the borders.Do not get carried away with shading - the “cat's-eye” makeup implies clear lines, so it is sufficient to slightly smooth out the borders of the shadows. On the area under the eyebrows, apply pearl shade of a light shade - beige, white, pinkish (depending on the basic shade of the shadows and skin tone). Reception will help avoid fatigue in facial expressions.
  5. Carefully draw the arrow on the upper eyelid. Do not try to draw an arrow in one motion - make short strokes, which then merge into one arrow. To keep your hand from trembling, place your elbow on the table. Paint the gap between the eyelashes. If you have a waterproof pencil, draw a line along the inside of the upper eyelid. If necessary, draw an arrow on the lower eyelid.
  6. Liberally apply mascara. For evening makeup and makeup for photography, use false eyelashes.
  7. Apply to lips transparent gloss or lipstick of a gentle natural shade: rose petal, caramel, beige. If you didn’t use eye shadow, emphasize lips with red lipstick.

If necessary, tint eyebrows and apply blush on the protruding parts of the cheekbones. Makeup ready!

Makeup secrets

Do not think that the makeup "cat eyes" you do not go. There are ways to make-up, allowing you to adjust the proportions of the face.

  • Close-set eyes can be visually “moved apart” by starting to draw an arrow not from the inner corner of the eye, but slightly receding to the outer corner. Lower eyelid is better not to emphasize the arrow.
  • Far set eyes should be visually brought closer to the nose. To do this, bring the arrow to the border of the inner corner of the eye. The arrow on the lower eyelid can also be brought a little closer to the nose.
  • If you have bulging eyes, draw a thin arrow on the upper eyelid, without emphasizing the lower eyelid.
  • Narrow eyes visually "open" wide arrows in the upper eyelid, tapering to the outer corner of the eye.
  • For small eyes it is better to prefer soft pencil to eyeliner. It is necessary to abandon the clear lines and dark shades, blending cosmetics.

Experiment with the thickness, length and shape of the arrows, shades of shadows to achieve the perfect result.

Mistakes when making cat shooters

After studying the instructions for creating a "cat" makeup and several trial attempts, there should be no mistakes. But not always the trend make-up looks so impressive, like on a model from the screen - it means you should take into account the color of the eyes.

"Cat" makeup for brown eyes - it is brown and golden shades of shadows. Blondes can apply brown eyeliner and mascara, but brunettes should use only black mascara. Green-eyed girls can experiment with emerald and olive shades, as well as with violet-lilac gamma.

Owners of blue and gray eyes will look great with makeup in black and white, where it is allowed to use several intermediate shades.

Sometimes cat eye makeup is confused with smoky eyes makeup. Indeed, the result may seem similar, but they are different techniques. The main difference is that for “Smokey Ice” the shadows and pencil are carefully shaded, and for “Cat Ai” only the shadows are slightly shaded. The focus is on the clarity of the lines.

Cat's Eye: Walkthrough

You will need to create a solid image of a confident and classically beautiful lady:

  • 5 minutes of free time
  • A little bit of confidence

Women are natural make-up artists. Tutorial on how to perform cat makeup in daytime and evening versions provide. Today, the sacraments and secrets of professionals will be available. Types of makeup:

  • Classic cat eyes,
  • Evening dramatic
  • Double wing (wings diverge up and down).

Tips for how to achieve perfect shape

The shape of the eyes is important. If they are facing up, we follow the natural curve of the eyelash growth line along the eyelid. If the corners of the eyes are lowered, we represent the line of ascent from the extreme point and draw it. External corners require the most focused attention. And do not be afraid to make a mistake. Each correction is a necessary practice.

There is no certainty that the lines will be the same size - use a stencil. Having a geometric shape, you can not worry about further filling.

Day cat look

It is preferable to start with a simple one. To help step by step photos of the eyes, explaining every action. Color decision depends and eye color interrelated. Brown color - the most mysterious. Therefore, focus on this color.

What should be on hand to decorate brown eyes? Black or dark brown pencil, gel, brush. With technology, how to orient the outer corner of the eye, we have read.

The line along the eyelashes is initially running at a modest width. Subsequently, it will be adjusted if necessary. We trace uniformity of drawing.

Preliminary operations

Eye makeup includes a lot of operations, including the preparatory application of eye shadow on the eyelid, under-roof space. The base layer is not considered mandatory, but it is desirable - with it the color solution will remain unchanged until the evening. Performing the function of the soil, the base layer will allow more boldly to solve color transitions.

Applying shadows begins with the closest shade to the skin. He will perceive the secretions of the sweat glands and preserve intact the color gamut of the upper overlays.

Given that the makeup for the daytime allows defiant bright colors, the transitions of shades are smoothed, and without a preparatory layer this is also difficult for a professional. For the first layer fit a wide brush.

Pigment spots, dark circles under the eyes, other obvious or perceived imperfections of the skin are masked safely. It is not bad to revive dry thin skin and imbue it with the help of liquid cream.

War paint is applied taking into account the features of the structure of the eye. The outline of the bumps will prompt the correctness of the shadow overlay lines. Trust the inner voice. Eyelash eyeliner is a landmark that we follow without deviations.

The path to perfection

Brown eyes allow clearance in three different ways:

  • Classic, when the palette is limited to color variations from traditional peach to deep brown or cold dark gray,
  • Bold for fashionistas when the palette expands in the direction of bright colors: the range of lemon - orange is grouped by variations of violet, blue and dark blue,
  • Glitter metal. Gold, bronze are combined with smoky-matte shades of brown and black. Desperate avant-garde lovers, there is a chance to outshine the rivals.


Playing with shades of color seems difficult, but with practical exercises available. Conditionally divide the space above the eye into accent-semantic parts:

The eyelid is the area where the color is dosed, and going to the border of the fold, we increase the intensity of color rendering. The area under the eyebrow works in contrast: dark and light light colors are also applicable, taking into account personal preferences and the type of makeup. The fold of the overhanging century is an insidious place, here you have to work out a smooth transition of one color to another, without coarsening the connections.

Final touches

It remains to finish with eyeliner. Top eyeliner pull from the nose to the outside. Bottom - in the reverse order, thinning the line to the nose. Use a wet liner. The final touches require patience so as not to have to erase and make corrections. Do not try to draw a line in one motion, the connection of the segments will bring the best result.

Turned mascara. Do not forget to shake the bottle. Apply to the hairs with twisting brush. Thus visually increases the length of the eyelashes. Greater clarity is obtained when re-applying mascara on wet eyelashes. The cat's eye is ready to rivet the eyes of others.

Some tips

  • Use different-sized brushes, at the finish - the thinnest,
  • Keep them clean
  • Exercise
  • Experiment with color matching,
  • Remove makeup before bedtime, take care of your skin,
  • Use special makeup remover.

Basic rules for cat eye makeup:

Do you think that such makeup will not suit you? No matter how wrong! Just consider the features of the structure of your face when creating such a make-up:

  • If you have close-set eyes, you can visually increase the distance between them by drawing an arrow not from the inner corner of the eye, but slightly retreating to the outer corner. It is better not to let down the lower eyelid.
  • Wide-set eyes need to be visually brought closer to the nose. To do this, bring the arrow to the border of the inner corner of the eye. The arrow on the lower eyelid can also be brought a little closer to the nose.
  • If you have round eyes, draw a thin arrow on the upper eyelid, without emphasizing the lower eyelid. Narrow eyes visually "open" wide arrows in the upper eyelid, tapering to the outer corner of the eye.
  • For small eyes, do not use eyeliner, but soft eyeliner. You should also give up clear lines and dark shades.

The nuances of oriental makeup, depending on the color of the eyes

To make a beautiful and harmonious make-up in oriental style, you need to choose the right cosmetics. You will need a shadow, pencil or eyeliner. Of course, it is difficult to imagine such a make-up without mascara. In any case, when choosing a color range of cosmetics, it is necessary to take into account the shade of the eyes.

Makeup for brown eyes "cat look"

Such girls are perfect blue, peach, lilac eyeliner. Also a great option would be the yellow or green version. As for the choice of shadows, you need to take into account certain features.

For example, girls with bright eyes should choose pastel shades of shadows. Owners of saturated eyes are more suitable for dark colors. In general, brown eyes are in perfect harmony with coral, blue, blue shadows. An excellent option would be brown or peach color.

For green eyes

Owners of green eyes perfectly fit plum or lilac eyeliner. You can also choose a peach or golden solution. When choosing shadows, green-eyed beauties should pay attention to tones of brown, lilac, and bronze. Black shadows will be a winning option.

It should be very careful about green and gray shades. They are able to make your look tired.

For blue eyes

Owners of blue eyes are perfect eyeliner orange, brown or bronze. When choosing shadows, such girls should pay attention to plum, lavender, gray tones. It will be interesting enough to look orange and light brown solutions. At the same time it is very important to learn how to correctly combine shades with each other.

How to make make-up with a pencil: pencil technique

For maximum effect, it is recommended to choose a soft pencil saturated color. Its end is recommended to soften a little about the finger, and then carefully direct the upper eyelid towards the temple.

Now you can draw a neat line with a pencil. It should be held on the growth of eyelashes. It is important to observe maximum accuracy and avoid gaps between the roots of the eyelashes and the line. If they still appear, you need to gloss over these areas, performing vertical movements.

You can also make a line from the inside of the upper eyelid. Thanks to this technique it will be possible to make the look deeper and more dramatic. To extend the life of makeup, it is worth using a waterproof pencil.

As a result, you will have a basic make-up version. If you want to get a brighter and more unusual composition, you can use a few more interesting shades.

In addition to the pencil, you can use a liquid eyeliner to perform this type of makeup. She will allow to receive brighter and accurate lines. However, in order to apply it as carefully as possible, you should have the necessary skills.

How to draw arrows with shadows

At first it is recommended to use dark shadows that are applied along the growth of eyelashes located on the upper eyelid. The color can be different - dark blue, brown, black. It is very important to shade the contour well. This should be done in the direction of the fold of the upper eyelid.

Then you can switch to using shadows of the same color, but of a lighter tone. They impose on the middle of the rolling century. In this case, it is necessary to move to the outside and slightly go beyond the edge of the eye. Thanks to this technique, you will be able to simulate the incision and get the desired length of the eyes. It is important to remember about naturalness, otherwise there is a risk of getting a ridiculous composition.

The top layer will be the line of the darkest shadows. It should pass along the central part of the mobile century, and also slightly go beyond the edge of the eye. The executed lines need a bit of shading to avoid sudden color transitions.
To prevent the transition beyond the established limits, you can use a simple technique. For this, a folded napkin should be attached to the imaginary edge. To complete the make-up, you should use dark shadows, which are applied to the central part of the moving century.

Video tutorial on applying makeup in the style of "cat look"

To create a beautiful and seductive make-up in a cat-like style, you need to take into account certain features. The components of this makeup are the graphic design of the eyes, even skin tone and cream lips. How to apply cosmetics to create an attractive image? Watch the video:

Video: how to draw a cat arrow with eyeliner

To always look attractive, you need to learn how to choose the type of arrows to your face. In this case, you must take into account the shape of your eyes - thanks to this, you will be able to emphasize your strengths and hide flaws. How to choose the type of arrows, see the video:

Makeup, made in the style of "cat look", always looks very stylish and sexy. To achieve a stunning effect, you need to choose the right color scheme of cosmetics and learn how to apply it correctly. This will allow you to create a bright and rich composition for a festive party.

Makeup "Cat's eye" without the use of shadows

It involves the use of dark tones with an emphasis on the eyes, and all the dark tones are emphasized and highlight the flaws on the skin. To avoid this,
perform the first and important step:

  1. Thoroughly clean, moisturize and applymakeup base. Particular attention is paid to the area around the eyes. Smooth skin with concealer (masking not very deep wrinkles, blue and traces of fatigue). Prepare the eyelid for applying makeup and cover it with a beige base under the shadow, distributing it over the entire upper eyelid to the eyebrows. On top of the base we shade matte shadows in solid nuance. You can do this with a makeup brush or sponge.
  2. 2. Draw arrows.
    For beginners it is better to use cosmetic eyeliner, while it should be well sharpened. Liquid eyeliner can be used by those who already own it confidently. The arrow on the upper eyelid should not end at the outer corner of the eye, and continue a little diagonally upward. You can draw it in different ways:

  • start from the inner corner of the eye,
  • start from the middle of the eye,
  • start from the outer corner of the eye and bring the tail of the arrow towards the temple, and then draw a line from the beginning of the eye to this arrow.

To draw the arrows, you can use the following schemes:

When the arrow on the upper eyelid is ready, we emphasize the entire lower eyelid with a pencil or eyeliner, while moving along the row of eyelashes. The bottom arrow can also start from anywhere and should connect to the top. To make-up was not "overloaded", the lower arrow must be thinner than the top.

To complete the make-up, we stain the mucous eyes at the top and bottom, as well as the space between the pages.
3. Densely paint the eyelashes with mascara of the color painted by the arrows. If you are going to a photo shoot, then you can paste bundles of false eyelashes, this will give the makeup makeup for the photo shoot.
4. Covering the lips with a slight shine completes the “Cat's Eye” makeup. Since our eyes are the main ones in this case, the emphasis on the lips is not done, but we cover them with a moisturizing balm or a transparent shine.

Makeup "Cat's eye" using the shadows

  1. Using a wide brush, apply light-colored shadows to the entire area under the eyebrow.
  2. Shadows of dark color from the middle to the outer edge of the eyelid make a smooth transition from light to darker.
  3. In the crease of the upper eyelid, apply shadows of a dark shade. This line should connect to the dark spot on the outer edge of the eyelid.
  4. Above this dark spot, fill the entire area until the end of the eyebrow with light shadows.
  5. Draw a pencil or liquid eyeliner arrow on the upper eyelid. It lies clearly on the border of the eye and no shadows should appear below it.
  6. Draw the bottom arrow. It should be thinner than the top. The lower and upper arrows should join in one line in the outer corner of the eye and continue a little.
  7. Finish eye makeup with mascara. It can be with the shadows of the same color, but it can be just black.

Select the contours of the "Cat's eye" in the shape of the eyes

For each shape of the eye has its own, the most successful, contours. Let's watch:

  • Bulging eyes - we emphasize only the upper eyelid from the inner corner to the outer narrow arrow.
  • Близко посаженные глаза – визуально отдаляем их от носа. Добиваемся этого, акцентируя внимание на внешних углах глаз. Линию подводки не доводим до внутреннего уголка, а плавно завершаем, сужая, чуть дальше середины века. Для этого типа глаз нижнюю стрелку тоже лучше не прорисовывать.

  • Far set eyes - achieve the effect, as if the eyes are located closer to the nose. To do this, we extend the eyeliner line further than the inner corner of the eye ends. We emphasize both the upper contour and the lower one.

  • Narrow eyes - we draw wide arrows. They will help to “open” the eyes, but it’s not worth going too far. It is better not to draw the bottom liner line.

Choosing a contour shade for "Cat's eye" by eye color

Make-up "Cat's eye" can be performed in any color. If you use rich dark shades, then we get an evening make-up, and if we make the classic version with a black eyeliner without shadows, then we get a great everyday make-up. Here are the recommended eye shadow shades for “Cat Makeup” according to the color of your eyes:

  • brown-eyed - can use all shades of brown, gold and purple tones,
  • green-eyed - from blue to emerald green, olive tones, and also violet-lilac gamma plus pink shades,
  • blue-eyed and gray-eyed - all tones of a gray-blue scale plus violet shades will do.

Video with makeup lessons "Cat's eye"

This video presents the performance of the cat's eye makeup in a pencil, without the use of shadows. They tell in great detail what tools it is better to apply cosmetics and which color numbers to use.

In the video step by step shows the technique of performing makeup. Recommendations on the color scale are given.