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Birth certificate: what amounts and services it guarantees

Many girls, being in the position of not familiar with the subtleties of the procedure of registration of the birth certificate and its purpose. This document is a certain guarantee of obtaining high-quality medical services. Generic certificate - a program created in the framework of the priority national project "Health".

What is a birth certificate

RS (“red sheet”) is a financial document that has an amount approved by law, which is subsequently paid to a medical institution.

A woman is entitled to transfer it to any maternity hospital or women's consultation center, which is more like it. And no matter what area or city of the country it is located.

Approved certificate form 2018: how it looks

The approved document for 2018 is similar to the form of a sick-list. It is red and consists of six parts:

  • spine
  • ticket number 1,
  • ticket number 2,
  • coupon number 3.1,
  • coupon number 3.2,
  • birth certificate.

Spine (or registration part) - confirmation of the issue. Designed for the medical institution in which he was issued to the girl.

The addressee of the coupon number 1 is the Social Insurance Fund, the addressee is a medical institution. The coupon is intended solely to pay for the work of the medical staff of the consultation in which the woman was observed for more than three months. The coupon is calculated at the amount of 3000 rubles.

Talon number 2 is designed for the hospital. The medical institution will receive a sum of money if the delivery took place and were successful. The coupon is calculated at the amount of 6000 rubles. If the delivery was on a fee basis, the ticket is not filled out.

Coupon number 3.1 and 3.2 are sent to the children's clinic. The first one is intended for a medical institution where a child is observed for the first half of the year. The second ticket is sent to the institution that provided medical services during the second half of the child’s life. The coupon is calculated at the amount of 2000 rubles, that is, the cost of one half of the year is 1000 rubles.

The document itself allows a woman in labor to choose a children's medical facility. She gets it on discharge from the maternity hospital. The sheet contains information about the date of birth, weight, growth of the baby, and there is recorded the fact that the provision of medical care for women during pregnancy and childbirth.

How to get a birth certificate

To get the "red sheet" you must:

  • be constantly monitored by a gynecologist (you can have several at once, the institution where the woman in labor was longer) will be issued,
  • be registered for at least 12 weeks.

The document is not subject to recovery, however, in the case of loss, damage or change of data, the woman has ways to recover. The girl should visit the antenatal clinic, issued the document. This also applies to changing surnames. The data specified in the RS and passport data will differ, and therefore, is recognized as invalid. In this case, you need to contact the institution that issued it and make the appropriate changes.

In case of refusals to issue a duplicate should contact the higher authorities.

What documents are needed to obtain a generic document

To obtain a certificate, you must prepare a number of documents:

  • passport or other identity document (required) / birth certificate (for persons under 14 years old),
  • policy of compulsory medical insurance (CHI),
  • insurance certificate of state pension insurance (SNILS).


There are also a number of annexes to the regulatory document containing information on applications, destruction, correct filling of birth certificates, etc.

They are in the public domain, they can learn anyone.

No additional documents are required for issuing a certificate.

Is it possible to cash out a birth certificate

The document can not be cashed. If a woman visited a private clinic, it is not possible to pay for services with this certificate.

A birth certificate is a document that guarantees a pregnant woman the provision of necessary assistance, and a medical institution is financed by the state for the quality performance of professional duties. Thus, the state decided to take care of the future population of the country, trying to overcome the poor quality of medical services provided.

What gives birth certificate

For each type of medical services provided a certain amount of payments. According to the legislators, such a procedure for paying for work increases the interest of doctors in the provision of quality services, in a attentive and sensitive attitude to women in the situation. The document itself is divided into six forms, their purpose is deciphered in the table below.

Table - What is the birth certificate

The right to receive coupons Nos. 3-1 and 3-2 also applies to women adopting a child. But provided that:

  • the age of the baby at the time of adoption did not exceed three months,
  • in the same period, the child is registered in the children's clinic.

Conditions for obtaining

Not everyone can get a birth certificate. It is important to simultaneously fulfill the following conditions:

  • spend at least 12 obstetric weeks under the supervision of a doctor - if this period is not followed, the certificate is not issued,
  • regularly come to the appointment at the time appointed by the doctor - (even in the absence of complaints) if the patient is seen in “absenteeism” for three months in a row, the birth certificate will not be issued to her,
  • be observed and give birth in a budget clinic - medical services of paid clinics cannot be paid for with a certificate.

How to make and use features

For registration of a birth certificate at the next doctor's appointment you will need the following documents:

  • passport,
  • OMS policy
  • SNILS.

Refuse to issue a document can, if you do not have a valid passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. But for women in labor under the age of 14 years it can be replaced by a birth certificate. The last two documents may be missing, but only if there is a legal basis for this.

If the pregnant woman has moved to another consultation

It so happens that during the long nine months you have to go to another consultation, for example, when moving to another city. In such cases, if the woman was observed in various consultations, the coupon number 1 is received by the clinic that you visited for a longer time. And she must issue a certificate.

Therefore, if you served longer in the previous consultation, then you will have to go there. In this case, with a document issued in another city, there will be no problems upon presentation at the maternity hospital or children's clinic. Funding for services is federal, and a woman can choose any institution in Russia.

If the woman has chosen paid service

If the services for which payments are provided were provided by a commercial institution, the corresponding form of the generic certificate is considered redeemed, which will confirm the stamp affixed to it. For example, if you were observed in a paid clinic, then the certificate form should issue a polyclinic at the place of residence, putting down a “payable” mark on the first coupon.

If the woman in labor has not applied for a document, then the budget institution where the delivery will take place can independently take actions to obtain it. A similar algorithm is applied when the delivery was on a fee basis - a birth certificate will be needed in the children's clinic, where the newborn will be observed.

When payment is not received

The mechanism of the certificate is aimed at preserving the health of a woman and her child. Therefore, payment is not made in the following cases.

  • Death in the birth mother or baby. In this case, the money is not received by the hospital staff. The only exception is the death of the baby (s), while preserving the life of the mother or at least one child, if the woman bore twins or triplets.
  • Childbirth outside the hospital. For example, in transport or at home. Even if in the future the woman and the child are in the hospital.
  • Appeal to the children's clinic after three months from the date of birth. Payment is not received by employees of the institution.
  • Death of a child during the patronage of the first year of life. Payments also lose the staff of the children's clinic.

Increasing the amount of twins and triplets

In case of multiple pregnancies, coupons Nos. 1 and 2 are paid in a general manner, since these services are provided to the mother regardless of the number of expected newborns. But coupons №№ 3-1 and 3-2 will be paid for each child. The amount of remuneration to the staff of the children's institution increases in proportion to the number of registered children.

Any woman can receive a birth certificate if the established conditions are met, regardless of age, social status, health condition, or other criteria at the time the birth certificate is issued. In addition, foreigners can legally apply for obtaining a document. For example, in the presence of a residence permit.

What are maternity certificates?

The purpose of the generic certification program, launched in 2006, is to improve the quality of medical care for women and newborns. By creating a competitive environment in the health care system.

The generic certification act is a financial document, a form of strict accountability, giving certain powers to its holder for additional state support in the framework of free medical care and services.

  1. monitoring and assisting women throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Including:
  2. visiting the gynecologist,
  3. medical examinations of specialists
  4. testing,
  5. hardware examination
  6. obstetric aid,
  7. finding the mother and baby after birth before discharge in the maternity ward,
  8. dispensary observation of the baby of the 1st year of life with prophylactic examination of specialists (pediatrician, Laura, surgeon, ophthalmologist, orthopedist, neuropathologist).

The pink colored paper document consists of 6 main parts:

  • certificate itself
  • tear-off root, remaining in his issuing gynecology,
  • coupons.
Attention. The list of medical institutions participating in the state program can be specified in the FSS. Commercial clinics for the most part do not participate in the program.

How to pay for medical services certificates

The cost of the birth certificate in 2018-2019 remained at the same level and amounts to 11 thousand rubles. And this is the total amount of money calculated for the whole range of medical and related services.

The amounts indicated in the certification cards are allocated from the federal budget through the FSS. A large proportion goes to pay for medical gynecology and perinatal centers.

By means of such a document, the future woman in labor will be able to get the medical aid she needs both in her clinic or maternity hospital, and in any other medical institution to choose from. The main thing is that such healthcare institutions should conclude an agreement with the FSS. To pay for the services rendered in full, the medical institution receives a tear-off coupon.

Amount of payments

The generic certification act refers to documents that allow women to receive high-quality free medical services:

  • when carrying a fetus,
  • during labor,
  • in pediatric observation of a child after birth.

How the sums stipulated by the certification act are spent:

  1. part number 1 redeems the costs of gynecology for the management of pregnancy in the amount of 3 thousand rubles,
  2. part number 2 leaves the maternity hospital to pay expenses of 6 thousand rubles,
  3. part number 3-1 is to cover the cost of the services of a children's clinic from the moment of birth to 6 months baby in the amount of 1 thousand rubles,
  4. Part number 3-2 in the amount of 1 thousand rubles pays the expenses of the clinic for medical examination and treatment of the baby for 6-12 months.

Do you need expert advice on this? Describe your problem and our lawyers will contact you shortly.

What can not spend money

The certification act is issued only to pay for the services of medical institutions in which a expecting baby a woman can receive free medical assistance related to her pregnancy and childbirth.

This does not apply to the financial support of the mother herself, so it will not work out to cash out or spend it for other purposes. So, in particular, if a woman needs not a routine examination, but additional dental services with dental implantation, then this is not included in the free medical care package.

Attention. The generic certification act is also not used for partial or full payment for medical services rendered by private and budget medical centers under agreements on the provision of medical services on a commercial basis.

The certification act does not pay for additional medical services that are not part of the federal basic medical assistance program. If a contract for the provision of paid services is concluded, then you cannot repay your debt in full or in part with a certificate. In this case, the payment is made entirely by the woman in labor.

The amounts of the birth certificate are distributed only in the above directions. The law does not provide for another method of applying the certification act.

What help is not paid

It is worth noting that a woman is not obliged to give coupons if she believes that the quality of services was insufficient or they were not provided in full.

Important. To transfer payment vouchers is a right, not a duty of a woman.

Of course, in most cases, the nominal value of payment vouchers is not enough to cover all the real costs of medical institutions. However, as part of the main package of services for the management of pregnancy and childbirth, the government considers such amounts sufficient.

If the pregnancy has any complications and the woman needs special care, medical assistance for observation during gestation and childbirth, then such assistance is no longer included in the general free. Most likely, such assistance will require additional reserves, in addition to the certificate.

In any case, medical institutions are not entitled to demand payment from the pregnant woman. Their employees can only indicate the need for additional paid events. To agree on them or not is also the right of a woman.

Attention. Free assistance with obstetric care does not imply epidural anesthesia, so if you planned to give birth through such exposure, then you will not be able to pay for the services of an anesthesiologist with a certificate.

Therefore, it is better to get acquainted with the list of free assistance in advance and decide which option is more suitable.

We describe typical ways of solving legal issues, but each case is unique and requires individual legal assistance.

To solve your problem quickly, we recommend that you contact qualified lawyers of our site.

What is a birth certificate

A birth certificate is a document that is issued to a pregnant woman as part of the Health project. The main thing that gives birth certificate - high-quality medical support of pregnancy.

A birth certificate for the first child is issued simultaneously with the woman’s disability document.

When issued

It can be obtained for a period of 30 weeks. If the pregnancy is multiple, then it is issued at 28 weeks. Receipt of the document is made at the antenatal clinic at the next review at the specified time.

If a woman was observed in different institutions, then the certificate is obtained in the place where she was registered for a longer time.

The main condition for issuing a certificate in the LCD - continuous monitoring for 12 weeks.

Important! If a pregnant woman did not get registered in the LCD at all, then the certificate will be issued to her anyway, but already at the maternity hospital, and the first coupon will be considered already redeemed.

Note! A birth certificate is issued for the expectant mother, and not for the child. Therefore, even with multiple pregnancies, he will be alone.

Documents for birth certificate

Documents for obtaining generic money include:

  • identity card, i.e. passport,
  • SNILS or medical insurance policy.

Important! If at the time of receipt of the coupons you do not have enough of some documents, then you still have to issue it.

The certificate can be issued upon presentation of the exchange card. The reasons for which the document (s) were not presented are indicated in its respective columns.

Composition and amount of the birth certificate

The document consists of six components. These are: spine, four tear-off coupons and a certificate.

Spine - confirmation of registration certificate. He remains at the place of registration of women.

  • Coupon number 1 pays for services provided by the institution in the management of pregnancy. The nominal value of this ticket is 3000 rubles. Pay ticket coupon territorial bodies of the FMS.
  • Talon number 2. With it, the services of obstetric facilities are paid. Payment is made by the authorities of the FMS. The nominal value of this part of the certificate is 6000 rubles.
  • Talon number 3. It is divided into two parts: the first pays for monitoring the child until he reaches six months of age. The second part is the fee for the second half of the baby’s life. In monetary terms, ticket number 3 is 1000 rubles.

Непосредственно сертификат — это лист подтверждения помощи, оказанной в рамках проекта. Его выдают ей на руки при выписке из роддома.

The birth certificate for the second child is no different from the document issued for the first baby.

Paid antenatal clinics and maternity hospitals

The document is available only in public institutions. If the pregnant woman was observed in the paid center, then she can receive the document in consultation at the place of residence upon presentation of the exchange card. However, she will pay for the medical services rendered to her.

If the pregnant woman did not have time to receive the document, then she will be given her in the hospital. The first coupon will be redeemed, no one will receive money on it.

If the delivery is paid, that is, a contract has been concluded for the provision of medical services with a maternity hospital, they will not be paid. Birth certificates extend only to free delivery.

Will take in the hospital without a birth certificate

The lack of a certificate can not be a reason for refusing admission to the maternity hospital and children's clinic. Moreover, in the absence of it, these institutions can issue it to you themselves.

It is useful to remember that the article describes the most frequent situations and does not take into account many subtleties and nuances. To solve exactly your problem, get legal advice through the online consultant form or by phone:

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What it is and what it consists of

This is a special form of the established form. It consists of several parts (to facilitate visual perception, they are highlighted in light green and pink):

  • a spine that remains in the medical institution that issued the document,
  • ticket number 1 - to pay for outpatient monitoring of pregnant women,
  • ticket number 2 - to pay for maternity hospital services,
  • the main document confirming the fact of medical care,
  • coupon number 3-1 - for payment of services in the dispensary observation of an unborn child during the first half of the year of life,
  • coupon number 3-2 - for the second 6 months of medical observation of the baby.

Procedure for obtaining

Birth certificate when issued to a pregnant woman. Then there is a need for it. This happens for a period of 28-30 weeks. Receives his future mother at the same time with the document on temporary disability. Registration takes place in the women's clinic, where the woman is registered, and if she was observed in different institutions - then in the place where she was observed for a longer time.

The main condition for issuing a certificate in female consultation is that you need to be continuously monitored for 12 weeks.

To obtain a document a woman presents:

Spine and ticket number 1 remain in consultation.

Coupon 2 and the rest of the document are presented in the maternity hospital together with the exchange card.

At discharge from the maternity hospital, coupons 3-1 and 3-2 are transferred to the children's clinic to pay for the child’s observation procedure, and the mother’s hands are left with only the main part of the certificate to confirm that she received medical services during pregnancy and childbirth.

If the pregnant woman was not registered in the consultation and did not receive the document there, then it will be issued at the hospital. The first coupon in it will be redeemed, no one will receive money on it.

What is it for?

It is clear that no one will leave a pregnant woman or a newborn baby without medical care. Therefore, a natural question arises: why do we need a birth certificate? The main purpose of the appearance of this pink-green form in the framework of the national project "Health" was to increase the material interest of medical institutions in providing quality medical care to expectant mothers. Now, any female consultation is beneficial for registering as many pregnant women as possible. There is also an incentive for health workers to discourage a woman from terminating a pregnancy. In addition, there is an opportunity to choose a maternity clinic, in which the expectant mother intends to be observed during pregnancy, and later on in the maternity hospital.

Where to use

We are interested in the birth certificate 2018: how much is allocated for it? Its total cost is currently 11,000 rubles. Of them:

  • 3000 rubles is sent to the consultation, where the woman was observed before giving birth,
  • 6000 rubles is transferred to the hospital,
  • 2 times for 1000 rubles is paid to the children's clinic for each half of the dispensary observation of the baby of the first year of life.

These amounts are paid at the expense of the federal budget. It is impossible to receive money on individual coupons or in cash, since funds are sent specifically to pay for the services of health workers in order to improve the quality of medical care.

Certificates are issued only by municipal medical institutions. Serve to pay for their services provided to the population free of charge. If you were monitored for pregnancy or gave birth in a private clinic, then you cannot compensate for expenses for paid services using the certificate.

By the way, the absence of such a document for various reasons does not give a government medical organization the right to demand a woman to pay for medical services at her own expense.

Birth certificate: what it is and why

In our country, medical services provided to pregnant women - expectant mothers, are absolutely free. Of course, it is worth making an amendment here that this rule is not valid in non-state medical institutions.

But where does the money come from? And we get them from the social insurance fund. It is not the state that fills it up, and we are working Russians. Therefore, if a woman worked before the pregnancy, labor, then a part of her salary went to this fund. We are now talking exclusively about “white” jobs with a transparent payroll system.

Of course, we in Russia have a rather peculiar opinion about free services. Something from the series: "Free cheese is only in a mousetrap." So people think that everything free of charge, including medical services, does not represent anything good: neither should you be treated, nor the associated conditions. Perhaps in some institutions it is. But this is not common everywhere, we note fairness. And now let's go ahead and figure it out - is it really so?

Look, we have already said above that all officially employed persons transfer a certain part of their wages to social funds. Remember the tax on income, the size of thirteen percent of the RFP? Exactly. It follows that the services rendered in fact are not free. As a result, the opinion that doctors in such institutions are lazy and ignorant people who do everything carelessly is not true in most cases.

But mothers, we have a separate topic. There is no risk maneuver here, right? And if so, that is the meaning of additional funding. That is why the state introduced so-called “Generic Certificates”.

Let's move closer to the case and analyze what this document is. You are a pregnant woman and you have a certificate in your hands. What's next? Now you have the right to decide independently which medical institution to apply for medical services. These may be services related to pregnancy, birth and the subsequent observation of the child after them. The insurance fund contains quite specific amounts that a woman has the right to dispose of as she wishes. Of course, within the framework of current legislation and restrictions on the use of the certificate.

From this it follows that, if in the next genitive department there is a higher qualification of doctors, a better attitude towards patients or there are other significant differences, a woman can easily go there.

As you can see, obtaining a birth certificate in 2018 solves the problem of stimulating medical personnel - they will provide really high-quality services. Why? Because the number of potential customers who applied to them with certificates, and therefore money, will depend on this. All this is directly reflected in the wages of doctors.

What is the equivalent of the certificate?

In 2018, taking into account the reindexing of the amount, it is eleven thousand rubles. What they stand out for - you have already read: for all the services one way or another connected with the birth of a child. However, there is one very important feature here - the division of the document into several parts. Let's call them coupons. The bottom line is that each of them is assigned a certain amount for a particular service. Let's quickly understand more:

  • The first coupon is equivalent to three thousand rubles and is provided to pay for the services of antenatal clinic during pregnancy,
  • The second - six thousand rubles, and with its help you can pay for the services of the hospital,
  • The third and fourth - for a thousand rubles. Both are needed to pay for the services of children's clinics associated with monitoring a child during the first year of life (each voucher for six months).

Do you need any documents to obtain a certificate?

Of course, without paperwork is not enough. But in general, it is difficult to call it that way - the list of documents is minimal. No need to collect references and stuff. You will need:

  1. Passport.
  2. SNILS.
  3. Insurance policy of compulsory medical insurance.

As you can see, everything is really as simple and transparent as possible - here the government has tried its best!

Where should I go to get a certificate for use?

Fortunately, everything is easy here - you do not need to stand in lines, waste your time and nerves on all this, because you will not have to attend special institutions. You should only clarify during the next campaign in the antenatal clinic the following points:

  • The procedure for issuing certificates of this type in a particular institution,
  • Provide the necessary documentation to the responsible employees,
  • Wait for the result.

There is also one small nuance here - obtaining the certificate becomes possible only from thirty weeks of pregnancy. If you have twins, triplets, then with 28.

If you are registered in a private consultation, you will not be able to provide a birth certificate there. We'll have to contact the antenatal clinic, tied to the place of residence with the same issue.

Is it possible not to receive it and how does it threaten?

We already talked about the amount of the generic certificate in 2018, how to get it - you know. So, it remains to discuss only one single issue, indicated above.

To be honest, the certificate you will receive almost certainly. In female consultations you will be constantly reminded of him. But even in the event that there are any reasons for which you do not want to receive it or cannot do it - they are not entitled to refuse to render services in any state medical institution! So everything will be fine anyway!

In fact, you don’t need these documents - the medical institutions themselves need them. Therefore, it is better to take it and choose a good hospital, the best doctors. There is also a possibility that in the hospital or clinic, without your knowledge, they will issue such a certificate.

Would you like to choose your own? Then get it in your hands and use it on your own!

Birth certificate: what it is for

The birth certificate in 2018 includes 3 important points. Consider what a birth certificate is, what it is for, and, more importantly, what a birth certificate gives 2018, how much money is compensated.

Firstly, payment for services that are pregnant in the antenatal clinic in the amount of 3 thousand rubles.

Then - payment for services provided to the woman in labor in maternity hospitals, as well as in perinatal centers, in the amount of 6 thousand rubles, in addition, 2 thousand rubles are paid in the children's clinic for the dispensary.

Also, why do we need a birth certificate when issued? According to Appendix No. 1 to the Order of the Ministry of Health of Social Development of Russia No. 701 of November 28, 2005, the birth certificate provides for the payment of services of polyclinics for children who monitor the newborn in the first 12 months of life. At the same time, the amount of the payment is 2 thousand rubles: the first thousand - for the first six months, the second thousand - for the second, respectively.

When is a birth certificate issued? This document is issued to pregnant women with gestational age from 30 weeks. By the way, is it helpful to know how maternity pay is paid in Russia?

What documents are needed to obtain a birth certificate

Before getting a birth certificate, you need to prepare a package of necessary documents. Consider what documents are needed to obtain a birth certificate:

  • Passport of a pregnant woman
  • OMS policy
  • SNILS.

Some expectant mothers have a question where to give birth certificate after childbirth. After the child is born, his parents choose a children's clinic where the mother and child will be observed. The certificate coupons are given to this clinic. If you have lost the MHI policy, it is important to know how and where to get the MHI policy - a document that guarantees its owner insurance when using medical services in public health institutions.