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How long after childbirth can you play sports? When to resume sports after cesarean and natural childbirth

After childbirth, women often gain weight, which begins to cause a disturbed emotional background in a young mother. For women, the question of when you can and should start to play sports after giving birth becomes one of the most pressing. However, there is no definitive answer. The fact is that the body of a nursing mother is severely weakened by postpartum activity. That is why, before embarking on sports training, it should be restored and awakened.

A difficult moment for a woman is to start moving at last. A young mother has to experience discomfort. This phenomenon is caused by hormonal disorders. To mom to improve their own mood and to overcome depression, you can not despair the obvious signs of accumulation of fat. You need to force yourself after some time, even in the first month, to choose the most simple exercises. Even with breastfeeding nursing will be useful to engage in physical activity.

Of course, you cannot immediately overdo it in this business, since you can harm your health. It is allowed to begin to act only after consulting a doctor. Maybe it will take more time to recuperate - it all depends on the physiological characteristics of the woman. How many days will it take? As a rule, the process of postpartum rehabilitation in women begins in a month.

When are physical exercises allowed?

And yet, when to play sports after giving birth? If the birth was normal, then the woman can do gymnastics immediately after discharge from the hospital home. However, how much time must be allotted for the exercise, Mom herself should decide. During exercise, it is important to listen to your body. Exercises should not cause pain and discomfort, you can not do exercises when the body is not ready.

All movements should bring vigor, a surge of strength and, of course, positive emotions.

During breastfeeding classes, a woman should wear a supporting bra, which will help protect her breasts as well as comfortable clothing from stretch marks.

Light gymnastics

To lose weight after giving birth, mommy can perform simple exercises no more than 10 times. What kind of sports activities are allowed during breastfeeding, you need to ask the doctor. The final degree of readiness of the body of a young mommy for physical exercises can be easily checked by performing a simple test. It is necessary to lie face up, bend your legs, place your hands at the navel. Then, lift your head from the floor with your shoulders and feel your own tummy: when there are such gaps between the muscles that exceed the width of two fingers, you need to wait a little with the sport.

Up to three months

It is helpful for a woman to begin rebuilding her body by taking leisurely walks. When walking in the green zone, you can make movements such as walking on elongated socks or simple fluttering hands, slow turns with your head, body. Such exercises will help mom gradually begin to bring their weight to a normal state - to lose weight.

To lose weight in this way, how much should you do? Just 20 minutes of active walk in the park is enough. Such classes in the open air will help throw off about 200 calories. Also after some time, when a woman feels a surge of energy in herself, she can proceed to perform the most elementary movements:

  • Lie down, slowly bend your legs, lean your feet on the floor. Try to strain the abdominal muscles along with the gluteus maximus. Gradually raise the pelvis, repeating the action 10 times first, and then increasing this amount.
  • Lie down, draw the belly down as hard as possible, hold it as long as possible, continuing breathing exercises.

How many replays do you need? About 8–10 times, every day you need to increase the number of approaches. When it is 2 months after the appearance of the baby, even with breastfeeding, the woman can already begin water aerobics classes.

After 3 months, Mommy can attend dances when there are no contraindications. However, you should consult with your doctor about this.

Very useful after childbirth classes, which teach oriental dance. These workouts do not load the muscles, but they correct the peritoneum and thighs well. These dances also have a beneficial effect on the activity of the digestive tract and the urogenital female system. After some time, the result of such actions will please the woman in labor.

After 4 months

When will be 4 months, the female body is almost restored. Therefore, you can already begin to perform active exercises. It is recommended to do shaping, Pilates. When sports are held under trainer's supervision, a woman will be able to avoid uncontrolled loads and do the exercises correctly. This will help her protect herself from negative consequences.

First exercise after surgery

When a woman gave birth with a caesarean section, then she needs more time to recover. Allowed to engage in such sports that do not give a load on the muscle tissue of the abdominals.

Only the doctor, after completing the examination, is able to recommend when it is possible to proceed to active loads after the operation and begin to pump the press.

From the most simple exercises suitable for this category of women in labor, we can recommend to do workouts for the legs. Sit comfortably with a small pad under your back. Vigorously begin to rotate the feet, alternately straightening, and then again bending them. You can perform similar movements with your knees, straighten your legs. The first time after the operation to engage in sports is allowed, loading the muscles of the buttocks - slowly straining them, and then relaxing. Perform such actions at least 10 times.

We also recommend such classes:

  • Swimming. After the operation, they are allowed to start practicing only after a couple of months have passed. This period requires that the entire mucous membrane be restored inside the uterus. Swimming completely relieves stress, guaranteed to strengthen all muscle groups, tones the body, will not allow obesity.
  • Yoga. These classes perfectly tighten muscles, women relax, learn to control their own emotions.
  • Pilates. This is a type of fitness, which allows one to return to the main active loads after the operation if the woman feels restored. Exercises contribute to the solution of postpartum problems: they tighten the peritoneum, strengthen muscles.
  • Run. Although this is a very effective way to quickly restore the figure, it affects the woman quite a lot. To use this recovery option, you will have to wait nine months after surgery. However, doctors recommend even more to abstain, starting to run, only when the child is one year old.

Is it possible to play sports immediately after childbirth?

Doing sports after giving birth can and should be done. However, the question is when is this resolved? Immediately after giving birth, the woman's body is weakened and has not yet been restored. For full recovery, it will take about 6 months. Therefore, you should not make any sudden rushes to sports, and in the first 10-14 days even light physical exertion should be avoided.

Sports are not recommended to start earlier than one month after birth. Much attention is given to those women who gave birth with a caesarean section. In this case, physical activity should be limited to a longer period - at least up to two months. And while it is forbidden to engage in sports, a woman's body can be gradually prepared for physical exertion with the help of hiking in the fresh air, hassle around the house and with the baby.

How long after natural childbirth can you play sports?

If a woman gave birth in a natural way, without complications and ruptures, then you can start doing light morning exercises in 4-5 weeks. More active exercise is not recommended to start earlier than in 3-4 months. This is due to the fact that in the first months the uterus is still cleaned and restored, and excessive exercise can lead to serious consequences.

On the 4-5th month, it is allowed to perform exercises with elements of yoga and Pilates. During this period, it is recommended to start aqua aerobics classes. This sport has a positive effect on all muscle groups, while not requiring special physical exertion.

After the 4th month, a woman can sign up for shaping or dancing. Oriental dances will well correct the waist and hips, as well as adjust the work of the digestive tract. And classes in the gym are not recommended earlier than after 6 months. However, all the terms and types of loads are still recommended, previously, to discuss with a doctor.

How long after delivery by caesarean can I play sports?

Women who give birth with a caesarean section are given special attention. In the first days after surgery, rest is necessary. Physical activity in this case can play a fatal role and lead to seam divergence or the development of the inflammatory process in the postoperative scar. Light exercises on the type of morning exercises are allowed to perform only 2 months after birth.

Women who have had a caesarean section are mostly concerned with the shape and size of their abdomen. But, despite all the unrest, the first gymnastic exercises should not exert pressure on the abdominal muscles. Classes should begin with walking in place, leaning to the side, waving arms, squats. Morning exercises should not include more than 10 types of exercises.

After 5-6 months after cesarean section, with the permission of the doctor, you can begin yoga and dancing. The oriental style is especially suitable, since this type of dancing not only corrects the figure, but also favorably affects the hormonal background and the general health of the woman. Yoga classes help to relax, as well as to tone the whole body, gain strength and energy. Water aerobics and swimming are recommended after 6 months of motherhood.

Such activities are able to bring the figure of a young mother to almost perfect condition. Currently, there are special sections with developed programs and exercises for young mothers.

How long after childbirth can women play professional sports?

Female athletes are a special group of parturient women. Usually, due to their physical form, childbirth is painless and natural. However, due to hormonal characteristics, difficulties may arise. For an athlete, pregnancy itself is already a stress, because during it the normal routine was disturbed and physical fitness was lost. Therefore, professional athletes strive to start their classes in the first weeks after birth. Knowing such a professional feature, a doctor should warn a woman against early attempts at exercise. Return to the big sport after giving birth is extremely difficult. Therefore, giving birth to athletes usually continue their careers in the form of coaches.

However, it is still possible to restore the former physical form and try to return to professional sport. Due to the excellent physical shape and high endurance, the recovery process of the female body in athletes is much faster. Therefore, light exercise can begin to do as early as 10-14 days. A woman can not be too overworked.

Meals should be correct and regular. If the regime and schedule of training does not interfere with breastfeeding, then you can combine sports and breastfeeding. A prerequisite is a gradual increase in load. Such a buildup of exercises and workouts can bring a woman back to her former form and weight in 5-6 months after pregnancy. This experience has been proven by many world champions who have repeatedly won prizes at competitions and at the same time were young nursing mothers.

How does pregnancy and childbirth affect the female body?

Nature laid down so that when pregnancy occurs, all the resources of the woman's body are directed to the development of the fetus. The level of female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) becomes as low as possible, therefore the metabolic processes slow down. For this reason, during pregnancy, many moms gain a large number of extra pounds.

However, this is not the only factor. The weight of a woman is influenced by the swelling that often occurs during pregnancy. Moreover, during this period, her blood volume increases, her mammary glands are poured, the fetus grows with the amniotic membranes, so the mother's weight increases quite quickly.

As soon as the baby is born, the mother immediately loses weight of the newborn baby, amniotic fluid, placenta and some blood. Edemas that occur during pregnancy must pass, since there is no pressure on the kidneys anymore, so they must quickly restore their work. If the mother has fatty deposits, the only way to get rid of them is to exercise, since diets to nursing mothers are absolutely contraindicated.

Why not resume sports immediately after childbirth?

The duration of the postpartum period can be up to 8 weeks (but not less than 6). At this time, the mother of the woman should reconstruct after the labor and restore the normal operation of all vital systems.

According to experts, a full recovery occurs when half a year has passed. Perhaps motherhood will allow the woman to feel an emotional lift, but the mother's body will be weakened for some time.

During labor, the uterus is greatly enlarged and stretched, and then at the junction of the uterus with the placenta there is a bleeding wound, which is delayed only 40-60 days after delivery. This is the main reason for which women for some time can not go to the bath (sauna), swim in the pool and lift heavy objects.

If you immediately begin to exercise, blood circulation in the pelvis will increase, and this can cause abundant bleeding. Reckless overload can cause a number of serious complications, which is why doctors strongly advise not to show excessive physical activity during the first two months after labor.

Special restrictions exist for women who are undergoing a caesarean section. In this case, exercise is recommended to postpone for a longer period, but they can be replaced by active hiking with the baby.

When can I start playing sports?

How long does it take to go in for sports and lose weight? To determine the period when you can start sports exercises, you need to carefully listen to the state of your body. Exercise is a great way to cope with postpartum depression. However, if postpartum discharge is observed, it is still early to think about sports.

After natural childbirth without complications

How soon can you restore the former beauty and shape of the figure? Experts believe that the sooner you start to engage in any kind of sport, the faster your body will recover and return to form before the birth of a baby. However, the birth of a child in each mother occurs in different ways, so only a gynecologist can give permission to start physical activity. Moreover, not all sports are suitable for women in labor and nursing mothers.

Childbirth, which took place in a natural way without injuries and tears, are not an obstacle to physical exercise. In this case, the woman can begin to perform light exercises right in the hospital. Doctors call them restorative physiotherapy, as gymnastics is aimed at the main muscle group - chest, abdomen and back. Training of these particular areas can bring the entire female body into tone.

Some exercises designed to perform in a prone position are allowed to be performed a day after birth. If after two weeks the postpartum discharge has decreased, proceed to more complex tasks. It is worth remembering that it is better to go in for sports 2 months after giving birth and only on the condition that the woman has an excellent state of health.

Sports after childbirth should take place in loose form without a load of abdominal muscles

After natural childbirth with tears or episiotomy

If the birth proceeded with complications, the woman has breaks or an episiotomy procedure was performed, any physical activity is prohibited in the first month after labor. Even after this period, a preliminary examination and permission of the doctor. For such women, the ideal way to get back in shape is yoga. Главное — постепенно увеличивать нагрузки и внимательно следить за самочувствием.

После кесарева сечения

Кесарево сечение в каком-то роде облегчает рождение ребенка, но если рассматривать восстановительный процесс, он занимает значительно больше времени, чем после естественных родов. Therefore, the manifestation of even minor physical activity should be agreed with the doctor, who may insist on an ultrasound examination, but in any case after two months. Exercises of medium difficulty can be done four months after childbirth.

Physical activity after cesarean section should begin only with the permission of a physician.

In such cases, it is important to increase the pace of training gradually, because excessive intensity can cause pain at the site of the suture, provoke rupture or bleeding. Serious exercise is permitted only after 6 months.

How to start a workout?

First of all, a woman in labor must decide on the question of choosing a sport, taking into account not only her age, but also general well-being. When choosing exercises, it is important to analyze the load, because after giving birth to the mother, the hip bones, chest and spine are deformed for some time, so too much load can only harm.

The ideal option to bring the body and body into shape are dancing. For example, belly dancing is aimed specifically at working with problem areas after labor. In addition, the smooth movements of the body not only restore blood flow in the joints well, but also simultaneously strengthen the muscles of the chest and arms.

Water aerobics - the ideal form of physical activity for new mothers

Swimming and aqua aerobics are also a great choice. During the water treatments all the major muscles of the body work. It is worth noting that the burning of calories in water is much faster. You can go swimming up to 3 times a week. A woman must observe that the uterus does not bleed. The first workout in the water should not exceed 15 minutes, with time you can increase the time to 50-60 minutes.

The advantage of Pilates is that the workout can be done at home when the baby is resting. If you regularly perform simple exercises, you can easily remove the deposits on the sides in the waist, hips, to form an elastic belly and graceful posture.

When doing fitness (Pilates) it is recommended to adhere to the following useful tips:

  • clothes for classes should be comfortable and free, not holding down the movement,
  • the temperature in the room where the training will be held must be within 20 degrees,
  • it is necessary to empty the bladder before exercise,
  • exercise should be after the kid eats,
  • after each exercise cycle, it is recommended to lie down on your stomach so that the uterus shortens faster,
  • movements must be performed gently and smoothly.

Do physical exercises affect body recovery and lactation?

Recovery after childbirth in all happens in different ways. One is enough for 2-3 months, while others can clean up after 2-3 years. Choosing a sport to restore shape needs to be done very carefully and carefully - some types are associated with heavy loads and may well lead to depletion of the female body. In addition, heavy physical exertion and experiences are bad for feeding - breast milk may disappear altogether.

Light jogging in the morning or daily gymnastics will help prepare for further training. To date, many exercises and techniques have been developed, with the help of which you can regain a good shape in a short time, while maintaining breastfeeding. Do not forget that daily walks and games with the baby are also a load, so you need to save yourself and not overload your own body.