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Combination of vitamins or drink vitamins correctly

Vitamins, trace elements and minerals - is a force that nourishes our body from the inside, indispensable helpers guard our health. Specialists of the Slavic Clinic know that a beautiful and slim figure is impossible without proper nutrition, and proper nutrition without a balance of valuable substances coming from food or from special preparations. Natural sources are preferable - they are both healthier and safer for us. In this article, we will try to understand why we all need vitamin supplements and how to help ourselves without harm.

When we lack important elements, hypovitaminosis comes - a condition characterized by weakness, depression, irritability, drowsiness, deterioration of the skin and immunity. And the consequences of such inadequate care for yourself and your health can be very different:

  • Colds - a person who receives insufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals or does not receive them at all, runs the risk of becoming a regular customer of doctors. The whole thing in a weakening immune system, which can not repel an attack on the body with dignity. In it there is a gap through which penetrates SARS, influenza, viruses, colds. They do not meet with resistance, and we give up without a fight and endure a long treatment. By the way, the lack of beneficial substances can also lead to such consequences of diseases as frequent relapses, increasing the risk of complications after an illness.

  • Digestive disorders - poor appetite, indigestion, the development of colitis, gastritis and ulcers - all of these are consequences of a lack of valuable organic matter. Any doctor will confirm this - without vitamins and minerals, the body loses the energy it needs, we have vitality, and the stomach and intestines help in the absorption of food.

  • Heart disease - these are caused by thiamine deficiency, since heart cells are most sensitive to the lack of this substance. Energy starvation can not affect the work of the heart muscle - like the other internal organs.

When escaping from the deficit, do not forget about the compatibility of vitamins with each other, because the joint use of certain compounds can lead to insufficient absorption of important elements. Next, we will talk about what components should be taken exclusively in a pair and what should be remembered, taking care of the proper restoration of a weakened organism.

Compatibility of vitamins and minerals with each other: how to avoid overdose and not harm

Buying capsules or tablets that combine several organic compounds at once, you run the risk because you cannot take into account their compatibility. In addition, there is a high risk to exceed the permissible dose. We remind you: overdose is as dangerous as insufficient energy replenishment.

Will the benefits of taking multivitamins, which are generously offered in pharmacies? We advise you to find a pair for each important substance in advance or check whether all the components of the complex you are buying are combined with each other. And do not forget that a healthy diet, balanced for all valuable elements is not replaced by any additives: come to the "Slavic Clinic" for recommendations on the right diet to get everything your body desperately needs from vegetables, fruits and other beneficial and "Profitable" products.

The human body is a kind of chemical factory. In order for it to work without ceasing, we need various components: these are fats and carbohydrates, and minerals. But in order for nothing to interfere with the full assimilation of the listed components, it is necessary to monitor the compatibility, because some of them interfere with each other. There are those that help to complete the task (the energy supply of the body) in record time, and even those that can not be used by us for the intended purpose separately.

How not to harm yourself, deciding from which sources to get valuable substances? It is necessary to closely monitor the compatibility of vitamins and minerals. This is very important because the combination of the incompatible is dangerous to health: the body will not receive help, but the negative effects of organic compounds will be fully experienced.

Why we do not get good

Scientists have proven: nutrients interact with each other. This mutual influence is not always positively reflected in our condition - some increase the beneficial effect of others, and some prevent it from manifesting.

How to be with many loved multivitamin complexes, in which many completely different compounds? Our experts warn: when choosing, one should be extremely careful, especially when we need to decide on filling the deficit of micro and macro elements. Incorrect "mixing" can lead to adverse effects. Come to our clinic to avoid the negative effects of organic compounds and learn how to combine them correctly.

Now we know that:

  • B6 is a great helper in the absorption of magnesium.

  • D works well with calcium and fluorine - this compound improves their metabolism.

  • Without vitamin C, chromium and iron will not be properly absorbed.

  • Selenium is a trace element that can enhance the beneficial effect of tocopherol.

  • Zinc and manganese are good partners. Together they protect cells from destruction.

  • The benefits of iron supplementation increase severalfold if this important component works together with copper.

The following vitamins are well combined:

  • A + C and E,
  • B6 + B3,
  • B5 + B4, B9 and C,
  • C + A, E, B5 and B9.

These are examples that only confirm that some substances irreplaceable for our body cannot act alone - they need a partner in the struggle for health and the restoration of a weakened immune system. But there are those connections that should not be taken together.

Incompatible vitamins and minerals

It is believed that B12 ceases to be active, being paired with ascorbic acid. Scientists have proven that the joint reception of these two components leads to difficulty in the absorption of cyanocobalamin - it simply blocks it.

If you get a rash on your skin from taking thiamine, and other signs of an allergy soon made you feel, vitamin B12 will only strengthen it. Thiamine itself is completely incompatible with calcium and magnesium - these minerals reduce the solubility of the beneficial organic compound in water.

B2 + copper, zinc, iron

From a combination of these substances, only a sharply negative effect is possible - in such a company, riboflavin cannot be fully absorbed.

Cyanocobalamin has a high cobalt content and breaks down pyridoxine.

The latter slows down the absorption of folic acid.

In high concentrations, vitamin E does not help retinol to be absorbed.

The result of the combination of tocopherol with calciferol is a slower consumption of the latter.

Vitamins A and E block the absorption of vitamin K, so these substances should not be taken together - only one by one.

Here are some more facts that everyone needs to know in order to be aware of which combinations can lead to negative consequences:

  • Magnesium is not an aid to thiamine and tocopherol.

  • The combination of zinc and folic acid helps to reduce the solubility of these compounds.

  • If the level of magnesium in the body is steadily increasing, then you need to seriously think about filling the deficit of calcium and phosphorus.

  • Calcium, copper and iron interfere with the absorption of zinc.

All about the compatibility of vitamins, minerals and trace elements among themselves can be found in the table. We pay special attention to the fact that health problems can be avoided by correctly combining nutrients, eating healthy foods and looking after yourself. Be prudent and take separately those organic compounds that can harm in a pair.

What experts advise "Slavic clinic"

We recommend accepting elements that interfere with each other’s learning at different times of the day — for example, one during the day and one at night. This will help avoid negative effects and maintain a beneficial effect.

Some believe that the more active ingredients in multivitamins, the more useful they are. However, this is just a misconception that is actively promoted to the mass media. The value of the complexes, which are full of shelves of pharmacies - not in the amount of minerals and trace elements. Their healing properties can manifest themselves in full only if the body really needs to be fed from the outside. So to take such drugs is possible only with a significant lack of an organic compound.

In other cases, the best option would be to get everything you need to maintain vitality from the foods we eat. The main thing - do not forget about the right combinations.

What is more dangerous: excess or deficiency

The vitamins obtained by the body come out of it naturally - excreted in the urine. Much more difficult with microelements, which tend to accumulate. Their excess intake can cause serious illness.

  • Zinc - in case of poisoning it can develop fevers, indigestion and intestinal disorders.

  • Copper - a violation of copper metabolism - the cause of genetic diseases, and its excess leads to intoxication of the body. Symptoms - nausea, indigestion, sudden headaches, liver damage.

  • Fluoride - we all know that this trace element prevents the development of caries. However, exceeding the permissible norm leads to fatigue and lethargy, sudden weight loss, anemia, and bone fragility.

Residents of our country most often suffer from a deficiency of iron, iodine, magnesium, selenium. However, an excess of trace elements is observed only in one of six Russians. This is not only about toxic and hazardous substances - in the body, essential nutrients - iron, boron, chromium, cobalt - also accumulate.

Before you begin taking multivitamins, which include trace elements, find out whether it is necessary to replenish the body's reserves. It is not enough to read the article for this: come to the reception to our specialists. We recommend to visit a nutritionist: he will make the right diet, which will help you lose weight and get all the necessary nutrients at the same time. Do not forget: they are all in the products that we eat, and we just need to make the menu correctly so that our body does not need anything.

Source of energy and strength in winter: how to protect yourself in the cold

Is it possible to do without special complexes, if you make the diet correctly and take into account which vitamins are compatible with each other and which are not? Yes, but on one condition - if we strive to preserve valuable organic compounds, and not destroy them.

When meeting with clients, our specialists often give a good example: we all almost every day buy exactly the food that seems most convenient for us to prepare. Most of the products that meet us on the shelves pass through the stage of canning and additional processing. It was she who destroys the active substances, so beneficial to our body. Yes, and during storage, we constantly forget about vitamins, minerals and trace elements - scientists have proven that already on the third day of staying in the fridge of fruits containing ascorbic acid, some of it is lost.

By the way, the amount of useful elements in greenhouse tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers directly depends on many factors: the composition and quality of the soil, fertilizers, and the way vegetables are grown. So the calculation of the required daily dose obtained from food should be entrusted to specialists - it can be very difficult to determine it yourself.

What affects the intake of vitamins and minerals

Worsening can result:

  • Some drinks - coffee, strong tea. Milk can also have a negative effect. Try to either reduce the amount of these products, or use them separately from the energy intake (after 4-6 hours) - if you drink multivitamins.

  • Bad intestinal microflora is another factor affecting the absorption of nutrients. To restore the microflora, it is necessary to increase the proportion of plant foods in the diet - it is the one that favors beneficial bacteria.

  • Antibiotics - their reception will not bring harm, if at the same time drink probiotics.

Eliminate stress, help your intestines, improving its microflora, remember that there are incompatible vitamins, and eat properly. Following our recommendations, you will receive the necessary substances from food in full. Specialists "Slavic clinic" not only give useful tips, but also offer an individual program for weight loss with the right diet for each day, will help determine what your body needs. Change with pleasure - without restrictions and prohibitions. Return your slenderness and health - start a new life with us.

What is the compatibility of vitamins, or why the "red" are not friends with the "white"

The term "compatibility of vitamins" refers to the positive interaction of different groups of substances by enhancing the actions of each other. Therefore, according to the logic of things, when taking vitamins that are not compatible, there will be no positive effect on the body.

In the gastrointestinal tract, representatives of different sides of the barricades, i.e. antagonists, or become completely useless, or one destroys the action of the other, and this can in no way be affected by the protective capsule.

The same applies to trace elements. For example, vitamin B6 can be a catalyst for the absorption of magnesium, and D - to improve the calcium-phosphorus metabolism. Also, ascorbic acid is necessary for the successful absorption of iron. It happens and vice versa: taking vitamin C adversely affects the absorption of vitamin B12. In addition, everyone knows that vitamin A is successfully digested only with the assistance of fats.

Due to the fact that the history of vitamins has more than one year (they were first discovered by the famous biologist Nikolai Lunin at the end of the century before last), and science does not stand still, creating the newest vitamin complexes, the controversy on the theme of “uncombinable” does not subside. According to experts, ideally, you can take 10 vitamins and 13 minerals.

How to combine: find the optimal balance

Compatible vitamins are:

  • ascorbic acid, vitamins A and E.
  • K and B vitamins - 2, 6, 9,
  • B3 and iron,
  • Calcium, B6, B12, vitamins D and K,
  • vitamin E and selenium, sulfur,
  • manganese and zinc.

If we talk about vitamins of group B, then the B-1, 6, 9, 12 and PP variants that are ideally suited to each other.

They do not combine with each other, therefore between reception it is necessary to pass from 4-6 hours:

  • A, K, B12.
  • beta carotene and B2,
  • trace elements: iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium,
  • zinc and copper, copper and manganese,
  • B5 and copper, copper and vitamin C,
  • iron and vitamin E,
  • B9 and zinc,
  • B12 and C, E, B1, B3, copper, iron, manganese.

The optimal combination of vitamins can be determined by resorting to the help of special tables or online generators, which clearly demonstrate the principles of compatibility of a particular supplement. The conventions are intuitively clear: “H” does not interact and, therefore, does not affect each other, “+” reinforces mutual action, “-” is not recommended to be taken together.

And one more very convenient table of compatibility of vitamins and microelements.

According to experts, it is advisable to divide the daily dose of vitamins and minerals into 3 conditional parts with compatible substances. Such a measure will minimize the risk of allergic reactions and the release of the vitamin without health benefits.

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Recommendations for use: effect with a plus sign

In order to maximize the positive effect on the human body, it is necessary to adhere to the following basic principles:

  • take multivitamin complexes of synthetic origin after the main meal. It will reduce the risk of gastrointestinal side effects,
  • when injecting do not mix vitamins, even if they are compatible. It is necessary to inject each vitamin in a separate syringe,
  • it is necessary to take certain elements only in case of their real shortage, because in case of sufficient saturation with real vitamins, the benefits of synthetic will be completely invisible or excessive, which may not be good for the body, but, on the contrary, harm it,
  • in the case of the start of receiving special complexes, the course should not be interrupted and be from one to two months - in most cases, the result is visible only a month after the end of the reception
  • Vitamins should ideally be taken on medical advice, because only a specialist, taking into account various nuances - from diet to lifestyle - can choose the ideal treatment regimen.

Thus, in order to always maintain vitality and good spirits, everything, including taking supplements to the main diet, must be approached with the mind. Understanding the nuances is not difficult, especially if the key goal is your own health.