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Will Hexicon from thrush help?

From this article you will learn: Does Hexicon help with thrush? In some cases, you can use this medicine for the treatment of candidiasis, how to do it correctly. Contraindications, negative effects in the treatment of Hexicon. Its effectiveness in the treatment of thrush.

The author of the article: Alina Yachnaya, oncologist surgeon, higher medical education with a degree in General Medicine.

Hexicon is the trade name of the drug Chlorhexidine. The drug is available in several forms, only for local use:

Vaginal suppositories (suppositories) with dosages of 8 and 16 mg.

Vaginal tablets with a dose of 16 mg.

The drug Hexicon in different forms of release.

The main effect of the drug is to inhibit the growth of certain microorganisms that are sensitive to it. Mushrooms of the genus Candida - the causative agent of urogenital candidiasis or thrush - are not included in this list, the drug does not work on them.

What you need to know about the treatment of Candida inflammation Hexicon:

  • it is an aid to hygienic treatment of the genital tract for the duration of the course of treatment,
  • never use as the only medicine in the treatment of thrush,
  • rarely enters the modern scheme of correction of urogenital fungal infection,
  • not effective against Candida fungi, but inhibits the growth of other pathogens of genital infections (trichomonas, ureaplasma, chlamydia, herpes virus of the first and second types),
  • women use all forms of medication (suppositories, solution), injecting them into the vagina,
  • men use Hexicon only in solution for treating the glans penis and foreskin, washing the urethra.

Mushrooms Candida under the microscope. Thrush is a type of fungal infection caused by the increased growth of Candida yeast fungi.

Only a gynecologist, a urologist or a dermatovenereologist after diagnostic measures can decide on the inclusion of the drug Hexicon in the treatment regimen.

Indications for use

Hexicon is prescribed for the treatment of candidal infection of the genital organs in order to:

  • conduct additional hygienic treatment of the fungal area during the active treatment period,
  • jointly suppress candidiasis and other infections of the genital tract (trichomoniasis, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, gardnerellezis),
  • eliminate the growth of other microorganisms that multiply excessively on the mucous membrane of the genital organs against the background of the pathological growth of the fungal population (non-specific causative agents of bacterial inflammation of the vagina, urinary canal),
  • remove inflammatory changes in the genital area (especially in the case of a chronic form of fungal infection or concomitant purulent infection in the uterus, urethra).

The scheme for women (duration of use from 7 to 14 days)

To conduct hygienic treatment of the external genital organs and hands.

Lying on your back, insert one candle into the depth of the vagina to the height of your finger or 15–20 ml of solution using a special nozzle on the bottle.

After the introduction of 30-40 minutes, do not get up.

The procedure is carried out twice a day in 10-12 hours.

The introduction of candles into the vagina

Scheme for men (duration of treatment from 1 to 2 weeks)

  • Conduct hygienic treatment of the external genital organs, be sure to rinse the pocket of the foreskin.

Processing foreskin

Irrigation of the glans penis with a spray and its distribution over the surface

Application features

  • Can be used in the period of carrying a child, feeding with breast milk.
  • Permitted in pediatric practice: apply another form - Hexicon D with a lower concentration of the active substance.
  • Do not take a break in treatment for the period of menstruation.
  • There is no overdose of the drug, but if you increase the dose - the effectiveness will not increase.
  • Do not combine the use of Hexicon with soaps and soap-forming agents (available in all foaming cosmetic products) - they only carry out external hygienic treatment of the genitals.
  • After the introduction of the drug, if possible, do not urinate for one to two hours.

Side effects

Side effects associated with local use of the drug, rarely occur:

Redness of the mucous membranes and skin of the genitals.

Swelling of the tissue in the area of ​​application: moderate to severe.

Dryness, peeling of the skin in the area of ​​application.

Severe itching or exacerbation of what is with the disease.

Rashes of a different nature (small, large) on the background of an allergic reaction from the tissues.


Hexicon does not have antifungal effect. The drug can not be used as the main method of recovery from thrush, but can be used in the scheme of therapy to indirectly enhance the effect on the fungus.

Whether Hexicon should be used, will be decided by the attending physician individually for each patient.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hexicon in thrush

When thrush application Hexicon has several advantages and disadvantages. The drug is often prescribed for the detection of the first symptoms of candidiasis due to the presence of a powerful antiseptic agent, chlorhexidine.

The positive aspects of Hexicon directly depend on the chemical composition of the drug:

  • Suppositories Hexicon do not lose activity on the bleeding and festering sites.
  • The active substance of prolonged action for a long time does not lose its therapeutic properties.
  • Absolute safety, allowing the use of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Disadvantages of medication include:

  • Full resistance of yeast-like fungi to the active element in the composition of the drug.
  • Increased risk of developing a negative effect and possible destruction of the natural microflora in the intimate area.
  • The probability of exacerbation of already healed candidiasis.

Thrush after Hexicon develops against the background of dysbacteriosis, which has arisen with the incorrect use of Hexicon candles. The yeast-like fungus that is present in the vaginal microflora is considered to be the causative agent of thrush. Its pathogenic growth provokes the development of candidiasis.

Operating principle

Hexion treats thrush even though the drug does not belong to the group of antifungal drugs. The disease, with inadequate treatment, is able to penetrate the intestines and urinary tract. Candida fungi are constantly present in the body of a woman and are responsible for maintaining the normal microflora of the intimate zone.

Pathogenic growth of the fungus can cause a decrease in immunity. The level of bifidobacteria and aktobacteria is sharply reduced, yeast-like candida creates columns. At this time, the woman appears characteristic symptoms of candidiasis (itching, burning, cheesy discharge).

The principle of action of Hexicon is based on the ability of the drug to slow down the reproduction of the fungus. In some cases, there is a "reverse" effect, the disease progresses with a new force.

What to do if Hexicon provoked thrush

The reaction of the organism to the active substance in the composition of Hexicon is individual for each woman. Some women experience improvement after applying the dosage form invaginally. In 6% of patients after the use of suppositories for medicinal purposes, candidiasis enters the acute stage and the symptoms become more pronounced.

If Hexicon caused thrush, you must immediately abandon the use of suppositories for medicinal purposes. The patient should as soon as possible visit the attending physician, who will help you choose the most suitable analogue. It should be remembered that thrush can be transmitted to a partner. In this case, the man must also undergo treatment.

Dosing regimen

It is possible to use Hexicon for thrush as part of complex therapy.. Suppositories interact well with antifungal drugs in pills. Hexicon in combination with Fluconazole, Diflucan and Clotrimazole effectively eliminates the characteristic symptoms of candidiasis. Hexicon is not used as a single agent for vaginal candidiasis.

With regular use of candles Hexicon with thrush have a pronounced anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory action. Under the influence of the drug, the natural microflora in the intimate zone is restored, a decline in the growth of pathogenic microorganisms is observed.

The use of Hexicon candles for thrush requires certain patient manipulations:

  • Before using the vaginal rod, it is imperative to take a shower. The hygiene of the external genital organs is maintained with warm water and soap, the remnants of which must be flushed away without residue,
  • Suppositories must be introduced in a horizontal position, for this the patient must lie on his back, legs wide apart. Candles are not introduced deeply
  • After the introduction, you must wear clean underwear. Allowed to use personal intimate hygiene.

Hexicon candles from thrush help only if a woman strictly follows the dosing regimen and adheres to medical prescriptions. The course of application of Hexicon for thrush is 10 days. The therapeutic rate should not exceed 16 mg per day, which is equivalent to 2 suppositories. Suppositories put in the morning and before bedtime. An independent increase in the recommended therapeutic dosage is prohibited. The dose can be increased only after examination by a gynecologist.

Before abortion or surgery it is recommended to undergo a course of treatment with Hexicon. During pregnancy, the use of suppositories is possible with the permission of the gynecologist. Hexione from thrush during pregnancy is administered twice a day, then the therapeutic rate is reduced to 1 candle per day.

After intercourse without a condom, it is recommended to insert 1 rod into the vagina no later than 2 hours after intercourse. Some experts argue that the drug can prevent unwanted pregnancies. To do this, 5-10 minutes before intercourse, you must enter the suppository into the vagina.

Drug well tolerated by patients, situations with overdose, in the course of research has not been identified. Independent selection of medicines for thrush is prohibited. The use of Hexicon during thrush can be caused by the identification of additional pathologies of bacterial etiology in the woman's body.

special instructions

Drug therapy with the use of Hexicon for medicinal purposes should be accompanied by proper nutrition, personal hygiene, and a complete rejection of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

As mentioned earlier, thrush is progressing in a weakened female body. Reduced immunity occurs against the background of alcohol and nicotine abuse, with improper diet and in the presence of unhealed diseases of infectious etiology.

Harmful foods should be immediately eliminated from the diet. Preference should be given to fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and lean meat. Dairy products can not be completely excluded from the diet: it is recommended to use low-fat milk, kefir and cottage cheese daily. In the period of use of Hexicon, it is necessary to exclude from the diet smoked, fatty, spicy and sour foods.

Contraindications and side effects of Hexicon in thrush

Hexicon in the form of vaginal suppositories has practically no contraindications, with the exception of hypersensitivity and individual intolerance to the active substance. Adverse substances are often manifested in the form of minor allergic reactions, including rash in the perineum, redness of the skin and itching.

In 15% of patients, in addition to allergic manifestations, the following negative reactions to the drug are observed:

  • feeling the stickiness of the skin on the hands,
  • feeling of dryness of the skin,
  • cracking of the upper dermis on the legs,
  • slight change in taste preferences.

The last side effect often occurs on the background of the rejection of the previously familiar food.

Candles Hexicon for thrush are used more as a preventive measure than in medical. The drug can be included in the composition of antifungal therapy, along with medications that are active against Candida. Compliance with the recommendations of the doctor and the dosing regimen is considered mandatory. If patients, especially pregnant women, reject, they should contact a specialist and select a safer substitute with it. The use of drugs after the expiration date specified in the instructions is prohibited.

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About the drug

The active ingredient of the drug is chlorhexidine. This is a disinfecting component with a pronounced bactericidal action. The effect is achieved due to the ability of chlorhexidine to destroy the membrane of pathological microorganisms.

Such bacteria are most sensitive to it:

  • gonococcus
  • Treponema pallidum (causative agent of syphilis),
  • Gardnerella,
  • ureaplasma
  • chlamydia
  • trichomoniasis.

Produce the following forms:

  • vaginal suppositories (suppositories),
  • vaginal tablets,
  • irrigation solution.

The price of packing candles, 10 pcs. - from 250 rubles.

Hexion at thrush

The causative agent of the disease is a yeast-like fungus Candida. It is not a bacterium, and therefore the active ingredient - chlorhexidine - does not affect it.

When treating thrush, anti-candida therapy is necessary.

Why then appoint candles Hexicon in women? The development of candidiasis most often occurs against an imbalance of microflora, often caused by pathogenic bacteria.

Therefore, therapy is complex. Approximate treatment regimen:

  • The appointment of Hexicon to eliminate pathogens.
  • Anti-candidal drugs for the fight against fungus.

Self-medication is unacceptable. Drugs and dosage prescribed by the doctor based on the results of the survey.

It is useless to treat thrush with chlorhexidine alone. Without antifungal drugs, the drug is not effective.

In the video about the treatment of candidiasis

Instructions for use

Women are prescribed vaginal suppositories 1–2 times daily. Duration of treatment is 7–10 days.

As a prophylaxis after unprotected sexual intercourse, you need to insert one candle into the vagina no later than two hours.

The drug is usually well tolerated. Rarely causes allergic reactions, itching occurs in the region of the external genital organs. Symptoms disappear after drug withdrawal.

It is safe in treating pregnant women, as it is not an antibacterial, but a disinfectant.

Application procedure:

  • Wash hands with soap and water before the procedure.
  • In the prone position, insert the suppository deep into the vagina.
  • Further, it is recommended to lie for at least 15 minutes, as under the influence of body temperature the suppository melts and flows out.

It is better to use daily sanitary pads for treatment.

Sex should be discontinued at the time of the course.

We recommend reading the article about what causes thrush in women. You will learn about the causes of the disease, the effects of weakened immunity and stressful conditions, possible diseases, as well as the possibility of infection from a man.

How to cure thrush folk remedies quickly? Read here.

Recommendations gynecologist

Hexion for thrush is effective in complex therapy.

Indications for appointment - mixed bacterial infections in combination with candidiasis or fungus.

Does the drug help with thrush? The instruction does not involve the use of candles as monotherapy. But the use of Hexicon relieves the symptoms of the inflammatory process, as a result of candidiasis passes.

For adverse events, the drug should be discontinued and contact your doctor for a replacement.

Hexicon Effects

Like any medicine, the drug Hexicon has both positive and negative aspects of the effects on the body.

This preparation contains chlorhexidine digluconate. It is quite a powerful antiseptic, and it actively exterminates pathogens that cause various diseases that are sexually transmitted.

Among the "goals" that destroys Hexicon, are ureaplasmas, chlamydia, trichomonads, spirochetes.

So in gynecological medical practice Hexicon is actively used for the treatment and prevention of syphilis, colpitis, gonorrhea, herpes, as well as trichomoniasis and ureaplasmosis.. Does Hexicon help from thrush, many experts do not know exactly, although it is popular. This is due to its well-known advantages.

Here with mastitis in young mothers is not so simple. To feed or not, how and when, all this is important to know if you are not indifferent to your health and the health of the baby.

Pros of Hexicon

The advantages possessed by Hexicon are due to its chemical composition:

  1. It is precisely known that Hexicon remains effective, even if there are significant amounts of blood and pus in the affected areas.
  2. On the epidermis, the drug is kept fairly stable and long, without losing its effect.
  3. He has almost no contraindications, so doctors often prescribe Hexicon during pregnancy from thrush, as well as during lactation.

Due to its effectiveness and the absence of contraindications, Hexicon is sometimes used as a local contraceptive.

Cons Hexicon

Although Hexicon from thrush can be very effective, it also has its drawbacks. Thus, the yeast-like fungi, which cause thrush as such, are completely insensitive to the action of chlorhexidine. Although Hexicon exterminates many infections, it can have a negative effect instead of a positive one.

The point here is quite simple. Like any antiseptic drug, Hexicon can disrupt the natural microflora of the female genital environment. After that, as soon as the intake of the drug is over, the newly acquired infection will be able to cause thrush in an even more acute form. However, hexicon candles are still prescribed for thrush anyway - so why?

Other methods are used in the treatment of fibroadenomas.

And about galactorrhea it is better to find out everything at once at the address, including the symptoms and the description of the disease.

Action of Hexicon in thrush

Candida fungus is not an immediate threat to the body. Moreover, it is part of the natural environment - the vaginal microflora. Uncontrolled growth of colonies of these fungi is caused by external factors, the main of which is recognized as the impact of infectious pathogens.

Why is Hexicon from thrush effective? Because it copes with bacteria and other microbes that violate the natural balance of the vaginal microflora. With an infection that is mixed bacterial and fungal in nature, Hexicon successfully relieves swelling and inflammation, significantly reducing pain.

Detailed instructions, which are prescribed after a medical examination and delivery of all tests, should not include only one method of Hexicon, otherwise you can face the already mentioned harmful consequences.

It is important that gels and vaginal suppositories of antifungal nature are also prescribed to help cope with the immediate source of the disease. These are fluconazole, diflucan and other drugs.

So the treatment is prescribed in several stages:

  1. Conducted all the necessary medical research.
  2. Hexion is appointed as a means of combating infectious pathogens.
  3. Other drugs are prescribed to combat the multiplied fungus.

Of course, a complex of drugs of any origin should be chosen exclusively by a doctor, without self-treatment and self-will. A prerequisite for successful treatment is personal hygiene. In addition, treatment may include the appointment of a diet food. At the same time, carbohydrate products are primarily limited. And dairy products are prescribed in large quantities.

Thus, Hexion from thrush can be considered one of the best solutions. This antibacterial drug does a significant part of the work, however, for a complete and final cure, it is necessary to prescribe it in combination with other drugs - antifungal.

Does Hexicon from thrush help?

With symptoms such as itching, cheesy discharge with smell and burning, specialists diagnose candidiasis. Against thrush immediately prescribed antimycotic drugs. Most often, the disease is treated with special antifungal suppositories. Also prescribed for treatment and Hexicon.

The opinion of experts about the effectiveness of this tool is ambiguous. The drug does not possess antimycotic properties, respectively, will not help destroy the infectious agent.

The active ingredient is chlorhexidine digluconate, capable of eliminating mixed infections. It is one of the main components.

Doctors are convinced that in the fight against candidiasis, Hexicon can even aggravate the situation and increase the pathogenicity of the microflora. This is due to its strong antiseptic effect. However, the drug still has a beneficial effect on the course of vaginal thrush, and after cessation of its use, the fungus again begins to actively develop.

You can avoid this. Effective treatment involves taking antimycotic drugs. Simultaneously with them, Hexicon is prescribed for thrush. The following drugs are used in the process of therapy:

To remove the swelling of mucous membranes characteristic of thrush, it is possible with the help of Hexicon. Also, this drug eliminates and inflammatory processes that accompany the disease.

Active ingredient and its purpose in gynecology

Hexicon is a drug with a pronounced antibacterial effect. It consists of a powerful antiseptic chlorhexidine digluconate that can destroy gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and protozoa.

The Hexicon is effective against thrush, coleitis and a number of other diseases. To cure diseases caused by certain varieties of pseudomonads and Proteus, the tool can not. It does not affect lactobacilli, as well as those viruses and bacteria that are resistant to the effects of an acidic environment.

Due to the pronounced antibacterial action of Hexicon, it is actively used in the fight against such diseases:

  • ureaplasma and genital herpes,
  • urethritis,
  • colpit,
  • candidiasis.

Use this tool in the process of preparing for various gynecological procedures: abortion, childbirth, the installation of the intrauterine device. Despite the fact that the drug is not able to destroy the causative agent of the disease, it is prescribed for thrush.

Forms of release

Hexicon is available in several forms:

  • oblong tablets
  • candles from thrush,
  • external solution,
  • gel for topical and external use.

The choice of a particular drug should be carried out exclusively by a specialist. He is able to choose the exact dosage and determine the duration of therapy.

Instructions for use candles Hexicon

Apply candles Hexicon for thrush in combination with antimycotic agents. Thanks to the combination therapy, it is possible not only to remove all the symptoms of the disease, but also to restore the vaginal microflora, relieve puffiness and eliminate inflammatory processes. You need to use candles, strictly following the instructions for use:

  1. First of all, you need to lie down, bend your knees and arrange them to the sides.
  2. Insert the suppository into the vagina to the depth of the index finger.
  3. Move your legs and lie down for about half an hour until the drug is dissolved, and a kind of mini-bath is formed in the vagina.
  4. The course of treatment is ten days. Daily introduced two candles.

It is recommended to introduce candles for the night and at the same time use the gasket, because after a short time the drug flows out.

During pregnancy

This drug has virtually no contraindications, which is why it is prescribed even for the treatment of thrush during pregnancy. Only the dosage of the drug changes. The course of treatment is ten days, but only in the first three days you need to enter two suppositories per day. Then just use one candle per day.

The drug does not enter the bloodstream and has only a local effect. Accordingly, it has no effect on the fetus. That is why the drug is allowed to use even in early pregnancy.

Side effect

In some cases, the drug can cause side effects, with the manifestation of which it is not necessary to stop treatment. Only when they cause severe discomfort, the remedy is canceled. All unpleasant symptoms disappear after a couple of days.

Among the side effects are the following:

  • dry epithelium and mucous membranes,
  • stickiness of palms,
  • change the shade of tooth enamel,
  • problems with taste buds,
  • itch
  • formation of tartar.

Thrush after Hexicon

The drug has a powerful antiseptic effect and contributes to the normalization of the vaginal microflora. This creates an unfavorable environment for the development of the fungus. But as an independent means to consider Hexicon is not worth it. He cannot overcome candidiasis.

With proper treatment with antimycotic agents, the chances of recovery are maximized. It is extremely important to observe all the rules of intimate hygiene.

Although the Hexicon does not belong to the main drugs intended to eliminate the disease, it is with its help that the treatment process can be maximally accelerated.

Pharmacological properties

To understand whether Hexicon helps from thrush, first you need to understand its composition and pharmacological properties. The main active ingredient in these suppositories is chlorhexidine digluconate. This is a local disinfectant, which has a pronounced bactericidal effect. It is produced in the form of vaginal tablets or small suppositories that are administered intravaginally.

The pharmacological effect of the drug is based on the ability of chlorhexidine to alter the properties of the bacterial membrane. Under its influence, there is a violation of osmotic equilibrium in the membrane, leading to the death of microorganisms. To it are especially sensitive:

  • chlamydia
  • pale treponema (syphilis),
  • gonococcus
  • ureaplasma
  • gardnerella vaginalis
  • trichomoniasis
  • bacteroids,
  • some protei strains
  • psevdomoandy.

From the above, we can conclude that the use of Hexicon in candidiasis is not appropriate, since Candida is not a bacterium. Antifungal agents with high fungicidal activity are necessary for its destruction.

Candida develops its vigorous activity only with weakened immunity and dysbiosis, when the balance of microorganisms is disturbed. ”

Areas of use

Instructions for use candles Hexicon contains the following indications for use:

  • prevention of all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact,
  • before surgery on the female reproductive organs, before natural childbirth or artificial termination of pregnancy, before the introduction of an intrauterine contraceptive device or soon after such a procedure, before hysteroscopy or laparoscopy, before and after cauterization of cervical erosion,
  • treatment of mucosal inflammation and disorders of the vaginal microflora (combined, unclear ethology, trichomonas).

Quite often, Hexicon is prescribed during pregnancy in the third trimester, but it has nothing to do with thrush. As a preventive measure, it is used several days before the expected birth. The main objective of the drug is to disinfect and clean the birth canal and vagina. Such prophylaxis reduces the risk of infecting a child with any kind of infection during labor.

Judging by the testimony, suppositories Hexicon are not positioned as a remedy for thrush. At the same time, there is no reason to believe that Geksikom does not help at all with this pathology.

Candida fungus in most cases peacefully coexists with other microorganisms (gonococci, trichomonads). With such combined vaginal infections, the use of Hexicon helps to relieve swelling and signs of inflammation effectively. This may explain the fact that doctors still prescribe candles Hexicon from thrush to all women.

Mode of application

Candles Hexicon, according to the instructions, are administered intravenously in one piece, mostly in the evening before bedtime. The treatment course can be from 7 to 10 days. The candle is inserted deep into the vagina.

Do the right way to help such recommendations:

  • Before starting the manipulation, you must thoroughly wash your hands using natural soft detergents. If the patient has washed her hands with ordinary lumpy soap, then before the introduction of the suppositories, they should be washed well under running water. Or you can use disposable fingertips.
  • During the insertion, you need to take the correct posture - pull your knees up to your chest, and with the help of an applicator, move the candle deep into the vagina. Remove the applicator slowly and carefully. A hexicon is usually sold without an applicator, so if a woman does not have this item from other candles, then you can inject the drug with your finger.
  • The introduction of Hexicon implies deep intravaginal. If a candle or vaginal pill is inserted shallowly or incorrectly, then it will quickly come out of the vagina, or begin to melt and drain on the laundry.
  • After the procedure is not recommended to move. The drug due to the basics of suppositories flows even in the supine position, and moreover the picture worsens if you get up and walk. During the treatment course, sanitary pads should be used and replaced more often. After sleep, be sure to produce hygiene of the external genital organs. At the same time detergents and soaps with an anionic group should not fall into the vagina.

Sexual intimacy at the time of treatment should be abandoned.

If the patient uses Hexicon not only against thrush, for example, for the prevention of infections transmitted during sexual intercourse, then one candle is prescribed once, which should be delivered no later than 120 minutes after unprotected sex.


The use of Hexicon for thrush occurs in the treatment of mixed forms of bacterial candidal vaginal infections. However, quite often in women who used this drug for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, thrush appears after the Hexicon as an unpleasant “bonus”. This unpleasant phenomenon can be avoided if before starting treatment to conduct a full examination and get advice from an experienced specialist.

When using such candles, patients not only complain about the abundant cheesy discharge characteristic of candidiasis, but also watery, colorless or bloody. The fact that after Hexicon appear discharge characteristic of thrush is not entirely explainable by the action of the drug, since chlorhexidine does not affect the vaginal microflora. Most likely this occurs against the background of a weakened immunity of the patient.

If there is a lot of discharge, but it is colorless and watery, then this is quite normal. But the bloody discharge may appear for such reasons:

  • Sexually transmitted diseases stimulate the production of mucus, which irritates the walls of the vagina, and can cause injury to blood vessels, leading to secretions from the blood.
  • If suppositories were prescribed before cauterization of erosion, then discharge from brown to bright red should not surprise the patient.
  • Injury of the mucosal vessels against the background of inflammation, which can occur if the wrong dosage of the drug. For therapeutic purposes, you can not put more than 2 candles per day, and in prophylactic no more than one.
  • During treatment, a woman may prematurely start menstruating. But the changes of the cycle are not influenced by Hexicon itself, but by the pathology for which it is assigned to eliminate.
  • If there is discomfort, itching in the vagina, burning sensation and bloody discharge, this may indicate that the patient has an increased sensitivity to chlorhexidine or auxiliary components that form the basis of the suppository.
  • When using candles for prophylaxis, the patient may not refuse sexual intercourse, but in this case it is possible to introduce the candle no earlier than 2 hours after sexual intercourse. During sex, microtrauma may appear, due to which a small amount of blood appears. Suppositories in the vagina dissolve and flow with droplets of blood.
  • The disease is not detected during the initial examination. Various pathologies (fibroids, polyps, oncopathology) can cause bloody discharge. And candles in this case only contribute to the ingress of blood into the fluid secreted from the genital tract.

For very heavy bleeding, you must immediately refuse to take the drug and seek medical help. You should also do if the symptoms of thrush worsen or appear when Hexione treats another disease.

Chlorhexidine action for candidiasis

Most women are aware of this condition, such as vaginal candidiasis, but when symptoms are detected, very few people are in a hurry to go to a medical institution, starting an independent treatment. Not knowing exactly the Hexicon candles from what help, patients begin to use the drug without understanding its pharmacological action.

Very often the answer to the question: does Hexicon help from thrush, women search the Internet instead of going to a doctor? And there are described stories in which the drug helped eliminate the symptoms. But the fact is that chlorhexidine does not have any effect on yeast-like fungi, besides its use can aggravate the situation - the active substance kills all bacteria, including the beneficial ones, that resist the spread of Candida fungi. Therefore, Hexion candles from what are used, can provoke.

A positive point is the fact that chlorhexedine does not reduce the activity of lactobacilli - the main competitors of yeast-like fungi that can restrain their growth.

Candles Hexicon from thrush will help only partially: they will eliminate abundant secretions, relieve swelling and inflammation, reduce itching a little, if used as a monologue. But it is worth considering that with the abolition of the drug the disease will appear with a new force.

Therefore, for the treatment of candidiasis, it is more expedient to combine chlorhexidine with drugs that destroy the infectious agent. They are represented by both local and systemic antimycotics (for example, fluconazole, clotrimazole, pimafucin).

The use of antiseptics for candidiasis

Indications Hexicon indications for use are limited to sexually transmitted diseases, inflammation of the vagina, vaginitis.

Hexion from thrush helps if candidiasis is accompanied by other sexually transmitted diseases, which happens quite often. Then the antiseptic allows you to restore the vaginal microflora, destroying pathogens.

Doctors recommend Hexicon against thrush for the following reasons:

  • its effect is not affected by menstrual flow, so candles can be used for menstruation, without delay treatment,
  • the concentration is long preserved on the mucous membranes,
  • does not penetrate the systemic circulation, therefore, Hexicon is prescribed from thrush during pregnancy and during breastfeeding,
  • does not affect the effectiveness of other drugs
  • rarely causes side effects.

The drug is made not only in the form of candles, but also a solution. Preference is given to suppositories because of the ease of use and the ability to strictly control the dose.

During childbirth, local remedies are most often used - candles. From thrush during pregnancy, Hexicon is prescribed as a prophylactic, especially if a woman has bacterial vaginosis, which often becomes the cause of candidiasis.

Chlorhexidine treatment regimen

Like all vaginal suppositories from thrush, Hexicon is inserted into the vagina to the depth of a finger in a supine position with legs bent at the knees.

Suppositories are available with different shares of the active substance - 16 and 8 mg. Also, the drug is on sale in the form of vaginal tablets. For many women, the form of tablets is more preferable than candles. The latter increase the amount of vaginal discharge and involve the use of sanitary pads.

Candles Hexicon do not have instructions for use for thrush, but they can be used during menstruation and against the background of other vaginal diseases accompanying candidiasis, according to the following scheme:

  • In the morning and in the evening one candle deep in the vagina.
  • Duration of use - from 1 week to 10 days, depending on the severity of the disease.
  • When using the tablet before the introduction, it is moistened in warm water.

Hexion for thrush during pregnancy is prescribed in the first three days of treatment - two candles each, from the fourth day one suppository is administered each. The duration of the course is determined by the doctor.

During treatment with chlorhexidine, in order to achieve a positive result, sexual activity should be abandoned.