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How men increase testosterone in natural ways

  • 55 ways to raise testosterone levels. The most comprehensive guide
  • How to increase testosterone production
  • How to increase testesterone levels


Considered methods, how to increase testosterone in men, are most effective in the complex. By following them, you can achieve not only excellent well-being, but also tremendous success in both public and sexual life.

Experts call testosterone a hormone that made a man a man. The level of testosterone largely determines the sexual orientation and style of behavior of men. Sculptural modeling of muscles on broad shoulders, more active than women metabolism, the ability to continue the race? This is not a complete list of the functions of testosterone in the male body. Men with a 10-12% decrease in testosterone, this male sex hormone is effeminate, soft, sensitive. Conversely, those with testosterone levels in the blood are 10–12% higher than the norm, characterized by aggressiveness, lowered self-preservation.

1. Increase muscle mass
2. Burning fat
3. Activation of metabolism
4. Strengthening bone tissue
5. Protection against cardiovascular and other diseases
6. Providing secondary sexual characteristics and erection
7. Control of sperm production and their ability to fertilize
8. Maintain increased interest in the female sex.
9. Prolonging youth and increasing life expectancy.
10. Recharge cheerfulness and optimism
11. Formation of a masculine character offensive, active, initiative, relaxed, fearless, gambling, prone to adventures and improvisations.

Symptoms of reduced testosterone levels

1. Decreased libido
2. Erectile dysfunction
3. Reducing the brightness of the orgasm
4. Reduction of sexual hairiness
5. Reducing the volume and density of the testes
6. Increased irritability
7. Decreased ability to concentrate
8. Decreased cognitive functions, memory
9. Depression
10. Insomnia
11. Reducing "life energy"
12. Decreased muscle mass and strength.
13. Increasing the amount of adipose tissue
14. Osteoporosis
15. Reducing skin tone and thickness ("flabbiness" of the skin)

So how can you increase testosterone levels, absolutely safe for health?

1. The first method is rather psychological. The point is to reproduce the state that is usually maintained by the normal level of the hormone testosterone. We are talking about the need to win. This option is the fastest way to increase the production of hormone in the body. To do this, it is enough to set real goals and achieve them. Soon you will see that the number of male harmonies has indeed increased.

2. Think like a man. To feel like a man, you must think like a man! What is our goal, what are we born for? Be confident in yourself and in relationships with the opposite sex!

3. Keep yourself in a sexy tone. Watch movies with erotic content, buy men's magazines. Regularly visit dance floors, meet girls. The more friends you have, the better. Do not chase the number of sexual contacts. Even simple daily communication with girls increases testosterone secretion.

4. Think about sex. This may seem a little strange, but when you think about sex, you stimulate the workings of testosterone.

5. Equalize to biorhythms. Set sexual, athletic and labor records when the testicles emit large amounts of testosterone in the blood: at 6-8 and 10-14 hours. From 15 to 24 hours, try not to strain - during this period the hormonal "factory" operates at low speeds. The maximum amount of hormone is produced at 7 am, the lowest level testosterone level reaches at 8 pm.

6. Morning sex. In addition to burning a few extra calories each morning, you get a surge of testosterone. So us, men, there is one more reason to stir our girlfriend in the morning.

7. Laughter and rest. Cortisol is the main enemy of testosterone. Cortisol blocks the production of testosterone and increases the level of estrogen. Laugh, get rid of stress, and you can be sure that your testosterone levels will increase soon.

8. Good sleep. Sleeping for less than 7-8 hours can disrupt your daily rhythm. Therefore, do not be surprised if after many hours of work, visiting dirty sites, and the club until the morning, your sex engine will start to break. Try to sleep well at night for 7-8 hours. Lie down no later than eleven.

9. Burn excess fat. Fat contributes to the secretion of estrogen. That is why men with “beer belly” have feminine features (wide pelvis, narrow shoulders, breast augmentation). If your weight is 30% more than your ideal weight, you can forget about the normal production of testosterone.

10. Do not be afraid to sunbathe. The sun is very important for increasing testosterone levels. And it's not just vitamin D, the sun plays a very important role in the functioning and rejuvenation of the human body. This does not mean that you should look like “muklomen” =) Just keep in mind that at least occasionally the sun should break through your T-shirt! According to a study conducted by scientists from the University of Graz, Austria, published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology thanks to vitamin D, tanning increases testosterone in men. Since vitamin D is produced by the body under the influence of sunlight, scientists recommend light-skinned people to get sun-baths on their face and hands for at least 15 minutes daily, while people with dark skin may need three times as much time. Researchers tested the relationship of vitamin D and testosterone to 2,299 men for several months. They found that vitamin D levels and testosterone levels peaked in the summer months and fell in the winter. They also found that men who had at least 30 ng of vitamin D in every milliliter of blood had the highest levels of circulating testosterone.

11. Excess estrogen and xenoestrogens. To get rid of excess estrogens that reduce the production of testosterone by your body, you can eat more raw cruciferous vegetables, such as head, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, bok choy, radishes, turnips. These vegetables contain a substance called diindolylmethane, which helps the body get rid of excess female hormone. You can also eat more fiber to naturally cleanse your body and get rid of toxins that cause excess estrogens. Most fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes are high in fiber. Xenoestrogens are artificial estrogens found in pesticides, artificial growth hormones and steroids, air fresheners and plastic containers. Xenoestrogens increase the level of the female hormone, reducing testosterone levels. Therefore, try to avoid the consumption of fruits and vegetables containing pesticides, animal products (meat and dairy products) grown using artificial growth hormones and steroids. For storage of food and water, use glassware, not plastic, because plastic products usually contain xenoestrogens. Do not use perfumes or air fresheners, which contain parabens as one of the ingredients, it is a xenoestrogen.

12. Say goodbye to alcohol. To maintain a healthy level of testosterone, and a good erection, you need to get rid of alcohol. Alcohol affects the endocrine system, causing your testicles to stop producing male hormone. Alcohol intake also causes the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Which breaks down muscle fibers. Everyone knows about the dangers of alcohol for the body of an athlete. In addition to the negative effects on the internal organs, it also contains estrogen, which further suppresses its own testosterone. In addition, alcohol washes away zinc from the body. To a large extent, all this relates to the favorite drink of men - beer. If you already choose between beer, vodka or brandy, give preference to stronger drinks (vodka, brandy).

13. Smoking. It has been scientifically proven that nicotine and cotinine in cigarettes also inhibit and reduce testosterone production.

14. Overheating of the testicles. Your testicles should be several degrees below body temperature in order to function better and increase testosterone production. If you wear tight underwear, skinny jeans, take a hot bath for a long time, keep your laptop on your lap, or do other things that cause your testicles to overheat, you will prevent testosterone production.

Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals

15. Eat more often in small quantities. By “more often” is meant 5-6 times a day. Objective: to speed up the metabolism. You know that the better the metabolism, the faster the fat burning process, and thus improves the production of testosterone. It is important that your body naturally increases testosterone levels by providing a slow and steady stream of nutrition. Achieving this goal serves fractional power. And breakfast should be the most nutritious.

16. Use everything created by nature. Does not consume processed foods and beverages that contain chemicals and additives. This is the main cause of low testosterone. Chemicals and processed foods destroy our hormones and provoke obesity, cause anxiety and depression. Eat unprocessed, whole foods.

17. Eat carbs. Low carb diets destroy your testosterone levels because carbohydrates are the main source of fuel in every cell of our body. If proteins consumed with food are building blocks for building tissues of the whole organism, then carbohydrates are builders.

18. It is scientifically proven that healthy fats increase testosterone levels in the blood. Eat healthy fats. Eat lots of healthy fats throughout the day. This is a great way to increase testosterone and sexual desire.

What kind of food fats are useful:

- bananas, salmon, linseed oil, peanut butter
- nuts, milk, olive oil
- egg yolks

19. Consume more zinc. The beneficial properties of zinc were discovered relatively recently, but their effect on the athlete's body turned out to be really important. It has been proven that zinc does not give testosterone to turn into estrogen. In addition, it stimulates the conversion of estrogen to testosterone. This suggests that zinc plays an essential role in maintaining a high level of testosterone in the blood. Along with nutritional supplements, there are also foods rich in this substance.

20. Selenium - 200 mg dose. Selenium is involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone. It has a direct effect on the function of the hormone and childbirth. Zinc and selenium to every man after 40 must be taken continuously. Selenium is very much in garlic. Semen without selenium is immobile. It includes the detoxification of male poisons in the liver, such as gasolines and everything related to cars.

21. Another way to increase testosterone is to consume foods rich in the indispensable amino acid, arginine. A recent study found that men taking about two grams of L-arginine per day for two weeks showed an improvement in testosterone production. In another study, where men took five grams of L-arginine per day, they showed similar results.

22. Meat is the food of a predator. No vegetarian product will give the body cholesterol - the basis of testosterone production. Also, the metabolism of this man requires zinc. Steak, beef mince, beef-planers should be on the menu every day - this will solve the problem of how to increase testosterone levels in men. But the meat should be lean. 2 chicken breasts or 200 grams of canned tuna is an ample portion of animal protein per day. It is better to forget about pork, lamb and beef.

23. To pay attention to the gifts of the sea: oysters, shrimps, squid, scallops and crabs. Since ancient times, their influence on male libido and potency has been known.

25. Use olive oil. Olive oil will help you boost testosterone. A well-known fact is that olive oil helps in restoring the tissues of the human body and increases the level of hormones.

26. Forget about soy and products from it. It is proven that soy reduces testosterone levels. So when buying products in stores, pay attention to the content of ingredients in sausages, wieners, sausages and other "meat" products.

27. Salt dramatically reduces the production of testosterone. Men love salty because of the acidification of the body. The fact is that sodium, which is part of the salt, lowers the overall acidity of the body. But sodium has an unpleasant property: with a large amount of salt used, it reduces the level of testosterone.

28. Sugar. If a man wants to increase the level of testosterone, he must almost completely abandon the use of sugar and salt. Men, on average, eat 12 tablespoons of sugar per day. In effervescent drinks like Sprite and Coca-Cola, there are 55 tablespoons of sugar per 1 liter of drink, despite the fact that 6 teaspoons of sugar is the upper permissible limit per day for a man. Women, unlike men, are more fortunate: they can not limit themselves in the amount of sweet.

29. Caffeine. While it is present in the body, it almost stops the production of testosterone and sperm. In fact, caffeine, entering the bloodstream, destroys testosterone molecules. For a man, it is permissible to drink no more than 1 cup of coffee per day, and it is natural coffee. By the way, drinking instant coffee is strictly forbidden to a man, since the effect of this coffee is such that under the influence of instant coffee, testosterone contained in the man's body instantly turns into estrogen (female sex hormone). If you do not want your breast (I mean men) to grow, become a more feminine face, and stop growing facial hair, do not drink instant coffee. Tea, unlike coffee, does not act on testosterone and you can drink it as much as you like.

30. Meat with hormones. All imported meat (beef, pork, poultry) is now produced with hormones. In order for cattle to quickly increase the weight and amount of fat, they are literally stuffed with hormones. 80% of the hormones that give pigs so that they quickly increase the amount of fat - these are "female" hormones. Normal meat in our time can be found, probably only in the market or in the village. As a rule, there is no estrogen in lamb and fish.

31. Fast Food. If a man wants to be a man, he should not eat in the fast food system. Fast food contains mainly the products mentioned in the previous paragraphs of this article and other harmful ingredients. There is such a wonderful film called “Double Portion”. Take a look, and the desire to attend fast food you will disappear.

32. Vegetable oil and mayonnaise.
Sunflower oil can also be consumed, but we must remember that it slightly reduces the level of testosterone. It all depends on the combination of polyunsaturated acids that make up the oil. Men are not recommended to eat a lot of mayonnaise, as it consists mainly of vegetable oil.

33. Effervescent beverages (with carbon dioxide) ranging from mineral water and ending with Coca-Cola and energy drinks. They contain substances that “acidify” the body, sugar, craving amplifiers (such drinks, strange as it may seem, dehydrate the body.), Caffeine.

34. Smoked meats due to liquid smoke. Smoked products directly affect the tissues of the testes, which actually produce testosterone. Smoking should be natural, better if it is hot.

35. Dry red wine. It is grape red wine, not dyed alcohol, which is very often sold under the guise of wine. Red wine inhibits aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen. The rate of wine per day - no more than a glass. This does not apply to vodka, nor to champagne, nor to brandy, or to moonshine, or white wine. These drinks have a negative effect on testosterone production.

36. Spices inhibit external xenoesterone (phytohormones). Cardamom, chilli peppers, curry, garlic, onions, turmeric. Spices are the basis of Indian cuisine. Studies show that the level of spermatogenesis (sperm development) among Indians is orders of magnitude higher than that of Europeans. Spices play a huge role in this.

37. Take vitamin C. Along with the strengthening of immunity, this vitamin, like zinc, inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. You should not buy vitamin C separately, it is better to buy a multivitamin complex at once, as part of which, in addition to vitamin C, there are other important trace elements.

38. Take vitamins A, B, E. These vitamins also help in the production of testosterone in the body. A competent balanced diet will help maintain their level, but the multivitamin complex also does not hurt.

39. Витамин Е. У него совершенно особая функция. Между инсулином и тестостероном существует определенная дистанция. Инсулин не должен близко подходить к тестостерону, иначе он его инактевирует, т. е. разрушит. Витамин Е является транспортной базой, которая встраивается между ними, если они идут на сближение. Vitamin E is an antioxidant wonder of nature. Vitamin E - protection of testosterone function. Female hormones are very persistent, they themselves can redeem any aggression, but the male hormone, on the contrary, needs protection, and the best protection is vitamin E. Vitamin E does not allow to cling to excess hydrogen. Vitamin E has anti-corrosion treatment.

40. Engage in strength exercises with dumbbells, a barbell or exercise equipment, but no more than 3 times a week.

41. The best exercises for raising testosterone levels are basic ones, namely: squats, deadlifts, bench presses or dumbbells lying, bench presses, pulling, bars.

42. Avoid overtraining. Too frequent exercise can negatively say not only on the psychological state (severe exhaustion), but also on the hormonal level. Take breaks between trips to the hall to restore their strength. The optimal amount is 3-4 workouts per week.

43. Aerobics is for women. Aerobics, exercise on the exercise bike lead to muscle fatigue, which in turn increases the concentration of cortisol in the body and decreases testosterone. In this case, cardio loads are not useful, but act against men.

44. Training in the company of beautiful ladies. In general, the female sex raises testosterone well. When communicating with a beautiful girl, the secretion of the male hormone is increased by 40%! And this is not the limit. Take your girlfriend with you to the gym. And it is useful for you and for you well.

Supplements from the pharmacy (safe, BUT you should not take them all at once, choose for yourself the 2-3 most liked)

45. Tribulus terrestris (Tribulus terrestris, Yakorets creeping)

46. ​​Epimedium, the Mountain Girl (Horny goat weed)

47. Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng)

48. Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca)

49. Maca Peruvian or Klopovnik Meyena (Lepidium meyenii)

50. Muira Puama (Katuab, Luriosma, Ptychopetalum olacoides)

51. Yohimbe (Corynanthe yohimbe)

52. Pollen (Bee polen)

54. BCAA (amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, valine)

Causes of Testosterone Reduction

The reduction of testosterone contributes to many factors, both internal, including various diseases and pathogenic processes, and external: environmental pollution, stress, experiences. How to naturally increase testosterone levels many people are interested, because this problem affects both young and old men. The main causes that adversely affect androgen are:

  • life is stressful
  • unhealthy diet with foods that contain a lot of soy,
  • addiction to alcohol,
  • venereal diseases,
  • treatment with some drugs (glucocorticoid drugs, antibiotics, cytostatics negatively affect the hormonal background),
  • sedentary life (sedentary work)
  • environmental factor
  • work in hazardous production,
  • overheat,
  • promiscuity and lack of regular sex,
  • chronic diseases
  • age factor.

Interesting! Experts have identified a link between rigid diets, starvation, vegetarianism and the production of androgens. Men who adhere to this type of diet often observe a decrease in testosterone levels.

Natural ways to increase testosterone in men

Often, men tend to dramatize a situation and ascribe various diseases to themselves. They prescribe medications for themselves and are being intensively treated. But sometimes it happens that all the symptoms of the pathology are obvious, and the person is in no hurry to consult a doctor. Meanwhile, some signs of a lack of testosterone coincide with other more serious diseases, including impaired cerebral circulation, anemia, and cardiac pathology.

To accurately understand whether there is a problem, it is advisable to pass tests for hormones. Then you can be determined with the methods of treatment. They are divided into two large groups:

  1. Non-drug, in which the hormonal balance can be naturally.
  2. Medical, using various drugs.

Natural testosterone uplift consists mainly in the revision of the lifestyle of a man. This tactic includes such activities:

  • proper nutrition
  • reduction of body weight to normal
  • increase in physical activity during sedentary life,
  • rejection of pernicious addictions
  • good night's sleep
  • regular sex life.

To understand how to increase testosterone in men in natural ways and realize your plans, you need to pay attention to your daily diet. There are products that lower the androgen content. These include:

  • sugar,
  • white bread, pastries, pasta, containing light carbohydrates,
  • a large amount of salt
  • caffeine containing drinks (it is known that caffeine has a destructive effect on testosterone),
  • soy products. They found the female hormone. It is of vegetable origin, but it has no less depressing effect on male sex hormones,
  • alcohol,
  • smoked foods, fried dishes,
  • fizzy drinks with dyes. They contain a huge amount of sugar, and they do not carry any benefit to the body.

What products can contribute to the normal production of testosterone and eliminate negative symptoms?

Protein products

Most nutritionists recommend replacing some types of meat with fish, because, in their opinion, it contains the minimum amount of "bad" cholesterol. The benefits of fish are indisputable, but only animal protein, which is found exclusively in meat, causes testosterone production. It is known that androgen is synthesized from cholesterol. And although its amount in the body should not exceed the norm, a man needs to eat meat and eggs every day.

For therapeutic purposes, it is better to buy meat product not in the supermarket, but on the market. The fact is that current technologies involve the use of hormones that increase the growth and weight of animals that are grown on an industrial scale. In the market, it is desirable to find a trusted seller who does not use hormonal tactics to grow their cows and pigs.

Zinc and Selenium

These minerals contribute to the production of testosterone. Their source is mainly seafood:

  • sea ​​fish,
  • mussels
  • lobsters
  • shrimp
  • oysters
  • any kind of fish
  • sea ​​kale

In addition, large quantities of zinc can be found in:

  • pork liver,
  • pine nuts,
  • melted cheese
  • beef
  • legumes,
  • cereals,
  • cereal.

These products contain essential amino acids, which are essential components of sex hormones. Zinc and selenium have a positive effect on the production of seminal fluid, increase the viability of sperm, block the synthesis of estrogen, increasing the production of testosterone.

Vegetables and greens

Androsterone is a male sex hormone derived from testosterone. Its increased content may boost testosterone levels naturally. It is contained in such products:

  • White cabbage, Peking, red,
  • celery,
  • tomatoes, including paprika,
  • carrot,
  • pumpkin, zucchini,
  • avocado,
  • spinach,
  • parsley,
  • cilantro,
  • bow,
  • garlic.

All fresh vegetables are rich in vitamins, micro and macro elements.


Nutritionists advise necessarily eat cereals. They contribute to a rush of blood to the organs of the small pelvis. When this happens, the testicles are stimulated, and the androgen is produced much more actively. Increase testosterone in men naturally can such cereals as:

Fruits and berries

They contain the most important pigment lutein, contributing to the production of testosterone. It is necessary to include in your diet such products as:

  • immature persimmon
  • citrus,
  • peaches, apricots,
  • grapes (preferably red and blue),
  • raspberry (stabilizing hormonal background),
  • watermelon melon,
  • libido enhancing bananas
  • figs, preventing early ejaculation,
  • cherry,
  • currant,
  • mulberry,
  • red apples.

Choosing a product affecting naturally increasing testosterone levels you need to give preference to yellow, orange, red fruits and berries. They contain lutein in large quantities.


No wonder southerners consider men "hot." After all, their diet never goes without spicy seasonings and spices. Cardamom, curry, nutmeg, black pepper, turmeric contribute to the development of the hormone androgen, but you should not get involved in them. Meals should be slightly flavored, otherwise digestion and circulation problems may occur.

Seeds and nuts

These are natural antioxidants that prevent the development of tumors in the testicles. These products contain easily digestible fats, essential amino acids, vitamins, in particular vitamin D, neutralizing estrogen. Nuts and seeds are very nutritious. They give a lot of energy, improve brain work. For eating them it is better to buy raw or slightly fried. Fill the shortage of nutrients and increase libido such products:

  • walnuts,
  • pine nuts,
  • hazelnut,
  • almond,
  • cashew nuts,
  • peanut,
  • pistachios,
  • pumpkin seeds,
  • sunflower seeds.

The best supplements for raising testosterone in the blood

Herbal supplement developers took care of how to increase testosterone in a man’s body naturally. They have created many herbal preparations that work to increase potency and increase production of androgen. Among the additives that can normalize hormones are known:

Royal jelly

If a person does not know how to increase testosterone levels in men naturally ways, he can use bee products. Royal jelly stimulates the synthesis of testosterone, improves spermatogenesis, improves the quality of the seed, making the sperm cells tenacious and mobile. If a man is in fertile age and wants to conceive a child, he can use his royal jelly.

It is produced by young bees to feed the uterus. After such nutrition, it grows more than the rest of the bees and lives the longest, preserving its reproductive functions until the end of life. In the same way, royal jelly acts on the male body.

How to increase testosterone in men in natural ways after 50 years and before this age doctors know the royal jelly. They advise taking it at 20-30 mg per day. In some cases, the dosage is allowed to increase, but it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. You can purchase a miracle cure at honey fairs in the native form or in pharmacies in the form of capsules or tablets.


The healing effect of this spice on the body has been known since ancient years. In the East, people are still convinced that turmeric boosts libido and fights against male diseases. Scientists conducted an interesting study and came to the conclusion that after consuming this spice in men, blood circulation in the pelvic area improves. In addition, the level of estrogen decreases, which contributes to the production of testosterone.

As part of the fragrant yellow spice is curcumin, which increases the content of androgen in the blood. In addition, this substance:

  • promotes the burning of fat cells
  • aligns hormones,
  • increases libido,
  • prevents the development of prostatitis.

In order to achieve a positive effect, you should add spice to the dishes daily. You can mix turmeric with water (a small spoonful of powder requires a glass of water) and drink a drink. It is recommended to take this remedy twice a day for 2 months.


This additive is made on the basis of the perennial herb Tribulus Terroris (“prickly vine”). Its main substance is protodioscin. Once in the body, it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and has a beneficial effect on erectile function, strengthens the immune system, affects cholesterol metabolism.

According to some reports, Tribulus increases the production of testosterone by increasing the content of luteinizing hormone in the body, contributing to androgen production. Interestingly, in young people taking supplements with a normal hormonal background, no androgenic surge was noted. This means that the drug acts only when there is a shortage of the hormone, and there is no risk of overproduction.

This tool is intended not only for young guys, but also for those who do not know how to increase testosterone in men in natural ways after 40-summer milestone. This supplement contributes to:

  • improve seed production
  • improves erection
  • prolongs intercourse,
  • improves body tone.

Tribulus is recommended to take courses from 1 to 3 months. Then be sure to take a two-month break. If you do not stand the interval, and drink the drug continuously, then there may be adverse reactions and complications: the body will stop producing testosterone without help. As a result, the person will be forced to take hormones in pills.

Increase testosterone with herbs

Knowing how to increase testosterone production in men in natural ways, a person can not only improve the quality of life, but also be able to maintain health - the most valuable thing that can be bestowed by nature. Nature also gave people a variety of herbs. Using them correctly, you can solve problems with hormones and get rid of associated diseases. Herbs that work to increase testosterone, are useful in such cases:

  • low libido
  • nervousness, irritability,
  • depression,
  • metabolic disease.


This seemingly inconspicuous plant is considered a true natural aphrodisiac. Due to the powerful composition of Hypericum quickly increases androgen and causes a rush of blood to the penis. To prepare a healing infusion, you need a small spoonful of a dry plant and pour a glass of boiling water over it. Boil the drug need 20 minutes on low heat. After that, cover and let stand 40 minutes. After filtering, the infusion is drunk on a large spoon 6 times a day after meals.

Eleutherococcus Root

How to increase testosterone in men in natural ways after 30 years this means knows every folk healer. After all, herbal treatment has passed the test of time, and this plant is widely known for its tonic and restorative properties.

The root must be chopped. A large spoon of the powder obtained pour a glass of boiling water. Let stand 10 minutes. Strain and drink warm for half a cup twice a day. If the root itself cannot be bought, then the finished tincture is sold in the pharmacy chain. How to use it is indicated on the packaging or in the instructions for the drug.

Ginger Root

This plant product is famous for its natural ability to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs, increase testosterone and enhance the sensuality of the erogenous zones. Ginger goes well with honey. It can also be rubbed and added to tea. The result is a bitter tonic and healthy drink.

Yakorets creeping

The juice of this perennial plant normalizes the production of androgen, removes toxins, restores male strength, strengthens the body. A medicinal drink is prepared from the Irkan: 1 large spoonful of herbal raw materials is poured with a glass of boiling water, put in a water bath for half an hour. Then filtered and diluted with water to 200 ml. Take half a glass before meals four times a day.

Weight normalization

According to the research it was found that people who are overweight suffer from a lack of testosterone and more often ask: how to increase testosterone levels in men in natural ways. This phenomenon is quite understandable: fat deposits produce estrogens - female sex hormones - testosterone antagonists. In addition, androgen, by binding to adipose tissue, is itself transformed into estrogen.

There is only one way out for full men - to get rid of a round belly and hanging sides by any means. You do not have to starve yourself and eat celery for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is necessary to limit the consumption of light carbohydrates (fast food, mayonnaise, bakery products, pasta). It is important not only to revise your diet, but also to eat fractional, at least 5 times a day in small portions, avoiding overeating.

Physical exercise

Many men engage in sedentary activities. Then, leaving the house, they sit in the car, take the elevator to the apartment, and sit on the sofa or favorite chair at home. At this their physical activity ends. Of course, the body of such a person gradually becomes sagging and flabby. After all, a man by nature is a hunter, a strong and enduring and constant movement is a guarantee of his well-being.

There are a lot of strength exercises, thanks to which you can bring the body into a tone. How to increase testosterone production in men in natural ways, instructors can tell fitness centers. But it is not necessary to go to the gym and exhaust yourself with workouts. Sports can be practiced at home. It is enough to give this one hour of your time. Classes should be intense, but not long, otherwise the body will get stressed. And stress contributes to the release of cortisol, which suppresses testosterone.

For example, you can do weightlifting (barbell, weights). It is necessary to train large muscle groups. Adult men who have been doing squats since their youth never ask how to increase testosterone in men in natural ways after 40 and more years. After all, daily loads, a correct lifestyle and a positive attitude help them to maintain a healthy hormonal background and excellent appearance even in old age.

Barbell squats perform as follows:

  • ноги ставят на ширине плеч,
  • спина должна быть ровной, а грудь немного выставлена вперёд,
  • the bar is placed at the level of the trapezius muscles,
  • should squat so that the heels do not come off the floor,
  • you need to get up slowly, without jerks.

Getting rid of addictions

Alcohol adversely affects the nervous and vascular system, kidneys, and digestive organs. Most men know this. But few people know that alcohol, penetrating the blood, promotes the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It does not matter what the fortress will be another glass.

If we talk about beer, which for some reason is considered to be a male drink, then its composition contains a substance that is similar in action to the female hormone. And if a small amount of beer is useful for a woman, then it will only harm a man. To dispute this theory is meaningless, since among lovers of “drinking beer on weekends in the company of friends”, the characteristic tummy grows over time, and the mammary glands increase.

The only alcoholic drink that increases testosterone is dry red wine, but not every member of the stronger sex prefers it.

Limiting the amount of sugar in the diet

When sugar enters the body, the pancreas begins its active work, throwing insulin into the blood. The more sugar gets into the digestive tract, the higher the level of insulin. Experts believe that insulin inhibits testosterone production.

Blood sugar can increase not only caramel, but also carbohydrates in the form of pasta, flour, confectionery. They decompose into fats, which in turn, are deposited in the cells and block the synthesis of testosterone, converting it into estrogen. If a person loves sweet, then you can not deny yourself the pleasure. It is enough to replace condensed milk or butter cream with honey mixed with walnuts or dried fruits.

Normalization of sleep

It's hard to believe, but increase testosterone naturally can be in a dream. It turns out that it is during the deep sleep phase that the body produces most of the sex hormones. That is why men who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation are more susceptible to stress and are more likely to encounter problems in intimate life.

If a person sleeps less than the body requires, then his sexual desire decreases, and he gradually ceases to be interested in the opposite sex. Of course, the biological rhythms of each individual. And in order to understand how much time should be spent on sleep, you need to experiment. Take 6, 7, 8 or 9 hours to rest, and then assess your well-being when you get up. If someone feels great, having rested for 5 hours, then someone is not enough and 9. Having found “your time” for rest, you must “fill up” it every day.

Avoid stress

The life of a modern person is subject to stress, at work, on the street, at home. Even the usual trip to your favorite car, which, of course, brings pleasure, can be darkened by the boorish behavior of other drivers or inattentive pedestrians. As a result, the trip becomes a real stress and, having reached home, the man does not even think that testosterone in his blood has greatly decreased due to irritability and nervous tension.

Life in stress provokes the production of cortisol (stress hormone), which suppresses the action of testosterone. How to increase testosterone in men naturally ways in this case? It is necessary to do breathing exercises or yoga, drink soothing infusions and green tea.

Regular sex life

How to increase testosterone in men in natural ways after 50 interested in mature men, faced with problems of potency. If there are no diseases related to the reproductive system, then the answer is simple - to have sex. After all, testosterone and potency are interrelated. Sexual intercourse does not affect the production of androgen, but the content of the male hormone in the blood drops sharply after 6-day abstinence.

If the libido is lowered, and does not pull at all to the opposite sex, you can try to drink biological supplements that improve vascular tone and restore blood circulation throughout the body, including the pelvic organs.

Even communicating with a woman can increase the level of androgen. You do not need to call her in a restaurant and flirt. It is enough to help the lady to start the car, bring heavy bags to the house, repair the broken device or fulfill the promise that was once made. Then the man feels confident and full, and this contributes to an increase in testosterone.

Drug treatment

When it is impossible to raise testosterone to normal levels using your own resources, it is necessary to use medications. Therapy is aimed at:

  • replacement of the missing hormone
  • stimulation of its production.

If you take hormone replacement medicines, diet and a healthy lifestyle will not help, because the problem is in violation of the thyroid activity. Drugs that stimulate androgen synthesis work well in combination with all methods of increasing testosterone levels at home. Artificial hormone is released in:

  • capsules and tablets
  • solutions for intramuscular injections,
  • plasters, gels, creams.

Drug androgen increase:

  • Tribestan tablets (the course of treatment and dosage is determined only by the endocrinologist, who is repelled by tests, anamnesis, age, weight and health status of the patient).
  • Testosterone enanthate in ampoules - leads to an increase in muscle mass, increases the level of power indicators, provides sperm production, stimulates recovery processes, improves brain and physical activity.
  • Testosterone undecanoate capsules - regulates the development of male hormones, promotes the development of secondary sexual characteristics, improves metabolic processes, increases motivation, improves mood, stimulates the production of red blood cells, increases resistance to hypoxia.
  • Androderm in the patch helps to quickly bring testosterone to the nome, is easy to use, evenly releases testosterone, allowing you to avoid hormonal spikes.

Additional recommendations

In order not to face a problem and always be in good shape, regardless of age, it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • Do not overeat. The body has to expend a lot of energy in the splitting of food, and at the same time, the processes of synthesis of hormones are inhibited. At the same time, constant overeating is fraught with excess fat deposits. Especially undesirable is to eat at night.
  • Being sexually active. You don't have to have sex every day, especially when you don't want to. Enough to lead a moderate sex life.
  • If possible, avoid contact with unpleasant people. As you know, any negative communication leaves an imprint in the soul, and in some cases becomes stress. Stress for any person is extremely dangerous.
  • Sunbathe. Vitamin D is actively produced in the sun, and it increases testosterone levels.
  • To harden. Water pouring temporarily increases the androgen content and has a positive effect on the body.
  • When it is impossible to not drink alcohol at all, then you should try not to abuse them.
  • Walk more. If the work is not far from home, then it is better to walk than to drive in a car. During simple movements that occur when walking, the testicles hang freely, swaying evenly, which has a beneficial effect on the synthesis of male hormones. In this case, the laundry should not be too tight.
  • Maintain water balance. An adult man should drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day.

In order to preserve the health of men who have crossed the threshold of maturity, it is necessary to stay in excellent mood, rejoicing every day, love their work, trying to fulfill all the plans, go in for sports, eat right, look optimistically to the future.

Reasons for reducing testosterone levels in the body

Content in the blood of testosterone directly affects the general condition of the man, his sexual function, vitality. There are many reasons for lowering hormone levels. Its deficiency may occur due to:

  • Age changes. The older a man, the smaller the amount of sex hormone produced in the body, which causes the natural extinction of sexual function. By the age of 60, testosterone levels are reduced by 50%,
  • Bad habits
  • Poor nutrition
  • Infectious sexually transmitted diseases
  • Medication, glucocorticosteroids, which reduce the sensitivity of tissues to testosterone,

Doctors of the “Live Healthy!” Program will talk about the reasons for testosterone decrease in men:

  • Sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity,
  • Adrenal insufficiency,
  • Wearing tight underwear, pinching the genital vessels,

  • Adverse environmental conditions,
  • Obesity
  • Constant stress
  • The presence of chronic diseases of internal organs.

Normally, the level of total testosterone for men 20-50 years old is 11-33 nmol / l, for men 50 years and older - not less than 11. The level of free testosterone for the first category varies between 8.8-42.5 nmol / l, for the second - from 6.5 to 30.

Typical manifestations of testosterone deficiency are reduced potency, sleep disturbances, memory problems, pain in muscles and bones, weight gain, frequent dizziness, hot flashes, and an increase in the size of the mammary glands.

To increase testosterone, you should normalize your lifestyle: properly organize your diet, exercise, sleep at least 8 hours a day. To compensate for the deficiency of the male sex hormone, experts recommend taking certain medications. Their dosage should be determined by the doctor.

Increase testosterone production also allow various means of traditional medicine. Before using decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants, you must ensure that you are not allergic to their active ingredients.

Increase male sex hormone levels with vitamins

Vitamins are an important component of the process of restoring the normal level of testosterone in a man’s blood. Attention should be paid to:

  1. Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is an antioxidant that suppresses the production of stress hormone cortisol. This hormone is a testosterone antagonist. In addition, vitamin C helps to neutralize free radicals, which negatively affect not only the functions of the genitals, but also the organism as a whole. Ascorbic acid can be taken in the form of tablets. Enough of this vitamin found in citrus, Brussels sprouts, sea buckthorn, broccoli,

Vitamins to restore normal testosterone levels

  1. Vitamin D. It also helps increase testosterone. This vitamin is synthesized under the action of sunlight, so men are advised to more often leave open areas of the skin while under the sun. Vitamin D is rich in dairy products, eggs,
  2. Vitamins of group B. They are contained in fish, green peas, legumes, beets, potatoes.

Physical activity

To increase the male hormone in the blood by using sports. Physical activity not only stimulates the synthesis of testosterone, but also allows you to solve the problem of overweight, as well as increase muscle mass.

Experts emphasize that in the process of training the male sex hormone rises from 15 to 40%, depending on the type of exercise and the individual characteristics of the body.

To increase testosterone in the body through sport, you should:

  • Do at least 40-60 minutes. Between approaches, you should take a break of no more than 1-2 minutes,
  • Choose those exercises, the implementation of which requires the involvement of several muscle groups,

Candidate of Biological Sciences Vladimir Tyunin will talk about ten ways to increase testosterone:

  • Prefer strength training. It is these activities contribute to the powerful release of testosterone,
  • Perform "multi-joint" exercises - presses, squats, traction.

To increase the male sex hormone you need to go in for sports walking, athletics, bodybuilding, swimming. These sports promote blood flow to the pelvic organs and stimulate blood circulation.

The most effective exercise to improve potency is the deadlift. But you can try other weight training exercises for yourself (especially squats).

Massage of the testicles

To increase the level of testosterone in the blood by using a special massage. Properly performed movements stimulate the blood flow in the penis and increase the synthesis of the hormone, increase the severity of orgasm, increase sexual desire.

The essence of this technique is as follows:

  1. Initially, the testicles are warmed with a warm shower or towel, which is placed directly on the testes,
  2. The scrotum is grasped with fingers from both sides, while the fingers are brought together over the penis. With their help, smooth the skin of the scrotum in the direction from the penis down. Then alternately make movements with fingers from the center to the side,

  1. The penis is raised up by hand. The middle finger of the second hand alternately presses on the left and right testicle,
  2. Using the palms, the upper part of the scrotum is squeezed and makes circular movements in different directions,
  3. The skin of the scrotum is gently pulled down, its base is wrapped with the fingers. Compressed fingers move down, as if squeezing the ovaries to the bottom of the scrotum. After this testicles need to massage. If an unpleasant sensation occurs, the massage should be stopped: pain indicates improper performance of the exercise, which can cause testicular twisting.

Folk remedies

Folk recipes - another way to solve health problems and increase the content of sex hormone in the blood of men. Various plants and herbs stimulate the synthesis of testosterone, eliminate the manifestations of sexual aging, generally normalize hormones. Some of them (for example, fenugreek) affect muscle tissue, contributing to its increase.

The most effective recipes are the following:

  • Infusion of ginger on red wine. We need to take fresh ginger root, cut into small pieces, mix with red fortified wine (proportions - 1:10). Insist to withstand 20 days, then strain. You should drink a glass of this tool every evening. An even more pronounced effect can be achieved if for each 500 ml of liquid add a tea-bed of nutmeg powder,
  • A mixture of nuts and honey. To prepare, they take peeled walnuts and natural honey in equal quantities, mix everything thoroughly. The mixture is recommended to take orally 3 times a day, 10 g,
  • Infusion of Hypericum. You need to take 2 tablespoons of raw materials in a dry form, pour a glass of boiling water, insist for 3 hours. Ready means to drain. Take 4 times a day, 50 ml,

St. John's Wort is used in the form of tincture, decoction, tea or oil, which is easy to prepare at home.

  • Tincture of hop cones. A tablespoon of raw materials in fresh form is poured 200 ml of boiling water, put on fire for 10 minutes. Liquids allowed to cool. You need to take it 2 times a day in 100 ml
  • Royal jelly. It is a powerful antioxidant, which contributes to enhanced testosterone production, improves sperm quality, improves muscle tone. Fresh royal jelly can be applied in several ways. 20 mg of the substance is placed under the tongue one hour before meals and held until complete dissolution, or 30 mg and half a cup of warm milk are mixed. If you use the second method, the reception should be repeated up to 5 times a day, on an empty stomach. In the absence of fresh royal jelly, you can use the tablets "Apilak", which contain it in its composition. You should take 2 tablets 3 times a day, leaving under the tongue until completely dissolved,
  • Tincture based on garlic. You need to take 1 kg of garlic, peel, finely chop, put in a jar, pour 3 liters of boiled water. Put the container in a dark place for a month, shake every day. Take daily, a teaspoon per day.

Before using any of these tools, you should consult with a specialist and eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions.

Dietary supplements to increase testosterone

Supplements - drugs that are not hormone replacement drugs. Their basis is natural, as they are made on the basis of vegetable components. They stimulate self-production of testosterone. With serious hormonal deficiency, they do not have the desired effect. In this case, require more powerful drugs.

The most popular are the following dietary supplements:

  1. Vitrix. The drug reduces the number of androgens through their blocking, normalizes the potency. In addition, Vitriks promotes muscle building,
  2. "Yohimbe Forte". The remedy stimulates the testicles,
  3. "Alikaps". This is a popular supplement that increases testosterone levels and the amount of seminal fluid secreted. Can be used as a means of stimulating potency just before sexual intercourse,
  4. Selzinc Plus. Stimulates testosterone synthesis.

Alycaps - a drug to increase sexual arousal and enhance erection. The price in pharmacies 1250 rubles. for 12 capsules

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  • «Tribusteron 90». Активный компонент препарата стимулирует выброс гормона лютеина, который участвует в процессе выработки тестостерона. Средство влияет на рост мускулатуры, улучшает работоспособность и настроение,
  • "Dymatize Nutrition Z-Force". The drug increases the level of hormones, increases muscle mass,
  • Brutal Anadrol Biotech. Develops muscles, stimulates the natural synthesis of testosterone, improves sexual desire,
  • "Tribulus". The natural composition provides safe muscle growth and testosterone production.