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Femwell: tablets instructions

The composition includes:

  1. soy protein
  2. soy extract
  3. Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. It prevents the development of cancers, smoothes wrinkles, has a positive effect on the growth of hair and nails, regulates the functions of internal organs.
  4. red clover extract, has a great effect on the immune system, eliminates allergies, skin diseases, stimulates the lymphatic system, facilitating the elimination of toxins from the body.

Soy Isoflavones - biologically active elements with hormone-like effects. They stimulate the production of collagen in the bone tissue, allowing the woman to avoid possible problems with the bones during menopause.

Periodic administration of the drug helps alleviate the condition of the body before, during and after menopause. The use of Femivella allows you to forget about the signs characteristic of menopause, causing quite large inconveniences for a woman, for example, mood swings, irritability, pressure fluctuations, excessive sweating, swelling of limbs, tachycardia.

The drug can prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis, reduces the likelihood of the development of pathological symptoms of blood vessels and the heart, improves the lipid composition of blood.

According to experts, the regular use of herbal remedies is the prevention of cancer, as this prevention largely depends on the isoflavones, more precisely on genistein and daidzein, which are part of Femwell.

Isoflavones also reduce the frequency of hot flushes by blocking luteinizing hormone.

The drug does not affect sexual function at all.

Femivell: instructions for use

Take the medicine daily one tablet, after a meal, for two months. Before use, consult a specialist. Individual doses and duration of use prescribed by a doctor.

Phytopreparation is a dietary supplement and seamlessly transferred with other drugs. However, you need to know that the use of Femivella with multivitamin compounds, including a significant percentage of vitamin E, is not allowed.

Excess tocopherol can cause:

  • complications of heart ailments,
  • pain in the abdomen,
  • headaches
  • violations of the digestive tract,
  • hypotension,
  • reduce immunity.

Indications for use

Femivell is taken during menopause, with the goal of:

  • Eliminate the symptoms of menopause,
  • Normalization of the phenomenon of ovarian dysfunction,
  • Treatment of hormonal disruptions
  • The treatment of osteoporosis, also for the prevention of disease,
  • Eliminate tides, drops in blood pressure, irritability,
  • Correction of sex hormone deficiency.


The main contraindications include:

  1. Individual sensitivity to the components of the drug,
  2. Pregnancy and lactation,
  3. Excess amount of tocopherol in the body. The doctor may prescribe a lower dose of the drug.

Side effects

In case of individual intolerance of components, an allergic reaction is possible on the part of the body.

Other information about the negative effects of the drug after use is not. If the tool is used according to the prescribed dosage and according to the instructions, cases of overdose and side effects are not recorded.

If necessary, the drug can be replaced by other means. The choice must be coordinated with a specialist. The popular substitute drugs of Femivella are:

The price for one package is about 1,500 rubles.

Medicinal properties

To regulate hormones and alleviate the symptoms of menopause, pharmacists combined soybean and red clover, Vit.E and soy protein extracts as part of Femwell. This combination helps in the prevention of breast cancer, and also reduces the likelihood of bone fracture and getting cardiovascular diseases.

Natural ingredients derived from soy have estrogen-like and anti-estrogenic effects. They directly affect the balance of female hormones. They also inhibit the tendency of bones to break down, causing collagen to be generated.

Anti-aggregation and antioxidant effects are achieved due to vitamin-like compounds.

Attention! Natural ingredients have no side effects. Currently, studies are being conducted on the possibility of using phytoestrogens instead of HRT.

To prevent the onset of symptoms of menopause, use red clover extract. Its rich composition, which includes vitamins of different groups and trace elements, improves immunity.

Wit. E - natural antioxidant, reduces the risk of cancer. In gynecology, it is used to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Mode of application

In the instructions for use of Femivella from the manufacturer said that the reception is carried out once a day for the 1st tablet after meals. Do not chew, dissolve, crack or chop the pill. Wash down with water at room temperature.
Course - 2 months without breaks.

Terms and conditions of storage

The drug is stored for 2 years in a dark and dry place inaccessible to children. The optimal storage temperature is 25 degrees.

Biolit LLC, Russia
Price: 400 rub
Klimaton is a natural product created from plant extracts. The drug has a positive effect on the metabolic processes in women, has an estrogenic effect. It helps to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, nervousness, tension, and an irregular cycle.


  • Effectively copes with the stated tasks.


  • Must take several courses in a row
  • Not sold in all pharmacies.


Femwell - effective combination phytoestrogen soy and clover vitamin E and soy protein, which helps normalize hormonal levels and relieves symptoms menopause. Promotes prevention osteoporosis and breast cancer. It improves blood lipid composition and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis. Phytoestrogenswith estrogen-like effects are contained in the preparation in physiological dosages and do not have a negative effect.

Soy isoflavones show estrogen-like effects, but at the same time have an anti-estrogenic effect, which depends on the level of natural hormones of a woman. Like everyone bioflavonoidsThey are characterized by antiaggregative and antioxidant effects. Soy isoflavones inhibit activity osteoclastsinvolved in bone resorption, simultaneously contribute to the synthesis collagen in the bones and increase activity osteoblast. All these moments have a positive effect on the state of bone tissue in the period menopause. Phytoestrogens, unlike synthetic drugs, have no side effects. The possibility of the use of soy isoflavones as alternatives to hormone therapy.

Red clover is also widely used to treat symptoms of pathological menopause. It also contains phytoestrogens, vitamins A, WITH, AT and trace elements that have a beneficial effect on the immune system. Vitamin E known as antioxidant, prevents the occurrence of free radicals that play a role in the development of cancer. In official medicine, it is used for menstrual disorders, treatment atherosclerosis vessels, in violation of sexual function in men.

Femivella Reviews

Clinical and experimental studies confirm the fact that a high content phytoestrogen in food hampers the development osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease and facilitates the flow menopause. For women who do not want to take hormone replacement therapy in the period of menopause, the biological additive Femivell is very convenient, the feedback from women about which is mostly positive.

Many women used this bioactive food supplement in pre- and postmenopause and were satisfied with the result.

  • «... Normally I treat dietary supplements, especially since this is a Finnish design. Therefore, without fear and fear tried. It turned out to be effective, in the second week the tides almost disappeared, I began to sleep well».
  • «... I liked more and came up than Menopace. Took two months, the effect is definitely there. Be sure to pass a few more courses over time.».
  • «... The result is very good. Took with menopausal syndrome. Very disturbed by the heartbeat, pressure jumps, mood swings, while constantly sweating. Supplements this can be said saved me».
  • «... satisfied that he is from natural ingredients. Took 2 months, as indicated in the instructions - well-being improved, night tides disappeared. True, the effect I had was not immediately, but only in a month».
  • «... I think that it helps only women with mild climacteric symptoms, and in other cases - no».
  • «... I drink the second package, the condition is slightly better, I did not completely get rid of the tides, but in general there are improvements. Femavella's price is not very convenient, it would be cheaper, then it would continue to take further».
  • «... I tried to take different dietary supplements, but none of them eliminated the tides, including this one».

The choice of herbal medicine, hormonal or homeopathic treatment depends on the severity of manifestations menopause. In case of mild course, phytopreparts and dietary supplements are effective, in case of severe course of pathological menopause, sometimes it is impossible to do without hormone replacement therapy. As for herbal medicine, you need to find your drug, because it is individual for each.

Femwell price and availability in pharmacies of the city

Attention! Data on prices and availability change in real time, you can use the search to get information updated to the current minute, and also if you need to leave a drug order, select areas of the city to search or search only at the currently opened pharmacies.

The above list is updated at least once in 6 hours (was updated 11/24/2018 at 15:16). Check the prices and availability of drugs by calling pharmacies before visiting the pharmacy. The information contained on the website can not be used as recommendations for self-treatment. Before use of medicines necessarily consult your doctor.

Release form and composition

The drug is available in the form of tablets weighing 280 mg (in blisters of 30 tablets, in a cardboard bundle 2 blisters and instructions for use of Feyvell).

The content of active substances in 1 tablet is:

  • soy extract - 125.29 mg,
  • soy protein - 36.44 mg,
  • red clover extract - 28.03 mg,
  • Vitamin E (α-tocopherol acetate) - 10 mg.

Indications for use

The use of Femivella is shown under the following conditions:

  • ovarian dysfunction,
  • climacteric syndrome (to alleviate symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, dry vaginal mucosa, sleep disorders, alopecia, urinary incontinence, etc.),
  • dishormonal disorders
  • osteoporosis (for prophylaxis / as part of complex therapy),
  • underdevelopment of the mammary glands.

Drug interaction

There are no data on the interaction of Femivella with drugs / substances.

To exclude the possibility of an overdose of tocopherol (vitamin E), at the time of therapy should refrain from taking multivitamin preparations.

Analogs to Feivella are Medisoi, Estrovel, Klimaton, Inoklim, Gemafemin, Femsin, etc.

The price of Feywell in pharmacies

At present, the price for Femivell is unknown, because the herbal preparation is not commercially available.

Education: First Moscow State Medical University named after I.М. Sechenov, specialty "Medicine".

Information about the drug is generalized, is provided for informational purposes and does not replace the official instructions. Self-treatment is dangerous to health!

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Price Femivella, where to buy

Fetivewell can be bought at online pharmacies or Healthy Life Centers. The cost of 60 tablets is 1700-1800 rubles.

Education: He graduated from the Sverdlovsk Medical School (1968 - 1971) with a degree in Medical Assistance. He graduated from Donetsk Medical Institute (1975 - 1981) with a degree in "Doctor Epidemiologist, Hygienist". He passed postgraduate studies in the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, Moscow (1986 - 1989). Degree - Candidate of Medical Sciences (degree awarded in 1989, defense - Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, Moscow). Many advanced training courses in epidemiology and infectious diseases have been completed.

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