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Beautiful make-up for children: step-by-step instructions, interesting ideas and recommendations

Mothers of daughters sooner or later face the theme of makeup relating to daughters. The average age of interest for girls in cosmetics varies from 9 to 14 years, this is due to the fact that with the onset of adolescence, criticism of their appearance increases and there is a desire to improve it.

But there are also situations when parents have to be interested in make-up for girls even earlier, most often such interest is connected with the hobbies of their child, or simply with the desire to distinguish their child from the rest of the children on significant days and holidays. Therefore, each mother is simply obliged to familiarize with the assortment of children's cosmetics, types of makeup and techniques of creating makeup.

Why do you need

It is no secret that any girl dreams to be like her mother, older sister or her idol.

But because of their age, makeup should be used only in certain cases, such as:

  • children's holidays: birthday, matinees in kindergarten or holidays in school,
  • a photo session with a selected unique way for the girl,
  • themed holidays: Christmas or Halloween,
  • performances on stage or in competitions, to create a bright image that can be seen from the stage.

And do not forget that children's makeup is created only in order to highlight your child.

Product selection

Children's cosmetics is different from the usual in that it goes not to correct the appearance, but to emphasize the natural beauty of the girl.

On the shelves of stores, you can choose just a children's cosmetics, designed specifically for the delicate and sensitive thin skin of the child or water-based cosmetics with a natural composition: without alcohol, chemical components and various preservatives that can harm children's skin. Parents should definitely pay attention to the presence of hormones of plant or animal origin, as well as exotic components that are unacceptable to use on children's skin.

For a thematic visage, you should use an akvagrim, which is completely water based and contains only natural ingredients.

When buying cosmetics for girls, you should definitely pay attention to the expiration date, since expired products can seriously damage children's skin, you should study the companies that produce cosmetics.


This makeup for children depends on the style and image chosen earlier for the girl.

Also popular puppet style to create a photo for memory. For a puppet image, you will need a wider range of cosmetic products, such as: powder, light shadows, mascara and brown pencil, in rare cases a proofreader. The first thing to do is to align the girl's skin color and remove excess shine, then apply bright shadows on the moving eyelid, creating an ambre affect from light to darker shade, select the eyelash growth line with a pencil and paint the mascara. Apply a glossy or light-colored lipstick to the lips.

Children's holiday

Make-up should be applied depending on the place of celebration and the age of the girl. For example, on a matinee for the image of the Snow Maiden, you should choose a lighter makeup and emphasize only the eye shadows without applying mascara, because the girl’s age is still so small that the excess makeup will only make the image heavier.

Every little girl on her birthday wants to be bright, distinguished from the background of her friends, in visage it should be used as a mascara of natural color, powder, eye shadow and preferably a transparent lip gloss or hygienic lipstick. Lipstick with a shade should not be used, since the child, playing around, can smear it and will look untidy.

Themed makeup

The technique of applying thematic visage directly depends on the festive event. At Christmas, when the child goes to the kolyada, a bright and festive face painting should be applied, following the traditions of the holiday. In Halloween, you should use darker shades of makeup to create a frightening and gloomy image.

To create the stage image of little girls, make-up is used, making the image brighter and more noticeable from the stage.

Depending on the subject of the performance, they also apply their own make-up. For girls involved in ballroom dancing, the technique of eye and lip excretion is used, both with the help of cosmetics and with the help of a face painting.

For sporting events, a face painting is used so that the image is more resistant to unpredictable events during a performance. The stage should be applied to the mixed technique of children's cosmetics and makeup.

For the safety of the skin in the makeup should be used as a children's makeup, and a face painting.

Color spectrum

In the make-up for girls, light shades are most often used, the exception is the stage image. The first thing to do before make-up is to take into account the type of girl, which is most often determined by eye color:

  • for brown eyes, you should use a beautiful beige shade of light shades or pink-purple,
  • for blue eyes, use light blue shades or a pink palette,
  • for green eyes, a green palette of light shades or violet is suitable.

The total in make-up is that the mascara should use a more natural shade, brown. We apply gloss or hygienic lipstick or lipstick of a pink pastel shade on lips.

Games with girls

Girls most often love everything related to self-care and make-up, based on this principle, games were created that can be played both virtually and visually, using puppet dummies or coloring books. Both in the first and in the second case, the child can choose the hairstyle and make-up for his ward.

These games teach and develop the imagination of the child to create different images and styles. Become a specialist in creating hairstyles and make-up, which will certainly help in the future.

Every mother undoubtedly wants her daughter to be the most beautiful and bright on any holiday, but it is always worth remembering that the natural beauty looks better than others. And do not forget that you should not weigh down the make-up of a girl using a huge amount of cosmetics, creating in her the image of an adult woman with a child’s body.

When does a baby need makeup?

And yet there are moments in life when makeup is simply necessary for a little girl. Maybe your girl enjoys an impressive sport, such as rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating or synchronized swimming. Or maybe she takes part in competitions in ballroom dancing or attends a model school and often falls under the lenses of cameras and video cameras? All of these hobbies involve the use of make-up during speeches. In addition, in adolescence, children have their first prom night - they complete primary school. On this kind of holiday, girls want to be especially attractive. Yes, and Christmas holidays with their colorful costumes or a striking birthday suit also force young beauties to think about make-up beforehand.

Almost always, adolescents make themselves a so-called “school” make-up. Unlike the club or solemn, he implies a more restrained image. But not all girls clearly understand how it should be. The goal of the girl’s mother at the same time is to investigate the make-up for compliance with the place, to figure out how to make makeup for the children in school, and to teach the daughter to these basics. She should be able to choose an option that will help the young beauty to feel more mature, more confident, more beautiful and individual.

First steps in teen make-up

The first thing that needs to be done is to help my daughter acquire all the necessary equipment, materials, cosmetics for make-up, and in addition, thematic educational books and magazines about beauty and fashion. In them, the child will be able to find useful information about the main types of facial structure, skin varieties, and recommendations on how to learn to distinguish and emphasize the more advantageous characteristics of their own appearance.

Casual makeup for children should have an emphasis on well-groomed skin, as a result, great attention should be paid first and foremost to healing cosmetics. Youthful skin is prone to the formation of various rashes on it, including acne. Tonics, gels, mousses for washing, lotions, creams and other means for everyday cleansing and moisturizing of the skin should be chosen taking into account this particular teenage features.

What you need to have in the arsenal to create children's makeup

Make-up for schoolchildren can be applied with the same devices as an adult. In the stock of any young girl should be brushes for applying shadows, powder, bronzer, tonal tools, lipstick and balm or lip gloss. It is not redundant to also purchase a special eyebrow comb, tweezers and tweezers for removing unwanted hairs.

Make-up for children requires a rather considerable assortment of decorative cosmetics, because the make-up for an average educational institution implies the use of cosmetics of extremely calm and as natural shades as possible, and opposite makeup options using appropriate colors will be appropriate for out-of-print and all kinds of experiments with appearance. .

Festive make-up for girls

What will be a solemn make-up for a teenage girl, depends on the theme of the celebration. In the event that this is a New Year or Halloween, and a carnival outfit is implied, then the make-up must respond to the chosen costume. Often, in such cases, a special make-up is used, which is referred to as “face-art” or “akvagrim”. To create it, a water-based makeup is used.

Many schoolchildren simply don’t feel like in the “face painting”, because thanks to it it is possible to transform into a vampire or a snowy princess almost within seconds. A great addition to this make-up will be glued over glitter and all kinds of iridescent sequins, rhinestones. After using this make-up, the girl's face should be thoroughly cleaned with cosmetic milk or other makeup remover products.

Halloween Ideas

Neutral make-up of course is not suitable for Halloween. In this case, you need to do something more expressive. It is on such a day that a little girl can be made-up in bright colors, and no one will consider it wrong or vulgar. What recommendations should be followed to make makeup for Halloween for children?

  • First, pick concealer, powder and concealer a few tones lighter than your skin, because, after all, vampires are usually associated with noble pallor.
  • Eyebrows for this image are not needed. Agree, their absence is often scary and gives a person a rather unpresentable look. This is the image on this day. Apply the eyebrows completely with concealer, apply on the face with the help of sponge tonal biokrem, and on top of it several layers of powder to make the skin tone more even.
  • Apply a dark coffee shade to the mobile eyelid. In the process, you can go beyond the boundaries of the line separating the mobile and stationary eyelids.
  • Move the eyelid with a white pencil, and on top of it, apply a transparent gloss (allowed with sparkles), which will act as a glue base.
  • Take the silver sparkles for the eyes and evenly distribute them to a non-dried gloss over the entire moving eyelid.
  • Smoky shadows can emphasize the area dividing the mobile and stationary eyelid. To do this, dark coffee apply on the lower eyelid along the growth line of the eyelashes.
  • Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with persistent golden shadows.
  • In the direction of the growth of eyelashes in the upper and lower eyelids, make a contour, while using a watery superliner. Use a black pencil to highlight the mucosa of the lower eyelid.
  • Mix several shades of shadows. In this case, the appropriate will be red and coffee. Apply them to the area of ​​the lower eyelid, and chocolate shadows to highlight the contour of the nose and the beginning of the eyebrow.
  • Line eyebrow figuratively draw a superliner or liner on a watery basis. Give her exactly the look that you enjoy the most. Well, or the one that will look the most creepy.
  • Apply blush or bronzer on the cheekbones, and on the upper and lower eyelids glue the lush and incredibly long false cilia.
  • Apply a dark shade lipstick (even black can be used) and apply a fuchsia lip gloss on it.
  • Do not forget to insert sharp teeth, because a vampire without fangs is not a vampire. Form blood stains near the mouth and, if desired, insert multicolored contact lenses to become a true copy of the vampire.

Makeup for a little princess on the most magical holiday of the year

Now let's talk about what makeup for children can be done on the New Year. After all, this is the right time to look stunning. Of course, make-up should be strictly under the control of parents or older sister. Next, we will list 5 basic rules for creating a children's make-up for the New Year.

Eyebrows It is not necessary to tint them with a pencil, and even more so do not need to paint them with special paint. On a small child it will look vulgar, which means such actions are completely inappropriate. It is only allowed to comb the edges with a brush and fix their shape with a colorless gel.

Tone. Do not use when creating a New Year's makeup tonal foundation or a lot of concealer. The use of the corrector is permissible, but only in order to hide the disadvantages and imperfections (if, for example, the daughter already had a teenage period with all the accompanying skin problems). This will be enough to make a beautiful makeup for children.

Eyelashes. They can be slightly tinted, it is better to focus on the length, not pomp. Just apply some mascara on the tips of your lashes. Excessive use of mascara will make the gaze unnatural, and the child does not need it at all.

Eyelids. Apply a little silver shine with sparkles. Do not get carried away and do not use matte shadows. Try to make the image match the age of the baby and not make her older than his years.

Lips. Lipstick is not a mandatory component when creating children's makeup. Apply better on the lips of the young lady a little bit barely noticeable shine. You can use shine with shimmer. In terms of colors it is better to give preference to such shades as pinkish, coral or beige. But the red color should be abandoned, because the makeup for the New Year for children should not be very bright.

Using the tonal framework

In young children, the skin of the face is usually smooth and even, so no regular foundation or powder is required for the usual everyday look. If we talk about more adult adolescents, their skin is unpredictable and there are flaws on it, for example, acne. Such manifestations should be masked by cosmetics. In the case of a photo shoot or other event, even schoolgirls are recommended to apply a small amount of corrector and powder.

To perform a professional children's makeup, it is recommended to use a water-based foundation. The corners of the eyes, the wings of the nose and the corners of the lips are places where the skin color is slightly lighter than the basic tone. Next patting movements applied matting tone foundation. In order to better lay the foundation, it is recommended to mix it with the moisturizer, which the child usually uses. It will moisturize the skin and give it a smooth color. From above the basis is covered with a thin layer of transparent or pinkish friable powder.

How to paint eyes

To give the image the final touch, you should set off the eyes of a little lady. Light shades of shadows are suitable for this, but it is better to refuse black ink. It is better to give preference to gray or brown colors of eyelashes, it will emphasize the youth and tenderness of the face. Casual children's make-up does not tolerate drawing arrows with an eyeliner, using a dark pencil to tint the outer corner of the century, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

It is important that all cosmetics are natural and do not cause irritation and other allergic reactions of the child’s body. In addition, when applying eyeliner, the baby can suddenly open the eye, which is fraught with unpleasant consequences. For a special event, you can use a face painting.

Highlight lips

If the baby is not 10 years old, it is better to give preference to colorless luster, because it is less toxic. At this age, a child's smile is charming without additional cosmetics. To apply a thin layer of gloss, you should ask the crumb to slightly open the sponges, but in no way case stretch them.

If parents forbid to use any color cosmetics at such a young age, it is recommended to replace the shine with olive oil and crumbly glitter. The resulting image is very festive and safe. Девочкам-подросткам уже можно пользоваться маминой помадой, но отдать предпочтение следует светлым оттенкам. Ни в коем случае не красить губы яркими красными или алыми цветами, это выглядит нелепо и вульгарно.

После праздника рекомендуется тщательно смыть косметику. Parents should tell their daughters about the inept use of cosmetics and its harmful effects on the skin of a young beauty. So that the child has an idea of ​​the principles of applying makeup, show the appropriate photos and videos.

When does a baby need makeup?

Of course, regular use of cosmetics by young girls will eventually lead to a series of unpleasant consequences, because young skin is not used to such loads. In the future, there will be a lot of cosmetic problems. In addition, a bright make-up on a pretty little face is vulgar and quite ugly.

But in life there are times when children's makeup is a must:

Holidays. This can be an interesting image for the New Year, March 8, Halloween and other events. To perform the original make-up will help a special face painting,

Speeches For girls, stage performances are the only times when a child’s image has to be bright and saturated. Parents should master the technique of applying a bright visage, if the child is engaged in singing, dancing, artistic gymnastics, etc. Otherwise, the tiny one risks looking like a gray mouse,

PHOTOSESSION. In front of a professional camera, even children's skin may be imperfect. Easy make-up will help to eliminate defects and give a special charm.

The main principle is not to make an artificial doll out of a child. It is important that the child retains a cute and direct image, regardless of the amount of makeup on the face. Learn more about the technique of daily visage can be on the video.

When should do children's makeup

It is necessary to immediately realize that the makeup for girls is somewhat different from the woman’s make-up. There will be inappropriate numerous layers of tonal resources, powder and mascara. And it would be completely foolish to apply cosmetics, even with the mark “for children,” daily. But for thematic events, like matinees, kindergarten productions and photo shoots, children's makeup is simply necessary. However, if it is not stated separately, you can save your daughter from make-up and do not impose this habit on her prematurely.

If the child is interested in cosmetics, the best solution would be to do makeup by buying special water-based paints and polishes for girls. These funds will not bring any harm, but they will give the child a feeling of pleasant possession and independence. It will be strange to prevent the desire to make children's makeup, if the mother herself dyed every day and uses a lot of perfume. Remember, to protect modern girls from cosmetics will not work, because any child is your own reflection.

Choosing makeup for children's skin

To prevent delicate baby skin from getting hurt, purchase only high-quality cosmetics manufactured in accordance with European standards and certified. Among the famous brands available in any store, "Little Fairy", "Princess" and "Bratz" are leading. The kit includes lip balm, water-based polish, toilet water without alcohol, gel-based shadows (powdered ones harm children's eyes), and body gloss. In addition, children's cosmetics implies the availability of hygiene products: wet wipes, shampoo, shower cream and toothpaste. Just like adults. By purchasing a makeup kit for your daughter, you will teach her to look after herself from an early age.

Children's makeup artist for children's makeup

If your child is not a fashion model and not a young actress, there is no point in doing makeup daily. Of course, it is easier to entrust responsible work before a major event to a professional, but if you do not have such an opportunity, it is quite possible to do children's make-up yourself.

Most often for a little girl apply a natural image. In this variant, avoid applying tonal means to the eyelids of the babies and covering the eyelashes with mascara. A child who is not accustomed to make-up will quickly forget about cosmetics, will begin to rub his eyes and as a result there will be a sea of ​​tears, instead of a merry celebration. Use gel-like gloss, eye shadow and blush to emphasize the image of a young fashionable woman. Mascara is generally not recommended for use before the girl reaches the age of twelve. But in this case it is worth only slightly touch the tips of the eyelashes.

If circumstances require a fancy dress, it is better to purchase a set of colors for makeup. These non-toxic and hypo-allergenic means will help to paint the little girl's attractive face under the animal or princess, and will not harm vulnerable children's skin. Naturally, there can be no talk of any make-up if the child has an allergic reaction.

Makeup for a photo shoot

  • Tone. You will need the most gentle and light water-based foundation. It should be applied with very light movements on previously cleansed skin. Now take a little powder on the brush, knock down the main part and walk along the face. If there are any flaws, you can pre-hide them with a corrector. On the apples of the cheeks you can put a drop of pale pink blush.
  • It is not necessary to paint the eyelashes, but to fluff and give them shape, you can walk on them with a transparent gel for eyelashes. Eyebrows enough to brush with a brush.
  • Lips can be slightly tinted with a transparent sheen. It is important not to make them glass, but only to revive a little.



As for me girls do not go makeup. Therefore, I do not advise parents to use it at all when making up a girl. They are so nice and beautiful without any makeup, do not spoil them with this all)

Girls and without the help of parents often wear mother's shoes and are painted with mother's lipstick. But I think it's better to distract them and not encourage them. Children's makeup seems ridiculous to me even if it is made beautifully.

Well, that's why baby makeup? You can buy some children's cosmetics for fun, but no more. And to paint with cosmetics for adults is strange. First, let them grow up, and then get painted.

In the first photo, well, quite an adult little woman. As for me - bust. But the face-art girls usually like, the composition of paint is harmless, sometimes you can afford it

I would not make my daughters so brightly war-like, if they like it, they will get used to it and ask to do it all the time. Until a certain age, it is possible to be very attractive and bright girls with natural beauty.

I think kids and so naturally-beautiful. They already have impeccable tone of face, bright blush and juicy lips. Yes, even children’s eyelashes can only be envied. So makeup even at a photo shoot is not always advisable.

Children's skin is so natural, sweet and perfect that even for a photo shoot there’s nothing to do with the face. This is not only my opinion, but also moms who have small children who participated in the photo shoot. Another thing is stage makeup, there you can already “draw” a little on the face, bringing the image to perfection.

What is a kids make up?

To understand what is children's makeup, you need to take into account its difference from adult and adolescent. This is no reason to seem older and look like a mother, older sister, his idol from the TV screen, as many mistakenly believe. In fact, this is a one-time technique, which is necessary for a particular case.

Therefore, the reasoning that it is fashionable and modern to make up children at the level of adults is erroneous.

Children's make-up is a way to do your best. It is not applicable in ordinary life, as it is inappropriate: the girl is beautiful by nature and spoil the natural beauty of the child is unacceptable. Such a make-up helps out in special cases, it adds brightness and uniqueness to the image. This kind of cosmetics is especially relevant for girls of 9, 10 and 11 years old: it is simply useless to little girls.

Features and benefits

Children's cosmetics is different from other analogues. Unlike the purpose of an arsenal of adults and adolescents, these products are not aimed at correcting facial features. Her task is to show the individuality of the child in the right situation.

Feature of children's makeup - the age of the girl. You can not paint baby skin and eyes babies: their cosmetics - hygiene products. Up to six years, only face art is allowed.

Some mothers buy children's cosmetics to their daughters almost from kindergarten age. And although, in pursuit of fashion trends, it seems to them that the made-up child looks irresistible, in fact, the look of the girl resembles a teenager with an undeveloped body.

One of the features that do not allow early application of makeup is the structure of the skin: in children it is thinner, therefore less protected and has a high permeability.

Hypoallergenic cosmetics based on water and natural base with light and gentle effect are used for children's make-up. It is fundamentally different from other analogues, as it is developed taking into account the increased tendency of the delicate skin of children to injury.

Children's cosmetics takes into account the structure of the epidermal cells of each age, therefore it has a neutral PH, does not contain chemical components and preservatives that destroy the structure of the skin.

Due to the composition of cosmetics, children's makeup is characterized by low durability. He can lose appeal very quickly if the child touches the face.

When is it appropriate?

Children's make-up is a way to stand out in a particular case. It can be scenic or festive. Depending on the occasion, it is great for:

• performances (ballroom dancing, gymnastics),

• stage image (children's theater),

• prom in elementary school.

In general, it is a godsend for children, with which you can remain yourself and at the same time be special. Such cosmetics do not clog pores, different saturation shades of the palette and does not irritate the delicate skin of the face.

Children's make-up can be traditional and fantasy (face-art), when a unique pattern is applied on the face. The subject of the second method (akvagrim) is diverse. Popular drawings of this make-up are:

• wings of butterflies and birds,

• images of favorite idols (Monster High, Winx),

• Halloween style horror stories

• stars, sparks, hearts,

• small independent patterns.

Make-up girls do not accept the "heavy artillery" of cosmetics. Even a face painting (drawing water-based paints) should be easy. Otherwise, the appearance will lose the charm of age. It is not necessary to be painted to school: this is not the place to demonstrate children's makeup.