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Microscopes for the determination of ovulation by saliva

A microscope for determining ovulation is good for use at home, as well as for its reliability, which strip tests are not always famous for.

Microscope to determine the ovulation is convenient to use at home

The principle of their action is based on the determination of the level of salts in saliva, which can be elevated under the influence of the hormone estrogen. On the eve of the day of the egg in the dried droplet visible crystals, located in the form of a clear pattern resembling a leaf of a fern.

Ovulux Microscope

Ovulux ovulation test microscope today is one of the most popular. Its advantages are called:

  • quick and fairly accurate determination of the desired date for conception,
  • miniature looks like a tube of lipstick
  • reliability is 98.5%, almost like ultrasound,
  • in 80% of cases, correctly predicts the sex of the child. According to research, conception on a day of ovulation brings a boy, and if you commit an act 2-3 days before her, there is a greater likelihood of “getting” a girl,
  • harmless contraceptive
  • it is easy and simple to use at home.

Ovulux Ovulation Microscope

It works like an ordinary microscope and does not require additional training. It is permissible to apply immediately after removal from the package. The package includes a lens system, smear glass and lighting. To carry out the analysis, a droplet of saliva is applied to the glass. It is necessary to wait until it dries - about 5 minutes. Then the sample is inserted into the device, the lights turn on and the result is observed and evaluated.

Comparing it with the control, indicated on the package, you can understand your situation. During ovulation, salts form a bloom in the form of a twig with hoarfrost, while on other days they look like fine sand.

Buy a test microscope to determine ovulation, many can afford, its value is quite correct. Of course, you need to understand that in comparison with strip tests it will be several times more expensive. Which is understandable, since the latter are only disposable. If we compare them in perspective, the device will be more profitable if you use it often.

Test microscope "Arbor - Elite"

From the series of microscopes, a test microscope for determining ovulation "Arbor - Elite" is also known. The principle of its operation and technical characteristics are similar. Plus it is called the presence in the set of 32 interchangeable glass slides. This allows you to save and compare previous samples. When testing it is worth remembering the rules:

  • saliva must be taken in the morning
  • do not brush your teeth before analytics
  • If smear is taken during the day, wait 1–2 hours after meals.

Microscope for the determination of ovulation Arbor-Elite

Mini microscope to determine ovulation

Among the reusable devices is the mini microscope for the determination of ovulation. It is also made in the form of a tube of lipstick and the rules for its implementation are similar to those described above.

Mini microscope to determine ovulation

The results when using a mini microscope may be:

  • dotted line: at the beginning of the cycle,
  • separate elements (or dotted line) of the fern: the moment of follicle rupture approaches,
  • clear leaf fern: the period of release of the egg.

When a woman decides to examine saliva and not bother with measuring basal temperature or conducting urine tests, the best way out is to buy a mini microscope to determine ovulation. You can give preference to the type or brand at its discretion - the level of their reliability is quite comparable.

Test Microscope - What is it? Description

Ovolux is a reusable rapid test that allows you to determine the phase of the menstrual cycle and favorable days for conceiving a child within just 5 minutes. The ovulux ovulation test microscope has an attractive streamlined design comparable to a lipstick tube. However, behind this simple shell there is a whole mini-laboratory, which is a small microscope that has glass lenses and an autonomous illumination.

If the dream of becoming pregnant does not come true, if you are planning for a certain sex of the child or if you want to try an alternative method of contraception, then you should get an ovulation test for the microscope.

Ovolux guarantees up to 98.5% accuracy in determining the readiness or non-readiness of the female body for fertilization.

The device is technically reliable due to the metal case and durable lenses. And the LED light makes this mini-lab easy to use. Ovolux is the South Korean brand of the Saejin Corp concern, which has proven itself well in different countries.

Free application to the device is a mobile program "Female Calendar", installed on a smartphone or tablet. She performs quality calculations, saving and analyzing test results. Thus, a cycle diary is kept, in which successful and unsuccessful days for conception are calculated, as well as the days when you can conceive a child of the sex that you would like to be recorded. As a nice bonus, the app gives you individual tips based on the information provided by the subtotals of the tests.

How does a test microscope work to determine ovulation?

A thoroughly developed method is based on determining a certain concentration of salts by means of a saliva sample. When ovulation occurs, the degree of estrogen rises, leading to a concentration of salts forming crystallized coating on the glass of the Ovulux device. Whereas on the other days of the cycle, with usually elevated levels of progesterone, sputtering is rather more like sand. The principle of operation of Ovulux resembles the work of a microscope, consisting of a glass lens system, a glass slide for samples and illumination. As soon as you remove the microscope for ovulation from the package, you can immediately use it.

Unlike ultrasound and standard test strips, Ovulux scores can be trusted by 98.5% for setting ovulation dates.

Ovulux - How to use?

Now it is worthwhile to tell in more detail about ovulux how to use it in stages.
For the test, remove the glass slide and leave your sample of saliva on it. Important: a drop of saliva should not contain bubbles. As soon as the sample dries (at a comfortable room temperature, this takes about (approximately) 20 minutes), install the glass back into the device and turn on the backlight. Making manipulations to adjust the sharpness, you should achieve a clear image. Now you need to make a comparison of what he saw in the eyepiece with the control circuit, painted carefully in the instructions of the device. To obtain the most accurate result possible, just before starting the test, slide the glass slide with a damp cotton pad or swab. Such a convenient microscope for ovulation can be bought at any regular or online pharmacy, as well as on specialized websites designed for the sale of such equipment.

More details about the image should be said separately. Having become the owner of such a useful mini-laboratory as Ovulux, carefully observe in the microscope the change in your saliva (or rather, the pattern on the lens), which will allow you to understand when the fertile day in your cycle comes.

In the "dangerous" days, that is, in the days of ovulation, the image is something fern. It should also be borne in mind that it is not always when such an image appears that indicates the onset of ovulation. And to be more precise, the drawing should be as saturated as possible - then this indicates ovulation.

The mini-microscope, producing regular tests, makes tracking of the hormonal system. When frequent hormonal jumps occur in the body, the minimicroscope reacts sensitively to this and warns its owner about the problems in her body.

Despite the fact that you can take the test at any time, the most accurate result of the analysis will be in the morning before eating.

When planning the sex of the child should take into account some of the nuances.

  • To get pregnant you need to know when the time of ovulation comes. And in order to understand when this moment came, we need a test that would be absolutely reliable and accurate. At the moment, the most worthy option was the Ovulux microscope.
  • There is one relatively scientific method that promotes the planning of the sex of a baby, which is based on the distinction between the properties of sperm. The sperm cell, which is responsible for the male Y chromosome, is distinguished by considerable dynamism and the ability to get to the egg faster. In turn, the sperm of the female X chromosome is viable and has a better chance of surviving in the fallopian tube, “waiting” for the onset of ovulation. This theory is called the method of Otfried Hatzold.
  • In almost 80% of cases, this method can be called effective when trying to predict the sex of a child. It works as follows: when planning a boy, it is important to abstain from ovulation throughout the week, and the sexual act itself must be performed either one day before ovulation or the day of ovulation, when planning a girl, sexual intercourse should occur strictly 2-3 days before the start of ovulation.

Test microscope Ovulux - Who can be useful?

The test for ovulation in just a few minutes is able to accurately establish the phase of the menstrual cycle with maximum hygiene and without extra money. In addition, such a microscope to determine ovulation has to conduct the test at any time and in any place, without fear of witnesses.

With an unstable cycle, the Ovulux rapid test is the best solution for women with regard to understanding what the current phase is, since calendar calculations are useless and meaningless in this case. And to buy a reusable test for ovulation will be the right and necessary decision in your life.

Given the high and accurate performance, thanks to Ovulux it is possible to predict the sex of the child. This method is confirmed by long-term tests. Everything is quite simple - at the time of ovulation there is a high probability of conceiving a male child, in the period 2-3 days before the female.

What are the merits?

The most important advantage of Ovulux is simplicity and benefit.

As soon as you start using this device, you will immediately understand and feel its superiority in comparison with other known methods by definition of ovulation. Having no special skills and not wasting my financial resources on more costly traditional methods than an ovulation microscope, you get almost exceptional accuracy in cycle calculations.

So, it is worth considering comparing the analysis using an Ovulux minimicroscope and analyzing using standard test strips.

  1. Using a mini-microscope to determine ovulux ovulation, you can perform an analysis at any hour and anywhere in the city. When using conventional test strips is only possible at home,
  2. The microscope Ovulux - like a mini-laboratory will serve you many times, maintaining the results of previous tests. Standard test strips analyze only once, then you will need to buy new ones.
  3. The test microscope Ovulux is able to determine the exact stage of ovulation. Standard test strips may indicate a stage with errors
  4. An important factor when choosing a test is the material for analysis. An Ovulux minimicroscope will require a saliva sample. For calculations using standard test strips - urine,
  5. Many potential parents are concerned about the future sex of their child. Thanks to the Ovulux test, you can plan the sex of the child. With the usual test shelves such a task is impossible.

It can be said that any woman who appreciates comfort and convenience should buy a device for determining ovulation by saliva.

Test microscopes from other manufacturers can be found on the Russian market, but none of them can produce excellent quality and impeccable accuracy of work.

  • Analogs produce their devices from low-quality plastic, therefore, they are often damaged and eventually become inoperable,
  • Analogs are taken as a material for lenses - plastic, which naturally contributes to the distortion of the analysis results,
  • Analogs usually do not give manufacturer's warranty.
  • And finally, ovulux price does not scare, but rather has to buy.

Ovulux guarantees accurate operation of the device, as well as confirms the quality of the materials used.

The saliva ovulation test has the following technical characteristics:

  • The body has a metal structure
  • Optics x60 consists of 3 glass lenses,
  • LED backlight
  • The test sample is saliva,
  • Test duration lasts for 5 min.
  • As a power source are replaceable batteries, "pills" in the amount of 2 pieces,
  • The size of the device is 10.5 × 6 × 2.3 cm.

The principle of operation of microscopes

The ovulation microscope is easy to use. The device is reusable, has a very democratic value. Therefore, it is used instead of ovulation tests. For research, you need the saliva of a woman. Therefore, you can forget about the inconvenience associated with going to the toilet with containers. Small and compact "things" fit in any purse and go unnoticed by "uninitiated" people.

Microscopes are used during the menstrual cycle daily, tracking changes that have occurred in a woman’s saliva. They are associated with hormonal adjustment of the female body before ovulation. Approximately 48 hours before her, an increase in estrogen was observed in a woman’s blood. The hormone "does not give" to sodium and potassium is excreted from the body. These processes are recorded in the modified composition of saliva under a microscope.

Rules for using different models are slightly different from each other. All instruments have instructions. It describes in detail how to use them correctly.

If you do not take into account some of the features of individual models, microscopes are used as follows:

  • On a special glass that is attached to the microscope, apply saliva,
  • Set aside for 10-15 minutes, until the saliva is completely dry,
  • Put the glass under the microscope and examine its contents,
  • Wash the glass as instructed in the instrument manual.

Understanding the meaning of results is simple. If you see water crystals in the form of fern leaves, then ovulation has come. The greater the similarity of crystals and leaves, the more favorable for conception will be the days of the cycle. In the "safe" period in the microscope you will see points located in a chaotic order.

To study was reliable, remember that the diagnosis should be carried out in the morning, immediately after waking up. It is advisable not to apply or even brush your teeth before applying saliva on a glass slide. If for some reason the diagnosis did not work out in the morning, and it’s very necessary to know the result, refrain from eating before the test. Between diagnosis and the last meal should be 2-2.5 hours.

Instrument brands

Ovulation microscope produced by different companies. All models have a common principle of action. Differ only in the nuances of care and the presence of additional functions. The approximate price of the device is 2500 rubles.

Ovulux is the most famous type of microscope test for ovulation in Russia. Such popularity is due to a number of advantages of the device:

  • Fast result: it will take only 5 minutes for the research,
  • Accuracy of "indications": according to producers, it reaches 98%,
  • Compact and unusual packaging: an uninitiated person will take a microscope for female lipstick,
  • Can be used as a contraceptive: not to be protected on “safe” days,
  • Convenient device that does not require additional devices for research.

"Determines" the floor of the future baby with an accuracy of 80%. Intimacy on the day of ovulation will be the result of the birth of a boy. Successful fertilization the day before the "height" of the journey of the egg through the fallopian tubes will lead to the birth of a girl.

The microscope is manufactured by the South Korean firm Saejin Corp. All equipment is made of quality materials:

  • Lens system
  • Glass for applying biological material,
  • LED lights,
  • Battery.

The device does not need preparation for use. 1-2 drops of saliva are applied to the glass. Wait 3-5 minutes (until the biological fluid is completely dry) and insert the glass into the device. To better see, turn on the backlight.

Evaluate the result of the diagnosis will help pictures in the instructions.

In the package with the microscope Ovulux you will find a nice bonus: the program for the mobile phone "Women's Calendar". By installing it on your phone, you can keep track of important days of the menstrual cycle. The results of the calculations are stored in the program, which allows you to make a special schedule of favorable and unfavorable days for conception. In addition, the saved information allows the application to identify patterns of the cycle, which she will not hesitate to inform her "owner".

Your cycle

This microscope has no additional features. It is as easy to use as its Korean counterpart. It looks like an elegant tube of lipstick and guarantees the most accurate result.

However, users advise to purchase this microscope on the official website of manufacturers. Ведь этот прибор часто подделывают. А официальные представители фирмы дают пожизненную гарантию на использование.

Арбор элит

Не менее популярен микроскоп для определения овуляции под названием Арбор-Элит. Технические характеристики и принцип действия прибора идентичен другим микроскопам для определения овуляции. The only important difference is the presence of replaceable glasses. There are 32 of them in the set. They help to "visually" track the entire cycle, retaining the glass with the pattern changing on them.

Saliva analysis

Determining the time of ovulation in a way that analyzes saliva is the most modern technology. It provides the most accurate information regarding this issue. You can buy a low-cost microscope that analyzes saliva on the official iHerb website (you can find out the price and read reviews here).

The device can be used repeatedly. Mini-microscopes have small dimensions. In terms of their shape and size, they resemble the packaging of a mascara or a tube of lipstick. Such devices are used in order to determine the period of the onset of ovulation about 4 days before its occurrence.

This information is directly related to the structure of the woman's body. Approximately 2 days before the start of ovulation, estrogen begins to be produced in a very large amount in a woman's body. It inhibits the excretion of potassium and sodium from the body, therefore, the composition of saliva changes.

How to use a mini microscope?

Each device for determining the time of ovulation has an instruction, which describes in detail the rules for its use. In general, the method of application involves the implementation of a few simple steps:

  1. You need to take a glass microscope and put on it a little saliva,
  2. Then wait until it dries,
  3. Next, take a look at the microscope. There you should see crystallized water. If the crystal pattern resembles fern leaves, then this is a sign of approaching ovulation,
  1. After the procedure, the glass must be thoroughly washed. The method of washing the glass is individual for each device and is explained in the instructions,
  2. After cleaning the glass, the device can be used again.

Choosing the best microscope for the test

The price of such microscopes is very economical, considering that this is an apparatus for repeated use. He very quickly pays for the money spent on him. The cost ranges from $ 20 to $ 70. The total amount depends on the manufacturer and additional options available for one or another microscope. Of course, to buy such a device is worth all women with difficulties in conceiving. I will consider the most popular options, which can be found both in local pharmacies in Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries, and can be ordered from the popular online store AyHerb.

Fairhaven Health Mini Microscope

It is also a microscope for determining the period of ovulation. You can buy it on the official website of iHerb. The device likewise with all the rest resembles a closed tube of lipstick for lips. The method of use is also identical:

When you open the lid, we will see the lens where you want to put a little saliva. After it dries, place the lens back into the cap and press the backlight button.

Next, look at the resulting pattern, which is displayed on the lens:

  • If there are visible stripes and dots - then the ovulation period has not yet arrived.
  • If there are still patterns resembling fern leaves, then the desired period will come somewhere in 4 days. At this time there is a chance to conceive a baby, but an absolute guarantee is not given.
  • If the drawing of dried saliva shows a large number of fern leaves, then ovulation has already begun and you can start trying to conceive.

The microscope and the instruction to it is included in the package. The result is determined in four minutes. Find out the actual price and read the reviews can be on the links below.

Simple tester FertoTest

It is another device for setting the time of onset of ovulation for a small amount of dried saliva. Its action consists in the analysis of crystallized elements.

A feature of this device is the possibility of application for people, and even for animals. This will be very convenient for owners of purebred dogs. In appearance, the device resembles an ordinary laboratory microscope. For this reason, it will be difficult to take it anywhere with you and carry out the test in inappropriate conditions.

Standard method of use:

  1. the manufacturer advises taking saliva in the morning,
  2. then you need to wait until it dries and put under the microscope,
  3. see the result by focusing the lens,
  4. the result must be compared with the table provided in the kit.

The kit itself consists of a microscope with the ability to zoom in and adjust the focus, a set of glasses (for maximum hygienic use) and all the necessary instructions.

Popular MaybeBaby Microscope

A MaybeBaby tester is a small device that can accurately set the time of ovulation. It guarantees the accuracy of the obtained test result at 99.9%. The device has high quality optics (up to 10,000 test cycles are enough). The manufacturer recommends using this mini-microscope immediately after waking up. There should be no impurities in the saliva, so the fence should be done before dental cleaning.

Look at the MaybeBaby mini-microscope here.

Women's mini-laboratory Eva test D

This device is characterized by the most accurate indicators of results. This is possible thanks to software processing of information, which is taken from a small amount of saliva. The device is actually a portable mini-laboratory, which in its small dimensions and shape resembles a powder compact. A great assistant in solving questions of conception for every woman.

The device is able to determine the following data:

  • conception period
  • can calculate the days unfavorable for conceiving a baby,
  • for what reason there was a delay in menstruation,
  • can make an assumption about the cause of infertility and control the treatment process,
  • able to warn against unwanted pregnancy without the use of hormonal contraceptives,
  • show if there is a threat of miscarriage,
  • establish a very early pregnancy (1 week),
  • show available female diseases.

This device is quite new, and in its application there are some disadvantages. All the flaws were collected from reviews left by consumers. Among the most common drawbacks worth mentioning: the control interface is unfriendly, the device is not accurate enough and you need to constantly reconfigure it. Also quite high price.

How to use?

Each microscope for determining ovulation is provided with instructions for use, which spelled out in detail the rules for its use. In general, the application is reduced to performing simple actions.

  • Take a glass microscope and put on it a little saliva,
  • Wait until it dries,
  • Then look through the microscope,
  • You will see crystallized water in it. If the crystal pattern resembles fern leaves, it means that the ovulation period is approaching in your body,
  • After you determine at what stage your cycle is located, wash the glass thoroughly. The method of washing the glass is individual for each device and is described in the instructions. After washing the glass, the microscope for determining ovulation by saliva is again ready for use.

Test cost

The cost of this microscope is economical on the assumption that it can be used many times. The device quickly pays for the cost of its purchase. Prices range from 1,200 to 3,500 rubles. The final amount is determined on the basis of the manufacturer and the additional functions that the microscopes possess. Buy this product is recommended for all women who have problems with conception.

Fertile Focus Mini Microscope

Another type of microscope to determine ovulation. You can buy this device on the website iherb. The device, like everyone else, is like a lipstick in the closed state. If you remove the cap, you can see the lens, which is placed a little saliva. After the saliva dries, put the lens back into the cap and press the backlight button.

Next is a pattern that is displayed on the lens. If you see dots and stripes, then the time of ovulation has not yet come. If among the points and stripes you see patterns similar to fern leaves, it means that ovulation will occur in about four days. On such days, there is a chance of conceiving a child, but this is not guaranteed. If in the drawing of your dried saliva there will be a lot of fern patterns, it means that ovulation has come and you can start trying to conceive.

Device equipment: microscope, manual.

Determination time: 4 minutes.

The device has the most accurate indicators of results. Since there is a software processing of the information contained in a drop of saliva. The device is a portable home laboratory that has the size and shape of a powder compact. An excellent assistant in solving the reproductive issues of every woman. The device can determine such data as:

  • Conception time
  • Specify the days in which it is impossible to conceive a child
  • Why was the delay of critical days
  • Assume the cause of infertility and monitor the course of treatment,
  • To prevent unwanted pregnancy without the use of hormonal contraceptives,
  • Identify the risk of miscarriage,
  • Determine early pregnancy (one week),
  • Identify female diseases.

However, the device is quite new and there are some drawbacks to its use. All cons were collected on the basis of what feedback was left by buyers. The most popular disadvantages are as follows:

  • The device is not accurate enough
  • Requires regular reconfiguration,
  • The management interface is unfriendly,
  • High price.

Maybe-MOM microscope

Maybe-MOM is a small device that can qualitatively determine the ovulation period. An ovulation microscope ensures the correct test result in 98 percent of cases. The device is equipped with high-quality optics. The manufacturer clarifies that the use of a mini microscope to determine ovulation is necessary in the early morning. Saliva should be free of impurities, the material should be collected before brushing your teeth.

This device differs from others in that it is able to determine days that are safe for conception, not only by saliva, but also by secretions from the cervix. The principle of diagnosis relies on the fern pattern again; however, it is possible to back up the test results with a double analysis. The thing is that when the egg begins to exit, the drawing will be identical in saliva and mucus from the cervix.

Based on the above, it becomes clear that all devices operate on the same principle, however, have several differences. Some of them are suitable only for home use, the use of others is quite laborious. But the main advantage of all microscopes is that they are reusable. This is very convenient for those women who carefully approach the process of planning a pregnancy or have problems with this process.

If a woman is difficult to determine the time of ovulation, then the purchase of such a microscope test will be a necessary and profitable investment. The device pays off after a few uses.

Electron microscope OVU-test

This device differs from analogs in the ability to establish favorable days for conception not only in terms of saliva, but also in terms of secretions from the cervix. Its action is also based on an analysis of the fern pattern. But you can achieve maximum confidence using double analysis. Indeed, in the period of release of the egg pattern of saliva and cervical secretions will be the same.

We conclude: All devices operate on the same principle, but all have their own characteristics. Some are suitable only for use at home, and the use of others is very time consuming.

But the main advantage of all such devices is that they can be used many times. This will be very convenient for women who are very careful in planning pregnancy or have problems in this matter. If it is difficult to establish the ovulation period, the acquisition of such a test microscope will be the right decision. The device pays off in just a few applications!

Your Cycle Microscope

“Your Cycle” - the device is more like a microscope in its functions and principle of use. On the glass slide, illuminated by the LED, you need to put a smear of saliva and see what the picture folded.

"EVA-TEST D" - characterized by high accuracy due to computer processing of data in the study of droplets of saliva. It is like a small home laboratory that fits in a powder box. His goal is to become the first assistant in the reproductive life of women.

Home laboratory for the determination of ovulation Eva-Test

Its parameters are constantly improving and now, according to factory specifications, it can determine:

  • period for conception, or indicate its impossibility,
  • the reason for the delay of menstruation,
  • the probable cause of infertility and the monitoring of treatment,
  • without hormones and contraceptives protect against unwanted pregnancy,
  • threatened miscarriage
  • pregnancy at the earliest time (1-1.5 weeks),
  • women's diseases,
  • hormonal background in menopause,
  • predict the sex of the child at conception.

According to the reviews, you can identify the main complaints when using the device:

  • not quite accurate
  • you need to constantly reconfigure,
  • not quite easy to handle,
  • The price is very significant.