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Winter crafts with their own hands for kindergarten

You are waiting for penguins, snowmen, snowflakes, clouds with snow, landscapes and Santa Claus. How to make winter crafts in kindergarten?

If you pick up the most relevant, winter, images, then it will be much more interesting to work, and winter will seem not such a harsh and boring time of year.

Winter crafts in kindergarten

It is good if you have the opportunity to share the results of your work with children and kindergarten teachers - for example, by submitting them to a thematic exhibition. Usually, the child really wants to take any crafts, including winter ones, to kindergarten: he managed to create something new and interesting with his own hands, and he expects the fruits of his creativity to be of interest to other children and educators.

You can devote to the creation of winter images and a thematic lesson in kindergarten. For him, it would be better to choose such crafts, which can later form a single composition.

Winter crafts "mittens"

The simplest version of the crafts "mitten" is an application. Cut out a mitten on the handle of the child. We decorate it with buttons and cotton wool.

Application "mitten" can be made of felt. If we attach a thread to it, then we will have an original Christmas decoration.

Applique "mitten" made of felt

So, from a sheet of textured paper, you can cut mittens, and each child will decorate his mitten on the model. Beautifully looked mittens with a lace edge, which is an ordinary hole punch. A simple appliqué will suit as an ornament - for example, a heart. Stringing mittens on a satin ribbon, we get a beautiful decoration for a window of a group or a room.

Window mittens

And if you cut mittens from stained glass, then you can stick them directly on the glass - it will turn out childishly fun and beautiful in winter.

Winter Decoration - Mitten

Each mitten can be made from several types of stained glass film, then it looks more original.

Winter decoration on the windows

In the form of mittens get a very beautiful winter card. May everyone have happiness this winter!

Winter card in the form of mittens

Winter hack "cloud with snow"

As an option to decorate the window, an unusual winter suspension is suitable: for example, in the form of a snow cloud and falling large snowflakes. Both the cloud and the snowflakes are made of cotton balls: when pinching pieces of cotton, we firmly press them into a fist until the fist is full. Opening it, we get neat cotton balls. Part of the paste on the cardboard contour of the clouds, part of string on the thread. We fix the threads with snowflakes on a cloud - that's it!

A bunch of cotton balls

Originally look on pendants openwork white paper snowflakes.

Cloud with snowflakes

The suspension can be placed on the wall in a suitable place - for example, in the corner where the future exhibition of winter exhibits is being prepared.

Handicraft cloud with snow

Take a look at the video how to make a fabulous craftsmanship “winter window”:

Winter crafts "snowman"

The most popular winter exhibit will, of course, be the snowman. It can be created from a variety of materials. For example, having filled half of a transparent plastic bottle with cotton balls, we will get a snowman's head. We glue on the toy eyes, the felt triangular spout-carrot, with black circles - put the contours of the mouth with coals - and now the little face is ready. We put a hat made of a warm white sock on the head, a felt scarf - and our snowman is ready to take a seat at the exhibition.

Craft snowman from a transparent can

And as desktop souvenirs, snowmen from cardboard sleeves from toilet paper will do. Paint them white, glue buttons, toy eyes and small felt nozzles - carrots, knit scarves from braid - and now the snowmen take on a distinctive look. The highlight for them will be hats - headphones, made of fluffy pompons and pieces of blue (fluffy) wire.

Snowmen from toilet rolls

Snowmen from cardboard rolls look very interesting.

Cardboard rolls snowmen

With a few cups of popcorn and disposable plastic spoons, you can make a whole family of snowmen.

Snowmen from disposable spoons

You can make snowmen in a more traditional way - for example, in the form of an appliqué. Beautiful application can be made from ordinary cotton pads.

Application "snowman" of cotton pads

Use cotton balls and felt pieces for work - and the applique will be original and interesting.

Craft a snowman made of cotton

The appliqué can be supplemented with glue snowflakes.

Applique cottonman snowman

From wool and transparent cells under the testicles you can make a beautiful surround snowman. Cut out of the transparent tray from under the testicles three sections. We make two such blanks. We glue them together, filling the gap between them with cotton. Glue the cap, scarf, buttons and pen-sticks. We will have a very original winter decoration.

Snowman made of cotton wool and trays

If you have unpaired white socks - make a snowman out of them. We stuff a sock with rice and bandage it in the upper part. Tie the sock in the middle part and close the gum ribbon scarf. From a blue sock make a snowman hat.

Winter crafts snowman from a sock

Snowman can be made from colored paper and disposable plates.

Snowman from colored paper and disposable plates

Charming Christmas decoration "snowman" is obtained from a conventional light bulb. We paint a light bulb, glue branches on it and a ribbon bow.

Light bulb snowman

Snowman can be molded from clay.

Plasticine snowman

This winter picture of the "family of snowmen" is made of white gloves. Cut the fingers out of the gloves and glue them to the main background - we get small snowmen. We decorate snowmen with ribbons - scarves. Glue eyes and noses.

Painting "snowmen" of gloves

It is possible to make very beautiful snowmen from plastic bottles to decorate the kindergarten premises. Such snowmen-lamps are illuminated with the help of a garland.

From the cotton balls, you get a beautiful, voluminous Santa Claus. On the paper red cap glue the cotton edge and cotton pompon. The base of the face is cut out of white paper, and the eyebrows and nose are made of felt or velvet cardboard. Begin the beginning of the beard out of cotton balls, and its continuation - from the paper white stripes bent upwards.

Application Santa Claus from wool

Pieces of cotton wool can lay the foundation for any crafts - for example, an improvised skating rink. Add to it a couple of paper Christmas trees and a paper skater girl - and get a full winter composition.

DIY nature in winter

Very natural skating rink obtained from foil and cotton.

Paper and wooden ice cream sticks make charming ice skates.

You can also use crumpled pieces of white paper or napkins to create a volume application. For example, from them the beautiful snow-covered tree will turn out.

DIY winter tree

Winter penguin

No less popular than the snowman, another winter character - the penguin. A penguin can be made from cardboard packaging from under the eggs.

Cardboard penguin

From the paper plate, you can make a craft in the form of a sports hat with a pompon. Cut off half the plates, decorate with snowflakes and other suitable ornaments, and pompon form from cotton balls - that's it!

DIY winter hat

You can take a plate as a basis for creating the original polar bear. We put on it a layer of shaving foam mixed with starch, glue two cotton pads as ears, eyes and a black round nose - and it turns out to be a pretty face of the polar polar pet.

DIY polar bear from a plate

Winter crafts from cones

An interesting winter craft - a cone skier. To make it, we need a lump, wooden ice cream sticks, a wooden or wool ball, some blue wire and a small piece of red cloth.

Winter crafts "skier"

Glued cardboard cone becomes a good basis for winter beauty - Christmas trees.

Pine cone

Very bright cozy handicraft - Christmas basket of cones.

Christmas basket of cones

Winter crafts Christmas tree

Very beautiful Christmas tree is obtained from foamirana. In order to make such a Christmas tree, we cut the foamiran into strips and make cuts along one edge. We warm the stripes on the iron - they will be slightly bent. Glue the curved strips onto the cardboard cone with a glue gun.

Christmas tree from foamirana

Christmas tree can be made of ribbons or organza. Get a very spectacular winter crafts.

Organza Winter Christmas Tree

Very beautiful winter souvenir - Christmas tree topiary. At the heart of this craft is polyfoam, which we wrap with foil and pierce with copper wire. Wrap the cone with yarn and decorate with beads. Glue to the cone two strips of double-sided tape - it will fix the strings.

Winter crafts "herringbone topiary"

Winter crafts snowflakes

Very interesting snowflakes are obtained from thin strips of clay.

A very beautiful and tender snowflake can be made with a glue gun. We will need a snowflake pattern on paper on which we will apply hot glue. When the glue hardens, we color the snowflake white and sprinkle it with sparkles.

Hot Glue Snowflake

Very beautiful Christmas snowflake can be glued from pasta. The snowflake is painted white and sprinkled with semolina.

Winter crafts snowflake from macaroni

Amazingly beautiful tender winter crafts - this is a ballerina snowflake. Cut out a regular snowflake out of paper and dress it on the paper silhouette of a ballerina. We tie a thread to a ballerina’s handle and hang an elegant winter decoration on a chandelier, a Christmas tree or a window.

Winter decoration snowflake ballerinka

Watch the video on how to make a bulky paper snowflake:

Winter crafts "Bullfinch"

One of the most beloved winter crafts is the bird bullfinch. The bullfinch stays with us during the harsh winter and inspires us with its bright plumage. Very spectacular winter crafts "Bullfinch" can be made from colored yarn.

Winter crafts "Bullfinch of thread"

Winter houses and cities

On the theme of winter, you can make a very effective composition. All elements of the composition are mounted on a cardboard basis. The house is made of milk cartons. Figures of papier-mache and cotton.

Composition "Winter's Tale"

Drawings in an unusual technique - could not be more suitable idea for winter crafts. For example, kids really like to draw drawings with white crayons, and then show contours with watercolors. Thus you can create winter landscapes or characters - for example, snowmen.

Winter drawings in kindergarten

Very beautiful are the winter landscapes made with chalk and shown in watercolor.

Winter landscape in crayons

Surely many will want to draw a magical beauty winter!

We draw snow with spray.

The handsome bullfinch can be drawn on a winter landscape or a postcard.

Carefully draw all the details of the birds and rowan berries.

Rowan berries on a winter pattern

The most relevant winter pattern will be a fairy-tale wizard - Santa Claus. Detailed master class in the article "drawing Santa Claus".

Winter drawing Santa Claus

Having implemented several of these ideas, it is easy to turn any room into a real winter kingdom.

Winter crafts with their own hands. Master classes with step by step photos

We bring to your attention workshops and articles on topics:

- Applications and drawing lessons on the theme "Winter"

- Winter crafts made of paper, plasticine and waste material

Workshops for co-creation of children and adults. Workshops for all kindergarten groups.

Be creative and enjoy the magic of the beautiful Winter!

Crafts on the theme Winter for kindergarten

Modular Origami: Penguin. Master class with step-by-step photos. Author: Seyitmedova Oksana Seytievna, tutor, GBOU Grammar school №1503 Material description: This material will be useful to educators, teachers of additional education, parents. Purpose: Making a composition of colored paper using modular origami technique. Tasks: - to get acquainted with the "modular origami" technique, - to fix skills of working with paper, scissors, glue, - to learn how to fold triangular modules, - to connect.

Master class on non-traditional drawing "Bullfinches" This story can be used both for drawing a story picture, and for making a postcard. Objective: to learn to draw bullfinches using unconventional technology. Tasks: to teach to depict a bird using cotton pads, highlighting the features and differences of bullfinches. Develop creativity, imagination, broaden horizons. To educate artistically - aesthetic taste. 1. Materials: landscape sheet, cotton pads, gouache, brushes.

Winter application of salt dough step by step with photos for children of the senior-preparatory group. Author: Svetlana Babinova, educator at the Kindergarten No. 183 "Description of material: The material is intended for older, preparatory preschool children, educators, preschool teachers, students. Purpose: can serve as a decoration of the exhibition, as well as a gift to relatives and close people. Purpose: making crafts from salt dough. Necessary tools and material.

Master class of application "Norwegian Deer" with gouache for preschoolers. Author: Pupil of DSBOU "DSOV No. 50" Lisitsky Semyon, Novomyshastovskaya village Head: Petrichenko Elena Nikolaevna, head from the MKUK NSP "Rural Culture House" stanitsa Novomyshastovskaya. Objective: to create a picture on a given subject Tasks: - development of fantasy, - consolidation of knowledge about the drawing of ornament - the formation of the ability to combine application and drawing. Purpose: gift, exhib.

Drawing for children with a watercolor on the winter theme "Hare in the Snow" step by step with a photo Author: Ochkasova Nastya, a student of DSBEU "DOV number 50" of the village of Novomyshastovskaya Krasnodar Territory. The head: Petrichenko Elena Nikolaevna, the head from the studio MKUK NSP "Rural House of Culture" village Novomyshastovskaya. Purpose: to create a picture on a given topic. Tasks: - consolidating the ability to paint in watercolors - creating an image of a hare - developing imagination. Purpose: decor, gift Recommended: teacher.

Master class on drawing on the winter theme for children of preschool and primary school age with step by step photos. Winter landscape. Author of the work: Rassadina Elena Yuryevna. Teacher d / s "Altyn besik" Kazakhstan. Karaganda. Description: This master class is designed for children from 6-7 years old and children of primary school age, kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, additional education teachers and simply for creative people. Purpose: This pattern can be decorated and.

Drawing a winter landscape "Bullfinches feast" for children 5-7 years old. Nontraditional technique of drawing bullfinches with your fingers. Drawing mountain ash in the technique - printing with a pencil base. Author: Kirillova Irina Nikolaevna, educator of the Kindergarten "Kindergarten No. 4" Daisy ". Description: this master class will be useful to kindergarten teachers, teachers of additional education, creative people and caring parents. Purpose: interior decoration, gift, work on the exhibition. Purpose: the creation of educational and creative.

Master-class on paper design “Layout with houses” with step-by-step photo Vlasova Irina Timofeevna - teacher of additional education in the Fine Arts of the highest qualification category GBOU gymnasium №1409 in Moscow Master class is designed for teachers and parents The purpose is to develop a positive attitude of the child to the surrounding the world. Objectives: - educational: to attract the attention of children and parents to creativity, to expand the understanding of winter and the origin of the New Year holiday,.

Master class with step-by-step photos for children 5-8 years old "Winter Miniatures" Author: Ostanina Viktoria Alexandrovna, educator MDOUDKV "Raduga" SPDS "Silver Hoof" Description: Winter has surrounded us with its chills, but we will not be upset and sad. Let's sit back, turn on the fantasy and go to the world of amazing creativity. This master class will allow you to create wonderful miniatures from the available materials. Go forward to meet the creativity! Purpose: This workshop is designed for seniors.

Master-class crafts from waste material "At the forest at the edge of the winter lived in a hut" with a step-by-step photo. Author: Nataly Vladimirovna Solunina, kindergarten teacher number 2 in Kineshma. Description: this master class is intended for teachers of children's institutions, older preschoolers and just creative people. Purpose: crafts for the exhibition, interior decoration. Objective: to show children and their parents how to use junk material (a box of chocolates). Tasks: to form the ability to manufacture.

Master-class step-by-step drawing "Winter Cat" for children of preschool age Author: pupil of DSOBU "DSOV No. 50" st.Novomyshastovskaya Krasnodar Territory Danil I. Petrichenko Leader: tutor of MDBOU "DSOV No. 50" Stanim Novomyshastovskaya Korshunova Viktoria Petrovna Use: recommended parents, tutors Purpose: gift, decoration, decor. Материалы: краски гуашь белые, кисточка № 3, масляная пастель набор, лист цветной бумаги ход занятия: возьм.

Мастер-класс с пошаговыми фото Аппликация «Веселый снеговик» в старшей группе Автор: Варламова Ольга Вячеславовна, воспитатель МКДОУ «Гаврилово-Посадский детский сад №1» г. Gavrilov-Posad Description: This master class can be used in work with older preschoolers, younger students, in group work, as well as in joint activities of children and parents. Purpose: interior decoration. .

Making attributes to entertainment for children "Birthday Snowman". Step-by-step master class. Author: Koryakina Tatyana Alexandrovna, educator, Municipal Educational Institution "Kindergarten No. 9 KV", Bogoroditsk. Description: Good afternoon! Not so long ago, an interesting date was celebrated - World Snowman Day on January 18th. In honor of this event, I developed a synopsis of the entertainment scenario, which can also be seen in my blog. This master class will be useful to teachers of different educational systems, as well as a prospect.

Step-by-step master-class drawing gouache on the winter theme "Trees in the snow." Younger group Author: Danil I. Petrichenko, a graduate of MDBEI DSOW No. 50 Head: social pedagogical staff of the Moscow Regional Association of Children's Education "DSOW No. 50" Novomyshastovskaya village Rozhkova Margarita G. recommended: for teachers, parents, educators, children of 3 years. Where it will come in handy: exhibition, decor, gift Materials: gouache paint, squirrel brush 3 and 5, a sheet of blue colored paper, half a sheet of white A4 paper, a non-spill glass with water.

Master class for children 6-7 years old with step by step photos. Theme: White BirchAvitor of the work: Bibik Veronika 5 years d / s "Altyn besik" class of preschool preparation "Bolashak" Leader: Rassadina Elena Yuryevna. Teacher d / s "Altyn besik" Kazakhstan. Karaganda. Description: This master class is designed for children from 6-7 years old, kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, additional education teachers and simply for creative people. Purpose: This figure is used in class on TV.


Winter is a beautiful and magical season. One of its main characters is a snowman. It can be made of cotton wool. We will need:

  • White sheet of paper.
  • Colored markers.
  • Vata.
  • Glue.

  1. On a white sheet draw a snowman. We color him with a hat and scarf, make eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. We make small balls of cotton wool of the same size.
  3. We take glue. On the snowman pot belly we glue the balls evenly.

In this way, you can make a picture, a postcard, a Christmas tree toy. Crafts on the winter theme with your own hands can be decorated with sparkles, sequins, tinsel.

Christmas tree of ice cream sticks

What a New Year without a fluffy beauty? It is very easy to make a Christmas tree from ice cream sticks. To do this, you need to take:

How to make a Christmas tree:

  1. We paint one stick in a bright color at will. This is the base of the Christmas tree.
  2. Cut a few sticks into pieces of different lengths, approximately 1, 3, 6, 9 cm, and paint it in green.
  3. Give the details to dry.
  4. At the upper end of the base we attach the rope with glue. Cut a star out of yellow paper and glue a cord on top.
  5. We place short sticks in order to make a Christmas tree. From top to bottom, from short to longest. We glue.
  6. We decorate with rhinestones, beads.

Winter crafts with their own hands for the kindergarten children do, connecting the imagination. Spruce can be made of any color and decorate with decor as desired.

Christmas tree decorations

With the onset of cold weather comes the winter fantasy. Crafts with their own hands makes it possible to translate their ideas. Christmas decorations can be made from various materials. Handmade, they will delight children and adults. This toy will be exclusive, warm and soulful.

Parents can help children create their own winter crafts. This is not only a fun activity, it develops imagination, motility, teaches how to use glue, scissors.

Colored bows

Winter crafts for the garden with their own hands you need to do simple and easy, so that children cope with their manufacture on their own. What you need:

  • Paint.
  • Glitter.
  • Threads.
  • Pasta in the form of bows.

They are made very simple. Paint the pasta in any color, and until it is dry, sprinkle with sparkles. After drying, we tie the thread and hang it on the Christmas tree. From these bows you can make an elegant garland.

Christmas tree toy from light bulbs

If you have experience in drawing, you can make funny faces, faces of snowmen. But for children the easiest way. We will need:

  • Bulbs oblong.
  • White acrylic paint.
  • A piece of sponge.
  • Glitter.

It is very simple to make such a toy:

  1. Light bulb with a sponge covered with a layer of acrylic paint. Let it dry.
  2. Then we cover with the second layer and, until it dries, sprinkle with various spangles.
  3. Then shake those that are not stuck. Decoration is ready!

Winter children's crafts with their own hands should cause only positive emotions, bring joy to the house.

Salt dough toys

This technique has long been used for sculpting. Salt dough can be made at home. From it beautiful volumetric figures or pictures turn out. Such winter crafts in kindergarten do it yourself will not leave anyone indifferent.

How to make dough? Pour some water into a cup, a tablespoon of oil and pour one cup of flour and salt. The consistency of the dough should be similar to plasticine, warm up well and not be liquid. Then put it in a bag and put it in the fridge for about 2.5 hours.

After our dough has dried, you can make it colored right away, dividing it into parts and adding food coloring. Or immediately sculpt figures from it and paint them with colors after baking.

To make a shape, such as a Christmas tree, roll out the dough and cut out the image with a knife. Adjust each edge with your hands. Then bake in the oven, at low temperature. As soon as the Christmas tree has cooled, you can color it and decorate it at will.

From salt dough you can make a snowman, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, a rooster, and any heroes of fairy tales or cartoons.

Felt to help

Do-it-yourself winter crafts for school can be more complicated than for kindergarten. Many kids already know how to sew, and soft felt will come to their aid.

For this you will need:

  • Multicolored felt.
  • Threads.
  • Needle.
  • A bit of padding polyester.
  • Ribbon.
  • A sheet of paper and a pencil.

  1. Choose your favorite shapes: herringbone, bell, gnome. We draw on the sheet pattern, cut.
  2. We apply to the felt and encircle, leaving about 0.5 cm at the edges on the seams. Cut out two blanks.
  3. Carefully sew each part, leaving a small hole.
  4. We put a synthetic winterizer, a ribbon. Sew the remaining hole.
  5. Decorate as desired.

Winter crafts with their own hands for the school of felt will be able to decorate a large Christmas tree at a holiday or become gifts to teachers. Showing imagination, you can sew a lot of wonderful toys.

Sweet wreath

Crafts on the winter theme with their own hands out of sweets are becoming very popular. Children can make a beautiful and tasty Christmas wreath of marmalades. After the holidays you can eat it. What is necessary for him:

  • Round or oval shaped jelly.
  • Toothpicks.
  • Preparation for a wreath.

  1. Each marmalade strung on a toothpick. Do it carefully.
  2. If there is no ready basis for a wreath, make a newspaper blank. Crumple the newspaper and give it the shape of the workpiece, you can wrap tape.
  3. Carefully stick the marmalades in the wreath so that they fill it evenly, without gaps.

They can decorate the festive table or hang on the door of the nursery. It is better to make such a wreath just before the New Year, so that the marmalade does not dry out.

Newspaper Christmas Tree

The best winter crafts with their own hands, of course, are obtained from scrap materials. Everybody has old newspapers or unnecessary books. They can be turned into an incredibly stylish Christmas tree. What is needed for this:

  • Newspapers, book lists.
  • Figured scissors.
  • A piece of cardboard.
  • Wooden skewer
  • Glue.

Transformation of the newspaper into a beautiful Christmas tree:

  1. Cut a small square out of cardboard.
  2. The tip of the skewers grease glue. We stick in the cardboard, give dry.
  3. We cut newspapers into squares of different sizes with curly scissors.
  4. Starting with the biggest ones, we string them onto a skewer so that the corner of the lower tier peeks from under the side of the upper one.
  5. Strung up to the top with the smallest squares, decorate the Christmas tree with a ribbon or glue a paper star.

Such trees can be made in different sizes, to complement the garland of beads.

Cutting snowflakes

Winter children's crafts with their own hands beautiful and sparkling, what could be better in the New Year? Paper snowflakes are made incredibly simple, and are obtained with openwork and elegant. For their manufacture need white sheets, scissors and imagination. We fold the paper several times to form a triangle. Cut the pattern, make curved lines. The less of the leaf remains, the deeper the snowflake will turn out.

You can use ready-made templates, but it is much more interesting to create your own. From the finished snowflakes you can make a garland by attaching them to a thin string. Instead of paper, use napkins, corrugated paper, candy wrappers or foil.

Candy fir

Winter crafts in kindergarten do-it-yourself gives you the opportunity to dream. The sweet gift is the favorite delicacy of the little restless ones. You can make a Christmas tree out of chocolates for yourself or give to relatives. Necessary materials:

  • Chocolates in a shiny wrap.
  • Glue gun.
  • Cardboard.
  • Tinsel.

The birth of a delicious and sweet Christmas tree:

  1. From a cardboard we make a cone and fix it with glue.
  2. We start from the bottom row. Candies glue tiers.
  3. Try not to drip a lot of glue, so that the sweetness does not melt and the wrapper does not melt.
  4. Decorate with tinsel. Herringbone is ready!

Using the candy in different wrappers, you can make the fir more bright and shiny.

Bouquet "Winter-Winter"

In the cold season, fresh flowers are not too relevant. Doing the "winter bouquet" with your own hands can be made of materials that nature gives us. What can be found on the street:

You will also need glue, ribbon, thin wire. Cones can be glued to the sticks with glue or wound with a wire. Of all the collected materials going handicraft "winter bouquet". Tie the bottom of the branch with a golden ribbon. To make everything silver, spray with glitter hair spray or special paint. You can make a sprig of mountain ash from red beads by stringing them on a wire.

Snowman made of thread

Winter crafts with their own hands can be fun and funny. That would be a snowman made of strings. The technique is very simple, the main thing is to prepare the necessary materials:

First of all, we inflate balls of three sizes: for the lower part, for the head and for the handles. For convenience, pour the glue into the cup. The thread is first dipped into the glue, then we begin to wind around the ball so that the mesh is formed. When all kruglyashi ready, they need to hang and hold in this state until completely dry. After that, we take a needle and burst the ball inside the blanks. We take it out. Using glue, we connect all parts of the snowman together. Glue the eyes and nose. Optionally, you can make a hat, scarf, glue buttons.

This snowman turns out very openwork. You can make Christmas balls in this way using multicolored threads.

Christmas colored paper toys

It often happens that the simpler the decor, the better the green beauty looks. Colored paper can make toys, garlands and various pendants. Some simplest options:

  1. Take the red and green paper. Cut into strips of different lengths. Make each ringlet. We combine all the details together and fasten. From above we attach a ribbon. Beautiful decoration is ready. You can make different shades.
  2. From the color bars you can make a "flashlight". For this you need paper and glue. We place a short strip in the middle, long ones on the sides. We fasten the top and bottom, so that the sides form arcs, and the shape looks like a flashlight.
  3. You can make a postcard. Think about what picture to portray. Then cut out the necessary shapes from colored paper. Make an application. Decorate a card with buttons, sparkles, rhinestones.
  4. Having made many cones of paper of various sizes, you can collect the original Christmas tree. The more details, the higher and more elegant the tree will turn out.

Together with the New Year comes the winter fantasy. Hand-made craftwork will not only please during the holiday with its interesting appearance. It is also a great way to spend time with your children. Collect all the materials you find in the house. Connect your imagination and make beautiful holiday decorations. Do not use perishable products in the manufacture of crafts. Fir-trees and snowmen are suitable for school or kindergarten, snowflakes and Christmas-tree toys are suitable for home.

Idea 1. Tabletop diorama with a winter plot

A tabletop diorama will allow you to show all your talents with your baby - from modeling to design. And using a variety of materials and objects: branches, cones, toys (eg, from Kinder Surprise eggs), plasticine, salted dough, cardboard, cotton wool, and much more.

The first thing you need to come up with the plot of your diorama and plan the composition. You can recreate any of your fantasy or be inspired by our selection of topics with photos and small tips on making crafts.

Theme 1. "Winter in the forest"

The craft is made of foam and plasticine. Bear can also be molded from polymer clay or salt dough

If in the kindergarten or school you were given the task to make a winter crafts from natural materials, then you can use the cones. They make excellent Christmas trees, owls, deer, squirrels and hedgehogs for the winter forest. By the way, we just have a few master classes in their production.

Want to make a simple crafts spectacular? Just highlight it with LED garland! To embed light bulbs in cardboard, you need to make cross-shaped incisions in it.

This winter forest is completely made of felt. Animal figures can be worn on the fingers.

Theme 2. "Winter house"

Favorite subjects on exhibitions of winter crafts. The house may be surrounded by a forest or a courtyard with paths, a wicket, a rowan, a skating rink and a snowman. And the hut itself can be beautiful not only outside, but also inside.

This video tutorial shows a simple and fast way to make winter crafts from natural materials, namely from twigs and cones.

Theme 3. "Christmas in the village / town"

If you build a couple of houses and connect them with beautiful streets, you get a whole village or town.

The easiest way is to make houses out of paper, more precisely from printed templates, which you just need to cut, paint and glue. The following video presents a step-by-step master class for making such crafts.

Theme 4. "The North Pole and its inhabitants"

Want to make a more original crafts? We offer to make a diorama on the North Pole.

To make such a craft, download and print templates (for downloading, click on the picture), transfer them to the cardboard, then cut, put together and paint the details.

Theme 5. "Winter fun"

Handicraft on the theme of winter fun illustrates all the joys of winter. For example, sledding, snowman making or playing snowballs. To recreate the winter scenes, Lego men (pictured below), Kinder Surprise eggs and any small toys are well suited. You can also make little people with your own hands from plasticine or polymer clay.

Theme 6. Winter sports

Another very original idea of ​​crafts is a diorama on the subject of skiing, figure skating, hockey, bobsleigh, and snowboarding. By the way, the Sochi Olympics can serve as an inspiration and model for modeling.

To make such figures of skiers, download, print, color and cut out the templates (to download the templates, click on the picture), then stick the toothpicks to the hands of the little people, and to the legs - on the stick from the popsicle.

Theme 7. Scenes from fairy tales

Choose your favorite fairy tale and recreate one of its episodes. For example, it could be a fairy tale "12 months", "The Snow Queen", "Frost", "The Nutcracker", "By magic."

Everything in this hand-made article on the fairy tale “By a Pike” is made of clay and only the mill is made of matches.

To make such an craftsmanship, you need to cut several holes in a piece of plywood and insert twigs-trees into them.

This composition is devoted to the theme of the ballet "The Nutcracker". The figures in it are made of ... clothespins. Unfortunately, in Russia the clothespins with a round top are not sold, but you can order them on the website Aliexpress or use regular ones

From this video you will learn how to make a winter craftwork with your own hands based on the fairy tale "At the command of a tiger."

Idea 2. Skating rink with a controlled figure

The originality of this winter crafts is that the skater can “roll on ice” smoothly, leading a magnet to the back of the box.

  • Shallow tin from under cookies, tea, etc.
  • Paper,
  • Paints and brushes, pencils or felt-tip pens,
  • Clip or coin,
  • Glue,
  • Magnet.

How to do it:

Step 1. Decorate the tin box so that it resembles a skating rink: paint the bottom with white and blue paint and cover with transparent varnish (nail polish with glitter is well suited), garlands and flags can be placed on top of the box, and snow-covered trees on the sides.

Step 2. Draw on a thick paper or cardboard skating figure of a girl or boy, then cut and paste it to a coin or paper clip.

Step 3. Attach a magnet to the back of the box. Voila, the rink is ready!

Idea 3. The picture painted with prints.

Рисовать картины отпечатками пальцев, ладоней и даже ног очень весело, особенно для дошколят. Всё, что вам нужно — это фантазия, гуашь и лист бумаги! В следующей подборке фото вы можете увидеть примеры таких рисунков.

Идея 4. Мини-елка из бумаги

Еще одна идея зимней поделки для самых маленьких – елочки из бумаги. They are made very easily and quickly, and you can use them as you like: as decoration for the same diorama, appliqué for a New Year card or panel, for decorating a garland or a Christmas tree.

  • A sheet of green paper and some brown paper for the trunk.
  • Glue stick,
  • Scissors,
  • Glitter, rhinestones, beads and other decorations for the Christmas tree.

Step 1. Make a square of a sheet of green paper, bending one corner of the sheet, as shown in the photo, and cutting out the excess.

Step 2. Cut one of the short sides of a triangle into equal narrow strips, not reaching a bend of about 1 cm (see photo above).

Step 3. Now flatten your workpiece and start alternately glue the tips of the strips to the center fold line, moving upwards.

Step 4. When you fix all the strips, bend and glue the bottom corner of the Christmas tree to the top. Next, in the same place, but on the reverse side, glue a small rectangle (tree trunk) cut from brown paper.

Step 5. Decorate the Christmas tree with multicolored beads, sparkles, buttons and other decorations. If you wish, you can make several such trees, glue loops to them, then to collect a garland or decorate a real Christmas tree with crafts.

Idea 5. A snow globe ... more precisely a bank

Now we offer to do with your own hands a real souvenir - a variation of the snow globe. True, it will be made from ordinary glass jars. A child will be able to give a present to a loved one, present it at a competition of winter crafts, or simply leave it on a shelf for beauty.

  • Glass jar with lid,
  • A piece of foam,
  • Clay (hot or "Moment"),
  • Acrylic paint for decorating the cover (optional),
  • Artificial snow or just sea salt, sugar, white soap rubbed on a small grater, or foamed polyethylene,
  • Figurines to be placed in a jar
  • Foam balls or any white beads,
  • Fishing line
  • Needle.

How to do it:

Step 1. Repaint the cover to the desired color and leave to dry. In this project, paint in a can was used to rework the cover.

Step 2. While the paint is drying, we will make a “snowfall”. To do this, you need to stitch on a few balls of foam on the fishing line, threaded into a needle. To attach the "snowflakes" to the bank, use scotch tape.

Step 3. Circle the bottom of the can directly on the foam, then use the knife to cut out the resulting circle. This circle will be the basis for the figures.

Step 4. Glue your figures to the foam circle, then glue the resulting composition to the bottom of the jar.

Step 5. Put artificial or homemade snow in a can, cover it with a lid with snowflakes and enjoy the view of a winter fairy tale.

Idea 6. New Year Card

Christmas cards are never enough, so we suggest making several pieces with your child.

  • White paper sheet
  • Colored paper sheet
  • Scissors,
  • Glue stick,
  • Markers

How to do it:

Step 1. Fold a sheet of white paper accordion three times so that each top layer of the accordion is smaller in width than the previous one.

Step 2. Straighten your harmonica, cut the sheet diagonally and slightly in waves as shown in the photo above, then reassemble the harmonica. You have a slope of a snow-covered mountain.

Step 3. Now take a sheet of colored paper, stick a blank on it and cut off the excess. Hooray! The card is almost ready.

Step 4. Decorate the mountain with Christmas trees, draw snowmen and skiers, and finally sign the card.

By the same principle, but using larger paper, you can make a winter crafts in a kindergarten.

We select the material for creativity

Winter is associated with snow, snowflakes, snow drifts and of course with the New Year. Crafts for a competition or exhibition for a kindergarten on the theme of winter, which you can easily do with your own hands, should reflect these ideas. Based on this, we will select ideas and material for their implementation.

How to make chanterelle with your own hands

You can make a panel or drawing. But this may not be a simple drawing, but made in an interesting technique. Here is how you can fill the canvas for a picture or a panel on the theme of winter:

  1. Figure decoy.
  2. Application of cotton pads.
  3. Cotton wool appliqué.
  4. Drawing from white egg crushed shell.
  5. Figure sugar.

Next, we consider in detail the master class for the decoy. Such handicrafts - do-it-yourself pictures on the winter theme that you can do for kindergarten are usually very popular with kids and educators.

Christmas installations do it yourself

Christmas installations - a favorite form of creativity for kids. For him, you can take an empty waste box, and cut off from her 2 walls. There will be a floor with two walls at an angle. This will be the basis for an amazing fairy-tale landscape or a scene. Snow can be made from cotton wool, houses and trees from cotton sticks or twisted in a tube of newspapers, painted with brown paint, original logs. Further in the article a master class of one of such installations will be given.

DIY kindergarten handicrafts on the theme of winter can be made of paper or empty plastic bottles, of blown out light bulbs and in general of everything that you find at home. Next, consider a penguin from an empty plastic bottle and dogs from light bulbs.

And also handicrafts on the theme of winter for kindergarten can be made with your own hands from threads, photos of such crafts with the description later in the article.

Handicraft "Winter's Tale"

And now we offer to consider a photo and a detailed description of how to make some crafts on the theme of winter with your own hands for kindergarten.

Master of what is at home

We propose to use for crafts everything that is in the house is unnecessary, for example, a burned-out light bulb. If there is a big sweetheart - this is very good. Let's turn it into a real New Year penguin. What you need for this magic:

  • blown bulb (preferably larger),
  • acrylic paints or gouache and brushes,
  • a bit of a fert or cloth of black, red and white colors,
  • ribbon,
  • glue (use heat gun if possible).

Penguin from a blown bulb

  1. We paint the whole bulb white and let it dry well.
  2. Pencil draws the front part: face and tum, which will remain white, everything else is painted black, except for the place with which the bulb is screwed into the cartridge. This place is painted with red paint. Give dry.
  3. We draw eyes and beak, give dry.
  4. Cut out the oval wings from black felt or from dense fabric and glue on both sides.
  5. Cut a red rectangle for a scarf and cut the tips, knit a scarf.
  6. We attach the ribbon to the top and overlay it over with a strip of white felt or fabric. On the top you can stick pomponchik.

Funny penguin is ready.

Plastic bottle penguin

And now let's see how to make a penguin or Santa Claus from a plastic bottle. The scheme is very similar and simple. For crafts will need 2 empty identical bottles. From one cut off only the bottom, and the second cut in half and tape or glue to glue it to the top down from the first bugs. It turned out such a little bar.

How to make a penguin with your own hands

Now we paint it white and let it dry. Then, just like with a light bulb, we draw the contours of the front end for the penguin or the face, if we make Santa Claus. We leave them white, the rest is painted either black (for the penguin) or red (for Santa Claus). Then we draw a face and draw other necessary details. We put on a cap and a scarf, if we made Santa Claus, then we paste a beard from cotton wool or felt. Here such interesting crafts can be made with children from unnecessary things.

Panel "Snowman of cotton pads"

What a winter without a snowman! Children love to sculpt snowmen in the yards and poking around in the snow, rolling lumps for him. But they too will really like to make such a winter hero of the house from the improvised material. What is needed for the creative process:

  • thick cardboard for the basics of blue or blue,
  • cotton pads,
  • colored paper or thin felt,
  • White paper,
  • paint and brush
  • scissors,
  • PVA glue.

How to make a snowman from wadded disks

Begin to sculpt a snowman:

  1. First make the landscape around. Cut out 2 colored rectangles from felt or paper, paste them onto cardboard. Cut a brown tree trunk and glue it.
  2. To houses we glue snow roofs or halves of a cotton pad. Making the basis of a snowman of two cotton pads. Snowman glue the cap of felt or colored paper and a scarf.
  3. Sticking discs as snowdrifts and snow on tree branches.
  4. Cut out small white snowflakes from white paper and glue randomly.
  5. Now it remains to paint the details of the paint: a snout of a snowman, windows.

Wonderful winter panels for the garden is ready.

Winter panels of semolina or sugar

Another interesting and interesting version of a picture or a panel on the theme of winter is drawing with decoy or sugar. Kids will be delighted with such activities. In order to make such a panel, take a color cardboard, PVA glue, a simple pencil and sugar or semolina.

On the cardboard, draw any winter drawing with a pencil. For children in the garden can be the easiest. Then all the details that should be decorated, promagte glue. Now pour boldly and thickly semolina or sugar to the whole picture. It is necessary to leave in this form until the glue dries. Then just pick up and pour all the remnants of the grains that are not stuck.

On the cardboard you need to draw a simple winter story. Mom can help here. This can be a landscape, tree, snowman or any animal. And after painting the picture, but not with colors, but with plasticine, as if rubbing small pieces of the desired color, filling in the details of the drawing. The child will cope well with this, only under the control of the mother.

Such a panel can be made from crumbs from threads. Everything is exactly the same until the coloring. Before coloring, you need to finely chop the threads of different colors and place each color in its own capacity. Then coat each element of the pattern separately with PVA glue and apply a crumb of thread to it. So fill all the elements of the picture.

Christmas balls of balls of thread

And now make a cozy, home and Christmas tree from the balls of thread. For this you need:

  • threads of different colors. It is better to take wool blend or acrylic,
  • thick paper, we will make a cone base or a foam cone bought from it,
  • any beads or flowers from ribbons and tulle for decoration,
  • thick wire
  • pot or empty low pot,
  • fabric, mesh or tulle for decorating the pot.
  • jute rope
  • glue in the gun.
  • gypsum.

  1. Making the foundation. First, bend beautifully a small piece of wire for the fir-tree leg and wind it with a jute rope.
  2. Dissolve the plaster thickly in a bowl and put the required amount in a pot for the Christmas tree, stick a leg and wait until it dries.
  3. Decorate the pot with a cloth, decorate with a cone or a flower.
  4. Now the Christmas tree itself. Make a paper cone or take ready foam and put it on the leg.
  5. We shake balls from different threads. Children can be involved in this activity, they will be happy to help.
  6. We paste the cone into glomeruli tightly, leaving no gaps.
  7. It remains to decorate our cozy woolen beauty. Stick beads, fabric flowers or whatever you want.

Original Christmas tree of threads

You can make such a Christmas tree without a base of a pot and leg, just a cone of balls. It is both easier and faster. You can add sisal balls to the glomeruli, if you have one, or you can make balls of coffee beans simply by gluing over thick lumps of paper, colored brown with coffee beans.

Winter Christmas Wreaths

Such wreaths are classics of the genre. They decorate the room in winter, preparing for the new year. They can be made from all that is at hand, in the course can go:

  • spruce twigs
  • bumps
  • chestnuts
  • sheets of paper or cardboard
  • acorns
  • bay leaves,
  • dried flowers
  • coffee beans,
  • paper flowers:
  • flowers made of cloth or ribbons
  • just branches
  • Christmas balls of different sizes
  • the same hanks of thread and so on.

To make a wreath, the most important thing is to understand the principle: first we make the basis of cardboard or buy a foam ring in the shop for creativity and decorate the basis of our own. On the basis you need to stick the selected elements tightly, you can combine them, and then decorate with a ribbon bow on the side and hang them on the cord.

The video below presents the variants of DIY crafts for the kindergarten with a description of the stages. All the materials in the article will help you in the creative process, feel free to take the kids and do these beautiful things together.