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Online tests on TV shows from different countries and eras

Watching movies is a favorite pastime of millions of people. This is confirmed by the huge box office and the number of views on the Internet. Modern man is not going to give up the pleasure of watching a thriller, a romantic comedy, melodrama, an action movie or a TV fantasy series. Every genre has admirers, there are even connoisseurs of Indian films with uncomplicated expressions of feelings accompanied by songs and dances.

The explanation of such a strong attachment, apparently, in a life filled with problems and unfulfilled desires. Cinema allows you to escape from real events and get positive emotions offered by the film industry. We live love stories, participate in unimaginable adventures, empathize with the heroes or try to solve the detective stories. The influence of cinema on our mood is obvious - we get a positive charge, we laugh and relax, we forget about our troubles at least for a while, and when watching horror movies or thrillers we get a metered adrenaline rush.

Criteria for selecting films are individual: some watch the tapes of a particular genre, others choose the works of their favorite director, and still others prefer their favorite actors. There are films that we are ready to review periodically, and some stories are remembered for life.

Test "Do you know Russian cinema well?"

If you like to spend evenings watching good movies, then you probably know all the latest news of the rental, which for the most part are foreign. But what about domestic cinema? Do you really know him well? We suggest you pass this small test and check!

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Recently, fashion and interest in new types of tests have appeared - on various films, cartoons, TV series, books, games, etc. It just so happened that the media industry does not just release a separate movie or book, but immediately comes out several editions: a film, a book, a cartoon, a series, a game, and much more. Moreover, the sequence of output of these works may be very different - first the film, then the book or vice versa, or all at once together. In addition to the above, many related works are also produced. Various collections of stickers, souvenirs, flash videos, parodies and other materials that can be downloaded from the Internet. This phenomenon has not bypassed the test industry. People, having watched another interesting film, want to find out who of the movie characters of this film I look more like. Typically, these tests begin with the phrase Who are you from ... followed by the name of a popular movie or series. The second group of tests in this category are tests for the knowledge of a favorite cartoon, series or book. To do this, we made a special section on our website - tests on films, TV shows, cartoons and games.

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