What is a developing mat? At what age does a child need him?


Your baby grows, begins to develop and explore the world, and you want to teach it to everything useful so that it likes and rejoices. For this purpose, developmental mats for children were invented, which help them to become smarter, smarter and enjoy every new discovery and knowledge gained in a game form.

Thanks to developing rugs, you can:

  • develop fine motor skills
  • distinguish shapes and colors
  • train mindfulness and concentration on individual objects,
  • learn to respond to sound effects.

And we will try to figure out what are the developmental rugs for children, as well as what you need to pay attention to when choosing them.

What is the essence of developing rug for children?

In the first few years of life, the child tries everything for strength, taste and eye. He is interested in everything and wants to understand how it works and whether it is possible.

And because all parents are worried about their children, are worried that he may be at hand, and even in the mouth. That is why they go to the store of children's goods in search of that toy, which will be not only entertainment, but also teach something useful, good and good.

Developmental mats are difficult to attribute to a simple toy. This is a whole complex of all kinds of tricky games, collected on the same field, which is different not only in size, but also in content, goals of its use and preferences of parents.

Therefore, these days they have become very popular and loved among children and adults. After all, they help not only to frolic in the allotted space, which will be entirely owned by the baby, but also comprehensively develops it, thanks to the built-in and attached toys. In this way, a unique play environment is created on the rug, which allows the child to explore the world without endangering himself.

By the way, safety can be called another useful function of the developing mat. After all, it is made from proven, environmentally friendly materials, and also has several layers to protect the baby from bruises, abrasions and bruises when he is just beginning to learn to walk or stand.

As you see, a developing rug is a whole world, which for a long time will become a child's toy, allowing you to become smarter and remain safe. But the most important and surprising thing in such a toy is that every day the child will use and reveal more and more interesting features and hidden games.

Types of children's educational mats

For a start, it is worthwhile to decide what kind of developmental mats exist today and what kind of benefits they carry in themselves. After all, the choice of the right mat completely depends on what you want to teach the child and how long he will play on it.

Conditionally developing mats can be divided into:

  • rugs with arcs,
  • rugs with sides,
  • play mats,
  • double-sided floor mats
  • puzzle mats or puzzle mats.

However, in practice, very often these species are combined in one rug or are divided into many different, depending on the age and needs of the child.

We will try to figure out how good these or other rugs and how to understand which one is right for us.

The developing rugs with arches and sides

Rugs with arcs - a more complicated, modernized version of a developing rug for children. In addition to the playing field itself, which is located on its entire surface, it is equipped with two arcs intersecting at the top, resting against the edges.

These arcs are multifunctional and are used by children in different ways at different ages:

  • toys, rattles and mirrors are hung on them to focus the child’s attention on the object,
  • over time, they are lowered below and changing toys for rodents and teethers, developing not only attention, but also a grasping reflex in the baby, as well as helping to scratch the gums,
  • they become excellent handrails for kids, students sitting down or getting up without the help of parents, which develops their independence and strength.

These rugs are usually small - no more than 90x90 cm and are aimed at those babies who have not yet learned to roll over and most of the time lie on their backs.

Most often they are equipped with soft sides that create a more closed and safe space. The advantage of this rug is that your fidget will always be where you left it.

If he only learned to roll over on his tummy, then he would be interested in bright drawings on the sides or the playing field under him, but if he makes the first attempts to crawl, the sides will not allow him to leave the mat on his own.

Usually bumpers are a continuation of the rug and the playing field, which are folded according to the principle of a textile box or basket, creating a playpen for a baby - a space where he will belong only to himself, and no one can disturb him there.

Do not forget that despite the small size of the rug, it should be placed only on the floor, so that the restless person could not harm himself by turning over from a height.

Play and themed educational mats

The most common in our time have become just play mats. They are great for children of different ages and can carry them away for a few hours, giving adults the opportunity to do their own thing, and the kids to be alone with themselves and have an interesting game.

Although it is worth noting that at first you will also study the rug and its field, which is filled with interesting toys, a plot and hiding places.

Play mats have several sizes, can be extended or superimposed depending on the age of the child to whom he was bought. Additional toys may be attached to it, and a part will be built in already on the playing field, which will allow to introduce something new each time, and then return to the already developed one.

Most often, a game development mat for children has a simple geometric shape of a square, a rectangle, less often a circle or the shape of a recognizable cartoon character. On it are pockets, buttons, laces and strips of fabric, developing fine motor skills and attentiveness in the child.

Usually they have a specific theme and plot, which allows the child to establish a causal relationship and understand the logic of the game.

Adventure mat

It is a map on which your baby will move objects and travel by himself. It is very similar to a child's board game, but instead of a chip, the child will move himself and toys, this will allow him to get involved in the process and learn something new.

Alphabetical or school mat

Will gradually teach the child account or literacy. Indeed, on the playing field pockets can be placed with letters and their symbolic designation, which the baby must arrange in accordance with their reading or number.

This mat is well suited for older children because it will help them learn the intricacies of reading in a game form, and the mat will become for him a semblance of a blackboard.

Rug with convex letters

Bilateral educational mats

There are today and developing rugs, suitable for long use - it is double-sided rugs. Their biggest advantage is that by acquiring one, you get two educational games that are easily alternated by simply turning them over.

When choosing such a rug it is best to pay attention to those that have not just different playing fields, but also different complexity. So on one surface can be thought out educational game for babies up to 6 months, and its reverse side will be suitable for older children.

But do not forget, such a rug can not have sewn volumetric game elements, because they will prevent the baby from moving on it upside down, creating obstacles and inconvenience.

That is why such a rug is usually a lot of toys and additions that can be placed on any side. This will diversify the game and development of your baby, but at the same time will take a significant place in the room.

Puzzle mats

Older children will be happy to develop a rug in the form of a puzzle, which can be assembled and disassembled, thereby increasing or decreasing the playing field. Typically, these mats are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), because it is resistant to impact, has a dense texture, keeps heat well and softens the fall.

The main task of such puzzle mats is that the baby can assemble it, developing logical thinking. So he will learn to match the grooves and create the playing field on their own.

Most often, mats, puzzles are purchased in children's stores, but there are needlewomen who create them themselves.

How to choose a mat under the age of your baby

A variety of developing rugs in the modern world can confuse anyone. After all, they all have their own task and teach children one way or another. Less common are multi-sided mats that combine different themes. However, more often they are so complex that even an adult cannot understand them, what then to talk about children just starting to learn the world?

That is why we decided to figure out how to choose a developing mat for children, so that it brings maximum benefit and joy.

Developmental mats for newborns

Developing children's perceptions is never too late and never too early. As soon as the baby is a couple of weeks old, how can you begin to pick up his first developing mat that will help him master his own, not very big world yet.

In the first days and weeks of life, children are usually poorly oriented in space and are afraid to be alone for long. They still remember the warmth of the maternal womb, and because of this they are more suitable for mats with lifting rims or rollers. Because they perfectly limit their field of vision, allowing you to feel in a soft cradle.

In addition, such walls with time can be an excellent limiter, if your baby will grow restless.

Almost all developing rugs for children under 6 months are equipped not only with bumpers, but also with arcs. And this is their main advantage, because as soon as the crumb begins to discern objects, to train the focus you can hang on the arcs:

  • children's music mobile,
  • bright toys
  • small rattles,
  • mirrors.

All this will help the child develop attention and hearing.

From 3 months the baby is already beginning to make attempts, and even knows how to roll over. He needs to train his coordination. Everything that is within reach is attracted to a closer look.

During this period, the rug with arcs will also be a great helper. You just need to lower the toys below so that the baby can grab them.

Also do not forget that the mat for newborns must be:

  • bright,
  • soft
  • safe (it is better that the bumpers are lifting, not added).

Usually preference when choosing a mat for newborns is given to the so-called "transformers", which can be easily folded and moved to another room or even to take with you.

Toys for these rugs should also be special. Give preference to bright, rustling, rattling and soft objects that will develop hearing, attention and tactile sensations in the baby.

Educational mats for children up to a year

Kids older than six months already feel more confident sitting. They learn to crawl, and even walk. Therefore, they need more space, which the rug with sides will not give them.

For these children, it is better to select a mat that can be spread out on the floor. Therefore, if you have a transforming mat, then it is time to lower the sides and increase the playing space. Otherwise, consider purchasing a gaming developmental rug, where there will be a lot of musical and flashing toys capable of captivating the kid for a couple of hours.

Do not forget also that when choosing a rug you should pay attention to the number of layers. It is best that it has a foam or sinteponovaya insert, and the reverse side had an easily washable surface.

Keep in mind that play mats should not have detachable small parts so that they do not get into the respiratory tract or are not eaten. Therefore, when choosing be sure to pay attention to the strength of attachment of all game elements.

And since the child can already move independently, showing the first signs of autonomy, it is worthwhile to choose large playing fields with maximum detail. You can already choose themed rugs with the seasons of the year or the whole adventure map, so that the kid, while playing, can go on a full journey, where he will discover something new every day.

Also a great helper in the development of the crumbs will be bilateral mats. Since the restless one does not soon get tired of the frequent change of playing fields and stories that you will invent for them.

Educational mats for children over the year

And even after a year, a developmental mat will come to the aid of teaching the baby. During this period, he is already more independent and learns everything that he sees and hears, much more actively. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the musical and sound toys.

For fidget and active children, puzzle mats and puzzles are perfect because they will be able to collect them themselves, developing spatial thinking, and play with them as they please.

Do not leave the floor and play mats. Is that you can pick up something more complex and detailed, because boys like different playing fields.

On the carpet in the form of motorways, they will be able to move their cars and other equipment:

Forward to the adventure!

On the rug in the form of a sea with pirate ships and uninhabited islands, they will plunge into the world of adventure:

On a rug in the form of a sky with airplanes and clouds, they will think how to pave a route among them:

Such rugs can be supplemented with signs, sea monsters, road users and even towers.

For girls mats with a bias on economic work or beauty are more suitable.

On the rugs in the form of streets with shops, pastry shops and parks, they will walk and learn to recognize the signs:

On the rug in the form of a house, where each section is a separate room, you can open, replace and move appliances, furniture and residents.

Universal play mats for children over one year old will be cards with adventures. So they can be placed forest, field and city to teach your baby to navigate in space.

At this age, children are more mobile, so you should give preference to rugs with a lot of toys and objects that can be moved between different parts. So they will develop motor skills, learn to think logically, and even prepare for mastering the alphabet and numbers.

It may seem to us that in the first years of life a child perceives the world through his feelings and does not pay attention to adults who want to help them in this. Often we hear that the pan, stick or string from the father's boot become their best and most beloved toys, the expensive ones gather dust in the box without attracting any attention to themselves.

But in reality, things are different. Because without our help, the kid will fill himself with many cones in this difficult task - acquaintance with the world around him. And so that this process was not dangerous or too complicated, adults invented educational mats for children.

And let the world market offer us a huge variety of ready-made rugs, we will tell you about how to make a developing rug for children with your own hands, so that it is the only, most beloved and dear to your child’s heart.

What is a developing mat?

The design is a soft pad. It is equipped with additional objects in the form of obstacles, soft toys and various hard devices that allow you to do strength exercises.

Proven manufacturers make rugs of bright natural materials. They are pleasant to the touch and do not irritate the child. The fabric may be different in texture. Also on the rug you can find loops, strings, musical elements and much more. All this helps the child to develop, learn about the world and have fun.

Design advantages

Before you figure out at what age to use the development mat, you should understand what advantages it differs.

The reasons for this design are as follows:

  • It has a positive effect on the coordination of fine motor skills. The toy is designed in such a way that you can place a lot of bright objects and rattles on it. Due to this, children will touch with handles certain objects, and in some cases even reach for the toy they like. This “forces” the baby to make new movements. The child becomes more confident and quickly moves to the next stage of development. And all this happens without much effort on the part of parents.
  • Способствует развитию цветовосприятия благодаря красочной расцветке. В процессе игры внимание малыша концентрируется на ярких пятнах, он начинает всматриваться в разные оттенки и формирует в этот момент навык цветовосприятия на подсознательном уровне. В будущем ребенку будет гораздо проще научиться различать цвета.
  • Благоприятно влияет на развитие первоначальной речи естественным путем, а также развивает социальные навыки. The kid, fascinated by objects located on the rug, begins to babble gradually, and on its own.
  • Allows the young mother to rest for a while, freeing up her free time.

The developing rug is an indispensable and useful toy for every baby. Moreover, with a shortage of funds, you can make it yourself. When choosing a particular model, you should consider the age and needs of the child.

Popular models

Before answering the question of how old a developing mat for children can be purchased, it is necessary to consider popular models. Each of them has its own characteristics.

Classic. This model is made of dense material and is equipped with insulation from the inside. Thanks to this, the kid playing on the rug does not freeze. The size of this toy is different, so when choosing, it is necessary to consider the age of the crumbs. In the manufacture of structures used bright fabrics that stimulate the vision of the child. Toys located on the rug contribute to the development of fine motor skills, and due to the fact that they sound differently, the child develops a sense of hearing. The classic model is suitable even for a newborn.

Transformer. This toy is especially relevant for those parents who often travel. At production of a rug waterproof fabric in which the heater is installed is used. This allows you to spread the product even on the ground. At the same time, the child will not freeze and will feel comfortable. A feature of this design is that it is easily transformed into a spacious bag. Outside the model, there are two loops, for which you should pull - they will turn into long handles, and the rug will fold.

Model with arcs. The peculiarity of this carpet is that it has playing arcs. This is a kind of prototype mini gym, allowing the child to develop physically. From what age does this type of mat develop? As a rule, it is used during the first year of the baby’s life; at first, the child lies, examining bright objects, begins to roll over, and then sits down. Some models have battery-powered toys, as well as a music panel, which contributes to the development of hearing. So, after hitting a subject, a sound is made that symbolizes it. Toys are suspended on arches.

How to choose a developing mat?

How to choose a children's mat and from what age to use it? Deciding to make a purchase, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Material. It must be natural and not cause allergies, and also not contain harmful dyes.
  • It is advisable to choose a soft design, so that the baby does not hit during the game.
  • On a good rug there can be no small parts, otherwise children can swallow them.
  • The rug with arcs is more entertaining for a child.
  • Upholstery should be removed for washing without any problems.
  • In a good model, the bottom surface does not slip.

There are also bilateral models that will not allow the baby to get bored. For newborns, one side is used, and for older children - the second.

Choose a suitable model depending on age

When choosing a particular model, it is necessary to take into account that at different periods of the life of the crumbs, it needs accessories of different quality and functions. So:

  • When choosing a model for a child up to 3 months old, it is necessary to pay attention to its safety and convenience. During this period, the baby does not need a large number of bright objects. It is enough to use only a few toys that are suspended from the arc.
  • If the child is 4 to 6 months old, it is best to move the toys away from the center to stimulate the baby to crawl. During this period, the baby already recognizes itself in reflection, so you can choose a model that is equipped with a mirror.
  • The baby, whose age varies within 6-9 months, will definitely be carried away by the sounds of the environment. A child who is more than six months old needs to choose models equipped with sound and light accompaniment.
  • After 10 months, children are no longer interested in simply viewing lying toys. At this age, the wonder-mat can be used as a dance floor, gymnastics ground or a tent-house.
  • If the baby is more than one and a half years old, different orthopedic elements, letters of the alphabet and much more can be sewn onto the mat.

Many parents are interested in the question of how old a developmental rug is needed. There are no clear boundaries, But, as a rule, after a year and a half or two, the crumb becomes independent and begins to learn the world in other ways.

The best options for the baby

Here are the most popular models that are sure to be useful for every crumb:

  • Tiny Love "Zoo". Very comfortable developing mat. How old can you buy? Such a product is designed for babies from birth, it is equipped with arcs and protective bumpers. As the child grows, they can be removed. This carpet is easy to fold and takes up little space. You can take it with you on a visit or on a trip. The advantage of the product is that it allows the kid not only to develop fine motor skills, but also to study natural phenomena. The design is made in a bright style and has images of different animals and plants. On the arc of the mat many sound toys are suspended.
  • Fisher-price. On the market are different models of developing mats of this company. Thanks to them, the baby studies the flora and fauna of different parts of the world. Models called “Hot Africa”, “Tropical Forest”, “Blue Water” and “Safari” are very common. From what age can a developing mat be used from this company? As a rule, it will be interesting for children who are already half a year old.

If the baby is already one year old, it is best for him to choose a puzzle mat with a thematic focus. Elements of such a product laid out on the floor and assemble. An adult should help the child first.

Instructions for use

In order to avoid accidents, the child should play on the mat under the supervision of adults. Also he should not sleep there. Place the product only on the floor, color side up. After that, on the carpet set the bar with toys. Cloth loops are located downwards.

Each crossbar is equipped with a hook. It must be inserted into the loop at the bottom of the carpet and secured. In this case, the arcs are parallel or cross-wise. Each mat comes with its own parts for assembly. It is important to follow the instructions that come with it.

Important! Do not put the design on a chair, table or sofa. Otherwise, it may turn over, and the child is injured. The mat, regardless of model, is installed only on a flat floor.

Mom, who decided to use a developing mat (from what age you can do this, we have already figured out), must worry about the safety of her baby.

Some useful tips

Parents who do not have the funds to purchase a ready-made rug can make this wonderful device with their own hands. Here the main thing is to decide on the design, inventing it yourself or looking at photos of some models on the Internet.

After that, you should choose a non-slippery fabric for the bottom surface and a soft material for the top. As a heater the synthetic winterizer will approach. Next, the pattern is made blanks, and then the basis of the design, insulation and the upper part are stitched with a sewing machine. Preliminary all details need to be swept.

At the last stage, toys and other elements are sewn. The arcs are made of lightweight material and sheathed for softness. You can hang on them additional toys, bright shreds and tweeters. Self-made toys will save the family budget and will be no worse than the finished product. The main thing - to show imagination.

It doesn’t matter from what age a child develops a rug, but he will definitely like it both for a newborn baby and for older children.

Developing a mat for a child of which company to choose

Since educational mats are designed for the youngest children, safety of the construction and materials of manufacture for parents should come first. Here you can not save on quality, so as not to harm the baby, so you need to choose proven manufacturers. Good children's rugs sew from natural fabrics, and for toys use durable and non-toxic plastic.

The best developmental mats in terms of quality and functionality are manufactured by:

The best universal educational mats for children

Modern educational mats are equipped with everything necessary for the development of the baby: bright drawings, arcs on which toys are attached, rattles and even teethers for teeth. They are made of high quality materials and often come with low sides. The main objective of these models is to make the child concentrate on the toys and reach for them. So baby quickly learn to roll over, and then sit down.

Yookidoo "Athlete"

The manufacturer knowingly called this gaming center exercise mat. On it, the child will not only develop fine motor skills, but also quickly learn how to grab moving objects, producing an excellent response. All thanks to a small addition - a movable typewriter that drives along the rug, “running away” from the baby.

The manufacturer showed a non-standard approach to the design of arcs: in this model, they are not attached crosswise, but come from one point and are divorced at the top to the sides. The dimensions of the “Athlete” rug are 85x105 cm, complete with a set of original soft rattles and a hanging mirror. To the very basis the rustle is sewn.


  • Beautiful colors, original design of toys,
  • The fabric does not fade during washing, the cover itself can be removed,
  • Easy to fold in half, there are carrying handles,
  • Rigid arches, for safety, closed with fabric lining,
  • Skids are removable - you can stick on the rug or on top of the arcs.


  • For a music machine, there are no batteries in the kit.

Parents and children are delighted with this rug, and in our market there is no equal to it.

Bright Starts "African Friends"

Cute round rug with bright little animals. They are painted on a blanket, and their soft copies hang on crossed arches, attracting the attention of the baby. In total, the kit comes with 5 bright toys that are mounted with plastic rings to the eyelets on the arches. Among them there is even a musical baby elephant, performing 4 different tunes, if you pull the ring. The size of the rug itself is quite modest - 75 cm in diameter, but this is enough for a child from birth to 7-8 months.


  • Large hanging toys,
  • There is a big unbreakable mirror,
  • Properly selected colors,
  • Reliable fastening of rattles to the arcs - only an adult can unhook them
  • Good quality fabric
  • The rug can be machine washed,
  • Affordable price.


  • In the music suspension, the batteries do not change,
  • The mat itself is quite thin.

The best musical developing rugs

The kid grows and develops, he is already bored just to consider toys. To occupy a clever child, you need a full-fledged musical mat with a functional game panel. Here, the child will not only senselessly drum on the stand, but will be able to click on animal figures or buttons, extracting different sounds. These rugs are interesting and the smallest and already grown kids, so that the toy will last a long time.

Tiny Love "Zoo"

A popular and very interesting mat helps the child to develop fine motor skills, eyesight and hearing, concentration of attention. "Zoo" as the maximum equipped with a variety of devices: soft toys, pendants, a mirror and a game panel on batteries. And under the top layer of fabric there are tweeters, rustles, pockets and other surprises.

The musical panel is especially interesting here: it can be put so that the child knocks on the toy with his foot or palm. In response, either sounds of nature or a 15-minute excerpt from Mozart will be heard. "Zoo" is convenient to use as a regular rug without arcs, and as a mini-playpen, buttoning the sides. The size of the model is 110x110 cm, the height with arcs is 45 cm.


  • The large size of the rug - the kid has more than enough space
  • Extra holes on the arcs to add toys,
  • The music panel is set in two positions,
  • A lot of little rattle animals that rustle, squeak and ring,
  • Everything is securely sewn, the arches are tightly attached to the mat,
  • Does not fade after washing and dries quickly.


  • Low hanging toys
  • High price.

Developing a mat Felice "Kitten"

Soft and comfortable mat with a fairly high folding sides is designed for children up to a year. Available in two colors: for boys and girls. All parts of toys are covered with velor. Included is a music module, removable arcs and rattles, as well as a small pillow for the baby. "Kitten" compactly folds and unfolds, which simplifies its storage and transportation. Dimensions 105x110 cm.


  • Dense high sides,
  • Comfortable for a child - you can even sleep in it,
  • Lots of soft hanging toys, plus a plastic rattle and a mirror,
  • Nice, not too lush colors,
  • No small parts.


  • Accumulates dust
  • The price is high, although the "Kitten" is worth it.

On the very surface of the rug, the child has nothing to particularly consider, so it will be interesting to play in it only to those kids who have not yet learned to crawl and explore the world, lying on their backs.

Fisher Price Piano BMH49

The plush mat can take many forms due to the additional plastic arc. For the crumbs, which are not even able to turn over on the stomach, he will be an ordinary blanket with toys hanging on the arches. When the baby learns to sit, the hinged piano music panel can be positioned so that he can play on it “as an adult”.

The rug is 70x48 cm in size and is covered with soft artificial plush on top. The music module is plastic, it runs on 3 finger-type batteries and can play short and long melodies. The rest is standard equipment: arc, 4 hanging toys and a pocket mirror.


  • Reliable arch fastening,
  • Large keys on the music panel,
  • The piano has a carrying handle and can be detached from the frame,
  • The ability to adjust the volume and turn off the sound,
  • Cute design
  • Everything is easy to assemble, wash and wash,
  • Batteries for the music center already included.


  • Small size rug,
  • Synthetic fabric.

The best developing transforming rugs

Some parents choose compact rugs for their offspring, while others are looking for a bigger and more functional model - so that the kid has enough entertainment for a long time. In the second case, the best choice will be transforming mats, which, even with a very large area, are compactly folded, without taking up much space in the house or in the baggage.

K’s Kids Bed Bag

The 3-in-1 mega-functional rug can become a playground for the baby, a cozy nest for daytime sleep, and after that it easily folds to the size of a carrying bag. There are no arcs here, but there are a lot of different-factor toys and inserts, as well as a small gel aquarium with fish inside. All this makes it an excellent center for the development and entertainment of a child who already knows how to sit and crawl. And the dimensions of the multifunctional rug are quite large - 120x90 cm.


  • Sheathed thick cotton fabric
  • You can wrap the edges and turn the rug into a cozy bed-boat,
  • Already sewn soft pillow bear,
  • In the form of a bag K’s Kids is suitable for storing other toys,
  • Bright and colorful drawing,
  • The mat is thick and dense - you can safely lay on the floor,
  • Easily erased in a typewriter.


  • No arcs - a child until six months will be interesting
  • The bottom of the case is made of synthetic and collects all the dust.

Chicco Baby Park

This is not a transformer, but a real designer. You can assemble anything from a set of different-colored flat pillows: from a standard rug with arches for a baby, to a mini-maze with an obstacle for an already grown-up child. The kit includes several mats of different shapes: square with a side of 52 cm and triangular (2 pieces each), one even with a removable round insert in the center. There are also 2 arches and 4 toys for the development of a child’s tactile abilities.


  • You can lay out the pillows as you like,
  • Suitable for children of different ages up to 2 years inclusive,
  • Multi-textured toys in the kit rustle and ring,
  • Very high quality, made of durable fabric,
  • Teaches a child not only fine motor skills, but also coordination.


  • Long to collect - all the pillows are kept on strings,
  • Takes a lot of space.

Dwinguler Dino Adventure

On this rug there is a large map with a labyrinth where unusual adventures and meetings with different characters await the child. The main objective of the game: to develop attention, memory and imagination in the baby. Double-sided rug, so that after the passage of one maze adventure does not end there. The material is porous, and does not let the cold from the floor, and anti-slip coating provides the child with safety during the game. Available in two sizes: 190x130 and 230x140 cm.


  • Large, comfortable and safe,
  • Suitable for sports or charging,
  • Easy to clean with ordinary soap and water.
  • Cushions blows, partially absorbs noise,
  • Does not slip and does not absorb liquids
  • Durable and durable - will last more than one year.


  • Very expensive,
  • Полностью изготовлен из синтетических материалов.

Although the child can consciously explore the painted world only after 1.5-2 years, this model can be bought earlier to be used as a hygienic play floor covering.

Mambo Baby Rug Puzzle "World of Letters"

Another double-sided mat, this time with letters of the alphabet, numbers and small puzzles for the development of logic in the child. Made of non-toxic foamed polypropylene, so it does not get wet and has good thermal insulation properties. The dimensions are 250x160 cm.


  • Bright - from the first minute attracts the attention of the child,
  • Big size,
  • Easy to roll up,
  • You can take with you to nature
  • Waterproof, easy to clean,
  • A lot of information and mini-games,
  • Included is a carrying case for storage and storage,
  • Relatively inexpensive.


  • Letters in English,
  • The surface is wiped with time.

What is a developing mat for a child to buy

1. For the smallest, it is better to choose rugs that are simpler and always with upper arcs, on which toys can be hung. An excellent option for a child up to 6 months will be the mat "African friends".

2. If you want your child to quickly develop and learn to control his body, buy him Yookidoo "Athlete".

3. Universal Tiny Love "Zoo" mat will suit especially active children - they will be able to knock on toys and hands and feet. As an option, you should consider “Piano” by isher Price - the child will continue to play with the music panel, even when he is one year old.

4. If you have a calm baby who likes to relax in a cozy nest, the Felice “Kitten” velor mat is more suitable for him.

5. For lovers of multifunctional things, you can recommend transforming mats: K’s Kids, which turns into a bag or a bed, and Chicco Baby Park home playground.

6. To make the grown-up child feel warm and fun to play on the floor, buy the Dwinguler Dino children's mats with mazes and adventures.

7. Decided to grow this bilingual? Feel free to buy a large Mambo Baby carpet with an English alphabet and lots of interesting puzzles.

What are educational mats for children?

Universal developing rug, which "grows" with the child. Raised bumpers will allow you to turn the developing mat for children into a cozy house for infants, and when the baby grows up, the bumpers can be expanded, significantly increasing the playing space.

The developing rug bag great help out mom when going to, say, a clinic or a visit. It easily turns into a convenient carrying bag and back into a play mat. By means of the special handle the rug can be hung up on a carriage.

Bilateral developing rug for children also deserves the attention of young parents. If one side is tired of the baby, you can always turn the rug on the other side - and the crumb will get a new toy!

Rug puzzle from safe polymer is a toy for children from 1 year. It consists of different detachable fragments that make up a complete picture, alphabet, countryside landscape or city street. Games on such a rug develop spatial thinking and associations.

Not all children's educational mats are equally useful.

Developing a mat for children under one year should be soft and pleasant to the touch, made of natural materials of different textures, with clear, non-aggressive patterns. It is important that all elements of the rug are large enough so that the little researcher cannot tear them away and swallow them!

A big plus will be the possibility of machine wash. It will greatly facilitate the care of such a rug.

The compact size of a mat for children will make it easy to fold it and take with you on the road. But the spacious models have more elements for the game and development, and the baby will eventually be able to crawl over such a rug over time.

What develops a rug at the kid?

  • Motor activity. A good developmental device is the arcs with which many floor mats are fitted. It is very good to get such a developing mat for children under one year old. Arcs can go crosswise or in parallel. They hold suspended toys and are the first kid's sports equipment: clutching at toys and rings, the baby will be tightened, strengthening the muscles of the neck, back and arms.
  • Attention, the ability to concentrate. It is desirable that the developing mat for children was bright and it was decorated with large pictures (nature, animals, fairy-tale characters, toys, suspended above the baby). The mirror, of course, will cause great interest in the baby. Studying his reflection, he gets acquainted with himself, smiles, gaits. Conveniently, when the mirror can be fixed directly in front of the child, but so that he, lying on his stomach, tried to lift the head to see himself in the mirror. By the way, the kid's mirror is absolutely safe (it is made of plastic, has no sharp corners, is sewn into a soft frame).
  • Musicality. On the musical mat for children there are always rattles, they are the first to introduce the child to the world of new sounds. They can complement the toy-tweeters and rustling. The musical game panel expands the range of sounds (water splash, forest noise, birds singing, etc.). It usually works in two modes: listening (parents turn it on, the music fragment sounds from 5 to 20 minutes, and then the panel automatically turns off) and a musical toy (when the kid himself turns on the melodies and sounds, splashing on the buttons - first by accident, and then and purposefully). It is worth paying attention to the presence of volume control, so that the baby does not frighten himself with a deafening sound.
  • Large and fine motor skills. The development of motor skills and tactile sensations is very important for a child, therefore there are always elements of different shape and texture on a child’s developing mat (fluffy bunny, plastic button, silk flower, rough stone, etc.). It is good if there are convex appliqués and vibrating toys, as well as teethers - solid plastic or rubberized silicone, so that the baby can get distracted during the period of teething.

  • Curiosity. All sorts of gaming surprises rug arouse the interest of the baby, make him wonder how to find them yourself. But we must first help the child: for example, if you raise a rustling flower petal, a ladybug will be found there. Velcro fasteners, too, for a long time can captivate the crumbs, because they make a loud characteristic sound.

Check before you buy

  1. All removable items for the development of the child - arcs, toys, music panels - must be firmly attached to the developing mat so that they do not fall down and hit the baby during the game.
  2. It is worth paying attention to whether the developing mat has an anti-slip coating on the wrong side. This is important if the mat is placed on the floor. Otherwise, the mat will slide during play, which may cause injury.
  3. In the developing mat for children there should not be sharp, heavy, small parts, long laces, rubber bands and fur toys with a long pile.
  4. It is desirable that the rug was easy to wash in the car.

If you have the time, the desire, the creative excitement and the necessary skills, try to make a developing rug for the child with your own hands! In any case, the developing mat is a very useful toy that can give the mother a few free minutes when the pussy entertains itself, and she only watches him.

Purpose of the device

Do I need a child to develop a rug?

Of course, without this device, the child can develop quite well. But this accessory is also invented in order to make life much easier for the young mother and to take the baby into useful work.

Its main functions are:

  • Provides familiarity crumbs with the outside world: animals, plants.
  • Allows you to push the baby to the study of various shapes, sizes and volumes of objects.
  • Plays an important role in the psychomotor development of the child. There are mats that help fight flat feet.
  • Provides good development of fine motor skills, due to the presence of a large number of small parts.

How to choose a mat

If you decide to make a purchase of this device, then you should pay attention to the following:

  • The material with which the wonder-mat is sheathed must be natural, hypoallergenic, without harmful dyes,
  • The product itself should be soft enough so that the baby does not hit when playing,
  • On the device should not be small things so that the kids could not swallow them,
  • It is better to buy a product with arcs, since it will be more entertaining for the child,
  • The fabric should be easily removed from the base in order to wash it,
  • The bottom surface of the carpet should not be slippery,
  • It is better to choose a two-sided model (one side - for the smallest, the second - for older children),
  • It is better to go to the store with the children, so that they themselves could choose the model they like.

Also, mommy needs to pay attention that for the crumbs in different periods of life you need accessories with different qualities and functions:

  • When choosing a product for children 0-3 months, you need to pay attention to its comfort and safety. A large number of bright and varied items are required. Just a few toys that are attached to the arcs.
  • If your child is 4-6 months, better move the toys away from the center so that the baby crawls more. Also at this age, the child is already beginning to recognize its reflection in the mirror, so you can hang the mirror in a convenient and safe frame on the arc.
  • Developing a musical mat for children will be an excellent choice at the age of 6-9 months, since in this period of life they begin to be actively interested in the sounds of the environment. Especially kiddies like to create their own compositions. It would be great if you find an accessory with light accompaniment of various sounds.

  • At the age of 10-18 months, the baby is no longer interested in simply lying and examining toys. It is better to turn this product into a dance floor, a tent, a house.
  • From the age of two, the baby becomes quite independent. Wonder-mat can be used as a basis for dancing, gymnastics. You can sew various orthopedic elements to prevent the development of flatfoot. At this age, the child will be quite interesting to collect puzzles, learn the letters of the alphabet.

Top Rated

There are so many different models of this product. The most popular of them are presented below.

  • Tiny love "Zoo"

It is a convenient device for the development of the baby since birth. Included are arches and protective bumpers. When the baby grows up, it will be possible to remove the arc and use this accessory as a platform for children's games. Wonderful rug folds easily, and you can take a visit, so that the baby does not miss.

Allows you to study the nature of the child, also know the difference between matter and develop fine motor skills of handles. The rug is quite bright, it depicts various animals and plants. On the arc is attached a sufficiently large number of different toys, when you click on which sounds occur.

The company, which produces various models of educational mats. All of them are aimed at studying as a child the flora and fauna of various parts of the globe. The most common of them are "hot Africa", "blue pond" and "tropical forest". Such models include a large variety of toys in the form of animals, fish and plants. The most expensive model contains a baby piano.

This device is intended for curious children who have already reached 6 months. For smaller children, this wonder-mat will be less interesting. It depicts various animals. When the baby grows up, he will be able to learn the English alphabet by the letters that are located next to the animals.

Such an adaptation often has a thematic focus. Intended mainly for babies from 12 months.
Puzzles are best laid out side by side on the floor and help the child assemble them for the first time. Then the baby will actively study the developing product.

Useful tips

What to do if there are not so many material resources, and you want to buy a miracle mat for your child?

Do not worry, because You can make a developing rug for your children with your own hands.
What is needed for this?

  • First of all, you need to show imagination and come up with the design of this device.. If you can not come up with your model, then you can see photos of educational mats for children on the Internet.
  • After the design of the accessory is invented, you need to buy all the necessary materials (thick, non-slip fabric on the bottom surface and soft fabric for the top surface).
  • In order for your baby is not cold, you need to buy a padding pad.
  • Next, you need to cut out blanks, sweep and stitch the base, insulation and the upper part of the product. Do everything neatly and do not allow threads sticking out of the fabric.
  • Next, sew toys and other items you like on your child.
  • Arcs must be made of lightweight material and sheathed with a soft cloth. Secure them at the edges of the fixture. Hang on them extra tweeters, rags, toys.

Reviews of parents who purchased or sewed developing mat for their children themselves are only positive, because the product saves a lot of time and effort of the young mother and, most importantly, contributes to the development of the baby.

How to choose a developing rug for a child - video

How to choose a mat that is suitable for your child, what it is worth paying attention to when choosing a product, what features this product may have, the psychologist Nadezhda Nepadnyaya will tell.

Now you know what a developmental mat is. Make your own jewelry or buy this product, and you will immediately see the delight and interest of your baby.

Purpose of the developing rug

Before we go to the store for shopping, let's look at how the nursery develops a mat for newborns, looks older and its main functions. Its design includes the substrate itself, which includes:

  • Vivid images of animals, birds, trees, flowers, geometric shapes,
  • Rustling, soft, voluminous objects, such as flowers, butterflies, berries, or fruits, which have a beneficial effect on the baby’s motility,
  • The hinges with which the baby learns to crawl,
  • The sides limiting movement of the child for admissible limits.

Remember that they will not keep from falling off the couch or bed. It is safest to use educational mats for children up to a year on the floor.

Also an important component of the best gaming mats for newborns is one or more arcs to which toys are attached. All of these rustling, squealing elements that contain, including Tini's play mats, are very important in improving fine motor skills, and therefore in the development of speech.

Most often, speech delay in children occurs when parents devote little time to improving it. Classes that develop fine motor skills are very important.

Every age has its own mat

In the first year of a baby’s life, its active development takes place. But it happens gradually, it is not necessary to rush him, you can only help him a little and ensure safety, so you should consider the following factors when using educational rugs from 0 years for your children:

  1. Babies learn to hold their gaze on a fixed object for the first month of life, so do not overload the arc with more than one object for up to 1.5 months.
  2. At the age of 2 to 3 months, children try to feel objects, to grab them. It is worth hanging up 2-3 items. It is better if they are different in shape and texture. This will improve fine motor skills. Using toys that make sounds will improve hearing. If a baby sticks out his tongue - is it a sign of good mood or a sign of problems with the central nervous system?
  3. At 4-6 months, babies begin to roll from back to belly. At this time, safety is most important, do not leave the child playing on the sofa or bed. The arc is no longer so interesting, so it can be removed.
  4. Starting from 5-7 months of life, your child will try to crawl, so it makes sense to pay attention to the bumpers, if necessary, remove them, to encourage attempts to crawl.

Early speech development

One of the fundamental moments of the development of speech is the accumulation of a passive dictionary, which after 1-1.5 years enters an active vocabulary. Developing rug Tiny Love Zoo contains a large number of soft animals, the names of which your baby will easily remember. After all, new words are easier stored in the memory, if you compare them with a bright picture.

Mom can also imitate the sounds that animals emit, talk about their environment, all this will expand the passive vocabulary of the child from the first months of life. A child with a rich vocabulary is easier to communicate with both children and adults, it is better adapted to society, so it is important to engage in the development of speech from birth. Whether it is necessary to teach a baby to a dummy, how to do it correctly, read in this publication.

Less is more: 7 rules for buying

  1. The size. It is best to place the baby while playing on the floor, this will save the baby from falling and may allow you to choose a large size. Небольшие коврики можно положить в детскую кроватку, но такой вариант подходит до того момента, как малыш научится переворачиваться со спины на живот, после этого маленькое пространство становится не таким интересным. В чем опасность, если новорожденный спит на животе мы рассказываем в этой статье.
  2. Наличие бортиков. This can protect children from access to wires and other objects that they can reach near the mat. However, the presence of the boards can deter attempts to learn to crawl.
  3. The presence of an arc with toys. An important factor, up to 3-5 months, the arc is the main part that the infant will be interested in..
  4. Safety and hypoallergenic materials. Prefer famous brands or stores that have won your trust.
  5. Compact, easy to fold and remove. This factor is especially important for small apartments.
  6. A variety of toys, textures, the presence of sound effects. All this will improve fine motor skills, hearing and cause children's interest.
  7. Realistic toys and sound. Pay attention that there are no strange animals, so that everything is made from materials of natural colors. The child must form real ideas about the world.

More practical tips about the rules for choosing and purchasing a developing children's rug can be viewed in the video:

Is it worth saving when buying

Tiny Love, Fisher Price, Toys remain the most popular manufacturers producing a rug. The cost of such an assistant will be from 3,000 to 10,000 rubles, depending on the completeness, presence of the sides, the variety of toys attached to the arc.

Each parent decides for itself whether it is worth 15-20 minutes of free time for mom or dad. After all, the game mat Tin Love or another well-known brand is able to give this invaluable vacation, as well as their products are exactly made of safe materials. You can buy a mat for a child up to one year old in any children's stores or hypermarkets.

Margarita, Misha's son 1.5 years old, Moscow
For my husband and I, the quality of the toys our son will play is very important. We purchased the Fisher Price rug because we trust this brand, which produces safe, sturdy products.

Now I have 10-15 minutes to drink a cup of coffee every morning while the little boy is playing, very convenient!

Veronika, daughter Diana 3 months, Samara

I love to do needlework and would like to instill it in my daughter. Therefore, I made a rug with my own hands, using pink tones, when I was still pregnant. Baby loves to play on it.

Creative parents can always make a developing rug for their favorite children with their own hands. You can sew a carpet of bright patches of fabric, decorate it with animals, add rustling, squeaking elements, so your developing rug is ready for newborns with your own hands. Pay attention to the colors of the fabrics used are bright, natural, and the materials themselves are hypoallergenic.

If you overload the arc with many toys that also make sounds, leave the child to entertain himself for a long time alone, then you can overestimate him, which can lead to sleep disturbance (the newborn does not sleep all day), appetite and other consequences.

But if you competently use modern games, do not bore the child with their number, while communicating with the baby a lot, telling what he sees in front of him, then the developing mat will actually perform its function, also give the mother a free moment for herself.

Parents' reviews about Tiny Love products, the pros and cons of their products can be found in this video: