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Happy dozen "or top 12 toothpastes rating

Good toothpaste removes plaque, improves gum condition, prevents diseases of the oral cavity, supports the natural shade of teeth. Cheap pastes can not cope with all these tasks, so too save on hygiene is not worth it. There are many different types of toothpastes on the market now. But only the best of them, according to consumers, not only in Russia, but all over the world, got into the rating “Bought Wisely”. Currently, whitening and fluoride-free toothpastes are popular. Today we will consider them, and also list the best pastes for children.


Whitening toothpastes not only return the original shade of enamel, but also polish its surface. The use of such drugs as prevention of darkening of teeth is shown to lovers of coffee, tea, cola and other dyeing foods. Also, whitening pastes should be part of regular oral care for people who smoke.


Some whitening toothpastes contain ingredients that can change the color of fillings. Products that have a very fast lightening effect are intended for professional use. Thoughtless use of such drugs can cause serious damage to the enamel. Perhaps even the appearance of allergic reactions. Toothpastes available to ordinary users do not give such a grandiose whitening effect, as it is shown in advertising.

Teeth should not be whitened for those with thin or sensitive enamel. Also, the procedure is contraindicated for people suffering from periodontal disease or carious teeth.


The choice of toothpaste can affect many reasons, including: the state of the tooth enamel, oral cavity, the presence or absence of tartar, the age of the consumer. Therefore, the classification of this product will help determine which paste is best for cleaning teeth for a specific customer:

  • Hygienic pastes with a preventive effect. Such tools help to ensure oral hygiene, protect tooth enamel from caries and periodontal disease, remove plaque. Suitable for those who do not have problems with the health of the teeth and oral cavity.
  • Anti-caries toothpastes. They help to cope with the already developed caries, to stop the destruction of enamel. Such tools have the ability to penetrate the most inaccessible corners, strengthen the enamel, protecting teeth from hypersensitivity.
  • Whitening pastes. The structure includes abrasive components that help get rid of the chronic plaque. People with sensitive teeth do not recommend using such products.
  • Remedies for increased bleeding gums. Thanks to herbal and other medicinal components, they have a hemostatic, wound healing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect. If the product is chosen correctly, after a month of use, there is a decrease in bleeding of the gums, a decrease in inflammation, and an overall improvement in the condition of the oral cavity.
  • Products for children. It is recommended for babies and teenagers to brush their teeth with a paste with a gentle action. It is desirable that the composition included silicon dioxide or dicalcium phosphate, and the RDA index was not higher than 50. Before reaching the age of 3 years, it is better not to use a paste with fluorine.

The best toothpastes, according to dentists: top-12

Determine what toothpaste is recommended by dentists, helped by a survey of leading experts of Russian clinics, as well as the results of test purchases.

It occupies a leading position in the top. This is an antibacterial toothpaste, which can be used both for preventive and for medicinal purposes. The formula contains salts of lactic acid, due to which there is anti-inflammatory, anti-caries effect.

It is used in the treatment of dental diseases to ensure the protection of enamel when using aggressive chemicals.

Splat Lavendersept

SPLAT - the best toothpaste in the nomination “Test Purchase”. According to dentists, it is suitable for sensitive oral cavity, has an antibacterial effect, prevents the development of the inflammatory process.

The composition includes whitening components of the sparing action that do not violate the integrity of the dental coating. Funds under this name are expensive, but their regular use contributes to the strengthening of enamel.

Firmly holds the second position in the top of expensive and high-quality brands, which is confirmed by the results of the test purchase. The formula of the products of this line is made up of natural ingredients, so these pastes are considered the safest, and they are preferred by many consumers.

ROX is ideally suited for increased tooth sensitivity, since the elements of its composition do not violate the integrity of the tooth enamel, and the natural components prevent the emergence and development of dental ailments.

The products of this company are of high quality, and the variety of the range allows you to make the best choice.

For coffee lovers and smokers, an individual version of the ROCS line - “Antitabak” has been developed. Thanks to special enzymes, tobacco and coffee bloom is loosened, and then removed by gentle whitening ingredients.

Vitamin E in the composition of the product prevents the destruction of dental tissue, baobab extract eliminates excessive dryness in the mouth, and a special complex of delicate chemical elements binds toxic and coloring matter.

President Antibacterial

The product of this brand contains safe ingredients, herbal extracts, gently cleans teeth, eliminates plaque, and prevents the development of carious bacteria. The fluorine content in this paste is minimal, and the chemical components are carefully selected. The composition contains the antibiotic chlorhexidine.

Dentists advise apply this product in courses lasting two weeks in order to avoid violation of the integrity of the enamel.

According to a survey of foreign consumers, ranks first in the ranking of the best expensive toothpastes. CREST has been on the top of the list of the best products of its line for many years, as it helps to solve a whole range of tasks:

  • provides noticeable bleaching, lightening enamel by 1-2 tones,
  • helps to eliminate plaque on the tooth enamel,
  • helps to prevent and eliminate caries,
  • provides a high level of hygiene and freshness during cleaning.

Dentists recommend this product to all consumers. The products are made from high-quality components, suitable for everyday use, have a preventive, protective effect. This paste can be used safely, as there are no serious contraindications to its use.

Funds produced under this name, firmly established in the top ten rating toothpastes. They are produced in Germany, are available in a wide range.

A variety of line helps to solve a wide range of tasks:

  • to clear from the old raid,
  • whiten and strengthen enamel,
  • ensure oral hygiene and breath freshness,
  • prevent the development of dental ailments and inflammatory processes.

Dentavit Sensitive

Paste under the name you can brush your teeth if you are sensitive. It reduces swelling and soreness of the gums, helps to restore the integrity of the enamel and oral mucosa. Does not contain aggressive chemical components. Consumers and dentists recommend this quality and not too expensive product for everyday use.

Japanese means under the name unusual for Russians is among the ten best toothpastes, providing amazing whitening without compromising the state of enamel. The product has a rich black color, as its base is charcoal - a natural abrasive with an absorbent effect.

In addition to coal, the formula of the product includes such elements as an extract from blueberry and juniper berries, pine resin, mint essential oil, guava, cloves, murai. The paste will help to clean the teeth, give freshness to the breath, prevent the appearance of caries and inflammations of the oral mucosa.

It occupies a solid place in the list of medicinal pastes. Contains nano-hydroxiapatite, which provides for the strengthening of enamel, preventing its destruction.

According to research, this paste has a filling effect, compensates for the deficiency of minerals in the composition of dental tissue. It also helps to get rid of plaque, eliminate inflammation, prevent caries and periodontal disease.

Suitable for use in pregnancy, excessive sensitivity of the enamel, as well as when wearing dentures.

There are no fluorine and other aggressive antimicrobial components in this lineup. The medicinal component of the same name in the paste is actively fights inflammation, helps eliminate tartar and chronic plaque. Plus, this medical paste helps to preserve the health of the mouth, reduces swelling of the mucous membrane, normalizes blood flow in the vessels of the oral cavity, and protects against dental ailments.

Forest Balsam

Russian line of toothpastes with a natural formula. Natural extracts in the composition of products help to reduce inflammation of the gums and the mucous membrane of the mouth by 90%, reduce bleeding, refresh breath well, and gently clean the tooth enamel.

A significant advantage of the product is a relatively low price.

Best Baby Toothpaste

Children's body is very sensitive and it is important that the child uses only proven means. The composition of the paste should be completely natural and non-allergenic, the most suitable consistency is a gel, since It is soft and does not harm the kids. Many manufacturers offer pastes for the smallest, but not all of them can be used for cleaning children's teeth without harm. Therefore, we have selected the best options for kids from leading companies. Only proven children's toothpastes that definitely do not harm.

3 Lacalut Baby 0-4 years

Very good toothpaste for kids. In the responses about her, mothers of many children respond very warmly. It is liked by the kids, while at the same time it cleans their teeth with high quality and helps to accustom themselves to daily cleaning. Eliminates plaque, refreshes and whitens even enamel that has already turned yellow. The advantages of this toothpaste quite a lot.

  • The minimum expense - very well foams, one pea is enough.
  • Safe if swallowed when cleaning.
  • The minimum fluorine content.
  • Ingredients - vitamins A and E.
  • Excellent cleans plaque.

  • There is no smell of raspberries there - the smell is chemotic, the taste is a bit harsh, not all children like it.
  • It contains benzyl alcohol, which is not recommended for newborns and especially for premature babies.

2 SPLAT Junior Foam

Due to its lightness and airiness, this paste is the best among competitors for children with an active teething process. It helps to brighten up the unpleasant moments of the growth of the first teeth. Calcium, licorice extract, important dairy enzymes.

Toothpaste SPLAT Junior rightfully occupies high positions in the rating due to its features.

  • Lightweight and delicate texture, suitable for the smallest.
  • Convenient dispenser.
  • Interesting for kids packaging.
  • Pleasant taste.
  • Can be applied without a brush.
  • Usage time: 15 seconds.

  • requires the use of another tool with a brush,
  • has a “non-natural” flavor,
  • does not clear intensively.

1 Weleda with calendula

This is the best in its components toothpaste for children. The composition includes essential oils, seaweed, etc. All this has a beneficial effect on the oral cavity. The tool occupies a leading position in the ranking according to polls and reviews of parents.

What are the advantages of Weleda?

  • Well removes plaque.
  • It has anti-inflammatory effect.
  • No harm if swallowed.

Customer reviews point to flaws.

  • Does not contain all the necessary elements (fluorine, calcium), therefore, requires alternation with other means.
  • Has a high cost.

The best therapeutic toothpaste

Good toothpaste can have a healing effect, fight inflammation, tooth decay, etc. To achieve these results in the composition must be active and useful substances. The ranking of the best medical pastes will help you stay on the means that is right for you and will allow you to maintain oral health.

3 Lacalut Fitoformula

German-made toothpaste has proven itself among consumers. Lacalut - the best in terms of price-quality ratio. Its therapeutic effect is confirmed by numerous studies and the approval of specialists. The main feature of the tool - effective help for bleeding gums and periodontal disease.

Due to its advantages, toothpaste has firmly established itself among the leaders of the ranking of the best therapeutic agents.

  • The composition includes sage, rataniya, St. John's wort, etc.
  • Components have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Fights caries.

  • The greatest effect is achieved only after applying the paste Lacalut Activ.

2 Sensodyne Instant Effect

Toothpaste known company recognized as the best means of instant action. The name of the product speaks for itself - it instantly prevents inflammation. Express treatment with this paste was carried out by a large number of buyers. In the ranking of therapeutic products Sensodyne occupies high positions due to the strong analgesic effect.

What other advantages does Instant Effect have?

  • Pleasant fresh scent.
  • Can be used from 12 years.
  • Heals wounds.
  • Excellent and quickly copes with pain.

However, pasta has one most important drawback:

  • Non-natural composition (thickeners, flavors, harmful chemical substances, etc.)

1 Parodontax

Parodontax Toothpaste is the undoubted leader among the pastes with a healing effect. Specialists of many clinics in different countries have positive reviews about this brand. Its main feature is its composition. Manufacturers have bothered to add the most necessary and useful components to it, making the paste the best in quality. Echinacea, rataniya, chamomile, sage and other substances - this is not easy to find in other products.

What are the advantages of using Parodontax?

  • Suitable for daily use.
  • Prevents bleeding gums.
  • Fights inflammation.
  • It has an antibacterial effect.
  • Supports oral health.
  • Sold in several versions: with and without fluoride.

The best pasta with a whitening effect

One of the most popular types of toothpastes on the market today is whitening toothpaste. It is able to fix the yellow color of the enamel without harming the teeth. At the same time such paste protects them from further pollution. Of course, she won’t do miracles, but at least a little closer to the desired Hollywood smile. Manufacturers in pursuit of the number of sales forget about the quality of products. Buying low quality paste leads to damage to the enamel and other unpleasant consequences. Our rating will help to clarify the question of choosing the best paste for whiteness of teeth.

3 R.O.C.S. Pro

Popular toothpaste, which used to be sold only in pharmacies. Today it has become one of the most common in the market, earning the recognition of buyers. In the reviews praise her softness and quality. R.O.C.S. Pro is the best pasta for delicate bleaching. Suitable for people with individual intolerance to certain substances that make up the rest of the funds. It has a pleasant mint smell. Experts recommend it for daily care.

  • soft effect,
  • one abrasive element instead of several
  • does not contain allergens.

  • slow whitening effect
  • high price,
  • maximum effect only after using the gel of the same series.

The best toothpastes used for periodontal disease and bleeding gums

With the development of gingivitis (inflammatory gum disease) or periodontitis (inflammation of periodontal tissues), the dentist, along with conservative and surgical treatment methods, usually prescribe a special paste, the functions of which are:

  • Reduction of bleeding
  • Removal of puffiness
  • Elimination of hyperemia or cyanosis,
  • Relief of pain.

It should be noted that anti-parodontoznye toothpastes can only eliminate the symptoms of the disease, and not cure the disease. Therefore, they are appointed as an adjunct to dental treatment.

Lacalut aktiv

Rating: 9.9

The paste contains antiseptic chlorhexidine, lactate and aluminum fluoride, as well as anti-inflammatory components - bisabolol, allantoin. It has anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect after the first use. Fluorine compounds that are part of the paste have a remineralizing effect. Most often, the paste is prescribed for 10-20 days as a supplement to the course of treatment for periodontal disease. Continuous use of the paste is not recommended because it contains chlorhexidine. After the course of treatment it is recommended to use Lakalut phytoformula paste.

Second place ranking - pasta Parodotax

Rating: 9.5

There are two options parodontaks parodontoznogo paste - with fluorine and without. Рецептура этой выпускаемой английской компанией пасты не меняется с конца ІXX века. Это полностью натуральный продукт, в состав которого входят вытяжки из перечной мяты, эхинацеи, шалфея, ромашки, мирра, ратании. Помимо растительных компонентов в рецептуру включены минеральные соли и цинка цитрат.The tool has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, astringent and antibacterial effect and a salty taste. When combining gum pathologies with carious lesions, it is preferable to use Parodontax with fluoride.

Third place - President exclusive paste

This Italian pasta contains antiseptic hexetidine, thyme extract, propolis, sodium fluoride. Due to the content of the antiseptic it has pronounced anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It is not advisable to use more than two weeks, after the relief of signs of inflammation, it is recommended to switch to other toothpastes.

The best toothpastes that do not contain fluoride

The use of toothpastes without fluoride is relevant in those regions where its content in water is increased (more than 1 mg per liter). In Russia, such regions are located in the Moscow, Tambov, Tver regions, in Siberia and in the Urals. On the packaging of such a paste should not be such names - olafluur (aminofluoride), fluoride of tin, aluminum, sodium, monofluorophosphate.

Pasta Splat - biocalcium

Rating: 10.0

The paste contains calcium lactate, hydroxyapatite, polydon and papain. Calcium compounds provide remineralization of enamel, and polydone and papain dissolve plaque on the teeth, facilitating its easy removal. The effectiveness of a paste with hydroxyapatite depends on the size of the particles. The smaller their size, the faster and deeper they penetrate the tooth tissue. The manufacturer claims that fine particles are used to make this paste, and we have no reason not to believe his words.

Pasta Splat-maximum

Rating: 10.0

In addition to the components of the composition of the previous paste in the Splat-max includes licorice extract, zinc citrate and a complex of enzymes. Hydroxyapatite penetrates the tissues of the tooth, promoting their remineralization, enzymes. Polydon and papain destroy plaque, zinc citrate provides freshness in the mouth.

The second place in the ranking is President unigue pasta

Rating: 9.5

Includes three compounds pantetonat, lactate and calcium glycerol phosphate, which provide easy absorption of calcium by dental enamel. Papain provides the dissolution of plaque, and xylitol inhibits its formation and neutralizes the acidic environment of the oral cavity. One of the drawbacks is the content of potassium salt, which reduces the sensitivity of enamel. The use of pastes with this effect is recommended for hypersensitivity in the form of a course of treatment. Because daily use can reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings and hide the first symptoms of caries.

Third place ranking - pasta R.O.K.S. for adults

Rating: 9.0

This paste is produced by a Russian company and contains calcium glycerophosphate, bromelain, xylitol. Bromelain dissolves plaque, xylitol prevents the development of caries, providing an effect that inhibits the growth rate of bacteria, neutralizing the acidic environment. Calcium glycerophosphate mineralizes enamel. The big plus is the variety of choice of tastes (more than 10). Abrasiveness does not exceed the norm for daily use. The big disadvantage is the overpriced price.

The best therapeutic toothpastes for caries based on fluorine compounds

A paste with a therapeutic effect differs from what is intended for daily use, the number of fluorine compounds they contain. paste with a therapeutic effect is used not only for prevention, but also for the treatment of the initial stage of caries of white or chalky spots. All medicinal pastes can be applied in a course of 2-4 weeks, after which you must take a break of at least two months. Pastes with anti-caries effect based on calcium compounds are discussed above.

First place ranking - President classic paste

Rating: 10.0

The composition includes sodium fluoride, sage extract, lemon balm and chamomile apothecary, mint oil, xylitol. As you can see, the paste contains natural ingredients, therapeutic concentration of fluoride has an anti-caries effect, herbal extracts have an anti-inflammatory effect, and xylitol neutralizes the acidic environment in the oral cavity and has the ability to stop the development of cariogenic microorganisms. Peppermint oil provides the effect of freshness.

Second place ranking - paste Silca

Rating: 9.5

The German company Silka produces two types of toothpaste against caries - Herbal Complete and Natural Extrakte.. Both include sodium fluoride and urea, but differ in the composition of herbal supplements. They have a remarkable anti-caries effect, and thanks to the herbs that are part of it, they do not allow the development of gingivitis, carbamide dissolves plaque, making it easier to eliminate. Essential oils provide a pleasant taste and smell.

Top 12 Best Abrasive Whitening Toothpastes

One of the main selection criteria for whitening paste must be presented on the package - this is the abrasiveness coefficient or RDA, if regular use of the paste is planned, the RDA should not exceed 80.

Outside of the ranking, you can put pasta with a higher ratio, they used 1-3 times a week with strong pigmentation and is able to remove soft dental deposits and small dental plaques. The use of such pastes is possible in combination with conventional or whitening, whose RDA does not exceed 75. This group includes:

Lakalut white - produced in Germany, consists of spherically cut abrasive elements, pyrophosphates and fluorides. Abrasiveness coefficient up to 120, can be used from 1 to 4 times a week. Pyrophosphates are involved in the dissolution of tartar, abrasives remove pigmented plaque, thanks to the fluorine compounds contained in the paste, a remineralizing effect is provided, which eliminates the appearance of teeth hypersensitivity after bleaching.

President White plus - Italian pasta with RDA 200, recommended for use 1 time in 7 days, its composition has no analogues and includes a unique abrasive based on silicates and calcium, as well as an extract from sea shells. Effectively removes soft and hard dental deposits and strong pigmentation. Recommended for people with an increased tendency to form stones. The paste contains calcium salts involved in the remineralization of enamel and an extract of Icelandic cetraria, a medicinal plant that has a wound-healing and bactericidal effect, as well as stimulating the immune system. does not include fluorine compounds.

You can now go to recommended whitening products for daily use and selected by the reviews of dentists and their patients:

Lakalut white and repair - In addition to three types of polished abrasive polishing particles, this German paste contains pyrophosphates that loosen hard plaque and facilitate its removal, sodium fluoride and hydroxyapatite (these two components are involved in the mineralization of tooth enamel), which prevents the development of hypersensitivity. The duration of the effect of applying the paste reaches several months.

President white - As an abrasive-polishing component in this paste an unusual combination of silicon and calcium is used, the enhanced concentration of fluoride ions provides the effect of enamel remineralization. In addition to chemicals, the paste contains extracts of tsetrarii Icelandic, ginseng and mint, which provide anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, immunostimulating, weak analgesic and refreshing effects. Insignificant disadvantages are the fact that both fluorine and calcium particles are included in the composition, as well as the high price of the paste.

Rembrandt - anti-tobacco and coffee - the best whitening toothpaste for smokers

Rembrandt - anti-tobacco and coffeePasta is developed in the USA for people who smoke or who like strong coffee and tea. As an abrasive polishing substance, the composition of the paste includes a combination of aluminum oxide and silicon, which perfectly removes bacterial and pigment deposits from the surface of the teeth. To facilitate the removal of hard dental deposits used a combination of papain and sodium citrate (citroxain). The high content of fluorine compounds provides prophylactic remineralization of tooth enamel. Using Rembrandt anti-tobacco paste and coffee will whiten your teeth by 3-4 tones, with proper care, the effect may persist for several months. The only, but rather significant drawback is the prohibitively high price.

Splat - whitening plusrecently, Russian-made pastes occupy worthy places in the ranking, since they are minimally inferior in performance to their Western counterparts. The composition of the paste Splat includes titanium and silicon dioxide, which copes well with the elimination of pigmentation and plaque, for the destruction of which papain and polydone are used. To prevent the development of hypersensitivity included fluorine and potassium compounds.

Silca arctic white - German paste with a high fluorine content, suitable for daily use in people with severe tooth pigmentation, includes a complex of three abrasive-polishing elements and pyrophosphates, which provides high-quality removal of pigmentation, soft and hard dental plaque from the surface of the teeth. The increased percentage of fluoride compounds allows you to restore the mineral composition of enamel and avoid the increased sensitivity of teeth.

Rocs sensational whitening, Russian-made pasta does not contain fluorine, bromelain is used as a splitting component, destroying the structure of pigments, abrasive elements do not have such a cut as in previous pastes. Contains calcium glycerophosphate as a means of promoting the mineralization of tooth enamel.

Rocs pro delicate whitening - unlike the previous pastes, it contains only one abrasive component, which slightly degrades the quality of bleaching, is produced with mint flavor of various expressions (2 types). The use of this paste is the first step in carrying out home teeth whitening; in order to achieve a good result, it is recommended to use the ROKV gel after the Rox paste. Pro on the basis of carbamide peroxide.

Blendamed 3d white - the most common Russian pasta on sale, produced in six tastes, contains one abrasive, a large amount of pyrophosphates (which may contribute to the appearance of hypersensitivity) and fluorine.

Colgate Complete Whitening - two abrasive components, high fluorine content, does not contain substances splitting hard plaque and pigments. Country of origin is China.

New whitening pearl - one of the most inexpensive whitening pastes that have a positive effect. Contains too many pyrophosphates.

To achieve a good result when whitening your teeth with pastes, you need to remember several conditions and rules.:

  • Before using any toothpaste with a whitening effect, it is necessary to undergo a procedure of professional tooth cleaning in the dental office and thoroughly reorganize the oral cavity.
  • If in the process of using paste the development of hypersensitivity is detected, whitening will have to be abandoned and begin to use pastes with a high content of minerals.
  • Patients with hypersensitivity and increased abrasion cannot use pastes that contain pyrophosphates. It is better to pay attention to containing enzymes and polydone.
  • After a course of whitening pastes for long-term preservation of the result, you must carefully follow the rules of oral hygiene.
  • In the period immediately after bleaching, as a paste for daily use, it is possible to use products for sensitive teeth in order to ensure maximum remineralization.

The best whitening paste based on carbamide peroxide

The effect of such pastes is based on the ability of carbamide peroxide to decompose upon contact with saliva, while the active oxygen is released, which penetrates deeply into the tooth tissue, while ensuring the effect that cannot be achieved using abrasive pastes.

The following pastes can be considered the most common in this category:

The main components of this paste are carbamide peroxide, which eliminates even deep staining of tooth enamel and the combination of papain, sodium citrate and aluminum oxide, due to which the splitting of hard dental deposits occurs. The content of monofluorophosphate provides a remineralizing effect and prevents the appearance of teeth hypersensitivity. The use of Rembrandt Plus paste provides 4-5 tones of enamel brightening, it is the most effective and expensive whitening toothpaste.

Splat extreme white - Russian-made paste, which in addition to carbamide peroxide contains an abrasive component (hydrated silicon dioxide). Polydon and papain are used as plaque-breaking substances. Due to the double action of the whitening ingredients for the month of applying the paste, the effect of brightening enamel by 2-3 tones is achieved. Part of the sodium fluoride prevents the demineralization of tooth enamel and prevents the development of hypersensitivity and caries.

Gel R.O.C.S. pro - oxygen bleaching, produced in Russia, recommended as the second step in complex bleaching, the first step in which is the use of paste Rocs pro delicate whitening . The composition of the gel does not include abrasives, which is why it weakly removes plaque. Calcium glycerophosphate acts as a substance that provides a remineralizing effect. In 30 days of use whitening is achieved by 2-3 tones.

Recommendations for the use of toothpastes, which include peroxide:

  • Before whitening, to carry out professional cleaning of the teeth and removal of hard dental plaque in order to achieve uniformity of enamel brightening.
  • Active oxygen does not bleach artificial materials (fillings and crowns will remain the same color as they were).
  • After a course of bleaching, it is necessary to use oral hygiene products containing calcium hydroxyapatite, fluorine compounds, glycerophosphate for a month.
  • In case of non-observance of the rules of hygiene, it is possible, after bleaching, an increased risk of developing carious lesions. This is due to the fact that in the process of bleaching a large amount of calcium is washed out of the tooth tissues and the enamel becomes weak.
  • It should be noted that the use of peroxide-based pastes in some cases can lead to chemical burns of the mucous membrane and be extremely careful not to allow the paste to last long (more than 4-5 minutes) contact with the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

All pastes recommended in the article, it is easy to buy in any store, but before applying any of them worth a visit to the dentist. The doctor will help you to make the final choice and explain how long you can use this or that tool and how to make the result obtained after the bleaching course last for a long time.

2 SPLAT Extreme white

Whitening paste of the Russian manufacturer, according to customer reviews, copes with its task. It is not intended for daily care and requires alternation with medicinal or neutral toothpaste. The splitting of plaque occurs due to the action of two components at once: polydone and papain. As a result of monthly use, the clarification reaches two to three tones. It differs in the composition of carbamide peroxide, which has a positive effect on the rate of bleaching.

  • good result after application,
  • smoking abrasive,
  • unusual pleasant taste.

1 PresiDENT White

According to the majority of specialists in the field of dentistry, PRESIDENT White is designed to be the best paste that gives teeth natural whiteness. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, has useful natural ingredients in its composition and rightfully earned one of the first places in the ranking of the best whitening pastes.

An important feature is the unique natural substances that, without harm to the enamel, return to it a natural shade. But the arguments in favor of PresiDENT White do not end there.

  • The unusual combination of silicon with calcium has a unique whitening effect.
  • Ginseng and mint strengthen the immune system.
  • Anesthetic property helps with inflammation.
  • Suitable for daily use.

The best inexpensive toothpaste

Budget - does not mean "poor quality". Cheap toothpastes fully confirm this. Among them, it is quite possible to find good options that will cope with cleansing and refresh the oral cavity. But it is important not to forget some nuances when choosing. Toothpaste is a product that, for the greatest benefit and best result, should have natural components. The paste should not be very cheap and low-quality, because it affects our teeth, gums and oral health. However, based on customer feedback and expert opinions, we managed to make a rating of good inexpensive pastes.

3 Colgate Gentle Whitening

Standard toothpaste from the category of "very budget." Not cheap with a bunch of terribly harmful components, and a strong "middling" with a good composition. It cannot be called completely natural, but this is not required from the budgetary pasta. Не стоит ожидать выполнения всех обещаний производителя – с этим не справляются даже дорогие варианты. Но свою цель – очищать зубы от налета и освежать дыхание – эта паста выполняет на отлично.

При низкой цене паста имеет свои положительные качества.

  • Щадящий состав без множества опасных химических компонентов.
  • Приятный вкус и долгое ощущение свежести после применения.
  • Доступность – есть практически в каждом магазине.

  • Эффект отбеливания ярко не выражен. Rather, the paste stops further "yellowing" and brightens a little, but it will not make the teeth perfectly white.
  • Too "mint" taste will pinch the tongue of unaccustomed people and children from 6 years.

2 New Pearl Fluoride

Russian-made toothpaste is recognized as the best among the care products in the lowest price category. New pearls Fluorine - one of the cheapest on the market. Despite this, according to experts, it has a good cleansing effect. That is, toothpaste performs its main task - brushing your teeth. It is necessary to deal more with all the advantages and disadvantages.

  • leaves a pleasant smell in the mouth,
  • has a fresh aroma,
  • contains a lot of calcium
  • low price.

  • The composition includes a large number of parabens and harmful substances because of this is not recommended for frequent use.
  • May cause an allergic reaction.
  • It has cheap substandard components.

1 Blend a med 3D White

The best whitening paste in the low price category. Blendamed 3D White consists of a single polymer substance (abrasive), which quickly copes with bloom. The manufacturer has created six different flavors. The main feature of the paste is high fluoride content. It is considered a very useful component for strengthening enamel.

  • optimal cost
  • pleasant taste,
  • antibacterial effect prevents caries,
  • whitening effect.

  • high content of pyrophosphates, leading to hypersensitivity,
  • implicit whitening results,
  • non-natural composition.

The best toothpaste without fluoride

The body's need for fluoride is not too high. And in some regions of Russia (for example, in the Urals) the necessary amount of this element can be obtained only from tap water. Therefore, the need for fluorinated toothpastes simply disappears. After all, excess can even harm. Especially if all the teeth have not erupted yet - for example, young children. As a rule, toothpastes without fluoride contain more calcium - this element binds the excess and remineralizes tooth enamel. So the benefits are obvious. Therefore, it is worth choosing the best toothpaste without fluoride.

3 PresiDENT Unique

Toothpaste with a loud name, designed to restore teeth with a lack of calcium. It is pleasant both to the taste and to the look - it is gel, pale green with blue patches of cleansing particles. Of course, for its quality, the paste is a little expensive, but it copes well with the stated functions. Pleases relatively natural composition with a minimum of harmful substances (although parabens are still present). This toothpaste is not deprived of certain advantages.

  • Excellent care for gums, preventing bleeding.
  • It has a pleasant, very soft mint taste.
  • Contains a large amount of calcium, remineralize teeth.
  • It has a low abrasiveness, suitable for sensitive teeth.

In some reviews, people identified and disadvantages:

  • For its price clears not perfect.
  • The paste foams slightly, which is why it is not very convenient to brush your teeth.

2 Biorepair Intensive Night

A special tool designed to clean your teeth at night. The creators of the product are proud of the addition of MicroRepair microparticles, which are almost identical to the “natural” enamel. Due to this, it restores the tooth and nourishes it with minerals. It is not very common, but definitely worth a look. In fact, this is one of the few pastes that can fully restore tooth enamel. Reviews are literally full of the following benefits.

  • In the morning there is a feeling of cleanliness in the mouth.
  • Sensitivity decreases quite strongly.
  • Excellent cleans and polishes teeth.
  • Restores damaged mucous and bleeding gums.

But not to do without flaws.

  • Very high price (which, however, is justified by the quality).

1 SPLAT Professional Ultracomplex

This paste is not accidentally recognized as the leader in the ranking of pastes without fluoride. She takes care of the entire oral cavity immediately and is ideal for owners of too sensitive teeth. After some time, enamel strengthening becomes noticeable. Pasta at the same time accelerates the regeneration of wounds and eliminates bleeding. In the reviews, people note that the paste works well "on all fronts." So definitely it deserves attention.

The positive qualities of this paste please.

  • The composition is almost completely natural, no harmful substances and reagents.
  • Excellent reduces tooth sensitivity.
  • It has a mild taste, will suit most people.
  • Refreshes - pleasant breath persists for a long time.

  • Virtually no effect on tooth color.

The best toothpaste for smokers

Those who often smoke or drink a lot of coffee have special needs related to clean teeth and gums. The impact on the oral cavity occurs constantly and intensely - due to smoke and drinks, stable yellowness and nasty plaque are formed. And they hold much stronger than other people. Therefore, ordinary toothpastes can not get rid of the unpleasant yellow patina, able to instantly give a fan of coffee or cigarettes. It is for cleaning enamel special options were created. They are designed for intensive "pollution" of the teeth and can cope with it without problems. So we suggest to choose the best pasta for smokers.

3 PresiDENT Smokers

Toothpaste straight from Italy for smokers. According to the manufacturer, refreshes and whitens to the maximum. But in fact, the effect is slightly worse than the stated. This fluoride-containing paste, rather, protects the teeth and prevents plaque from resins and drinks from entering into enamel. And also with her teeth will be lighter by 1-2 tones. The effect of cleaning at the dentist, it will not. But this pasta has its positive sides.

  • Soft impact - toothpaste does not have a high abrasiveness, so there is no sandpaper effect.
  • Pleasant taste and persistent aroma - the smell of tobacco will leave the mouth for a long time.
  • Almost completely natural composition - it contains lime, bamboo charcoal, parsley, etc.

Unfortunately, not without negativity.

  • It does not have a full whitening effect.

2 R.O.C.S. Coffee and tobacco

Specialized toothpaste designed to eliminate the effects of smoking, drinking coffee, tea and wine. But also saves from coffee. A great option for getting rid of the opposite plaque or unpleasant smell. Copes with the task at 100%. And all this - without aggressive components, so that the impact on the teeth is very soft and gentle. With constant cleaning it removes stains on the enamel and evens out its shade.

  • After cleansing, the mint taste does not remain, although the freshness lasts a very long time.
  • The composition has a special flavor, which eliminates the smell of tobacco.
  • Suitable for sensitive teeth, partially restores (remineralize) enamel.

  • A small tube - only 74 grams.

1 SPLAT Professional Maximum

Officially, this paste is not declared as smoking, but is ideal for them in its properties. Eliminates all unpleasant odors and blocks them for 6-8 hours. Removes plaque from even the most secret slits between the teeth. Bleaching is not perfect, but it is unrealistic to achieve a full effect with the help of only toothpaste. Pleases standard for this brand a wonderful composition of natural ingredients. There is nothing superfluous or harmful to find there.

From the merits, buyers noted the following.

  • All-day refreshing effect - toothpaste has excellent resistance.
  • Very bright and pronounced mint taste, can burn the mouth cavity.
  • It cleans plaque qualitatively and whitens yellowness relatively well.
  • Soft when cleaning - even sensitive teeth do not hurt.

But there is one drawback.

  • Toothpaste is too mint and not everyone will like it - it can pinch the tongue and lips.

Medical firm which toothpaste to choose

From the manufacturer of toothpaste depends on the efficiency, quality and safety of products.

We have prepared a rating of companies that have won recognition from professionals and consumers in many countries around the world:

These manufacturers are the leaders in sales of medical and therapeutic toothpastes. Their products are manufactured in accordance with international GNP standards. The drugs are clinically tested and approved by leading dental communities around the world.

SATO Acess from gingivitis and periodontal disease

Means consists only of natural components. It is based on highly concentrated extracts of myrrh, chamomile, ratania root. The active substances relieve inflammation, destroy bacteria, reduce gingival bleeding and have an astringent effect. The manufacturer recommends using a paste to prevent and eliminate periodontal disease, gingivitis, inflammation of the gums. The volume is 120 ml.


  • the paste does not contain bleaching ingredients,
  • has a healing effect on sore gums,
  • reduces puffiness, purulent foci,
  • eliminates bleeding and pain in the gums.


  • high price,
  • practically does not occur in stores and pharmacies.

Oralcare Protezione Gengive from Biorepair manufacturer

Paste refers to the professional therapeutic and prophylactic agents to protect the gums. Perfect for those who want to prevent or eliminate the following diseases: periodontal disease, gingivitis, periodontitis, or damage to the enamel.

The preparation contains a large amount of vitamins C, D, B, A. Hyaluronic acid has a moisturizing effect, thereby activating cells and reducing inflammatory processes. Can be used by adults and children from 6 years. The volume is 75 ml.


  • powerful anti-inflammatory and healing effects,
  • prevents reproduction and growth of cariogenic bacteria,
  • makes the breath fresh and pleasant
  • promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues
  • improves the condition of the gums, due to the strengthening of the vascular walls,
  • creates a barrier for caries,
  • restores shine and whiteness of teeth
  • suitable for preventive purposes.


  • It is very difficult to find in pharmacies and shops
  • high price.

Therapeutic and prophylactic professional toothpaste Biocalcium from the manufacturer Splat

The basis of the paste is bioactive calcic. The tool is suitable for those who wish to strengthen or restore tooth enamel, as well as reduce sensitivity. The paste is especially relevant when a painful reaction to cold, hot, sweet, etc. appears. The effect of the application is noticeable after several days of regular use. Volume - 100 ml.


  • affordable cost
  • perfectly eliminates plaque on the teeth, prevents the appearance of tartar,
  • promotes the entry of calcium and minerals into the enamel,
  • improves gum health
  • normalizes acidity in the mouth,
  • soft abrasives safely and gently whiten the enamel, restoring natural shine and whiteness to it.


  • long washed out
  • specific taste that not everyone will like,
  • no foil is provided under the lid of the tube.

Dante Canti Advanced

This paste has a complex effect. It is designed for the prevention and treatment of various diseases of the gums and teeth, to maintain oral hygiene. The composition is completely natural and contains 26 herbs. It provides long-term care and protection for teeth and gums.

The use of this paste will be useful for gingivitis, unpleasant smell, toothache or bleeding gums. The paste strengthens the hard tissues of the tooth, reduces the sensitivity of the gums, prevents the formation of tartar. The volume is 100 ml.


  • fights infections and eliminates bleeding,
  • natural antiseptics prevent caries, heal and strengthen gum tissue,
  • removes unpleasant smell
  • does not contain synthetic components
  • reduces the risk of inflammatory processes,
  • treats ulcers and boils in the mouth.


  • not recommended when intolerant to certain components of the paste.

Asepta Sensitive

This paste is perfect for fluorosis (an excess of fluoride in the body), with increased sensitivity of the teeth, for the prevention of inflammation of the gums. Pasta is a wonderful foam and has a thick texture with a pleasant mint flavor. It helps to keep your breath fresh throughout the day and provides gentle oral care. Volume - 75 ml.


  • thermal mud promotes healing, calming and restoring gums,
  • calendula extract helps to destroy harmful microbes in the inflamed soft tissues of the mouth,
  • papain prevents the formation of plaque,
  • paste reduces the sensitivity and soreness of teeth
  • strengthens enamel,
  • protects the natural whiteness of teeth
  • economical expense.


  • in the composition there is a dye.

Toothpaste filling Apadenta

This paste contains medical nano-hydroxyapatite, which provides strength and health of teeth, prevents the destruction of hard tissue. Multiple clinical trials confirm the effectiveness of the tool at the initial stage of caries development by restoring scarce minerals in enamel and dental tissues. In addition, the composition contains 3 more active ingredients that reduce inflammation, promote the healing of microcracks, reduce plaque and prevent the development of periodontal disease. It is recommended to use in case of hypersensitivity of the teeth, during pregnancy, for the prevention and treatment of caries wearing orthodontic structures. Volume - 120 ml.


  • pasta is allowed for all age categories
  • effectively removes plaque on teeth
  • fills the deficit of minerals in the dental tissue, making the surface layer of enamel shiny and smooth, which contributes to the destruction of caries at the initial stage of development,
  • reduces the painful sensitivity of the teeth,
  • provides high quality oral hygiene.


Medical Toothpaste Active Clinical

This paste is suitable for treating gums prone to bleeding and soreness. It heals and strengthens the soft tissues of the mouth. Hawthorn has astringent properties, it strengthens the capillaries and reduces bleeding in the gums. Triclosan eliminates the cause of inflammation, has a powerful bactericidal effect. Sodium fluoride contributes to the remineralization of enamel and protection against caries. Does not contain fluoride. Volume - 75 ml.


  • affordable cost
  • quickly eliminates inflammation and bleeding gums,
  • effectively cleans enamel from plaque,
  • prevents tartar,
  • suitable for people with high levels of fluoride in the body,
  • destroys infectious processes in the oral cavity, eliminates the cause of gum inflammation.


  • Triclosan is a synthetic antibiotic with a pronounced antibacterial effect, so it is not recommended to use the paste for more than 1 month,
  • with individual intolerance to the components of the paste, the use should be abandoned.

Toothpaste Lacalut Fluoride

The paste strengthens and remineralizes tooth enamel. It is recommended to use in case of initial caries, to prevent tooth decay, to recover after teeth whitening, with dental plaque or stone. The paste contains a lot of fluoride, which protects and restores enamel. With constant use decreases the painful sensitivity to cold, sour, hot, sweet food. It also contains chlorhexidine, which prevents the growth of cariogenic bacteria. In the composition there are no bleaching components. It is recommended to use every month with an interval of several weeks. The volume is 50 and 75 ml.


  • well foaming, pleasant taste,
  • affordable cost
  • slows down the darkening of the teeth while smoking
  • gently removes plaque and polishes teeth
  • reduces inflammation in the soft tissues of the oral cavity,
  • has a pronounced anticariogenic, antibacterial effect,
  • increases the resistance of the tooth enamel to the acidic environment
  • strengthens the structure of tooth hard tissues and prevents their destruction.


  • contraindication: intolerance to the components of the paste.

What medical toothpaste to buy

1. If you need paste from gingivitis and periodontal disease with a natural composition, then it is better to buy paste from the company SATO Acess.

2. A tool that will reduce the sensitivity of the teeth - Dentavit Pro Sensitive.

3. Preparations that are perfectly suited to the stage of pronounced inflammation, increased bleeding - Oralcare Protezione Gengive from the company Biorepair, Medical Toothpaste Active Clinical. The latter is especially effective when attaching infectious processes.

4. People with increased production of gastric juice suitable toothpaste Biocalcium from the company Splat. It normalizes the pH balance and prevents the destruction of enamel.

5. If you need a tool with a combined effect on the gums and enamel, then it is better to purchase the therapeutic Ayurvedic paste Dant Kanti Advanced.

6. For fluorosis, fluoride-free paste is ideal - Asepta Sensitiv.

7. If you need a toothpaste that acts as a filling for damaged enamel and destroys the development of caries in the initial stages, then it is better to choose a filling toothpaste Apadent.

8. Lakalut Fluoride is suitable for strengthening the hard tissues of the tooth and preventing their destruction.

Fluorine paste.

Fluoride is a micronutrient recommended by the World Health Organization as a component of toothpaste. When combined with tooth enamel, fluorine is embedded in its structure. Происходит реставрация эмали путем восстановления необходимого количества кальция и фосфора. Зубы укрепляются, процесс возникновения кариеса останавливается.

Пасту, содержащую фтор можно использовать практически всем. Исключением являются регионы, в которых содержание фтора в воде превышает допустимый уровень. В России они составляют 10%. This information can be found in the local sanitary epidemiological station.

About the benefits and dangers of pasta with fluoride:

Whitening paste.

The effect of bleaching is not proven, and the consequences have not been studied. It is believed that aggressive abrasives can help erase tooth enamel. It is not recommended to brush your teeth with such pastes regularly. With increased sensitivity of the teeth, it is better not to use such paste at all.

How to choose the right paste with the effect of whitening - in the video:

Form release means: paste, gel or powder?

Tooth powder in the composition has many cleansing components. It is recommended to use it no more than 2 times a week for lovers of coffee, tea, smokers, owners of dentures.

In the gel paste as a cleaning component are dissolving dental plaque funds, most often silicon dioxide. Its degree of purification is small. Gel pastes are mainly available for children.

Regular paste has good cleansing properties, without harming the tooth enamel.

A small excursion into the history of toothbrushes.

Oral hygiene has a long history. This is confirmed by archaeological excavations, when tooth-cleaning devices were found. As a brush used soaked sticks, chewing. In Kievan Rus, oak brushes replaced a modern toothbrush. At the end of the 15th century in China, boar stubble was inserted into a bamboo stick, and in Europe it was horse wool.

In ancient Greece, the teeth were cleaned with linen cloth dipped in saline with sulphurous oil. For the back teeth, a wand with a cloth attached to it was used. In India, from ancient times to the present, tree sprigs have been used to clean their teeth.

At the end of the 18th century, a prototype of a modern toothbrush appeared - a bundle of bristle of a cow's tail was inserted in a cowhide handle in a drilled hole. During the First World War, the base brushes were made from celluloid. Animal bristles were used until 1937.

This year, nylon was invented in the laboratory of the firm Du Pont Wallace H. Carothers. It has been widely used in various fields. A year later, a nylon-bristled toothbrush appeared. West’s Miracle-Tuft Toothbrush, which very quickly displaced natural bristles.

It had many drawbacks: it was badly dried and contributed to the reproduction of bacteria. Advantages of nylon:

  • Low cost,
  • Ability to change the texture and diameter,
  • You can give the tips of the bristles of different shapes.

In the middle of the last century, a soft nylon was created. A toothbrush with it cost more than a hard one. Today the bristles can be not only from nylon, but also from polyurethane and polyvinyl. There is no fundamental difference between them.

Toothbrushes of various degrees of hardness, size, color are on sale. The choice for the buyer.

The degree of stiffness of the bristles.

  • Very mild, used for oral diseases,
  • Soft - for children under 12 years old, with problems with gums and sensitive tooth enamel, for diabetics,
  • Medium hardness for healthy teeth
  • Rigid - for owners of a removable denture and having plaque,
  • Very stiff bristle brushes are usually used on the recommendation of the dentist in the formation of tartar.

Handle brush.

  • The long one regulates the pressure during the cleaning, it allows not to injure the gums,
  • Rubber pads help keep your hand from slipping.

In addition to conventional toothbrushes, you can find special ones on sale. Children, in which the usual or rubber bristles are used. There are special brushes for problem teeth:

  • Malocclusion,
  • Dental implants
  • The presence of orthopedic structures in the mouth.

People with good teeth are not recommended to use such brushes.

Terms of use of the toothbrush and marking on its packaging.

Each package of toothpaste has the following information: the name of the manufacturer, its address. There must be a sign "Rostest".

How to use a toothbrush:

  • Do not store the brush in a closed case,
  • Do not hold together child and adult brushes,
  • After use, wash with hot water and dry,
  • Wear a protective cap,
  • Once a week it is necessary to hold the brush in an antibacterial solution for several minutes,
  • Once every three months it is necessary to change the brush, as it loses its appearance, becomes unsuitable,
  • After infection in the oral cavity, it is necessary to replace the brush with a new one.

About the right choice of a toothbrush - in a choice:

Well proven toothpastes.

The best whitening paste in its low price category is Blend-a-med 3D White. It consists of one abrasive substance that perfectly copes with dental plaque. High fluoride content strengthens the teeth. Pasta is represented by six flavors.

  • Whitening effect
  • Best price
  • Pleasant flavors,
  • Antibacterial property prevents caries.
  • Slight whitening effect
  • The content of the synthetic components,
  • The presence of pyrophosphates, which increase the hypersensitivity of the teeth.

Average price: 160 rubles.

This Russian-made pasta belongs to the lowest price category and is the best. She perfectly copes with the main function - brushing your teeth.

  • High calcium content
  • Pleasant taste,
  • Low price,
  • Refreshes the mouth.
  • The composition contains many harmful substances, so it is not recommended for frequent use,
  • An allergic reaction is possible.
  • The contents of cheap substandard ingredients.

Average price: 35 rubles.

Toothpaste perfectly helps with bleeding gums, refreshes the mouth. Forest balsam "Forte Active" has tea tree oil, which allows you to increase the protection of teeth and mucosa from harmful bacteria.

  • vegetable composition,
  • effect from the first use,
  • inflammation and bleeding are significantly reduced,
  • recommended for daily use
  • low price.
  • small astringent effect.

The average price of 65 rubles.

Foaming toothpaste with whitening and antibacterial action. In the line of the brand, the most popular are drugs that contain medicinal herbs.

  • Helps prevent tooth decay
  • Freshens mouth
  • Antibacterial action
  • Strengthens tooth enamel,
  • Daily application.
  • Contraindications not identified.

The average price of 110 rubles.

According to most dentists, this paste is considered the best in giving the natural whiteness to the teeth. The composition contains natural ingredients that cause antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

The main advantage of the paste is the presence of natural ingredients in the composition, which help restore the natural whiteness of the teeth without sacrificing enamel.

  • A unique whitening effect is a combination of calcium and silicon,
  • Mint and ginseng in the composition contribute to the strengthening of immunity,
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of the paste helps reduce inflammation,
  • Can be enjoyed daily.
  • high price.

Average price: 250 rubles.

According to most buyers, this Russian paste copes with the main function - whitening. This is due to two components: polydone and papain. Also, the carbamide peroxide in the paste affects the cleansing rate.

As a result of monthly use, the teeth are bleached by two or three tones. Splat Extreme White is not recommended to be applied daily; it should be alternated with regular or medical paste.

  • Effective result
  • Gentle effect of cleansing ingredients
  • Pleasant taste.
  • high price.

Average price: 185 rubles.

Popular worldwide pasta, which previously could only be bought at a pharmacy, is now available to everyone. Paste R.O.C.S. Pro gently affects tooth enamel, perfectly whitens. Suitable for those who are sensitive to some components in other pastes. Thanks to the mint taste, it perfectly refreshes the oral cavity.

  • Soft delicate whitening
  • Only one abrasive element
  • Contains no allergens.
  • The whitening effect does not occur quickly,
  • The maximum effect is possible only when using the gel of the same brand,
  • High price.

Average price: 400 rubles.

Toothpaste of this brand belongs to the treatment and is a leader in this series. You can read and hear a lot of positive reviews of dentists Parodontax paste. Its main advantage is the composition. Producers were able to make a paste of better quality, thanks to the useful and necessary ingredients.

The composition of herbal extracts: echinacea, chamomile, sage and other useful components.

  • Strengthens the gums, preventing bleeding,
  • Can be used daily
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Has an antibacterial effect,
  • Contributes to maintaining the health of the mouth area,
  • Available with and without fluoride.
  • high price.

Average price: 200 rubles.

The paste of this well-known company has an instant effect - it attracts with this. After all, the inflammatory processes of the oral cavity are removed instantly. A large number of pasta buyers experimented with express-treatment with Sensodyne paste.

The product has a high therapeutic effect due to its high analgesic effect.

  • You can change children from 12 years old,
  • It has a pleasant refreshing scent,
  • Able to heal wounds in the mouth,
  • Relieves pain.
  • High price,
  • The composition contains artificial elements (thickeners, flavors, etc.).

Average price: 250 rubles.

This toothpaste of the German manufacturer has a lot of positive feedback. The therapeutic effect was approved by experts and confirmed by various studies. Lacalut paste is an effective remedy for periodontal disease and bleeding gums.

  • As part of herbal ingredients: St. John's wort, sage, rataniya and other herbs,
  • It has anti-inflammatory effect,
  • Prevents caries.
  • This paste is not the most effective among the funds from Lakalut. The greatest effectiveness can be obtained after applying the paste Lacalut Activ.

Average price: 250 rubles.

In terms of components, this paste is the best for children. Many mothers respond positively after applying the paste. It contains only safe elements: algae, essential oils and other components.

Pasta has a beneficial effect on the entire oral cavity. The pleasant aroma of calendula has a calming effect.

  • Good cleans teeth, removing plaque,
  • It has anti-inflammatory effect,
  • Harmless if swallowed.
  • It is possible to alternate with other pastes, as it does not contain fluorine and calcium,
  • High price.

Average price: 450 rubles.

Paste SPLAT has an airy light texture, thanks to which, it is recommended for cleaning children with actively cutting teeth. When cleaning gently affects the gums, eliminating soreness. The composition of natural ingredients: licorice extract, calcium, dairy enzymes.

Pasta received many positive and recommendation reviews from moms.

  • Light delicate texture suitable for cleaning the smallest,
  • Attractive packaging for children, convenient dispenser,
  • Can be applied without a brush,
  • Pleasant taste,
  • Cleaning time 15 sec.
  • For better cleansing, you must use another paste,
  • Unnatural fragrance.

Average price: 250 rubles.

A review of this and a number of other tools useful for children's teeth is in the video:

What is to choose?

In a huge assortment of means for brushing your teeth, it is difficult to choose the right one. For this you need to know the characteristics of high-quality pasta:

  • Soft teeth cleansing,
  • The ability to prevent the occurrence of caries,
  • Strengthening gums, removing inflammation,
  • Remove unpleasant odor
  • Maintain a healthy oral mucosa.

When choosing a paste, you can read reviews, learn about the composition, pros and cons of the product. If you have problems with gums, you need to pick up a paste with medicinal herbs. Poor quality toothpaste can lead to undesirable results: poor cleansing, allergic reaction.