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10 celebrities who became fathers after 50 years

With his future wife, Tabakov met in 1986, when a young graduate of GITIS was accepted into the troupe of the theater-studio of Oleg Tabakov (the actor was 51 years old). After ten years of the novel, the teacher and the student played a wedding, and then became parents of two children: Pavel, who also began his acting career, and Maria, who Zudina had given birth to in 41 years.

Clint Eastwood, 85

In addition to the older children, son Kyle and daughter Alison, who were born married to Maggie Johnson, and the youngest daughter, Eastwood has four bastard children. So his firstborn, daughter Kimber, was born in 1964 - until the birth of Kayla and Alison - and for a long time lived under the name of the mother. Until 2002, Clint did not recognize himself as the father of Scott Eastwood, who is now making a successful acting career, and his younger sister, Catherine, because at the time of the affair with their mother, Eastwood Sr. was married to actress Sondra Locke. When Scott was born, the actor was 55 years old, but he did not even think about stopping. In 1993, actress Francis Fisher gave birth to a daughter from Eastwood, and in 1996, Dina Ruiz’s wife gave birth to her seventh child, Eastwood, the girl Morgan.

Mel Gibson, 60 years old

Recently, Mel Gibson brought his new beloved, 25-year-old acrobat Rosalind Ross, for the first time, and after that it was assumed that the actor would become the father for the ninth time! Married to his actor Robin Moore, the actor had seven children, but six years ago the couple survived a scandalous divorce: then Gibson went to the Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva, who gave birth to his daughter Lucia.

Paul McCartney, 73

The musician married the former model Heather Mills in 2002, the girl became the second wife of the "Beatle", widowed in 1998. In October 2003, Paul, who was 50 years old, had a daughter, Beatrice Milli. After 5 years, the couple separated, and later McCartney went to the altar for the third time. With his wife Nancy Shevell, he still lives. By the way, the couple met in the 80s. Paul was then married to Linda McCartney, who passed away from breast cancer in 1998, and Nancy was a "good friend" of the family.

Al Pacino, 75 years old

The actor has never been married and proudly carries the status of an eternal bachelor in life. True, this did not prevent him from acquiring three children. The firstborn daughter, Julia, was born in 1989 from an acting teacher. And twins Anton and Olivia from actress Beverly D’Angelo were born in 2001 - Pacino was then 61 years old.

Robert De Niro, 72 years old

In 2012, Robert DeNiro and his wife, Grace, became parents of Helen’s daughter. The girl who became the second child of the couple was given birth by a surrogate mother. But in March 1998, a year after the wedding, Grace and De Niro, who was 55 years old, did it themselves: then the couple had a son, Elliot.

Robert also has a son Raphael from Diana Abbott's first wife. In addition, the actor has twin sons Julian and Aaron. They were born to him and his former sweetheart, Tuki Smith, a surrogate mother in 1995.
Robert admits that he loves when all his children get together.

Hugh Grant, 55 years old

In September, the handsome Hugh Grant turned 55 years old. The best gift for the anniversary of the actor prepared his beloved, Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein. Anna is in position and will soon give birth to Hugh the child! The future baby will be the fourth for the artist. Hugh and Anna are already raising their three-year-old son John Mungo. By the way, the appearance of this boy actor hid for almost a year. The fact is that at the same time ... another child of Grant, a Chinese woman, Tinglan Khong, was carrying a child, who had already given birth to an artist in 2011, daughter Tabitu. It seems Hugh the devil really hit the rib.

Dmitry Dibrov, 56 years old

Almost a year ago - May 27, 2015 - Dibrov became the father for the fifth time. Young wife Polina gave birth to a son, Ilya, in the Lapino clinic near Moscow. The TV presenter also brings up two sons - the five-year-old Alexander and the half-year-old Fedor - from Pauline, and he also has a son Denis and a daughter Lada from previous marriages.

Bari Alibasov, 68 years old

Quite recently, the 29-year-old spouse of producer Victoria Maximova bore him a son, who was named Ivan. The girl worked for a long time with Alibasov’s press officer, then the relationship between the producer and her subordinate became more intimate, and soon Bari Karimovich introduced Victoria as his bride. Three years ago, when Alibasov married for the sixth time, few believed in the sincerity of the bride's feelings. Alibasov’s 30-year-old son from his previous marriage, Bari Alibasov Jr., was against this marriage. The young man believed that Victoria married his father just because of the money. However, the spouses are still happy together, and, apparently, the family conflict has already disappeared. For Victoria, Vanya became the firstborn, for Alibasov - this is the second son. The producer also has an illegitimate daughter - 46-year-old Vera, who was born by a classmate of Alibasova Svetlana Bokhovchuk. The relationship of Faith and Alibasov is not officially proved, but the producer publicly recognized the woman as his daughter.

Alec Baldwin, 57 years old

In June last year, actor Alec Baldwin became the father for the third time: the wife of Hilaria gave birth to their second common child, the son of Raphael Thomas. Spouses also raise daughter Carmen. In addition, the 57-year-old actor has a 19-year-old daughter Ireland from her first marriage with actress Kim Basinger.

Andrei Konchalovsky, 78 years old

For the past 17 years, Andrei Konchalovsky has been happy with his fifth wife, actress and cook, Yulia Vysotskaya. The difference in age between spouses is 35 years. Vysotskaya is even younger than director Yegor Konchalovsky - the eldest son of his spouse! In 1999, Julia gave birth to a daughter, Masha (who is now experiencing the consequences of a car accident), and in 2003, her son Petya. The young father at the time was 65 years old (Julia - 29). Peter became the seventh child of the director.

15 celebrities who became fathers after 50

15 celebrities who became fathers after 50

These famous men can not be reproached with their solid age, because each of them became a father after 50 years, and someone even a few times!

So, 15 stars who became dad despite his age! Well done, what do you say

Male age and reproduction

It should be said that the age of the father, like the age of the mother, has an impact on the health of the child. Synthesis of sex hormones in men decreases at about 45-60 years old, however, this does not greatly affect their reproductive ability. With age, the synthesis of testosterone (sex hormone) decreases and its decrease is about 1% each subsequent year. Therefore, even in 80 years in men, testosterone production is reduced by about 25-50% compared to normal. This means that the ability to fertilize, even at this age, is very good.

Of course, sperm motility at this age decreases, and the opportunity to become a father also decreases, but the statement that too old fathers have children with pathologies does not correspond to the current state of affairs.

Father's age and child health

Nevertheless, studies provide an opportunity to argue that, nevertheless, the health of a child in some way depends on the age of the father. Scientists believe that in men who have crossed the 50-year mark, the probability of passing an autosomal dominant disease to a child that is associated with improper cell division increases by about 15–20%. These include diseases such as neurofibromatosis (changes in the nervous system and mutations in the skin), Aper's syndrome (abnormalities of the skull and hands), dwarfism (achondroplasia), as well as autism, schizophrenia, epilepsy, tumors and congenital heart disease.

Evaluation of psychologists

Later paternity suggests that this decision was deliberate and well weighed. The positions of life of such a pair are strong, and the spouses are confident in each other. But in addition to consulting genetics, they also need the help of a psychologist. With all the positives, meeting a number of psychological difficulties is inevitable.

The positive aspects of this situation are associated with a man’s rich life experience, his professionalism, position in business and a certain starting capital. Such a dad will worry less about the future social status of his child. He provided him a place in the business or his company. Late fathers carefully study their studies and select them more thoughtfully.

A mature father perceives what is happening around him much calmer.

He acts based on logic, non-living on emotions. Such a dad can predict some events based on his rich experience. For any child, these features of an elderly parent are a great blessing. Children grow up in an atmosphere of security and confidence.

Owing to the years lived and the experience gained, the elderly dad is better aware of the shortcomings and peculiarities of his child, which can prevent him from firmly standing up. This question takes place in a pair of elderly parents, in contrast to families with young fathers. Mature dad makes a significant contribution to the development of the logical thinking of his child. He often resorts to the advice of a psychologist, does not allow too much to spoil the heir, fosters his independence and responsibility.

But the opinion of psychologists about late fatherhood does not consist only of positive aspects. Joint adventures and endless outdoor games will cause some inconvenience for an elderly parent. Physical health for such a pastime should be at a certain level, which in practice is not always and not all. A child in adolescence and a dad in the image of a grandfather is an inevitable conflict of generations. A daughter or son may be ashamed of their elderly father.

Additional difficulties arise with a family with an elderly dad, if a boy is born. The games of his son with his father are in many ways reminiscent of an imitation of the struggle: free themselves from enemy capture, ride a horse and stay in the saddle, fly on airplanes. The emotions received in such games are extremely important for the boy psychologically. While the elderly father often gives contacts of the female type (kisses, hugs, etc.).

Negative side of the decision

Later, the desire to become a father threatens the occurrence of any defects in the child’s development. Doctors give disappointing arguments. They argue that genes are transformed with age, and the cause is the previous diseases, tragedies, and unhealthy lifestyles. In addition, the body accumulates toxins, the amount of which only increases with age. Children born to older fathers are more likely to suffer from Down syndrome or have fetal anomalies of physical development.

Genetics have concluded that late popes are able to inherit 20% more often autosomal dominant diseases that result from abnormally destructive cell division. Today the list of such diseases includes:

  • Aper's syndrome,
  • neurofibromatosis,
  • polycystic kidney disease
  • achondroplasia.

This is explained by the fact that with age there is an accumulation of seed units in a man with damaged and not quite adequate genetic material.

In addition, the probability of conception as such from middle-aged fathers is significantly reduced. Doctors, having examined more than 20 thousand middle-aged infertile couples, came to the conclusion that men aged 50 years are several times less likely to successfully conceive an heir. Yes, and pregnancy from men aged included in the risk category. Significantly increases the risk of intrauterine complications and the likelihood of miscarriage in the early stages.

With age, not only decreases the possibility of having a child, but also there is a natural decrease in sexual activity. The family, where the father is an elderly person, most likely does not have a good psychological climate, it has a disturbed intimate side of life. If a woman is experiencing sexual dissatisfaction, then this affects not only her husband, but also the child. A man will be in an atmosphere of irritability and more and more away from his family, plunging into personal interests or work. The child will experience a father’s shortage in life or a double burden of maternal care and love, which will equally prevent him from developing normally.

Later paternity can harm not only the child. The main fear of the father is a quick and unexpected departure from life. This is a big psychological problem that can significantly shake the health of the head of the family. Daily testing on yourself of such pressure will affect the cardiovascular system and neuralgia.

Significant positive points

Most men perceive fatherhood in adulthood as a real gift of fate. By this time, many have a stable income, a solid position, a worthy material condition, comfortable living conditions, and their own housing. Leisure time at this age already wants to spend not with friends, and fully devote to family and children. There is a rethinking of values.

The late birth of the long-awaited child makes fathers more sentimental, open in feelings. Late fathers more tolerant and wiser. In adulthood, each communication with the baby is considered a great gift. Unlike young years, when young dad's pastime with a child is perceived as a duty or duty, mature fathers do it with great pleasure.

The growing up baby needs constant games, walks in the fresh air, care. By virtue of such circumstances, dad must always keep himself in shape in order to keep pace with an energetic little man. Sitting on evenings watching TV is now changing to daily walks through the streets, which will only have a positive effect on health. In order to look like a young dad, you have to do some exercise. And sport, as is known, prolongs life and strengthens health.

In addition, genetics also lead positive side of late paternity. An accomplished talented man chooses his smart, educated wife as his companion. The environment in which their child will grow is favorable for his mental development. The genes of a middle-aged father sharpen the work of the heir's brain on the inclination to phenomenal memory or on the ability to many exact sciences.

Later, the decision to become a father often becomes the guarantor of good health already in the born child. Children of mature fathers die from sudden infant mortality syndrome two times less than children born to young fathers. Another good news is that these children live longer. This is the conclusion reached by scientists at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Male reproductive system

The average reproductive age of a man is about 18-50 years. But it happens that conception occurs sooner or later of the indicated restrictions. If it is possible for a woman to become pregnant only on certain days, then the male body is capable of fertilization at any time, because spermatozoa ripen in the testicles continuously. The testicles and prostate are involved in the production of hormonal substances, the main of which is testosterone, which ensures the normal performance of reproductive functions. Seed vesicles are also engaged in the production of seminal fluid, the quality of which depends on the ability of men to fertilization.

To determine the ability of a man to fertilize, patients are assigned spermogram. When studying male sperm, specialists pay special attention to its viscosity and ejaculate volume, total sperm count and the number of especially mobile sperm cells, morphological signs of seminal fluid, etc. If deviations from normal spermograms are detected, the man undergoes a 2-3-month course of treatment. Insufficiently good ecology, frequent stresses and unhealthy lifestyle - all these factors negatively affect spermatogenesis. In addition, under their influence, a man risks encountering infectious or inflammatory pathologies.


Young men reach puberty at about 15 years of age, although even after that, in a young body, transformations of sexual life continue, and reproductive functions develop. At about 11 years of age, the boys begin changes in physiology, which gradually leads to sexual maturity. Sexual sensations and fantasies become more tangible for the young man. First there is an interest in girls, which is gradually formed in the desire for immediate tactile sensations, kisses, touches, etc. After that, sexual desire already arises.

First love forever leaves a mark in the heart

At first, boys are just friends with girls, then they start kissing and holding hands, showing tenderness to each other, which gradually leads to the emergence of fantasies of an erotic orientation and sexual attraction. Now the guy is more interested in the physiological side of relationships, whereas for girls of similar age the play of feelings is more important. With the onset of sexual development in young men, testosterone hormone levels increase, which helps the formation of teenage sexual characteristics.

С последующим взрослением появляется нужда в более долгих, чувственных связях, возникает желание постоянной связи и даже семьи. Хотя некоторые парни предпочитают вести разгульный образ жизни с разными половыми партнершами. С годами после 30-35-летнего возраста мужские сексуальные потребности утрачивают былую яркость, потому как тестостеронная продукция снижается.

Специалисты считают, что наиболее благоприятное для отцовства время – 24-35 лет. Именно в это время репродуктивные функции работают на полную мощность, а вырабатываемые сперматозоиды здоровые и активные. Although the development of germ cells continues until 60 years (and even more), but not so active.

The effect of male age on fertilization

Although not everyone at the age of 35 may experience any trouble with reproductive structures, at such an age any member of the stronger sex needs to be more responsible in monitoring their habits and health. It is much more difficult for children to conceive children, for example, at the age of 45, the probability of fertilization is reduced three times than in 35-year-old men. And the older a man is, the less chance he has of getting a child. Therefore, it is worth thinking seriously about offspring, if it is not yet before 40-45 years old. Over the years, a lot of changes occur in the male body, each of which adversely affects fertility.

  1. The number of sperm decreases. The number of spermatozoa after 35 years of age in the semen drops sharply. They lose their former mobility, and the total number of male germ cells is markedly reduced. All this adversely affects the male ability to conceive.
  2. Disrupted selection of healthy cellular structures. Sperm in the body ripen continuously throughout life. They also belong to cellular structures, so they can accumulate DNA damage. In our body there is a function - programmed cell death. It is thanks to her that decommissioned and objectionable sperm cells withdraw themselves and do not take part in fertilization. Over the years, this ability is gradually inhibited, which leads to mutations in the sperm and fetal cell structures in the case of a completed conception.
  3. The appearance of weakened sperm. Against the background of abnormalities in spermatogenesis and a decrease in the number of male germ cells, more and more weak spermatozoa are unable to reach the female cell for fertilization.
  4. Bearing problems. Conception from a man of age adversely affects gestation, repeatedly increasing the likelihood of spontaneous abortion. Scientists have shown that the probability of miscarriages increases by 75%.
  5. Hereditary pathology. If a mature man could still become a father, this does not mean that his partner’s pregnancy will proceed normally. Men in adulthood often become the cause of autosomal dominant hereditary diseases in their children. They can manifest themselves in the form of neuro-systemic pathologies, cranial abnormalities, skin mutations, dwarfism or deformities of the limbs.

What else do you need to know

Must protect their health from a young age

The intensity of ejaculation decreases. Over the years, men lose the power of ejaculation, which is why sperm are not thrown too deep into the vagina.

Bad habits. If a man from a young age begins to smoke and is dependent on nicotine throughout his life, the DNA of germ cells changes for the worse.

Pathology in children. Scientists were able to identify the relationship between childhood schizophrenia and the mature age of fathers. It turns out that the older the potential father, the more likely that his child will show schizophrenia.

These factors, which have a negative effect on the reproductive functions of men, over the years have become more pronounced and more and more affect fertile abilities.

The best age for conception

Till how old is a man recommended to be a father? The very dawn of male fertility occurs in the 25-35-year period, when all the sexual structures are finally formed and the hormonal status has already taken place and has been balanced. After all, sexual maturity in the male sex is completed much later than in the female.

Willingness for fertilization in men is closely interrelated with the psychological state. According to psychologists, men decide to create a family much later than women. In general, men do not affect pregnancy as much as women’s age, because sperm cells are constantly updated, new germ cells are produced daily, while women have a stock of eggs from birth and only consumes during life. With age, men testosterone production decreases, which undoubtedly affects spermatogenesis.

According to statistics, in most cases of fetal fading, bad male sperm is to blame. Especially on the pathology of pregnancy affects the morphological state of the seed. If the egg cell is fertilized with defective sperm, then an embryo is formed with pathological abnormalities. As a result, in the process of further development of pregnancy, fetal fading occurs or the crumb is born with various deviations. But even if a child is born full, then after birth, deviations can occur, so a healthy sperm cell is important for conception.

Age and conception

With age, male fertility decreases, his seminal fluid contains much less full and active sperm, which are capable of fertilization. Although until old age, a man can still fertilize a woman and become a father, albeit with a lower probability. Older people often have a slightly different problem - there are difficulties with the process itself. Over the years, testosterone in the body is produced less and less, which leads to a weakening of erection and sexual desire, and gradually deprives a man of the ability to perform sexual acts.

Approximately in the period of 40-50 years, a special period begins in the life of each member of the stronger sex - male menopause, which is characterized by special changes in the body and symptoms.

  • Androgenic production decreases, degenerative transformations begin in the testicles, and the testes gradually stop responding to testosterone hormone.
  • In fact, male menopause is considered a natural physiological process, indicating normal aging.
  • If such a condition occurs before 40, then the early menopausal period is diagnosed, after 60 - its late form.
  • If the climacteric period is accompanied by negative deviations in cardiovascular or urinary structures, then it is considered pathological. This condition is necessarily associated with neurotic disorders.
  • In men, menopausal appearance is not noticeable, they are usually closely intertwined with signs of aging. Although it is the aging of the body and is the main factor in male menopause.
  • At times, menopause occurs against the background of inflammatory processes in the genital structures.
  • Men with menopause may notice hot flashes with redness of the face and limbs, a feeling of heat, etc. Over time, the sexual function fades away, which causes emotional distress in men.

Important factor

Mutual understanding is the basis of family happiness

It is with the end of menopause that the cessation of sexual life is often associated, although there are individuals who manage to conceive naturally and in 60, and even in 90 years. Usually by the 40th anniversary of the man in most cases already took place as husbands and fathers. Usually, they have already made a certain career, their life is measured, their spouse is no longer praising the way they used to. As a result, the man has a feeling of not very significant role in the family, and then health problems begin, there are misfires in bed.

Against the background of all these factors, the psycho-emotional background of the man is deteriorating, which is why the potency and libido worsen even more. The middle age crisis forces a man to look for a sexual partner somewhere on the side, and not in the marital bed, and much younger, in order to assert himself and prove his own male consistency. Such relationships help to return the old sexual feelings and bring a fresh stream into sex life, albeit briefly.

1. Hugh Grant, 51

It seems that Grant was waiting for his “star hour”: literally a year after the appearance of the first child (Hugh had just celebrated his anniversary, going into the category of “50+”), despite the end of the novel, Chinese actress Tinglan Khong gave birth to his second child. So little Babe Tabitha had a brother Felix Chang Hong Grant.

All anything, only at the same time in the interesting position was the Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein, pregnant from tireless Grant. So, pretty quickly, the famous Lovelace became a father for the third time. But on this the actor decided not to stop: for the 55th anniversary of Grant, a new lover gave him a daughter. Thus, the baby was born was the fourth child for Hugh and the second one for him and Anna.

2. Alec Baldwin, 55

Another "age" dad among Hollywood stars: the second time the actor became a father, being at the age of 55 years (from the marriage with Kim Besinger, the actor already had a daughter - Island Elishi). It was at this time that Baldwin’s erupted novel and yoga instructor Hilary Thomas went into marriage, and the beloved focused on their offspring. After her daughter Carmen Gabriela, born in 2013, two years later, the happy parents had a son, Rafael Thomas. And in September 2016, Alec and Hilary celebrated the appearance of another baby in the family - they had a son, Leonardo Angel Charles. It seems that after 50 years, life is really just beginning!

3. Michael Douglas, 56

The Hollywood actor survived the charm of paternity for the second time at the age of 56, when his wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, gave birth to baby Dylan (by that time, Douglas already had an adult son from his first marriage).

Contrary to the restrictions - not only did Michael part with his youth a long time ago, the difference in the age of the star spouses was 25 years old, the actors decided on their second child. So, on his 59th birthday, Douglas once again became a father: in 2003, daughter Keri Zeta-Douglas appeared in a star family.

4. Bruce Willis, 59 years old

This Hollywood actor confidently retains the title of exemplary father - even after his divorce from actress Demi Moore, he managed to maintain excellent relations with her and with three daughters, who appeared in a star couple during the marriage. By the way, Willis can rightly be attributed to the record breaker in terms of raising girls: in addition to Rumer, Scout and Tallulah (children from Demi Moore), the actor has two more daughters, whom his second wife Emma Heming gave birth to. And for the fifth time, “Die Hard” became a dad at the age of 59!

5. Paul McCartney, 61

Despite the fact that the marriage of the former model Heather Mills and Sir McCartney, who was widowed in 1998, was not the longest and happiest, the ex-wife presented the famous Beatle Millie with a priceless gift.

The girl was born exactly four months after Paul’s 61st birthday. The famous musician, according to the source, doesn’t bother his “serious” age at all: McCartney is insanely happy and proud of the role of his late father. And this is the most important thing!

6. Clint Eastwood, 66

Winner of four Oscars became famous not only in the cinematic niche, but also managed to set a kind of record in his personal life. Not only did Clint have seven children from five different women, but the last time he became a father at the age of more than 66 years old!

The youngest daughter in 1996 was presented to the actor by a TV journalist Dina Ruiz, who became Eastwood's second wife. And although Morgan was not a planned child, the actor does not regret at all about replenishing the family in such a “late” age. Clint says that after 60 he became much calmer and was able to show his fatherly talent in full.

7. Steve Martin, 67 years old

The star of “Cruel Scammers” and “Father of the Bride” became the father for the first time, having already stepped over the 50-year milestone, at the age of 67! In 2012, the wife of actor Anne Springfield, who was 41 years old when the first child appeared, gave birth to a girl. In addition, the star parents were incredibly pleased with the appearance of the baby, the press did not succeed in getting any details of this important event for the couple.

8. Oleg Tabakov, 60 years old

As regards sensations, the maestro is not inferior to Hollywood stars: so, on the 60th anniversary of Oleg Pavlovich, the young wife Marina Zudina bore him a son. And 11 years later, in 2006, Pavel had a sister, Masha. Tabakov was then over 70 years old, his oldest son Anton is 46 years old, and his first daughter Alexandra is 40. And you say Hollywood!

9. Andrei Konchalovsky, 65 years old

Age is not a hindrance for another master of domestic cinema. So, Andrei Konchalovsky for the seventh time became a father at the age of 65, when Julia Vysotskaya in 2003 gave birth to his son Petya. Earlier, in 1999, the star couple had a daughter, Masha. By the way, Andrei Sergeevich is 35 years older than Vysotskaya, who became the fifth wife of the film director.

10. Alexander Gradsky, 65 years old

Another Russian pop legend became the father for the third time, when he was well over 50 years old. In 2014, the 34-year-old Marina Kotashenko presented her son Alexander to a famous composer. Alexander Borisovich himself was then 65 years old. It is noteworthy that, despite the joint child, Gradsky is not in a hurry to lead his beloved Gradsky down the aisle. Probably, the experience of three previous marriages, which Alexander Borisovich managed to visit, has an effect.

Alexander Gradsky, 68 years old

Son, named in his honor, Alexander Gradsky common-law wife - model and actress Marina Kotashenko gave when the singer turned 64 years old. Now my son, Sasha, is 3 years old, and the family with jealousy protects him from journalists: they want to ensure a peaceful childhood for the child. Gradsky was officially married three times, in the third marriage, the actor has two children - 36-year-old Daniel and 31-year-old Maria. She is only 2 years younger than her stepmother: Kotashenko is now 33 years old.

Igor Nikolaev, 57 years old

Veronica, a 2-year-old daughter, is the long-awaited event in the third marriage of the composer and singer with a 35-year-old Julia Proskuryakova. A couple together for more than 10 years, but somehow everything did not work out with the baby. Therefore, the couple considers the birth of a girl in October 2015 to be a real miracle. But now the baby is the favorite of the whole family, including the eldest daughter Igor, 39-year-old Yulia.

Boris Grachevsky, 68 years old

In 2012, the 26-year-old wife Anna gave birth to Vasilisa's daughter, the founder of Yeralash. In 2014, the couple broke up, but Boris continues to actively participate in the upbringing of the youngest daughter. Grachevsky also has a son Maxim (45 years old) and a daughter Ksenia (38 years old). In August 2016, Boris married a 32-year-old actress Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya. So dad "Yeralash" there is another opportunity to become a dad of the child.

Andrei Konchalovsky, 80 years

The famous director became a father after 50 years four times. The last child - the son - the current spouse of Andrei Sergeyevich Julia Vysotskaya bore him when he was 66 years old. And just Konchalovsky senior 7 children - from 51 to 14 years. The elder Yegor is a worthy successor to the Konchalovsky family. In April 2017, Yegor’s second wife, a 34-year-old lawyer Maria Leonova bore him a son Timur.

Dmitry Dibrov, 58 years old

28 year old Polina Dibrovawhich, by the way, this year received the title “Mrs. Russia”, managed to give birth to three sons in marriage with a TV presenter. This is the fourth wife Dibrova. In addition to three common children, Dmitry has from previous marriages 32-year-old son Denis and 28-year-old daughter Lada. As soon as she received the crown of the most beautiful married woman in the country, Polina said that she and her husband were thinking about the fourth joint child. Interestingly, Dibrov was present at all births of Polina and personally cut the umbilical cord to the sons.

Dmitry Dibrov with his wife Polina and sons pic.twitter.com/aQEaYVgCbs

Sergey Dorenko, 58 years old

The editor-in-chief of the radio station "Moscow says" is in a second marriage with a 36-year-old radio host Julia Dorenko. They bring up joint daughters - 7-year-old Barbara and 6-year-old Vera. At the same time, Dorenko and his first wife raised two daughters (33 and 32 years old) and a son (18 years old).

Doctor's opinion

- The past years do not pass without a trace, - says Professor, urologist-andrologist Mikhail Koryakin. - Over the years, mutations accumulate that can affect a child. But embryos conceived from men over 50 develop more slowly, and therefore the life expectancy of children will be longer than that of their peers.

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