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Patchouli essential oil - reviews speak about the effectiveness of

Since people began to inhabit our planet, they have not ceased to dream of a rich and happy life. And everyone understands happiness in their own way. Often, people claim that it is not at all in money, but nevertheless they come to despair from their empty wallets. In order not to give themselves cause for distress and to solve financial problems, they found many ways, one of which is patchouli oil. To attract money, it is a proven and reliable tool.

Little about the plant itself

Such a miraculous oil is extracted from the leaves of small and inconspicuous patchouli bushes - a tropical plant whose native land is the Philippine Islands. Since people have noticed how effectively patchouli oil helps to attract success and money, it has been grown on plantations of Java, Sumatra, Singapore and a number of tropical islands specially designated for this purpose. By the way, among those to whom it really brings wealth, the first are its producers.

A brief excursion into the past

The history of the use of essential oils derived from patchouli, goes back to the depths of thousands of years. Mages and wizards of the Ancient East write in their books that its fragrance maintains peace and tranquility in the house, gives women fertility, men with energy and, most importantly, attracts money to the one who uses it. It was these records that pushed the Europeans to use patchouli oil to attract success and money.

In Europe, this oil came in the XVIII century along with the fabrics brought by Indian merchants: they widely used it as an aromatic agent. It has been observed that the exotic smell of patchouli scares away moths and attracts buyers. Since both of these properties were very important for merchants, they began to use it constantly.

Soon their stalls filled with a steady fragrance, and wallets - with money. When Europeans themselves tried this tool, it turned out that patchouli essential oil to attract money serves equally well to everyone. Since then, it has firmly become fashionable and has become very popular.

Interest in patchouli oil in the 20th century

By the beginning of the 20th century, the rush around patchouli had subsided somewhat, but in 1937 one of the trendsetters of high fashion, Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, created her famous Shocking perfume based on this essential oil, which attracted the attention of fashionistas from all over the world.

It is curious to note that the next surge in popularity of butter came in the sixties, when it came into widespread use in hippies. This is rather strange: patchouli oil to attract success and money was popular among people who, according to them, despised earthly goods, and vain success was not at all worthless.

The use of oil in modern cosmetics and cosmetology

Nowadays, this product of tropical plantations is again on the wave of fashion. In particular, manufacturers of both male and female cosmetics are widely used by him. Bitter-resinous, but at the same time warm fragrance of perfumes, in which it is part, creates a feeling of sensual fragrance. This oil is used in cosmetology. It is an integral part of many skin care products, to which it gives a fresh and healthy look, eliminates desquamation, and also helps get rid of irritations.

Miraculous properties of oil

But the patchouli oil is absolutely indispensable for attracting success and money. As mentioned above, this property of his was described by the magicians of the Ancient East. Today, in our modern world, it has acquired particular relevance. There are many specific recipes for its use for this purpose. If we turn to the testimony of those who, on their own experience (wallet), verified its miraculous nature, then all doubts disappear.

However, skeptics claim that the success associated with the use of patchouli oil is caused by quite natural causes: a person, resorting to his help, adjusts himself to achieve a specific goal, which gives rise to determination and self-confidence. What happens is called self-motivation. Perhaps this is true, but, in principle, what's the difference if the desired goal is achieved?

Baths to attract money

Whatever it was, but to use patchouli oil to attract success and money should be properly, that is, guided by the recipes of those who used it and achieved significant results. For example, experts argue that one of the most effective ways is to receive the so-called money baths.

The tool is very common and fairly proven. It is necessary to fill the bath with warm, but not hot water. The optimum temperature is 37 ° C. Then you should make an aqueous solution, which consists of four drops of patchouli oil, two drops of cinnamon and cedar oils, as well as two tablespoons of table salt or sea salt. After thoroughly mixing the resulting solution, it is poured into a bath and stirred well again.

The next stage is the most important - the success of the whole business depends on it. Slowly plunging into the bath, you need to visualize the scene of receiving money. These sweet dreams should fill with consciousness and force out all unnecessary from it. Imagination should not miss the slightest detail. This is quite achievable, because some people at such moments manage to even hear the rustle of bills. They achieve the greatest success using patchouli oil to attract success and money. Reviews on the forums of numerous online resources - a clear confirmation of this.

Other options to achieve the same goal

People with well-developed imagination can use some other recipes. They are allocated in the separate group serving for fast attraction of money. Although reviews indicate that not large sums are mined with these methods, they should not be neglected either. They are simple, easy to carry out, and money never hurts, regardless of their quantity. All the actions listed below, as well as immersion in the "money bath", are accompanied by a play of imagination that draws scenes of wealth and luxury.

First you need to prepare a mixture of seven drops of patchouli oil and five drops of cedar oil. Then rub the wax candle in green with the composition. After that, it is lit for a while every time financial problems arise. The candle becomes a reusable generator of material well-being. It should only take into account one detail: it can not be blown out, and you need to extinguish with your fingers (or something to cover).

Another quick way is to drop two drops of patchouli oil into the aromamedallion and wear it without removing it. But the most proven, reliable and often used method is to smear all the things related to money with the mixture described above: a wallet, a wallet, a plastic bank card and, of course, your own palms. Connoisseurs, who leave their reviews on the Internet, especially recommend to lubricate banknotes before spending them: they assure that they return quickly after that.

Patchouli oil to attract success and money and a solar eclipse

For people far from magic, it may seem strange how the oil derived from the leaves of a tropical plant has to do with the position of cosmic bodies. Still the most direct. Even the wise men of the Ancient East emphasized in their writings that magical powers acquire special power during periods of unusual positions of the heavenly bodies.

Not dedicated to the secrets of the starry sky, we can nevertheless use the most accessible and understandable sign of it - the sun eclipse - and in these hours and minutes try to use patchouli oil to attract success and money, the use of which in ordinary days for some reason brought the desired result.

Coins and pot

And in conclusion of the article - another proven and reliable recipe. This action is performed in the evening or at night, with the rising moon. It is necessary to place around a clay pot wrapped with silver foil, seven lit wax candles, rubbed with patchouli oil. Candles should be green. Then, making a wish, put a coin around the pot - one for each wish. When all the coins will be laid out, you need to connect your imagination to the case, vividly and vividly presenting everything that was made. When the candles go out, the coins are put in a pot and stored in it. You can also add paper bills. If you then take them from there and spend on something pleasant, then everything you wished for will surely come true.

Patchouli oil has such properties to attract success and money. The photos presented in the article illustrate everything that was discussed.


Patchouli /Pogostemon cablin/

This product can be purchased at the aromatherapy online store "Aromarti.ru"

Botanical name: Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth, Pogostemon patchouli
Synonyms: patchouli
Family: Cluster / Labiatae (Laminaceae / Labiatae).
Description: Perennial bushy herb up to one meter in height with straight, hard hairy stem, large pinnate aromatic leaves and white flowers with purple spots
Colour: amber or dark orange
Aroma: bitter-smoky, spicy, resinous-tart, warm, sweet, strong, herbal with earthy or musky overtone.
The resinous note should not be noticeable during the first hours of oil study on blotting paper, dry cedar tone may appear in shade, but should quickly disappear and yield to strong sweetness. Wood-earthy smell should not be distorted by mold shades.
Fresh oil smells like an unpleasant green note. As the oil ages, its quality improves.. This is reflected in the fact that the sharp green, mold shades disappear, and the sensation of sweetness is enhanced.
Used part of the plant: leaves
Method of obtaining: steam distillation for 6-24 hours. Fresh leaves of patchouli give a small yield of oil of average quality. To improve the quality and quantity before the steam distillation, the leaves are subjected to enzymatic drying, during which the accumulation and improvement of oil occurs.
Essential oil yield: up to 3.5%.
Class: strong relaxant. Aphrodisiac.
Growing area: Malaysia, Caribbean Islands, Paraguay. Cultivated in India, Indochina, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, West Africa, as well as in the Philippines, the Caucasus Black Sea coast and some countries in the Caribbean.
Other species: The main source of patchouli oil is Pogostemon cablinHowever, other plant species are used - Pogostemon commosum, Pogostemon hortensis, Pogostemon heyneanus and Pogostemon plectranthoides. The best quality oil is obtained from Pogostemon cablin.
Chemical composition: Pachoulium alcohol (pachulol) is the main substance, giving the characteristic aroma of this oil. The quality of patchouli oil is determined by the amount of pachulol. Under severe conditions of long-term distillation, part of pachuol is dehydrated and converted into the corresponding sesquiterpene hydrocarbons α-pachulen and β-pachulen, which reduces the quality of the resulting essential oil
The range of content of the main components of patchouli essential oil:
. min. max
α-copa. 0. 0.5
α-pachulen. 3. 6
β-pachulen. 1.8. 3.5
β-karyofillen. 2. 5
α-guinea. 11. 16
seychelen 7. 10
Bulnesen. 13. 21
parish 1.0. 2.5
nor-pachulenol. 0.2. 1.0
pachulol 27. 35

Psycho-emotional action
Moderately tonic. It causes a surge of vitality and objective optimism, has a powerful anti-depression effect. It activates the creative activity of the intellect, develops artistry and heartfelt refinement of communication. Contributes to the creation of beautiful associative symbols, refreshes the emotional “trunk”, unloads the subconscious. Increases the productivity of perception and response to current situations. The aroma of meditation.
Relieves depression, excessive nervousness, increases concentration, stimulates sexual desire. Effective with impotence and frigidity.

Cosmetic effect
Patchouli essential oil can be used to care for any type of skin. Point - for acne and other skin inflammations. One of the most effective means for healing post acne scars and wounds.
It nourishes, refreshes, refreshes and smoothes dry, tired skin. Eliminates irritation and peeling. Antiseptic, moisturizing effect.
Promotes rapid epithelialization and full regeneration. Heals skin cracks. Restores the skin. Narrows enlarged pores. Great tool for seborrhea. Soothes wrinkles, restores the elasticity of fading skin. Perfect tonic for dry skin - restores tissue, tones and moisturizes the skin. Stimulating cell renewal makes patchouli oil a good care for fading, dry, “worn out”, flaky skin. Included in the compositions for relief massage: increases the elasticity of the bust and abdomen.
Effective with inflammatory rash, eczematous, allergic dermatitis, neuroendocrine diseases. "Outlines" the elastic contours of the figure, eliminating the flabby bust, abdomen and thighs, removes cellulite. Strengthens, gives strength, elasticity and shine to hair, eliminates dandruff, reduces oily hair.
When weeping eczema. Removes foot odor.
Promotes healing of purulent wounds, cuts, abrasions.

Healing action
It has a tonic effect, optimizes the mechanisms of self-regulation. Antiviral agent effective for influenza, herpes, shingles. Optimizes digestion. Reduces appetite. Eliminates the inflammation of hemorrhoids. It has a decongestant and mild diuretic effect. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, an effective remedy for inflammatory processes of the organs of urination (cystitis, urethritis). Hygienic remedy for the care of reproductive organs. Eliminates inflammatory processes, prevents the introduction and growth of pathogenic flora (microbes, viruses, protozoa, fungi), has a drying effect, eliminating excessive secretory secretions from the vagina. Leaves "in memory" the delicate aroma of the shaman's night.
Patchouli stabilizes the nervous system, eliminates sexual coldness and impotence, is an erotic stimulant. In massage mixtures helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body. It is used for eczema.
Indications for internal use: flu, cold, herpes, shingles, impotence, frigidity.
Indications for external use: impotence, difficult to heal wounds, loose skin, inflammatory processes in the genitals, mental and physical fatigue.

Erotic action
Powerful erotic stimulator - eliminates sexual coldness and powerlessness. Strengthens sensual perception of sexual intercourse.
Household use
Ideal for flavoring wardrobes, effective against moths.
Widely used in men's cosmetics and perfumes.

Methods of application
Aroma Women: 3-5 r. On 15 m2.
* with depression,
* ancient erotic means
* indispensable for creating intima atmosphere.
Baths: 4-6 k.
Massage: 6-8 k. Per 15 g of transport oil.
Mixed with vegetable oil:
* for eczema,
* with acne,
* for insect bites,
* with poorly healing wounds and abrasions,
* with skin allergies and cracks in the skin,
* for hemorrhoids (after stool, to get sore spots),
* erotic remedy (ideal massage oil for sex),
* with fungal skin lesions of the feet.
For greasy hair or dandruff Add 6 drops of patchouli oil to the required amount of shampoo you use.
Alcohol solution (7 drops per 10 ml of ethanol) is used to spray the moth cabinets.
Energetic massage: 3 k. Patchouli mixed with 4 k. Jojoba oil and apply with a slight movement on the occipital fossa, the middle of the forehead, the top of the head, in the centers of the perineum and coccyx. Manipulate for 21 days, then take a break for 14-21 days.
Enrichment of cosmetic products: 7-9 to. 15 g basis.
Aromamedalons: 2-3 k.
Douching: 3-4 K. Apply on 1/2 tsp of soda and dissolve in 200 g of warm boiled water.
Microclysters: 2-3 to. 30 g of wheat germ oil, macadamia, jojoba.
Internal use: 1 k. With honey, jam, biscuit 2 times a day. Drink kefir, juice, tea or wine.
2-3 drops of patchouli oil along with herbal tea. It has antidepressant, antiseptic, soothing, firming, antipyretic, drying effect, stimulates cell renewal and helps with skin diseases.
Aromatization wines and dry tea leaves: up to 5 k.

Precautionary measures:
Do not use during pregnancy. For gastritis and peptic ulcer, only external use!
You can not mix with the essential oil of cinnamon, juniper and other turpentine. Limits your appetite. It has a strong aroma that not everyone will like.
In the form of a 10% solution in petrolatum for 48 hours. does not cause irritation of human skin, does not have a sensitizing effect. Phototoxic effect is absent.
Не имеет ограничений IFRA на применение в парфюмерии и косметики.

при нанесении на кожу - легкое холодящее покалывание 1-2 минуты. Реакция естественна.

Комплиментарные ароматы:
Ginger, vetiver, clove, grapefruit, lavender, jasmine, bergamot, verbena, sage, pine, cypress, myrrh, nutmeg, neroli, rose, sandalwood, citronella

Shelf life: with respect to the tightness of the packaging - more than 5 years. The oil is very dense, in case of difficulties with extraction, wash the dispenser with vegetable oil and warm the bottle slightly.

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Les deseo mucha suerte. ¡Que se cumplan sus sueños!

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Re: Smells to enhance female attractiveness

Message Delta »Aug 22, 2014 4:44 pm

Vanilla with ylang-ylang mix well, they enhance the effect of each other. In general, there are quite a few such oils. The patchouli itself, separately, is rather smelly) It is good to add a little bit to the mixture. Nerol and petit grain also charm. Ylang-ylang, by the way, is often faked, it’s quite an expensive oil.

Amber oil (natural) has a very strong effect, but it is quite expensive, and the smell is very strong, so the main thing is not to overdo it. need quite a bit.

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If you want to know what you did in your past life - look at your current state.
(Gautama Buddha)

History of discovery and brief description of patchouli ether

Initially, patchouli oil was widely used in ancient India as an antidote to snake bites and poisonous insects.

Fame and widespread use of tropical patchouli shrub oil acquired in the Middle Ages.

Later, in the time of Napoleon, when the plague was rampant in France, not a single self-respecting lady left the house without first placing a few leaves of this plant under the shawl.

They provided the owner with a pleasant aroma, protection from unpleasant odors, and also scared off insects.

Since those times, this smell is associated with youth and beauty, thanks to which the fragrance of patchouli is widely used in perfumery.

Oddly enough, in the next century, the fashion for a strange, but pleasant smell has passed, and its use has even passed into the category of bad taste.

Elza Schiaparelli, a fashion designer who stood at the origins of high fashion, managed to return the patchouli to the former pedestal.

In 1937, she decided to add a touch of fragrance to her new perfume, which subsequently captivated the whole world.

Patchouli plant

What is patchouli

Patchouli is a low shrub, the natural habitat for which are the expanses of the Philippine Islands, India and Malaysia.

Today it is grown and far beyond them: in Burma, Sumatra, Paraguay and China.

The color of the essential oil can be different, mostly reddish green and dark brown.

But the consistency is always the same: the oil is viscous and viscous.

Its smell is unchanged. Young oil gives a warm, sharp note, vaguely reminiscent of the scent of the forest after rain, trees and damp earth.

Over time, a subtle, sweet noble smell appears.

The oil has a unique smell.

How to get patchouli oil

To get the valuable extract, the leaves of the shrub are dried naturally, and then treated with steam.

Enzymatic drying allows you to save all the properties of the plant, increase the amount of ether and its quality.

The composition of the ether includes pachulol, that is, patchoulium alcohol, which is extracted from the plant.

Since it is the main component, the quality of the product directly depends on its quantity.

The integrity of the aroma is also created by the addition of alpha-pachulena, guayena, and bulnesena.

Like other essential oils, patchouli extract:

  1. Patchouli calms, helps reduce anxiety
  2. Relieves depression and stress
  3. Helps tune in to positive and sensuality
  4. Tones the body and soul
  5. Promotes increased vitality
  6. Helps focus and increase productivity
  7. Stimulates the unloading of the subconscious and purification of the soul and mind of man
  8. Promotes stimulation of imagination, creativity, artistry
  9. Improves mood and harmonizes our emotional state.

He is able to:

  1. Rid the skin of flabbiness
  2. Remove wrinkles, folds, peeling
  3. Clear of acne marks
  4. Remove greasy, irritation, inflammation
  5. Stop dandruff
  6. Save from the effects of allergic reactions
  7. Cure fungus
Patchouli oil is widely used in cosmetology.

This tool is an excellent additive for the enrichment of shampoos, lotions, creams, rinses and other cosmetics.

One of the most sought-after cosmetic properties of patchouli extract is the treatment of the so-called "orange peel".

Aetherol returns the elasticity of even the most flabby and sagging skin.

This effect is due to the fact that the oil helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body, reduce appetite and treat skin defects.

Mystical patchouli: true or false?

Also known for its properties as a guardian and downright real magnet for money.

An unequivocal answer to the question: is it true or false, no one can give.

Some believe that the financial spell is nothing more than an invention based on the use of smell on the shawls of wealthy ladies, who, because of their origin, acquired no less rich husbands.

Others believe that a drop of extract in a wallet or on a credit card will increase the financial well-being of the whole family and will bring everything desired.

Many consider patchouli to be a talisman

The magical properties of patchouli essential oil depend largely on whether you believe in them.

If you think that a drop of fragrant oil will help to get out of a difficult financial situation, then surely this will happen!

Tip: charge the additive before checking the mystical effect. To do this, take a vial with ether in your hands and keep thinking about wealth and desired purchases. Experts in this matter recommend diluting the oil with a base and applying it on the places on the body in which the pulsation of blood is particularly noticeable. According to them, such an application will provide maximum effect.

Do not forget about visualization. Be sure to imagine yourself as the owner of everything desired.

Focus on the sensations. Create the most realistic picture of your near future.

To make it work, take the idea seriously and do not let skepticism take over.

The magic of the oil will work if you believe in it

Making the aromatic oil to bring money into the house in the following ways:

  1. Treat with undiluted oil all that you use to make money. For example, if you need a computer for work, put oil on the mouse, keyboard, router.
  2. Be sure to apply the extract on your wallet, credit cards, lucky coins or banknotes.
  3. Make a mixture of patchouli oil with cedar ether in a ratio of 7 to 5. The resulting liquid must be smeared with a green candle. Light should be strictly on the sixth day of the lunar calendar.
  4. "Financial" bath. In a container, combine sea salt and one portion of cinnamon, patchouli, and cedar. Place the mixture in a bath while water is being drawn. You need to relax and present yourself in the desired role of a successful, rich person. The time of taking the water treatment is 20 minutes.
  5. Use a special medallion with a few drops of extract to help the oil is always there.

Tip: Patchouli is best combined with mint, basil, ginger and vetiver.

The properties of patchouli essential oil for skin give maximum effect when used correctly:

  1. Mix a tablespoon of sesame oil and 5 drops of shrub leaf extract. Daily apply the composition of the problem areas of the skin. A couple of weeks of use, and the skin will become cleaner, come in tone, gain elasticity.
  2. 2 drops of patchouli, grapefruit, ylang-ylang and 10 ml of skin cosmetics must be applied to the face with massage movements every morning. As a result, you will very soon notice the disappearance of wrinkles and fading.
  3. The face mask is made of base oil and a few drops of patchouli. Apply for 30 minutes, then rinse first with warm, then cold water. The basis for oily skin should be grape seed oil, for dry - jojoba oil, fading skin requires wheat germ oil. To restore the cells choose the squeeze of avocado, for rejuvenation - walnut.
  4. The most effective is the use of oil from the leaves of patchouli in the steam bath. In a liter of hot water, two drops of neroli, leuzea and patchouli are diluted. Keep your face above the steam for about 10 minutes to remove the oily shine and open the pores.

It is important to monitor not only the quality of the purchased product, but also the correct dosage and use.

Undiluted oil can be applied to the skin only point.

For a massage or a mask, a few drops of ether should be mixed with water, base oils or cosmetic creams.

Even this useful oil may have contraindications.

The use of ether is not recommended for:

  1. Of pregnancy
  2. Breastfeeding
  3. Asthma
  4. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  5. Individual intolerance
  6. Allergic reactions
  7. Age restrictions: up to 1.5 years, after 60 years.

As in the case of other oils, before each use of patchouli, you need to check your own reaction to the drug.

To do this, a few drops of oil with the base is applied to the skin hypersensitivity zones, often on the wrist, a day before the scheduled procedure.

If after 24 hours no discomfort appears, use can be continued; if it does, it is highly undesirable to resort to the subsequent use of ether.

It is not recommended to add patchouli oil to the bath with soda and salt.