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Can I drink chamomile pregnant

During pregnancy, a woman is deprived of the opportunity to use a large amount of medications. Herbal medicine is also not always useful in its position. One of the few herbs, not only not harmful, but even recommended by traditional medicine to solve some health problems in a pregnant woman, is chamomile. It is suitable for external and internal use in any trimester of pregnancy, even in the later periods.


  • Useful for the future mom properties of chamomile
  • Chamomile Recipes
  • Expectant mothers on the note
  • Contraindications

Useful for the future mom properties of chamomile

With the help of chamomile pharmacy, you can solve a number of problems that occur even in a healthy woman during the period of carrying a child. These problems are often very stressful, not only for her nervous system, but also for the general condition of the body. Therefore, we should not let everything take its course, especially since the use of ordinary chamomile during pregnancy will significantly improve the well-being of the future mother:

  1. Get rid of toxemia. Toxicosis is a constant companion of carrying a child, accompanied by gagging, nausea, intolerance to some odors. Due to changes in the body of a woman.
  2. Normalizes the work of the digestive organs, will relieve from swelling, excessive gas formation. Future mothers often complain of these symptoms. This is due to the presence in the body of a pregnant high progesterone levels, which affects muscle tone. Its decline and causes congestion in the intestine or stomach.
  3. Cure without medication from colds. For physiological reasons, the expectant mother is more likely to catch a cold than before pregnancy. This is due to the fact that her body itself depresses its defense system so that the fetus does not reject.
  4. Will relieve emotional stress. Such a state is fraught with negative influence not only on the health of the mother, but also on the mental development of the unborn child.
  5. Normalizes sleep. Insomnia due to hormonal changes is observed in almost 80% of pregnant women. And by the end of the third trimester, this figure increases to 97%. Not very comforting statistics, given that the lack of normal sleep adversely affects the condition of the future mother and the development of her baby. During pregnancy, doctors recommend sleeping drugs only in very extreme cases, so getting rid of exhausting insomnia can be obtained with the help of herbal infusions.

A decoction of chamomile to normalize the work of the digestive tract, the nervous system, for colds

A tablespoon of dried flowers pour 500 ml of water, put on a very slow fire. Turn off after 5 minutes. Cover with a lid for infusion. Strain the broth chilled to a temperature acceptable for drinking. It is advisable to prepare the drink in a single dose, but if necessary it can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than two days.

Bath and rinsing

For external and internal use of chamomile during pregnancy, insist in a thermos 3 tbsp. l raw materials, filled him with a glass of boiling water. Cooking time - 3 hours. Filter out just before use. For gargling with inflamed tonsils in the extract of chamomile, you can add a couple of drops of iodine. Rinse should be warm infusion every two hours, but at least four times a day. This tool is suitable for warm sitting baths with various inflammatory processes, for inhalation.

Inhalations for colds

Brew a table spoon of grass with a glass of boiling water, soak for 5-10 minutes to infuse. Do not inhale too hot steam to avoid burns of the oral mucosa. The duration of the procedure is up to 10 minutes. After it is impossible to eat for an hour, go out, it is undesirable to talk. Meal before inhalation should be a half to two hours. Perform the procedure no more than twice a day to avoid excessive drying of the mucous membrane.

Important: Inhalation is preferably carried out using a nebulizer or teapot with a paper tube. Do not breathe pregnant woman over the pan with steam, covered with a towel. It is better that the steam hit purposefully in the throat.

With toxicosis

When exhausting toxicosis during pregnancy, chamomile is brewed overnight in a thermos (1 tablespoon per glass of water). In the morning, strain, drink on an empty stomach. In just a few days of chamomile infusion in most pregnant women, the unpleasant symptoms of nausea, weakness, thirst for vomiting, intolerance to certain odors disappear.

Chamomile bath

For the bath, soothing for insomnia or nervous tension, relaxing with constant fatigue, eliminating allergic rashes and dermatitis, make chamomile decoction. Pour two handfuls of chamomile flowers into a liter of hot water. When insomnia to chamomile, you can add an equal amount of motherwort, during a cold - linden, to maintain the immune system - leaves of raspberry or currant. To simmer the grass on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Insist at least three hours. Strain, pour into the bath. Take this bath for 15 minutes.

Expectant mothers on the note

Chamomile is the most universal and non-aggressive grass, but it should not be abused, especially during pregnancy. It is advisable to refuse too strong infusions or excessive amounts of them. Lovers of chamomile tea in large volumes should limit its consumption to two cups per day. And in order not to be mistaken in the choice of a single dose of herbs, it is better to purchase in the pharmacy packaged chamomile, calculated for a certain amount of water indicated on the package.

Important: Chamomile contributes to the production of estrogen. The excess of this hormone in the body reduces the resting potential of the uterus, making it more susceptible to the action of another hormone, oxytocin, which is responsible for labor activity. Therefore, the abuse of chamomile tea can trigger preterm labor.

Chamomile has many relatives, which are visually very similar to it, but have no medicinal properties: nivyanik, feverfew, chamomile. And although chamomile and its closest relative, chamomile without tongue, which also has healing properties, are the only ones of its kind that have a characteristic strong aroma, it is better to buy herbs only from pharmacies or from a trusted seller.

During the entire period of pregnancy should not take too hot baths. It is desirable to abandon the hot foot baths that can provoke a reflex contraction of the uterus, which will cause premature labor. But even if this does not happen, a rush of blood to the legs dipped in too hot water can cause swelling in a pregnant woman or oxygen starvation in an unborn child due to insufficient blood flow to the placenta.

It should be remembered: Chamomile during pregnancy is allowed only in the form of water infusions and decoctions. Essential oils and alcohol tinctures are contraindicated.


Chamomile is one of the few safest remedies for pregnancy. But even with her you need to be vigilant. After all, when it is used, there are a number of contraindications:

  1. Chamomile is not recommended for patients with individual intolerance.
  2. You can not use inside chamomile teas or fees with grass in them women prone to miscarriage of the child, after several pregnancies ended in miscarriage.
  3. It is necessary to refuse intake of infusions and decoctions from chamomile with increased acidity of the stomach and frequent diarrheas.

Chamomile during pregnancy can be used without restrictions only for external use. Reception of herbal teas and douching, even with a positive pregnancy, should be discussed with the gynecologist. In no case should not ignore their number and duration of admission.

Indications for use

Chamomile has a wide range of effects - anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antispasmodic, analgesic, carminative and soothing. The flower has a very rich chemical composition, which can hardly be compared with another medicinal plant.

Doctors very often prescribe chamomile tea or decoction to pregnant women. This usually happens in the following cases:

  1. With respiratory diseases. Chamomile during pregnancy is prescribed for ARVI, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia.
  2. In diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It is recommended to carry out inhalations with chamomile, as well as gargle.
  3. With digestive disorders. In the first trimester, stomach heaviness, nausea, constipation, and bloating are often tormented. All this is due to increased levels of progesterone. A decoction of chamomile will help alleviate these conditions.
  4. When nervous excitement. When used regularly, tea relieves psycho-emotional stress, normalizes sleep and has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body. In the infusion, you can add a little lemon balm or mint.
  5. With stomatitis and other diseases of the oral cavity. It is necessary to rinse your mouth with broth.
  6. With inflammation of the joints. The flower slows down the processes of inflammation and has a bactericidal effect.
  7. With headaches and other pains.

How to cook and take chamomile tea

Chamomile for pregnant women can be drunk either in pure form or as an assembly with green or black tea.

Tea recipes:

1. Classic recipe.

1 tsp. Chamomile flowers pour a glass of boiling water. Let sit for about 20 minutes and strain. If desired, you can add sugar or honey to tea.

2. Medicinal tea.

In the pot put 1 tsp. green tea, 1 tsp. chamomile and lemon wedge. Fill with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. After strain and drink in the form of heat.

3. A decoction of chamomile.

5 tbsp. l Flowers Pour 0.5 liters of clean water. Cover the pot with a lid and put on a small fire. After 30 minutes, turn off the heat and open the lid, leave for 10 minutes. After strain. The resulting decoction is not for drinking, but for rinsing the throat and mouth.

Chamomile during pregnancy can be taken, but you need to adhere to some rules:

  • drink only on prescription,
  • tea should be weakly concentrated,
  • you can drink 1 mug per day, before meals,
  • dose can not be increased independently.
  • The course of use should be 5-7 days.

Weak chamomile teas and decoctions are considered safe dosage form. But despite this, about the use of chamomile tea during pregnancy, you should always consult with your doctor.

How can and how not to apply chamomile during pregnancy

Chamomile can be used during pregnancy in any form for external use. In particular, pregnant women can:

  1. Lubricate chamomile skin, various scratches, irritations, wounds, rashes,
  2. Handle chamomile preparations mucous membranes, for example, promakivat their eyes, do wash,
  3. Gargle and mouth
  4. Wash your nose with broth or infusion of chamomile,
  5. Do enemas and microclysters with chamomile,
  6. Apply masks with chamomile on the face, put lotions, wipe the face with tampons dipped in chamomile preparation, steam out the face over the hot chamomile bath,
  7. Take a bath with the addition of chamomile in the water, do sedentary baths,
  8. To wash the head with the addition of chamomile decoction, generally use it for hygiene, including intimate.

Various lotions, creams and shampoos with the addition of chamomile are completely resolved during pregnancy.

In all these procedures, the active components of chamomile act locally only on those tissues that are treated with the preparation. Chamomile in these cases does not have a systemic effect on the body and does not lead to those side effects due to which its reception may be contraindicated.

It is contraindicated in pregnancy when taking chamomile preparations inside - neither decoction, tea, or infusion can be drunk. In this case, the components of chamomile not only act on the digestive tract, but also enter the bloodstream, reach other organs and can cause side effects dangerous for pregnancy.

Simply put, means with chamomile during pregnancy can not be drunk. Virtually all other procedures with them are valid.

Chamomile preparations are dangerous only when ingested in the upper digestive tract - the stomach, small and medium intestines. Here is the most active absorption of the components of any funds with their penetration into the bloodstream. Absorption practically does not occur in the large intestine, and therefore enemas with chamomile are in principle not contraindicated in pregnant women.

There is no consensus about whether it is possible to make inhalations with chamomile during pregnancy. On the one hand, the components of the remedy from the lungs can also enter the blood, as well as from the stomach. On the other hand, it is not known about any side effects specific to pregnant women after such inhalations.

However, there is such a specificity here: you can do only steam inhalation with chamomile, either over the pan or over the steam inhaler. Inhalation with a nebulizer, ultrasonic inhaler, compressor inhaler with the addition of natural plant materials are prohibited by the instructions for use of these devices. With vapor inhalation, the vapor itself does not penetrate deeper than the trachea and cannot be absorbed into the blood. Therefore, in general, during pregnancy, you can breathe over chamomile.

Another stumbling block is douching with chamomile. Many pregnant women spend them for the treatment of thrush, vaginitis, colpitis and other gynecological diseases. On the one hand, chamomile itself is not dangerous in such procedures, since it has no systemic effect on the body. But on the other hand, they themselves are dangerous douching.

It does not matter what is done douching - with chamomile, or other means. They are dangerous in themselves, like procedures.

Special studies have shown that pregnant women who practice such douching at least several times over the entire gestation period increase the risk of giving birth to an underweight child (less than 2.5 kg), premature birth in general (when carrying out procedures in late pregnancy) and miscarriage, if douching is done at the beginning of gestation. Therefore, such procedures during pregnancy are also contraindicated, regardless of whether they are chamomile, or any other means.

What can receive pregnant chamomile medication inside?

The main danger associated with the use of chamomile inside during pregnancy is stimulation of the muscles of the uterus, due to which miscarriage can occur in early pregnancy, and in late pregnancy (starting at 25 weeks) premature birth with a premature baby.

For any unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, especially when the uterus is diagnosed, you cannot drink chamomile.

The risk of such outcomes is small and there is mainly in women with one or another predisposition. So, definitely taking chamomile inside pregnant women who have the following symptoms:

  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Various secretions, including with an unpleasant smell,
  • Cut, itching in the groin area.

All these symptoms indicate the presence of certain pathologies in which chamomile can be dangerous.

Moreover, it is impossible to take chamomile preparations inside women who are on conservation, in which the risk of premature birth and loss of the fetus is especially great.

Even in the absence of such symptoms, it is impossible to talk about the safety of drinking chamomile preparations. As a means of toning smooth muscles, chamomile can provoke unwanted uterine activity even in a perfectly healthy woman with a normal pregnancy.

Also, chamomile in pregnant women can lead to other adverse events:

  1. Diarrhea, more often with appropriate predisposition or with already developed diarrhea,
  2. Allergies.

Such consequences rarely occur, and if they develop, but the pregnant woman quickly cancels the use of the remedy, then serious conditions are not observed. However, if a woman already has an allergy or diarrhea, she should not take chamomile. In case of allergies, this is also relevant for external use.

In the reviews, many pregnant women report that with the help of chamomile they even treat allergies caused by other allergens. This, however, is a dangerous approach: chamomile can both arrest the symptoms of allergies and enhance them, since it itself contains a large amount of biologically active substances that can act as an allergen. Therefore, messages on various forums with recommendations to drink chamomile to reduce allergies should be approached with caution so as not to be among the isolated cases in which chamomile allergy led to a deadly state.

On the other hand, there are numerous cases in which chamomile is prescribed to the pregnant women by the doctors themselves, and after taking it, no undesirable consequences have occurred. It is necessary to interpret such situations unequivocally: there is always a risk, but not always, and not every woman is realized. Если он имеется, во избежание случайности лучше подстраховаться и ромашку не принимать. Тем более, что, как мы увидим дальше, острой необходимости в приёме ромашки у беременных нет.

In any case, you cannot take chamomile during pregnancy alone. Responsibility for the consequences of its use should be borne by the doctor who prescribes its reception, and only if he allows its use, it can be drunk, following the rules of precaution.

At what time of pregnancy is chamomile reception most dangerous?

Chamomile is most dangerous in those gestational periods when the risk of fetal loss is highest with increased uterus activity.

The highest risk from taking chamomile inside is manifested in the first trimester of pregnancy up to 15-16 weeks, but especially in the first weeks, when a miscarriage can be mistaken for a pregnant woman for too heavy and intense periods.

During this period, the longer the gestation period, the lower the risk of undesirable consequences.

The most critical period is the first weeks when the embryo did not firmly secure in the uterus.

Chamomile is the least dangerous in the second trimester, when the fetus is already of significant size, and the uterus hypertonus is less likely to result in both miscarriage and premature birth. And yet, the risk persists even at this time.

The risk of taking chamomile in the third trimester of pregnancy is about as great as in the first. However, after 27-30 weeks, even premature labor, however undesirable, gives the child a chance to survive. However, it is impossible to rely on this, and taking chamomile should be avoided by any means.

In 3 trimester, the longer the period, the more dangerous the reception of chamomile, since the more developed the fetus, the more likely the onset of labor during stimulation of the uterus muscles. At week 40, taking chamomile will almost certainly lead to the stimulation of childbirth.

Healing effects that can be achieved with chamomile

As a rule, during pregnancy chamomile is used with the same goals as in any other period. With its help they try to cure diseases or eliminate such symptoms as:

  • Abdominal pain - the effectiveness of chamomile in such cases has been experimentally proven,
  • Bloating after eating, flatulence,
  • Headache - Chamomile is known as a sedative and relaxing agent,
  • Heartburn - in this case there is no certainty that chamomile will work, because its effectiveness against heartburn is not confirmed,
  • Nausea is an extremely ambiguous indication, since chamomile preparations themselves can provoke nausea or vomiting if the product is sufficiently concentrated. With a high probability of getting rid of nausea and symptoms of toxicosis in pregnant women with chamomile will not work,
  • Insomnia, anxiety, neurosis - at the expense of the same sedative effect,
  • Discomfort in the genital area - itching, pain, pain. If in these cases chamomile is applied externally, for baths or washing in intimate places, it will be safe. If, in order to get rid of such sensations, they try to drink it, the danger may be greater than the therapeutic effect,
  • Irritations, rashes, inflammations on the skin or mucous membranes (for example, barley on the eye) - in these cases, the external use of chamomile will indeed be useful and reduce the severity of symptoms,
  • Cystitis, in which chamomile trying to take, and inside, and in the form of douching. And that, and its other use is contraindicated for pregnant women. Similarly, the practice of sitting in chamomile broth (the so-called "sit-down baths") does not have evidence of the effectiveness,
  • The weakening of inflammation of the respiratory tract - nasal passages, throat, bronchi. When washing the nose or steam inhalations, such a technique is useful, while inhalations using nebulizers and ultrasonic inhalers is prohibited.

Preparations made from sachets are more convenient than those made from loose raw materials, since I do not leave garbage in a container with a medicine.

There are many other purposes for which chamomile is being tried, but for which its effectiveness is either not confirmed and chamomile medications are most likely either completely useless or only due to the placebo effect.

For example, pregnant women with chamomile often try to reduce the temperature in acute respiratory viral infections and bacterial infections, provoke a diuretic effect and get rid of edema, get rid of the already mentioned heartburn and nausea, and get a choleretic effect. The ability of chamomile to help in these cases is not known.

The most important thing is that not a single therapeutic effect from the use of medicinal chamomile, even unequivocally confirmed, can be used to eliminate the cause of the disease, and therefore, to completely cure a pregnant woman. This means that, in fact, with the help of chamomile, you can only slightly reduce the manifestations of a particular disease. Whether this effect is worth it to risk the well-being of pregnancy and the fetus is an open question.

Chamomile preparations used during pregnancy

During pregnancy, all chamomile preparations are used, which are used in any other cases. Most commonly used:

  1. A decoction of chamomile flowers - it is used both externally and inwards
  2. Chamomile tea (it is often referred to as decoction, because when preparing it you need to pour boiling water) - mainly for ingestion,
  3. Water infusion, during the preparation of which dried chamomile flowers are poured with water at room temperature and infused for 8-10 hours. Infusion, as a rule, is applied externally, since it can contain various contaminants. If the chamomile is brewed, most of these contaminants and possible pathogens are neutralized.

All these drugs are practically equivalent in their medicinal activity, since the main active ingredients from the flowers themselves do not disintegrate when boiled for a short time, and if all these preparations are prepared correctly, they will eventually contain approximately equal amount of active substances. Accordingly, the therapeutic effect and side effects of their reception will be similar.

Especially it does not matter whether the raw chamomile raw materials are brewed or poured with boiling water, or the medium in filter bags. In such bags the same raw materials are packaged, only pre-ground. Accordingly, the beneficial properties of the resulting product will be the same as those of the chamomile flower inflorescences, dried and bought entirely by weight.

Less commonly, during pregnancy, chamomile alcohol tincture and essential oil are used. In tincture, alcohol is an undesirable component that can cause its own side effects, and in general it is more difficult to prepare, although it has the same effects as aqueous solutions. Therefore, it is inappropriate to prefer it to other means.

Chamomile oil is used mainly in aromatherapy and cosmetology. In both cases, it is allowed to receive a pregnant woman, but for such purposes is used much less frequently than medicinal chamomile preparations.

When applied topically, chamomile oil can reduce the healing time of various skin lesions.

More rarely, special gynecological or rectal candles with chamomile are used.

Also, during pregnancy, complex preparations are often taken, which include, in addition to chamomile, other means - herbal preparations, ready-to-use dosage forms (for example, Ingalipt with chamomile), various teas and cosmetics. The most common of these remedies are herbal preparations, which also contain mint, calendula, linden, lemon balm, sage, string, valerian root, less often thyme, and anise. When applying them, the benefit and harm of not only chamomile, but also all other active ingredients must be taken into account.

If the drug (for example, tea) is used with honey or other additives, the effect of these additives on the pregnant woman's body should also be taken into account. For example, honey can cause allergies, and the same valerian root has a pronounced hypnotic effect.

Does chamomile help get pregnant?

Finally, there are several myths associated with the use of chamomile during pregnancy. In particular, there are suggestions that using chamomile helps to get pregnant. This is explained in different ways:

  1. When taking chamomile inside the body receives antioxidants, vitamin E (it is considered a substance that affects both female and male fertility) and other biologically active substances,
  2. Douching chamomile increases the likelihood of a successful conception. Allegedly, when they washed away the pathogenic microflora and "cleared" the way for sperm. Counting on this effect, many women do douching several hours before the intended sexual intercourse.

Both assumptions are nothing more than legends. Neither additional quantities of biologically active substances, nor the leaching of bacteria from the vagina, can increase the likelihood of conception. Therefore, trying to get pregnant with chamomile is not worth it - for this you need completely different actions ...

At the same time, drinking chamomile when planning pregnancy is not contraindicated. Reduce the probability of conception, it can not. It is only important to understand that if conception occurs, the days following it are critical for the fetus, which needs to be fixed in the fallopian tube. Taking chamomile at this point can cause harm, and therefore after the sexual act itself it should not be drunk. If then for a week or two the pregnancy test does not show a positive result, with a strong desire and faith in the daisy, you can use it again in preparation for the next act of conception. After the most sexual intercourse for several days you can not drink it.

Can camomile be used for abortion?

Another case is the opposite: they sometimes try to use chamomile for abortion. Without discussing the ethics of this procedure, it can be concluded that, in principle, it is possible to terminate a pregnancy only with the help of chamomile, but the probability of success in this case is extremely low.

Isolated cases of miscarriages that were reliably triggered by the use of chamomile are actually known. Another part of them may have happened because the girls who became pregnant did not recognize the miscarriage at the very beginning of the pregnancy and took it for intense periods. In any case, the number of such situations is very small, although it creates a risk that is the basis for contraindication. So, to rely on the fact that the use of chamomile will be able with a significant probability to provoke an abortion at home is not worth it.

How to take chamomile, including drinking it, if the doctor has allowed such a reception?

Any procedures with external use of chamomile can be carried out as they are carried out in normal situations, outside the period of gestation.

For example, to treat skin, eyes, lips, and genital organs in any chamomile preparation, it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab and then wipe the inflamed or painful areas with it.

Depending on the location of inflammation, you can use either a swab or a cotton swab.

Throats are performed by taking a solution in the mouth, throwing back the head and trying to blow air out of the lungs so that the solution does not get into the throat. This creates a very distinctive babbling sound. Each rinse lasts 20-30 seconds, at the end of the solution must be spit out. Then a new portion is collected in the mouth, the procedure is repeated until the completion of the prepared product (approximately 1 cup). For the treatment of various diseases of the throat have their own instructions governing the frequency of such procedures. For example, in case of sore throat in pregnant women, it is necessary to rinse the throat 4-5 times a day, but not more often, so as not to irritate the inflamed tonsils with vibrations.

Rinse the mouth in the same way.

For the treatment of each disease has its own instructions on the use of chamomile, which, in addition, may vary depending on the patient and his condition. Several such instructions are given in a separate article, and also separately considered the procedure for the use of chamomile for gastritis and for colds.

The same is true for cosmetic procedures. It is necessary to soar the face with chamomile, apply masks with chamomile preparations strictly according to the instructions specified for the specific procedure and obtain a specific result.

Finally, if the doctor allows you to drink chamomile, he must indicate the specific quantities and frequency of its use. For example, they drink 1 cup of chamomile tea as a sedative before bedtime, drink half a cup of tea or broth for meals 3 times a day before meals, and drink broth after a meal for treatment of bronchitis.

Chamomile tea - the main tool on the basis of chamomile leaves for oral administration.

The instructions specified by the doctor must be strictly followed, since it is the doctor who is responsible for the safety of both the pregnant woman and the fetus for such an appointment.

In general, the reception of chamomile inside must be coordinated with the doctor necessarily, it is also advisable to consult with a specialist about its external use. If after application there are any undesirable consequences, the chamomile drug should be stopped, and the side effects should be reported to the doctor. He will decide how the patient should proceed and how he can replace the chamomile.