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How to grow a beard

Most men prefer to shave their face, completely getting rid of vegetation.

However, a well-groomed and beautiful beard can add to the appearance of brutality, make it memorable and peculiar.

Grow it is not easy, but it is worth the effort. The reward will be fashionable goatee, elegant bristles or a nice-looking, bulky beard (Russian).

How to grow a beard at home, you will learn from our article.

Facial hair growth: what does it depend on?

The quality of vegetation is influenced by many factors.

These include nationality, the amount of the male hormone testosterone, lifestyle, the presence or absence of stress.

The quality of hair is affected by various diseases, drugs that are taken for treatment or prevention, food, climatic features.

Important and heredity.

If the grandfathers and the father of the men had thick facial hair, it is likely that the beard will grow very soon.

The most common myths and prejudices about the beard

Men who have never worn beards have a lot of prejudice against her. However, most of the assertions are proving to be false.

Before you start growing a beard, you should familiarize yourself with the most common myths and prejudices about facial hair.

  • it's hot in a beard. In fact, well-groomed and clean hair can create a feeling of coolness in the heat, it protects the face from harmful UV light,
  • You can grow a beautiful beard in a couple of weeks. Even with the most careful care and compliance with all the requirements of specialists for the growth of a beard need at least 2 months. During this time, it will not only grow, but also acquire the desired shape,
  • employers do not like bearded employees. Well-groomed facial hair will be an argument in favor of the employee. She will emphasize creativity, non-standard thinking, the desire to bring everything to perfection. To make the right impression, the beard must be perfectly groomed,
  • to grow facial hair, they need to be shaved off more often. The razor cuts off the tip of the hair, visually thickening it and making it more visible. However, shaving has no effect on the number of hair follicles, the thickness or the texture of the hair.
  • > beard growth will enhance any hair or eyelash products. For a beard, not all means that accelerate hair growth are suitable. For example, the popular gels for the growth of eyelashes or eyebrows will be inappropriate. But the old and time-tested folk remedies will have a beneficial effect.

How to grow a beard yourself?

Many guys are really interested in how to quickly grow a beard at home.

Growing a beard requires patience and consistency..

In the early days, the bristles may look untidy, the skin itches, irritated and reddens.

A cool compress from slept tea or chamomile decoction will soothe your face.

As hair grows, they need to be trimmed with scissors, gradually giving the beard the desired shape. Unnecessary vegetation is carefully shaved off.

The beard can be shaped by a stylist., after his work will only maintain the overall appearance with a razor, trimmer and scissors.

The role of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

How to accelerate the growth of the beard at home? To enhance hair growth is recommended to follow a special diet.. It is necessary to drink plenty of pure water, refusing alcohol and carbonated drinks.

It has been observed that sugar has a positive effect on beard growth. The menu should include sweet desserts or honey. Especially useful fruits are rich in natural fructose: bananas, grapes, persimmon, figs, dates, mango.

How to grow a beard, if it does not grow, at home? Hair growth is also affected by products that increase overall testosterone levels.. The list of healthy dishes includes oysters, shrimps and mussels, ginger, ginseng. Required increased doses of protein.

Lean pork, veal, rabbit or poultry meat, eggs, cottage cheese and yogurt will help replenish protein reserves. In the diet must include vegetable oils: olive, soybean, flaxseed, sunflower. A lot of useful microelements are found in fatty sea fish, nuts of various varieties, sea kale and legumes.

Vitamin supplements will help to enrich the diet. Vitamin A has a positive effect on beard growth, enhances skin regeneration and metabolism, B vitamins, makes hair stronger and thicker, and vitamin E stimulates follicles.

How to make a beard thicker at home? Beard growth stimulates the right lifestyle.

Testosterone production is perfectly stimulated by sports activities. Daily minimum - half an hour of training in the gym, jogging over the cut terrain, strength exercises with dumbbells or a barbell.

Look at the video: one of the ways to quickly grow a beard.

Beard care

The main rule of beard care is immaculate cleanliness.

After each meal, the hairs are gently wiped with a soft cloth.

In the early days it is better to do it in front of a mirror. Nothing looks as untidy as drops and crumbs stuck in a beard.

It is necessary to wash a beard at least 2 times a day, using soft products for normal hair..

Usually the procedure is combined with morning and evening washing.

On hot days or after physical work, an extraordinary wash can be carried out. Water should be warm, but not too hot.

Ordinary soap should not be used; in combination with hard tap water, it can leave an unpleasant grayish tinge on the hairs. For this purpose there is a special coal or salt soap.

The beard is carefully combed with a soft brush.. This should be done in the morning and before bedtime. A light massage perfectly stimulates the follicles, enhancing growth and strengthening the hair roots.

From time to time, it is recommended to treat the skin with a hard scrub. Any remedy for the scalp, well-peeling dead skin cells is suitable.

Several times a week, the beard should be treated with a plant-based emollient lotion. Suitable funds with extracts of mint, chamomile, eucalyptus. They moisturize and soothe the skin, give the hairs smoothness and shine, the beard looks more well-groomed and beautiful.

Folk remedies for hair growth

Increase beard growth at home to strengthen and nourish facial hair will help warm oil compresses. Before applying the beard to wash and dry, you can process the skin with a scrub. A couple of tablespoons of burdock or castor oil is heated, and then gently rubbed into the skin and hair roots.

Oil residues are distributed throughout the beard. From above the face is covered with a thick terry towel dipped in hot water and well wrung.

The procedure lasts 10 minutes, after it the beard needs to be washed with a mild shampoo or special soap.

Improve hair growth will help frequent visits to the sauna or bath.

An alternative option is a steam bath for the face. A handful of a mixture of herbs (chamomile, sage, nettle) is added to the boiling water.

Face should be tilted over a bowl of water, throw a towel over his head. The session lasts 7-10 minutes, then the beard is washed with shampoo.

A tablespoon of raw materials is poured with a glass of boiling water, infused for about half an hour, then filtered and used for rinsing and lotions.

Suitable cosmetics and medicines

At the pharmacy or cosmetic store, you can purchase products that can significantly affect hair growth. One of the most popular is Minoxidil.. The drug is suitable for those whose beard grows unevenly, with bald spots.

The tool stimulates dormant follicles, hairs strengthen, look stronger and healthier. The drug is applied to the skin with massaging movements. The dosage depends on the state of the vegetation; it is better to consult a trichologist or a cosmetologist before use.

However, one can not ignore the side effects, the list of which is quite extensive. Apply these tools can only be under the supervision of a specialist, in the absence of contraindications.

With due diligence of a man to grow a beard is not so difficult. Virtually any member of the stronger sex is able to grow a small beard or let go of the bristles. Age, thickness and hair color will not be an obstacle, success depends only on consistency, careful care and impeccable accuracy. And how to increase the growth of the beard at home, you now know.

How to grow a beard in stages

A beautiful and long beard is not the work of one day and is not at all the same as growing bristles. How and what kind of vegetation grows on your face, is influenced by many factors:

  • amount of hormones
  • proper nutrition
  • healthy lifestyle,
  • getting the right amount of vitamins, etc.

Begin to grow hair on the face should be after puberty, when the boy physiologically becomes a man. To grow a beard in adolescence is almost impossible, the body is simply not ready yet for this. It is not recommended to use additional drugs, medications, pills or hormones for stimulation. The result will still be bad, the hairs will grow unevenly. You need to achieve results quickly fail, grow a beard - a slow process that takes time, patience and an obvious desire.

It is possible to conditionally divide the growth of vegetation into three stages:

Before you grow a beard, you should make sure that you have the opportunity to achieve thick facial hair. Postpone the razor for 1-2 weeks and look at the growth of hair, whether there are bald spots, "empty" areas. If they are present, then you should consult with a specialist in a barbershop, you may have to abandon the idea. In some cases, better growth can be achieved with the help of special gels, lotions, oils, shampoos. If all is well, then go to stage 2.

  • First three months

A period that may cause you to abandon this idea and become disillusioned, so gather the will into a fist. You will have to follow in order to:

  1. The vegetation added "weight" on the chin, avoiding it on the neck. Adam must either be shaved or have short bristles.
  2. Do not run the area under the lower lip, trim it in time.
  3. Wash well after eating, because the hair on the face perfectly absorbs all odors and preserves them for a long time.

The hairs will hang around in all directions, the owner will look slightly insane and dashing. There is an itch on the skin, but it will pass in 1-2 weeks. At this stage, you need to start trimming the beard, giving it shape, gradually shortening the hairs on the sides. When they decided to grow a beard, you need to be patient, wait for the moments when you want to quit everything.

It can already be called a full-fledged beard, which will become the subject of your pride. Consider that facial hair needs even more thorough care than on the head; it should be washed and combed daily. To improve the appearance often use special oils, wax or lotions. Regularly trim a beard and mustache, so that it is not just a tuft of hair, but a real decoration for a male face.

Beard growth aid

Those who are looking for options on how to thicken a beard, increase its growth, should use some means. You can divide them into three main groups:

  1. Medications. They can be used only after consulting a doctor.
  2. Folk recipes. As a rule, it is absolutely harmless to human health, helping to naturally grow a beard.
  3. Cosmetics. They perform almost the same function as folk remedies, but they are more expensive and are sold in specialized stores. The advantage is that there is no need to cook, brew, insist, etc. on your own.

Burdock and castor oil for beards

The appearance of your beard will depend directly on how much time you spend on caring for it. It is not necessary to purchase expensive drugs. Improve the condition of facial hair will help oil for beard growth, as a rule, use castor or burdock. Below are a few homemade recipes for these products:

  1. Burdock oil itself has a good effect on hair. It is necessary to use it once a day before bedtime, applying with a comb on the beard. In the morning it is necessary to wash it off. It is useful to use not only as a care, but also as a way to grow a beard faster.
  2. Mix castor, burdock oil. Before use, steam your face for 5 minutes. Dab the gauze with the mixture and apply the compress to the chin, cheeks, hold no longer than 2 hours.
  3. Another option is a mixture of red pepper (pinch), castor oil, burdock oil and 2 teaspoons. Apply the mixture on your face and hold for at least 15-30 minutes. Oils contain nutrients, and pepper stimulates the improvement of blood circulation. Rinse off with warm water.

You can find a special tool to grow a beard, in the form of cream - Black Phomthong. The composition includes only natural ingredients that stimulate the work of the bulbs, accelerate growth: milk, sesame oil, green tea, nutmeg, clitoria triple. In the cream there are no hazardous substances, hormones that could affect human health. The manufacturer indicates that this cream is well combined with Minoxidil, reduces the severity of side effects of this drug.

What determines the growth of bristles

The growth rate of hair is due to many factors that explain how to quickly grow a beard, so you should familiarize yourself with them.

The density of the bristles depends primarily on genes and hormones. A positive effect can bring a change in the hormone cycle, but such a price to let go of hair is too expensive. Such hormonal disorders are often accompanied by medical treatment. Androgens, that is, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone are the most important regulators of male hair growth. They are necessary for faster, full development of the bristles, and it is on the normal level of these hormones that the rapid growth of hair depends.

Genes and heredity

In addition to hormones, genetics affect the development of the hair area of ​​the face. This science explains why bristles grow unevenly, slowly, or do not develop at all. If you have a poorly growing beard, find out from your older male relatives, did they have a similar problem and how did you solve it?

Some ethnic groups do not have a thick beard at all, if one of them was caught in your family, then perhaps this gene was passed on to you.

Causes of bad beard growth that can be easily fixed

So, how to grow a beard quickly at home and what does full hair growth depend on?

If a man develops bad hairline, but the state of hormones is normal, and genetics is on your side, then the cause of this ailment is the following negative factors:

  • Incorrect shaving procedure. The health of the hairs depends on the shaving procedure, for example, when a young person does not use special emollient foams, the structure of the hairs is broken, therefore, the hair thinning, stops growing. To avoid slow hair growth, to stop thinking about how to grow a beard quickly, it is recommended to use only sharp razors and special shaving foam.
  • Improper nutrition. When a man eats junk food, the body loses nutrients that positively affect the work of hair follicles. Therefore, it is recommended to eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, meat, beans. These products have beneficial substances that accelerate the growth of bristles.
  • Constant stress. Everyone knows that stress is a negative factor affecting not only the normal development of hair on the head, but also on the man’s face. When a guy wants to let go of hair in the cheek area, he needs to try to avoid nervous tension, otherwise the hairs will grow very slowly.

How fast does a beard grow?

In order to know how quickly a beard grows from you, it is necessary to put off the razor and conduct a small experiment that will show how long it takes to grow a uniform bristle.

Often, the hair, in the normal state of health of a man, grows on average from one week to a month. It is during this period that the hairs completely cover the perimeter of the man’s face, forming a complete hair mass.

And if you need to let go of hair for a week, there are special folk methods that allow you to activate the hair follicles and speed up the appearance of hairs.

How to accelerate the growth of the beard

Every man will be able to release the uniform hair mass of the face, for this he will need a little time and effort. So, in order for the hairs to germinate at high speed, you need to follow three basic rules:

  1. You do not know how to quickly grow a beard on the face? Need to care for your face.
  2. Lead a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Take care of the beard.

By following these recommendations regularly, a man can release a uniform beard in just a week. Let's break them down in more detail.

Facial care

Рекомендуется очищать кожный покров хотя бы один раз за неделю с помощью применения специальных скрабов или пилингов. These cosmetics are sold in every pharmacy, or you can make them yourself from ground coffee beans and shower gel.

In this way, dead skin particles are peeled off, the growth of new hair is effectively activated. To solve the problem of how to quickly grow a beard at home, you need to peel it weekly with special means.

Healthy lifestyle

It is recommended to play sports, stop abusing bad habits, get enough sleep, eat right. Be sure to get enough sleep! Full sleep should be at least 7 hours. All of the above will help the guy get in a short time a uniform hair mass.

It is necessary to give up smoking, drinking alcohol, start to get enough sleep and refuse junk food. Also, regular sports activities accelerate the growth of bristles and contribute to the appearance of new hairs.

Take care of your beard

In order for the regrown bristles to look healthy, it is recommended to use the following group of vitamins: A, E, B. The listed vitamins contribute to hair thickening, helping the guy to understand how to grow a beard quickly, make it beautiful, even.

Pharmacies sell a huge variety of vitamin complexes that will help fill the missing items in your body. Here is a list of the most popular beard growth vitamins that have already been tested by experienced bearded men:

  • Biotin - it is used to reduce immunity, helps strengthen hair growth, contains the full range of essential vitamins for beard growth,
  • Biosil Plus - Czech drug, taken once a day, contains all the necessary complex of vitamins and minerals, aimed at enhancing the growth and thickness of hair,
  • Nutrikap - helps fight hair loss and enhance the growth of new hairs. The manufacturer claims that Nutrikap enhances hair growth 5 times. But for this you need to additionally eliminate bad habits, switch to healthy food and get enough sleep,
  • Pantovigar - contains a complex of vitamins and minerals, in addition to enhancing hair growth helps to fight brittle nails,
  • Perfectil - A complex of vitamins and minerals for healthy hair, nails and skin, taken 1 time per day.
  • Selentsin - an inexpensive herbal preparation that helps to fight against thinning and hair loss,

These funds are sold in each pharmacy, they must be taken courses, preferably every two to three months, then the resulting bristles will delight you with its attractive appearance, thickness, rapid growth.

Popular methods that stimulate the growth of the beard

Also, to stimulate hair growth, use some folk remedies that help in a short time to release the thick hair layer on the cheeks, chin. For example, burdock oil promotes the activation of the hair follicle, improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin, which greatly accelerates the development of the beard.

It is recommended to daily rub, pre-heated oil in the skin of the cheeks, chin and leave it for forty minutes. Before you grow a beard very quickly with burdock oil, you need to check if you are allergic to this remedy. To do this, apply it for fifteen minutes, then wash off, if there are no redness, then you can safely perform this procedure further. Burdock oil also strengthens the structure of the hairs, making them tough, strong and healthy.

Using a eucalyptus mask, you can achieve an accelerated appearance of hairs in the cheeks, neck, chin. Eucalyptus has a special effect, increasing blood flow, therefore, the follicles begin to work more efficiently, the hairs grow more often, thicker, faster. You do not know how to grow a beard in a week evenly? Read the recipe:

Bran make hairs stronger and more rigid, creating the look of fully developed bristles.

How to grow a beard with medications

At home, medicines that stimulate hair growth will also help to release the bristles quickly. These include:

These drugs have an active substance that stimulates the active work of the hair follicles. When a guy suffers a problem, how to quickly and beautifully grow a beard on his face, you need to undergo a course of treatment with one of the above mentioned drugs.

Minoxidil is a gentle remedy that activates hair growth in the chin and neck area. Its application is quite simple, you need to rub the spray daily in problem skin areas devoid of hair mass.

Acceptance of biotin and finasteride also contributes to the accelerated growth of bristles, these drugs improve blood circulation, forcing the bulbs to work faster, accelerating the development of hairs. Remember, you can not self-medicate, it can aggravate the condition of your body, harm the immune and hormonal system. Therefore, when a man does not know how to quickly grow a beard at home with the help of drugs, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will help you choose the correct dosage of drugs.

How to grow a beard?

You need to completely abandon shaving for at least four weeks.

So the best period will be to increase the beard - this is the time when you can afford to sit in your den at home and not show up on people.

When the most difficult and unattractive stage passes, you can proceed to the next.

Within a month of growing a beard, the natural contours of the beard's shape characteristic of you will become clear. Now you can trim it according to the basis of this line. If you just joined the club dashing bearded, I recommend to contact your hairdresser.

The master jeweler of his craft will precisely determine this very line and degree of correction. And you attentively look and afterwards through a couple of such visits you can already master this practice.

Otherwise, without experience, you risk failing your project to transform the appearance, trimming and trimming, correcting and correcting, with the risk of the complete destruction of this long-awaited facial hair.

Literally not so long ago, a novelty came to us in Russia - Minoxidil for beard growth. This tool has a cool composition (read on the site), they promise fast growth (and the reviews already prove it), plus it costs almost a thousand rubles (this is a discount), so it's a sin not to try. I still have small results, but I only use it for two weeks. I leave the link below for you so that you can also buy Minoxidil at a discount.

Why don't facial hair grow at 17?

Medicine speaks mainly of genetic predisposition. This is perhaps the main reason here. So ask your father at what age he became the owner of the first stubble and how quickly he grew a beard.

Exhaustion on the background of nervous overstrain can even provoke enhanced hair loss, even baldness, not to mention slowing the growth of the beard.

In terms of physical deviations of the body from the norms of health - there may be a variety of options, it makes no sense to list them.
The most important thing is precisely those chronic problems that consistently undermine the forces of the body, deplete it.

It is possible that the reason lies in a low testosterone level, but this is also not an obligatory option, since even the normal level of this hormone does not guarantee the presence of a beard, different hormones can act differently on different issues.

And finally, the simplest, but no less important factor is the incorrectly performed shaving procedure. If you used blunt blades, you could simply damage the structure of the hairs, and thus disrupt the growth of the beard, deteriorating significantly its appearance.

The first and most important thing to say here is that perhaps your biological bookmark does not imply the appearance of a beard at this age.
Often, you should just wait until the age of 20, and nature will do its work without any interventions.

This is the best thing here, but if you have firmly decided that it should be right now, and it is just vital for you, check out what are the ways to stimulate the appearance of the beard.

What do doctors offer?

Ways that offers modern medicine:

    You can contact an endocrinologist.

A specialist will work with you only if, in fact, your problem is considered to be a deviation from the norm from a medical point of view.

Hormone therapy, which normalizes testosterone levels, can have a good effect.

This drug is available without a prescription.

It stimulates blood circulation by activating the hair follicles. There is a drug Biotin.

This is a complex of vitamins to accelerate hair growth. Sold in a pharmacy without a prescription.

It should be understood here that this drug activates hair growth in general, and not just in the chin area. So, starting to use something, do not reach fanaticism, be attentive to the reactions of your body. Intensify blood flow under the skin of the face in a very simple way.washing two or three times a day with cold water.

This will significantly improve the work of the follicle and may even be a sufficient impact to solve this problem. Also important is the shaving procedure. It has already been mentioned above that dull blades will only damage.

Use special emollients, high-quality shaving devices that safely remove the hairs without damaging their structure. Also very important Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle:

  • The necessary sources of protein should be in your daily diet. These are fish, meat, dairy products, eggs, nuts.
  • For the full functioning of the body no less necessary fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates. They give strength and promote the process of excretion of harmful substances from the body.
  • It is important to drink enough water.

Drink plenty of clean water, but not more than the recommended standard in relation to body weight.

  • To relieve nervous tensionwhich slows down hair growth, healthy sleep is recommended, at least 6 hours a day, but this is minimum, better and more correct - 8.
  • You can practice relaxation exercisesis yoga or just stretching (to relieve stress). Baths with calming compositions, decoctions - lavender, conifers, etc. can also help here.
  • And at the end of this list - one of the most important factors here. It is a natural sport. The healthiest natural testosterone activator.
  • Folk methods

    Proven in this business means:

    • Castor oil,
    • Burr oil,
    • Eucalyptus oil.

    You can add a little bit of red pepper tincture for effectiveness. It activates blood circulation well, in small quantities, so as not to burn the skin. However, be careful here, so as not to cause damage to the skin, if it stings strongly, wash it off after 15 minutes, or even much less.

    There is also an option to make a mix - mix burdock and castor oil - apply the composition.
    Before applying, mix the eucalyptus oil with water and spread it with a piece of cotton wool over the skin, let it soak in and after 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

    These simple ways may help you and you should not dive into a more detailed study of the problem. Try to start from there.

    And most importantly, you should first determine whether you really this style to the male image will add style and impressiveness. And if you know exactly what is yours, then you can also try to contribute in every way to this process.

    How to grow a beard for TWO MONTHS?

    All means are good, but wait for the result for a very long time. But how to reduce the waiting time and grow a beard in just a couple of months? Of course, with the help of Minoxidil. Have not heard of him?

    What are its advantages? In the composition! It includes:

    1. 20 mg of minoxidil,
    2. propylene glycol,
    3. ethyl alcohol in 60% concentration and distilled water!

    And the best part! When ordering today - a special discount of 50%! Order!

    Causes of beard growth

    1. The age of 18 years indicates that the time of growth of the beard has not yet come. It is difficult to talk about how the vegetation will look in the future. Of course, many peers can boast a lush "hair". However, each individual structure.
    2. Common causes include genetic predisposition. Simply put, heredity. Genetics is considered to be the main factor influencing beard growth. Some guys have dark dense vegetation, others have skin that appears through the hairs. It is known that genes are not transferred in a linear fashion. Not the fact that the father's beard will be passed on to you by inheritance. Again, everything is individual.
    3. The beard can not grow for the reason that the body is not strong enough to form new vegetation. There are many reasons for this. These include chronic fatigue as a result of intense physical exertion, diseases of the chronic type, the presence of pernicious addictions, depression and frequent encounters with stress, an unbalanced diet. Take the survey and exclude the above reasons.
    4. A factor that directly affects the intensity of the growth of the beard, is the lack of a male sex hormone - testosterone. Lack of this element leads to slow hair growth. To eliminate the cause, you must use methods that will increase testosterone levels.

    Method number 1. Do sports

    1. The reasons for insufficient growth of the beard is the lack of physical activity or, on the contrary, excessive persistence in sports. As you know, everything is good in moderation. To accelerate the growth of hair will help workout with weights. They increase testosterone production and increase blood circulation throughout the body. As a result, dormant follicles wake up.

    Method number 2. Adjust diet

    1. The concept of healthy eating implies the existence of not only a balanced diet and metered food intake, but also products that you definitely need to eat to enhance the growth of the beard. To form a hair, proteins, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, and mineral compounds must be ingested.
    2. Take care to ensure that the diet was enough foods with vitamin A. Retinol strengthens hair, awakens dormant for months and years of follicles. Vitamin A can be found in sea kale, cheese, butter, broccoli, carrots.
    3. Ascorbic acid is also important. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and nourishes the hair follicles. You will find it in citrus, kiwi, cauliflower and red cabbage, Bulgarian pepper.
    4. Vitamin E, or tocopherol, increases blood flow to the face, thereby accelerating the growth of the beard. Tocopherol is present in dried apricots, porridge, prunes, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts.
    5. The food should include provitamin B7. It stimulates hair growth and also supports the intestinal microflora. If the digestive system is always in order, you will quickly grow a beard. Look for vitamin B7 in eggs, nuts, pea crops, oatmeal.
    6. No less important is folic acid. It is responsible for the direct production of testosterone and affects the reproductive activity of men. You can find vitamin B9 in almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, spinach leaves, beans and peas, lettuce, liver.
    7. To grow a thick beard, the diet should include foods with zinc, iron, calcium. Lean on hard cheese, chicken and quail eggs, buckwheat porridge, liver, all dairy products.

    To summarize, we give a list of products on which to focus. So, in proper nutrition should include:

    • sea ​​cocktails, fish,
    • nuts of all types,
    • beetroot, carrot, cabbage, bell pepper,
    • citruses, kiwi,
    • spinach, lettuce,
    • parsley, celery, dill,
    • garlic,
    • lean meat,
    • peas and beans,
    • pork liver, beef, chicken,
    • oatmeal, buckwheat,
    • quail egg,
    • cottage cheese, hard cheese and other milk.

    Should refuse:

    You can vary the list as desired. The main thing is to make the most useful menu. Eat food 5 times a day in small portions.

    Method number 3. Use cosmetics

    To beard began to grow fully, you need to resort to methods of awakening of the follicles. Such indicators are strongly influenced by the condition of the skin.

    1. To maintain cleanliness, it is not necessary to resort to expensive cosmetics. Beard has always been in fashion. Our great-grandfathers hardly used all sorts of tonics.
    2. In this case, bearded men stimulated hair growth by simply washing in the morning with ice water. Cold liquid acts as an excellent means to improve blood circulation. To increase facial hair, resort to cold washing three times a day.

    Burdock oil

    1. Better beard growth will help regular use of burdock oil. Heat a small amount of vegetable product to 40 degrees on the steam bath. Spread on hands and massaging movements rub into the skin for 2-3 minutes.
    2. Leave the oil for 1 hour. After a specified time, wash with warm water. To achieve the effect of plant composition is recommended to be mixed with a small amount of red pepper.
    3. В результате вы получаете отличное питание луковиц и улучшенное кровообращение, необходимое для быстрого роста волос. Не переборщите с красным перцем, в противном случае может появиться ожог тканей в виде покраснений.
    4. Процедуру необходимо проводить ежедневно с репейным маслом. If you decide to add red pepper, manipulation is reduced to 3 times a week. Burdock oil can be purchased easily, at the pharmacy the price of the product is 80 rubles.

    1. Another proven composition is eucalyptus oil. In this case, the composition must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 4.
    2. A cotton pad is soaked with the finished product, then the face skin is rubbed. A few minutes after the manipulation, wash your face thoroughly.
    3. Keep in mind that you may be allergic to certain substances, so you should make sure that it is not present. If redness and itching appear, discontinue use immediately.

    Method number 4. Increase testosterone levels

    1. To increase hair growth, you need to normalize sleep. When a person is in a deep phase for a long time, the body is fully restored, testosterone is produced.
    2. An average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep for full recovery. Each body is unique, so you need to sleep in moderation. Upon awakening, you should feel light and cheerful.
    3. The important point is the correct time to sleep, if possible, you need to go to rest around 10 pm. Do not get enough sleep, the accumulated fatigue will reduce all results to zero.

    Normal body weight

    1. For good facial hair, it is important to maintain a normal body weight. Overweight people suffer from a lack of testosterone in the body.
    2. Fatty layers through synthesis transform the male hormone into the female hormone - estrogen. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to start to lose weight, if any problems.

    1. To increase testosterone, it is important to have regular sex life and chat with the fair sex.
    2. A moderate amount of sexual intercourse has a positive effect on the health of a man. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the effect becomes opposite.

    1. The development of a male hormone depends largely on the succession of victories. And it is not so important in what area you are lucky.
    2. Try to create as many successful situations as possible. The body responds positively to the process, producing testosterone.

    1. If you want to grow a thick and beautiful beard, it is important to get rid of addictions. Benefit will be not only for vegetation, but also for the whole organism.
    2. Alcoholic beverages - the main enemy of testosterone, as the product converts the male hormone into estrogen. Strictly need to eliminate the use of beer. The drink is rich in female hormone.
    3. Among alcoholic products there is an exception. Allowed to use red wine homemade production up to 200 ml. per day. The product slows down the breakdown of testosterone. Over time, you should stop using tobacco.

    Today, facial hair is gaining popularity with most men, regardless of material condition and race. For certain reasons, not all beards grow thick and long. We looked at how to correct the situation and speed up the growth of facial hair.

    Why not grow a beard

    An unfair pattern: the one who eagerly wants to wear a beard faces problems with growing, and the one who does not need it grows bristles like wormwood in a field. In fact, many factors affect vegetation growth and they are often associated with a man’s health.

    The growth rate of hair depends on testosterone.

    Hormonal disruptions in the body lead to a decrease in the male hormone. One of the negative consequences of this phenomenon is alopecia or thinning vegetation. To correct such a violation, hormone therapy is used.

    Hormone therapy is individual and is prescribed after consultation with the endocrinologist.


    Hair, like other parts of the body, need good nutrition. If this does not happen, the hair cover loses its attractiveness and may stop growing. Proper nutrition includes the consumption of meat, legumes, nuts, vegetables, fruits, herbs, sea fish, cereals. Fast food, alcohol, tobacco, semi-finished products steal the attractiveness of hair from men.

    If you do not grow a thick beard, hair on your cheeks is missing, hair is thin and sparse,
    - There is a remedy that is valid for 2 weeks! This is a unique product consisting entirely of natural ingredients. The result is a thick and beautiful beard!

    How to quickly grow a beard

    How to grow a beard at home? What to do if the beard is not growing?

    To grow a full, uniform stubble, it takes an average of one month. Prior to this, one should make an absolutely smooth shave, and then, resisting the temptation to take a razor, to wait.

    Methods to accelerate hair growth:

    • Medical preparations
    • Masks, compresses, massage,
    • Proper care of the bristles,
    • Healthy lifestyle,
    • Minimization of stressful situations

    Medications beard growth stimulants

    The following groups of drugs will help accelerate hair growth:

    • Containing minoxidil,
    • Vitamin complexes,
    • Hormonal drugs, such as finastirida.

    Component minoxidil stimulates blood circulation, which leads to the awakening and the emergence of hair. Apply the drug is not difficult, spray daily rubbed into the right area. The course of treatment is up to one year.

    ATTENTION! You can order Minoxidil HERE >>

    Vitamin complexes are aimed at replenishing lost nutrients. Biotin is especially important, it serves as a growth accelerator.

    Hormonal drugs are used to restore the balance of hormones.

    It should be remembered that it is impossible to prescribe such drugs yourself, as it is possible to cause irreparable harm to health.

    Beard growth masks

    Masks and compresses based on vegetable oils are very effective for stimulating the growth of bristles. Popular masks for growth:

    Burdock based. Often red pepper is added to the burdock, it irritates dead areas, provides a rush of blood, and oil delivers nutrients. Such a mask must be done after conducting the steaming procedure, it lasts up to 30 minutes. Compress based on burdock oil consists in applying a gauze bandage moistened with oil to the steamed face, then wrapping it with food film for up to 2 hours.

    Based on eucalyptus oil and castor oil. Castor oil has an exfoliating effect, and eucalyptus has a regenerating

    Oils not only have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair, but thanks to other nutrients they moisturize and nourish the skin.

    Massage also serves as a good growth stimulant. To do this, it is enough to apply a couple of drops of oil to the fingertips and massage, with circular movements, massage the previously cleaned area that needs normal vegetation. Massage can be performed daily for 10 minutes.

    Combing a beard also has a beneficial effect on bristle growth. For this, it is best to purchase a special comb, preferably made of natural wood, so as not to damage the hairs.

    Proper nutrition

    Proper nutrition requires the presence of essential vitamins. The diet should consist of proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals. Useful properties of healthy food will provide hair with necessary vitamins.

    It is important to exclude harmful food that litters the body: sweets, fried, spicy, salty foods. The water balance of the body should be replenished at the rate of 1.5-2 liters per day.

    Go in for sports

    Sports activities contribute to accelerated healthy hair growth. Lightweight types of training are not very effective, the male hormone is produced when practicing strength sports. But it is important not to overdo it, and not to harm the body. Enough to visit the fitness room 3 times a week. On other days, you can visit the pool, enjoy hiking.

    Less stress

    Throw the stress away from yourself, it destroys you from the inside and steals the attraction. Get enough sleep, healthy sleep restores the nervous system and helps the body to function properly. If it is impossible to react to everything and everyone calmly on your own - consult with a specialist.

    How to increase the growth of the beard at home?

    As a rule, facial hair appears on guys from 15 years. Initially, it is weak hairs, which so far can not be called even bristle. And they often grow quite unevenly. This is due to the fact that the readiness to wear a beard in an organism will only appear by the age of 20. After the hormonal level is stabilized. However, everything will depend on genetics - she is responsible for the earlier and excessive covering with hairs.

    So, you decided to increase the growth of the beard at home. To do this, follow a few iron rules.

    Face care

    Usually, men are very ashamed to care for their skin. Many consider this an exclusively female occupation and simply refuse to seek help from cosmetologists or folk remedies. It turns out quite in vain. It is proved that natural oils and conventional cosmetic procedures can in such a case as growing facial hair.

    Be sure to every month should be pilling the skin. Get rid of the old dead cells and give way to the new. This will increase the dense vegetation.

    Of course, first of all observe daily hygiene. Wash your face often, try to avoid strong hypothermia, so-called. Do not neglect the usual rules. Closed pores will block the growth of bristles, so that hygiene plays an important role in the rapid growth of the beard.

    You can do a massage with a regular comb. And if you have time, it is better to massage your face with cold hands. In circular motions, as if rubbing and improving blood circulation, lead from chin to forehead.

    Carefully, patting movements you can knead the beard, thereby stimulating the growth of hairs.

    Increase testosterone levels

    If you have difficulty growing a beard and you notice that it grows with spaces, then testosterone levels are too low.

    Maintain a normal level of testosterone can be through exercise. Refusal from junk food and sports is what will help keep testosterone in order.

    Folk remedies for beard growth

    Home remedies used before the advent of traditional medicine are known for their safety. Their plus lies in the fact that they are often on hand or in the refrigerator. Red pepper, mustard, kefir, oils. Our ancestors knew what to mix, so that the beard looked so magnificent that you could hide in it.

    There are a lot of folk remedies for everyone, but remember that if the problem is inside the body (hormones, thyroid gland, poor nutrition), then you are unlikely to achieve the desired effect only with the help of traditional medicine.

    Eucalyptus mask

    This mask is quite easy to prepare. To do this, take the eucalyptus concentrate and mix it with warm water. The proportions, according to the recipe, should be equal.

    However, it is not necessary for the first time to immediately apply the mask to your face - check the allergic reaction on the wrist. Those. means often causes allergic reactions.

    Method of application: the prepared mask is applied on the skin, held for about an hour on the skin of the face and washed off with running water. This mask activates hair growth.

    Mustard mask

    Another remedy from traditional medicine that stimulates facial hair growth is the mustard mask. It warms the blood, activates the hair follicles and promotes the growth of the beard.

    How to use: Take 2 tablespoons of mustard and mix them with hot water. Then add to the resulting mixture 2 tablespoons of sugar and egg yolk. Apply the mixture on your face. Hold no more than 40 minutes. And better wait until it starts to burn.

    You can make such masks no more than 2 times a week.

    Pepper tincture

    Capsicum well contributes to the revitalization of the blood supply. Before you apply a mask with such a burning ingredient, it is better, of course, to check the skin for an allergic reaction. Otherwise, you can earn a strong irritation of the skin.

    In the same proportions (1 teaspoon), mix pepper tincture, burdock oil, honey, brandy, egg yolk.

    Apply the mixture on your face and wash it off with warm water in about an hour.

    Mask of onion and garlic

    The smell of this means for hair growth can strike you and others around you on the spot. This is the only minus the mask of onion and garlic. It is difficult to decide on this procedure, since smell will be difficult.

    If you are ready for such a harsh smell, then rub on the grater and onions and garlic. All in the same proportions. Leave this mixture for an hour.

    Rinse with running water. To get rid of the pungent smell, you can use apple cider vinegar mixed with water.

    The effect is good, but not everyone has the opportunity to distance themselves from society for some time, so that the smell will disappear on its own.

    Creams, balms and lotions that strengthen facial hair growth

    Cream for beard growth Professional Hair System has become a very popular tool among men who want to get a gorgeous beard. This is a complex of oils, which includes a huge amount of nutrients.

    There are many analogues that are filled pharmacy shelves. This is Ginseng, Hi-Ho, Proraso, Cheveox. The price of these funds starts from 200 rubles and finishes 900. So they are quite affordable. However, buy such products in a proven place, otherwise you can buy low-quality fake.

    Is a beard a sign of good health?

    Chic hair on the face is not easy for those who have health problems. Start with the health of the body to achieve the desired result - a lush beard.

    Be patient, this is a long process. You will need about six months to get a beard. And before you have to take care of the hairs every day, trim them, make masks and other cosmetic procedures. However, all efforts will be worth it.