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All about discharge from the hospital

The appearance of a baby in the family is a joyful event. Young parents are attacked by an avalanche of questions that they must learn to solve literally as soon as possible. And even when most of the troublesome cases are completed, the question remains: "What should I give to the staff at discharge from the hospital?" Someone thinks about this at the last moment. This happens because before the baby appeared, the couple was more worried about how the birth would take place, how to prepare for it. Buying the necessary dowry is also something that cannot be postponed indefinitely. And when the newly-made Mommy is already beginning to breastfeed her child, the thought arises in her head: "What do doctors give to discharge from the hospital?" Some are worried to such an extent that they consult with all their friends who have children. Each individual family will have to answer this question on its own, however there are general criteria that can be guided by.

Necessity or tradition?

Some couples, especially the poor, are seriously considering whether to do this at all. Indeed, with the advent of the child in the family costs increase. You must purchase a cot, stroller, clothing for the newborn, diapers, and various accessories for feeding and care. If there is no reserve of free funds, you will have to enlist the help of grandparents. When there is no extra money available, some people decide not to give anything at all. There is nothing wrong with that. No one will look askance at you. In any case, the child will be given personally in hand.

Some people generally believe that donating to medical staff is not necessary. Like, they just do their job. After all, they do not thank the representatives of other professions for having worked so well for the shift. But in Russia, very often they think about what they donate to doctors and nurses to be discharged from the hospital. That is the tradition. In addition, happy fathers, staying in seventh heaven of indescribable delight, are often ready to bestow on everyone who meets them on the way. It is possible that, having experienced the joy of parenthood, you will be filled with a sense of gratitude to those workers who helped your son or daughter to be born.

Paid childbirth

When a woman gives birth under a contract, she initially invests a large amount of money. And here, too, you can do differently. Someone thinks that once an already large amount is spent, there is no need to spend extra. Other parents prefer to thank beyond measure, obeying the dictates of the soul.

Traditional gifts

First of all, they pay attention to them when it comes to discharge. As a rule, they are fairly unpretentious, but always appear to be in place. So, than thank the medical staff at the hospital, what to look for? Consider the types of gifts.

These include mainly chocolate and cookies. Newly mummies love to leave something for tea as a presentation to doctors. Sweets - a win-win and the most common. They do not commit to anything and it is always pleasant to receive them.

You should take care of product quality in advance, and not take the first box from the supermarket shelf. The product should be fresh, tasty, if possible, natural.

Tea and coffee

What do they give to medical staff when they leave the maternity hospital when they don’t want to repeat after their neighbors in the ward? When employees of a medical institution have mountains of chocolate, it is clear that it is necessary to purchase special drinks. As a rule, expensive brands of tea and coffee will be presented.

People should be nice. In addition, coffee and tea are quickly consumed, and stocks need to be replenished in a timely manner. The practicality of this gift is obvious.

After thinking about what is given to doctors at discharge from the hospital, we should not forget about the beautiful bouquet. It is better that the flowers were present in any case. Choosing the main gift, do not forget to worry about the beautiful bouquet in advance.

By this you show respect for the difficult professional work of medical workers. Perfectly suitable carnations, orchids, gladioli, roses. Any woman is pleased to receive them as a sign of attention.

If you have a free amount, it is quite possible to present the chief doctor. Believe me, getting a neat beautiful envelope is much nicer than another box of chocolates. Of course, donating money is not at all necessary. It is very important to correctly determine the amount. To give a lot not everybody can afford, but a little means to offend a person. If in doubt, better choose something else. Some people are just ashamed to do it. Reflecting on the fact that they donate to discharge from the hospital, they will choose the right option for themselves. After all, it must be acceptable in finance. Becoming a mother and a father does not mean that it is unreasonable to lower the funds that are so necessary in the first years of a baby’s life. Anyone who lacks the funds, is unlikely to give a large bill. And many will find such a gift even inappropriate.

Fruit basket

What do doctors give to discharge from the hospital when they want to express their gratitude? The fruit basket looks original and very beautiful. A very interesting option if you can not allocate a lot of money for a gift.

Believe me, it will not gather dust for a long time somewhere in the staffroom, unlike the same chocolate. Most likely, the gift will be accepted with a smile and sincere words of gratitude.

Certificate of Purchase

In most cases, women work in the maternity ward. And this means that they, too, like all other ladies, want to look attractive, regularly acquire various outfits for themselves. Therefore, by the way, you will have to buy a certificate in a large shopping center. By purchasing expensive clothes or cosmetics, the doctor who took your childbirth, will certainly rejoice. Such a gift, of course, uplifting more than ordinary chocolate.

Who to give?

As a rule, presents are presented by a happy daddy. But you need to know who to present the gift and to address the words of sincere appreciation. Traditionally, the child is handed by a nurse, but she did not take birth, did not lead a pregnancy. Just for the fact that she puts the baby in her arms to her happy father deserves attention. You can give her a box of chocolates or a basket of fruit. No one has ever refused sweets. The main gift should go directly to the medical officer who was involved in the management of pregnancy and took delivery. Well, if it is the same doctor. The problem is that on the day of discharge a completely different shift can be on duty, and you will not find the right person. In this case, agree in advance or limited to donating sweets only to the nurse.

Thus, the question of what is given to doctors on discharge from the hospital has its solution. Happy parents are free to stay on any option. You can choose the traditional path and especially not to bother with ideas. In another case, if funds permit, there is a great desire, you should look for an original approach to business. An unusual gift will immediately attract attention. Most likely, the medical staff will be satisfied. But whatever choice you make, understand that something else is important: it is necessary to give with all sincerity, from the heart. It is possible and with an inexpensive bouquet of flowers to surprise a person, to cheer him up.

When discharged from the hospital

Many new mothers are interested in the question: when discharged from the hospital. An obstetrician-gynecologist will examine the mother, a pediatrician-neonatologist will examine the newborn. If there are no contraindications, they will send you home on the 3rd day, they will not delay one day, there is no such practice. Another picture, if there were complications or the woman underwent a cesarean section. In this case, the period of stay in a medical institution is extended to 5-9 days.

Mom will be discharged if:

  • she has a normal condition
  • the uterus returns to normal
  • urine and blood are also without pathology,
  • healthy discharge from the uterus, with no indication of inflammation,
  • The ultrasound procedure confirmed that there are no undesirable elements in the uterus - blood clots, pieces of the placenta.

  • The suture after cesarean section does not heal quickly enough; other possible sutures are also not normal.
  • With blood loss, hemoglobin can be reduced. He must be normal, otherwise the woman in labor will not be discharged.
  • Analyzes and secretions from the uterus indicate an inflammatory process.
The child must be examined, carry out the necessary tests. It:

  • General tests and for congenital diseases.
  • The condition of the umbilical cord is evaluated.
  • General tone.
  • Weight dynamics.
  • The temperature is measured.
  • The newborn was vaccinated against tuberculosis and hepatitis B.

  • An infectious disease has been detected.
  • A loss of 6-8% of the initial weight was recorded.
  • Diagnosed with severe neonatal jaundice.
  • Born prematurely - premature.
  • The condition is disturbed due to hypoxia.
And according to indications 3 options are possible:

  • Mom and baby are healthy, both are going home safely.
  • Mom is not ready for discharge, the child is healthy. In this case, the mother is delayed in the hospital, the child remains as well.
  • Mom is healthy, the child is not ready to be discharged. This option is the most problematic. According to the rules, the mother should go home, and leave the child in the department for further treatment, after agreeing on the schedule of visits for feeding. But the practice is somewhat different. Mom stays in the office also, with the consent of the administration. In such cases, practice the so-called charitable donations.

Pick up documents

The list of documents at discharge from the hospital is standard. In good wards, where the discharge process is streamlined, the nurse on duty will find the entire package on the table. If not, then you have to run yourself. The main thing that Mom should pay attention to is not to forget anything. So, what should be in the package:

  • Medical certificate of birth of a child. In the future, it is presented to the registrar when registering a new citizen of Ukraine.
  • Exchange card pregnant woman - a document for female consultation. This is a medical history of childbirth.
  • Baby exchange card - for children's clinic. This includes information about the newborn: weight, height, blood type, vaccination.
  • Two coupons from the birth certificatewhich are returned upon discharge. A birth certificate is a document from a medical institution where a woman was observed during pregnancy, and which she passed to the maternity hospital upon admission. Coupons are transferred to the children's clinic, they confirm the child’s right to free medical care for up to 1 year.
  • Sick leave - in case of complicated labor. By law, in such cases, maternity leave is extended.

Essential items for mom and baby

And here is the mother with the newborn in the discharge room. The moment came when you need everything that was prepared for discharge from the hospital. If the mother gives birth for the first time - it would not be superfluous to ask the nurse to dress the baby. Here rely gratitude, purely symbolic - chocolate, for example. Mother’s clothes and shoes are brought by relatives or she is issued from the wardrobe.

Often mom wants to look smart on this special day. Nothing prevents her from dictating to the husband or other relatives by phone a list of desired things. It should be noted that organized women, as a rule, collect a bag of such clothes before birth and leave it at home with the words “on discharge”.

As for clothes for the newborn. In the Ukrainian people there is a persistent prejudice that it is impossible to buy children's things before the birth - supposedly there is a danger of the evil eye. To believe or not is the personal file of every young mother. In addition, only with the introduction of the ultrasound technique it became possible to see the sex of the unborn child. Even 30 years ago, women did not know for sure who they would give birth to - a boy or a girl. Therefore, with the purchase of clothes in no hurry. Traditionally, clothes for a newborn girl are bought in pink, for a boy - in blue.

The stroller is also purchased in the appropriate color. Now the situation has changed, mothers already know the sex of the unborn baby in the first half of pregnancy, and there are no problems with buying baby things. Organizationally, it is better to prepare everything in advance so that the husband or other relatives in a rush of fees do not miss something.

  • vest,
  • blouse,
  • sliders,
  • socks,
  • thin cap, ears must be closed,
  • diaper,
  • a blanket.
Need to pay attention to the quality of clothing. A newborn is a new person, and even his mother does not yet know him. It is possible that he was born allergic.

Spring and summer

In the summer and late spring you need to take care that the child does not overheat. For infants it is dangerous, dehydration occurs too quickly if it sweats for a long time. Spring, if it is early and cold, involves a winter set of children's things. Intuition of a young mother, her own feelings will tell you how to properly dress the child.

Autumn and winter

In deciding the question of what to discharge the child in the winter, it is necessary to take into account the air temperature. After all, the child, albeit briefly, will have to be taken out of the hospital on the street. It is very important that he does not catch a cold. Therefore, a set of things duplicated warm things. A warm knitted hat is added to the thin hat. A warm blouse is worn over the undershirt. Blanket should be quilted. If the envelope - then on the insulated gasket.

What to give to the statement?

It is accepted to thank the medical staff at the discharge from the maternity hospital, and you need to think what to give to the nurse, an obstetrician-gynecologist who gave birth, to a neonatologist who observed the child. Traditional and appropriate gifts - flowers, candy boxes, elite alcohol. The child is handed over to the father by a nurse who dressed the child. Mom and newborn, too, should not be left without gifts.

According to Ukrainian traditions, it is customary to give substantial gifts to the so-called homelands (from the word childbirth), then to the christening. When directly discharged husband or meet are limited to colors. A few comments need to be made. A happy father wants to express his boundless gratitude to his wife for the child and brings an armful of flowers to the hospital.

This is inappropriate, it will be difficult for mom to hold such a huge bouquet. In addition, we repeat, - the child may be allergic. And it is still not clear how he will react to his father's bouquet. Therefore, it is desirable that the flowers and the newborn go in different cars. However, a little later, but still have to give. In Ukraine, they usually give kids clothes - all kinds of overalls, suits, blouses, hats. All, as a rule, for growth. The bed, the stroller, the baby carrier are given by rich relatives. And if there are none, then the parents themselves buy in advance. But this is in the near future, but for now, mother and baby need to get home.

Decorating rooms, cars and other ideas.

About 30 years ago, an extract from the maternity hospital was a purely family affair, it was not particularly advertised. Met, arrived - and all. That's right, because the young mother is left alone with the cares that have piled on her, and this day is not up to receptions and guests. At the present time, this process is arranged somewhat differently. There are even companies that specialize in organizing events. They will offer ideas for the meeting, solemnly furnish an extract from the hospital. Their services are not cheap, not everyone has the opportunity to order such a service.

In any state of the purse of young parents, a photo session is surely ordered from professionals. Shooting this event on a mobile phone is considered bad form. Still, relatives, and especially the loving newly minted dad, should make sure that this day is remembered by a young mother. Enough to figure out how to decorate the room on the discharge from the hospital - and a great mood provided.

How to choose a gift

First of all, the husband and guests of the parturient should understand that the time of discharge from the hospital is not the best time to give gifts. During this period, the woman is still too weak after childbirth, busy with the hassle of the baby, collecting things and wants to be home as soon as possible. Therefore, it is best to come to the statement with a bouquet of flowers or an armful of colorful balloons. In this case, it is desirable that the baby is not at a close distance from the flowers in order to exclude a possible allergic reaction to flower pollen. Therefore, it is better to check with sellers when buying which flowers are the least allergenic. But the main gifts would be better to give a woman after she gets home and rest. The team of doctors and midwives can thank the box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne.

Close relatives can clarify with the mother that it is best to give her about the birth of the child. This may be something from cherished dreams or something that will help care for the baby. Farther relatives and friends usually give universal gifts that are always relevant for families with small children. In general, today, when choosing a gift, an option that is widespread in Western countries is increasingly being used. Молодые родители составляют перечень вещей, которые им понадобятся для ухода за малышом, а те, кто хочет поздравить семью с пополнением, сами выбирают из этого списка то, что могут приобрести в качестве подарка. Это позволяет избежать дублирования подарков, когда один и тот же предмет (например, коляску или автокресло) дарят одновременно несколько человек.In addition, this approach will relieve unpleasant situations when a gift cannot be used due to certain reasons and it turns out to be unnecessary, for example, diapers that do not suit a child, or too small a suit.

When choosing a gift, try to give preference to well-known brands that have proven themselves in the market.

Avoid Chinese fakes of low-quality materials that can be dangerous to the health of your baby.

Gifts for Mom

Here are a few gift ideas that new mom will love.

  • Photo Frame. Perhaps there are no parents who would not like to capture the most touching moments in the life of a baby. Therefore, the family will have a huge number of pictures of sleeping, eating, crying, smiling, and so on crumbs. In order for these pictures to please the eye, you can give parents a beautiful frame, where they put the photo of the child. A large photo album, on the cover of which your congratulations on the occasion of the completion of the family will be written, will become a memorable and functional gift. You can give a digital photo frame, which is a more modern gift, however, and more expensive.
  • The original box. Birochka from the maternity hospital, the plaster imprint of the leg of the just-born baby and other cute little things parents can keep in a special box.
  • Mini-nanny. An audio or video system to monitor the baby will allow the mother to quietly do household chores or rest without worrying about the baby waking up and whimpering. Now, at any time, mom will know that in the next room, at this time, she makes her a crumb.
  • Scales for baby. Young mothers who breastfeed a child, very often worry about whether there is enough milk crumbs, whether he eats up. Sometimes these experiences can affect lactation. In order that the woman could control growth and development of the child, house scales will become an irreplaceable gift. It will be especially relevant for those families where there are premature babies, as these babies should be monitored daily for weight gain.
  • Baby changing table. You can, of course, swaddle the baby on the couch, but this is an extra burden for my mother's back. Moreover, on a special table there is a place for jars with powder, massage oil, which will facilitate the process of caring for the baby.
  • A close friend or sister can donate underwear for nursing mothers, slimming underwear to restore the figure after childbirth.

Gift for crumbs

Although the newborn baby will not be able to realize the essence of the gift, but they can emphasize its individuality and express their love.

  • Bath towel with a hood. Since it will be necessary to bathe a small child very often, such a towel will be a very relevant gift. Moreover, for the first time after discharge from the hospital, it may even take several such towels so that for the period of washing and drying one can wrap the crumbs in replaceable ones.
  • Baby blanket, envelope for winter walks. Such a gift can also be useful in two copies, so that during the washing of a soiled blanket does not deprive the child of the opportunity to breathe fresh air.
  • Clothing. Various overalls, dresses, "little men", vests and other items of children's wardrobe should be sewn only from natural fabrics, not have internal seams, labels, be of a practical style. Neither kids nor their parents like clothes that should be worn over their heads, so you should choose the most comfortable things.
  • Mobil The wheel with toys rotating above the crib will allow you to take the baby and give your mother the opportunity to spend time with the household and her own health. There are a lot of variants of such a toy, there are models with lighting and music.
  • Spoon of silver, can be bundled with a glass. Pretty expensive, but very useful gift. Silver ions eliminate pathogenic microbes and bacteria, so such dishes will enhance the health of the crumbs, and especially his teeth.
  • Car seat If there is a car in the family, then simultaneously with the birth of the baby, you should purchase a car seat of the appropriate size. Now, during any trip, whether in the clinic for a visit to a pediatrician or to visit grandparents, the baby will be reliably protected in case of unforeseen situations.
  • Stroller. The stroller can be multi-season, folding, with or without shock absorbers. The choice of stroller depends primarily on the financial capabilities of the giver, as the range of models is very wide.
  • Cot. It is desirable that the crib was made of natural materials, making it easy to take the baby in your arms, while at the same time preventing it from being injured during the absence of parents. It is advisable to buy it without an alcove or canopy, since the dust that accumulates there will fall into the baby's lungs.
  • Toys Toys should be bought according to the age of the baby, so that they do not pose a danger to him, and at the same time are not dust collectors.

What not to give

There are a number of gifts that may be unnecessary. In order not to be trapped, we will review their list.

  • Those women who intend to breastfeed their baby for a long time will not give the baby nipple bottles or pacifiers. Therefore, you should give such things after agreeing this gift with your mother, otherwise he may be unclaimed.
  • In the first period after discharge from the maternity hospital, you should be very careful with gifts like perfumes, deodorants, scented cosmetics, which can cause allergies to the baby.
  • Contrary to popular belief, diapers are the best gift, in practice this is not quite the case. Many people believe that the choice of diapers depends only on the weight of the child, so they give huge packaging, believing that they are never superfluous. Pampers, indeed, are very quickly consumed, and therefore are always needed, but before purchasing them as a gift, you should make sure that this model is suitable for the baby. It is believed that some models of diapers are more suitable for girls, while others - for boys. In addition, because of the individual characteristics of the child, some model may not like him. Therefore, it is better to clarify with the parents the preferences of the baby on this issue before buying a large package of diapers. Or give a small tutu so that mom can try, whether such diapers will work for her baby.
  • Giving money about the birth of a baby is somewhat primitive and unoriginal. However, if a girlfriend is not against such a gift, or even herself offers a similar option, he will greatly facilitate the selection process, and save time.

Of course, the process of choosing a gift is always very complicated and responsible. It is also important which flowers should be presented to the mother at discharge from the maternity hospital, and that you can give a tiny little man so as not to harm his health. But if it will be quite difficult with ideas, it is better to first discuss the gift with young parents. Then it will definitely be useful and necessary.

What documents are issued at discharge

  • Medical certificate of birth of a child, on the basis of which the first official child’s document - a birth certificate - will be issued at the registry office.
  • Exchange card maternity, which is transmitted to the antenatal clinic. This document contains information about the course of labor and the postpartum period.
  • Exchange card of the child, which will become part of the general outpatient card of the child in the children's clinic. It contains information about the newborn - weight, height, blood type, assessment of the general state at discharge, data on vaccination, and others.
  • Birth certificate, which a pregnant woman passed to the hospital at admission. Upon checkout, two coupons of this certificate are returned. They are transferred to the children's clinic, where the child will undergo free medical examinations up to 1 year.
  • In the case of complicated births, the mother is given a sick leave, due to which her maternity leave is extended.

How is the discharge procedure

On the day of discharge from the maternity hospital, both the woman in labor and the newborn are examined by doctors, the last blood and urine tests are performed, blood pressure and body temperature are measured. If "good" is received from both the pediatric doctor and the gynecologist, the newly-made mother is drawn up and handed out discharge documents. This procedure takes about half an hour.

Then my mother is invited to a lecture, where they will tell you how to properly care for your baby. After the lecture, she and the child are escorted to the dressing room. Outerwear and shoes are taken from the wardrobe, all other things necessary for the newborn and the mother are passed on by relatives. Do not forget to tell your relatives in advance what kind of clothes they should bring for you - on this wonderful day you will want to look especially beautiful.

What clothes do you need for your baby?

In our time, a newborn baby is not swaddled, but immediately dressed "as an adult" - in blouses, pants and overalls. The standard baby kit, which will be needed for a newborn when leaving the hospital, includes:

  • vest,
  • blouse,
  • knitted romper or bodysuit with overalls,
  • booties or socks,
  • a thin cap-cap, which closes the ears well (in spring, autumn and winter a warm knitted cap is put over it),
  • disposable diaper (size is selected depending on the weight of the baby),
  • outerwear - overalls or blanket envelope.

What to donate to the discharge from the hospital

Among the most desired gifts - clothes for the baby (suit for growth, overalls, a set of sliders or body). Next in terms of popularity are the cot, playpen, bath, baby carrier, as well as devices and devices that are useful for a family with a small child: a thermos bottle or a thermo bag for bottles, a baby monitor, a bedside lamp, an orthopedic feeding pillow, a May-sling or a sling backpack. Such a universal gift as a big package of diapers will never be superfluous.

But with baby dishes, cosmetics for infants, toys and rattles should be careful. Children's cosmetics should be only natural, the dishes for babies can be ceramic, plastic or glass, and withstand the treatment with boiling water. Toys should be made of safe material - hypoallergenic plastic, wood or natural fabrics, it is better to buy them in specialized stores, where all products have a certificate of quality.

Judging by the polls that were conducted among women, many of them consider the certificate to a special store “Everything for Kids”, where parents can choose the necessary things for their child, as an excellent gift for discharge from the maternity hospital.

What you need to take to the hospital?

To travel to childbirth, you will need to collect 2 bags - the first to stay in the hospital, the second - to be discharged. It is better to collect them in advance and sign. Read more about how to understand that it is time to go to the hospital →

In the first bag, which should be taken with you immediately, should be:

  • passport, exchange card, policy,
  • hygiene products for mom and baby,
  • comfortable casual clothes for babies and women in labor,
  • drinking water without gas, at least 1l,
  • postpartum bandage and underwear,
  • notebook, pen, book or magazines.

This list can be supplemented according to the requirements of the maternity hospital and personal wishes. In the second bag, brought by relatives before discharge, put beautiful and comfortable things for the young mother, taking into account the belly that was not completely gone, it is better to take those she wore in the first half of pregnancy.

What documents are required for discharge?

Documents at discharge from the hospital need the following:

  • birth certificate
  • an extract with information about the state of health of the woman
  • conclusion about the condition of the child, his physiological parameters, vaccination.

This documentation is prepared and provided by the hospital staff. If a woman has had a difficult labor, she is given an additional sick-list.

What does a child need?

Wanting to provide the baby with comfort, moms are wondering - what does a baby need for discharge? The main criterion - things must be selected according to the season.

A sample list of discharge from the hospital looks like this:

  • pampers of the appropriate size,
  • bodysuit with overalls or knitted romper and vest,
  • blouse,
  • socks,
  • 1-2 hats,
  • envelope or transformer overalls.

On what day and how is discharge from the hospital?

Many young mothers are interested in which day after birth they are discharged. If everything went without complications and naturally, this usually happens on the 3rd day. In the case of a cesarean section, the discharge after delivery is postponed to the 5-9th day. If there are complications in the health of the mother or newborn, the length of stay in the hospital is determined by the doctors individually.

Discharge of the baby from the hospital occurs after his examination by a pediatrician and taking the necessary tests. A woman is examined by an obstetrician-gynecologist. If their condition does not cause concern, extracts and other medical records are drawn up. The young mother is instructed to care for the newborn, collects things and changes clothes, the baby is dressed in formal clothes. At the exit, they meet with relatives and go home.

The organization of the solemn discharge from the hospital

The day of discharge from the maternity hospital is far from ordinary, rather nervous, but very happy. The newly-beaten mom wants to take the baby and be home as soon as possible, these feelings are clear. Therefore, to prepare everything for discharge from the hospital will have dad.

Main details:

  • Preparing for the meeting from the hospital.
  • Festive decoration of the house or apartment.
  • Conclusion of an agreement with a professional photographer.
  • Feast with a menu suitable for a nursing mother. Read more about the nutrition of nursing mothers after childbirth →

Naturally, first of all, you need to take into account the tastes of mummies, a surprise should be pleasant for her. The tested emotions will be remembered for a long time, besides, they will be fixed on photos and videos and will remain the same many years later. Some useful tips: you do not need to give flowers with a bright aroma, after birth the hormones are somewhat disturbed and the smell can cause irritation. Do not hand and too big a bouquet.

Of course, if you really want, you can do it at home. It is better to bring a small but original bouquet to the statement - it will look decent on the photos and will not take up much space. And if he is given to his mother in the morning, then she will be in a good mood.

The list of what is needed in the hospital for discharge, includes elegant clothes for the baby and mother. Also, do not forget about comfortable shoes and decorative cosmetics, if you wish, you can even call the makeup artist.

How is discharge from the hospital in a festive atmosphere? Usually, while the mother is going, the baby is dressed by the nursery child, then together they go out to the designated room to meet with relatives and friends.

Here you can present your gifts and bouquets, pose for photos and videos. Grateful dad presents the medical staff with a bouquet, sometimes a cake or a bottle of good liquor and everyone goes to the street. Depending on the weather and wishes of the heroes of the occasion, you can arrange a small photo shoot or go straight home.

Transportation is important, the car must be cleanly cleaned and equipped with a child car seat. As decorations on an extract from the maternity hospital, multicolored balloons, ribbons, soft toys, themed stickers, and various flower arrangements are perfect (or monochrome if this is the idea). And if transport turns out to be unusual, for example, a luxurious limousine, a fabulous carriage or an old car, then the excitement and amazement of all those present will be provided.

Ideas for discharge from the hospital: balloons

The easiest way to decorate the home and car with balls and toys of the same color. Extract son from the hospital can be made out in a standard blue, blue or turquoise. For discharge from the maternity hospital of the girl any shade of pink, lilac, orange will be suitable.

If the administration of the hospital does not interfere, you can decorate even the hospital yard. In winter, leave a bright inscription or pattern in the snow, hang everything with balloons of flowers, in a word, decorate the cold whiteness.

In summer and spring nature is bright, but here it is appropriate to add a few strokes. This can be done with the help of the heart, the name of the child, various figures of cartoon characters, collected from balls.

Important: do not try to bring all these balls home, if they start to spontaneously burst, the newborn will be frightened. Do not regret, release the balloons to the sky or present to the older children, share your happiness with others.

You can decorate your yard, porch, let everyone see that happiness has come to the house. For this purpose, suitable arches, fountains, flowers from the balls.

Garlands, flowers, souvenirs

The apartment also has a place for balloons and flowers, you can add them with a garland on which the baby’s name, height and weight at birth, date are written. Relatives and friends can submit ideas for discharge from the maternity hospital and take part in organizing the holiday - to make posters with greeting inscriptions and good wishes to the baby.

Если о своем счастье хочется объявить на весь мир, можно заказать оформление праздничного баннера, например, с надписью: «Спасибо, любимая!» для той же цели подойдет разноцветное граффити.

Немного времени займет оформление специального памятного альбома для малыша. На первую страничку можно приклеить фото ребенка, подписать его данные, а на следующих страницах оставят свои поздравления бабушки и дедушки, дядюшки и тетушки, братья и сестры.

It looks great decoration in the form of the name of the baby, made of voluminous multicolored letters, hanging on ribbons on the wall of the nursery. It can serve more than one year, delighting the growing child and his parents.

An interesting gift can be casts of tiny baby arms and legs. Growing up, he will compare how grown. Quite banal, but cakes made of diapers and hygiene products for babies are very popular. It looks elegant, creative, and in the household thing is useful.

Photo session with humor

You can take care of additional elements of the photo shoot: small crowns, sponges, antennae and bow ties, greeting banners, toys. Let the photos get as varied and interesting as possible.

For the most romantic

Romantic ladies will like the original extract from the hospital with live music at their own entrance. The gentle sound of a violin, guitar chords or a few angels with harps will not allow you to remain indifferent.

For people active and perky you can arrange a flash mob. This can be a dance or rhythmic, synchronous movement, chanting greetings, launching balloons or Chinese lanterns into the sky. You can bring to this all friends and acquaintances! And if you shoot all this on a professional camera, then vivid impressions will remain for life.


Organizing discharge from the maternity hospital involves a small treat for guests. At home they can wait for a full meal or buffet, snacks for champagne and other drinks. Tea drinking with sweets and birthday cake is also acceptable.

If mom is a sweet tooth, it is better to take care of a high-quality cake made only from natural and healthy products. In any case, guests on this day should not linger for a long time, the family should get acquainted with its new member, the best of all such things pass without prying eyes.

Features discharge from the hospital in different periods

Preparing for the trip home is directly dependent on weather conditions, especially with regard to the clothes of the baby. Consider what you need to discharge to the hospital for the crumbs, depending on the time of year.

In winter, children's outerwear should not be insulated, but really warm. An envelope on a sheepskin, transforming overalls with fur or with a thick padding (sintepon, holofiber) will suit.

Under the bottom wear slip, socks, fleece overalls. Hats need two - knitted and warm. Read more about discharge from the maternity hospital in winter →

For spring fit things warmed, but without a fur lining. Acceptable option - knitted romper, vest and cap, cotton blanket, knitted cap and warmed envelope.

In the fall, the baby is dressed in the same way as in spring. This may be a warmed envelope, fleece suit, knitted cap and overalls with a pile, a warm hat.

For summer discharge, especially in extreme heat, you can restrict light knitted body and hat. On top of them, the baby is wrapped in a thin cotton blanket.

What clothes to prepare for discharge from the hospital

For discharge, it is better to prepare two packages: things for the mother and things for the baby. Packages should be signed for the husband (relatives) so that nothing is mixed up.

Do not expect that dramatically lose weight. Undoubtedly, after giving birth, many kilograms will go away, but your old clothes that you wore before pregnancy will not fit you. It is quite difficult to guess your size after delivery and foresee what the weather will be on that day. You can make two or three options for clothes, ask your husband (relatives) to bring you after delivery, to try on and choose the desired option, but agree that this is too burdensome.

I have never perceived this wonderful day as an event that needs to be vigorously celebrated, to dress up ... The main thing for me is that I am going home with my baby. All the same, what will be put on me, the main thing is that it should fit and I feel comfortable and tidy, so that you can also look at the photo without tears.

In the package for discharge it is better to put the clothes that you wore at 5 months of pregnancy.

Both times I was discharged in what came to the hospital. To some extent, it is not very pleasant to wear the clothes in which the pregnant woman went, you already want to show that you are not so fat, to look confident and beautiful. But, you see, you can suffer. To each his own, decide for yourself ...

List of things for mom

It all depends on the time of year when you are discharged (from the weather). If this is summer, then everything is simple and easy. It is enough to prepare a dress, blouse (just in case) and shoes. The situation is more difficult in the cold season. There is something to think about ... I will write a superficial list, so that it was something to push off ...

  1. Bra (if you are going to feed the baby, then a bra for nursing mothers)
  2. Underpants
  3. Feminine hygiene pads - 2 pcs. (just in case)
  4. Sanitary pads for nursing mothers (for breasts)
  5. Roll on deodorant
  6. Necessary cosmetics to light up and like herself in the photos
  7. Loose clothes (either that you wore at 5 months of pregnancy, or a size larger than you had before pregnancy)
  8. Tights, if necessary
  9. Jacket, coat, sweater, hat (if necessary, depending on the weather)
  10. Footwear

The list of things for the newborn

  1. Disposable diapers - 2-3 pcs. (just in case)
  2. Wet Wipes (just in case)
  3. Vest shirt or body
  4. Sliders
  5. Suit
  6. Cap
  7. Cap (according to the season)
  8. Wool socks or knitted booties
  9. Envelope or blanket, according to the season
  10. If you wrap in a blanket, you need a ribbon: for a girl, all shades of red (pink, red, crimson, etc.), for a boy, all shades of blue (blue, blue, cobalt, etc.). The tape is better to take 5 meters, then there will be a beautiful bow. Perhaps for a blanket, you will need a duvet cover and a corner. It all depends on your preferences.
  11. If you go by car, think about what you will carry the baby in - in the cradle, in the car seat for newborns or in your arms ... Remember, safety first!

The stores sell a lot of sets on the statement. It is only necessary to choose a set in accordance with the time of year, to purchase the missing, and the baby is ready for discharge.

Statement in winter

She gave birth to her first son in winter. On extract she wore: nappy, vest thin, vest-shirt warm, socks thin socks, wool, feet swaddled in a thin diaper, and then wrapped everything in a flannel diaper (yes, then still swaddled children), cap warm, beanie knit (cap and a hat must be taken such that two of your little cups are put together, like a newborn's head), a corner, a wadded blanket in a duvet cover, a ribbon of dark blue color.

How is discharge from the hospital

You will learn about discharge in a day or two from the doctors. On the day of discharge, you will receive all the necessary documents that I described above. Get gifts from the city. You will be told what time to be ready, and by what time those who meet (husband, relatives, guests) come.

The discharge from the maternity hospital itself goes rather quickly: you go down with the nurse and the child to the exit, change clothes in a special room (if the maternity hospital is equipped with such a room). If there is no such room, then all gatherings (changing clothes, dressing the baby) are held in the ward. Then solemnly go out to a happy dad, relatives and guests. By tradition, the newly-made dad presents flowers to his wife and gifts to the nurse. Takes the baby from the nurse. Everything that happens next is up to you.

If you want to arrange a solemn day on this occasion, then you need to think about it in advance. How will you get home (by transport or walk on foot)? Will you decorate the transport? Will you come back in your car ..., or ask friends to hire a taxi? Who will be called on an extract (from friends and relatives)? Will you hire a professional photographer, videotaping? Or maybe you want a salute ... etc. All this needs to be discussed with the husband in advance. Someone wants the meeting from the maternity hospital to be solemn: with balloons, champagne, photos and video cameras, a limousine, gifts, fireworks ... And someone thinks that all this is completely useless. In order for everyone to be happy, we need to discuss all the little things together, and come to a consensus.

What to give in the hospital

It is customary to give a health worker who takes out a child, flowers, but believe me, the last thing they want to see is flowers. Doctors are materialists by definition, so it’s best to give sweets, chocolate, coffee, champagne, (cognac, and other good spirits). It is also customary to give money: 1000 rubles for a boy, 500 rubles for a girl. Someone says that for a girl 1000 rubles, and for a boy 1500 rubles. Meaning one, give more for a boy, less for a girl. See your material possibilities.

Both times gave birth for free. After giving birth, the first child, the doctor and the midwife thanked him with cake and champagne. After giving birth to the second child, she did not thank the doctors, because she did not know the names of the medical staff and did not remember the faces.

On discharge, the health worker who carried the child out both times gave flowers, champagne, candy and money (both times 1 thousand rubles each).