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22 week of pregnancy - fetal development, photo, ultrasound, belly and perturbation at week 22

There comes the 22 week of pregnancy. The movements of the lower abdomen finally stand out against the background of other processes occurring in the body. Now they can not be confused with the banal rumbling or bloating. You and the baby have already gone half the way of development, with the most difficult and responsible part of it. This gestation period is characterized by increasing need for iron. And the most important and interesting thing is what happens to your precious baby, how it grows and develops.

22 week - how many months?

The second trimester continues, the 22nd week of pregnancy is on. The movements of the abdomen are not just obvious, the baby is already trying to play with you, and you can guess the time of activity and rest. This is the most peaceful and cloudless period of the entire pregnancy, the baby is not too big yet, and mother feels light, there is an opportunity to lead a full, active life. But at the same time, regular movements make it known that life is developing inside you. There is a second week of the sixth month of pregnancy - not much time remains until maternity leave.

The stomach has already increased significantly, now my mother is required to purchase special clothes in which she will be comfortable. But at the same time, the tummy is not yet so big as to interfere with tying shoelaces or leading a habitual way of life. It's time to think about special products to moisturize the skin, since its constant tension can lead to the appearance of gaps.

Fruit during this period

The doctor put a record in the card stating that the 22nd week of pregnancy had begun. The movement in the lower abdomen at this stage is one of the factors that mark the proper development of the child. If until now you have not felt the slightest movement of the child, the doctor will definitely order an additional examination to assess the condition of the fetus. There comes a phase of active growth of the baby and his preparation for life outside of my mother's tummy.

Transformed and the appearance of your crumbs. His hair begins to grow, his eyebrows are clearly visible. Hair is still colorless, as melanin did not have time to appear. The kid begins to actively explore the world and himself. He bends the legs and arms, moves them. That is what mom feels at 22 weeks gestation. The movements of the abdomen are nothing but a manifestation of this activity. Now the crumb is already able to suck his finger, and the development of the brain allows you to make a choice: tilt the head or lift the finger to the mouth. Vision and taste buds of the baby are actively developing - this will allow him to explore the world after birth.

The second planned ultrasound marks 22 week of pregnancy. The movements of the lower abdomen give the doctor information to adjust the period, and the examination will allow you to calculate the expected date of birth as accurately as possible. In addition, the uzist examines the fetus for possible malformations. For completeness, the doctor determines the parameters of the baby’s body and the ratio of its parts. This survey is usually remembered 22 week of pregnancy. Photos of your ultrasound can be placed in a frame until the first image of the newborn appears.

Fetus size

Your child is still quite small, but every day he will change and grow. There is a 22 week gestation, photos of the fetus demonstrate a real man with several angular forms. Its height from the top of the head to the tailbone is about 16 cm, and to the heels - about 25 cm. That is, inside you there is a creation the size of a large banana. Only from this moment can one fully appreciate the growth of the child, until then the small bent legs were not taken into account. Your baby's weight is about 300 g. Despite its miniature size, all the most important organs and systems are already formed and able to fully function. True, he has virtually no chance of surviving at birth at the moment.

The heartbeat can now be easily heard using a normal tube, through the anterior abdominal wall of the pregnant woman. The first stage is completed - the formation of lungs, now the baby begins to make the first episodic breaths. This moment is characterized by the 22 week of pregnancy. Photo ultrasound can capture the moment when the pussy inhales and swallows the amniotic fluid. This is an excellent bowel training, which is already starting to work. The result will be the original calories, called meconium. This is a black viscous mass, which will begin to stand out from the intestines in the first days after birth.

Fetal development

If you have 22 weeks of pregnancy, the size of the fetus has already reached its first serious stage. The brain is almost completely formed, its intensive growth slows down, now it reaches a weight of about 100 g. The brain contains a full set of cells, now it's time to improve reflexes. The endocrine glands begin to develop actively, sweat glands are launched, the size of the heart increases, and calcium continues to be deposited in the bone tissue. Surprisingly, there is another indicator that characterizes the 22 week of pregnancy. The size of the fetus is still quite small, but the spine is already fully formed.

Woman at 22 week

You have already undergone an ultrasound. According to the results, the doctor confirmed that there is 22 week of pregnancy. Fetal development is all that worries mom today. But it is equally important to know what is happening with your own body. Now you got to half way. This is a significant mark, the next time will fly even faster, bringing the term of delivery with each day. Now the top of the uterus is located at the level of the navel, and gradually it will rise even higher. It is necessary to make sure that you get enough iron, now it is really necessary. This is required by the growing baby, the placenta and the constant increase in the amount of blood. Surely your gynecologist will prescribe iron-containing drugs, as soon as 22 weeks of pregnancy. The development of the fetus occurs by leaps and bounds. Now raised demands for nutrition women. We will talk about this a little later, but for now we will continue to discuss the feelings of the future mother.

Changes in week 22

Each woman by this time accumulates a lot of questions, almost all of them are related to the development of the baby and the upcoming birth. Therefore, it is worth signing up for maternity courses as soon as 22 weeks of pregnancy reaches. The photo of the fetus still shows the blurry outlines of the little man, but he will grow up very soon, so it is worth preparing in advance. You still have about 14 weeks to fully meet the birth.

In the meantime, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sleep. This is understandable in terms of physiology. The first difference is that you started snoring. It is associated with hormones, due to which the nasopharynx swells. There can be only one way out - to sleep on your side or half-sitting. There is another violation: as soon as the woman lies down, the attack of heartburn increases. Exit again the same - put more pillows under the head.

Seizures are another unpleasant symptom that occurs when pregnancy is 22 weeks. A fetal photo is the only thing that can bring moral relief. After all, you do not suffer in vain. The cause of cramps is usually trivial - a protest of muscles against excess weight, which has to be worn. Try rubbing your feet for the night with special balms, make warm baths, take different positions, put pillows under your feet. Until the end of the term will have to experiment, because while you have only 22 weeks of pregnancy. The size of the fetus will only increase, delivering more and more physical discomfort, but also the joy of approaching a meeting with a miracle.

Feelings during this period

The most interesting period is the 22nd week of pregnancy. What happens to the baby, now you can judge not only the results of the examination by a doctor. From now on you constantly feel his movements, he not only stretches his knees, pushing his mother, but also sends certain signals to her. So, for example, the activity of the child may mean the requirement to turn down the loud music. But there are more alarming signals. Too frequent and sudden movements of the crumbs can mean a lack of oxygen, and the absence of movement for more than a day is an ominous symptom. So opens the period of communication with the baby 22 week of pregnancy. What happens to your child, now you can feel like never before, because it responds to your touch and invitation to interact.

Doctor's recommendations

If you have reached this period, then most often it indicates that the normal development of pregnancy is underway. Week 22 is the time when mothers need to pay close attention to their own health, especially with regard to the urinary system. Pregnancy most often provokes exacerbation of diseases such as cystitis and pyelonephritis. This can have very terrible consequences, therefore it is necessary to regularly undergo examinations, to pass urine. The disturbing symptoms are severe swelling, agonizing thirst and little urination.

The doctor will send you to the examination to assess the development of pregnancy (week 22). As usual, it will be necessary to donate blood, according to which doctors will determine the level of sugar, the number of white blood cells and red blood cells. The second line will serve as urine. A particularly alarming symptom is the presence of protein in it, which can lead to preeclampsia, a terrible complication. To warn him, the doctor regularly conducts weighing, measures the abdominal circumference, checks for the presence of edema.

Normally, they do not change throughout pregnancy. This is all the same moderate light discharge with a sour smell. If they drastically change their color and smell, become greenish and bubbly or yellow - this is the reason to immediately consult a doctor. It is especially important not to delay with medical care if blood appears in the secretions. A timely visit to the doctor will prevent the situation from worsening.

Sex on week 22

Is not the reason for the lack of intimate life and 22 week of pregnancy. The movements of the fetus at the time of proximity of parents usually subside, it seems to freeze, so as not to interfere with mom and dad to be alone. Perhaps his soothing rhythmic movements and hormones produced by mom at this moment. But postures that promote a strong compression of the abdomen are not recommended. Do not forget that there are three of you now.

Woman nutrition

Imposes special restrictions on diet 22 week of pregnancy. How many months more will pass before you can afford harmful, but tasty foods! After all, there is still a long breastfeeding ahead. But motherhood is worth it, so you have to be patient. Now you need to monitor your weight, which means that food should be extremely useful and natural. Try to minimize white rationed bread and pastries, sweets, smoked meats, and convenience foods in the diet. You need protein, so you can eat lean meat and fish, dairy products, as well as vegetables and fruits in unlimited quantities. Proper nutrition - is the key to the normal development of the child. Easy childbirth!

What happens during the 22nd week of pregnancy?

The size of the baby continues to grow, completing the formation of all major organs and even systems, now his organs will grow and mature. Changes also occur in the future mother's body - it is on week 22 that a significant increase in circulating blood volume occurs, which means that the blood supply to not only the placenta and baby is improved, but also to all the organs of the mother.

At 22 weeks of pregnancy, mothers usually do not suffer from toxicosis, while the tummy is still neat and does not interfere with everyday life. Due to good health, intimacy with the baby, the life of the mother plays with new colors - this is the best time to relax, communicate with loved ones, walks in nature.

The fetus at 22 weeks of pregnancy and its development

So the 22nd week of pregnancy has come - the development of the fetus enters a new phase, the formation of the main organs and systems is completed. Of course, the baby is still far from full maturity, its organs and systems still need to grow for a long time, but the basic structures are already fully assembled. At this stage of intrauterine development, the child is not able to do without a mother, therefore birth at the 22nd week of pregnancy usually ends tragically. Therefore, the future mom should be careful, take care of herself and follow all the recommendations to make a healthy baby.

At this stage, the fetal brain can reach a weight of 100g, and convolutions begin to form on its surface. All brain cells have already been formed, and further brain growth continues due to the formation of processes of neurons. This is how various connections between different parts of the brain and spinal cord are formed.

The spine also finishes the formation - more and more calcium is deposited in the bone structures, vertebrae and intervertebral discs are formed.

The heart of the baby increases significantly in size, it decreases with a frequency of 140-160 beats per minute. Sometimes the knock of a small heart can be heard by putting an ear to mother's tummy.

The crumbs begin to grow hair and marigolds, eyebrows and eyelashes appear. Hair is still thin and transparent, but already quite noticeable. Marigold slightly away from the fingers.

Since the nervous system of the child is actively maturing, its physical activity becomes more focused. In earlier terms, the baby moved erratically with his arms and legs, but now he is trying to grab the umbilical cord, the other hand or the legs with his fingers. In addition, if you attach your palm to the tummy, the baby may approach the palm of the palm, and when exposed to bright light, on the contrary, hide from it.

The movements of the baby in the 22 week of pregnancy

Usually, during the first pregnancy, Mommy begins to feel the distinct movements of her baby by the 20th week of pregnancy. And by the 22nd week, the mother is already well distinguished movements of the baby from the work of the internal organs.

The child is becoming more active every day, and now he is training his coordination. If the mother is in an uncomfortable position for the child or does not have enough oxygen, he begins to move more actively, and may even cause mommy pain. Try to change the position - the crumb must calm down.

If the baby suddenly becomes too active, does not calm down when the situation changes, and vice versa - you do not feel his movements for more than a day, you need to urgently go to the clinic, this may indicate a violation of the course of pregnancy and fetal suffering from severe hypoxia.

Proper nutrition

The future mummy's tummy is not very big yet, the uterus may not yet squeeze the stomach and intestines as it will be in one or two weeks. Nevertheless, a woman should accustom herself to a more light and fractional diet, then she will not be so tormented by heartburn. Heartburn arises from the fact that the pregnant uterus squeezes the stomach, and gastric juice enters the esophagus.

The most important thing in nutrition is to include in the diet all the necessary substances and the use of a sufficient amount of liquid. After all, a mother should not only eat well herself, she should provide her baby with all the plastic materials, it grows fast, and for normal development it should not suffer from a lack of nutrient macro and microelements.

Mom should eat enough fiber (fruit and vegetable dishes, cereals), protein (fish, low-fat meat products, legumes), in the diet should be dairy products. It is better to abandon simple carbohydrates - sugar and sweets, and white bread to change to whole grain. Weight at 22 weeks of pregnancy should increase by no more than 6 kg from the original. If you notice that weight gain is too big - you should reconsider your eating plan, otherwise pathological weight gain will cause you to feel bad enough to give birth, there may be problems in childbirth.

Feelings Mom

22 week of pregnancy - the most beautiful time for the future mom. She can do her usual activities, while mommy is not always noticeable that she is pregnant. A significant increase in blood flow makes the mother easier to lift, and a whole breakthrough can happen in the sexual life - because of the improved blood supply to the genitals, sex life becomes very bright, many women experience orgasm for the first time.

Many men are frightened of having sex with their pregnant wife, they are afraid to harm the baby. It is important to understand that the child is well protected, and with the observance of elementary caution it is almost impossible to cause harm.

During this period, a woman’s blood volume increases significantly, while the rate of red blood cell formation may not keep pace with the increase in fluid volume. Because of this, at this time a woman can often experience physiological anemia - to prevent it, you need to consume more foods containing iron. In addition, the fetus consumes a lot of calcium, because of which its level in the mother’s blood can decrease (it often manifests with cramps in the calf muscles), therefore calcium intake should also be increased.

Увеличение объема жидкости в организме может проявляться отеками – многие мамочки начинают замечать у себя отеки именно на этом сроке, размер ноги может увеличиться, а кольца на пальцах вообще не стоит носить – из-за отеков они очень сдавливают ткани, иногда их затруднительно снять.

Discharge at 22 weeks gestation scant mucous, without unpleasant odor. You should be wary if brown or bloody discharges appear, cheesy and greenish discharges may indicate infections.

Pain in the 22nd week of pregnancy

The tummy grows, which means that the load on the spine is growing. If you are more and more worried about back pain, lumbar ache - it's time to think about wearing a special support band, it will remove excess weight from the vertebrae and help you get rid of pain.

Abdominal pains at 22 weeks of gestation are dangerous - if they are accompanied by persistent tension of the uterus, brown discharge or blood clots, this may be a sign of the threat of termination, an urgent need to contact the clinic.

During this period, training contractions may appear - the muscles of the uterus tighten, then relax. Usually such cuts are painless, they go away after a change in body position, if mommy is like. Contractions in the 22nd week of pregnancy, which became painful and prolonged, accompanied by bloody discharge, also serve as a sign of the onset of labor.

Required analyzes and studies at 22 weeks

The visits to the antenatal clinic in this trimester are carried out monthly. Before the visit to the doctor, you should pass a general urinalysis.

At the reception in the clinic, the doctor will make a measurement of the abdomen, measure blood pressure, weigh the future mom, and also listen to the baby’s heartbeat with a special stethoscope. These measurements are very important for assessing the development of the crumbs and the state of the mother's body.

Usually in the period of 21-23 weeks of pregnancy, repeated ultrasound screening is carried out. Ultrasound at 22 weeks gestation allows you to assess the general condition and development of the baby, the state of the baby (placenta), amniotic fluid. Often at the specified time it is possible to determine the sex of your baby, but due to its small size errors are possible.

Of course, a twin pregnancy proceeds in a slightly different way. The tummy of a mother with twins at this time is usually well marked, she begins to tire more, and pain in her back appears. Kids are actively moving, which also can cause inconvenience to mom.

Mommy twins should carefully monitor their diet, eat a varied, but not to overeat. It is necessary to relax more, to walk in the fresh air, to devote more time to communication with the kids. Your children already distinguish sounds and distinguish mom's voice from others (although they hear the lower voice of daddy too), so try to sing and read more to your crumbs.

I read that from the 20th week of pregnancy you can hear the child's heart beating, just putting your ear to the stomach. I have 22 weeks of pregnancy, and neither the husband nor the mother-in-law can hear the fetal heartbeat. Is the baby all right?

Indeed, since the 20th week of pregnancy there is a chance to hear the heartbeat of the fetus, putting his head to the stomach. However, for a clear distinction of the heart, many factors are important - in what position the child is, how much amniotic fluid is in the uterus, and much more. In the later periods it is much easier to hear the knock of the heart. Do not be discouraged if you are unable to listen to the heart at 22 weeks - this does not mean anything bad.

I have already had a term of five and a half months, I seem to be picking up weight, I don’t drink much water, but my legs and arms began to swell. What do edemas say at the 22nd week of pregnancy?

By the 22nd week of pregnancy, your body is trying hard to store water, because the volume of blood for the mother and her baby should be double. At this period, many moms have edema, and it often scares them. If your edema is not too pronounced, is not accompanied by poor results of urine tests and an increase in pressure, then they are absolutely normal for a given period of pregnancy.

This is what your baby looks like at week 22

The baby still has enough free space for the mother in the tummy, and he actively uses it, constantly rotates, kicks. The pregnant woman feels these “heats” as movements and shocks.

Most of the day the fetus is asleep, the period of rest should be about 22 hours, and, according to the law of meanness, it begins to be awake when mom goes to bed.

Taste receptors react to the food taken by the mother - sweet foods lead to more ingestion of the amniotic fluid, sour (if you follow with the help of an ultrasound), the baby frowns.

Ultrasound in the 22 week of pregnancy

At week 22 it is still possible to produce a second screening ultrasound if you did not have time for the 21st. All organs of the fetus are clearly visible and the specialist carefully assesses their shape, size, excludes the presence of defects.

In addition, the study protocol included a mandatory assessment of the conformity of the size of the fetus to the gestational age, size, location, and placenta condition.

The following measurements are obligatory: biparietal size, fronto-occipital size, head circumference, abdominal circumference, femur, humerus, forearm bones, lower leg bones and their assessment using tables.

What happens in your body at week 22?

Weight gain and tummy increase continue. The uterus is enlarged and located 2-3 cm above the navel.

The allowable weight gain for the week is 300-500 g., The excess of these indicators may indicate edema. The risk of fluid retention in the body - swelling of the placenta and the deterioration of its blood supply, and, consequently, the deterioration of the nutrition of the fetus.

Hormonal background and increased need for trace elements, can lead to bleeding gums, to combat this nuisance is to choose a toothpaste, brush, and also use vitamin-mineral complexes.

Often, a woman is accompanied by constant nasal congestion. The condition can be alleviated by washing the nose with a solution of sea salt.

Weakness and dizziness due to physiological decrease in hemoglobin.

Your feelings on week 22

Customary and acceptable in week 22 are heartburn, back pain, and swelling of the lower extremities. But the pulling or cramping pain in the lower abdomen, should alert the pregnant woman, especially if they are permanent, obsessive. Increasing the tone of the uterus in combination with pulling back pain and bloody discharge - a disturbing bell! Seek help immediately.

Starting at week 22, Brexton-Higgins training fights may occur, they are irregular, do not cause painful sensations, and are not accompanied by bleeding.

Discharge from the genital tract

The nature of the discharge at this stage of pregnancy is light, moderate, with an unobtrusive sourish odor. A change in the color of the secretions towards yellow or green indicates the accession of an infection that must be treated without fail - an untreated infection from the vagina can rise into the uterine cavity and infect the baby.

There should be no bloody discharge from the genital tract. If even insignificant spotting is detected, the help of a gynecologist is required.

Bleeding can mucous, after intercourse, especially if there is erosion. But it is only possible to establish such a source when viewed from a woman with the help of mirrors. If there are no injuries to the mucous membrane, placental abruption may be the cause of the bleeding - bright discharge indicates a recent detachment, dark brown - a long-standing case.

Significant fluid discharges may indicate leakage, amniotic fluid. To diagnose conduct special tests and produce ultrasound.

Photos of tummies

I have nothing to wear, honestly!

Now is the time to reconsider your wardrobe, but this does not mean that you definitely need to buy special clothes for pregnant women, in accordance with the type of trousers with elastic waist. During this period, you will not have to change your tastes in clothes drastically, good, the time of strict rules is in the past. For example, some pregnant women just love to show off their belly, showing it with short tops and pants with a low waist. In other words, dress so that you feel comfortable in all respects, as the feeling of pleasure will instantly be transferred to the child!

You and your body

On this and up to the 26th week, the uterus will continue to grow on the other side of the navel and take vital capacity from the lungs. Therefore, do not be surprised at frequent shortness of breath: nature is now more generous to a new life, moving the future mother’s chest up and adjusting the location of the lower ribs.

Indigestion and Heartburn (Medication) - your old friends are still with you, thanks to progesterone, such an important pregnancy hormone that works to soften the muscles in the pelvic region. Consequently, it relaxes the gastrointestinal tract, and also makes digestion a less “hard” process. So, do not overdo it with curry and the like food predilections of pregnancy, otherwise - pay twice and much later.

Keep constipation under control by consuming large amounts of fiber, drinking plenty of water and having roughage in the diet. Do not get carried away with white bread of processed varieties and pasta, which will significantly complicate the procedure for moving the contents of the colon. If you feel uncomfortable, then talk to a midwife, doctor or pharmacist about safe alternatives to facilitate bowel movement.

Your legs, particularly your ankles, will swell by the end of the day, as more fluid than usual is now retained in the body. In order to avoid swelling of the lower extremities, you should take care of comfortable shoes and go to the maximum comfort, rather than chasing fashion and style. In addition, shoes and walk you need in something that does not involve bending down and tying shoelaces, for example.

Your emotional changes in the 22nd week of pregnancy

"Amnesia of pregnancy" or "blurred brain", call it what you want, but the first and second means the same thing. Do not worry! Numerous scientific studies prove that each of us is able to solve multitasking, but then the quality of the achieved result suffers. So try to focus and complete one thing before moving on to another. In the end, stop demanding too much from you now, because you are carrying a child! Is this not enough?

The 22nd week of pregnancy is the golden time for all sorts of doubts in the predawn hours. For example, you may wonder about parenting or questioning your ability to be a mother in general. Such gloomy thoughts are absolutely normal and even necessary before such a significant event as the birth of a child.

If you are very busy during the day, then it is quite possible that you can forget and remember your pregnancy only in the evening. On the one hand, this is also normal, but on the other hand, the child must constantly feel welcome!

Already thought about how to name your unborn child? Or maybe you are one of those lucky women who originally knew that name? Perhaps dad also put it more than clear in this regard? Anyway, think-guess, buy interesting books, search on the Internet, or even study the family's family tree for inspiration at all! By the way, you can go for a walk and listen to how the names of other children sound from the mouths of their mothers. And be prepared to change your mind a million times ...

Your baby is 22 weeks pregnant

  • More development and subtle tuning of small muscles, along with thumb sucking, holding the umbilical cord, hiccuping or practicing the grasping reflex.
  • More fat is laid in a small body, so the baby no longer looks as translucent as it was a couple of weeks ago. However, this does not mean that you need to eat to the dump, allegedly providing additional food for the child. Experts strongly recommend that during pregnancy, increase normal food intake by only 10%, that is, by 1050 kilojoules per day more during the second trimester: it could be another fruit, a handful of nuts, or a “healthy” sandwich.
  • Already have tiny nails and genitals. Many children have enlarged genitalia at birth, due to the "violent activity" of pregnancy hormones. During the first few weeks after birth, the baby will fall into place in terms of more normal sizes.

How to spend the 22nd week of pregnancy?

Plan a vacation, because now is the time to take the final timeout before giving birth and take the opportunity to travel as a whole. First, it is about the comfort of a pregnant woman, and secondly, the restrictions on flying in an “interesting” position.

Avoid back strain, all kinds of inclinations, and anything that can squeeze the baby in the stomach. Try to raise yourself first on your knees from a sitting or lying position. Low back pain is a non-replaceable companion of pregnancy, but in a cruel way, it takes care of your spine. By the way, buy a quality mattress, considering that you will spend 1/3 of each day for 9 months in bed.

Try a recovery bath, unless you are at risk. Many moms just love to lie in the water and feel all the "charms" of the 22nd week: sensation of movement of fetal movements , along with sharp sensations in the bladder. But all these are signs that the baby is active and healthy!

Practice your pelvic floor exercises, while avoiding repetitive, sharp exercises, as well as running. At this stage, walking, swimming, stretching, yoga or Pilates are simply the ideal option for enjoying life during pregnancy!