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8 reasons for "male weakness": fried potatoes, gym and

Sexual powerlessness in men is a violation of normal erection and the impossibility of sexual intercourse. If a similar situation happened once, then there is no need to worry, but frequent or permanent violations of sexual power - this is an occasion to think about your mental and physical health.

Sexual impotence can be manifested by the disappearance of erection in the process of sexual intercourse, as well as the absence of ejaculation. There is no medical or domestic norms about the speed of erection.

Impotence can be considered a pathology, when a man has a significantly reduced erection compared with the previous sex life. According to statistics, almost half of men after forty years experience sexual exhaustion and have problems in their sexual life.

Causes of impotence

Impotence may appear for a number of reasons. It is very important to distinguish between these causes and identify them in time. In addition, sexual weakness can be a symptom of a dangerous disease.

Causes of erectile dysfunction in men:

  • Psychological factor. This is the most common reason a man may develop sexual weakness. The psychological cause of sexual weakness can be self-doubt, fear of failure in sex, overexcitement, previous failures and other fears. Male impotence due to fear or self-doubt can occur in both adults and young men. The reasons for the absence or weak erection may be associated with fatigue, irritability or anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Neurogenic causes. Male impotence can cause abnormalities in the spinal cord or some nerve receptors. Excitation in the brain and blood circulation in the small pelvis in a man are tightly connected with each other, and their “communication” goes through the spinal cord. Diseases or injuries can break this bond and cause impotence in men.
  • Organic lesions. With organic lesions, an erection is disturbed due to the fact that a mechanical barrier may appear on the way of normal blood circulation. This is primarily due to a wide range of inflammatory diseases, edema of the testicles, injuries of the groin and the penis.
  • Vascular diseases. Sexual impotence in men after 40 is most often associated with a violation of the cardiovascular system. Atherosclerosis, hypertension, impaired normal blood circulation due to other diseases - one of the common causes of the lack of a normal erection.
  • Endocrine disorders. Some diseases of the endocrine system can cause hormonal disorders in men, which significantly reduces sexual opportunities. This is often observed in overweight men.
  • The use of drugs. Some drugs (vasodilators, psychotropic, hormonal, etc.) can not only disrupt the erection, but also significantly reduce the libido in men.

Treatment of sexual impotence

Treatment of psychological impotence can be called both the easiest and the most difficult.

If a man because of fear or stress cannot lead a full-fledged sex life, there is no need to visit a bunch of doctors, undergo an examination and use medications for treatment. But at the same time, “to destroy” a psychological barrier sometimes is much more difficult than to cure a disease.

Currently, there are many practices and techniques that help identify and cope with the problem that provokes impotence.

How to cope with the problem when there was male impotence, what to do in the first place? It is imperative to determine the first moment when it happened the first time. This will help to more accurately identify the problem.

Mild forms of psychological impotence can be defeated through conversations with a psychologist, special physical exercises, and, importantly, special nutrition. For other, more serious problems, hypnosis and suggestion sessions may be conducted, and a course of antidepressants may be prescribed.

Special medications that help to return an erection by improving blood circulation, such as Viagra, will help with this problem only if the man has an erection, even if only in a minimal amount.

In the absence of an erection, special injection courses are conducted. During the injection, a certain amount of vasodilator is injected into the area of ​​the penis. It helps to begin sexual intercourse even in the complete absence of arousal of the penis.

In case of serious diseases or in case of a total violation of the venous circulation, the patient is entitled to treatment of sexual impotence, which is used for injuries and serious injuries of the penis. At the same time, a special prosthesis is placed in the area of ​​the soft tissues of the organ. This procedure is called endoprosthetics of the penis and is the most radical way to treat erectile dysfunction.

Traditional medicine for sexual impotence

Treatment of impotence with the help of traditional medicine is the best option for most men. This is due to the fact that men rarely go to a doctor with a similar problem, considering such a disease as obscene.

The following plants are excellent "fighters" for men's health:

  • Ginger. The best prevention against male impotence is ginger tea, which can be drunk every day. It helps to get rid of the weakened potency. To improve an erection, it is necessary to add a teaspoon of ginger juice to food daily. Improve blood circulation and invigorate the body bath with a decoction of ginger. To do this, boil the root of the plant for several minutes, and then add the broth to a warm bath.
  • Ginseng. In the east, this plant has always been considered the best remedy for male sex disorders. It not only returned a healthy erection, but also filled the body with new forces. When impotence is recommended to use tincture of ginseng. To do this, a small amount of crushed plants is poured with a bottle of vodka and infused for three weeks, the tincture should be mixed daily. A few drops to food will help return all the joys of sex life.
  • Walnuts. This medicine can be called, perhaps, the most delicious remedy for potency. You can return to an active sex life by eating at least 15 nuts a day. To improve the potency prepare the following dessert: chopped walnuts mixed with honey and dried fruits. Take this "medicine" is necessary, drinking it with goat milk to enhance the effect.
  • Decoctions of herbs. Some herbs contain phytochemicals that can improve a man’s health and heal erectile dysfunction. To do this, it is recommended to use teas and decoctions of clover leaves, mint, lemon balm, white turtle, etc.
  • Mumie. Mumiyo is considered a unique drug. It contains a huge variety of minerals and is used to treat a large number of diseases. When impotence is recommended to use a mixture of mummy and honey.

In the treatment of sexual impotence, it is important to build therapy not only on drugs, but also on improving the quality of life. In case of violation of men's health, it is necessary to give up bad habits and devote more time to sports.

It is proved that a person's nutrition can influence his sexual abilities. When erectile dysfunction is better to abandon a large amount of fatty and high-calorie foods, replacing it with vegetables, fruits and nuts.

AiF Health advises

► Enhance sexual potential foods rich in vitamin E: nuts, sunflower seeds, lobsters, liver, eggs, cereals (especially buckwheat and oatmeal), seeds of apples and other fruits. Most of all vitamin E in vegetable oils, especially soy and cotton. But they will benefit only when used in natural form, and not when toasting.

► Seafood, fish, berries and fruits containing vitamin C, as well as herbal products rich in beta-carotene (carrots, parsley, apricots, cabbage, and sweet peppers) are also useful for potency. They contain substances that prevent aging.

Symptoms of sexual weakness in men

You can talk about male weakness when a man cannot begin, complete or end sexual intercourse. In other words, this condition is called impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Important! Impotence in 80% of cases occurs due to previous diseases or congenital abnormalities. Only 20% caused by psychogenic factors.

Doctors divide erectile dysfunction into two types: organic and psychogenic, described in the table.

  • begins gradually
  • constant,
  • appears after any illness, medication,
  • lack of morning and night erection,
  • during sex, the blood filling of the penis decreases dramatically
  • recurrent pain over the pubis,
  • difficulty urinating,
  • appearance of turbid urine,
  • discharge from the penis with an unpleasant smell,
  • change of urine stream,
  • frequent urination at night
  • difficult ejaculation (ejaculation)
  • suddenly begins
  • disturbs periodically,
  • appears under stress, emotional arousal,
  • night and morning erections are not broken,
  • during sexual intercourse, the blood filling of the sexual organ is sufficient
  • fatigue,
  • prostration,
  • irritability,
  • constant excitement, experience,
  • indifference to women
  • frequent thoughts of inferiority,
  • lack of desire to have sex,
  • depression

Such complaints must inevitably lead a man to a doctor for the treatment of sexual weakness.

Causes of sexual dysfunction

When the sexual function of a man suffers, not only physical health suffers, but also the psyche. Doctors consider the following causes of male sexual weakness:

  1. Infection of the genital tract. If a man often changes sexual partners, does not use condoms, the accession of a sexually transmitted infection is guaranteed. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, gonorrhea, syphilis and trichomoniasis can cause impotence prematurely.
  2. Prostatitis often affects men older than 40 years. This disease appears due to bacterial infection, prostate adenoma, prolonged absence of sexual relations.
  3. Hypogonadism, congenital malformations. Due to cryptorchidism (undescended testicles in the scrotum), testicular hypotrophy, congenital inguinal hernia, the function of the male genital organs suffers. As one grows older, testosterone production decreases in the boy's body. At the age of 14-17 years, a young man is suspended in growth, physical and mental development. Often these men are barren.
  4. Spinal injuries lead to the termination of the impulses on the nerves. In men who have a paralyzed lower body, sexual activity suffers or is completely absent.
  5. Atherosclerosis of the arteries of the lower part of the aorta (Lerisch syndrome). In this disease, the aorta cavity becomes blocked with plaques, the blood supply to the genital organs decreases, and impotence, pain in the perineum, lower limbs after walking appear.
  6. During operations on the rectum, prostate, bladder, the sexual nerves are occasionally damaged. About 60% of such operations end up with symptoms of sexual weakness in men.
  7. Diabetes mellitus disrupts the blood supply and innervation of the genitals.
  8. Abuse of alcohol and smoking lowers libido, inhibits the production of male hormones.
  9. The use of certain drugs (glucocorticoids, testosterone, cytostatics) inhibits the synthesis and secretion of sex hormones in the blood, affects the quality indicators of sperm.
  10. Oncology of the male genitals requires radical surgery and the appointment of strong chemotherapy drugs that can stop the production of their own hormones.

In addition to these reasons, severe stress, neurosis, and depression can affect the appearance of sexual weakness.


Male impotence in the sexual sphere requires immediate diagnosis and treatment. Such a pathology is dealt with by a sex therapist, who will help to understand the problem, and sometimes refer to a specialist.

The diagnostic algorithm for sexual weakness is as follows:

  1. History taking, complaints.
  2. Examination of the patient by a doctor.
  3. General analysis of blood and urine.
  4. Blood test for antibodies to sexually transmitted infections.
  5. Microscopy and bacterioscopy of prostate juice.
  6. A blood test for sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen), thyroid hormones, pituitary, adrenal hormones.
  7. Determination of blood glucose level.
  8. Blood PSA (prostate specific antigen) is a marker of prostate cancer.
  9. Ultrasound of the prostate, bladder, kidney.
  10. CT or MRI of the pelvic organs after injury, bone fracture, oncopathology of the rectum, prostate.
  11. Angiography is indicated for atherosclerosis of the aorta, ileal vessels.
  12. Consultation of related specialists: urologist, surgeon, endocrinologist, neuropathologist, psychotherapist.

Medical advice Men over 45 need to determine blood PSA every year.

Sexual weakness can be overcome if you turn in time and completely trust the doctor. Sometimes patients hide their problem, try to solve everything on their own, but this only aggravates the condition.

Folk treatment

Problems in relationships with women, constant stress, leading to impotence, prostatitis contribute to the appearance of sexual weakness, which requires treatment from a doctor.

The following recipes, described below, belong to popular recipes for fighting erectile dysfunction.

  1. For the preparation of tincture of ginseng requires a three-centimeter root of the plant, which must be placed in a bottle with 2 liters of vodka. Sustain 2 weeks in a dark place. Then you can take half a bowl daily before meals twice a day. So continue 2 weeks, then a break of 7 days.
  2. A decoction of male impotence is prepared in this way: you need to mix 100 g of yarrow, 50 g of calamus root and hay possessions. Immediately before use, pour 1 tablespoon of the mixture into 200 ml of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes. The broth is consumed 20 minutes before meals three times a day for 2 weeks.
  3. You need to mix 200 grams of honey, lemon juice, three yolks of homemade eggs and 200 ml of brandy. The resulting mixture is consumed in 2 tablespoons 2 times a day before meals.
  4. Crushed rhizome of yellow lily, fall asleep in 1 liter of boiling water 5 tablespoons. Insist 20 minutes until cool. Drink a solution of 50 ml twice a day.
  5. Crushed 100 grams of calamus root, add 1 liter of vodka. Need to insist two weeks. Consume 50 ml daily, twice a day.
  6. Fill 10 fresh nettle leaves with Cahors (500 ml), leave to stand for 1 week in a dark place. Before eating you need to drink 1 tablespoon in the morning and evening.
  7. Increases male sexual desire walnut core. Take 5 nuts daily with one glass of goat milk. The course lasts 1 week, then a break of 14 days. In total, you can take 2-3 courses in a row.

Important! Apply popular recipes for sexual weakness is possible only after consulting a doctor

Folk remedies can be used when there is no serious organic pathology of the reproductive system. In case of detection of sexually transmitted diseases, it is necessary to resort to treatment by a doctor urologist.