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Pleasant with useful - massage for hypertonia in newborns and infants

Features of muscle tone in children are due to the fact that the crumb spends the first 9 months of life in a cramped womb. Its body is compact, in a state of constant tension - hypertonus. Often with such indicators, the baby is born, and the relaxation and tension in different tissues can be different - not always adequate.

Late recognition of problems with muscle tone, is fraught with physical and mental lag in the development of the crumbs. This is due to the close relationship of motility and cerebral cortex. To avoid negative consequences for health, doctors prescribe a massage to a child with a tonus that is not in accordance with the norm. It helps to bring the condition of the tissues to the level of adequate age. After all, the younger the child, the more pronounced the tone. Such as in adults, it becomes only two years old.

Violations of muscle tone in children, requiring the use of massage

After the birth of the baby, the neurologist should examine the baby right in the hospital. He will be the first specialist to notice abnormalities and show how to perform a newborn massage with a non-normal tone. However, this is not always possible at an early stage. Moreover, the muscle tone of the child increases with a cry, anxiety, crying. It directly depends on such factors as:

  • Constitutional features of infants.
  • Physiological condition.
  • The excitability of the central nervous system.
  • The amount of movement performed.

When visiting a pediatrician who monitors the development of the infant, the mother should consult about the possibility of a baby being given a massage, and talk about her state of health during the gestation process. Impaired tonus in the baby can occur due to:

  1. Difficult course of pregnancy.
  2. Features of the presentation of the fetus.
  3. Placental insufficiency.
  4. The way of giving birth.
  5. Stress.
  6. Reception by the woman of medicines.

All this affects the condition of the muscle tissue of the unborn child. For violations, it can be:

Massage with tonus in infants is prescribed in all three cases. The ideal option is to visit the procedures conducted by a specialist. However, if it is impossible to do this, parents may ask the pediatrician to show them the manipulations and perform them themselves. Assigned massage complexes depend on:

  • The extent of violations.
  • The health of the child.
  • Level of development.
  • The presence of contraindications.

That is why if you suspect the development of pathology should not engage in self-treatment, but you should immediately consult a doctor.

Massage for newborns with hypertonia

Increased tension of the crumbs muscles has rather bright external manifestations. Newborns with such a violation:

  • They cry all the time.
  • Differ in heightened anxiety.
  • Have a bad dream.
  • Acutely react to light, sound stimuli.
  • Often regurgitate.
  • Differ in chin tremor when shouting.
  • Well hold the head.
  • Crank the legs.
  • Hands cling to the body.

Massage in infants with hypertonus is done to relieve excess tension. It is performed as follows:

  1. Baby put on the back. With light movements of the fingers, palms the surface of the handles, legs, back of the baby is stroked.
  2. The baby turns over on the tummy. The body is rubbed in a circular motion from the bottom up to the extremities. The crumb is laid on the back, the same is repeated.
  3. The arms and legs shake slightly, then they rock (these manipulations are very effective if the child is massaged with hypertonia of the legs and arms)
  4. Jiggle pens held by wrists, legs.
  5. The procedure ends with smooth strokes of the whole body.

The course consists of 10-15 sessions, held every month.

Baby massage for hypotoneus

A child with reduced muscle tension doesn’t give his parents virtually any trouble. It is different:

  • Stony calm.
  • Infrequent manifestation of crying.
  • Permanent stay in a dream.
  • Spreading limbs in different directions, extending them in the joints by more than 180 degrees.
  • Difficult sucking, swallowing.
  • Inhibited development of motor skills.

Massage in case of hypotonia in a child is carried out in order to activate and stimulate the muscles. Its main feature is the direction of movement: from the periphery to the center. The following manipulations are performed:

  1. The baby is on the back.
  2. Put your finger in the palm of a baby. Holding it, stroke the handle from the wrist to the shoulder. Make massage with kneading movements, except for the joints. Repeat 3 times.
  3. Put your hand under the head of the baby's head, push the head so that it bends over your chest. Do 10 times.
  4. In a circular motion of the fingers, massage the baby’s upper body. Move from the shoulders to the middle of the chest. Repeat thrice.
  5. Turn the toddler on the tummy. Thumbs push the back 3 times (from the buttocks to the neck).
  6. Holding the crumb behind your back, bend the leg in the knee at an angle of 90 degrees to the body. Make massage with kneading movements 3 times.
  7. Return the baby back in order to remove the hypotone there. Bend the leg at the knee, clasping the lower leg with the other hand, work the muscle with kneading.
  8. Take the foot of the child in the palm of one hand, the second - stretch from the heel to the fingertips. Make 4 repetitions.

Massage with reduced muscle tone in infants lasts no more than a quarter of an hour. It should begin and end with stroking. The toddler cannot be bored, since the result will be completely opposite.

Massage with uneven tone in children

There are cases in which a newborn at the same time some muscles are too tense, while others are very relaxed. Asymmetry (dystonia) is easily determined, its characteristic features are:

  • Uneven arrangement of skin folds on the body of the crumbs.
  • Turning the head, pelvis towards the muscles that are in hypertonia.
  • Filling a toddler on one flank, while lying on a hard surface.
  • Arcuate bend of the body.

Massage to a child with an increased tone of some muscles and reduced others make an asymmetrical one: relaxing and stimulating for different parts. It happens as follows:

  1. Areas with high and low muscular tension are determined.
  2. Relaxing massage for a child with hypertonia of separate zones is done with the help of strokes, light rubbing, wiggling.
  3. In other areas characterized by muscle weakness, claps are used, chopping movements, rolling with phalanges of the fingers.

Very good aligns the tone of swimming, exercises on the ball. In the absence of effect, you must re-consult a doctor to find out the cause.

Baby massage in case of hypertonia of some muscles and hypotonia of others is prescribed individually, after the specialist has defined relaxed and tense areas.

It is worth remembering that if a baby has tension or relaxation of certain muscle groups, do not panic. The main thing - do not hesitate, quickly consult a doctor. Such deviations are perfectly amenable to correction. Massaging a newborn with hypertonus and hypotonia is a fairly effective means for normalizing the physiological state of the baby in the present and avoiding consequences in the future.

Help procedures in removing hypertonus

With increased muscle tone in infants, a relaxing massage is the very first doctor's prescription. With the help of manipulations that every parent can easily master, it is possible and necessary to carry out massage even at home.

The benefits of a relaxing massage:

  • Removal of increased tension in the muscles of the child.
  • There is a decrease in the intensity (until complete disappearance) of the tremor selection and limbs in newborns.
  • The level of anxiety decreases, as a result of startle with sharp sounds become less pronounced.
  • Digestion improves, the number of regurgitation decreases.
  • The process of falling asleep is getting better, sleep becomes calmer and longer.

Advantages and disadvantages

Talk about the pros and cons of massage to reduce the voltage should be after the functionality of this procedure is determined.

The main advantages of massage with increased muscle tone in the newborn:

  • comprehensive beneficial effect on all systems and organs of the baby,
  • practically has no contraindications.

Relaxing massage of the whole body or separate parts has no negative aspects in the absence of contraindications. If the massage is performed incorrectly, then negative moments may appear.For example, in the case of an inappropriate technique, the baby may receive not a relaxing, but a tonic massage and, as a result, over-stimulation.

Sometimes only massage can not cope with some diseases and it is necessary to apply a number of additional physiotherapeutic procedures, and in difficult cases also medical treatment. In general, a relaxing massage performed by a mother or a specialist has practically no flaws, if we exclude possible contraindications. The latter are determined by the doctor and are purely individual.

General rules for

Compliance with the necessary conditions of massage pledge of its positive effect. To conduct a session you need not only to master the technique but also to prepare the venue and the necessary equipment:

  • a blanket to cover the surface of the table with them,
  • a pair of clean soft diapers,
  • clothes for the baby.

Massage conditions for hypertonia for babies:

  1. It is necessary to endure 40 minutes after feeding.
  2. It is better to conduct a session before bedtime.
  3. Choosing the time of day for a relaxing massage is necessary individually.
  4. Usually, to achieve a stable result, 10 - 12 procedures are prescribed with an interval of 1-2 days, if necessary, the course is repeated after 2-6 months.
  5. The air temperature in the room should be comfortable - from 20 to 25 degrees.
  6. Pre-room need to be ventilated.
  7. Prepare a place for massage: a special table, changing table, or the usual covered diaper, blanket and oilcloth.
  8. Hands should be dry and warm, without decorations.
  9. The duration of the procedure is only 5 minutes for children up to 3 months inclusive and 7-10 for older children.


  1. To perform this technique you need to lay the baby on his back.
  2. Place the handle / leg between your palms.
  3. Rub the limb in different directions.
  1. To perform crimping movements need to lay the baby on the back.
  2. Wrapping the child’s handle or leg with hands, perform rhythmic pressing of medium intensity.


This technique is very effective, despite its simplicity:

  1. It is necessary to place the thumb in the palm of the baby, and the rest to take the wrist.
  2. Avoiding sudden movements smoothly, slowly move the handles apart.
  3. Make a slight shaking. This technique is contraindicated in case of strongly pronounced hyper tone.

Mash hands and legs

  1. In order to relieve tension from the arms of the infant it is necessary to put the baby on the back.
  2. Then, in order to manipulate the left hand, you need to put your thumb of the right hand in the left palm, and with your left hand to clasp the wrist joint of the hand.
  3. Next, you should move through the muscles - extensor heading to the shoulder.
  4. With the right hand repeat the same thing, and the left handle at this time to hold in a bent state.
  5. After ten procedures, you can apply rubbing the hands of a child.

Foot massage next:

  1. It is necessary to put the baby on his back and turn his legs to the massage therapist.
  2. With one hand it is necessary to hold the stretched leg on weight, in a half-bent state, and the second to stroke the limb on the inner and outer side of the foot from the foot to the thigh.

Thoracic department

It is performed in two positions - lying on your back and lying on your tummy. You need to make movements very gently, effortlessly pressing with your fingers.

  1. First, stroking movements need to hold the intercostal space from the sternum to the sides.
  2. Then turn the baby on the stomach, and repeat the manipulations on the back.
  3. Repeat 2-4 times.

Light stroking palms produce stroking tummy. To do this, put both hands on your stomach and gently stroke it clockwise with your right hand from the top down, and your left hand from the bottom up. The number of repetitions 6-8 times.

First, it is necessary to lay the child on the belly, and with easy movements of the hands to hold the palms from the neck to the buttocks, and the back of the hands, on the contrary, from the buttocks to the head. Repeat the need 6 - 8 times.

What can not be done?

  • From the moment of the last feeding, it is necessary to wait for about 40 minutes, a massage cannot be given immediately after eating, and also to feed the baby immediately after the procedure.
  • Use moisturizer, petroleum jelly or powder is not worth it, they clog pores.
  • Massage is not carried out if the child is in an excited, restless state.
  • To massage in a draft, or a cold surface.

Massage in hypertonic muscles in babies is the main method of exposure.. It has a beneficial effect on all systems and organs of the baby, but because parents are often recommended to master the simplest techniques to perform it at home. For the appointment of procedures, it is necessary to consult a doctor and follow his recommendations.

The role of relaxing massage

This procedure is recommended not only for newborns, but also for older children, including school children. Relaxing and general massage for the baby perform a number of important functions for the body, in particular:

  • eliminating the negative emotions of the baby,
  • removal of hypertonic muscle,
  • improving blood circulation of the limbs and various parts of the body,
  • elimination of colic in the stomach and intestines,
  • improvement of metabolism
  • strengthening immunity
  • positive effects on the nervous system

Massage for children under the age of 1 year is given a special role, since the body crumbs are only formed.

Also, experts recommend a procedure for bronchitis, because in this case, the muscles of the respiratory tract relax and sputum discharge is accelerated. Massage has a positive effect on a child suffering from frequent constipation, because in this case bowel motility improves.

In what conditions is it better to carry out the procedure

Before the massage, try to create the most comfortable atmosphere. The room should be warm, but cool. A good temperature will be 25 degrees. Experts recommend the use of special oils and creams. Please note that they should not cause allergies in the child. This technique allows you to achieve greater relaxation of the muscles and to ensure a smooth glide of the hands over the calf of the baby.

In no case do not massage with dirty hands. Be sure to thoroughly wash and sanitize them. This should be done with warm water so that the hands are warm. Only in this case, the procedure will bring the child pleasure, and the parents - the desired result.

How to make a massage

Unlike a similar procedure for adults or older children, the massage for the newborn should be gentle. There is a certain specificity about which it is imperative to know. Pay attention to the main aspects:

  1. It is not recommended to massage the spine, lymph nodes, sternum in the region of the heart.
  2. The kid should not be capricious, if you notice something like this - it means that he is uncomfortable and the work must be stopped. By the way, it is recommended to carry out the procedure immediately after bathing, because in this case, the crumb will be in the best mood.
  3. Massage for very young children has a limited set of movements. In this case, only stroking is recommended.

General massage for newborns includes three main stages. Consider them in more detail.

  1. Initially, the child should be laid on his back and stroked his hands, gradually moving to the shoulders.
  2. This is followed by a foot massage. In this case, you need to hold an improvised "eight" palms on the feet of the crumbs. Then you need to slowly rise up right up to your hips, but you should not touch your knees at the same time.
  3. Back. Baby should be put on the tummy and gently "walk" his hand on the back. You need to move from the shoulders to the waist, and then from the coccyx to the sides.

Note, massage for newborns must be very careful. You should not put excessive pressure on the body, because in this case it is possible to damage the crumbs, the children's organism at this age is very fragile. In general, it is best to visit a specialist who will talk about the features of baby massage and help you learn all the movements. If you do it right, the crumb will fall asleep and will not wake up.

There is also a massage and against hypertonicity of the muscles. Actually, overstrain for babies up to 3 months is absolutely normal. However, the crumb can feel discomfort, from which it needs to be relieved. In this case, the massage will be as follows:

  • legs. It is necessary to take the left leg and, slightly pressing on it, to stroke the leg in the direction of the thigh, and then back. The thumb should be in the center of the foot, and the rest on the back side. The same is done with the right leg,
  • back and buttocks. Техника массажа ягодиц включает аккуратные похлопывания, но перед ними ягодицы нужно погладить.The back is gently rubbed with the hands from the neck to the buttocks (palms), and then vice versa (with the back of the hand). You can also make a "herringbone"
  • chest. In this case, it is not a massage, but an exercise. You need to take the crumbs by the hands, spread them in different directions, and then reduce them to the sternum (5 repetitions). The tummy is massaged by strokes with a slight pressure,
  • arms. In this case, the procedure is performed similarly to the legs.

All movements are done very slowly and carefully, because the massage should soothe the nervous system of the baby. If you do everything correctly, the hypertonus of the muscles will disappear, and the baby will be able to take a comfortable position.

Important and useful procedure

Baby massage is best done at a time when the child is in a good mood, not hungry and does not want to sleep. It is not recommended to use various cosmetics (creams, oils, lotions). Before you massage the baby, the room needs to be ventilated. Wash hands with soap and warm. The air temperature should be comfortable (+21 degrees).

A feature of the massage, which is done to a child from 3 to 6 months, is the expansion of the number of types of hand movements. The course includes not only stroking movements, rubbing and kneading are added.

When doing a massage, all movements are accompanied by a score, you can tell the child rhymes in a tender voice. How long does the tonic massage last? The procedure should not be longer than 30 minutes. When the massage is over, the baby needs to be warmly dressed. How many days do I need a massage? The course is usually designed for 10 days.

A general massage for infants from 3 to 6 months is carried out with the purpose of forming normal tone of the arms and legs, learning how to change body position (turning over, independent sitting), preparing the arm muscles for the ability to grip and hold a toy, stimulate speech activity.

The course of massage for a child from 3 months can be done for medicinal purposes, for example, with bronchial asthma, pneumonia, with hypertonia or constipation.

The course of massage, which is carried out by a child from 3 to 6 months, has its own contraindications:

  • pustular skin lesions,
  • diseases of the circulatory system
  • acute phase of any diseases
  • pathological changes in the work and structure of the heart,
  • with increased nervousness of the baby,
  • when he has a high body temperature.

Strong pressure and shock movements, clapping are contraindicated. This causes excessive excitation of the nervous system and receptor irritation.

Massage technique on different parts of the body.

  • Infant foot massage begins with strokes.
  • Then from the heel to the fingers spend the back and the outer side of the hand several times.
  • Thumb made wavy movements.
  • Pounded outer and outer part of the heels.
  • Then proceed to light tapping with fingertips. It will be enough for 8 light strokes on each foot.
  • After that, you can bend and unbend the foot.
  • Light strokes of the legs begin with the feet and move up to the hips. In several movements - on each of the legs, starting from the bottom up.
  • Then move to rubbing his fingers in a ring. The leg is wrapped around the thumb and forefinger of both hands. Torsions of each palm should be done with rhythmic movements to the knee. You can not touch the dimple, which is located under the knee. When a slight redness appears, the exercise ends. The outer part of the thigh is rubbed with fingertips.
  • With 4 months joins kneading the muscles of the legs. Exercise "Felting". The leg is wrapped around the palms so that the palm of one hand will be on the inside of the lower leg, the other outside. Rolling the baby's foot, you need to move upwards. Completes foot massage with stroking movements.
  • Bending the legs and spreading them to the side (a hip joint is being developed).
  • Leg muscles can be strengthened with the following exercises. Having clasped a leg with a hand, first you need to straighten it, and then bend it at the knee. Put the foot on the surface and slide it. If doing the leg exercises is difficult, you should postpone it for a later period. In the meantime, you can just knock the baby’s foot on a hard surface.
  • Begin with light circular strokes in a clockwise direction.
  • Make simultaneous strokes with two hands in opposite directions.
  • The palms of both hands are directed towards each other.
  • Rubbing the pads of your fingers. You can do in any direction: clockwise, diagonally, in the form of a spiral.

Rib cage

  • Easy stroking the surface of the sternum.
  • Rubbing with the pads of the fingers from the middle to the armpit.
  • Then in the middle of the bottom up and toward the shoulders.
  • The pace can be added. Pressing with fingertips, moving from the middle to the side surface.
  • Finish the massage with stroking movements.

  • Begin hand massage with hands. To do this, the hand of one of the hands is fixed with a palm and makes circular motions.
  • After that, each finger is massaged from the base to the tip.
  • Following are massaged shoulders. They are stroked from hand to shoulder. Then you can make a ring rubbing.
  • Gymnastics for hands will strengthen muscles and grasping skills. The thumb is inserted into the child's palm. After that, hands gradually rise and fall.
  • Hands of the child are separated to the sides, and then joined and crossed on the chest.
  • Pull the baby's handles forward. Then bend one handle, another one to bend at the same time.
  • Stroking and rubbing start from the lower back. Rubbing can be done in a clockwise direction, and it can be done in different directions from the spine with both hands.
  • When the child is 4 months old, you can do the movement "sawing". The palms are set back on the back of the baby at a short distance from each other. Movement is carried out in opposite directions.

This massage course lasts 10 days. We can not forget the rhymes, songs and simple communication.

Toning or relaxing

Toning massage, which makes a small child, lasts much less than normal. How long should it last? The desired effect of the massage is noticeable almost immediately. Duration of massage is not more than 15 minutes. All exercises are based on vibrating motion. There are also kneading, stroking, tapping. Begin to process first the muscles of the back, smoothly moving to the muscles of the arms and legs.

  • Massage begins with stroking and rubbing. This stage is necessary for warming up the body and the transition to other exercises.
  • Kneading. Strengthens a blood-groove and raises a vitality.
  • Patting and tapping improve the function of the internal organs.
  • Vibration fixes and complements all other manipulations.

The course of massage for a child up to 6 months helps to improve metabolism, increases activity, drowsiness is removed, normalizes cardiovascular and mental activity.

If you need a child of 3 months, on the contrary, you can soothe, a relaxing massage will help. It makes sense to do a massage course before bedtime. It is desirable that such exercises were done at the same time. How long does the massage last? It should be done no more than 15 minutes.

Relaxing massage includes light stroking, tapping, rubbing. It can be done by any member of the family. It is best to do a relaxing exercise course after swimming.

Relaxing massage should start with the face. Stroking movements go from the forehead to the cheekbones and chin. You need to touch lightly with your fingertips. All movements are done slowly. You can stay on the earlobes and massage them.

Then the child’s hands are seized and divorced to the sides, then crossed on the chest. This exercise is useful for the muscles of the sternum. Go to the back. Hand stroking the back from top to bottom, without affecting the spine. The tummy is massaged in a clockwise circular motion.

Shaking your body will help relieve tension. The baby is lifted by the armpits and swung upright, holding the head.

Relaxing massage should be accompanied by talking with the child, telling poems, singing songs, you can turn on quiet quiet music. Properly performed relaxing massage will set the baby 3–6 months for a good and healthy sleep, as well as provide a good appetite.

Relaxing massage course number 10 is done not only with the goal of setting the baby to sleep. When hypertonia (excessive muscle tension) shows a similar type of massage. As a result, the muscles quickly return to normal.

General massage is allowed at home. But first you need to discuss all the exercises with the district pediatrician.

Causes and manifestations of hypertonus

Pathology in an infant may be due to different conditions:

  • the effects of intrauterine hypoxia (lack of oxygen) on the background of maternal diseases or pathological pregnancy,
  • intrauterine infections,
  • consequences of chronic fetal poisoning when smoking or alcoholizing a pregnant woman, taking certain medications by her,
  • pathological jaundice of newborns - for example, with hemolytic disease after Rh-conflict pregnancy,
  • consequences of birth injuries during natural childbirth or caesarean section.

Hypertonus is a neurological pathology. It can be unilateral and bilateral, be a symptom of problems at the cervical level or in the brain.

A baby with muscular hypertonus is usually restless, easily agitated, and with chanting, his chin and splayed fingers on his hands may tremble. Mom may notice that it is difficult for her to part her baby’s legs when changing a diaper, it’s difficult to straighten the nail clippers. With asymmetric toning, a different range of movements in the limbs is visible, there can be a head turn in one direction. In the prone position, the child throws the head back. And when testing with reflex walking, he relies on socks, and not on the whole foot.

A child with hypertonia usually pleases parents with his early achievements. He begins to hold the head earlier than his peers, already in the first month of life he may accidentally roll over from his stomach to his side, with chaotic movements he sometimes even crawls a short distance along the changing table.

When identifying signs of hypertonus, the doctor will give recommendations, which necessarily include a relaxing massage.

Massage preparation

Therapeutic massage for a newborn with hypertonia is usually performed by several courses by an experienced masseur. But the mother can do a simple massage daily and independently, gradually improving the condition of her child.

The key to the success of a relaxing massage at home is the calm state of the baby. After all, when weeping muscles tense, and therefore, about any relaxation there is no question. Therefore, massage should be carried out when the child is full, complacent and does not want to sleep.

For a massage, a changing table, a regular table with a blanket, or another flat surface can be used. The room should be comfortable temperature. If the massage is performed to the music, it is better not to use the radio, so as not to frighten the child if the volume is suddenly changed or the advertisement is turned on. The recording of pleasant melodies, sounds of nature will do.

Before the massage, an adult should wash and warm hands, remove rings and bracelets. You can lubricate your hands with a small amount of sterile oil or baby cream, but this is not mandatory.

Massage technique

Massage for newborns with hypertonia includes a general relaxing effect and methods for relieving the tension of individual flexor muscles. Massage movements consist of strokes, piston rubbing, crimping, shaking. They do not cause discomfort to the child and at the same time help reduce the tone. You can not do tapping, vibration, clapping and sawing-chopping rubbing.

  1. Begin the session, putting the child on his back. At the beginning of the massage, smooth warming strokes are carried out along the arms, legs and body. Such movements are not abrupt, directed along the axis of the body, capture several areas at once and resemble actions when rubbing cosmetic products.
  2. Gradually increasing the pressure, you can add upward diagonal movements on the hips and shoulders. This will allow better warming up of large muscle groups. At the same time it is impossible to influence the front and side of the neck, the inguinal folds and the inner part of the thighs, the armpits, the popliteal fossa area and the patellae.
  3. Turning the baby on his stomach, it is necessary to stroke his back. Only a specialist can massage the neck muscles, you should not do it yourself!
  4. After that, you can start the exercises "rocker" and "cradle". Putting her hands alternately under the back or under the pelvis, the mother gently shakes the baby, as in a cradle. And for the "rocker" must securely grab the child by the armpits and shake from side to side. These are general relaxing methods.
  5. The next step is to massage the limbs. They usually start with pens. Fists are unbent, each finger is pounded towards the palm, as if gloves are being worn. The palm and the base of the thumb are rubbed in circular motions.
  6. The forearm can be massaged with piston movements, holding the handle as in a ring and making movements back and forth. They can be alternated with crimps, at which they make a moderate circular compression of the limb. Also gently flex and unbend all joints. In this case, you can not make sharp or strong movements.
  7. Complete the massage with gentle strokes and shakes. To do this, lift the handle over the palm and, holding the wrist area, and gently shake. It is impossible to allow sharp sweeping movements in the joints, the amplitude of shaking should be small.

The same plan is used to massage the legs, rising from the feet to the thighs. On the soles, as it were, draw a figure eight, well rubbing the external arch of the foot and fingers. For shaking, hold the leg by the heel, gently fixing the ankle.

In the end, be sure to gently stroke the entire body of the baby.

Daily massage to a newborn with hypertonia helps to reduce discomfort during muscle tension, soothes the baby. Very important is the regularity of the procedures, the calm atmosphere and the correctness of the massage without stimulating effects. Sometimes, on the recommendation of a physician, massage can be supplemented with thermal procedures, baths and physiotherapy, which will make it possible to cope with hyper tone more quickly.

Author: Obukhova Alina Sergeevna, family doctor

Why does muscle hypertonia appear in a newborn?

As a rule, most often this disease poses no danger to the baby. The only drawback of constant muscle tension is the increased energy expenditure, which is so necessary for the rapid development of the body at this age. Sometimes this syndrome is the result of disorders or pathologies in the central nervous system. But most often, the cause of hypertonicity of the muscles of doctors is a long stay in the womb in the fetal position. During the months spent in my mother's tummy, the fetus gets used to this position and it becomes more difficult for the child to adapt to other positions.

After examination, the doctor may prescribe relaxing drugs aimed at suppressing the nervous system. Also, in this disease of the muscles, massaging of the child is recommended. Starting the implementation of this technique is best from two months. Read more below.

Massage with hypertonicity in the baby (video)

Before you begin the massage session itself, the baby must be brought to a relaxed state. This can be achieved by bending the arms, legs and head to the stomach, after which you need to sway (right-left, back and forth). The exercise “swing” will also be useful: wrap the child behind both armpits and start swinging back and forth. Then, each handle and foot must be gently shaken. It is undesirable to start massaging, when the baby is restless and screaming, there will be no proper effect from the manipulations.

So, the massage itself must begin with the limbs. Alternately, each handle and leg from the base to the fingers must be compressed with rhythmic movements.

After that, the limbs should be rubbed with both palms (movements should be fast, but not strong).

With mild manifestations of the hypertonus, these manipulations are quite sufficient. If the child strains or clamps the handle or leg, then a point effect is necessary. More details about the technique of performing these movements in this video.

It should be borne in mind that the best time to perform this massage is an hour before going to bed. It will be very useful for a child to fall asleep in a relaxed state, especially since he will fall asleep very quickly. Massage oil or cream should not be applied better.

For a healthy and systematic development of a child with hypertonia, regular and proper massage is necessary. Literally 2-3 months of a systematic approach, and your child will be more free to move, causeless anxiety will disappear. Remember that the key to the health of the baby is mother's care and attention!