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Eighteenth week of pregnancy

The 18th week of pregnancy is 4.5 lunar months. The fruit grows to 12.5-14 cm, weighs about 150 g, it has the beginnings of molars. If the baby is not pushing, he is about to begin. An important question - is a boy or girl born? - also can be clarified in the coming days. It is time for the future mother to learn and master the Kegel exercises.

Medical standards

It is believed that with repeated births at the end of this week, the baby can begin to noticeably move for the first time. Of course, these are all average indicators. Slender women feel the movements of their crumbs earlier, full - later.

If for some reason it is impossible to accurately determine the obstetric period of pregnancy, then doctors consider the first movement of the fetus as one of the landmarks. Learn more about it here.

What happens to the baby

The fruit grows quickly. Open the palm of your hand. Now your little one would fit on it. And this is how your child’s development goes:

  • mineralization of the skeleton continues, all bones are strengthened
  • muscles develop
  • a layer of subcutaneous fat is formed,
  • tiny joints are developed on the fingers and toes,
  • the fetus often “trains”, makes reflex movements (sucks a finger, turns, imitates breathing and swallows amniotic fluid),
  • embryos of the root appear on the small rudiments of milk teeth — before several of them erupt, more than a decade may pass!

Mothers often ask doctors - how many times a child should move? Now about the counting of jolts so far not talking. Many movements of the baby are still invisible to you, you feel only the strongest "kicks". It is possible and necessary to consider movements and conclusions at a later time.

Feelings Mom

If you are healthy and your weight is normal, you probably feel amazing. The stomach has not grown so much to completely slow down the walk. True, there may be unpleasant moments:

  • heartburn due to weakening of the muscle between the stomach and the esophagus,
  • age spots on the face (hormones are “naughty”),
  • constipation and frequent urination (the grown uterus puts pressure on the intestines and bladder),
  • difficulty falling asleep (almost any posture seems awkward)
  • frequent increases in blood pressure
  • slight blurred vision
  • feeling as if navel ache from within.

Some discomfort can be reduced or eliminated (read the recommendations below), something just need to endure.

What do the tummies look like on the eighteenth week? All different. Some mommies like a ball swallowed, in others the stomach seemed to stretch from top to bottom. It's all right. Sometimes they even try to guess the shape of the abdomen - a girl or a boy will be born. And nevertheless, only an ultrasound specialist will be able to tell you exactly if you are assigned such a study this week and your child wants to share a secret.

What happens in the 18th week of pregnancy in a woman’s body

18 obstetric week of pregnancy is the 5th month. In the body of a woman there is a retention of fluid and sodium, which entails swelling of the arms and legs. In connection with pregnancy, the kidneys work in an enhanced mode, therefore, infection should not be allowed: for this, it is necessary to monitor the timely emptying of the bladder.

At the 18th week of pregnancy, many moms have already felt the movement of the fetus, and even the pressure on the navel from the inside has been suppressed by the pleasant impressions of them. This is due to the growth of the uterus, the bottom of which is 2.5 cm below the navel.

The uterus at the 18th week of pregnancy resembles a small melon in size, and along with its growth, the size of the abdomen also increases.

Active growth of the uterus provokes stress on all organs and systems. In this regard, women have back pain. However, if they become too strong, the expectant mother should consult a doctor.

Fetus in the 18th week of pregnancy

The kid is getting bigger: now he is grimacing, hiccups, sometimes a reflex smile appears on his face. There are small nails on the fingers. Hands crumbs often grab each other.

The emotional state of the baby largely depends on her mother's mood: with her irritability, the baby experiences anxiety. In the same way he knows how to rejoice.

A child in the 18th week of pregnancy squeezes his fingers into fists, touches his face with his hands. Now mother's emotions are very important for the future correct attitude of the baby to itself. If the mother is worried and worried all the time, the baby will grow up insecure. But with positive emotions during pregnancy, the baby will become a cheerful person.

Ends the formation of the organ of vision, and now the baby can see the light. The baby has well developed organs of hearing and the central nervous system, he is able to memorize the voices of loved ones. The size of the fetus in the 18th week of pregnancy is about 20 cm.

The bones of the child continue to accumulate calcium, so now the expectant mother really needs it. The baby has developed its own mode. He is awake and sleeps at 4-hour intervals. However, the regime of the little man usually does not coincide with my mother's daily routine. At the 18th week of pregnancy, fetal movement occurs mainly at night, which prevents mother from sleeping.

The legs, handles and phalanxes of the baby’s fingers are fully formed. The genitals complete development, and the brain continues to improve. The crumbs gradually receive fatty tissue. Finished the formation of the rudiments of molars.

Now the woman feels herself more and more like a mother, because she feels the movement of the baby. Often at this time the crumb is actively moving, but some expectant mothers say that there is still no movement at the 18th obstetric week of pregnancy. If a doctor listens to the baby's heart without any problems, then there is no reason to worry: some women feel the fetus only at the 20th week.

Discharge in the 18th week of pregnancy became more abundant, so you need to carefully monitor personal hygiene. Normally, they are still white, yellowish or transparent.

Often, discomfort in the 18th week of pregnancy recedes, toxicosis ends, and the expectant mother feels good. However, some women may feel nauseous. If toxicosis continues, you should consult a specialist and change the usual diet.

If the fetus moves too intensively in the 18th week of pregnancy and often, it may lack oxygen. The future mother needs to spend more time outdoors and not forget about special exercises for pregnant women.

The abdomen at the 18th week of pregnancy becomes noticeable to others, especially in women who give birth again. It rises to the chest, acquires a rounded shape. During this period, the center of gravity shifts, the woman's gait changes. Pregnant at this time it is worth considering the purchase of underwear and clothing for expectant mothers.

The fruit is actively growing, the woman has a good appetite. Weight at 15 weeks of pregnancy increases by 4.5-6 kg. It is important to closely monitor the weight, not to allow too quick set of kilograms. There is no need for two, the diet should be coordinated with the gynecologist or nutritionist. It is impossible to prescribe a diet by yourself. Nutritional deficiencies can be dangerous for a child.


Throughout pregnancy, a woman should treat her baby with care. For this you need to follow some recommendations.

The body of the future mother requires calcium. Therefore, women need to eat dairy products and fish. Nutrition in the 18th week of pregnancy should be varied and fractional. It is not recommended to eat several servings at dinner: it is better to divide the food into small portions and consume it during the day.

You should still abandon coffee and chocolate, as well as salty foods: they will provoke the intake of excess fluid, which is already a lot in the body. Smoked, fried and spicy dishes should be excluded.

If the expectant mother does not take vitamins at the 18th week of pregnancy, then it's time to start doing this, after consulting with a specialist. When it is possible to eat a large amount of berries, vegetables and fruits, it is best to get vitamins in them.

Additionally, a woman should drink jodomarin. At obstetric week 18, you can take calcium tablets, after consulting your doctor.

Many gynecologists recommend to continue intimate life until childbirth. However, if something worries the future mother, you should limit yourself to sex for a while. In the process of intercourse, you must choose a comfortable position that does not harm the baby.

Sex in the 18th week of pregnancy may be limited under certain circumstances, which the doctor will definitely tell about, if any. The future mother perfectly feels her baby and can decide for herself at what moment to abandon intimacy with her spouse.

Physical activity

About the physical activity of the future mother should not be forgotten. She needs to perform the exercises recommended for the 18th obstetric week of pregnancy. It is best to visit the pool and engage in other sports that do not involve large loads.

A woman must take 30–60 minutes to walk. If there is a forest near the house, it is better to walk in it. So the expectant mother will relax and calmly fall asleep.

Medicines and medical procedures

Future mother is still undesirable to take medication. Even the most inoffensive drugs are not recommended, if there are no serious indications for this. You can not self-medicate.

A woman should certainly consult a specialist if the uterus is in good shape. At the same time there are feelings of tension in the abdomen and pulling pain in the 18th week of pregnancy. This condition should not be ignored: it can provoke a spontaneous miscarriage.

The abdomen at the 18th obstetric week of pregnancy can hurt because of the growing uterus, which puts pressure on neighboring organs. If the pain is mild and passing, do not worry about it.

If there was a spotting in the 18th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother should immediately tell the doctor about it. Green and brown discharges are also unacceptable, and in case of bleeding, an ambulance should be immediately called. Pregnancy at week 18 may produce these symptoms.

Ultrasound and tests in the 18th week of pregnancy

Now the doctor will prescribe a urine test. Many expectant mothers in this period in the urine contains acetone, which indicates poor liver function. You also need to exclude diabetes and preeclampsia.

At the 18th week of pregnancy, a specialist can refer to a blood test to rule out anemia or to clarify the level of hCG. The latter should normally be about 4,000 to 165,000 mU / ml.

An ultrasound scan at the 18th week of pregnancy will give information regarding the sex of the baby, and the specialist will be able to rule out possible deviations in the development of the crumbs.

Feelings at week 18

It was at the 18th week of pregnancy that the feelings of the future mother give her indescribable joy, since the movements of the fetus become more pronounced. Some women feel the movement of their child before, but mostly it happens during the period from 18 to 22 weeks. It should be noted that if the mother does not feel the first movements of the baby, and the pregnancy proceeds favorably, then it’s not worth worrying at all, just before the time has come. Such a delay in sensations, most often occurs in women who are distinguished by their fullness. And vice versa, earlier, thin women or those with this is not the first child record the activity of their fetus.

As soon as the future mom felt the first movements, now you should pay attention to their frequency: on average, the baby will be active 4-8 times per hour. When the baby moves more often, it means that he lacks oxygen. What should Mommy do? In such cases, you should take care of your child and provide him with a greater flow of oxygen: you should walk more and more often in the fresh air, it is useful to breathe deeply and often, to practice yoga or therapeutic gymnastics. this needs to be monitored.

Uterus in the 18th week of pregnancy

The uterus continues to grow and at 18 weeks it is already 2.5 cm below the navel. Therefore, in addition to the joyful sensations of perturbations, a woman may experience a certain discomfort, which is expressed in the form of a certain pressure on the navel from the inside. If you put your hands on your waist for this period and then lower your palms slightly below the navel (approximately 2 fingers), you can already feel the bottom of the uterus. The uterus is constantly growing and its size at 18 weeks of pregnancy corresponds to the size of a small melon.

Stomach in the 18th week of pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy at week 18 are becoming quite obvious. Hide tummy at 18 weeks is almost impossible. He noticeably rose and grew. The woman is shifting the center of gravity, forcing her to slightly deflect shoulders forward. There is a very peculiar gait, which is inherent in all pregnant women. The load on the spine increases and in order to avoid the appearance of pain in the back area, it is necessary to take a very responsible approach to the choice of suitable clothing. Women should buy special shorts and panties that will support her tummy. Looks like 18 weeks of pregnancy can be viewed on the photo and video.

Photos of tummies at 18 weeks

The baby at 18 weeks of pregnancy continues its active development. The baby has already fully formed legs, pens and phalanxes of the fingers, and on their pads appeared absolutely unique and inherent only to him imprint. Completed and the process of formation of the genitals of the child.

During this period, the formation of adipose tissue and the development of the brain are very active. His immune system is being improved and is already capable of producing immunoglobulin and interferon, namely, they help the fetus to resist all sorts of infections and viruses.

The baby already has the rudiments of its future molars, which are much deeper than the rudimentary teeth. There is already a reaction to light that can penetrate into my mother's tummy, although his eyes are still closed. It is advisable for the mother to avoid any harsh or loud sounds, as the baby's hearing aid is improved and already responds to the sounds. You can begin to sing lullabies and children's songs to him, read fairy tales, put on classical music, turn to him with gentle intonations.

The average parameters at 18 weeks are more than 14 cm long and weigh almost 200 g. So far, nothing prevents the baby from moving freely in the stomach and he can move freely, swing his arms and legs and roll over. It is believed that such movements are beneficial to the child, having a great impact on the development of his brain in the 18th week of pregnancy, as well as his muscular system.

Ultrasound in the 18th week of pregnancy

Repeated ultrasound is prescribed between 18 and 22 weeks of gestation. In the photo, an ultrasound scan at 18 weeks of pregnancy may well show the sex of the unborn child. But the conduct of this study is primarily aimed at identifying whether there are any defects in the development of the fetus: Down's disease, heart defects or congenital malformations of the cardiovascular system. It is also very important to study the placenta attachment site in order to evaluate all the risks and deviations from the norm, with a view to their timely adjustment, if the need arises. With the help of ultrasound, the circumference of the tummy and the head of the child is studied, the frontal-occipital size and length of the bones is calculated: shoulder, forearm, femur and tibia.


Mandatory tests at week 18 include only urinalysis, which makes it possible to assess the work of the kidneys. To exclude suspicion about the presence of pregnant anemia, you may need a blood test, because the low level of hemoglobin in the mother leads to the fact that the baby does not receive enough oxygen he needs.

To exclude the presence of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus, a pregnant woman can be assigned tests that assess the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the body. Such an analysis is included in a comprehensive study, which is called the "triple test", since in parallel, another 2 markers are being studied - alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and unconjugated estriol (NE). Any deviations from the indicators suggest a development of Down syndrome in the fetus, hydrocephalus or other defects. It should be noted that these analyzes can not yet be considered the foundation for the establishment of the final diagnosis, but only serve as a reason for further research.

The appearance of pain in the 18th week

The joy of the appearance of the movements of your baby at week 18 can be marred by the appearance of painful sensations in the back or in the lumbar region, as well as feelings of heaviness in the abdomen.

According to statistics, almost every pregnant woman feels pain in the back. На 18 неделе, такие боли уже не редкость, поскольку происходит смещение центра тяжести и значительное увеличение матки, а соответственно увеличивается нагрузка на позвоночник. Для того что бы облегчить такие боли, следует подобрать специальный бандаж, который будет выполнять поддерживающую функцию, а также выполнять упражнения которые укрепляют мышцы спины. Не помешает и дополнительный отдых, для того что бы разгружать спину и обязательный контроль веса.

The pains arising at week 18 may be associated with difficulty urinating, and possibly the occurrence of infection in the urinary tract. Pregnant women should very strictly control their urination and avoid hypothermia.

Special care should be taken with abdominal pain. If they have a piercing character and create in the side parts a feeling of a pulling abdomen, then such pains indicate stretching of the tendons and ligaments of the abdominal wall, and this is due to the intensive growth of the uterus. But if the pain is cramping, frequent and prolonged, and God forbid, accompanied by brown, bloody discharge, you should immediately call a doctor, because such symptoms indicate a high risk of premature termination of pregnancy.

Discharge in the 18th week of pregnancy

In the normal course of pregnancy, at week 18, the discharge is light and of a uniform consistency. Their number may increase slightly compared with previous weeks and if it is not accompanied by a change in color, the appearance of itching, burning, then you should not worry about anything. If the color has changed or the discharge has become purulent, cheesy, then you should immediately consult a doctor and undergo the necessary treatment, since such discharge suggests that an infection has appeared.

Nutrition pregnant

Nutrition is a matter that needs to be approached with particular responsibility. As during the whole pregnancy, at the 18th week of carrying the baby, nutrition should be as healthy as possible, diverse, balanced and always fortified sufficiently. In order to avoid excessive weight gain and prevent the occurrence of diabetes in pregnant women, sweets, sugars and foods high in fat should be excluded. For the prevention of calcium deficiency, a woman needs fermented milk and dairy products. It is very good, if in a daily diet there will be a low-fat kefir and cottage cheese. Pregnant, for normal development and growth of the baby, should receive enough protein in sufficient quantities. To do this, it should be in sufficient quantities to eat low-fat varieties of fish and meat.

To prevent constipation and normal functioning of the digestive tract, fresh fruits and vegetables should be present in the diet.

They are sufficiently rich in fiber and vitamins, and therefore will be very useful for the body growing in the womb. The expectant mother should make sure that the child receives the required amount of folic acid, vitamin C. Celery and apple juice are very valuable in this regard. And since the baby is already undergoing the process of blood formation, for its normal flow, it is necessary to consume sufficient amounts of iron-containing foods. These products include beef liver, apples, tomato juice and buckwheat porridge.

At week 18, you should balance your diet so that there will be no churn and stick to it later, until the end of the gestation period. In order to avoid the appearance of drains, it is necessary to significantly limit salt intake, since it is this which contributes to the retention of sodium in the body. You also have to monitor the amount of fluid consumed during the day.

Weight on the 18th week of pregnancy

Toxicosis, in the fifth month of pregnancy is already in the past, and many moms find themselves in a "brutal" appetite. But it should be remembered that with the diet and diet you need to be as careful as possible, since at the 18th week the weight may increase by 4-6 kg at once. Therefore, strict control of weight gain is needed, because if the weight exceeds the normal values, it will be much more difficult to bear and then give birth to mommy than with normal indicators. Yes, and get rid of extra pounds, even after giving birth will be very difficult.

If your weight exceeds the allowable rate of 6 kg, then you should talk to your doctor and decide which diet is best to use. It is unacceptable to go on any diet of your own during pregnancy, because the child should not suffer, but should receive everything necessary and in sufficient quantity. Only a specialist can develop and offer you a diet in which mommy will not gain extra pounds, and the baby at the 18th week of pregnancy will be able to get the proteins and vitamins he needs.

If the intimate relationship with her husband was interrupted due to toxicosis or poor health of the future mom, then the second trimester of pregnancy is the best time for their renewal. Sex at 18 weeks can give future parents new, vivid impressions and emotions, contribute to the further study of each other and, accordingly, bring together even more.

Since the tummy is not very big yet, toxicosis has ceased, then the desire for intimacy and sensuality can increase significantly. And such a desire can be given completely calm, but certainly not overly zealous and aktivnichat. Sex at 18 weeks, will not bring any problems, unless of course the pregnancy is not characterized by a constant increase in the tone of the uterus or the presence of infection in mommy.

A failure for intimacy, can only serve the following reasons: leakage of amniotic fluid, low location of the placenta, the diagnosis of "multiple miscarriage" and multiple pregnancy.

What's happening?

Metabolism varies depending on the needs of the growing baby. There is an active accumulation of protein, the content of healthy fats increases, which are deposited in the mammary gland, under the skin. Salts that go to the formation and construction of the child's body accumulate. The need for intake of vitamins D, E, C and group B is increasing. The formation of the fetal skeleton continues, the development of the immune system is underway. From this period of pregnancy it is recommended to wear a bandage in order to keep the uterus in a normal position.

The fetus and its development in the 18th week of pregnancy

At 18 weeks of gestation, the size of the fetus reaches a length from the crown to the sacrum 20.5 cm, the weight of the fetus is 190-200 grams.

The baby has a thin, smooth, reddish skin. Through the skin shine vessels. The first signs of accumulation of subcutaneous fat appear. The development of the endocrine and nervous systems. The kid is preparing for self-defense against infections, interferon and immunoglobulin start to stand out in his body. The skin of the baby is covered with a paste-like lubricant, which begins to be produced by its glands at the 18th week of pregnancy. At this time it is possible to determine the sex of the child.

Often at this stage of pregnancy the fetus begins to move. First, it will be weak movements of the crumbs, and as the baby grows, the activity of the movements will increase. The fetus forms the proportions of the body. He has already formed phalanges and skin pattern of the fingers and toes. He begins to hear sounds well. Fully formed vocal cords. The size of the brain increases, the outline of the head changes. The myelin sheath begins to form - a protective layer surrounding the nerve fibers. The baby begins to blink reflexively and perform respiratory movements, inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid.

Proper nutrition

Most often the question arises about the observance of certain rules in the diet. Toxicosis ended, a good appetite, and many women begin to gain weight. It is very important not to miss the moment when you need to streamline your diet in order not to have excess weight after birth. The weight of the mother at the 18th week of pregnancy increases by 4.5 - 5.5 kg, depending on your body. At this stage of pregnancy, the fetus is actively growing and developing. In the diet of women should be present all the trace elements, vitamins, proteins, which will contribute to the normal development of the fetus. Alcohol, smoked and salty foods are strictly prohibited (they can trap water in a woman’s body and cause swelling), fatty foods, it is recommended to limit the consumption of sweets. It is recommended to drink natural vegetable and fruit juices prepared before consumption.

At this time, the baby especially needs vitamins and trace elements that help blood formation. The future mother should include buckwheat cereal, liver, foods rich in vitamin C, folic acid, tomato juice in her diet. It is important to have in your diet dairy products (products must be natural), they will help avoid the development of osteoporosis and caries of the pregnant. In order to normalize the chair, you need to enter into the diet of vegetables and fruits.

The movements of the baby in the 18th week of pregnancy

This gestational age is most often accompanied by the first sensations of the baby's movements. But this may not be all. 18 week of pregnancy and no movement? Do not worry, the first movement of the child can occur from 16 to 22 weeks - this is absolutely normal.

Often, women simply do not notice the weak and gentle movements of the baby. By stirring, you can learn about the state of the baby. If he moves very actively and often, it means he may lack oxygen. There may be a risk of hypoxia. Hypoxia is a low oxygen content in the body. Prolonged hypoxia can lead to weakness and decreased fetal activity. In the case of hypoxia, if the frequency of perturbations is less than three times per hour, the baby should be given timely help to avoid serious complications. Women who have been diagnosed with fetal hypoxia need to observe rest, with bed rest, normal blood supply to the uterus.

At this moment the rhythm of the sleep phase and the wakefulness phase of the baby is formed. Every three to four hours, the baby wakes up and a phase of activity begins - he actively moves, listens for sounds and reacts to them.

The future mother needs to be in the fresh air as often as possible and lead an active (for her position) lifestyle. The activity of the baby will change depending on the emotional state of the mother. Future parents need to understand that any stress causes great harm to their baby. Pregnancy should take place with the full emotional comfort of a woman.

Pain in the 18th week of pregnancy

If a woman has a stomach ache at 18 weeks of pregnancy - this is not always a pathology. During this period, the first painful sensations associated with a change in the center of gravity, an increase in the weight of the woman, or a sprain can appear. There is a nagging pain in the back, lower abdomen. The uterus on this period begins to increase rapidly. The bandage will avoid sprains and tendons of the abdominal wall. Wearing a bandage will reduce the load on the organs and the spine, will change the posture.

If there are nagging or cramping pains, if the discharge began, it is urgent to see a doctor. These may be precursors to premature termination of pregnancy.

Twin pregnancy

During this period of pregnancy, pregnant women who have twins have particular discomfort. When a multiple pregnancy increases the pressure on the bladder, there are constant urge to urinate. There is pain in the back, lower back. For women carrying twins, a set of gymnastic exercises, comfortable shoes and mandatory rest breaks are recommended to relieve the spine. Special attention is required to pay for food. A balanced diet will allow children to fully carry out, they will be born healthy and strong. Also a balanced diet, respect for yourself, will preserve the health and beauty of the mother.

Required studies and analyzes

At the 18th week of pregnancy, it is possible to determine the malformations of the heart, brain, and chromosomal pathology. To do this, conduct a special study in the second trimester of pregnancy (from 18 to 20 weeks). This study (triple test) helps to identify the group at high risk of having children with chromosomal abnormalities. An ultrasound scan is additionally assigned to determine malformations. The specialist will determine whether there are malformations, the risk of deviations in the development of the child during pregnancy.

I get colostrum out of my chest. Is this normal in the 18th week of pregnancy?

The release of colostrum in the 18th week of pregnancy is considered normal. It begins to be produced in pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy. The first symptoms are tingling in the chest. Most often, the colostrum begins to stand out if, in the room where the pregnant woman is, the high temperature of the air, during stimulation of the nipples, under stress. The main thing now, after the start of the selection of colostrum, to properly care for the breast. It is recommended to wash it regularly with cool (not cold) water, then wipe the chest gently with a cotton towel. Cups cut out of cotton fabric are inserted into the bra, which change regularly.

What is a screening triple test? Why do you need this study at 18 weeks?

Screening is carried out in the first and second trimester of pregnancy. Screening for the first trimester is scheduled for a period of 11 to 14 weeks. Screening for the 18th week of pregnancy is a second trimester screen. It is held from 14 to 20 week. The best timeframe for screening the second trimester is 16-18 weeks. This analysis determines the pathology of the fetus. With it, you can identify the risk of Down syndrome, spina bifida and many others. Additionally, an ultrasound is prescribed, which helps to more accurately establish the diagnosis.

If the second trimester screening did not show very good results, you need to consult a doctor genetics. The doctor, by talking with you, will find out what reasons might have influenced the result of the analysis. He will carefully examine all tests, ultrasound, if his conclusion is that there is a genetic pathology, you will be asked to make amniocentesis. Amniocentesis is a puncture of the amniotic membrane for taking amniotic fluid. With this analysis, it is possible to diagnose the presence of congenital and hereditary diseases.

I do not feel the bumps in the 18th week of pregnancy. Is this normal or not?

The onset of fetal movement is considered normal from 16 to 22 weeks. Very often, overweight women do not notice baby shocks. Only after visiting the doctor, they learn that the baby is already moving. If you have this first pregnancy, then it is likely that the first movement of the baby you will feel about 20 weeks of pregnancy. If you are worried about your baby, then contact your gynecologist and he will conduct an examination.

I'm sick at the 18th week of pregnancy, what should I do?

Toxicosis usually stops by 16 - 18 weeks of pregnancy. But, according to statistics, in 20 percent of women, toxicosis continues until the third trimester. The most common cause of nausea at this stage of pregnancy is associated with a high level of hormones and with the emotional state of a woman. If nausea turns into vomiting, this is already a hyperemesis of pregnant women. This is a serious condition in which there is a large weight loss. If nausea at 18 weeks is accompanied by abdominal pain, if you have a big weight loss, severe bouts of vomiting - you should seek medical help. The doctor will find out the reasons for this condition and give you treatment.

To get rid of nausea before eating try to do an exercise - one hand on the stomach, the other on the chest. Take a deep breath and exhale for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Try to rest more often. Do not eat spicy seasonings, smoked meats, fatty foods. Drink plenty of water, eat food in small portions, but more often. Enter foods rich in vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, folic acid into your diet.

What happens in the 18th week of pregnancy?

According to studies of medical practice, pregnancy lasts about 40 obstetric weeks. Each week is unique in its own way and is characterized by its features, because for a baby, a new day is a new round of development. In this article we will look at what happens at the 18th week of pregnancy in the body of a mother and her child.

Condition of the uterus

Even girls of athletic build You may notice a rounded tummy. This is due to the increase in size. uterus, which is located approximately in the area of ​​the umbilical cavity. This female organ is already quite large, a pregnant woman can independently probe it.

From the level of the pubic bone she rises by about 17-18 cm. The neck, which performs its protective function, reaches a length of at least 3 cm. Reduction of the neck is a reason for immediate hospitalization, since This can cause rapid delivery.

In case of invalid length, in the hospital can put an obstetric pessary, which will control it until the birth. Stress, heavy exercise and an unfavorable lifestyle can cause uterine tone (contraction).

This fact on this term can not be ignoredMandatory consultation of a specialist or even a hospital is necessary.

Breast Changes

With the onset of pregnancy, a woman can be noted some breast tenderness, its slight increase. The fact is that the milk ducts and the lobes of the glands, under the influence of hormones, begin to change.

At week 18, this can be seen much better than in the first trimester. The body is preparing for future feeding: estrogen stimulates the ducts through which colostrum will travel, and then milk. Progesterone affects muscle tissue.

На 18 неделе будущая мать может отметить такие изменения молочных желез:

  1. Увеличение размера.
  2. Болезненность прикосновений.
  3. Отчетливо проступившая венозная сетка.
  4. Потемнение ареол сосков.
  5. Появление на сосках бугорков и узелков.

Некоторые женщины могут заметить на одежде прозрачные или желтоватые выделения – молозиво. Данный признак необязателен: иногда молозиво не появляется до самых родов, что не является вариантом отклонения от нормы.

При выделении молозива you must carefully monitor the hygiene of the mammary glands: wash with warm water, with abundant fluid, it is recommended to wear special breast inserts in the bra.

Many of us have probably heard that starting from the second trimester, it is necessary to prepare ourselves for nursing the unborn child - to massage the breasts and nipples. It is worth noting that this is a myth. On the contrary, performing similar actions, you endanger the health of yourself and your baby.

Sharp increase in mammary glands can provoke unpleasant cosmetic defects - stretch marks. Therefore, after a shower, you can make a light massage of the breast with the use of moisturizing agents: the left breast is clockwise, the right breast is counterclockwise.

Women with a fragile physique quickly give out their interesting position than the ladies in the body. But on the term of 18 weeks and those, and those already can't hide their tummy from others: the uterus and the fetus are already of sufficient size, which increases its circumference.

The natural curvature of the spine increaseswhile the abdominal muscles relax - the body prepares for the placement of the growing child. From here a peculiar gait appears: the shoulders are turned back, the belly is forward, the hips are rocked from side to side. Waistline becomes almost invisible.

Of course, the strict framework and canons of what should be the size of the abdomen at this time - no. It all depends on the individual physiological features. The gynecologist calculates an approximate size table for the future mother based on her data.

but abdominal circumference is of great importance while observing the course of pregnancy: too large or small amounts indicate developing pathologies and require additional examination to exclude violations (for example, high or low water, low-weight fetus, etc.).

Many women may appear "fluff" on the stomach. A future mother is often upset when she sees such changes. It is worth noting that there is no cause for concern.

Blame the male hormones - androgens, as well as hormones of the placenta and adrenal glands. After birth, the hormonal system returns to normal and the hair disappears.

Some future moms trying to get rid of unwanted hairwhich appeared due to the influence of androgens during pregnancy. To do this, experienced obstetricians and gynecologists do not recommend.

Allocations for this period must be same as in the first trimester: light or dairy, without any clots, impurities and shades. Their number usually changes, which should not frighten a pregnant woman.

Estrogen levels increased, and with it the amount of discharge. If their character has changed, they become cheesy, with a yellow, gray or green shade - this is the reason for visiting female consultation.

Only doctor and smear on tank-seeding and flora will help identify the cause of the deviation. The body of a pregnant woman is subjected to a large load, all organs and systems work for two, therefore, often at this time the discharge can acquire a non-characteristic look and smell.

Another frequent and unpleasant guest for the future mother may be thrush. In addition to discharge, it is characterized by discomfort and severe itching.

For the prevention of thrush you should try to eat less flour and sweet, and also include in the diet fermented milk products. You can not neglect the daily hygiene of special means. They do not overdry the mucous membrane and do not disrupt the natural work of the flora of the genital organs, which leads to inflammation of the pelvic organs.

What happens to the fetus: development, appearance, weight and height

By the 18th week the baby has learned to listen carefullythat is why experts recommend to talk to him as often as possible: sing lullabies, tell poems, etc.

Mother's voice has a calming effect. for every child, loud music, crashing and shouting act repulsively and frighteningly.

  1. In the fetus, the retina of the eyeball is already sufficiently developed and shaped to distinguish light from darkness.
  2. The heart of the baby is fully formed, which allows for a complete diagnosis of the absence of malformations.
  3. On the phalanges of the fingers and toes, the child has his unique pattern - an imprint.
  4. Internal organs have taken their places, external sexual signs have also formed, so it can be said with precision what sex the baby will be.
  5. The first fat base and even folds appear.
  6. In the oral cavity formed the beginnings of teeth.

The child has thin reddish skinthrough which vessels are translucent. The head is still larger torso, inclined forward. Though the eyes of the baby react to light, the eyelids are closed.

Fetal growth usually measured from the parietal lobe to the sacrum. At week 18 it is 20.5-21 cm, weight fluctuates between 190-210 g.

The kid and at an earlier period makes various flips, coups and movements in the womb. But due to the low weight and protection of the placenta, as well as the fat layer, woman does not feel no change in the position of the child in space.

This is the same period when expectant mother may hear the first movements. Each woman describes her feelings in different ways: someone compares with splashing a fish, fluttering a butterfly, a kind of tickling, and someone immediately gets a distinct push.

If your calendar shows The end of the 18th week, but the crumb does not show signs, do not worry. Normally, this should happen from 16 to 22 weeks. In practice, it is also noted that primiparids usually begin to feel fetal movements later than women carrying 2, 3, etc. baby

Changes in the mother's body

Woman usually does not feel much discomfort and pain, the tummy is still not large enough, so the feeling of lightness and joy of the future motherhood does not leave her. However, a growing fetus requires more and more space and increases the circumference of the abdomen, therefore, from time to time a pregnant woman may experience nagging pain in the lower abdomen.

In this way, the abdominal muscles are stretched under the pressure of increasing uterus. For the same reason, pressure on the bladder increases, which leads to frequent urination.

The body weight of a woman is growing together with her baby. Normal weight gain should be in the range from 2 to 6 kg. This is due to an increase in blood, breast and uterus.

In the case of a large increase you should review your diet, because in the future it will be more difficult to control weight and, perhaps, swelling will appear.

Future mothers, feel the stirring, they begin to realize the full power of responsibility for life within themselves. The kid begins to communicate with the most expensive person for himself, which can not but affect the emotional state of the woman.

Some become overly sentimental.Some are too irritable. This is also due to the fact that hormonal changes. In any case, a pregnant woman with an unstable mood and possible fears will be helped to cope with the support of loved ones, their care and care.

Pregnancy freezing

The diagnosis of missed abortion is made at week 18, if for some reason the development and death of the fetus stop. A woman may not even be aware of the tragedy that has occurred, since the maternal organism does not reject the dead fetus and it continues to remain in the uterus.

The first trimester is considered to be the most dangerous in this respect, since it is during this period that the fetus is most vulnerable. But the risk of detecting a missed abortion still remains at a later date. According to medical statistics, a period of 16-18 weeks is also considered critical.

The main reasons for which a pregnancy for a period of 18 weeks may stop include: genetic disorders, harmful working conditions, infections and the presence of harmful habits of the mother, such as alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction. It is practically impossible to determine pregnancy freezing by yourself, since the symptoms of pregnancy persist. But over time, there may be pulling or aching pain in the lumbar region and the presence of smearing brown discharge. Plus, missed abortion at 18 weeks will be accompanied by a complete absence of fetal movements, and many moms have already had time to feel them.

You can diagnose it at the next gynecological examination or during a planned ultrasound. And the sooner it is found and the faster the scraping is done, the better for the woman, since the dead fetus will contribute to the development of strong inflammatory processes. After carrying out a forced abortion, antibiotic therapy and abstinence from the occurrence of pregnancy for 6-12 months will be required.

Unpleasant manifestations of the 18th week caused by weight gain and pressure of the uterus on all organs include:

  • aggravating backache when walking and sleeping,
  • heartburn and other gastrointestinal troubles,
  • urging to the toilet.

Fading Pregnancy

Despite the fact that the highest probability of missed abortion remains in the first trimester, the 18th week of pregnancy is a critical period. Chances of losing a child are high. Freezing pregnancy - death and cessation of fetal development without subsequent exit from the uterus. It is not rejected by the body of the pregnant, therefore the symptoms are absent.

Pregnancy test at week 18 is diagnosed by ultrasound or routine gynecological examination. But the woman herself can guess the tragedy, because there are no movements. If a lot of time passes after the moment when the fetus fades, pains in the lower abdomen appear, bloody bleeding, body temperature rises. A pregnant woman needs curettage of the uterus, otherwise sepsis develops.

Multiple pregnancy

Babies in my mother's tummy becomes cramped, and they require a lot of space. With the wrong previa, the belly at the 18th week of pregnancy is not very big, but she feels an increase in the growth of babies.

Now the uterus rises very quickly, and this increases the risk of abortion. Therefore, mother in the 18th week of gestation should especially protect her babies.

Relationship to sex

The first trimester with its threats and complications left behindtherefore, the expectant mother may experience an unprecedented attraction to her spouse. In the absence of a doctor's testimony, sex at week 18 is important and necessary.

First, during the proximity hormones of joy are released into the blood, which have a positive effect on the general condition of the mother and the baby, and secondly, sexual intercourse trains the body before delivery, makes the birth canal more elastic.

In this matter, the main thing is to listen to your feelings.because it often happens that a woman does not want to hear about intimacy with her husband. In this case, a man needs to be patient and wait, usually such problems go away as suddenly as they come.

Doctors recommend not experimenting. with unusual postures while carrying a fetus. The abdomen should be in a safe position, without pressure. Also, a woman is not recommended to lie on her back for a long time in order not to ensure the oxygen starvation of the baby.

Chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)

HCG is a hormone that is excreted by the placenta during pregnancy. This indicator grows and from 8-11 weeks reaches the maximum value. As proved by researchers, in general, it is doubled every 72 hours. After 11 weeks, the hormone is reduced and flattened, until the very birth.

HCG at 18 weeks gestation ranges from from 4000 to 165000 mMe / ml.

The rate of this indicator each woman is individual. But it should be remembered that low or high rates are not a necessary option for deviations from the norm.

Additional examinations may indicate the excellent condition of the mother and baby. Therefore, for a more correct picture doctors prescribe several testsby breaking them into temporary blocks.


Progesterone is of great importance in the safe course of pregnancy.

  1. Prepares a place for the egg to adhere properly.
  2. Affects the muscles and pelvic bones.
  3. Provides colostrum, and then milk.
  4. Helps to eliminate the tone of the uterus.
  5. Promotes the growth of the uterus.

In the first three months do not usually test for progesterone. His performance is most important in cases where the preliminary date of birth has passed, and the baby has not yet been born.

This is done for the right choice. version of delivery. But some obstetrician-gynecologists control progesterone starting from the second trimester (difficult pregnancies). The level of this hormone at week 18 should be 35.5 - 59.5 ng / ml.


All first trimester woman's body was engaged in the secretion of hormones. It was a turbulent time of progesterone and estrogen surges. Hence the woman’s well-being and behavior was unpredictable. Nausea, vomiting, changeable mood - all these are signs of the first trimester.

To the present moment "Hormonal storm" subsided, the organism has entered the correct rhythm, all vital systems are tuned to the safe bearing of the fetus. The moral state is stabilized, and toxicology, which is hated by many, retreats.

The expectant mother during this period may feel that she started to gain weight. This feeling arises due to a noticeable rounding and increase in blood volume.

What happens to the baby

At this time, the baby is developing rapidly, he has legs, arms, genitals, even fingerprints appear, which are characteristic only of him.

Adipose tissue and the brain are formed, the immune system produces all the necessary components against the fight against various viruses and infections that enter the mother's body.

The kid reacts to the light that penetrates to him through his mother's belly, although his eyes are closed. Your baby is good at distinguishing sounds, so this period is good for starting to talk with him, read, sing songs, it is desirable that the father of the child also conducts these procedures, even when the mother is already sleeping.

The formation of rudiments of molars, which are hidden under milky ones, will occur and will wait in the wings. The baby learns to swallow amniotic fluid, which later passes through the kidneys of the baby and comes out in the form of urine. Amniotic fluid that enters the alimentary canal affects the development of the kid's digestive system.

The length of the baby is 14 cm and it weighs about 200 g. At 18 weeks, the baby freely moves its legs and arms, nothing prevents it, due to this the development of the muscular system and the development of the baby’s brain occur. Your baby leads an active life in your stomach, just until you feel it.

Photos tummy 18 week

But together with joy that you feel your baby, in the 18th week of pregnancy, the uterus falls 2.5 cm below the navel, while a woman can feel pressure on the navel. You can feel it yourself, because the uterus is very actively increasing its size. To begin with, lower your palm below your navel on 2 fingers, this is the bottom of the uterus, and it looks like a small melon. The first time you will feel this constantly, the uterus will grow just by the hour.

The second ultrasound is in the period from 18-22 week of pregnancy. On this ultrasound, a child is tested from the heels to the crown of the head, checked for any defects in the development of the fetus, starting with Down syndrome and ending with heart disease. They measure all the organs and parts of the child’s body, since in the future there were no problems with the norms and deviations from them. So as if during, to find out any, their problems in most cases can be eliminated. And, of course, you can finally find out the sex of your long-awaited baby, get the first photo for memory and hear the sound of his heart. It is after this second ultrasound that women understand that they are carrying their unborn child under the heart.

Normal weight

Often at the beginning of pregnancy, women suffer from toxemia, because of this they can not eat or drink anything. Even begin to lose weight, toxicosis can last for some women 1-2 days, and for others for months. But, starting from the fifth month, toxicosis goes away and only a good appetite remains, this is a very dangerous period for your weight, since you can increase your weight by 4-6 kg. You need to monitor your weight without necessarily getting better, because later on it will be hard for you to walk. From overweight and the baby will be large, which can lead to complications directly during childbirth. And even after giving birth, you may have problems with weight loss. Since a large percentage of women are overweight after childbirth.

If you notice that the weight has crossed a border of more than 6 kg, you should contact your doctor, who will prescribe a special diet for pregnant women. Alone, this can not be done, you can only harm yourself and your baby. Your child should not suffer from your overeating, and he should receive all the necessary vitamins and proteins for development and growth.

Another category of women, on the contrary, are afraid to get better, and they are undernourished. In this case, the child also suffers, since he may develop many diseases, being in the womb. And in childbirth, he will be born with a very small weight, and in some cases may not survive until the birth. И от этого даже страдает сама будущая мама.

Секс на 18 неделе

Интимные отношения с мужем, в первом триместре отсутствуют из-за постоянно токсикоза, при котором вас только и тошнит, вы себя плохо чувствуете, и у вас просто нет желания и нет настроения. That second trimester is the 18th week, exactly the time when there is no toxicosis, you feel well, you manifest, the desire to get close to your husband. Many experts, on the contrary, even recommend having sex.

At week 18, sex may even seem to you to be some kind of new, different, bright you will have many new emotions and impressions that will bring you even closer. There are no obstacles to having sex, the stomach still does not bother you, you can completely surrender to this process, but of course without fanaticism. If you have problems, such as a constant increased tone of the uterus or an infection, then it is better to refrain from sex.

Other reasons such as the leakage of amniotic fluid, low location of the placenta and multiple pregnancies can also be abandoned.

Medical recommendations

Each pregnancy is unique and individual.. In some, everything goes smoothly down to the birth, while others are constantly under the supervision of specialists. In general, the second trimester does not bring much concern to the expectant mother: she enjoys her beautiful position. But still sometimes it happens the deterioration of health. First of all, a woman can begin to feel back pain.

Although the tummy is quite small, but the displacement of the center of gravity has already occurred. Perhaps uncomfortable shoes (particularly the heel) exacerbate the situation. It's time to take care of comfortable and beautiful shoes, as well as the position and place of sleep. Mattress too soft only aggravate back pain.

Can be a frequent guest at this time. Increased load on the circulatory system causes a decrease in pressure, and as a result of dizziness and migraine.

To avoid negative consequences and unpleasant symptoms, you need to relax more and walk in the fresh air, not to eat fatty and heavy meals.

By the end of the working day, a woman can feel heaviness in the legstheir swelling and pain. Adjusting the drinking regime, comfortable shoes and a salt-free diet will help to quickly deal with the problem.

Physician visits and tests

In this period, the woman need to visit a gynecologist every two to three weeks. Before each visit, a pregnant woman gives a blood and urine test to make the next turnout more productive. Analyzes allow the doctor to identify any latent inflammations and infections in time and prescribe treatment in time.

Diet and lifestyle

At each reception the doctor weighs and pressure measurement. In the event of a deviation from the norm, he prescribes to carefully adjust his diet. A pregnant woman is not recommended to eat smoked, salty and spicy foods, fast food products, fried fatty foods.

She should focus on on healthy food: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts. Meals are best cooked in a double boiler or oven. The future mother should remember that all harmful substances entering the blood must be partially transmitted to her child.

For wellbeing A woman must observe the regime of rest and sleep. In no case should not be overworked and heavy physical exertion. A pregnant woman must sleep at night for at least 8 hours, in a ventilated room, and, if necessary, devote a couple of hours to daytime sleep.

What is banned?

Bad habits are banned future mother. Smoking or alcohol should be completely excluded.

Passive smoking is best kept to a minimum Therefore, all family members with harmful addictions should accept and understand the position of a woman in order to avoid problems with the health of the mother and baby.

Of course, the placenta protects the fetus and minimizes the growing life of the negative impacts. But a large amount of nicotine and alcohol degradation products leads to early maturation and aging of the protective sheath, it begins to perform its functions worse, which over time provokes fetal hypoxia.

Also, at this stage, it is necessary to control the medication. It should be remembered that many pills, potions and even ointments are prohibited for use during pregnancy.

In such cases, one or another medicine has an active substance that negatively affects the growth and development of the future baby.

Taking vitamins

In case of some inconsistencies of indicators in analyzes (for example, low hemoglobin) and for prevention (especially in winter), gynecologists prescribe a multivitamin for pregnant women. They compensate for the lack of beneficial trace elements. and strengthen the patient’s reduced immunity.

Many substances help to strengthen bone tissue of the baby, the formation of the neural tube of the fetus. The doctor writes useful complexes as a recommendation, whether to accept them or not, the expectant mother decides. But according to WHO, many vitamins are almost impossible to obtain from food in the right quantity, and their consumption in a pregnant body is one and a half times more than in others.

Many back pain makes you wonder on the purchase of prenatal brace. Doctors of the antenatal clinic as a means of relieving the back load are practically not used.

The fetus has not yet risen high enough, so its use is transferred to the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Pain in the abdomen and back

Minor pains are a normal physiological process. restructuring of the body to work for two. But sharp and cutting pains in a stomach should not remain without attention from first minutes of occurrence. Acute lumbar pains may indicate a pinched nerve. These symptoms do not go away on their own, but require consultation with a neurologist.


Many doctors from female consultation advise a pregnant woman to take a temperature several times a day of your body. For a period of 18 weeks, it returns to normal and usually reaches 36.6 - 36.8 degrees, depending on the time of day and the room temperature. A rise in temperature to 37.2 degrees is already accompanied by weakness, headache and other signs of a viral infection.

Cold and antibiotics

At any time, the expectant mother may catch a cold. Fever, cough, runny nose and throat should not be ignored. High rates on a thermometer are especially dangerous.because they raise the temperature of the amniotic fluid.

This development can cause defects in the nervous system fetus. Folk remedies are not always effective, because the therapist prescribes antibiotics. It is important to remember that it is better to treat a cold than to get sick for a long time and with complications.

Second trimester Some types of antimicrobial therapy are acceptable and necessary.because advanced disease quite often leads to premature aging of the placenta or intrauterine infection.