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TOP worst birthday gifts


How often we say: “There are always exceptions to the rules, but some things are quite universal.” Women during the holidays have two feelings: 1) They are glad that everyone congratulates them, and they are filled with a joyful atmosphere. 2) They understand that time passes, and they begin to age. This is a very insidious time to make gifts. There are some things that men should not give, even if a woman hints at it.

In general, there are 15 of the most unfortunate gifts that a man can give a woman. We read, remember and never repeat!

1) Home electrical appliances. Nothing sounds as romantic as a vacuum cleaner. Perhaps you really need them, but a woman will think that you want to force her to just clean the house. Set aside to give such things for another day.

2)Cream against wrinkles and acne. We know that women spend fortunes on anti-wrinkle and acne creams. Some of us might think that this is a great idea to donate such a tool. Do not make this mistake, you only insult a woman.

3)Sports equipment. Perhaps you think that there is nothing bad in it, but there is. Men encounter this problem quite often. Having presented a simulator, you are hinting that a woman has become lazy and full, and this will definitely offend her.

4)Trimmer for the nose. It does not sound funny, but men give such things quite often. Firstly, it looks like you bought it at the last minute, secondly, it hits a woman's vanity

5)Cookbook. This is very similar to home appliances. In fact, you say to the woman: "Go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich." Also in the section of unsuccessful gifts include: pans, work gloves, pots and other kitchen utensils.

6)Wax for hair removal. This gift is one of the most negative in its response. If your woman has problems in this area, then give her a better certificate for visiting the SPA-salon.

7)Antenna Remover. These devices are really needed by women. And they give them to each other. But to get such a device as a gift from a man? You better not do this.

8)Strip for a striptease. No matter: what her figure, attractive for you sparkling temper - her birthday is not a reason to give such a provocative gift. Handing the pole for a striptease of your beloved for a birthday, you risk never to see it in use.

9)Video with a fitness instructor. One of the most "funny" gifts for lovely ladies who know about their problem with being overweight. Do not hesitate your woman, forget about such gifts.

10)Dear diet. If you see how your woman eats all that horrible and gaining extra pounds, do not think to give her a plan for losing weight. If you want to give her this, ask her friend to do it.

11)Tickets for an event that pleases you. This is a typical situation when a man does not take into account the opinion of “his half” and invites her to that event, which she is not interested in. Remember, this is her birthday, at least one day be patient with any cute fairy tale.

12)Something for her car. You might think that this is a great idea to give something for her car. However, a woman’s car is her personal space. She may not understand your gift and put it somewhere in the garage as trash.

13)Gifts with sales. Obvious evidence that a man has forgotten about her birthday is a gift from some cheap store. Remember, she always re-checks your gift! And you are waiting for big problems.

14)Envelope with money. Do not make a woman feel like a prostitute. The gift should be from the heart with the attention and care. And she will always have time to take money from you.

15)Nothing. In most cases, the lady will say that she was not offended at all. But know, she will definitely not be happy to receive from you Nothing. Even if he says that he does not want a gift, you should give it to her!

TOP worst birthday presents

For women. 5, so-called applicants

1. Jewelery or jewelry. First, not all women wear ordinary jewelry, but give their preference to expensive products made of gold, silver and natural stones.

Secondly, jewelry with natural stones should be chosen very carefully, because they carry a special energy and can harm a person.

Women like to choose such things on their own or with their chosen one. The girl immediately associates the decoration with some way, so with special attention and awe buys women's trinkets.

2. Book. Indeed, many people love to read and collect a huge library at home, but if you don’t know what interests the birthday person, you don’t have to choose books at your own risk.

The gift in most cases is useless and gathering dust on the shelf.

3. Animals. Not everyone will tolerate four-pawed pets in his home. Some prefer love at a distance to their furry comrades. Such a gift would be appropriate if you discuss it in advance directly with the hero of the occasion. When choosing a gift, you must take into account not only your preferences, but also take into account the wishes of the birthday man.

4. Cosmetics and perfumes. Such things need to be selected very carefully and individually. You are not always well-versed in the tastes and preferences of the birthday man, especially if you do not know the person very well.

For example, a girl uses only elite perfumes of famous brands, and you will present a cheap fake. In vain the thrown out money and a useless gift.

It is very unpleasant for a woman to receive as a gift cream skin care products, on which the age frames are indicated (+46). No need to emphasize age and openly hint about the condition of the skin.

Lipstick or lip gloss is also chosen individually, because some ladies do not use makeup for the lips.

5. Souvenirs. Photo frames, piggy banks, figurines, decorative stands for office or paintings are not appropriate to give a birthday boy, especially if you do not know about his style preferences.

Perhaps there is no place for paintings in the house, or the person simply does not like art. Each trifle should organically fit into the interior, and not create a museum of mixed handicrafts.

The worst birthday present for men. TOP 5

1. Tie or cufflinks. On the one hand, a classic gift, but imagine if a person prefers only sportswear or is used to choosing an image for himself.

2. Purse, purse. On the market of haberdashery accessories, there is a huge selection of various wallets and purses. Some prefer only leather products and prefer designer collections from famous couturiers.

3. Underwear (panties, socks, T-shirts). Not for nothing in jokes always ridicule these gifts and ironically.

4. Cosmetics, perfume, personal care products. Direct hint, they say, you need to follow a better. Such things a person is able to buy and use.

5. clothing. Even if you know the style of the birthday, it does not mean that you can guess with the size or color range.

If you do not know what to give to a person, you can gently ask him what he would like to receive as a gift. For example, a gift certificate from some congenial chain of stores or money.


Orthodox people believe that the handkerchief presented as a present foreshadows possible tears.

Popular belief says that the book can be given to relatives, but not the second half - such a gift for a loved one can be a harbinger of a quarrel.

The book can not be given to the couple - it can provoke quarrels, disorders in their home.

The ancient Greeks believed that pearls are the tears of sea nymphs.

Such a gift portends quick tears.

Many superstitions are associated with mirrors.

It is believed that they bring with them the trouble of a new home.

You can not give cracked, punctured dishes - this can cause a "broken" life.

If the tableware is still chosen as a gift, something must be put inside.

The tradition by which the newlyweds beat the dishes at the wedding is considered fortunately. They leave all the bad outside the family created.

Plants, animals

When presenting such a “living” gift, you must ask for a ransom from the donor.

Without him, according to beliefs, the new resident of the house will not find his place.

Superstitious people believe that slippers as a gift can attract illness or death to a person.

This is especially true of white slippers.

Cosmetics for washing and shower

It is considered that such gifts "wash away" the person from the life of the person who presented it.

From such a gift should be abandoned, they say that it is to the imminent funeral.

Decorative candles are also not worth giving.

This superstition is well explained by common sense.

It is said that such a gift takes away a part of health and this is quite explicable.

Despite the impressive list of prohibitions, there is a way around them.

  • It is necessary to ask the person for a small, symbolic redemption - even one coin will be enough. In this case, the gift turns into a purchase, because the price was received for the goods.

What is suitable as a gift

About suitable gifts said, unfortunately, very little, but some items require special attention.

Pillows should be given in pairs, so that they bring harmony and prosperity to the house.

Carpet, presented as a gift, promises good luck to the new owner in any new business.

A tablecloth gift strengthens the friendship between the recipient and the donor.


This sign concerns more married men.

If they present such a gift to their spouse, they will reduce the number of quarrels in the house.

My wife will be able to look at the world through the eyes of her husband through glasses.

This writing should be presented to managers.

It is considered that in this way the manager will listen more to the donor.

Signs of giving

There are special signs associated with the method of donation.

They may be useful to you:

  • After sunset you can not give money. This is to the need of the donor, but not the recipient. In extreme cases, in the evening you need to put such a gift on the table, but definitely not to give it up. Money gift is better to present in the morning, afternoon.
  • It is forbidden to perevarivat gifts. First of all, it is ugly and the energy of the “re-presentation” is getting worse.
  • Gifts can not be presented through the threshold, be sure to enter the house.
  • Gifts can not be presented before the birthday. A gift delivered in advance should not be unpacked, so you should ask the recipient if there is no other way out. Let him see him on the day of the holiday.
  • Flowers should be given in an odd number. Lovers need to leave aside the flowers of yellow. They say - they are to separation.

All beliefs that have been rooted in the people for centuries are words that are not supported by facts. You yourself must decide whether to believe in superstition or leave them aside.

Most importantly, choose a gift from the heart and enjoy the joy of another person.

Worst gifts for men

So, men do not like to receive as a gift:

Shaving Gel / Foam Kits.

Although men are simple creatures, they are very kind to what they smell. And the last thing that they would like to receive as a gift from their companion (and even more so on behalf of the whole team) is any hygiene products with smells. Because real men decide for themselves what they smell like: Dior or goat.

About the goat, by the way, is not a joke. In some cases, receiving a gift of "soap-rylnye accessories" men perceive as a thick hint that it is time for them to wash.

Even if you know that the last time he bought his own socks for himself in the army military center a month before the demob, and after that you can not drive him to the store by force, do not give clothes. It looks humiliating, cheap and too patronizing. Even if he needs socks and pants, just go and buy them on any other day, but don’t give them for the holidays.

In addition, some men are indignant at the very thought that you discussed its size with strangers. With sellers in the store. Even the size of the socks! So this is the worst gift for a man.

A funny thing that will be used only once

Men are very practical, and they squeak from cute trinkets only twice in their lives: when they receive them as a gift (so as not to upset you) and a second time - when they bring this trinket to the garbage bin (from relief). Therefore, do not give him a hat with coasters for beer cans to drink without holding your hand. Do not give him a Hulk mask or a clay piggy bank in the form of a drunken police officer / current president, etc. Anything that gathers dust after the holidays while waiting to be sent to the garbage can not serve as a gift for a man.

Although it is customary to say about men that they are big children, they are very practical big children.

It would seem that this is a universal gift, but no. Can you imagine what it is: shave every day? The men themselves joke that they would prefer to give birth once than to shave every day. Although when it comes to even giving birth, they immediately think again and begin to think that shaving every day is not the biggest pay.

So, men on the whole cannot tolerate shaving, and this gift definitely does not cause pleasant associations. Moreover, some men hate electric razors, while others are safe.

And do not forget that manufacturers of even the same brand often make their safety razors incompatible with each other. You now gave him a machine, and when his blades run out, the man will face a choice: which of his two machines to throw out?

This cute shirt, sweater, turtleneck, substitute the right

Men do not like things that they buy without their consent. Either that boy wakes up in them at that moment, to whom mom gave a too bright hat, or they see a lack of confidence in their ability to choose their own things on their own. Yes, most men do not know how to choose their clothes and do not like to do this, but do not remind them so openly.

Most likely, he will don your gift once and never touch him again. Or, we do not even know what is worse, it will only walk in it, until you ask him to throw away this rags. “But, did you give it to me yourself?”

Clothing is also the worst gift.

Holidays with your family.

Are you going to celebrate this New Year with your parents (“It’s time for us to introduce you”), or to go out of town in the company of your sisters with their husbands - such things are better discussed in advance. Most men dream of seeing only familiar faces on a holiday, and any kind of surprise “we will hold a holiday with people whom you see for the first time, but who have heard so much about you” can make your man want to lock himself in the den and fill in the entrance from the inside. For all the New Year holidays.

If you had such plans - do not make a surprise of them, and be prepared for the fact that this proposal will not cause enthusiasm.

Technique in which you do not understand.

Whether it is a quadrocopter, which he dreamed of over the past six months, or a puncher, at the sight of which your man becomes numb in the store from lust - be very careful. God forbid you not to buy the model SDR-245677-bis, but only the SDR-245 - you can’t get upset.

After all, he didn’t just drip with saliva from delight, he knows the subject of his dream in detail and learned exactly how one drill differs from another - in every detail. Do not understand, then do not take risks. Or ask to write to you on a piece of paper what exactly he wants to receive.

A gift card to a store where he never bought anything.

However, the map of his favorite store is also not the best gift. First, men rarely have affection for particular stores. They value things, not their place of purchase. Secondly, even if he constantly buys a tool, prefabricated models of tanks, and whatever you like for work or for a hobby in the same place, you will restrict his freedom of choice with his gift.

In this case, it is best to donate just an envelope with money.

Handmade gifts

The common expression “the best gift he made himself” is a false one. There is no greater annoyance for men than the need to be moved by your handmade soap or the scarf associated for it, especially if it does not wear scarves. And he loves you, and he is embarrassed for you, and you can’t express disappointment too much ...

The worst gift for a man is a handmade gift. Spare him, buy a better bottle of brandy or whiskey.

However, if he does not drink, then ...

Always ask the men in advance, and then you will have good holidays.

1. The ability to take shape in childhood

And the first gift we receive is life. At a deep level, there is an understanding that we will never be able to pay for this gift. It seems to us so big and great that we refuse to take it to the full. It is necessary to understand that we can never give our parents what we received from them. Should accept and stop worrying about it.

10. Talk about your desires.

Men love to give and act as a donor. This is their role. They love to be heroes. But they are not psychics and telepaths to always know what you need. Говорите о том, что вы любите, и что вы хотите получить от мужчины. А если вы не умеете просить - учитесь. Вначале будет тяжело, ведь придется не только попросить, но потом и принять. Начните с чего-то малого.

Самые худшие подарки для мужчин

Сейчас будем бросать камни в девичий огород. Дорогие девушки, как часто вы предпочитаете дарить «самые проверенные подарки», которые зачастую и попадают в этот список? Через раз точно. Причина одна — недостаток свежих идей. Ну теперь-то это не проблема — есть блог nyaskory

ТОП-10 ужасных мужских подарков

10 Дезодоранты, гели для душа, пена для бритья

Самый очевидный вариант. Guys, of course, are not always so bad about this kind of surprises. But still, you should avoid this kind of gifts, as you risk, firstly, getting something similar for your holiday, and secondly, to demonstrate to a person your not respectful attitude (although this may not be the case).

The only exception I’ll admit to this is the brand blades from Gillett. I say this because I recently saw the value of these blades. My God, I thought after buckwheat for 100 r nothing scared me anymore.

9 100500th ashtray

Or the category "gift associated with habits and hobbies." In fact, it’s great when you don’t have to guess, or you can just pick some hobby item. But not the most popular one - you risk receiving a discreet “thank you” at best.

8 socks

I would say not all socks, but only the most ordinary and without the appropriate design. For example, it will most likely be nice to get a man’s annual stock of socks.

7 pink keyboard

Such a gift guys can appreciate only in one situation - as a joke from a friend. And most likely not the closest.

I think it is easy to imagine what opinion they will have about the girl who gave them the same 8) I can only say one thing - wait for the next holiday as a gift.

6 Plush toys

Practically not a single guy will win over at the sight of a small soft pony. Warranty 99%. If suddenly this happens, then I strongly recommend to look at this strange comrade - there is clearly something wrong.

In fact, there is one reason to give something like this - it should be a romantic gift to the second half. Or as an indirect gift to the children of men.

5 Case on the tablet, when you have an iPhone, but there is no tablet at all

The situation is not pleasant for sure. You open the gift, and there. In general, with all your might you are holding back, so as not to betray frustration from the chest. So we are interested in the model, look and presence of the gadget in advance.

4 Car keys with the phrase "And now it remains only to buy a car"

In psychology, there is the concept of “positive pillow”, when, before telling a person all the shortcomings of the work done, first all the advantages are described. So, in this case, the situation is reversed. To someone such a joke seems ridiculous, but sometimes it can really spoil the holiday.

3 cactus

Among the guys very few flower growers. Some are still ready to recognize as a gift a lush bouquet of flowers (and even then not all), and what can be said about indoor plants. Cactus and other plants should be given only at the request of the man.

2 toothbrush

Whatever tricked she was. I can also assume that such a thing (especially when combined with a suitable cover and toothpaste) may be useful for a hiking tourist, but for the rest.

1 Dish according to a not proven recipe

Eh, she complex through her own cooking. But I can say for sure: do not cook untested dishes for important dates. Several times already messed about it.

The worst gifts for women

We scolded the girls, now beware, guys. And you are watching the desire to run to the store the day before the holiday and choose something that somehow falls short of the title of the gift.

In fact, if you do not postpone the purchase of a gift to the last, then I think the guys would be much better to choose presents for their ladies. Well, let's get started

Top 10 worst gifts for girls

10 Green Mascara

Here I summarize the category “that which is never needed at all.” Or almost never. Is that for slaughter costume parties or photo shoots. Here you can also include too harsh aromas of perfumes and tasteless bijoux.

9 Set of tacks

Sometimes it can be useful. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend not presenting this to one of my acquaintances - the consequences can be intimidating.

8 sweatshirt 2 sizes smaller

In this situation, I feel sorry for not even a girl, but a guy. Poor thing, after all, really tried to choose a cool surprise! In addition, even girls can screw up on this issue.

7 Cheap cosmetics

Dear men, never give cheap cosmetics to your girls and just acquaintances. It is better to buy one expensive brand-name lipstick than a dozen low-quality ones. The matter is not even in how it will look, but in how much harm can be done to the fair sex.

6 Bouquet of flowers with sales

Or just flowers, which had time to lose their presentability due to the influence of unfavorable external factors (they pressed them in the subway, squeezed the cat, etc.) In this case, it is better to honestly admit the current situation or purchase something to replace.

5 Pet without warning

This situation happened to my older sister. The guy on the birthday handed to her. cute red kitten. I must say that due to the small age of the rest of the children, we did not start animals.

I don’t know as a sister, but mom took it not very favorably (I was happy by the ears). And then the cat died a little less than a year later - he was a big reveler, got under the wheels. Since then, I understand that it is better to give animals only by prior request and mandatory coordination.

But let's go back to more positive options.

4 Unsigned Postcards

Guys, well, seriously. You open a postcard, and there, besides congratulatory verses, there is no signature or wishes. With the same success, the girl herself can go to the store and buy the same for herself.

3 Gift with price tags

Never, hear, never give something with an unlinked price tag! 325 times re-check everything, but that was not so.

2 Creams, food supplements, etc.

Think about whether you would give yourself this? Strongly doubt. And imagine what will be the girl? So do not give anything like this. Maximum - Pu-erh tea, if you present it not as a slimming tea, but as an exotic drink.

1 Souvenirs (mainly figurines)

From my own experience I can say: they need constant care (dusting), and you stop noticing them after a week of staying on the shelf. In addition, it is one of the most common gifts for various occasions.

This is especially felt in the New Year, when shop windows are not just bursting, they are falling apart right in front of the number of symbols of the year that are displayed on them

But this rule does not apply to handicraft, antiquities and simply unusual works of modern art. This can give boldly (but infrequently).

And what is the worst gift ever received or give you? Feel free to tell in the comments

There is still a lot of interesting! Come and subscribe

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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By article left: 19 comments

October 18, 2015 | 00:47

I sympathize with the peasant who was given a pink clave, but to be honest, this is the first time I've met. And about the socks, I'm willing to bet, they are always needed!

October 18, 2015 | 11:38

Yes, there are prikolshchiki :)) So I say, socks - a controversial option, but many are very against it)

October 18, 2015 | 18:53

Recently I have been asking in advance what a close person would like to receive as a gift, if there are no wishes, then I confidently donate a certificate, let the person buy himself what he really needs.

October 18, 2015 | 22:26

It's hard to predict with a certificate - a truly universal gift)

October 23, 2015 | 21:46

My ex-husband remember every year he gave me soap and shampoo, to be honest, I was so annoyed. Such an impression was made as if I was not so well-groomed that I needed to be laundered. I ask him - what am I looking bad? And he to me - I do not know how to choose gifts, I don `t know what to give. As for me it would be better if the field flowers are narwhal, or one flower is bought if it is winter time. What are these hygiene products)

As for the gift to another, I also think the “certificate” is the best gift in a situation when you really don’t know what to give to a person.

October 23, 2015 | 22:27

Yes, it's sad when a person treats you like that. And the certificate is like a magic wand)

October 23, 2015 | 23:47

And I argue about a toothbrush. gave her husband an electric one - was happy to madness))) was still from "unusual" gifts. pillow))) special, Askonovskaya of super-duper materials. Cost, however, tysch. 6, but the husband was satisfied.

October 24, 2015 | 09:52

I agree, a moot gift)) But I rather meant a regular toothbrush without frills)

October 26, 2015 | 14:07

Soon I go to the DR to my nephew - 1 year marks. What are some ideas about the gift? )) I have, except for how to buy a certificate in a children's clothing store and other goods for children, not yet. ((

October 26, 2015 | 20:10

Here, though about half a year, but the ideas are completely applicable for a year. In addition, it has links to other articles on the subject.

November 1, 2015 | 18:28

If I had been given a pet without warning, I would have killed such a donor. For me, an animal is a member of a family that you need to love and cherish. And I can not love anyone. And where to put such a gift? Outside? But if you have been dreaming for a long time, for example, about Maine Coon, and once a fluffy little ball is brought to you as a gift, then yes, a cool gift.

November 1, 2015 | 18:43

And I’m talking about the same thing, Elena ((We almost succeeded in that - we didn't drive out, but the cat died as a result (

November 1, 2015 | 18:47

Sorry. But probably natural. For some reason it seems to me that such a “gift” feels that he is not loved and this makes him very ill. I have a friend, whom my daughter did not give, just brought home an adult dog, like "let him live, otherwise there is no place to put." And that dog just can not stand. As a result, all suffer.

November 1, 2015 | 19:20

Oh, and here I am then the cat was very pleased. True, he was wild, as he was on the street - he was not at home, he did not go into his arms. And the kitty found by parents now lives with paws knocked down. 12 years already, although health does not shine (pah-pah). She picked up themselves)

April 25, 2016 | 23:34

It seems to me, nevertheless, initially it is better to find out what a person wants. The universal remedy is now a gift certificate, like a magic wand, but for a loved one the thing is still better. It is especially nice if, by chance, in a conversation I said that I want this, you remembered it once and then gave it - this is super. But men, unfortunately, do not know how. They just need to specifically say, without hints.

April 26, 2016 | 17:04

Oh, yes, even the most astute are not particularly “friendly” with hints)))

April 27, 2016 | 01:22

June 19, 2018 | 09:56

Women value romance and care most of all in relationships: it is important for them to know what a loved one thought about a gift and spent time on it. In the annex to the main gift, you can, for example, present a joint photo with a touching inscription.