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What should be the perfect dress for the bridesmaid

Wedding day is a very exciting day. Of course, all newlyweds dream that their holiday will be remembered for a long time by the guests and turned out on the highest level. To do this, you need to think over everything: the hall, the music, your outfits and even the bridesmaid's dress, because she will be next to the hero of the day throughout the evening.

What dresses usually choose?

Fashion designers and stylists work in this area. The bridesmaid is not just a guest, she is also the center of attention. Very often at the wedding, not only the witness, but also other girlfriends play an important role, so the same outfits are chosen for them or in the same style. Dress styles for bridesmaids can be very diverse: it all depends on the theme and style of the wedding.

Often choose outfits for girlfriends, similar in style to the bride's attire. However, it is necessary to take into account the physique of the girls, because some models are absolutely not suitable for plump or, on the contrary, excessively thin figures.

The trend of the season - dresses of girlfriends in the same style, but in different colors and styles. To make them look spectacular, dresses are chosen from the same fabric, approximately the same length and matching colors. For example, all pastel colors are ideally combined with each other, they will also look good next to a white dress of the bride. You can pick up other shades. For example, lilac-gray or lilac-cream gamut for all friends. Also often choose dresses of the same color, but in different styles, or vice versa.

Wedding dresses for bridesmaids are usually very solemn. Consider some options.

Long dresses for bridesmaids

Long evening dresses for bridesmaids look very impressive. It is not necessary that they are all the same. Enough to withstand style and style. For example, light blue flying dresses on the floor, resembling the nymphs' vestments, are suitable for a sea party.

Bridesmaids dresses colors

The most difficult thing is to decide on the colors of bridesmaids' dresses. After all, it is very difficult to choose one that would suit everyone and harmonize with the bridal dress and the wedding theme. There are three options - buy black dresses that go all, choose multi-colored dresses of the same style or pick up different shades of the same color.

Of course, a black bridesmaid dress will look spectacular. However, there are a number of accept and prejudices, because of which girlfriends and guests at the wedding, as a rule, do not wear black. This is quite understandable. Wedding - a reason for fun, it's a bright day, and outfits should also be bright and bright.

Lilac dresses

Lilac has always been very popular at weddings. First, he is very gentle. And secondly, it suits both brunettes and blondes. By the way, lilac perfectly harmonizes with the snow-white dress of the bride, but it looks as good with ivory color as well. Lilac dress of the bridesmaid will pleasantly set off the black-and-white or black-gray range of newlyweds and witness dresses. The lilac color is a symbol of romance and tenderness, and it blows from it hopes and dreams for the future.

Pink color at the wedding

Pink - feminine, delicate and bright. He is loved by many girls. The advantage of it is that there are many shades, you can choose the one that will suit more each of the girlfriends. Usually they stop on peach, delicate pink and cream tones, on a shade of ashes of a rose. Pale pink lush outfits or dresses decorated with organza or chiffon look impressive.

Green girlfriends outfits

Green is the color of vegetation. It symbolizes all the most positive: youth, renewal, the beginning of a new life, and therefore it is perfectly suited for a wedding. Shades of this color is a very large number. In addition, green blends perfectly with white and black. Green dresses will look great at a wedding in the style of open-air or in the style of Provence. Green always looks good against a background of trees and grass. Bouquets can choose any: white, pale pink, lilac, yellow.

Red dresses

For bridesmaids, red is also perfect. He is passionate, bright and festive. Especially true red will look at the Spanish themed party. But do not abuse the color. Bulky fluff robes will be too provocative. Therefore, it is best to choose modest in style short red dresses for bridesmaids.

Dress transformer

For bridesmaids such a dress is a very convenient option. First, girls-girlfriends can change outfits all evening without changing clothes. Secondly, each of them can choose a model according to its shape and taste. Transforming dresses can change the shape of the top: two straps, one shoulder, a thick shoulder-strap over the neck, a dress with open shoulders, etc. Secondly, these dresses vary the length and shape of the skirt.

Such models will not just look elegant, but also become unusual and stand out.

Rules for the selection of bridesmaids' dresses

Cocktail or evening dress of the bridesmaid should be in harmony with the bride's attire. Of course, everything will be combined with a white dress. But if the bride chose the color of ivory, then you should avoid some shades. So, ivory does not fit well with cream, green, yellow. But it will look good with soft peach, lilac, brown, blue or blue.

Another rule is that the bridesmaid's dress should not completely repeat the style of the bride's dress. The bride is the heroine of the celebration, she must be a star. Based on this rule, you should not also choose white outfits, because bridesmaids' dresses should only emphasize her beauty.

Also the same dresses of girlfriends should be motivated by the theme of the evening. You should not dress your girlfriends equally, if at the wedding it does not win.

Do not forget about convenience. Wedding - the event is quite long. And if you choose a dress of the witness, then you should take into account the fact that she will definitely have to participate in contests and entertainment, to help the bride with everything. Therefore you should not wear too narrow or too short dresses.

And finally, perhaps the most basic rule. The bridesmaid dress should in no case be vulgar and fancy. Of course, the model should be special, festive. However, avoid excessive gloss and tinsel. The measure should be in everything.

What is important to consider friends when choosing a wedding dress

To find the perfect evening dresses for the wedding, the bridesmaids spend no less time and effort than the culprit of the solemn banquet. It is important to correctly determine the style, length, color, fabric. It is necessary to take into account seasonality, the style of the celebration, the composition of the guests, folk omens, features of his figure and much more.

The optimal length for beauty and convenience

The length of the dress is recommended to determine based on several criteria:

  • features of your own figure - choose the length that puts you in the best light, emphasizes the virtues and hides the flaws,
  • comfort - do not forget that at the banquet you will need to dance, participate in competitions, sit on a chair, move a lot,
  • wedding style - will it be a traditional family banquet at a restaurant or a free youth party,
  • frames of decency - too short dresses on bridesmaids look not only defiant, but also ridiculous. Do not forget that you need to be in the shaderather than dragging attention to yourself.

Long evening dresses look beautiful on almost any type of figure. But for such outfits, you definitely need a high heel. If you plan to dance a lot, then give up the plume and narrow skirts.

A very good choice - mallet dress, short front and long back. This style looks more modest mini, but opens legs and does not hold down movements.

They look beautiful and do not interfere with dancing dresses that are just above the knee. To move freely, choose stretchy and non-wrinkling fabrics. The main rule - the narrower the skirt, the more elastic the fabric should be.

To be or not to be cleavage

Overly frank wedding dresses for bridesmaids and other guests are not recommended by any stylist.

  1. First, a defiant neckline will distract guests from the Queen of the holiday.
  2. Secondly, the wedding has always been considered a chaste event, in which girls should be gentle and romantic, and not insidious seductive women.
  3. Thirdly, remember the proverb - “tell me who your friend is ...”, and think that too extravagant attire will cause condemnation of relatives from the groom of the older generation and undermine the authority of the bride.

Of course, a small neckline can afford. But be sure to jump in the dress during the fitting to evaluate how the neckline will behave in moments of active movements.

What colors are suitable for a wedding celebration

Choosing a color, specify which dress your girlfriend is planning to marry, because now brides are not limited to snow-white outfits. If she chose white or close tones - golden, pale pink, sky blue, light beige, then exclude the selected color and follow traditional rules.

  1. It is not recommended to choose a white dress - in this way you can be mistaken for a bride. The same applies to photos in which you find yourself in the center of the frame without the culprit of the holiday. In addition, a friend may not appreciate the choice and even be offended.
  2. Black dresses are undesirable - in some people they are strongly associated with mourning. If you really want to be in black, then choose short sleevesso as not to appear one dark spot. Be sure to use bright accessories and decorations. For the main witness black outfit will not work.
  3. For young girls of 16-20 years old, light dresses are ideal - peach, pink, turquoise. Older girls can choose more saturated colors - purple, green, burgundy, blue. Gold and silver dresses look beautiful, they go to girls 25 and older.
  4. A red dress for the bridesmaid, which will be near the newlyweds all the time, will not work, as it will pull attention not only at the celebration, but also in photos. If you are not a witness, but simply came to congratulate your friends and are going to sit separately, then you can shine in red.

Do not forget that colors can both add volume and make the figure more slender. Give up shades that previously did not like to feel comfortable.

To find out what color dresses for bridesmaids the most popular, We turned to the experts of the salon evening and wedding dresses Love Forever.

Tell me, what colors do the girls most often buy clothes to go to a wedding with a friend?

Most often, bright girls choose dresses of warm and cold shades of pink, pale blue and pale turquoise shades. For brunettes and brown-haired women, we offer brighter colors - blue, blue, and cherry. Lovers of luxury prefer gold and silver.

And what colors are better to refuse?

Now there is no strict framework. Increasingly, wedding celebrations are held in a certain style. It is necessary to clarify this moment with the organizers of the holiday in order to look accordingly. Our stylists help choose an outfit that perfectly matches skin tone, hair, eyes and body type. We invite girls to our salon for updates.

Types of fabrics for evening dress

The main requirement for fabrics for a wedding dress, even if you are just a friend, is practicality. The material should not be rumpled, otherwise by the middle of the banquet you will look careless. It is good if the material is not prone to hooks and stretch marks, because you have to be active, and not solemnly sit at the table.

Give up transparent fabrics, after all, this is not a romantic date for two, but an accumulation of people of different ages and mentality. If it is lace fabric or lace, you need a lining or a special skirt. Do not letso that guests can see in which laundry you came to the celebration.

Critically evaluate all the folds on the body, too thin tissues will accentuate them and put you in an unattractive light. However, overly dense materials also do not fit, they are badly draped and crumpled.

Cheap dresses for bridesmaids are made from rayon, velvet, satin, chiffon. Well hide the flaws in the shape of the fabric with the effect of compression. Lace, guipure and fashionable now bugles on the grid necessarily require lining from a good material. More often it is satin or silk, rather than ordinary lining fabric.

Overview of styles for different types of shapes

The variety of styles of evening dresses enthralls, but also complicates the choice. Immediately note too fluffy skirts, so as not to cause associations with the image of the main heroine of the celebration.

A mermaid dress with a long skirt year looks spectacular, but you should not choose this style if you are going to dance a lot. Tight skirt skirt can be adopted only if there is no belly and folds on the body.

Evening dresses of the A-silhouette are almost universal - they go to slender girls and hide small flaws of fat women. However, you should not buy such a style for women with big breasts and slender hips, the figure will look fuller.

For owners of full hips fit trapeze - extended to the bottom style. If calves are slender and their hips are plump, try on a dress with a “balloon” skirt. The same skirt is ideal for skinny women who want to look a little bigger.

For a young bridesmaid is worth considering the wedding dress in the style of baby-dol, which is characterized by a fluffy skirt and fitted top. A little doll model is not appropriate for girls over 25.

Almost all are cut to the waist with flared skirt styles. The flare can be of varying degrees, it all depends on the type of figure, size and height. An attractive waistline is worth adding a beautiful belt.

If you want to hide the waist and hip, an evening dress in the Empire style will do. It is distinguished by a high waistline, from which there is expansion. A-silret is ideal for pregnant women, read more ideas on choosing an evening dress for the expectant mother in our other publication.

To feel comfortable, try on a dress-smok, it is characterized by ruffles and a free cut, hiding features of the figure and even a small tummy.

Be trendy - identical dresses for all bridesmaids

Today it is very fashionable for all friends to be in the same outfits. More often, girls only agree on color, but if there is such an opportunity, they buy or order identical styles of dresses for all bridesmaids. This choice has many advantages:

  • You do not need to spend money on expensive clothes, the effect is easy to create, even with the help of cheap dresses,
  • you will not have to compete with other friends and be afraid to stay in the shadows - everyone will be in the same conditions,
  • A group of girls dressed in the same style is a wonderful backdrop for the holiday and memorable photos.

Alas, this choice is not suitable for everyone. Girlfriends in identical dresses will look good, if they have more or less similar figures. It is more difficult if there are girls in the company who need to adjust the figure, or need to hide the fullness with the help of clothes. In this case, it is better to stay on the same color, but not to bring to the same denominator style.

However, there may be disagreements with colors, if in the group there are ladies with different hair color and skin tone. Think well what color is suitable for everyone, so as not to offend anyone or disfigure.

Through the efforts of stylists, a universal model for bridesmaids appeared - Dress transformer. It is easy to change and adjust to yourself. As a result, all the girls will face differently, but the overall stylist remains. Looks like a transforming evening dress here.

Be creative and smart. Do not panic and pay too much attention to the search for a dress. After all, you are just a guest on someone else's holiday. But remember that your dress will remain in the photos, which will become a family heirloom. Find a middle ground!

Instructions for choosing a wedding dress for bridesmaids prepared with the participation of salon evening and wedding dress Love Forever https://spb.salon-love-forever.ru. Enjoy your shopping and have a nice holiday!

If you want to supplement the publication with your own tips, write them in the comments. Feel free to share your opinion, it is valuable for us and our readers.

Dress for the bridesmaid - 4 rules

If you are invited to the wedding as a bridesmaid? You, of course, should think about your outfit. When choosing a dress you need to follow certain rules.

Dress for the bridesmaid - Rule number 2

Do not choose a white dress. White color is traditionally considered to be the color of the bride. Therefore, it is better to choose dresses of more bright tones so that you will not be confused with the bride.

In addition, in photos and videos, a bride in a white dress and a witness in a bright outfit will both look winning. So

платье подружки невесты должно гармонично смотреться со свадебным платьем невесты.

Если Вы все-таки остановили свой выбор на платье белого цвета, обязательно сообщите об этом невесте. Она должна дать свое согласие.

Pink, blue, silver, gold, light green are the colors most often chosen by bridesmaids for their attire.

Bridesmaid Dress - Rule # 3

It is believed that the colors of the wedding dresses should be light colors. Neat to be, choosing a black dress.

Wearing a dress of dark color, use bright and bold decorations to create your festive look.

It is not suitable for a bridesmaid defiantly short dress or a dress with a deep neckline. However, the bridal outfit should not be very strict. A business suit will look beneficial at work, but not a wedding!

Not the best option - fluffy skirt which is traditionally taken to the bride.

If the figure allows, you can wear a simple but elegant dress with a tight-fitting silhouette.

Dress for the bridesmaid - Rule number 4

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. It does not have to be a high heel. A heel of medium height or a wedge is suitable. On this day you will move a lot, which is why the dress and shoes should be as comfortable as possible. Just in case, it is better to bring comfortable shoes with you.

Gloves are not obligatory at all in a wedding dress of the bridesmaid. If the bride puts them on, you risk, again, “copying” her image. If the bride's outfit does not involve gloves, your outfit will most likely look more festive, elegant than the bride's, which in itself is unacceptable.

Bridesmaid hairstyle

Your hairstyle should be neat and comfortable. Do not build on the head of the "Eiffel Tower". If you have short hair, it will be enough to make styling. For girls with a round face and moderately long neck, you can make a horsetail hairstyle, having collected hair in a high tail, having previously straightened it with an iron.

You can decorate your hair with a ribbon (you can match the dress) or beautiful hairpins. You can also perform a hairstyle in the Greek style, which involves twisted curls, collected in whole or in part. Options hairstyles can be many.

The main rule when choosing a hairstyle, you guessed it, is not to look more elegant than the bride herself. To avoid misunderstandings, do not spare the money to do the so-called trial hairstyle. You can wear the dress that you are going to wear to the wedding, and arrange a dress rehearsal ...

The same can be done with regard to makeup. It should be discreet, and as natural as possible to emphasize your charming features, given by nature.

Do not forget to bring your handbag. All the things you need for the bride - mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, pocket mirror, handkerchiefs, spare stockings or tights, patch, etc. will be with you.

How to choose a dress witness?

Currently, many salons offer a wide selection of dresses for witnesses. Immediately we say that their prices are quite high. A more economical option may be a dress rented.

If you still decide to buy a dress, choose a style that you can wear it in the future.
When choosing accessories, you need to know a sense of proportion.

The material of manufacture, the form of jewelry depends on your taste, desires and financial possibilities. The main thing, in our opinion, is not to overdo it with their number.

In addition, jewelry should be in harmony with your image and complement it.

The bridesmaid should not forget that the way the wedding takes place depends largely on herself. Putting on a beautiful dress, do not forget that the main thing is a cheerful and good mood. Then the holiday will be a success!

> Bridesmaid Dress Length

Occasional length:

  • ultra mini will look ridiculous (you didn’t come to a cocktail party to catch a guy with live bait!)
  • Models with knee-length length or a bit lower are ideal for middle-aged ladies (both Italian and French lengths are quite appropriate),
  • young ladies can afford a dress that more clearly opens legs,
  • luxurious dresses "on the floor", with cuts and without, decorate any woman, without exception,

Delicate and beautiful bridesmaids dresses, lemon-colored dresses

Dress for bridesmaids: with or without neckline?

Lack of too deep neckline: the reason is the same as with ultramini.

But exquisitely naked, long and nervous back is very welcome!

With one amendment: remember about moderation? The upper part of the buttocks do not need to show

Bridesmaids in airy dresses, different in color

Consider the weather outside: in the winter, stock up on an elegant cape of fur.

If you rent an expensive outfit (this service is not only for dresses for the bride), make sure that the decor was sewn and not glued, and the material was amenable to cleaning.

You never know what can happen on a holiday?

Bridesmaid Dress Color

The rules for choosing a color, if it is not set strictly in advance (at a pink-style wedding, for example, you don’t think too much!), Are quite simple: focus on monochrome.
Let the tones be rich and deep: blue, pistachio, terracotta, pink, honey, pale lilac - there are lots of options!

Bridesmaids in lilac dresses

When choosing, consider several important factors:

  1. Pick a shade at which your skin color will look most advantageous,
  2. Estimate how it will look not only in daylight, but also in artificial light,
  3. Take into account: though the shiny fabrics look festive, however, they are fattening, both in the photo and (especially) during video filming.

"Do not take black and white"

White and black - taboo, if we are not talking about a wedding in black and white style. After all, you would not want to “get lost” against the background of the bride, right? And to make it so that she is lost on your background - to spoil her wedding. Why can not black, because you do not believe in omens? Yes, on the same principle: there will be many men in black suits around. In the photo you merge with the background.

Nuance: "If you really want, you can?". By all means! Only then should an exquisitely black outfit be set off by dazzling white inserts. Richly embroidered with precious rhinestones Swarovski bodice will also help to stand out from the crowd.

Bridesmaids in black dresses, like a black and white wedding

You are not so much a "girlfriend", and even more so - not a witness? Making a choice more budget will help buying an elegant suit, which can be worn for other holidays, not so chic.

Choose monophonic: dividing it afterwards, you will get completely independent up and down. You can try and concise silk or lace overalls.

And also look at fashionable this season silk dresses with a large pattern "coupon" on a flowing hem.

Buy bridesmaid dress in the wedding salon

Buy or sew to order? And if you still buy (there is no time left for sewing, and in general, you want to see at once exactly how it will all look like), then where exactly? On the one hand, the wedding salon is perfect: you will come there with your beloved friend to choose her wedding dress and at the same time look at something for yourself.

On the other hand, after all, such salons basically sew wedding dresses for brides, and their prices are often too high. Finance allows, and time is not enough? This place is for you! In addition, there you can order a dress from the catalog.

Dresses for bridesmaids 2018 photo fashion styles

Ideally, dresses for a bridesmaid should be the same, but finding five identical women all over the planet is not easy.

And, in general, hope that the same dress will sit on all your girlfriends equally, of course, it is possible, but in reality everything may turn out differently. And today we just want to emphasize that identical outfits are not always necessary, not always necessary, and this is not always the ideal option.

Whether the main color of your wedding is blue, yellow, purple or pink, the bridesmaids' outfits are the first item to be affected by this rule.

Wedding Fashion: Trendy Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids are very important guests at the wedding. And taking care of their style is almost worth less than the style of the bride herself, especially if you are carefully planning your wedding and want to stand it in one particular style. So what fashion trends for dresses for bridesmaids reign in 2012?

Bridesmaids dressed exactly the same - this is the trend that is a thing of the past. Today, wedding fashion offers more affordable options. And this is wonderful, because every girl wants to look especially at the solemn event and be able to choose a dress that suits her appearance and figure.

So let your girlfriends show their individuality! However, in addition to this, I want the bridesmaids to stand out from the rest of the guests and they would be immediately visible.

Therefore, in this publication I propose to consider several options for how bridesmaids can dress in the same style, without losing their individuality.

Variations of fashion dresses for bridesmaids

Option 1. The same color of dresses, but different style

The most popular colors of this season are blue, gray, beige, and pastel pink. Let all dresses be the same color of your choice, and each girl will choose the style for herself individually. In this case, transforming dresses become indispensable. They make it easy to make various changes to the style and create a lot of individual options.

Option 2. The same style, but different colors of dresses

Dresses may not be exactly the same, but with some differences in details, but they are made in the same style. And the different colors of the bridesmaids' dresses will make your wedding even more colorful and vibrant, and the girls at your wedding will have the opportunity to choose their favorite color.

Option 3. Tint colors

The styles of dresses can be different or the same, the main thing is that they should be of the same color. From the delicate color of the tea rose to the energetic fuchsia, from the color of pale blue dew to the bright turquoise - this is the range of colors you can choose for bridesmaid dresses. And this “lively gradient” will look extraordinarily beautiful.

It is not necessary to dress bridesmaids in identical dresses. It is perfectly acceptable to create a uniform style with the help of skirts. They can also be different styles or different colors - all at your discretion. It is worth paying attention to the trend of the season - long skirts. They are perfect for bridesmaids. Skirts made of lightweight pastel shades will also look good.

Option 5. Accessories. If you still want the bridesmaids to be dressed in identical dresses, make a variety with the help of accessories: beads of different colors, large rings, brooches, jewelry in her hair - all this helps to bring zest to each image.

I hope you found inspirational ideas for yourself in this publication 🙂

Bridesmaids Dresses: 8 Major Trends

The classic version that looks great in the photo. Unfortunately, each girl has her own particular shape, color of skin, eyes, hair, so choosing an option that suits everyone is not an easy task.

Choose light soothing colors (pink, blue, lavender) and classic straight styles. Such outfits are easiest to buy in a cocktail dress shop, if there are a few girlfriends, or to buy cloth and sew to order.

Author photo: Anna & Alex | Wedding Bones and Julia

2. Different style

Different styles, but one material and color - a more democratic variation, which will almost certainly have to be sewn in a studio or from a private master. So every girl will be able to choose an outfit that fits to the type of her figure, which will emphasize her dignity and hide flaws, while the integrity of the images will be preserved in the photo.

Author photo: Julia Kaptelova | Wedding of Irina and Nikita

3. Ombre effect

An interesting and rarely found version that looks great when there are many bridesmaids (more than four).

The essence of this option is that each girl chooses her own shade of the same color, thus choosing the most advantageous option for herself. The styles of dresses can be both different and the same.

At the ceremony, the girls line up so that the dresses go from light to darker shade or vice versa.

Author photo: Sveta Svetina | Nadia and Zhenya's Wedding

4. One palette

Different materials, different styles, different length, but one color range. It is not necessary to make the girlfriends identical, you can give them the freedom to choose only by setting the color palette of the wedding. So each girlfriend will be pleased with herself on the day of the holiday, while the combination of dresses in color will be provided. Combine the images will help the same bouquets, bracelets on the hand or ribbon-belt.

Author photo: Masha Korneeva | Wedding Gali and Misha

5. Transformers

Transforming dresses - one of the most simple and therefore the most popular options for bridesmaids dresses. These dresses can give us any of the four above-mentioned options, while they differ in low price and ease of tailoring.

A rich selection of colors allows you to choose the most interesting options as closely as possible to the color scheme of the wedding. Dresses are made of elastic material that does not require a fit.

At the same time, the variety of ways in which you can wear the same dress allows each girl to emphasize her merits.

Author photo: Artem Windrievsky | Wedding of Angelina and Maxim

Unusual colorful dresses with a print instead of a plain fabric will be an excellent solution, especially if the print emphasizes the overall style of the event.

A small print will look great on light summer sundresses, and in the spring you can pick up bright dresses for a girlfriend.

Zigzag, polka dots, stripes, cell - turn on the fantasy and embody your wildest dreams and the dreams of your girlfriends!

Author photo: Oksana Nazarchuk | The wedding of Anna and Eugene

7. Same Blouses or Skirts

The original solution, suitable for weddings in the style of casual. Spectacular bright skirts can be slightly muffled by light blouses, which will look solemn, with a completely new way. These skirts can be found in the shops of the mass market or sew to order.

Author photo: Nastya Podoprigora | Anya and Tyoma's wedding

A few recommendations:

  1. • Take into account the preferences and characteristics of your friends' figures. It is not necessary to dress everyone in the same dress just for the sake of a beautiful picture, if her friends will be uncomfortable in such dresses.
  2. • Do not quarrel or argue about the choice of dresses, make this a pleasant process, like shopping.

And remember that no dress can be more precious than friendship.

  • • In addition to the features of the figure, it is necessary to take into account the time of year and the style of your wedding. Girlfriends should not freeze in light dresses at the autumn ceremony just for the sake of beautiful photos!
  • • Create images of a girlfriend can and independently, they probably will find dresses in similar colors.

    This will help you save on sewing dresses.

    Author photo: Alan Nart | The wedding of Alexander and Nail

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    On our website you can not only read useful articles on wedding themes, but also see examples of wedding greetings, as well as order wedding greetings in the form of poems, songs, rap and in other formats.

    Bridesmaid dresses are a peculiar stumbling block at many weddings. Why? Yes, because rarely any girl wants to appear at an important event in the same outfit, like ... a few others. By the way, the tradition of dressing girls in the same - quite old, she is about 200 years old.

    At royal weddings and among the nobility, it was decided to dress female servants in the same elegant clothes with one sole purpose. To confuse those who want to harm the bride. The girls' dresses should have been as similar as possible to the unknown, but more modest. And who wanted to hurt the bride? Evil spirits. There could be detractors among people.

    So one of the "girlfriends", or rather, from the servants, was simply brought to the symbolic (and sometimes to the real) sacrifice instead of the bride.

    Of course, now no one would ever think of that, but the fashion itself remained.

    What should be the dress for the bridesmaids:

    • Colors of bridesmaids dresses.
    • What should be the styles of dresses.
    • Pros and cons of identical dresses.
    • Tips on choosing dresses for bridesmaids.

    Fundamental rules

    The photos look beautiful bridesmaids, dressed identically. But not all girls fit the same style of clothing, it is worth to consult each other to achieve a common opinion. Sometimes they divide girlfriends into older and younger ones, choosing the appropriate color and length of dresses for each category.

    General trends of choice:

    1. If the bride wants to arrange a themed wedding, you must go to meet her, dressed in the appropriate outfit.
    2. It is not recommended to duplicate the outfit of the hero of the occasion, that is, it is unacceptable to wear a dress with a long multi-layered skirt. Needless to come to the wedding in gloves. The only exception is the request of the most newlywed.
    3. It is impossible for girlfriends to choose a dress more luxurious than the bride. Only one girl should shine at the wedding, all the other guests - the background of her beauty and youth.
    4. Лаконичность, сдержанность и минимум декора – законы при выборе платья подружки невесты. Лучше остановиться на приглушенных оттенках, дополняя наряд сдержанными аксессуарами.
    5. По количеству декора, сложности кроя и длине платья не должны превосходить подвенечное одеяние.
    6. Before the wedding, it is advised to tell the bride about the chosen model. The calling outfit may seem out of place at the celebration.
    7. The holiday will have to actively move, so the clothes should not restrain movement. It is a mistake to choose shoes with heels, it is better to prefer comfortable shoes with an average heel.

    Girls with defiant make-up and pretentious hairstyle cause bewilderment. In the fashion of the pursuit of naturalness. Nude makeup will emphasize elegance, and a strict bunch or curls will complete the image.

    Actual models

    Designers are constantly developing a collection of models for a wedding for bridesmaids. Robes should be in harmony with each other, but be complementary to the wedding image. It is advisable for girls to choose outfits of the same style or material, a special requirement for the same length.

    Variety of models:

    1. Long flowing dresses of bridesmaids in the floor allow you to successfully fit into a Greek wedding. The style will suit a beautiful woman with any figure, stretch the silhouette, hide the physique deficiencies.
    2. The elegance of the wedding will add a witness who has chosen a modest pencil skirt or bell skirt.
    3. Strapless models create a touching bow. Choose a long or shortened version, decoration with waves, embroidery or rhinestones. At the waist they tie a flirty bow or ribbon.
    4. Crop-fitting or puffy dresses. The most successful solution is to choose an outfit with a short multi-layered skirt. A bow or wide belt that marks the waistline will serve as decoration.
    5. Models with prints successfully complement themed celebration. Choose clothes in polka dots, check, zigzag and so on. Here you can experiment with the style and color of the fabric.
    6. Fashionable transforming dresses for creative girls. Models are suitable for any thematic party, not just for a wedding.

    It is necessary to choose one detail that connects the images of girls in a single composition. You can weave in hairstyles flowers, repeating the wedding bouquet of the bride. Look effectively with hairpins with stones.

    The overall impression of the chosen model also depends on the material. In summer, silk or chiffon robes will be an excellent choice; for winter, it is better to choose velvet or woolen dresses.

    At the wedding as girlfriends are invited cheerful girls who actively participate in the celebration. It is they who are next to the married couple, helping the bride and groom to straighten the train of a long dress, without them not a single contest. For tailoring a beautiful outfit, they use exclusively expensive fabrics, complementing embroidery, rhinestone trimming, and spectacular inserts of contrasting material.

    Designers offer to use styles of bridesmaids dresses to feel comfortable during the celebration:

    1. Models of lace - exquisite finesse. Lace outfits will decorate a retro wedding. Satin or silk robes look incredible with laces that add delicacy to the bow. Similar decoration will suit any style.
    2. A-silhouette - an alternative to the event. Models are distinguished by a high waistline and a-line skirt, which expands to the bottom. Silhouette fit every beauty, regardless of the type and build.
    3. Evening dresses for an aristocratic wedding. If the celebration takes place indoors without going to nature, then choose long beautiful dresses for bridesmaids. It is possible to have an open back or shallow neckline, side slits.
    4. Cocktail models are harmonious at the celebrations of any subject. A variety of types of cocktail dresses allows you to choose the silhouette, the depth of the neckline, the presence of sleeves and length.

    Apparel girls should not be too short or have a deep neckline. Tournaments, hoops or long loops do not look attractive, and they are not advised to show all the available jewels.

    Bridesmaids look amazing in different-looking dresses, but the same in length. The length of the model is chosen with respect to preferences:

    1. Convenience. In a festive dress should spend the whole day: dance, crouch, entertain guests. It is necessary to practice moving in order not to get into an unpleasant situation.
    2. Mini Dresses Too short clothes distract attention from the hero of the occasion, so choose a length of several centimeters to the knee.
    3. The style of the event. If low-priced outfits are allowed at a youth party, then a conservative wedding involves strict closed clothes.
    4. The choice regarding the shape. If the model highlights the flaws of the figure, you need to turn to a different style and length.

    You should be familiar with the differences between long and short dresses to choose the appropriate option:

    • long models are chosen for a classic celebration, they hide legs, perfect for any season,
    • short dresses are worn and after the wedding, they provide an opportunity to show a beautiful figure, suitable for girls of different height.

    The “mullet” style will allow the young beauty to dance all day long without any discomfort. The shortened front of the dress turns into a long cape at the back. Cascade outfit is much more modest mini, but it looks very elegant.

    There are a variety of colors depending on the season. Variations of holiday colors:

    1. Lilac dress for the wedding of a friend - the most winning option. Lavender, purple and lilac shades are in harmony with the lush wedding dress. Beautifully looks color at the autumn wedding, shading the gold foliage. You can beat him when you make the arch, the bouquet of the bride, the decoration of the tables.
    2. Tenderness blows from the peach dress to the wedding of a friend. The soft palette will emphasize the femininity of the bride against the backdrop of the riot of spring colors of nature. Sometimes combine peach with white tones, also complement the image of a hairstyle with a sprig of pink flowers.
    3. Girlfriend in a burgundy dress - a bold wedding image. Berry tones allow themselves only bold girls with perfect body proportions. You should choose a suitable style, because every fold is in sight. It will turn out a fantastic photo session if the newlywed woman repeats the color of the bridesmaids' dresses in a bouquet or shoes.
    4. Bridesmaids mint dresses remain popular. Mint-colored outfits look refreshing at the summer celebration. Strengthens the impression of the A-line and the ease of flowing fabric. A cool shade is often chosen for a nautical wedding.

    Sometimes the bride wants her friends to choose clothes in a white palette. It is recommended to focus on the shades of white: milk, ivory or ivory. Girls tie a scarlet bow or a belt embroidered with beads on their belts.

    What to consider for a wedding in the cold season

    The outfit of a girlfriend for a cold period should not only be comfortable and beautiful, but also warm. Pastel shades will merge with the surrounding nature, so it’s time to dress in fuchsian, emerald, scarlet, terracotta, graphite clothes. Spring or summer wedding categorically prohibit models of black color, on the contrary, in the winter of a chocolate palette dress emphasize the solemnity of the event.

    Requirements for girlfriend along:

    • tailoring from dense material
    • long sleeves,
    • floor length
    • cocktail or evening option.

    Only one spectacular accessory will fit alongside: jewels on a belt, brooch or hairpin. The winter look suggests a choice of cold range jewelery - pearls or diamonds.

    Take care of the appropriate outerwear. Jackets and down jackets are left for another event, the right choice is a fur coat or a fur coat. Furs are in harmony with a long dress of rich color, creating a favorable background for the bride.

    Addition will serve as festive boots with high heels with rhinestones. Under short models wear boots, and ankle boots look beautiful with a skirt-case.

    When choosing a festive dress take into account where and when the ceremony will take place. It is important to own comfort, so in the summer choose outfits from light fabrics, and in winter - the elegance of the dress is emphasized with a cape or clutch.

    Bridesmaid Dress - Rule No. 1

    Despite the fact that you would really like to buy a gorgeous dress, you need to remember that the main character at the wedding is not you, but the bride. Therefore, choose the dress that does not overshadow the bride. Do not be ignorant!

    Dress for the bridesmaid - Rule number 2

    Do not choose a white dress. White color is traditionally considered to be the color of the bride. Therefore, it is better to choose dresses of more bright tones so that you will not be confused with the bride. In addition, in photos and videos, a bride in a white dress and a witness in a bright outfit will both look winning. So The bridesmaid dress should look harmoniously with the bride's wedding dress.

    If you still opted for a white dress, be sure to report this bride. She must give her consent.

    Pink, blue, silver, gold, light green are the colors most often chosen by bridesmaids for their attire.

    Bridesmaid Dress - Rule # 3

    It is believed that the colors of the wedding dresses should be light colors. Neat to be, choosing a black dress.

    Wearing a dress of dark color, use bright and bold decorations to create your festive look.

    It is not suitable for a bridesmaid defiantly short dress or a dress with a deep neckline. However, the bridal outfit should not be very strict. A business suit will look beneficial at work, but not a wedding!

    Not the best option - fluffy skirt which is traditionally taken to the bride.

    If the figure allows, you can wear a simple but elegant dress with a tight-fitting silhouette.

    Dress for the bridesmaid - Rule number 4

    Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. It does not have to be a high heel. A heel of medium height or a wedge is suitable. On this day you will move a lot, which is why the dress and shoes should be as comfortable as possible. Just in case, it is better to bring comfortable shoes with you.

    Gloves are not obligatory at all in a wedding dress of the bridesmaid. If the bride puts them on, you risk, again, “copying” her image. If the bride's outfit does not involve gloves, your outfit will most likely look more festive, elegant than the bride's, which in itself is unacceptable.

    Bridesmaids dresses colors

    So, the wedding is on the nose, and the bride and groom want the dresses for the bridesmaids to be the same. First of all we are talking about color. Of course, if the wedding is themed, colorful, then there are no questions. But if it’s about the fact that there are several girls in dresses of the same color, here the task must be approached seriously.

    So, tips on choosing colors:

    • Do not choose to dress white girlfriends. Unlike antiquity, you will not try to slip the sacred sacrifice to the spirits. In white can only be a bride.
    • It is better to abandon the black color. No matter how beautiful this color looks in the photo on the Internet, people associate it with mourning. If you don’t want people to think about your wedding or funeral, you’ll better choose another color.
    • When choosing a color, invite girlfriends and consult them. The fact is that no matter how beautiful the shade of your choice looks, all people are different, and it may simply not suit someone. Someone is made light by light colors, someone has pale skin, and this “wonderful emerald” will give it an earthy tint, on blondes the shades of pink do not usually look very nice ... Let the color please everyone. Of course, the bride is the queen of the holiday, but friends have the right to look decent.
    • A great option is to choose a color, and give the right to choose shades to your friends. Let someone be in dark blue, someone - in rich turquoise, someone will choose a gentle range ... It will turn out very nice and stylish!

    What should be the styles of dresses

    The same bridesmaid dresses are, of course, great. But is it worth choosing dresses of the same style? This is only possible if all the girlfriends have the same height and one type of figure. Ideally, the same dress can look only on one of her friends - on the very one with which you chose the style.

    Narrow dresses will ideally sit only on owners of tall stature and model figures, short ones will suit small skinny ones, owners of curvaceous forms would prefer flowing fabrics and a looser silhouette.

    Not everyone goes to lush ball gowns, not every girl will look like a princess in an empire dress, someone offended will refuse a short cocktail option ...

    Do not insist that friends choose one style. Let the dresses be similar, but different in essence. A small difference in length, design neckline, waist line does not hurt the wedding, and the friends will be happy.

    Pros and cons of identical dresses

    To choose or not the same dress for several bridesmaids?

    We list the advantages of identical dresses:

    • It is stylish. The wedding will have its own "zest".
    • Nice pictures.
    • Each girlfriend will receive a beautiful dress from the bride as a gift.

    Cons of the same dress:

    • The tradition is western, alien, and can cause misunderstanding of the guests, especially the older generation.
    • Girlfriends in dresses may not look as expected.
    • Girlfriends may simply refuse for various reasons.
    • Excess spending on sewing or buying dresses.

    Tips for choosing bridesmaids dresses

    Of course, every bride wants her wedding to be unforgettable and most beautiful.

    What can advise newlywed:

    • If the girlfriend is strongly opposed, no need to insist. Just change the style of the wedding.
    • Offer girls a choice. Let them choose the style and color.
    • Bridesmaids in identical dresses - this is beautiful. But there are options. Not only dresses look great, but also fluffy tulle skirts with blouses. Perhaps this option will be more like friends.
    • For a modest student wedding, the same T-shirts and jeans are suitable.

    In any case, the most important thing is that everyone gets pleasure from the holiday.

    Bridesmaids' Dresses: Who Should Pay?

    Guests at the wedding November 1, 2013 26757

    Bridesmaids in dresses of the same color look very bright in the photographs, and also at the wedding itself.

    Plus, putting on special dresses, girls can get even closer.

    Feel that they are one team, which should today support and cheer up the bride, or even help her out of minor troubles, like a torn dress or a drained carcass.

    Not everyone, of course, likes to dress in the same clothes, but the girlfriends should be ready for the sake of the bride and her happy day to suffer a little.

    In general, the desire of the bride to dress up girlfriends in similar dresses in the color of the wedding is still considered a whim. And for their whims everyone must pay for himself.

    The bride can choose in this case several options:

    It is not so easy, because it is desirable that with the same color the style still be different, because not everyone is going to the same thing. And it’s almost impossible to find 4-5 dresses from the same fabric in the store, but of different styles. You can try to do this in large chain stores (like OGGI or Bershka) or in online stores.

    The easiest and cheaper option. It is only necessary to purchase a large amount of fabric of the same color and order the tailoring of various dresses.

    The plus of this decision is also in the fact that on every girl the dress will sit exactly on the figure.

    Minus - Do not do without regular fitting, and it will take a lot of time.

    Naturally, each girlfriend will give something to the bride for the wedding. But the bride can ask friends in advance as a gift to dress the same. So the money that they would give her, they can spend on an outfit.

    ONE REMAINS CLEAR: the bride should not blame the problem of finding dresses completely on her friends. So do not avoid insults and disorders. And then there will be no time for a fun wedding!

    Bridesmaid dresses - the best styles and colors

    Getting ready for the wedding, I want everything to be perfect. Therefore, it is important to think through every detail. Naturally, the bride will be the main figure at the celebration. But it is worth taking care of its beautiful and stylish surroundings. Bridesmaids' dresses are an integral part that will help create an original background and emphasize tenderness and romance.

    Beautiful bridesmaid dresses

    Wedding Dresses for Bridesmaids

    From season to season, designers present new interesting ideas for designing a stylish ceremony.

    Dresses for witnesses are increasingly becoming an indispensable element in the preparation of the wedding, even though this tradition came to us from afar.

    An important point when choosing beautiful toilets is the observance of all the individual characteristics of each girl. To date, the most popular and win-win bridesmaids dresses - styles, not out of fashion:

    • trapezium. The A-shaped silhouette will be successful if the girls are not the same in the parameters. This style is suitable for any shape, skillfully hiding flaws and emphasizing the advantages,
    • Open back. The emphasis on this part of the body will be an attractive detail in the whole image, but will not switch attention from the main figure of the celebration. A bare back is more relevant for long toilets,
    • Slim fit with open shoulders. This is the most gentle and feminine option. Therefore, the current length is considered to be a safe midi,
    • case. Нотка строгости и сдержанности лишь еще раз акцентирует нежность и романтичность торжества.

    Платья-трансформеры для подружек невесты

    Популярным выбором на последних показах стали модели с возможностью различных вариаций фасонов.

    Such dresses of bridesmaids will help to create the same, but at the same time diverse background for the main heroine of the celebration.

    The highlight of such toilets are long stitches, with which you can make bare shoulders or back, a fitted silhouette or an overpriced fit, an unusual coquette design or hem trim.

    Dresses transformers for bridesmaids

    Evening dresses for bridesmaids

    The wardrobe of the witnesses must correspond to the given theme of the celebration. At the modest weddings do not often find such elaborate accents as the toilet background environment. Therefore, designers often represent styles in the evening style. Such a choice is different material.

    The fabric should not be everyday, but well-dressed - silk, satin, chiffon, guipure and so on. The wedding dress for the bridesmaid in the winter often comes complete with a decorative coat or cape.

    Ruffles and ruffles, rhinestones and stones, sequins and sparkles are a popular decoration for evening wear.

    Beautiful bridesmaid dresses

    Bridesmaid dresses with tulle

    Fashionable models with tulle skirts have become the fashion trend of the latest collections. Win-win and not losing popularity are considered cute outfits in the style of baby dollars. Tight-fitting top and airy hem fit perfectly into the romantic theme of the ceremony.

    If you want to increase the length of the skirt, then you should pay attention to the original and stylish separate styles of wedding dresses for bridesmaids. Such a decision will not only emphasize your creativity, but also successfully for the possible different parameters of the constitution of girls.

    Bridesmaid dresses with tulle

    Short Bridesmaid Dress

    The length of the mini becomes relevant for modern weddings less and less. The current style bets on a moderate cut, which varies from the zone above the knee to the place under it.

    The classic choice is considered to be bridesmaid dresses with a fitted top and a full skirt of tulle or tulle petticoats. Feminine styles in the style of the 50s remain out of competition.

    For this option, a beautiful trim will be a lace yoke, a dedicated waist area, and an open top without a shoulder strap. A stylish element in recent times has become a sleeve-flashlight, characteristic of strict dresses.

    Short Bridesmaid Dresses

    Bridesmaids in identical dresses

    The original idea of ​​a stylish celebration will be the selection of identical dresses for witnesses. Such a decision may have the same style for all girls. To emphasize their creativity, stylists offer different colors of identical toilets, but in the same style.

    For example, glitter with a base of metallic shades - gold, silver, bronze will be an excellent choice. For a classic wedding are relevant completely the same and the outfits on the colors.

    Different styles in a simple, but contrasting stripes, cells, abstraction - fashionable ideas dresses for bridesmaids.

    Beautiful bridesmaid outfits

    Bridesmaids dresses color

    Select colors for outfits for witnesses as difficult as the style itself.

    It is important to bear in mind here that such a decision demonstrates such aspects as femininity, elegance, elegance, but at the same time romance, lightness, and tenderness.

    Beautiful dresses of bridesmaids can emphasize these qualities in contrast to the main character of the main character, and with a soft transition from the classic hue. The most popular palettes are the following:

    • pastel color. Gentle and light shades always emphasize the romantic atmosphere. In the latest collections tones of lemon, lavender, peach, mint,
    • classic palette. An unexpected, but very stylish decision will be the outfits of the witnesses in a monochromatic black color. If you are afraid to darken the love situation, then it is worthwhile to dwell on light shades of gray,
    • deep rich colors. A contrast solution can be not only a dark classic color. Marsala, emerald, eggplant and other colors - a stylish and very beautiful choice,
    • natur. For a purely classical celebration and ceremony in a gentle and light theme, the neutral background of the main figure is ideal. This palette is diverse - from beige to light pink.

    Purple bridesmaids dresses

    Very popular in recent times have become beautiful inky hues. Eggplant gamma perfectly highlight the delicate image to the fore and will become a subtle background.

    Rich deep color and light colors are in fashion. Stylish and original idea - bridesmaids in delicate dresses of different shades of the violet range from the lightest to the darkest.

    In this case, the following materials will be relevant:

    The beauty of the beautiful color is that such outfits look great without expressive finishes or decorations.

    Long purple bridesmaids dresses

    Bridesmaids in red dresses

    The most feminine and attractive will be the background of rich bloody color. This range is suitable for any style of ceremony and styles of girls' attire. Red wedding dresses for the bridesmaid perfectly highlight the main figure and do not remain in the shadows.

    A great role for this choice is played by floristics. The bridal bouquet from red flowers, and witnesses from white will be the stylish decision. But also monophonic combinations look original and beautiful. In fashion and light shades of feminine range.

    Then your ceremony will not contain defiant and catchy fragments.

    Beautiful red wedding dresses for the bridesmaid

    Green Bridesmaid Dress

    Preferring herbal range, it is worth noting that in the fashion more saturated shades of this unique color. Green is original in that it relates to both warm and cold tones.

    Therefore, you can pretty play with variations, without worrying about the violation of the style of the holiday. Bridesmaids in different dresses look very nice. There may appear a different cut in one color or identical patterns in all shades of the green palette.

    Universal middle shades are considered fashionable - olive, herbal, lime.

    Green dresses transformers for bridesmaids

    Blue Bridesmaid Dress

    If it is important for you to observe the ideal solemn and exquisite themes, then the heavenly color scheme for background outfits will be the best choice. In vogue monochrome models of deep dark hue.

    This toilet looks stylish with massive silver jewelry, with Swarovski crystals and diamonds. Turquoise bridesmaid dresses perfectly complement the gentle and romantic image. But the most fashionable are gradient colors.

    The transition can decorate each bow or be presented in monochromatic different tones of a blue scale.

    Beautiful blue bridesmaid dresses

    3. Pick up universal models

    Choose a style of dresses that will look equally good on all girlfriends, regardless of their size and type of figure. A-line dresses and high-waisted models will do the job best.

    5. Choose the right color

    When choosing the color of the dresses, take into account not only the style of the wedding, but also the color type of the girlfriends. Bright colors look good on dark-skinned girls, and light pastel shades will suit the owners of fair skin.

    6. Dress not at once

    You should not ask girlfriends to order dresses that they can no longer wear anywhere. Try to choose models that will be suitable in the future for another case, even if you need to adjust them a little for this.

    Be sure to discuss with the girlfriends the cost of a dress that they can afford. If you liked models that are more expensive, have them compensate for the difference in price on their own.

    9. Write down

    Be sure to write down what dress you are planning for each of your friends, make notes about the type of figure, cost and other nuances that will be important when choosing clothes. Indeed, in the wedding rush it is very easy to forget something important!

    10. Remember comfort

    Girlfriends should be comfortable in the dresses that you choose. Perhaps some of them are uncomfortable in too tight models or in strapless dresses. Do not forget to clarify these points to avoid awkward situations. Also consider the weather conditions - girlfriends should not be too cold or hot during the day.

    Bridesmaids Dresses - 2015: Wedding Trends

    The classic bridesmaid dress should be neither black nor white. Also remember that you do not need to wear too short things or dresses with a deep neckline that will attract a lot of attention to you. Still, this is your girlfriend's holiday, and you shouldn’t spoil her mood with a too defiant appearance. May all eyes be fixed on her on this day.

    Bright prints are also not very appropriate. Choosing an outfit, focus on the trends of the season, as well as the style of the wedding you are going to.

    An interesting wedding trend - 2015 - dresses in iridescent colors, that is, only 7 colors from red to purple. Also look good outfits of the same style, but in different shades.

    Bridesmaids Dresses for Autumn

    Choose an outfit for a summer wedding is much easier than a dress for the fall. We need to take care not to freeze and at the same time look elegant. Pastel range is best left for the summer. In the fall, choose bright, rich colors - red, purple, orange, emerald green. Tights, jackets, and closed shoes will look great with them. And the photos on the background of autumn foliage are amazing!

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