Instructions for use of the drug Indinol Forte - composition, indications, side effects, analogues and price


In this article, you can read the instructions for use of the drug. Indinol. Presented reviews of visitors to the site - the consumers of this medicine, as well as the opinions of medical specialists on the use of Indinol in their practice A big request to add your feedback on the drug more actively: the medicine helped or did not help to get rid of the disease, what complications and side effects were observed, perhaps not stated by the manufacturer in the annotation. Analogs of Indinol in the presence of available structural analogues. Use for the treatment of mastopathy, fibroids, endometriosis in adults, children, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The composition of the drug.

Indinol - is a universal proofreader of pathological hyperplastic processes in the organs and tissues of the female reproductive system (mammary gland, endometrium, myometrium, cervix, ovaries). Normalizes the balance of estrogen in the body and suppresses their negative stimulating effect, and also blocks other (hormone-independent) mechanisms that activate pathological cell growth in the tissues of the breast and uterus. It has the ability to cause selective death of transformed cells with abnormally high proliferative activity.

Indinol Forto is a universal corrector of pathological hyperplastic processes in the tissues of the breast. The basis of the therapeutic effect of the drug Indinol Forto is its anti-estrogenic and anti-proliferative effect. The main property of the drug Indinol Forto is its ability to cause selective death of breast cells with abnormally high proliferative activity.

Epigallat active substances have a multiple etiopathogenetic effect on hyperplastic processes of the reproductive system. Inhibit the pathological growth and cell division in the organs and tissues of the female reproductive system, due to non-hormonal stimuli. Reduce the invasive activity of endometrial cells, as well as cause selective death (apoptosis) of cells with increased proliferative activity. Epigallat has a pronounced anti-angiogenic effect (inhibits the pathological growth of new blood vessels) and so on. prevents the growth of tumors. It is an effective anti-inflammatory agent, inhibiting the activity of COX-2, PG and the synthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and also enhances the action of antibiotics (tetracyclines, beta-lactams) and increases the sensitivity of resistant microorganisms to the action of antibacterial agents. It has a pronounced antioxidant effect, neutralizing the formation of free radicals.


Indole carbinol + excipients.


  • for prophylaxis and as part of complex treatment of fibrocystic mastopathy, as well as for the correction of the functional state of the mammary glands caused by this pathology,
  • in combination with the dietary supplement Epigallat in the complex treatment of endometriosis, adenomyosis, uterine fibroids and endometrial hyperplasia without atypia, as well as for preventing the recurrence of these diseases after surgical treatment,
  • in the complex treatment of diseases of the genital area in women associated with the human papilloma virus, cervical dysplasia (intraepithelial cervical neoplasia), anogenital condylomatosis.

Forms of release

Capsules 200 mg Forto and Epigallat (sometimes mistakenly called Indinol Forte, but such a dosage form does not exist, it may be due to the dietary supplement of the company Evalar - Indol Forte).

Tablets 416 mg.

There are no other dosage forms, be it drops or ampoules for injections.

Instructions for use and dosing regimen

Inside For women with fibrocystic mastopathy, Indinol is recommended to be taken orally, 1 capsule per day with meals for 2-3 weeks.

As part of combination therapy (endometrial hyperplasia without atypia, endometriosis, adenomyosis, uterine myoma) Indinol is recommended to be taken in combination with the dietary supplement Epigallat (1 capsule + 1 capsule) during a meal for 2-3 weeks.

Perhaps more prolonged use on the recommendation of a doctor.

For diseases of the genital sphere associated with human papillomavirus, Indinol is recommended to take 1 capsule 1 time per day in combination with immunomodulatory drugs used as standard treatment for these diseases. In this case, the treatment is necessary to pass both sexual partners.

Inside, 2 times a day, 200 mg.

The daily dose of the drug is 400 mg. Capsules are taken before meals.

Duration of treatment is 6 months.

Side effect

  • menstrual disorders in the form of lengthening or shortening,
  • epigastric pain,
  • increasing the concentration of thyrotropic and follicle-stimulating hormones, prolactin and estradiol,
  • reduced creatinine concentration
  • eosinophilia,
  • weight loss.

If any of the side effects indicated in the instruction are aggravated, or you have noticed any other side effects that are not indicated in the instruction, inform your doctor.


  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug,
  • hereditary intolerance to galactose,
  • lactase deficiency
  • glucose-galactose malabsorption,
  • pregnancy,
  • breast-feeding,
  • children and adolescents up to 18 years.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Use of the drug Indinol during pregnancy and lactation is contraindicated.

Use in children

Contraindicated in children and adolescents under the age of 18 years.

special instructions

According to the data of preclinical and clinical studies, Indinol is well tolerated, without having side effects in therapeutic doses.

Influence on ability to drive motor transport and control mechanisms

Based on the characteristics of pharmacodynamics and the profile of undesirable effects, it is unlikely that Indinol affects the ability to drive vehicles and work with equipment.

Drug interaction

Given the impact indolkarbinola the activity of cytochrome P450 isoenzymes, caution should be exercised when used together with drugs, metabolism involving isozymes of cytochrome P450 (oral anticoagulants, corticosteroids, oral hypoglycemic agents, antiarrhythmics, antiepileptics, digitalis drugs, drugs hormones), m. to. may require correction of their dose.

Analogs of the drug Indinol

Structural analogues of the active substance:

  • Indinol Forto,
  • Indinol + Epigallat,
  • Intrinol.

Analogs on the therapeutic effect (preparations for the treatment of mastodynia):

  • Agnukaston,
  • Bromocriptine,
  • Mastodinon,
  • Norkolut,
  • Prozhestozhel,
  • Cyclodinone.

Drug indinol

According to the medical classification, Indinol refers to selective estrogen receptor modulators, universal hyperplastic correctors. It is designed to eliminate the pathologies in the reproductive organs and tissues of women, to normalize the balance of estrogen. In the mammary glands, endo-and myometrium, the cervix, the ovaries, the dietary supplement suppresses the negative stimulating effect of hormones, blocks the mechanisms dependent on them, and slows the growth of cellular pathologies. The drug selectively destroys cells that have a high proliferative activity.

BAA Indinol is available in the format of capsules, which have a special composition with the main and additional substances. They contain the following components:

Active active ingredient

100 mg of indole carbinol, which corresponds to 90 mg of indole-3-carbinol, isolated from cruciferous plants

Lactose monohydrate 90 mg, corn starch modified 80 mg, microcrystalline cellulose 27 mg, magnesium stearate 3 mg

Release form

Indinol capsules or tablets are solid gelatin containers. The body is white, the lid is orange. Inside is a white powder with a yellowish sheen or light brown. The medicine is produced in cellular contour packages (blisters) of 60 or 120 pieces, packed in cardboard boxes. The second format is a polymer can with 90, 120 or 60 capsules.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The active substance of the agent indole carbinol has antiestrogenic and antiproliferative effects. It causes selective death of breast cells, which can lead to oncology. Indole carbinol modulates the cytochrome cell system, forms a substance that changes estrogens to a new substance. It blocks the activation of hormones, reduces the proportion of dangerous metabolites. Suppression of dependent genes occurs, and the cell ceases to depend excessively on estrogens.

BAA Indinol blocks cytokine signaling mechanisms that stimulate cell growth in the breast tissue. This reduces the intensity of pain and completely relieves them in case of cyclic mastalgia or mastodynia. The drug is considered practically non-toxic, does not lead to an increase in body weight compared to other hormonal drugs.

Active substances slow down cell division due to non-hormonal stimuli, reduce the invasive activity of the endometrium, cause apoptosis (selective death), inhibit the pathological growth of new vessels, prevent the appearance of tumors. An effective anti-inflammatory agent enhances the effect of antibiotics from the tetracycline group and beta-lactams, increases the sensitivity of resistant microbes to the action of antibacterial agents. It has a pronounced antioxidant effect, neutralizes free radicals.

Indinol - indications for use

Doctors recommend taking Indinol as a dietary supplement (BAA) to food in order to compensate for the lack of an organism in indole-3-carbinol. Indications for use are:

  • prevention of mastitis of the fibrocystic type (as part of complex treatment),
  • correction of functional states of the mammary glands,
  • together with the dietary supplement Epigallat for the treatment of endometriosis, adenomyosis, uterine fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia without atypical manifestations, plus for the prevention of recurrence of these diseases,
  • as part of a comprehensive treatment to eliminate cervical dysplasia, cervical neoplasia, anogenital condylomatosis.

Indinol Forte - instructions for use

The standard daily dosage of Indinol with Forte is 400 mg, it is taken before meals, twice per day, by mouth. The course and dose of the drug depends on the type of the disease:

  • with fibrocystic mastopathy - by mouth, one capsule during meals, once a day, a course of 2-3 weeks (fractional feeding is recommended),
  • in the treatment of uterine fibroids and endometrial hyperplasia - together with the dietary supplement Epigallat (one capsule of each medication) during a meal, a course of 2-3 weeks,
  • for diseases associated with HPV (human papillomavirus) - on a capsule once a day, together with the sexual partner, the course is determined by the doctor.

special instructions

Instructions for use of indinol has a section of special instructions, which tells about the rules of use of the drug:

  • it is contraindicated to drink the drug during pregnancy, breastfeeding a child under the age of 18 years,
  • No studies have been conducted, but due to the characteristics of the pharmacodynamics and the activity of the substance, it is unlikely that the drug has a negative effect on the ability to drive cars, dangerous mechanisms, slow down the speed of psychomotor reactions,
  • According to reviews, preclinical and clinical data, indinol is well tolerated, without side effects, provided that the therapeutically minimum dose is observed.

Drug interaction

Indol carbinol affects cytochrome isoenzymes, so care should be taken when using drugs that are involved in the metabolism with these substances. These include indirect anticoagulants, glucocorticosteroids, oral hypoglycemic, antiarrhythmic, antiepileptic drugs. May require dose adjustment of digitalis and sex hormones.

Side effects and overdose

If you exceed the dose of Indinol with the Forte prefix, an overdose is possible, which is eliminated by symptomatic treatment; there is no special antidote. Side effects of the drug are:

  • lengthening or shortening of the menstrual cycle,
  • abdominal pain,
  • weight loss,
  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,
  • increasing the concentration of hormones prolactin, estradiol, thyrotropic, follicle-stimulating, lowering the volume of creatinine, eosinophilia.


Instructions for use of the drug Indinol prohibits the use of the tool in the presence of the following contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity to the composite components of the drug,
  • hereditary intolerance to galactose,
  • lactase deficiency
  • glucose-galactose malabsorption,
  • all trimesters of pregnancy
  • lactation,
  • age up to 18 years
  • therapy by means of lowering gastric acidity.

Indinol Forte - analogues

According to the active substance and therapeutic effect, the following Indinol analogues with the Forte prefix, produced by foreign manufacturers, can be purchased, which can be bought in pharmacies or online stores of dietary supplements:

  • Intrinol,
  • Agnukaston,
  • Bromocriptine,
  • Mastodinon,
  • Norkolut,
  • Prozhestozhel,
  • Cyclodinone,
  • Indol Forte (releases domestic Evalar),
  • NOW Foods indole-3-carbinol,
  • Brest Care,
  • Remens,
  • Femsin,
  • Climaton.

Composition Indinola

The composition of the drug as the active ingredient included indole-3-carbinol in the mass part of not less than 90 mg in the 1st capsule contained in 100 mg of the extract isolated from the family of cruciferous plants.

Additionally, this supplement contains: 3 mg of magnesium stearate, 27 mg of microcrystalline cellulose, 80 mg of starch and 90 mg of lactose.

Indications for use

As a dietary supplement, Indinol is recommended to be taken as an additional source of substance - indole-3-carbinol.

As a remedy with medicinal properties, Indinol is indicated for use in:

  • carrying out prophylaxis or complex therapyfibrous cystic mastopathy etiology, as well as to correct the functional state of the female mammary glands, in which changes occurred as a result of the development of this pathology,
  • parallel intake of capsules dietary supplements Epigallat as part of therapeutic complex treatment endometrial hyperplasia (passing without atypia), adenomyosis (variety endometriosis), uterine fibroids, as well as for the prevention of these pathologies after surgery,
  • complex therapies for female genital diseases associated with human papillomavirusincluding anogenital condylomatosis and cervical dysplasia (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia).

Indinol, instructions for use

Instructions for use Indinola recommends that women with diagnosed fibrocystic mastopathy etiology of oral administration of the 1st capsule of the drug at 24 hours with meals for 2-3 weeks.

Instructions for use Indinol + Epigallat(including separately purchased drugs or a special set of capsules Indinol + Epigallat) recommends using this combination of dietary supplements in the combined treatment endometrial hyperplasia (passing without atypia), adenomyosis(variety endometriosis) and uterine fibroids. This therapy is carried out with a single dose per day, 1-2 capsules of each drug during meals for at least 2-3 weeks and up to 6 months.

With the pathologies of the genital sphere caused by human papillomavirus, Indinol is prescribed orally on the 1st capsule once per 24 hours in combination with therapeutic agents - immunomodulatorswhich it is advisable to use as a standard therapy for such diseases. In this case, a similar therapeutic course is necessary for the patient's sexual partner.

It should be remembered that self-prescribing Indinol is forbidden, before taking this dietary supplement, the patient must consult with your doctor.

Analogs of Indinol

The analogues of this drug include dietary supplements or therapeutic agents with a similar main effect:

Of course, that today pharmacies can buy counterparts cheaper than Indinol, but when choosing such drugs, you should first of all take into account the effectiveness of the purchased product, as well as the number of treatment units in the package (tablets, capsules). Thus, the determination of the possible replacement of this dietary supplement is best left to the discretion of the doctor or a qualified pharmacist. The average price of Indinol analogues at the moment is: Epigallat№120 - 2000 rubles, Mastodinon№ 60 - 480 rubles, Milona-5 No. 100 - 170 rubles, MastofitNo. 100 - 300 rubles, Estrovel№ 30 - 500 rubles.

Indinol or Mastodinon - which is better?

Although these two drugs are indicated for administration fibrous cystic mastopathy etiology and quite often included in the treatment regimen of some doctors, they are completely different in composition and belong to different pharmacological groups. Both BAA Indinol and homeopathic remedy Mastodinonfor mastopathy, they can be quite effective or, on the contrary, not suitable for a specific patient. In this case, you should rely on the experience and qualifications of the attending physician and the patient's body response to the treatment being performed.

Indinol or Indinol Forto - which is better?

The question of how Indinol differs from Indinol Forto, or what is the difference between these two products of the same manufacturer, CJSC MiraksBioPharma, often occurs in various forums devoted to the problem of treating tumors of the reproductive female system. Both of these drugs include a similar active ingredient - indole-3-carbinolthat naturally unites them in terms of their use, side effects, contraindications and other parameters, but they belong to different pharmacological groups. The main difference between these drugs is that Indinol, which, by the way, is a precursor Indinola Forto, refers to dietary supplements, whereas Indinol Forto It is already a full-fledged medicinal product with a better purified active ingredient in a higher dosage (200 mg) in the preparation, which facilitates its reception and increases the effectiveness of treatment. In clinical practice, both of these tools have proven to be positive and therefore still remain quite competitive.

This biological additive is not intended for use in children.

Reviews Indinol

Quite often when diagnosing developmental women hyperplastic processesoccurring in the mammary glands and genitals in the treatment regimen of these pathological conditions include indinol. Reviews of gynecologists, mammologists and oncologists in most cases position this dietary supplement as a fairly effective prophylactic, but not suitable for every patient. For example, reviews at mastopathy about this dietary supplement was divided approximately equally between positive and negative, but the responses with HPV (papillomavirus) are most often positive. Good results of prophylactic treatment show the use of a complex of biological additives. Indinol + Epigallat in case of its use in hyperplastic changes in the female genital organs. Reviews at endometriosis, hyperplasia and reviews at uterine myome about the effectiveness of the cumulative effect of these dietary supplements, as a rule, positive or in some cases neutral. Negative reviews on Indinol + Epigallatas, however, for each of these supplements separately, are not common and are mainly related to personal hypersensitivityto the ingredients of drugs, due to which the patients when they were taken developed various side effects.

Price Indinola, where to buy

In all regions of Russia, the value of Indinol is almost the same. On average, today you can buy Indinol in Moscow at a price of 1,300 rubles for 60 capsules and 2,400 rubles for 120 capsules, the average price Indinol + Epigallat for a set of 120 capsules + 120 capsules is 3,700 rubles.

In order to avoid misunderstandings when purchasing this dietary supplement in pharmacies, its name should be accurately communicated to the pharmacist, since there are very consonant drugs on the pharmaceutical market, for example, “Indole Evalar«.

Composition, release form and packaging

One capsule of Indinol includes 100 mg of indole-3-carbinol, which is isolated from medicinal plants (cruciferous family). Its mass is 33.3% of the mass of the whole powder. Starch, magnesium, stearate, microcellulose, and lactose are used as excipients.

The supplement can be purchased in the form of Indinol Forto, which has a similar composition, but the amount of indole-3-carbinol is 200 mg. The capsules are available in size 0, have a white case and an orange lid, and are packed in blisters or in a plastic jar (60, 90 capsules).

What is the difference between Indinol and Indinol Forto?

Indinol - dietary supplement, which contains 100 mg of indole-3-carbinol. In Indinol Forto, the active substance content is 200 mg. Both products are manufactured by the same pharmaceutical company and contain the same active ingredient.

Photo of the drug Indinola Forto

The term "forto" is usually added to the product, in which the concentration of active substances is increased compared with the original drug.

This form is convenient to use when the patient is prescribed several tablets at the same time.

pharmachologic effect

Indinol is a selective modulator of estrogen receptors, therefore, it is used for the treatment of conditions provoked by elevated estrogen levels.

It allows you to adjust the hyperplastic processes in the mammary glands, is effective during the treatment of hormone-dependent tumors.

Instructions for use indinola

Supplements taken during a meal, plenty of water. The regimen is determined by pathology:

  • Uterine fibroids, endometriosis: 2 capsules of the preparation (1 capsule of Indinol Forto) twice a day. Course duration - 6 months. To increase the efficiency you need to use with Epigallat,
  • Prevention of recurrence of fibroids. After surgery, take 200 mg of indole-3 carbinol twice a day for 12 weeks,
  • Mastopathy: 2 capsules (1 capsule of Indinol Forto) up to two times a day. Course duration - 6 months. After therapy, an ultrasound scan is required to evaluate the effectiveness. If Indinol caused a decrease in the size of the education, then it is necessary to repeat the therapy after 1-2 months,
  • Diseases Caused by HPV: 1 capsule per day at a time with immunomodulators until symptoms disappear. If necessary, increase the dose to 400 mg per day. Both partners should be treated at the same time to prevent re-infection.

Side effects

Indinol in rare cases causes the following unpleasant actions:

  • On the part of the digestive organs: pain in the epigastrium, nausea, the development of diarrhea,
  • Allergy: skin rash, itching, anaphylactic reactions,
  • Increase or decrease the duration of the cycle
  • Minor change in body weight.

In most cases, the symptoms do not require special treatment.

Reviews of doctors about the drug

Vera Alekseevna, mammologist, Moscow:

Indinol is a herbal medicine that has proven to be highly effective in the treatment of mastitis. It belongs to bio-additives, but it has a pronounced antitumor and anti-estrogenic effect, normalizes metabolic processes.

Irina Vitalevna, gynecologist, St. Petersburg:

Often I use Indinol to treat endomatosis, uterine fibroids, and menstrual disorders. Indinol is an effective remedy that is well tolerated and promotes healing.

Which drug is better?

Often, Mastodinone is often used for the treatment of pathologies associated with impaired estrogen production.

It is necessary to understand what the differences and common features of the drugs are:

  1. Mastodinone is used with insufficient production of estrogen, Indinol - blocks the synthesis of hormones.
  2. The first drug is a homeopathic remedy with hormone-like activity. Indinol - bioadditive.
  3. They have similar contraindications, are well tolerated.
  4. Indinol is a domestic bioadditive in capsules, Mastodinon is a German drug in tablet form and in the form of drops.
  5. Due to the different pharmacological actions differ indications for the use of drugs.

Mastodinone and Indinol - means from various pharmacological groups, which are used in various pathologies. Therefore, it is incorrect to compare their effectiveness.

Indole and Indinol - preparations-synonyms that have the same active ingredient and action.

Promisan is a dietary supplement based on green tea extract. The tool is widely used for the treatment and prevention of hyperplastic pathologies in women.

What is more effective: Indinol or Promisan? The effect of Promisan is similar to the effect that the combined use of Epigallat and Indinol has.

Prices in Moscow and St. Petersburg

The cost of the drug from the company MiraxBioPharma in pharmacies of the capital varies from 2.2 to 2.7 thousand rubles for 120 capsules, and in St. Petersburg - from 2.4 to 3 thousand rubles.

The cost of Indinol Forto - from 2.0 to 3.2 thousand rubles for 60 capsules.

Indol forte drug from the company Evalar costs from 750 to 800 rubles for 60 capsules in pharmacies in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Analogs and their cost

  • Brest Care (1950 rubles per 100 capsules),
  • Mastofit Evalar (from 200 rubles per pack)
  • Milona-5 (160 rubles per 100 tablets),
  • Biolift (630 rubles for 60 capsules),
  • Epigallat (1970 rubles for 120 capsules),
  • Medicine (from 3.5 thousand rubles for 60 capsules),
  • Climaton (from 375 rubles per pack)
  • Femivell (from 760 rubles for 60 tablets).

  • Indole Forte,
  • Hypotrilone
  • Indole Evalar,
  • Indole-3-carbinol.

Composition and release form

The active ingredient in Indinol (Indinol) is an extract isolated from cruciferous plants (indole-3-carbinol or indotriol). The additive is made in the form of capsules containing 90 mg of this compound. The drug is packaged in polymer jars of 60 or 120 capsules, each with instructions for use. The full composition of the drug is as follows:

Content in one capsule mg

Indole-3-carbinol (active substance)

Dosing and Administration

According to the instructions, Indinol can be taken together with other dietary supplements, but strictly as prescribed by the attending physician and in accordance with his instructions. In various pathologies, the following treatment regimens are shown:

  • Mastopathy - 1-2 capsules, during meals, once or twice a day, for 1-3 months. After a break of 2-3 months, it is recommended to do an ultrasound of the mammary glands and, if necessary, undergo a second course.
  • Endometrial hyperplasia, adenomyosis, endometriosis or uterine myoma - together with the addition of Epigallat, 1-2 capsules of Indinol once a day, simultaneously with food. The duration of treatment depends on the clinical effect, varies within 2-3 weeks. With uterine myoma, to ensure a more sustainable therapeutic effect, the daily dose may be doubled, and the duration of treatment - up to 2-3 months.
  • For conditions caused by papillomavirus, together with immunomodulators, 1 capsule 1 time daily for 10-15 days. Doctors recommend a similar course of treatment to the patient's sexual partner.

During pregnancy

According to instructions, Indinol use is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Drug correction of hormonal balance in the female body during these periods is undesirable, because may lead to unpredictable consequences. In the presence of acute indications, alternative treatment methods are recommended.

In childhood

Indinol is not prescribed to persons under the age of majority (age 18). According to the instructions, studies studying the effect of the active component of the additive on the developing children's organism have not been conducted. Correction of hormonal background during puberty should be carried out only if there is a sharp indication and under the supervision of the attending physician.

What kind of drug Indinol Forto

Indinol Forto belongs to the category of dietary supplements and is prescribed by doctors as an additional source of such an element as indole-3-carbinol in the complex therapy and for the prevention of diseases of the female reproductive system. As an additional therapeutic element, the drug is widely used in the treatment of:

  • fibrocystic mastopathy,
  • for the correction of the functional state of the breast in mastitis,
  • endometriosis,
  • uterine fibroids (of various pathologies),
  • cervical dysplasia,
  • ovarian cyst (of various etiologies),
  • endometrial hyperplasia,
  • malignant tumors of the cervix, breast.

The main property of the drug is blocking and subsequent destruction of breast cells with hypertrophied and pathological activity.

As a prophylactic to prevent the recurrence of the disease, dietary supplements prescribed after surgery as a means of activating the immune system. Indinol Forto is often used during the complex treatment of the reproductive organs of both partners associated with diseases caused by the human papillomavirus.

The composition of the drug

The preparation includes:

the active ingredient indole-3-carbinol (30%).

  • lactose monohydrate (milk sugar) (30%),
  • corn starch (26%),
  • microcrystalline cellulose (9%),
  • magnesium stearate (1%).

Composition Indinola: dry plant extract obtained from cruciferous plants (cabbage, radish) by extraction. The substance acts on the body as a strong antioxidant, protecting the cell from the destructive effects of pesticides, carcinogens and other organic toxins.

Due to the optimal concentration of active carbinol in Indinol Forto, the drug has a tonic effect on the entire body, is used as a preventive measure for cancer, with the combined treatment of the female reproductive system.

Improving health occurs due to the properties of the herbal component as the correction of hyperplastic processes in the mammary glands, endometria, myometrium, ovaries, and cervix. Estrogen production is normalized, the drug blocks the abnormal growth of cells in the tissues of the reproductive organs.

Anti-estrogenic effect allows you to use the drug for the treatment and prevention of a variety of disruptions in the body associated with an imbalance of hormonal levels. Excessive levels of estrogen (hyperestrogenic) leads to the development of benign tumors, the use of the drug in recommended doses with preventive measures allows you to quickly normalize the body.

Proper administration of the drug smoothly reduces the level of estrogen in the blood, slows down and then stops the uncontrolled division of endometrial cells. As a result, the growth of abnormal cells in the female reproductive organs and mammary glands stops.

Due to the antioxidant properties, neutralization of toxic substances in the body occurs, which also contribute to the development of abnormal cells. The ability of the active component of the drug to block the human papillomavirus by suppressing the process of protein synthesis in a virus allows Indinol to be used as a therapeutic agent for eliminating papillomas and warts.

How much is mastopol

The price of the drug does not exceed 500 rubles. per pack. What is the difference between drugs.

Mastopol refers to the preparations of the homeopathic segment. It is widely used in complex therapy for the treatment of myasthenia and fibrocystic mastopathy.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to fructose and lactose, glucose-galactose malabsorption, diabetes mellitus. It is not recommended to take the drug during pregnancy and lactation. The exception is the doctor's prescription, taking into account the benefits and risks of the drug. Side effects from taking Mastopol not identified.

The second most popular analogue of the BAA Indinol is the homeopathic additive Mixed Vegetables. This is a dietary supplement, which contains in its composition an extract of plants of the red family (broccoli extract, spinach leaves, carrots). Ascorbic acid, ascorbigen, sulforaphane act as additional components.

A balanced complex of dietary supplements helps in a short time to improve the function of the endocrine glands, including the ovaries and adrenal glands. There is a normalization of hormonal background, improves the overall condition of the body due to a balanced production of progesterone and estrogen.

The price of the drug Mixed Vegetables to 1000 rubles. The drug is available in the form of dark green tablets in polymer cans of 180 pcs.