The origin, characteristics and meaning of the name Olga


Olga is a popular name that suits a calm, thoughtful girl. The nature of the representative of the complex name, relatives can not always understand it. She is vulnerable, hardworking and self-critical. Olga's future depends on the goals she sets for herself. It is important to find the right path in life. Olga seeks a strong marriage with a reliable and loyal man. His support will be her support and protection.

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The meaning of the name is controversial, since there is no single version of its origin. There are two theories. In accordance with the first, the name Olga has a Scandinavian origin. It came from the name of Helga, which means "holy." Male analogue of the name - Oleg.

There is an alternative version according to which the name was derived from the Old Slavic names Volkh and Volga. The word "Volga" means "sunny", "great." From it was formed the female name Olga, which became widespread not only in Russia, but also abroad.

The patroness of the name is the famous ruler of Ancient Rus, Princess Olga.

Olga went down in history thanks to her reforms in systematizing the collection of tribute and deep religiosity. At a conscious age, she adopted Christianity, was a devout woman. In the character of Olga reflected the features inherent to the owners of this name.

Each name has its own talisman. He protects a person throughout his life. For Oli, the talisman is an amber pebble. Even our ancestors used it as a talisman against evil forces.

You can wear it as a pendant or buy a bracelet or a ring with amber. It should always carry with you: it is believed that the stone brings happiness.

The secret of the name lies in its writing. By the letters of the name, you can understand the meaning of the name and make a brief portrait of its owner:

  • About - purposefulness,
  • L - the need for love,
  • B - softness, vulnerability,
  • G - sacrifice,
  • A - hard work.

Since childhood, Olga is thoughtful, inclined to think. The girl is very serious, adults do not often see a smile on her face. Parents should know that it is vulnerable, it is easy to touch and offend. She does not hide her emotions, she may cry if she is touched by an accidentally thrown word or criticism of her. With a sincere apology it is not always possible to achieve her forgiveness. Olga remembers insults for a long time and prefers to limit communication with the person who upset her. She apologizes reluctantly, it is hard for her to admit her mistakes.

Olga is a smart girl who achieves her goals thanks to perseverance and stubbornness. But she does not like to study, studying seems boring to her. Her school performance is good, but she prefers to teach only those subjects that interest her.

The girl is sociable, but she has few friends. Close communication she prefers only with a narrow circle of people. Olga is devoted to her friends. In any situation, they can count on her help and support. She does not seek short acquaintances and does not need a large company of acquaintances.

Olga has a bright personality. She does not imitate other people, remains herself in any situation. He dresses modestly, but with taste, does not stand out among his peers. Olya looks after her appearance, looks attractive, and this draws the attention of fans.

The girl with this name is ambitious, but she has no goal to be better than everyone else. She knows how to appreciate what she has and enjoys life. Olya does not envy the achievements of her friends, sincerely rejoices in their success.

Origin and meaning

There are several versions of the origin of the beautiful female name Olga. The first version says that the name was formed from the Old Norse Helga and means "holy", "bright", "clear", "wise", "sacred", "fatal". According to the second version, it originates from the Old Slavonic language, it came from the names Volga, Volkh and takes on the meaning “sunny”, “good”, “significant”, “great”. Currently considered one of the most common in Russia.


Little Olya is not serious for years and thoughtful. By school is not too located, has a secondary knowledge, but tries to study diligently. He communicates with his peers calmly, without conflicts. Teachers are pleased with her behavior and never complain to their parents.

An adult representative of the name Olga combines external activity and internal isolation. She has a cold and calculating mind. But she, as a rule, lacks imagination and inspiration. The reason for this is that she is always guided only by logic. Negative attitude to weakness, sentimentality and violent expression of their feelings.

The secret of the name Olga lies in the strong and difficult character, efficiency, will power and intelligence. Positive qualities are prudence, responsiveness and honesty. Considers an important reputation of his and his family. Spends a lot of time on self-education and self-improvement. If she sets a goal, she always stubbornly achieves the intended result. For this, it needs to remain independent.

Olga is a proponent of strict moral norms. She is feminine, constantly watching her appearance and wardrobe. Does not tolerate various tips and teachings. Prone to introspection. Grievances suffered for a long time, but will not show it off.

Olga’s negative personality traits are touchiness, arrogance, temper and revenge. The girl loves to gossip, loves adventures. In dealing with people advantageous for her, she shows courtesy, correctness and hypocrisy. In relation to addicts behaves rude and arrogant. It can be evil and vindictive, but at the same time it never loses self-control. A woman with this name is not the person who, recognizing that she is wrong, will apologize.

Profession and business

In her professional career, Olga is very capable of working. Can work in any direction. She equally copes with both physical and intellectual labor. In the team may occupy the unspoken position of the leader and the "gray cardinal." Is respected and respected by management. Great heights achieved in science, medicine, manufacturing and creative professions. Olga can be a political and public figure, leader, journalist, screenwriter and translator. She copes with the conclusion of various kinds of contracts, can become a good credit expert. If, as a result of the analysis, it reveals a benefit in its business, then it is ready to work for days.

Olga has good health. It does not give in to fatigue and illnesses. It has good immunity, is not prone to seasonal infections and epidemics. The weak points are the nervous system, pancreas, liver and genitals.

Sex and love

Olga is endowed with attractive appearance, she was created for bright passionate experiences. Always in love with their partners, can often not distinguish sexual attraction from a large tender feeling. A representative named Olga is very sexy. Sometimes dissatisfied with their intimate life. In dealing with men, she tries to keep herself as a moral leader. With all the fans and grooms draws an analogy with his first love. The result of this behavior is that she, as a rule, marries late.

Family and marriage

In family relationships, Olga is a faithful wife and a great hostess. In marriage, she does not try to occupy a dominant place, but it remains important for her to maintain a lifelong spiritual connection with her spouse. In the house of a woman is always order, warm, comfortable and cozy. She treats her parents and children with love and care.

The origin of the name Olga

It is believed that the origin of the name Olga is Old Russian, which previously came to us from Scandinavian languages. Old Norse female name sounds like Helga. Another version says that the origin of this name is associated with the male name Oleg.

The meaning of the name Olga is sacred, bright, holy, clear. It is similar to the interpretation of the Scandinavian name Helg or Helgl.

In Russia, this name is quite popular. It is customary to use its different forms: Olya, Olenka, Olyusha, Olyushka, Olka, Olyunya, Olyusya, Olga, Lesya, Olyasha, Olgusha, Olgunya, Olga.

Name Olga in Orthodoxy

In the history of ancient Russia for the first time this name is mentioned in the Tale of Bygone Years. Olga was the wife of Prince Igor. Its origin is not known for certain. According to one version, Oleg brought it for Igor from the Bulgarian lands, on the other - from Pskov. After the death of her husband, she ruled Kievan Rus for her young son Svyatoslav. The princess is canonized by the Orthodox Church and patronizes all the Olghas.

According to the Orthodox calendar, all Olga celebrate the day of the angel several times a year: February 10, March 6.14, July 17, July 24, November 23.

Characteristic spell name

The name Olga consists of five letters. It speaks of the humanitarian inclinations of its owner, the ability to appreciate art. Therefore, men always see in her not only a beautiful woman, but also an interesting interlocutor. Consider what the name means Olga, on the basis of letter decoding.

Oh - the wealth of the inner world, exceptional intuition, the ability to see the main thing is that for others it seems secondary.

L - creative abilities, love for the beautiful is closely intertwined with the desire for physical pleasures.

B - peace-loving, gentle nature, the secret of a successful marriage lies in the ability to listen and not to resist the actions of her husband.

G - intelligence, integrity, attention to detail.

A - purposeful activity, leadership qualities, the desire for spiritual and physical perfection.

This interpretation gives the answer to the question - what does the name Olga mean? The owners of this name are characterized by a sense of style, intelligence, a powerful maternal principle, an insightful mind.

Declination of the name Olga in cases

Olga is a noun, animated, feminine, 1 declension. In Russian, the declension of the name Olga in the cases is as follows:

Nominative case - Olga

Genitive - Olha

Dative case - Olga

Accusative case - Olga

The instrumental case - Olga

Prepositional case - Olga

Characters of women born at different times of the year

The nature and fate of this difficult person is directly related to the time of birth.

For Olga, born in the winter months, always in the first place will be the family. It is characterized by calm, poise. Winter Olya attaches great importance to intimate relationships. For her, it is important that a man has such traits as kindness, care, caress. Such a woman is always focused on a safe family and raising healthy children. Negative sides of character - ambition, ineradicable arrogance.

Feminine and charming spring Olenka easily enters into any man. And while flirting for her is a natural state, a woman approaches the choice of a life partner seriously and thoroughly. The increased interest from the opposite sex is due to the fact that the light fluttering spring Olya always seeks to be in the center of attention.

Olenka, born in the summer months, is characterized by naive character, gullibility, amorousness. She easily finds a common language with absolutely every person. Summer Olya easily makes friends and the right connections. However, her naivety can brutally fail, since not everyone with her is also honest and disinterested. But we must pay tribute to Olenka, who easily recognizes any deception.

Autumn Olga is enterprising and practical. Calculation and purposefulness of character make all events develop only according to its scenario. These features contribute to the rapid rise of the career ladder. They interfere with creating a strong friendly family, since cold calculation is not a companion of trusting warm relations.

The history and origin of the name

By giving, the origin of the name Olga is associated with Scandinavian culture. Argued that it is associated with the Scandinavian name Helga, meaning "holy" and "sacred", which in theory, promises the newborn girl a difficult but strong character.

For the first time in Russia, it appeared due to its mentioning in an ancient Russian chronicle work, called the Tale of Bygone Years. Since then, nomoform began to occur in Russia much more often. Then women from the higher social strata — the daughters of aristocrats and those close to the king — were named for them.

The famous person is the Grand Duchess Olga named by this name form. For many years she devoted herself to pilgrimages and conversion of pagans to people with Christian faith, and as a result she was elevated to the rank of Saints.

The meaning of the name Olga

This is a Scandinavian name (from "Helga"), and meaning of the name Olga also Scandinavian, is treated accordingly. Outlines of significance, as well as origin, promise such qualities to the character as independence, stubbornness, passion, emotionality and sensitivity. It’s better not to argue with that - it is terrible in anger, and in free hours the whole is devoted to solving worldly problems.

Independence manifests itself from an early age, love for independence creates loneliness, resulting in a lack of love and understanding in the world around us.

Early childhood

The value of this name will bring a lot of good things to a girl so named, although you can’t do without bad things. So, in childhood, she is promised such characteristics as fussiness, activity, energy, restlessness, efficiency, curiosity, moodiness and sensitivity, emotionality and prudence. Olga, this baby is surprisingly reasonable - she does not commit rash acts, always acts strictly in accordance with her own plan, and at the same time does everything only for herself. It has both selfishness and self-love, this is a fact, but there is also a desire to help everyone around, which is not always possible, and that in the end can lead to disappointments in itself. Parents should not be too much to patronize the so-called little girl - Olga, if she is to be very much taken care of, risks becoming arrogant and capricious, intolerant, unwilling to hear other people's opinions, and this, anyway, can lead to big problems in terms of communication with peers. And it gives her a good positive temper and anxious attitude to everything that happens, there is so much good in her soul that it is enough for everyone, but it needs to be fed with positive emotions from childhood - otherwise it can begin to complex and depress.

Olga is a teenager, it is a heavy man in all respects, and not only value, but also many other factors are to blame for this, in particular, the impact on her of the patron planet, the stone mascot, and even a plant symbol patron over the name-form. This girl has many flaws, this is a fact, but all of them are weakly manifested, and with the right upbringing they can be completely destroyed. Self-confidence, perseverance, optimism, friendliness, good nature, goodwill, cheerfulness, emotionality, justice, straightforwardness - this is not a complete list of the qualities that Olga is endowed with as a teenager, but even these qualities of Olya’s girl are enough for her was popular in society and was in demand among teachers. By the way, as for studying - Olga is capable, as a student, can study any subject, be it exact or humanities, but she needs push and control in everything. This is the meaning of this name, which promises a complete lack of assertiveness, but it can be developed in it, keeping Olya under constant control.

Adult woman

An adult Olga is already less affected by such a factor as the value of the name, but more susceptible to the influence of a natural patron, a zodiac sign, and other astrological symbols. At its core, it remains the same, with the exception of some points that depend on upbringing. This woman has all the chances to become a real “someone” in life - there is a penchant for entrepreneurship, and in general, Olga can achieve incredible heights, but she is not able to achieve this on her own — needs support, a friend, or the second half ...

Relationship with men

Relationships with the representatives of the male sex - this is the factor over which the significance of such a variation of the name as Olga does not dominate. In general, this factor in this case is very unpredictable, and therefore it is almost unrealistic to predict it. But it is known for sure that Olga will enjoy incredible popularity among the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Character name Olga

The character of the name Olga is such that it assumes that the girl so named has many flaws, which, however, become invisible against the background of the virtues that also exist. Olga, this is a girl whose character is so positive that all the existing "cons" are practically imperceptible in him. Да, она шаловлива, стеснительна, порою капризна и пессимистична, но зато всегда совершает лишь обдуманные поступки и никогда не позволяет себе пользоваться чьими-то слабостями ради достижения своих корыстных целей. И вообще, характер ее таков, что не позволяет ей зависеть от кого-либо – всего добивается сама, без посторонней помощи.

True, in many respects the character depends on the astrological symbols and additional factors, among which one of the most important is the time of the year of birth ...

The interaction of character Olga with the seasons

Autumn - this quarter, with its value, gives birth to the carrier of the nominal variation Olga to a practical and enterprising girl, prudent and purposeful, following a personal plan in everything without exception. But there is also a share of self-interest, especially in relationships with men - it is not capable of generating warmth and tenderness in itself, and this pushes off suitor.

Spring - under the influence of the origin and decoding of the name, Olya is born feminine and charming, an uneasy person who knows how to flirt and fascinate everyone around, who adores being in the center of attention. She will always be welcome in any company - men adore her, and women respect and honor her. Sincere and honest, she has a diligent nature, but is cordial - she has no control over her own feelings. Emotions turn her into a beast, and after a second into a tender sissy.

Summer - here we are talking about an amorous and trusting girl, naive, easy to talk, eloquent, adoring to idealize people. Often this will be disappointed in people - at the slightest reason it will be depressed, and only an understanding, loving, and caring guy will be able to pull it out of it.

Winter is an arrogant and ambitious woman born in the winter months, but with her it is still easy and comfortable, especially for men. In relationships, she is light, caring, gentle and attentive - it also requires this from the second half. Not capable of betrayal or deception, her goal - a strong family. Demanding, must be complex, but requires that gives itself. Emotional, but in moderation.

The fate of the name Olga in relationships, love, marriage

The fate of the name Olga in relationships with men, in love and marriage is such that it involves the emergence of many problems, starting from adolescence. The reason is in the attitude of the so-called girl to the relationship - for her, the second half is an ideal person, one whom she admires, regardless of deeds and offenses. But such is the fate that in the end all these relationships in most cases end in disappointment.

Experts had suggested at one time that such a girl would often be deceived, using her unselfishness, conflict-free, kindness, and trustfulness. In the end, fate could lead to the fact that backward features, namely, distrust, secrecy, and pessimism would prevail in her.

But the same fate assumes one good moment - having found her true soul mate, having crossed the line of “marriage”, she will get the happiness she was looking for, and the man who achieved her trust will be lucky, because for his happiness she will do everything she can. Such is its fate ...

Astrological Symbols

  • Stone mascot - Yantar.
  • The patron planet is the moon.
  • Patronizing element - Fire.
  • Animal symbol carrier Olga named - Leopard and Owl.
  • The plant symbol is Ash.
  • The best zodiac is Cancer.
  • Symbolic metal - Gold.
  • Happy day - Friday.
  • The perfect season is Summer.
  • Year - Snake.

Famous people

Olga Rozanova (artist)

Olga Rubtsova (chess player)

Olga Sadovskaya (Russian actress)

Olga Aroseva (Russian actress)

Olga Spesivtseva (Russian ballet dancer)

Olga Zabelinskaya (cyclist)

Olga Knipper-Chekhova (Soviet actress)

Olga Bergholz (poetess, prose writer)

Olga Korbut (Belarusian gymnast)

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Named and holy patrons

In 945, the widow of Prince Igor, Princess Olga (at the baptism of Elena) took over the management of Kievan Rus - one of the largest and most powerful states of the time. In the same year, Olga went on a pilgrimage trip, during which she visited many Christian churches and shrines.

In Constantinople, the princess was baptized with a cross from the life-giving tree of the Lord — Princess Olga became the first ruler in Russia to be baptized. Returning from the pilgrimage, she began to actively introduce Christianity among the pagans, build temples, and set up Orthodox crosses over the graves of Christians.

Olga died in the year 969, bequeathed to bury herself according to Christian custom. The princess was canonized and elevated to the rank of saints even before the Mongol period. July 24 is considered the day of memory of Saint Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga.

Olga can choose the name day closer to her date of birth from six dates - just as many great women entered the history of Orthodoxy as great martyrs. These dates are: February 10, March 6 and 14, July 17 and 24, November 23.

Name feature

Olga is always a strong and difficult character, it is pride, ambition and hypocrisy in one bottle. It successfully combines external activity and internal isolation. Possessing a cold and calculating mind, Olga is absolutely not romantic, and she really lacks imagination and imagination.

Olga is ambitious, but not too diligent, therefore she rarely achieves great success in life. At the same time, she may be tormented by envy of more successful people, but she tries to hide her feelings from others and even from herself.

Olga is always smiling, sociable, always supporting any company, but she won't forget for a minute who is in charge and who is subordinate. She is vindictive, never forgives anything and will definitely try to take revenge.

Olga always knows what she wants, and no one can stop her. She has a difficult and domineering character, which lies behind a sweet and feminine appearance. Olga rarely loses control of herself, even in anger. She has a peculiar sense of humor - most often with a touch of irony and sarcasm.

Olga does not forgive other people's weaknesses, and she always adheres to strict moral rules. She is honest, hardworking, responsiveness and compassion are not alien to her. But also hypocrisy is not alien to her - with people who are profitable for her, she will be correct and kind, and with those who depend on her, she can stay stressed coldly.

Olga loves to gossip, has a penchant for adventure. He likes to pry into someone else's privacy, but he tries not to spread about his life to anyone. She is not the person who will apologize for being wrong. Inborn diplomatic talent and self-control allow her to get along well with others, although Olga is very touchy.

Olga never loses the desire to look and be "no worse than others." Having achieved a certain level of wealth, it can become lazy, although it remains a man "on his mind." She avoids conflicts with all her might, although it is difficult for her to hide her arrogance and arrogance. With all her ostentatious openness and sociability, Olga is a very closed person, and it is difficult to guess what is in her heart, as well as to predict her actions.

We can say that Olga lives not at the behest of the heart, but at the behest of the mind. She has to restrain her emotions in public, but she can easily bring them down on the heads of her loved ones. The owner of the name Olga is very difficult to live with such a difficult and contradictory character.

Olenka is growing a fragile and painful girl, very attached to her mother and grandmother. At school, studying mediocrely, trying not to stand out. Silence in school, it is fully consistent with the saying "there are devils in still waters."

With classmates trying to be friends, but her close friends a little. Olga does not like to command, but does not give in to training.

In the period of maturation, Olga is characterized by self-digging, she deeply analyzes and outlives all of her actions. During this period, she is especially vulnerable and susceptible, can cry and be very upset by the slightest remark. The strength of a teenager's character can easily grow into fanaticism, since Olga is a victim of very strong emotions that are not visible from the outside.

Childhood years impose a large imprint on the future life of Olga. If her parents take excessive care of her, the girl can grow into a spoiled and narcissistic woman. And if adults are too harsh with her, Olga will grow up as a callous, rude and categorical person. If the parents decide to give their girl the name Olga, they should really try to find a middle ground and bring up the heartiness, kindness and responsiveness to others in the daughter.

By nature, Olga is endowed with good health and great stamina. She has good immunity, she is not prone to seasonal infections and epidemics.

In adulthood, she is prone to diabetes and weight gain, so she needs to refrain from fatty and sweet foods. Liver disease and gynecological problems, as well as dermatological diseases are possible.


Nature usually rewards Olga with an attractive appearance, for which the woman carefully looks after her. Olga is sensual and sexy, but often takes a partner’s sexual attraction for a big and tender feeling, therefore in her life there are often disappointments from which a woman suffers a lot.

With men, holding back, for intimacy is reluctant. She is prone to strong love experiences and self-analysis, so her partner will be very difficult with Olga. She is always very hard going through the break in relationships, she perceives each new love as the last.

Olga does not like romance in love, but appreciates valuable gifts. She will not be very demanding to her chosen one, there will be much to forgive and endure for him. In sex, Olga is able to reach the pinnacle of pleasure, which few are capable of.

Marriage and family, compatibility of Olga with male names

Olga, as a rule, marries late, as she gets used to independence and independence early. In family relations, she does not strive for leadership, but she will not obey her husband, either. Husband should not try to re-educate his wife, as this is a completely useless thing. Olga will demand loyalty from her husband, but a woman will not destroy her family and lose her material well-being because of her husband's betrayal.

Olga will be a great hostess, economical and neat. She will become a caring mother to her children, but as soon as they grow up, will provide them to themselves. Olga is a completely domestic person, so she would be happy to devote all her free time to home and family. Olga will never leave her elderly parents either.

A successful marriage is possible with men named Anatoly, Victor, Vladislav, Leo, Semyon, Stepan, Igor and Oleg. Avoid alliance with Andrei, Denis, Peter, Leonid, Vitali, Konstantin and Nikolai.

Business and career

Olga is a very responsible person, which allows her to achieve good results in any business. But she lacks self-confidence and perseverance in actions, so she rarely reaches the top in her career and business. The main thing for Olga is the financial side of the issue; for decent pay, she will do equally well both mental and physical work.

Olga is not tied to one place of work, she will leave one place without regret for another, more profitable.

Olga rarely chooses creative professions that require inspiration and rich imagination. Her strengths are the analytical mind and dedication - she can become a good politician, doctor, engineer, hairdresser, lawyer. In the chosen field she will work diligently and tirelessly.

In a team, Olga can become a “gray cardinal,” whom everyone will be a little afraid and respected. She will do an excellent job in a management position, but will tacitly encourage flattery and intrigue. Working with Olga in one team is quite difficult.

Talismans for Olga

  • The patron planet is the moon.
  • Patron saint zodiac sign - Cancer. Olga is recommended to call girls born under this sign, then she will be the most endowed with natural talents and success in life.
  • The lucky season is summer, the lucky day of the week is Sunday.
  • Happy color - yellow and red.
  • Totem animal - owl and leopard. Owl is a symbol of wisdom and longevity, as well as loneliness and nostalgia. People who are protected by an owl are prescribed the gift of clairvoyance and prophecy. Leopard symbolizes courage, speed of reaction and cruelty.
  • Totem plant - ash and buttercup. Ash symbolizes prosperity, mental clarity and health. Buttercup will help relieve stress and bring peace of mind, help to become kinder and more tolerant.
  • Stone mascot - amber. This amazingly beautiful yellow stone since ancient times was used as a talisman against the evil eye and damage, it enhances intuition and gives vitality. Modern medicine is widely used amber for the treatment of headache, toothache and muscle pain, it helps to normalize blood pressure and improves blood circulation.

Horoscope for Olga

Aries - temperamental and unbalanced woman, possessing irrepressible energy, with which she is able to infect others. Olga-Aries is able to enthusiastically grab for several cases at once, but not one of them can be completed. Her straightforwardness can attract and repel at the same time, she is trying with all her might to break into the lead. Olga can achieve harmony in a relationship with a Sagittarius man - their life together will never be boring.

Taurus - emotional, kind and insecure nature, very much in need of the support of loved ones. She perfectly understands when they are trying to deceive or mislead her, and will always answer the same with sincerity. Snobbery and egoism are completely alien to her, and everything is nice and calm next to her. Olga-Taurus can make a man one of her zodiac signs happy - this is an unusually successful union that can exist in harmony for many years. Their love will only increase with the accumulation of a common bank account.

Twins - an impressionable and incredulous woman who loves to be in the center of attention. She is always ready for change, easily changes her lifestyle and work. It seems like two people live in it, two opposites. She is kind, sensitive, sentimental, but at the same time jealous, boastful and jealous. The Leo man can understand her complicated soul - in this union the heart and mind, deep sensuality and real reality merge.

Crayfish - romantic, sentimental and bright personality, skillfully manipulating people. She is intelligent and charming, with all her strength striving for emotional comfort. She does not forget anything - neither good nor bad. Olga-Rak dislikes quarrels very much, avoids all kinds of conflicts, and will never endure “dirty linen in public”. Love for her is the most important thing in life, and she firmly believes that sooner or later she will find her ideal. The Pisces man will be a good husband for Olga-Cancer - peace and tranquility will reign in their marriage. Spouses will float in the wild of their fantasies and demand nothing from each other.

a lion - domineering and wayward woman, but absolutely not false and not buying up. She does not tolerate hypocrisy and duplicity, always speaks the truth in the eyes, so the circle of her friends is very limited. But she appreciates the opinions of others, tries to avoid conflicts. Her love is not for something, but for the fact that it is what it is. To make Olga-Lev happy man can Gemini - this union will be based on mutual attraction and common interests.

Virgo - gives the impression of a stiff and inaccessible queen, but in reality this is a very insecure woman who does not know how to open up to people. In her heart she is tender and sensitive, and these qualities will become the key to her family well-being. At work, Olga-Deva is valued as a responsible and diligent worker, and at home she is a great hostess and loving mother. Olga-Deva can create a strong marriage alliance with a male Taurus - she is insured against African passions and stormy showdown of relationships, but is reliably protected from adultery and insincerity in relationships.

Libra - tactful and patient woman, silent and not conflict. She is completely self-sufficient, will not impose opinion and society on those around her. It is always benevolent towards others, but does not like to be frank. Husband for Olga-Libra is the most important thing in life, but she treats motherhood rather calmly. Comprehend happiness in full with this amazing woman will be able to male-Sagittarius - together they can achieve stunning results and conquer more than one peak.

Scorpio - a dual personality, which combines snobbery and justice, sincerity and envy, sincerity and impatience. She is intelligent and hardworking, but the difficultness in the team does not allow her to reach career heights. Life for Olga-Scorpio is a series of sufferings and disappointments, without which it is simply boring to live. And even if everything in her life is good, she will find a way to create a problem for herself out of nothing. A Capricorn male, sometimes fictional, suffering and misfortune can divide it - they are both purposeful and persistent, and they see each other through.

Sagittarius - an open, inconstant woman, always preparing for adventure. Diplomacy is completely alien to her, as well as a sense of self-preservation. But she knows how to remain faithful in all circumstances, never betray, and primchitsya to help at the first call. Olga-Sagittarius will be happy in marriage with a man-Cancer - this is the best combination for home and family. Cancer will help the pragmatic Sagittarius to get rid of the feeling of incessant race, add peace of mind and confidence.

Capricorn - makes an impression of a cold and haughty woman, prefers to keep aloof. На самом деле это глубоко переживающая натура, не готовая открыто выражать свои чувства. При всей своей стойкости и жизненной силе Ольга-Козерог подвержена приступам пессимизма, так как для нее важно получать одобрение от родных и близких. Ее любимый мужчина должен уважать ее право на личное пространство и не ограничивать ее свободу.Olga-Capricorn and Taurus men have a high degree of compatibility - they have very similar outlooks on life and many common interests.

Aquarius - a sympathetic, kind and sensitive person who lives in her imaginary world. Her susceptibility and sentimentality are often used for personal gain, but she does not know how to learn from her mistakes. Many consider Olga-Aquarius a little crazy, but she is sure that this world around her has gone crazy. Absurdity is her element. Understand and accept the complex essence of Olha-Aquarius will be able to man-Libra, as they both value freedom and friendship, jealously guard their feelings, and in bed they have a rare idyll.

Fish - a shy and insecure woman trying to live by the rules. She is extremely impressionable and does not know how to stand up for herself, so even a small nuisance can knock her out of a rut for a long time. She is always ready to selflessly help others, but for the sake of a loved one is ready to give literally everything. A good emotional and sensual connection can be established between Olga-Pisces and the Cancer man - they are simply made for each other, especially in an intimate way.

Compatibility of the name Olga, a manifestation in love

The wishes of others when making a decision, if taken into account, are merely secondary factors: you are sure that if you are well, then everything else has nothing to complain about. And that means - it is possible and necessary to make them “go in the water harness” with you, in the direction you choose.

And here is the opportunity to see everything from a different angle. You need external assistance, and above all - as a “deterrent”. Otherwise, you may want to "turn the earth over."

But if you are forced to use other people's capabilities, then you need to learn how to share the results. And the sooner you make a choice in favor of such a scheme of activity, the more chances you have to keep your soul pure and your heart healthy.

Olga and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: Favorable marriage with Anatoly, Barzda, Boris, Boyan, Bryachislav, Victor, Gavrila, Zakhar, Ignat, Igor, Leo, Oleg. The name Olga is also combined with Semen. Difficult relationships are likely with Andrei, Bazhen, Bashilo, Bogdan, Bazan, Denis, Mal, Peter.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Olga? If the first love does not end with marriage, then Olga takes a long time to live, compares new fans with the first man in her life, and will not be able to get married for a long time.

Olga is negatively related to weakness, sentimentality, and a violent expression of feelings, but if she likes someone, she does not keep it a secret. Most often, she gets married quite early and devotes her life to her husband, firmly believing that her chosen one is the smartest and good. If a rival suddenly appears to her, then it’s easy to have in her hands Olya’s parting. She is a fighter with a strong character, and her loyalty deserves the highest respect.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: Work for her means a lot. A woman named Olga can become the leader of a public organization, lead the opposition or choose the path of a rebel single. The owner of the name Olya is able to perform men's work, both intellectual and physical. If she is forced to do only household chores, then sooner or later she will likely protest against routine and ungrateful work. Olya has many plans, and she wants to realize them. Purposefulness and vanity allow her to achieve success in sports, ballet, cinema, theater.

Business and career: The owner of the name can make incredible efforts, overcome herself and do such work, for which not everyone will undertake, and for this she will be rewarded.

Olga's ability to work hard, a heightened sense of responsibility - all leads to significant career successes, including in leadership positions. The last for Olya in most cases is important. The doctor, political or public figure, the head of the enterprise is the field of Olya’s activity. In the extreme case, she can be a store manager, manager, work in the service sector.

The meaning of the name Olya implies the possession of a cold, calculating mind, adheres to strict moral standards, does not forgive anything, and will always be able to remind of old misdeeds.

Health and energy

Health and talents named Olga: The meaning of the name Olga in terms of medicine. In infancy, Olga is calm, there are no difficulties with feeding. All difficulties begin with six years. At this time, she often suffers from respiratory diseases. Many diseases are inherited. So, from the father Ole can be transmitted psoriasis or diabetes, which can manifest itself both in childhood and in adulthood. In childhood, Olga, like all children, suffers from respiratory diseases, children's infectious diseases. There are no special deviations in health. Several weakened lungs, bronchi.

The December girl may be deaf-and-dumb from birth, but she is a very intelligent girl and, if specialists start working with her in time, she will begin to talk and understand her lips. Such a child requires increased attention, she is irritable, emotional. Very affectionate and kind, in need of human warmth.

The owner of the name Olga is prone to complications from the flu, can suffer from infectious meningitis, after which mental development slows down somewhat. In this case, it is very important to make the correct diagnosis. Doctors often state mental retardation, whereas this can be a mild form of mental retardation. The name Olya perfectly assimilates everything, only slightly slower than healthy peers.

Health problems in the name Olga arise in adulthood. She has bad teeth, after giving birth, she quickly loses them. There may be an overbite, but this is fixable, if parents convince Olga that the treatment is necessary, she is very stubborn and reluctant to carry corrective plates, removes them when there are no parents, and puts them on only in their presence so that they do not scold her.

In the "October" - there may be complications after childbirth, the formation of cysts on the ovaries. The summer girl already at mature age is ill with jaundice. High probability of removal of the adenoids. Olya, who was born in August, can have a disturbed blood circulation, which leads to varicose veins. Olya is not suspicious and turns to doctors in extreme cases. By old age, the carrier named Olya is located to fullness, although until old age remains mobile and easy to lift. Her hip joints are getting weaker.

Olga's fate in history

What does the name Olga mean for women's fate?

  1. St. Olga is a Russian princess, the wife of Igor Rurikovich. According to the chronicle story, she cruelly avenged the Drevlyans, who killed her husband, destroying them of Prince Mal along with his closest associates, and established "charters and lessons", that is, a tribute and natural duties, in the Drevlyane land, then went to Novgorod land and organized graveyards , that is, the administrative centers, and identified the dues and tributes in favor of the prince. The princess died in 969 in extreme old age, bequeathed to bury her according to the Christian rite. It is attributed by the church to the name of the saints.
  2. O.V. Lepeshinskaya - ballet dancer, People’s Artist of the USSR. In 1933–1963 danced at the Bolshoi Theater. Among the parties: Kitri ("Don Quixote" by LF Minkus), Tao Hoa ("Red Poppy" by MR Gliere), Cinderella ("Cinderella" by S. S. Prokofiev) and others. She was a consultant teacher in Hungary , Germany, Sweden, etc. Four times awarded the State Prize of the USSR.
  3. O. Spesivtseva - (1895 - 1991) Russian ballet dancer.
  4. Z. Zabelinskaya - (born 1980) Russian cyclist, two-time bronze medalist of the 2012 Summer Olympics - in the group and separate race. 1997 World Junior Champion.
  5. O.Knipper-Chekhov - (1868 - 1959) Russian and Soviet actress. People's Artist of the USSR (1937). Winner of the Stalin Prize (1943). The wife of Anton Chekhov.
  6. O. Berggolts - (1910 - 1975) Russian Soviet poetess, prose writer.
  7. O. Korbut - (born 1955) Soviet Belarusian gymnast, four-time Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1972). O. Korbut was the first to perform the unique element “Korbut loop”. The gymnast gets up on the high part of uneven bars and does back flips, clinging to the upper crossbar of the bars. The element was performed during her exercises on uneven bars at the Olympics in Munich.
  8. O. Khokhlova - (1891 - 1955) is a ballet dancer of Russian-Ukrainian origin, better known as the first wife of Pablo Picasso and the mother of his son Paulo.
  9. O. Rozanova - (1886 - 1918) artist, one of the brightest representatives of Russian futurism.
  10. O.Rubtsova - (1909 - 1994) World Chess Champion.
  11. O.Sadovskaya - (1849 - 1919) Russian actress, Honored Artist of the Imperial Theaters (1911).
  12. O.Aroseva - (born 1925) Soviet and Russian film and theater actress. People's Artist of the RSFSR (1985). Known for the performance of comedic, sharply character roles.
  13. O. Voronets - (born 1926) pop singer, People's Artist of the RSFSR (1978). In 1956, at the International Folklore Festival in France, the Russian folk song Kalinka performed by Voronet was so successful that the singer was nicknamed Olga-Kalinka.
  14. O. Androvskaya - (1898 - 1975) real surname - Schultz, Soviet theater and film actress, teacher. People's Artist of the USSR (1948). Winner of the Stalin Prize of the first degree (1952). Aunt Alexei Batalov.
  15. O.Ostroumova - (born 1947) Soviet and Russian film and theater actress.
  16. O. Kabo - (born 1968) Soviet and Russian actress, Honored Artist of Russia (2002), member of the Association of Stuntmen of Russia (1995).

Olga in different languages ​​of the world

Translation of the name in different languages ​​has a similar sound. In Belarusian it translates as Volga, in Italian: Olga, in German: Olga, in Polish: Olga.

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.

Characteristic and meaning of the name Olga for a girl, girl, woman

Despite the fact that the meaning of the name Olga sounds like holy or bright, its owner is often a victim of her own strong emotions. A woman can be vengeful, although she never loses control of herself. Prone to introspection, envies more successful girlfriends. However, her dedication deserves the highest praise.

The character of little Olya seems calm, friendly, balanced. Behind this lies touchiness, vulnerability, a serious attitude literally to everything happening around the baby. The girl doesn’t always manage to hide her secret, so she may cry in response to the most insignificant remark.

Little Olya is persistent and stubborn. It is almost impossible to get forgiveness from her even if she knows that she is guilty of the crime. The baby feels great both in the company of girls and in the company of boys. Studying is easy if she makes enough effort and effort.

At school, a girl Olya never gives troubles to teachers. Teachers often set it up as an example, praising diligence and accuracy. Attention to the girl by the boys appears quite early. But Olya clearly knows that everything has its time.

Temperamental and stately Olya at a young age tries to keep up with fashion trends and innovations. Although she spends a lot of time studying, she doesn’t forget about rest. Olya is a regular participant in all kinds of social events.

The secret of her future success is that Olya, in girlhood, dreams a lot. Young dreams bring up character and are so strong that over time they are successfully implemented into reality. Further fate largely depends on what a girl dreams of at a young age. Assertiveness, diligence, the ability to distinguish reality from illusions help her in the implementation of ideas.

A successful career is good, of course. But mature Olya with great pleasure will give all her love, strength and attention to her beloved family. Husband and children are the main wealth for her.

Such traits as inability to compromise, obstinacy, persistence, pride help her in all matters. But sometimes it can cause distancing between loved ones.

Olya is a sympathetic person, always ready to come to the rescue, as evidenced by the interpretation of her name. Therefore, there are always many friends around, and she also maintains warm relations with her colleagues.

Professional fate develops well, but only where there are no numbers and financial matters. After all, naivety in her character completely closes the principles, and where there is a need to show perseverance, everything negates kindness.

Very often, Olya makes important decisions, following not the voice of reason, but pure intuition. But its solutions are almost always correct.