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Terrible attitude towards pregnant women. Come with a coupon for pregnancy and sit for four hours, waiting for reception. Moreover, it seems that doctors need to be checked for professional suitability. Prescribe medications for pregnant women, in the instructions for which are contraindications during pregnancy.

Respectfully treat medical professionals, but here is a mess. Doctors and midwives come at the beginning of 9, although at 8 they have to sit in the patient's office. You come at the appointed time, but there is no doctor.


Eliseeva Svetlana Valeryevna

Head of the Family Health Center, obstetrician-gynecologist, the highest qualification category, candidate of medical sciences. Work experience - 17 years.

Owns methods of colposcopy, small outpatient operations, incl. treatment of cervical pathology, hysteroscopy, selection of contraceptives, observation of patients in perimenopausal and postmenopausal, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, correction of hormonal disorders, tumor processes of the female genital organs.

She took part in All-Russian and international medical conferences. Author of 7 printed works. Translates into practice new advances in medicine.

Sheveleva Natalya Petrovna

Obstetrician-gynecologist, the highest qualification category. Work experience - 33 years.

He has specialization in gynecological endocrinology, owns techniques of small outpatient operations.

Constantly improves the professional level, attending medical and scientific conferences.

Beskhmelnitsyna Yana Sergeevna

Obstetrician-gynecologist, the first qualification category. Work experience - 17 years. Specialization in ultrasound diagnostics. She graduated from mammology courses.

He is skilled in the treatment of sexually transmitted infections, inflammation of the uterus and appendages, and contraception.

Constantly increases his professional level by attending medical and scientific conferences.

Chernikova Elena Mikhailovna

obstetrician-gynecologist, the first qualification category. Work experience - 17 years.

He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical pathology.

Owns the skills of small diagnostic and treatment-diagnostic outpatient operations (aspiration biopsy, targeted biopsy of the cervix, hysterosalpingography), diagnoses and treats pelvic inflammatory diseases, conservative treatment of benign tumors of the uterus and appendages, correction of hormonal disorders. Constantly masters new medical technologies and implements them in practical activities.

Demina Galina Aleksandrovna

obstetrician-gynecologist. Work experience 19 years.

Owns the skills of colposcopy, small outpatient operations,

methods of pregravid preparation, selection of contraceptives, observation of patients in the perimenopausal and postmenopausal periods, conservative management of patients with benign tumor-like formations, correction of hormonal disorders, treatment of STIs, and conservative treatment of chronic diseases of the pelvic organs. The author of printed works.

Constantly improving his professional level, attending medical and scientific conferences.

Doctor - gynecologist, Stary Oskol, Family Health Center


Advise a good specialist on miscarriage (after some normal birth in Chelyabinsk, 12 years ago, 2 miscarriages at 8 and 12 weeks.)

Advise a good specialist on miscarriage (after some normal birth in Chelyabinsk, 12 years ago, 2 miscarriages at 8 and 12 weeks.)

I can tell you, only a specialist in Moscow, I don’t know here, if you are interested, answer

Let's Moscow, and in Oskol everything is so bad?

I don’t know what happened with miscarriage, but Zernova has become a family gynecologist for a long time. works in the medical center LASKO. I cured my sister, corrected my health, now I am engaged in my mother. everyone is happy

I would be afraid to recommend Zernov. She only rows. And to me at the first threat of miscarriage

advised scraped. Although I was already 25 years old and the first pregnancy. Now my 8 year old daughter is studying in grade 3 - a round pupil. And your Zernov said that there was a freak.

And what is the name Zernovu?

Zernov is not a doctor, but a real one. in terms of treatment and techniques! She came to her with bleeding, very, very well, just rough, in relation to all young people, she did not explain anything, she didn’t undergo any treatment, she constantly heard insults. I wrote off the hospital only because it was impossible to keep longer according to the rules of stay in the hospital. after her all the treatment was continued in Profmede near the beautiful Chernyavskaya.

God forbid to get to the grain! I still remember it as a nightmare!

Sheveleva at the Center for Health and Family.

This doctor, if I may say so, diagnosed me with Chlamydia (she took the tests herself), prescribed a bunch of pills for me and my husband. There was a scandal with my husband, now we have been trying to reestablish a relationship for a month, until we succeed. He perezdal analysis in Kozhven. He has nothing. I, too, went to relocate and. ANYTHING - 2 different ways. And it turns out her own misdiagnosis, ruined my family life, nearly ruined my stomach with pills. What kind of doctor is that? I paid 4,000 rubles for all the tests she prescribed for me. To me that all of them will now be rechecked. And by the way, she also prescribed me pills that are prescribed for grade II diabetes. Those. Gynecologist diagnoses me with diabetes?

In general, think for yourself, but I do not advise it.

Karina, I had the same thing with Sheveleva, one to one, as for chlamydia. True, this disease is not only sexually transmitted. Moreover, she did not correctly diagnose me and almost cured her treatment. Although at first I considered her a doctor from God, but I understood in time that this was not so.

exactly! One in one situation was! Toko we foolishly did not conduct additional analyzes! Fools!

I have a weight of 48 kg at 168 cm and tablets for diabetchik also saw! it is not clear why! stupid just!

After the treatment of pseudochlamydia, I had an allergy, which I never had before, and there was a spot on the skin all over the same period! Until now, doctors cannot say what it is and how to treat it!

I can also say that I talked with different girls who also had her at the same time, generally appoints the same thing! In the spring we were prescribed chlamydia, and with another girl in the fall the pills are the same and the same, although the diseases are different — the conclusion is: don't trust doctors! her plan is apparently all!

I really had no infection, but also an interesting story. The first time I went to the gynecologist and she was Sheveleva. After inspection, she said that I had a "baby womb" (ie, underdeveloped) and, accordingly, infertility. I have a shock and tears, but thanks to the ultrasound that same day they passed in the center. It turned out all right. Of course, the time after that has been more than one year, but the one and a half year old daughter is sleeping peacefully in her crib.

Tacna whom to stop the choice, Zernov or Shevelyov, who among them is more experienced?

I am sure that I am more experienced than Zernov, she is already an aged woman. always worked as a gynecologist =) but in the end you decide, I do not insist

After each reception she left in tears, she is a moral monster!

I like Deryaeva SA from adult polyclinics at the Olympic. I have been watching her for a long time, there are no pritenzy.

Do not swear, let's live together

1) Zernov-experience (+ senility and illness + loneliness.

3) Deryaeva --- is it interesting!? Did she work in the hospital?

where is the second porridge from? = (((((

on the topic: yesterday, relatives from Valuhek came to see Zernovaya (they have serious problems there), were very pleased. It will be observed from her. Still advise,)

and my girlfriend broke hormones so that now she howls with tears and no one can help with anything, you need to give birth to Moscow, otherwise she will never give birth ((((here you are and the grain.

In general, those who have problems are sent to Brazhnikova, but I personally, as a specialist, are not satisfied.

Zernov will wipe you like a sticky. She really likes money. People are coming to her, to whom an abortion without complications needs to be done, and on your question, if you have the opportunity to go to Moscow, do not miss it. Well, on kraynyak, in Belgorod. Here you just stay without money. On the old forum there is a topic about pregnancy, read reviews about our doctors.

I totally agree. about sticky

A good doctor is Cherniavskaya, she has her own private clinic in Dubrava. Contact, she works directly with Voronezh

I advise Lyubov Mikhailovna Ovsyannikova. She works in a maternity hospital in a new city. I lie with her. In the past, there were 6 miscarriages. I donned a maximum of 22 weeks. Now we are waiting for my daughter, the pregnancy is already 31 weeks. Bez LM I don't know what I would do

I advise Lyubov Mikhailovna Ovsyannikova. She works in a maternity hospital in a new city. I lie with her. In the past, there were 6 miscarriages. I donned a maximum of 22 weeks. Now we are waiting for my daughter, the pregnancy is already 31 weeks. Bez LM I don't know what I would do

I also lay with Ovsyannikova almost the entire pregnancy, everything ended successfully, thanks to her. In general, many people turn to her with problematic pregnancies, and with conception too.

Ovsyannikova L. M. - very expensive, but the doctor is from God! Better it is not in our city just for pregnant.

That which is expensive is true; she is paid by everyone who lies with her. But since she nobody observes pregnancy, she has her own tactics, approach. An ordinary gynecologist from the consultation of her appointment never dreamed of, everything is according to the standard. No one in our city wanted to watch my pregnancy except her, thank her for that big for my boys.

PEOPLE. What's wrong. TO BELGOROD, TO BELGOROD. All free and high quality! Our zazhralis. 500 r. welcome! FIG them!

In the perinatal center do not take a penny, and here zazhralis.

Sorry, I wrote, under the nickname of her husband.

. and where are the women to be, there is no place to be.

Helen, no and no again. The treatment itself did not pay the ruble, but the result. asleep in bed now!

That which is expensive is true; she is paid by everyone who lies with her. But since she nobody observes pregnancy, she has her own tactics, approach. An ordinary gynecologist from the consultation of her appointment never dreamed of, everything is according to the standard. No one in our city wanted to watch my pregnancy except her, thank her for that big for my boys.

Maybe she has her own tactics, but in order to go to bed in the direction, she needs to give money, otherwise she sends them, they will be brought to the ambulance then.

Attitudes towards patients are disgusting: "Th cornered, go for a walk." He does not listen, looks at the exchange office and draws conclusions, and that she is not interested in what is happening to you right now.

good doctor Deryaeva, Filatov on a new city in a polyclinic

advise how to deal with hernia of the spine

A soft massage and a delicate hood before going to bed in a massage chair, we cured the third one in Gubkin so much!

The new city in the clinic has good, experienced, responsive, conscientious doctors, Deryaev S A and Filatova O V, and in the maternity hospital, if they still work there, Erokhin O A, Tyutyunnikova. I believe that in no center are there any better doctors.

Fir, if Ovsyannikov is a DOCTOR OF GOD ----, then what is an ordinary doctor like? I am repelled by your comment (

December 20, 2010, 14:36 ​​# El Ovsyannikova L. M. - very expensive, but the doctor is from God! Better not in our city ​​just pregnant.

That which is expensive is true; she is paid by everyone who lies with her. But since she nobody observes pregnancy, she has her own tactics, approach. An ordinary gynecologist from the consultation of her appointment never dreamed of, everything is according to the standard. No one in our city wanted to watch my pregnancy except her, thank her for that big for my boys.

Maybe she has her own tactics, but in order to go to bed in the direction, she needs to give money, otherwise she sends them, they will be brought to the ambulance then.

Attitudes towards patients are disgusting: "Th cornered, go for a walk." He does not listen, looks at the exchange office and draws conclusions, and what is happening to you right now does not interest her.)

there is one more very good woman, in my opinion, an expert is excellent (he really helped me a lot, although for two years ordeals no doctor could say anything concrete). addressed her as a friend and her acquaintances successfully gave birth after treatment with her. KLEUEVA (and about horror! To my shame I don’t remember the name of the middle name!) I worked a year and a half ago in a hospital in the forest. I know that her approach is also not quite standard, she can even be meticulous in her own way, but she will precisely determine the cause and cure it.

my neighbor on the porch

Girls give me cervical erosion, I don’t know which doctor is better to contact, advise?

only not to the license with Avicenna she burned it to me but it still doesn’t hurt

Stunned. Free medicine . )))

Karina L., I read your message and I'm stunned. I have a one-on-one situation with Sheveleva. The same diagnosis - chlamydia, as well as tests for her husband are negative. It was treated itself, though the scheme of taking the pills was confused, there they only had to drink for three days. Has passed analyzes - anything, even then thought, and whether that was. I really was lucky more than you, there was no scandal with my husband, everything was written off to the sins of youth :), they did not bother. This is our doctors.

And now I face the choice of Deryaev or Filatov. Advise, girls!

I go to Deryaevoy. Normal doctor.

I advise you to go to Voronezh clinic Medhel! There certainly is better than in the Oskol.

Who knows? In our city do intimate plastic? If yes. then who and where?

Who knows what about gynecologist Letnikova Elina Vladimerovna. Write.

A classy specialist is Yana Sergeevna Beskhmelnitsina. I had both pregnancies, a very attentive and competent doctor. Then she worked in the clinic number 1 GB, now - in the LebGOK Family Health Center

and how Beshmelnitsyna good? I also heard a lot about her. But going to this forum expected much more comments about it.

Why, if Sheveleva is such a crap specialist, she always has such long queues! Personally, she helped me, now I'm waiting for a little baby.

you apparently just pvezlo, but turn out mainly from Gubkin her

I think even because doctors are monsters in the LCD, and she very scrupulously checks

And Axel Zero is in line here.

And I think where he is the fourth day.

And what are you talking about Sheveleva? I was treated at the one in the hospital number 1 - I also snuffed out in the crib. All my life I will thank her for it.

Ksyusha! Elina Vladimirovna Lednikova, she is the head of the household at the micro, I observed her with the first pregnancy, sets the exact dates of delivery, very much like a doctor, but I can say that she’s not terrible about the Grain doctor, rude muzhlanka I know why such people are still working, they need to be driven, boorish.

I also liked Elina Vladimirovna, 10 years ago I made the COP, now B. 18 weeks, I would also like to her.

I subscribe to every word regarding Letnikova and Grain.

I gave birth to the CS at Letnikova, she was worn with me until the day of discharge. and she kept me pregnant too. And Zernova- there are no words for her (only negative ones), so much nasty things I told me when I was threatened, "Why are you roar- let's scrape, still give birth to yourself." Then they told me why she was so-because I did not pay her, but was treated for free.

And what can you say about such doctors as Lyudmila Chursina and Valentina Sokolova?

I don’t know about Sokolov, but Chursina is a very attentive doctor, and as a specialist I also really like

she was treated at Chursina in the spring, then she went on leave to this day, get further treatment as you like, wasted money and time, I call her, and she says that she has no time

What can you say about Perova - how about a gynecologist?

And who was Panov? how is he as a gynecologist?

I have a doctor Panov. As a competent doctor. I had a second pregnancy. In vain did not panic, not reinsured once again. But his methods are often quite radical. Although it may be so.

do not try to go to Mikhailov. money sucks the only way. IT DOESN'T IMPORTANT A PERSON, AS A PERSONALITY, IF IT HAS NO MONEY.VOT SO!

Well, why? And do not give a penny themselves! They themselves have been taught, and now we complain about it. Mikhailova is a good specialist.

My husband and I, after the first unsuccessful pregnancy in Belgorod, were assigned to donate blood for a karyotype. Did anyone give up? Should I take?

Deryaeva is a good doctor, but it hurts her huge queues. All are pregnant and by appointment, and in the office sitting on each other. But she does not chase anyone away and looks at working hours. Although I did not register for the second time, I sent it to the site. Sent to Cooper. Here there sits not a doctor, but a robot. Without many words. without emotion, analysis reads - as wonders. There are no coupons for an ultrasound PLAN - Cho does not know what to do, and then the time passes.

Who was treated at Chernyavskaya answer?! I was treated at Sheveleva, there’s no sense, money to the wind!

Cherniavskaya prescribes fewer drugs and always tells what each is available for, but she’s also moving. horror and not a doctor.

She treated Cherniavskaya if she could have treated her with a tender word and truth. Affectionate, kind, courteous, insanely expensive, absolutely useless

She was treated at Chernyavskaya consecutive year three. Moreover, as soon as the treatment course came to an end, something else was miraculously discovered in me, and then another and another and another. Методы очень даже действенные - давили на желание иметь детей и на дальнейшие последствия которые может иметь на первый взгляд безобидная болячка. В конце концов распрощались мы. Миром. Хотя карточку с анализами и т.д., за которые я заплатила немалые денежки, мне так и не отдали. Это мой личный опыт. Может кому-то повело больше.

а что лечили?и что в результате у вас? вылечились где-нибудь?

А меня Чернявская вылечила, когда не помог никто!

Девочки, встала на учет(как жительница Северного) к Михайловой. Про нее раньше вообще ничего не слышала. И как-то . беременность первая, ооооооооочень долгожданная. боюсь. Расскажите о ней.

What to tell? About the first pregnancy?))

Wow! Wow! This doctor! There are such people in the world.

And in the women's consultation center of the CRH the same sits - Bredikhina. She was at the reception, answered my complaints "Well, you live the same" and brazenly demanded 100 rubles for gloves. , contemptuously looking at my ordinary, bought in a pharmacy. What is there to talk about them, if they are still taught at the institute to pay for everything? My daughter is studying in the Voronezh Medical Academy and is now giving a session. This is a real hassle, for an ordinary set-off they ask for 5 thousand rubles, and regardless of whether you know the subject or not. And how many mediocrity learn, which is better paid than will be taught. And then we want good doctors.

))) About Mikhailova. There have been reading such passion-doctors about doctors, so I think it’s too late to get away from her. although, that's who only (

Mikhailova doctor is not bad but greedy.

She was once my precinct and forced me to buy medicine at a certain pharmacy, to undergo procedures that I don’t need, but which she herself spent for a fee. She told me that it was impossible to cure me for free, but if I start to wear bills instead of sweets and cognac, then my treatment will trample.

I left her and have no regrets.

If letnikova E.V. here ever happens- I want to tell her HUGE THANKS for my daughter.

I have infertility for the 4th year, they advised Chernyavskaya, they said it would help, did anyone come across it ?!

she herself now has infertility too

I recommend it to everyone!

Hello to everyone who knows what about Dubovaya?

Girls, I advise the doctor Kandaurova O.V. A DOCTOR with a BIG LETTER, she works in the center of family planning. My husband and I could not have children for 5 years, where we didn’t go, how much money we couldn’t get sucked from. Then we advised her. literally in 3 months I got pregnant under my own power, without any stimulation. I didn’t prescribe anything extra, I didn’t say anything stupid, and I don’t suck out money. GOD HEALTH FOR HIS LITTLE BABY.


Join with all my heart!

Olga Vitalievna and I "took out my son"))), then my little son and I went to her, showed up)))

When I was registered in the LCD, after taking it I always went to her, she gave me half of the drugs prescribed by the doctor, prescribed others, sometimes much cheaper and more effective, but mostly just canceled what they had written out.

Sheveleva. it is not clear what. It is even scary to name a doctor. Without the results of the analysis, he prescribes a treatment (which heals, it is not clear). I COULD NOT.

Girls, and somebody about Semenov Andrey Vasilyevich - the gynecologist, heard? Advise, but I doubt. Maybe there are some reviews. )))

they say wonderful hands

Hello, everybody)))) Anyone can tell any feedback about the doctor Semenikhina Nina Petrovna.

I was at receptions on the eighth - ninth month of pregnancy. I looked at the whole exchange office, I was in a chair (by the way, it looks painfully, roughly) and then prescribed medication and then to prepare the neck, nothing more. She used to work in the hospital on a micro. With her help, my husband and sister were born. Mom still goes to her Dubrava, there is.

I was registered with Mikhailov and I can’t say anything bad about her as a specialist. Personally, she didn’t extort anything from me, didn’t intimidate anything, never put them on conservation, didn’t send them to Belgorod, didn’t send them to the ultrasound, I did all of the 3 planned ultrasounds at my own request, but I’m generally keep quiet for drugs at a certain pharmacy, I never had anything like that for 9 months. I received a number of medications according to her free prescriptions! And if you think that I have her ashamed, you will make a big mistake, with the exception of the banal attentions of course (New Year's Day, March 8th), well, who among us would refuse champagne and sweets ?! Personally, I agree to pay reasonable money for a normal attitude towards myself and my child! Therefore, I am sure that they will not appoint me any crap and will not bring me to a nervous breakdown! I remember Mikhailov only with a kind word and I am very grateful to her!

very good doctor Klyueva Irina Lvovna. A very experienced gynecologist works in hospital 2 city hospitals in the forest. I came to her 3 times and she always cured me for a long time. I also heard a lot of good things about Brazhnikova Y., who specializes in miscarriage, and she is very polite now working in a hospital in Stalenia. Filatova was treated for a very long time — the doctor was not a fish, not meat — only money for medicines and pumped me out of tests. Appealed to Mikhailova, that right I just climbed on a chair asked me if I had money. very rude woman. She was registered for a pregnancy with Metel until she miscarried, nothing good can be said about her at all. Another good specialist Morgunova specializes in the cervix.

It is strange that there is not a single word about Mishin)))) Please write everyone who knows her))) How do you like Drobotenko and Sly? I have bypassed all of them, but the hope of finding a good doctor is still warm.

Tell me who can carry out surgical removal of the hymen.

Girls! Please advise whom (and where is it) to contact with cervical erosion?

Morgunova polyclinic N2

Mishin is stupid for a long time to say why, in my head it's empty! Erosion only in Voronezh can only cut everyone here! Klyuev, grain, oak is a trinity! One in one idiot! Well and the most delicious is Rybkin .. God bless you those people who will come to these family names

tell the doctor to treat zppp, erosion .. of all the comments, only it is clear to whom you should not contact and who should be about pregnancy. and in this case to whom to run? thank.

In the search box at the top type in a query on this or other sites.

Hello, tell me who was registered at Bondar Galina Alexandrovna? How is she like a doctor? I first went to Filatova on the coupon, stood in the queue for an hour and a half, but she did not even accept, sent to the doctor around the station (to Cooper). Where to look at these sites is not at all clear (there is no such data on the website of the electronic registry), to whom the ticket was, to that went, now wait a week again, because Record only after a week do. Filatova’s sister’s honey is generally a quiet horror - while the doctor left the office, she yelled at me, brought me to tears: why didn’t I go to my doctor, why did I come late (the ticket was at 18-45, but they work until 20-00) and in general that I was late for the reception and I was not in the queue, that I had just arrived (although I arrived half an hour before the appointed time and did not leave the queue, but this wonder-honey sister never left the office and saw no one at all I could not queue), 10 minutes I was rude, and then defiantly got up and left, she said that she would not accept me ( oryus - time was about 19-00, and they work up to 20-00). How do these people in general take to work in hospitals? She only works in a wet clinic, not with pregnant girls. So now, before I go to the doctor, I want to know about the Bondar G.A. Give advice, please.

Bondar G.A. - the doctor is about nothing, she needs only papers and analyzes, which she doesn’t use, ruined my child, died. Draw conclusions

Damn, such a text dashed off, and he disappeared! In general, only Beshmelnitsina! For a long time I was looking for such a doctor. I want her to lead my pregnancy.

Hello! Girls, tell about doctors Bondar and Deryaeva! Which one of them is better to contact? Pregnancy first, rock has already come to get registered. Thank you!

I Deryaeva led, no complaints!

Mishina is not understand who

I also decided to leave my review, because in 15 years of life I probably visited everybody in the old Oskol. I was also brought to Sheveleva and no matter how strangely chlamydia too))) I was 17 years old, I didn’t even have time to start having sex, but the diagnosis was like that. I laughed then at her. And she didn’t believe it; she had enough sense to run away from her and did not drink anything from the prescribed one. She probably senile insanity. So many girls ruined sous. And, she has the whole shrapnel with chlamydia pancake. I had Morgunova in the polyclinic N2, she treated me, you can safely go to her with erosion, attentive, intelligent. Deryaeva my pregnancy led, it is normal, pleasant, but with illnesses it is better for doctors to stomp to another in my opinion. For a long time I had Perova observed (caress). A good doctor, only explains a little, heals meticulously, he doesn’t eat too much. Year 3 only went to her, hoping that she would help me to get pregnant with my second baby - I could not. She will not solve such a problem ((but to heal a cure. Now she discovered the new doctor Metel E. In (invitro), she finally told me what is going on in my body where the hated ureaplasmosis comes from. And how to fight it. Here I hope she can will help give birth))) really like her approach and how she chews everything. Good luck to all ! Do not be ill.

The girls are running from doctor to doctor, I don’t know what to do, what can you say about Prof. Med from Chilikina?

advise a good gynecologist to diagnose uterine fibroids

Discharged from the hospital. doctor Zernov. I am terrified. uncovered rudeness tyranny. written out conservative treatment as the nodes are small. I tried to ask about the prescribed drugs I heard a lot of rudeness. Thank God I didn’t buy these medicines. I didn’t have such a heap of money. I decided to even look at the indications for these medicines, I was even more horrified. one is used to reduce hot flashes (I don’t have them at all) the second from cancer (they didn’t do a histology analysis). To whom to go ADVISE

To Sergey Druzhinin. This is the head of the health department. All complaints of medical rudeness and lack of professionalism - this is to him.

You direct road to Morgunova. Go around the tenth dear Blizzard and Shramkov.

Morgunova? God forbid !!

Do not be nervous, climax will end soon)

Tell me girls, but for md. Zhukova who is the local gynecologist?

)) second time in a day- wtf?)

Girls, and who else was at V. Kulikova? I got registered for pregnancy with her. but there is no trust in her! Can I change the doctor?

Girls, I'll tell you this story. One of my close friend could not get pregnant for almost 10 years. She changed many doctors (I did not ask if she had Deryaeva, she personally helped me after an unsuccessful operation in the forest). And according to her reviews, to find a doctor, namely a full-fledged normal doctor in Stary Oskol is unrealistic. Come across boors, they just do not know their stuff. Most of them require money, and it seems that money is not a pity for such a thing, but this does not help either. Knowledge of this money does not add, and rudeness is a poorly treatable thing. There were cases when the doctors brought the case directly to the delivery, they already had time to get the money, but if the delivery was not on their watch, they simply did not come. Therefore, having seen all this, my friend went to give birth to Belgorod, where doctors and nurses were attentive, they came EVERY day, asked about everything, she did not hear a single rude word. I do not want to frighten anyone, but if someone has the opportunity, better go to Belgorod or Voronezh, as my friend says, also a doctor, Stary Oskol is not that level. Well, if there is no such possibility, then my advice to you is to choose a doctor, listen to what he says, to the extent that this corresponds to your condition, read about it at least on the Internet, take tests, if possible - in a good clinic so that surely choose someone you trust. I’ve seen in Voronezh, a regional maternity hospital with Barantseva, she’s a good doctor, although she’s not very talkative, if you have questions, you need to ask yourself, she’s not chewing information, but only to help) While it’s too early to talk about results, I’ll write when the news comes. And now - I wish you all good luck and only good doctors)))

Hi! Girls tell who turned to Kandaurova in the planning center for help on account B? How is she as a specialist?

girls, all a good day. Tell me, did anyone go to the doctor Grushkovskaya I.V. (nee Zamyatin)? A friend was treated by her in the gynecology of the hospital №1, she praised very much. Maybe someone knows how she is?

Grushkovskaya compared with Natalia Mitrofanovna (I do not remember the name) better, but without enthusiasm

Now, and my story)) shotrenko-not a foot. She was treated for about a year with her, she found in me all venereal diseases which exist at all. Ugrohala a lot of money. There was no sense. If in venereology, then I do not remember the last name in Kozhven. It starts with a doctor. Mikhailov-advised all and sundry. Stepmother saved from infertility, a friend from cancer. Well, I don’t know what saved me from anything! Every reception you bring money .. if you don’t put it on a 300r card, she already looks askance at you. Although you just came to her to say about the results. He takes 5 minutes at most and every time, as if he sees it for the first time! Because it pays attention to FIG! All in a hurry! Although with money you go to it. The result: a month and a half was observed spent 20 000 rubles. The pain did not go away. She went the last time with complaints saying that nothing goes away, she prescribed painkillers and that's it. Well, thank you .. I treated it with some expensive drugs. I would say very expensive. From herpes I was treated with ferrovir for 5 ampoules of price 3000. I needed 10 ampoules. She waved her hand to six thousand, was treated from him two weeks ago, and yesterday she jumped up again) super duper !!) now moved to Klyueva Irina Lvovna in the forest. Yes, as an acquaintance, yes, I naturally bear the money, but he will explain everything, ask in detail, and the attitude is good so far. But girls this is my personal opinion you decide! I wrote in haste at work, so I apologize for the mistakes!)

Hello everyone)) Girls., Tell me, pliz, someone in our town was preparing for an operation (laboscopy - removal of a cyst from the ovary) in Voronezh !!

Hi! Girls, tell me who addressed Yana Sergeyevna Beskhmelnitsyna to the planning center for help on account B? How is she as a specialist? Of course, they have already written about it here, but I want to collect more information :)))