The meaning of the name Arman, the origin of the name


The name Arman has at least three versions of the origin and meaning of the name. About this and many other things in our review article.

The first version says that the name Armand (ارمان) has Persian roots and means "aspiration" or "cherished dream". This version is popular among residents of the Middle East, Central Asia, as well as among the citizens of Russia who practice Islam.

The second version says that the name Arman is the name of Germanic origin. It comes from the roots of "man" (man) + "army" (army). Linguists agree that name Arman means "Warrior". Also, this name is a form of the more popular German name Hermann. But there is another version, already of Germanic origin. According to this version, the name Arman (Hardman) comes from the roots hard (brave) and man (man). A very close meaning does not mean a complete version identity.

Another version says that the name Arman (Արման) is of Armenian origin. Naturally, it is popular mainly among Armenians. According to this version, name Arman means "Armenian man". It is a form of the name Armen.

The meaning of the name Arman for a child

A boy named Armand is growing a responsible and goal-oriented child. Haste and haste are not peculiar to him, which is observed in many children. From childhood he approaches everything thoroughly and loves to do everything conscientiously. It is important for the boy to recognize his own merits, and therefore it is very important to praise him for his good deeds. This will support the child and be able to shape the character in the right direction. Another distinctive feature of Arman can be called his ability to quickly navigate the situation. The boy does not have long to doubt, even in cases where the choice is not obvious. Sometimes this leads to situations that he will aggressively pursue the impossible.

Arman studies well enough, but he has a craving for superficial learning of knowledge. More strive to obtain good grades, but knowledge itself is indifferent to it. This feature is worth knowing and making its own adjustments as far as possible. The best option would be to instill in him a love for some items, but do not try to force him to cram. Cramming Armand only spoil the mood, but you will not get special results.

Arman’s health is strong, and in addition to this, the child is endowed with a sport. This will allow the boy to grow up healthy and not lose the natural gift. He loves active games and knows how to organize friends for this. Often becomes the leader of his children's company, and often older guys join them. Leadership qualities of Arman will be manifested at a later age.

Translation of the name Arman into other languages

in Armenian - Արման (Arman)
Hungarian - Armand (Armand)
in Spanish - Armando (Armando)
in Latin - Armandus
in German - Erdmann (Erdman)
in Portuguese - Armando (Armando)
in French - Armand (Armand)

Name Arman after the church (in the Orthodox faith) is not certain. This name is not present in the calendar.

Characteristic name Arman

Adult Arman is a confident, independent and interesting man. He attracts to his inner strength and knows how to be the center of attention. He has a wide range of interests, which makes him a comprehensively developed person. Not less and the circle of his acquaintances. He often uses his connections, but he does it very delicately. Many offer him help themselves, even when he does not ask for anything. Arman is very courteous with everyone, and therefore respected. It should not be thought that Arman will become a parasite on its own popularity. He is not one of those who really do not know anything else. Usually Arman is successful in business and will rather help others rather than seek help.

Work Arman loves and knows how. He spends a lot of time working on his own material well-being, and therefore he will be a wonderful employee focused on results. You can also note the excellent sense of taste in Arman. He loves not just beautiful and expensive things, but also knows a lot about it. Arman can achieve particular success in areas where it is extremely important to be able to make the right impression on people.

Arman is not in a hurry to build a family relationship, although he has many opportunities for this. He is very popular with women, but remains restrained in this matter. He strives first to "stand up", and only then thinks about the family. Husband he will be caring and faithful. In every way he guards his wife and tries to make her life better. Arman is also a great father, although he could spend more time with the children. He likes to pamper children, and therefore his wife’s shoulders will have a difficult task, how to keep it within acceptable limits.

Meaning of the name Armand

The name Arman has several versions of origin. According to the first version, the name Arman comes from the German name Herman, meaning "strong man", "warrior". In Europe, this name can also be pronounced as Armando, Armand, Hartmann, Hartmann, but among the Kazakhs, Yerman.

According to the second version, the name Arman, literally translated from Old Persian, literally translates as “dream.” There is a variant of pronunciation - Armenian. The name Arman is widespread among Armenians, Kazakhs, Persians and French. Among Armenians, Arman is most often a form of the name Armen.

For the name Arman will be listed Catholic name.

Description of the meaning of the name Arman - see the name Armen or the name Herman.

Characteristics for children

Arman in childhood

Little Armand is a cheerful and resilient little boy, with a good sense of humor, who is not averse to making fun of other children and even teachers. At school, he studies well, he manages in all subjects. Arman - the favorite of adults and peers. People are drawn to a positive and sunny child. If Armanchik does not become infected with a "star disease" in his childhood and youth, he achieves much in life. Armand is an avid dreamer, but you can't call him a spotlight. Having chosen a dream for himself in his childhood, he methodically and stubbornly works on its realization. Therefore, if a small Armanchik declares to adults that he dreams of becoming an astronaut, do not be surprised that sooner or later he will fly into space.

The origin of the name Arman

The male name Armand does not have a single version of origin. According to one version, the name Armand is the name of an ancient Germanic origin, which in translation means “strong man” or “warrior”.

According to the second version of the origin, the name Armand hails from Persia and in translation from ancient Persian means “cherished desire”, “dream” or “aspiration”. There is also an Armenian version of the origin of this name. In Armenia, the name Arman is even synonymous with Armen or Armenians.

In English, the name Arman is spelled Arman. In Europe, modified versions of this name are used. In German there are variants of Hartmann (Hartmann, Hartmann, Hartmann) and Erdmann (Erdmann). The French use the name Armand. In Kazakhs, the name Arman is identical to the name Yerman. There are also such synonyms as Herman, Armando, Armand, Mandt, Mandito and others.

Arman name meaning, character and fate | What does the name Arman mean

| What does the name Arman mean

What does the name Arman mean: brave, hardy (name Arman is of Armenian origin).

The name Arman has several versions of the origin. According to one of them, translated from German, the meaning of the name Arman is “warrior”, “strong man”. According to the second version, Arman is a name that literally translates as “dream” from the ancient Persian language. It is also worth knowing that there is such a variant of the pronunciation of the name Arman, as Armenians or Armen. Today, this name with its derivatives is widely distributed among the French, Armenians, Persians, Kazakhs.

Armand's Angel Day: The name Arman once a year marks the name day: December 23.

Zodiac named Arman: Fish, Sagittarius.

Character name Armand: The meaning of the name Arman in numerology is determined by the number 4. It indicates a person who is able to achieve significant success in scientific and technical fields. He is distinguished by honesty, integrity, diligence, caution. For the name Arman it is extremely important to get recognition, he is very sensitive to the opinions of people around him. With a quick response, he is able to quickly make a decision in an extreme situation and in one instant to adapt to changes that can occur to life (including, adopt a new culture of another country). At the same time, such haste and impulsiveness can play a cruel joke with Armand, if he, for example, decides to do business, since such an activity requires more careful planning. It is important for Arman to set global goals, but to divide them into smaller areas, which will help him to solve a specific task every time, and in general it will allow to realize a bigger and more significant dream.

The man named Arman has some categorical judgments - he considers his opinion the only correct one, and in all matters he prefers to figure it out on his own. At the same time, if a person asks for help and advice, Arman will not refuse support.

Together with his unusual name, Arman gets quite a good character, which is characterized by such features as kindness, generosity, individuality. About men like Arman, they say that they have an inner core, breathes some kind of reliability. Moreover, the name Arman is also very charming, and therefore there are always a lot of people around him. He is able to give out compliments and advice, to communicate on any topic, and there is not a drop of guile in this.

As a rule, the name Arman from childhood to the sport, and in adulthood, too, is trying to lead an exceptionally healthy lifestyle.

The fate of the name Arman in history:

  1. Arman Dunayev - Minister of Finance from 2004 to 2006, Chairman of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Supervision of the Financial Market and Financial Organizations, Candidate of Economic Sciences.
  2. Arman Zhetpisbayev - Mayor of the Kazakh city of Shymkent.
  3. Arman Karamyan - Armenian footballer who plays the position of a striker.
  4. Armen Manukyan is an artist of Armenian-American origin.
  5. Arman Pashikyan - Armenian chess player, grandmaster of international level.
  6. Arman Tovmasyan is a Russian football player.
  7. Armand Fernandez is an American and French artist who was one of the founders of the new realism in painting.
  8. Arman Shilmanov is a taekwondo player from Kazakhstan.
  9. Arman Zhaksybergenov - clarinetist, soloist of the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Culture Worker of Kazakhstan. He teaches at the Tchaikovsky Music College in Almaty.
  10. Armand Barbes is a French politician and revolutionary.
  11. Jean-Baptiste Armand Giyomen is a French artist.
  12. Armand Robin - French translator, writer and journalist.
  13. Armand Falier - French President, statesman.

Origin and meaning

The name Arman is borrowed from the ancient Persian language, it is found in many manuscripts and is translated as “dream”, “cherished desire”, “striving”. Another version of the origin is from German Herman, which means "strong man", "warrior". It is widely used in the Kazakh and Armenian languages. In Europe, it has modified versions - Armand, Mandt, Mandito, etc. In Armenia, Arman is identical to the name Armen. In Kazakhs, it sounds like Yerman.

Meaning and characteristics of the name Arman

Arman is a generous, charming and kind person, but at the same time he is strong-willed, independent and strict. Arman attentive to others. He is a devoted friend who can be relied upon in difficult life situations. Friends love him and admire his actions. However, Armand will not allow himself to be used. Arman is a bright extraordinary person, he has a developed sense of humor, and is interesting and fun with him. Arman is always confident in his abilities. He has no bad mood.

As a child, Arman is an inquisitive, energetic boy who diligently attends school and is considered one of the best students. He is talented, interested in painting, reads a lot. Arman likes to be a leader in the team. He does not tolerate those who lie.

Arman can form such negative traits as nervousness and stubbornness. He can always consider himself right and not listen to the opinions of others. Even if it is obvious that he is wrong, he can still insist on his own.

Arman is a very hardworking person, he considers his career as the main business of his life. Arman has a powerful intellect, allowing him to become a prominent scientist or scientist. From Arman get a good leader. He always has a relationship of trust with his colleagues. He always helps those in need and people respect him. He has a rich creative potential and he can become a writer, actor, artist, designer or photographer. Arman can also choose the profession of economist, logistics or restaurateur.

Arman knows how to like women and cares for them beautifully. He starts a family rather late, as he is very picky about applicants. He is looking for a homey, economic woman with no bad habits, who dreams of a cozy home and knows how to cook well. In addition, Arman's wife should not contradict him. Arman treats children well, but considers that his wife should be engaged in their upbringing. He tries to provide a good family financially. His house is always open to friends.

Name Arman, the meaning of the name and the fate of the family

Early marriage for this name is not uncommon, but it often happens that the newlyweds live not for long. The reason for this is the excessive curiosity and love of Arman, his desire to be among the cheerful companies. The value of the name Arman astrologers spread to the choice of the spouse. More often than not, these guys subconsciously choose a girl with a strong attitude and wisdom beyond her age so that she can protect them from the attention of other women. In order for the marriage not to break up, Arman needs two or three years to realize his responsibilities in the family, but this term will seem to his wife very long. But in the end he will become a wonderful husband and a good father.

If we talk about relationships in the social sphere and work, then Arman is a universal favorite, who very easily and naturally succeeds in winning a place in the team. Working with him in a team is pleasant enough, he simply and without undue prejudice takes advice and instructions from the leader, but over time, by virtue of his character, begins to try to take power back into his hands.

Success and recognition awaits Arman in professions that are directly related to working with people or commerce, for example: advocacy, coach, manager of personnel management, teacher, sales specialist, employee in the service sector. But success can show in character and its negative sides: rigidity, dictatorship, arrogance, authoritarianism, impatience. But if manifestations of this kind are restrained and controlled, learning to find harmony in oneself, then Arman has a wonderful future and a happy life.

Fun boy, whose name is Armenon, do not hold. He can share it with friends, always remains cheerful and mischievous. Restless fidgets enjoy making fun of their peers, and not only, the teachers are also included in this list. Therefore, parents can often see the class teacher of their son.

But children's pranks overlap with good grades, the boys have time for all subjects, delighting with the successes in their studies and the parents and teachers. People are drawn to this child, as if to the first warmth of the spring sun. Such an attitude can engender a "star disease", which partially predicts the meaning of the name Armand. But if this does not happen in childhood or adolescence, then there is every chance of avoiding vanity in the future.

Quite often, Arman can be found immersed in his dreams, but at the same time his determination and methodical approach will not make him Quixote. If he came up with a dream and set a goal, he will go to it step by step until it comes true. You should not open your eyes wide and mockingly agree, if Armanchik says that he is dreaming about space travel, because when he grows up, he will definitely fly into space.

Zodiacal predisposition to the name

The meaning of the name Arman will easily fit any sign of the horoscope, but the most successful is its union with the sign of Sagittarius, born from the last week of November until the end of the third week of December.

Such a union will allow to fully reveal the sociability and friendliness of the guy, as well as add a vector in the pursuit of high moral standards and dedication in principle. Also, this sign will show love for travel and risk, both physical and emotional.

Now you know the meaning of the name Armand. Characteristics, perspectives and preferences of the person, who was called so by his parents, are described in detail in the article.

Name Armen: origin and meaning

Today it is quite popular to find a connection between the fate, character and even health of a person and his name. To believe in it or not is everyone’s business, but we must confess that sometimes we catch ourselves thinking that familiar namesakes have something in common with each other.

Сегодня мы расскажем вам о людях, которых родители при рождении нарекли самым популярным среди армян именем. Каким же? Наверняка каждый из нас знает хоть одного человека с именем Армен. Происхождение и значение его, тем не менее, знают не все, хотя и предполагают, что оно армянское. This is the name of one of the most beloved Soviet and now Russian actors - Armen Borisovich Dzhigarkhanyan, who is the representative of this ancient nation.

Indeed, in Armenia people bearing this name can be met at every turn. And this is evidence that it is originally Armenian. However, can it be argued that it comes from the name of Armenia, after all, the Armenians themselves call their homeland Hayastan, and themselves - ah (hi). That's where opinions diverge. Further in the article we will try to reveal the meaning of the name Armen, which means its origin, etc.

In Armenia, in addition to the very name Armen, there are various variations of it. By the way, among them there are not only men’s: Armenak, Armo, Armenchik, Arman, etc., but also women’s: Arminek, Armenui, Armina, etc. Armenian historians believe that it comes from the name of Armaniak, which belonged to the son of the mythological progenitor Armenian ethnos Hayk (hence the country's self-name). According to legend, Ike was a descendant (in the 5th generation) of Noah’s youngest son, Abet.

To some, this judgment seems unlikely, but if we recall exactly where the landing of the family of Noah from the ark built by him occurred, then this version will sound more than logical. Let's not forget that the legendary biblical Mount Ararat is located in the territory of historical Armenia.

Consider another explanation for the origin of the word "Armen." The meaning of the name this time is sought by historians in the ancient Greek and Persian languages, according to which it means “resident of Armenia”. It turns out that the ancient Persians and Greeks for some reason at first called this country Armenia, and then - its inhabitants Armen. Of course, this does not sound quite logical, and the first version on this background seems more reasonable.

There is another explanation for the origin of the word "Armen." The meaning of the name, according to him, is “warrior”. It goes back to the German language. That is, Armen is equivalent to the German name Herman, which translates as “strong man”, “warrior”. And there is also a version that this name comes from the Latin word Arminius, derived from the German Irmin - “great”.

In short, whichever version is the most accurate, the owner of this name has something to be proud of. In any case, it is charismatic, saturated with the southern sun and mountain air, and, thinking of its carrier, immediately represent a bright and extraordinary personality. If your husband or son is called Armen, the meaning of his name, of course, interests you more than others. Especially for you, we will try to tell you more about people who, by whim or at the request of their parents, were named that way and not otherwise.

Armen: the meaning of the name, character and fate

Describing the owners of this name, you need to start from childhood. Little Armen (Armenchik) is a real cheerful person, smiling, uncomplexed, friendly. He has a wonderful imagination that later develops into creative thinking. He loves to have fun, play with friends, dream, invent all sorts of stories. Sometimes his friends consider him to be a boaster, but this is not so, he just enjoys so much fantasy that he himself believes in it.

Despite the fact that learning is easy for him, Armen cannot be called a diligent student, and you shouldn’t call him responsible either. In adulthood, the carriers of this name continue to be friendly and sociable, and they like to dominate the friendship. Armen will not remain unnoticed in the team: he is very charming, has a sense of humor, knows how to infect everyone with his ideas, etc.

In short, he, as already noted, is a man with a special charisma. Among them are many creative people, singers, musicians. Armen will not remain indifferent to the problem of his friend, he doesn’t even need to ask for help, at the right moment he will lend a shoulder, support, comfort. On the other hand, he may be overly emotional, and sometimes aggressive. And also material well-being is very important for him, however, not having reached the necessary level, he can be very disappointed in life and fall into depression.

Do you have a friend Armen? The meaning of the name that you read in this article will help you better understand it, of course, if you believe in the relationship between fate, character and the name of a person. By the way, the owners of this name often have characteristic Armenian noses.

Armen meaning of name, character and fate | What does the name Armen mean

| What does the name Armen mean

What does the name Armen mean: warrior (name Armen of Armenian origin).

Analyzing the meaning of the name Armen from the point of view of its origin, historians say that it has several versions of its origin. Since the name is the most popular among Armenians, it is often possible to find such an interpretation as “Armenian man”. In addition, it is known that Armen can be perceived as a derivative from the name of Armenia.

There is another version that suggests that the name Armen is a form of the name Herman, and it is translated from German as “warrior”. Historians say that the name Armen can be formed from the German name, which means “great”. There are other versions of the pronunciation of the name Armen. Very often it is used not only among Armenians, but also among Uzbeks and Tajiks. True, the latter use the Arman variant, which is interpreted as a “dream,” “cherished desire.”

Armen Angel Day: It is not marked, because the name Armen is not included in the list of Orthodox and Catholic holidays.

Zodiac named Armen: Sagittarius, Fish

Character name Armen: If we study the meaning of the name Armen in psychology, then we can note the purposefulness of such a person. In the team, he enjoys the support and trust, always respected. By nature, Armen is a leader, and therefore, it is not surprising if he will hold any leading position. True, having gained power, a man named Armen can become too arrogant, selfish and intolerant even to close people. Having learned to suppress these qualities in oneself, the name Armen will have the opportunity to succeed.

The main thing in Armen's life is to achieve material and moral well-being, to make his existence as comfortable and harmonious as possible. It must be said that by setting a goal, the name Armen will surely reach the end. No obstacles frighten him, and such a person prefers to be guided only by his convictions, without taking any advice from the outside at all.

The fate of Armen in history:

  1. Armen Dzhigarkhanyan - Soviet, Armenian and Russian actor and director, also known as the head of the Moscow Drama Theater. Entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most rented actor (on account of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan over 250 roles in films). He bears the title of People's Artist of the USSR, is a Knight of the Order "For Services to the Fatherland" II, III and IV degrees.
  2. Armen Takhtadzhyan - Soviet, Russian, Armenian evolutionary biologist, botanist, member of the Bureau of the Department of General Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of biological sciences, known as an expert in the field of plant systematics and the theory of evolution, creator of the new system of botanical and geographical zoning and phylogenetic system classification of higher plants.
  3. Armen Vardanyan - Ukrainian and Armenian Greco-Roman wrestler, bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Beijing, two-time silver medalist of the World Championship, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine.
  4. Armen Sargsyan is a political and statesman of Armenian origin, a diplomat.
  5. Armen Adamyan is a former Armenian and Soviet football player, who previously played in the midfield position, and today is engaged in coaching.
  6. Armen Mirakyan - Armenian and Soviet director. A cameraman, multiplier, screenwriter who became the founder of the puppet animation in the history of Armenian cinema.
  7. Armen Tatintsyan is an Armenian footballer who plays the defender position.
  8. Armen Khostikyan is an Armenian satirist and actor, People’s Artist of the Armenian SSR.
  9. Armen Khachaturian - Military Prosecutor of the Republic of Armenia.

After a year

Arman grows good and calm child. He gets along well with his little peers, tries not to quarrel with anyone. His sociability, tact and ability to find an approach to other children are amazing. With age, this skill is useful to him.

Since childhood, a boy loves himself to choose clothes. There is a certain talent in this, which in the future can be transformed into the work of a lifetime. At a time when his energy potential is on the rise, Armand is able to work wonders.

Usually quite quickly and easily, even before entering the first grade, learns to read and count. At school, it can surprise and delight its peers and teachers with excellent marks and non-trivial behavior.

Cheerful, cheerful and courageous - these qualities help him to make many good and faithful friends during his school years. Arman’s discipline is not unlimited. He can make fun of his classmates and teachers without a twinge of conscience. But this is not from evil, but from an excess of positive emotions.

Parents should not worry because of this, because good grades in school will consistently appear in his diary. Success in school or any other activity can turn the head, making the negative traits dominant.

Arman has the speed of thinking, is able to quickly make decisions and methodically achieve goals. These qualities are fully present already in adolescence.

Armand is always in the spotlight. Its magnetism incredibly affects people of completely different ages. It is necessary to be careful not to be smug from such popularity. For a person in adulthood are characterized by such features: honesty, hard work, diligence.

Arman likes women for her masculinity, kindness and inner strength. The concept of "star disease" is quite definable for the nature of this man. It all depends on his ability to analyze and understand his role in society.

Clever and able to analyze the situation, often predict events and are able to find a way out of a very difficult situation. The team love him for hard work, the desire to go non-standard way.


The secret of the name is revealed when meeting with Arman. The boy Armi or Dino (as he is often called in childhood) goes to school without much effort. At least, so it seems to everyone. A close look captures in such a person a great diligence, enviable independence and mysterious caution. And it always seems that there are no problems, bad moods or failures.

The name Arman has such a strong and positive energy that such a man is called a "man-magnet". It attracts to itself amazing charm, confidence, dexterity, kindness and brightness. This is a cheerful, lucky, courageous young man. His smile is conducive to mutual courtesy and good mood, compliments fascinate, gait and demeanor cause delight. A man with that name and aura is a favorite of women.

Profession and business

Choosing a profession, Arman always consults with parents and relatives. Of course, he makes the choice on his own, but the opinion of his elders is very important for him. Prefers to run a family business or engage in business activities. In big business, she works in senior positions. It can be a successful marketer, logistics, restaurateur. The talent of a man named Arman is revealed in the cinema, the writing laboratory, and the television industry. The profession of a designer or fashion designer makes him famous.

Health rarely complains. Weakened immunity can give him unexpected "surprises". Predisposed to metabolic diseases. Myopia can be a hereditary disease. The life-affirming nature of Arman and the sores are so incompatible that it is difficult to take them seriously when dealing with such a person. He is a fan of sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Sex and love

As in life, and in love, Armand never false. Falls in love instantly and with a breakneck speed gets a mutual response. Fabulously grooming a girl, he easily establishes a sexual relationship. Can love for life only when in front of him a mysterious woman, unpredictable, intelligent, serious and very beautiful. It protects her like a diamond and all her life she discovers new facets of love, cherishing and preserving the family hearth If the feelings are gone, he speaks about it, but not immediately - excessive romanticism causes them to doubt.

Family and marriage

Marriage for him is an expected holiday of life. The choice of companion makes a sensible, sensual and long-lasting. Armand first offers the girl to become engaged. Testing of mutual feelings holds, but carefully. The opinion of parents in all matters of marriage and family is very important to him. The wedding is preparing for a long time. It is considered more of a collective holiday than a personal one. The bride is calling girls active and bright. She does not like secretive women, domesticated. She loves family holidays and travels. He teaches children to work hard, play sports, optimism, family traditions.

Characteristic spell name

A - activity, desire for undertakings, the desire to achieve success in life, the desire for comfort. The carrier of the name with this letter has the strength and fortitude, self-reliance, external brightness, leadership qualities. He acts in his own way, does not like to adapt to other people.
The letter “A” at the beginning of the name symbolizes diligence, perseverance in achieving goals, initiative. In a love relationship, such a person seeks leadership and diversity.
The repetition of the letter in the name indicates excessive openness, wasting energy.

P - courage, commitment to action, responsibility, ability to delve into the essence of what is happening, self-righteousness. The carrier of the name with this letter is an optimist. Not discouraged and does not give up in case of failures. Prone to risk. As a life partner, she chooses a strong spirit, loyal and able to support a partner in a difficult moment.

M - internal strength, the ability to solve complex problems, curiosity and the desire to try everything on their own experience. The carrier of the name with this letter likes to plan the future. This is a sympathetic, caring person. Able to take into account the interests of others. In love I am ready to sacrifice myself.

H - inner strength, fortitude, sharp mind. Such a person is selective in everything, uncompromising, does not know how to compromise. In work, he shows himself as a diligent, executive and responsible employee, does not like monotonous work. Taking care of your health. In love, makes excessive demands on the chosen one.

Characteristic name for numerology

4 - perseverance, integrity, autonomy, organizational skills, reliability. Such a person shows perseverance in achieving their goals. Able to find a way out of a difficult situation. Seeks recognition in society. Endowed with willfulness, prefers to live by its own rules and laws. In the professional activity becomes the executive and scrupulous employee. Prefers to work alone. Carefully dispose of money, not prone to waste. He is sociable, he has many friends. Has a tendency to depression. In love, becomes a reliable partner. She loves children, cares about them.